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Dorcas Mhungu

14 Brave Mother and Son Stand Up to KnifeWielding Attacker

A woman, who was the victim of a broad daylight knife-point robbery gone wrong, displayed incredible dignity, courage and enlightenment when she was afforded the opportunity to confront her assailant face to face. See Full Story on Page 6


Psycho Serial Stalker Terrifies Local Women Tanya Calitz


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A reward of N$30 000 is on offer for information leading to the arrest of criminals who took part in a raid that ended with the fatal shooting of Raymond Prendiville last week. Police confirmed that a friend has offered the reward. The body of Raymond Prendiville was repatriated to Ireland on Tuesday for burial. The body was accompanied by his friend, who survived the shooting incident. The intruders wrestled with Prendiville and his friend, but when the suspects realised they were being overpowered they split and fled from the house. One of the gang members drew a gun and shot Prendiville in the left armpit before fleeing. Prendiville died instantly. Members of the public with information about the murder can contact Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa on 064 219036 or 081 250 6821 or Detective Inspector Erastus Iikuyu on 081 246 4757.

Several local women have come forward with disturbing stories of how a short, stocky Walvis man of Indian origin has been stalking them for months in person, and via email, cell phones and the internet. According to *Melissa van Zyl (pseudonym), 28, the stalker first contacted her about a year ago, suggesting he has information which might be valuable to her,

and asked for her to meet him somewhere so that he could share this with her. “Immediately I was suspicious and said that I prefer to have the conversation on the phone. I only gave him my work number. He agreed, and phoned me at work the next day. He did not disclose any information, but instead started asking me several questions about arbitrary stuff and accusing people of using and abusing him,” Melissa told the Namib Independent

earlier this week. According to Melissa, that was just the start. He constantly phoned her, emailed her and asked random questions. “I asked him to leave me alone, but he simply carried on stalking me. At this stage I have never seen this man before, only recognised him by his high pitched voice, whenever he phoned,” Melissa explained. Shortly after she had demanded that he stop stalking her, he emailed her the account details and password for a dating website

profile he had created for her. “He said that he opened one for me using my work email address, and that we should start chatting on this site,” Melissa said, shocked, and angered. She immediately reported the incident to the site management to destroy the profile he had created for her, which they eventually did. “The creep then stopped phoning me, but soon after I noticed a man staring at me, wherever I went. Continued on Page 3

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Psycho Serial Stalker Terrifies Local Women Continued from Page 1

At first I thought that it was a coincidence, but soon realised that it was my stalker, by recognising his high pitched voice. I was horrified.” Another such disturbing incidence happened to 25-year-old *Ansie Grobler (Pseudonym). “It started with phone calls to my workplace. I asked him to stop, but he then started coming to my office. After a while everyone at the office knew to say that I was not in,” Ansie told the Namib Independent. She thought about reporting him to the police, but said that she was not sure whether he was breaking any laws. Ansie explained that he stalked her very intensely; it even continued when she lived overseas for two years. “I really got scared when he started following me places upon my return to Walvis Bay. He would follow me to work, or to my sister’s office, and stare at me. One day I went to him and in a very firm serious manner

told him that I will have him locked up, if he ever comes near me again.” So far, so good, and she has not heard or seen him for some time. Another one of his victims was 18-year-old *Renè Fourie (pseudonym). It started with Facebook stalking. “He would bombard me with messages and requests to chat. I kept blocking him and reporting him to Facebook, but a day or two later he would be back with another similar profile. I eventually blocked him five times before he stopped,” Renè explained. This bizarre tale of the stalker seemed to be following the same pattern as the others, starting with phone calls, emails, Facebook, and eventually physically stalking the women, who are also all brunettes. After the Facebook stalking, he also started showing up at places that Renè was at. “I eventually told him to sod of and that I will report him and tell everyone that he is a creepy

stalker,” she said. Renè has since not heard from him again. Melissa was, however, not so lucky. The stalker contacted her again, requesting a meeting to straighten out the incident. “I refused to see him, and weirdly enough he contacted my employer, requesting the same,” Melissa said. The email the stalker sent read, “Hello, I want to make an appointment with your boss. I want his contact email. I want to explain a situation that I had with one of your employees. She has contacted me on one of the social networking sites to be her friend, but I was told by email a long time ago not to contact her and I have not contacted her, because your boss said it was not right of what I did. Can I come and explain myself from a medical point of view. Some people might not understand why I want to be their friend.” According to a ‘New Legislation Proposal on

Stalking in Namibia’, released by Dianne Hubbard from the Legal Assistance Centre of Namibia, ‘Stalking’ is not a legal term in Namibia, therefore a difficult case to defend. “There are a few laws which can be used to address stalking in Namibia, although there is no legislation aimed specifically at this behaviour,” Hubbard said in her statement. According to General Inspector Ikuyu from Nampol, there is not a specific charge one can lay against Stalking, but one

could perhaps take a different approach. “The best and most effective way to combat a stalker would be to go to the courts and apply for a protection or restraining order against the person. If such an order is approved by the court you have some protection,” Ikuyu explained. According to Ikuyu, if the stalker, after being issued with a restraining order, still stalks you, he can be arrested for dishonouring the court’s orders.

Local Loses Memory Due to Assault Siglinde de Villiers A local Meersig resident was found unconscious in his driveway after allegedly receiving a terrible beating and blow to the head by unknown suspect(s).

The victims’ father found his son lying unconscious in the driveway between 1pm and 2pm on Monday. ”I immediately contacted St Gabriel’s Community Trust Ambulance Services, who took him to the hospital,” said the father. Once at the hospital he received stitches and treatment for his injuries. According to the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous due to ongoing investigations,

he stayed at home during the morning because he felt ill. After responding to a knock on the door, the attacked received a blow to the back of his head. He lost consciousness and hence has been struggling with loss of memory. According to the mother, they did not miss any items and she reckons nothing was stolen. The motive of the attack still remains unclear. “I feel uncomfortable in my own house and do not feel safe to go back home,” the victim told the Namib Independent in an interview. He has left town to receive appropriate trauma counselling.

The family is shattered and said that they do not feel secure on their own property anymore. At the time of going to print the incident has not been reported to the Police yet. “At this stage we feel that due to his memory loss there is not much to report because my son cannot remember what happened,” the mother stressed. The father assumes that because the Neighbourhood Watch activities are only run after working hours criminals have changed their tactics to striking during the day when most of the home owners and volunteers for the Neighbourhood Watch are at work.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Woman Claims Traditional Healer Raped Her Dorcas Mhungu On Monday, a young man claiming to be a traditional healer appeared before Walvis Bay Magistrate Andre Matulich facing a rape charge. Appearing for the first time since his arrest, 28-year-old Salmon Katalgo Kandere was remanded in custody, pending approval of his bail

application. Public Prosecutor Eden Iyambo told the presiding magistrate that the case is still in its early stages of investigation and the State needs more time to continue with the investigations. Kandere is alleged to have had non-consensual intercourse with a female who had consulted him for treatment. Magistrate Matulich said as required by law, the investigating

officer must submit a report on the accused’s (Kandere) conduct during investigations to the alleged rape charge. The visibly angry Kandere kept casting scornful looks at a woman in the audience and when the police officer ushered him out of the courtroom, he turned round at the door and pointed a threatening finger, mumbling as he left the court room.

Rape Accused Salmon Katalgo Kandere

Arrested for Raping a Dog... for the Third Time Dorcas Mhungu Appearing before the Walvis Bay Magistrate on Monday, 32-year-old Ben Katjihanda was remanded on N$1 000 bail after he was arrested for having sexual intercourse with a dog. The criminal charge for the act is bestiality. This is the third time Namib

Independent has reported bestiality allegations against Katjihanda. Peter Brooks, Kennel Master and Chief Investigating Officer of SPCA Walvis Bay said, "The Walvis Bay SPCA is not able to charge the man in question as the prosecution process is being handled by Nampol directly. Nampol trumps SPCA, as we do not

interfere in ongoing investigations unless given the correct authorisation. All dogs seized by the police are placed in protective custody." Brooks was responding to a query on what the animals’ custodian organisation has done in this case where the accused man has done it for the third time.

Ben Katjihanda

Going Strong after the Fire - Suidwes Drankwinkel Siglinde de Villiers Following the devastating fire at Suidwes Diensstasie in July, Suidwes Drankwinkel owner Mr Hennie Theron is suffering losses, even though he had no fire damage. The aftermath leaves him struggling to make ends meet. From a daily turnover of approximately N$2000 the cash flow has ceased to about N$300. “I have lost nothing except the customers,” Mr Theron told the Namib Independent in an interview. The lack of cash flow prevents the business to acquire new stock; the shelves appear empty as a result. The loss of income means that the business is hanging on a very thin line of survival.

According to Theron, the same problem is also affecting the other surrounding businesses, comprising the service station as well as the butchery. There are several reasons for this. One of them could be the lack of parking space due to reconstruction efforts of the damaged sections of the building. “Many people are under the impression that my shop has closed because of the fire, or they do not know that it exists,” Theron explained. However, the Suidwes Drankwinkel is fully operational and urges its clients to return. Initially, the fire gave Theron a big fright. He only heard about the fire when a friend called him and told him the dreadful news. The morning

after, Theron was standing in front of his business facing heaps of ashes. “It was a great relief to discover that my shop was unscathed, except for a bit of water that entered when the fire brigade extinguished the fire,” he laid out. “I have invested all of my pension funds into this business,” Theron said, “and would have lost it all if the fire had caused any damage.” He bought the business earlier this year in March. The history of Suidwes Drankwinkel stretches all the way until the 1970s though, closing and opening its doors several times. Despite the misfortunes encountered, Theron is not without hope. He aims to sell the cheapest liquor in town and promises to deliver excellent customer service in order

to attract and maintain his customers. In addition, he expressed his plans on expanding his liquor range. If anyone happens to have a special request for a specific product he will ensure that it appears on the shelves. Theron is busy planning a campaign during the month of December where he

Did you know...


Offers a Design and Technology Curriculum to IGCSE Level

Ask about enrolling your creative thinker today. At ISWB we offer students the chance to identify, consider and solve problems through creative thinking, by planning a design, and by working with different media, materials and tools. Students develop skills such as initiative, resourcefulness, enquiry and ingenuity. Our Design and Technology teacher Mr. Ratcliff is the only Cambridge Certified Project Assesor in Namibia. 86 Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay • Tel +264 64 203 995 • Email •

The International School of Walvis Bay

will “deliver your ordered drinks right next to your fishing rod”. This campaign will stretch from Paaltjies all the way to Swakopmund. For further information contact Hennie Theron at 081 657 2530 / 081 794 7155 / 064 209 858 or Hannelie at 081 794 7155.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Desert Storm - Swakopmunders Urged to Stay Away Stalwart held in South Africa in 2011, the Skills Exchange Exercise, Ninosile, that was hosted by Zambia in 2012 and Exercise High Lander (Anti-Terror) conducted in Lesotho the same year. Around 600 soldiers are expected to take part in the different drills relevant to desert warfare and both ‘blanks’ and live bullets will be used. Residents of

Dorcas Mhungu The Southern African Development Community (SADC) bond is being strengthened through the Desert Warfare Special Exercise underway in the Namib Desert. In his welcome message to military personnel from six participating SADC member countries, Namibia’s Lieutenant General Epaphras Denga-Ndaitwah, Chief of the Defense Force, said the exercise is the first on Namibian territory. “I want to inform you that you will endure the unpredicted cold, mist, dusty and hot weather conditions of the Namib Desert. Nevertheless, you are special forces who are well trained to cope with any challenges and harsh weather conditions,” Denga-Ndaitwah cautioned. Participating countries present at yesterday’s event are Angola Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Botswana, Tanzania and Lesotho are expected to arrive later. The Defense Chief warned the soldiers to be wary in order to avoid fatal accidents and to use the equipment carefully to minimise damage and losses. Denga-Ndaitwah said the exercise, code-named Welwitchia, is taking place in a protected area and therefore the forces need to be friendly to the environment. He also said the regional military cooperation of member countries seeks to bring and maintain peace and stability on the continent. “I must inform you that as you are conducting this unique exercise, some members of our forces, namely the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces and South Africa National Defense Forces, are battling enemies of peace and stability in the jungles of DRC,” said Denga-Ndaitwah. The Exercise coincides with the Regional Chiefs of Defense Forces Gathering taking place in Windhoek and will be followed by the SADC Summit of the Heads of State. The Exercise’s history includes the first Exercise

Swakopmund have been warned to keep away from the area to avoid fatalities and injuries. Denga-Ndaitwah said the exercise was mooted as a result of the need to improve regional military cooperation and to improve military reaction in different geographical terrains.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Mother and Son Permanent Blood Brave Stand Up to Knife-wielding

Clinic for Walvis Bay Attacker 240 units excluding five donations I made between 1963 and 1966. Every time you donate blood your blood generates new red blood cells, and so it is a healthy exercise and a help for three people in need of blood,” said the 71-year-old retired tour guide. Public Relations Officer Magda Krone reiterated Gouws’ call for more people to donate blood to meet the growing demand. She said only 0.6 percent of the qualifying blood donor age group in Namibia donates blood. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 years may donate blood as long as they weigh over 50kg. Namibia’s longest blood donor, Werner Böhm “We do, however, have donors aged over 70, as long as they bring letters from the doctors. But Dorcas Mhungu a person cannot become a new donor at the age of 65,” said Krone. On Thursday, the Blood Transfusion Services She said the blood bank is low at present and of Namibia (NAMBTS) opened a brand new NAMBTS is having clinics next week to beef blood donation premise for Walvis Bay, ending up the reserves. She urged Namibians to come six years of blood donations in the Town Hall. forward and donate the lifesaving commodity. Christa Gouws, Administrative and Financial “The demand is soaring due to illnesses like Manager at NAMBTS, said Walvis Bay deserved HIV/AIDS, increases in cancer illnesses and a permanent centre, considering that 20 percent of patients in need of platelets,” Krone said. the total blood collected in Namibia comes from The Walvis Bay Centre is the fourth of its kind the coastal areas of Henties Bay, Swakopmund in Namibia - there are two others in Windhoek and Walvis Bay. and one in Swakopmund. “It has been a dream for us for a long time NAMBTS collects about 25,000 units of blood to have a permanent centre in Walvis Bay,” the annually and has a daily collection target of 90+ ecstatic Gouws prided. units, which is determined by blood usage in She urged donors present at the ceremony Namibia. Of the 90+ units per day (450+ units to bring along a donor next time so that the per week), the coastal collection target is 100 organisation can meet the ever increasing demand units per week, which comprises approximately for blood. 19 percent of total collections. This Walvis Bay Present at the opening ceremony and honoured donation centre is expected to provide an average to cut the ribbon of the new premise, was Swakop of 25 units of blood per week.The Walvis Bay resident Werner Böhm, Namibia’s longest donor, centre is located behind the Welwitschia Medi who to date has donated 240 units of blood. Park and will be open every Tuesday from 13:00 “I started donating blood in 1961 in Saldanha - 18:00. There is ample free and safe parking and Bay and according to my records, I have donated it is closely located to the town centre.



Mrs Smith sweeps police aside

Staff reporter A woman, who was the victim of a broad daylight knife-point robbery gone wrong, displayed incredible dignity, courage and enlightenment when she was afforded the opportunity to confront her assailant face to face. The final confrontation between attacker and victim took place shortly after the botched robber attempt in Walvis Bay last Saturday morning in a busy town centre. Maria Smith and her son Edward walking home from a morning’s shopping outing, bags in hand, when a man attacked Maria from behind in an attempt to relieve her of her “hand bag”, which in fact fastened around her neck. The bag specifically designed to be carried around the neck so that the pouch faces forward upon the chest, is obviously designed to put off would-be grabbers from selecting the wearer as a victim. However, in this instance the young wouldbe mugger was not to be discouraged. He sought to simply solve the problem by using his knife to grab and then cut the straps of the bag, causing physical and emotional harm to Maria in the process. Her son Edward, who is still a child, showed enormous courage and wit when he reacted swiftly by kicking the hapless assailant between the legs, causing him to abandon his mission in favour of making a dash for it with his gear and pride semi-intact. The attacker did not get too far though, as witnesses to the attempted robbery chased and pinned him down only a few blocks away in JC Harris Park. Within minutes, members

of G4S were on the scene and were quick to help stabilise the volatile situation that arose as many onlookers gathered around to catch a glimpse of the action. Hot on their heels were members of Nampol, who set about cuffing the robber. As the crowd grew bigger - though the situation did not offer onlookers clarity as to the events which led to the detaining of the suspect - the victim and her son where driven to the affray by another witness. What followed was a remarkable display of human solidarity and compassion, as Maria surprisingly brushed the police officers off the young man so that she could address him directly and instead of delivering a tirade or indeed a few slaps to the head as so many would, Maria elected instead to understandingly address the deeper reasons for his attack. “Why would you do this? Is this how we as Namibians should behave and treat one another? Tell me son, are you hungry, do you need food? What makes you be so violent towards others? Do you need a job? What is going on?” said Maria. All that was left was for the perpetrator to drop and hold his head in shame. After quizzing the young man and making him face up to his misdeeds, Maria elected not to press charges, saying that having to have faced the attacker was all she required instead of retribution. Although no charges were pressed, members of the special unit who had reached the scene while Maria was facing off with her attacker hit the assailant in the stomach, kicked him in the shins and then tousled him into a police van and left the scene.


                         SECURITY                              SOLUTIONS                                                                                                      


Mrs Smith looking for stolen goods

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Coastal Company Acquires Country’s First Computerised Welding Machine Dorcas Mhungu Omahooli Solutions, a Walvis Bay based company, have recently acquired an innovative computerised welding machine, which uses Modified TIG Process. This is the first of its kind in Namibia. While the acquisition of this technology might to some seem mundane, the

importance of this milestone is that for the first time a local company can seriously compete against international companies. These had, until now, the upper hand on our local service providers. Rudi Botha, Technical Manager at Omahooli, told delegates attending a demonstration that the computerised welding machine has numerous

advantages over conventional welding. “Conventional welding is unnatural and puts a lot of stress on surrounding areas. Often there are defects and the job is rejected,” he said, explaining some of the advantages of the new equipment. It takes under eight minutes to drill around an 8 inch diameter pipe. Production will be greatly increased and

Friday the 13th Lavrenty Repin

Films, books and folktales have contributed to the ancient superstition of Friday the 13th. This year, Friday the 13th falls in September, and although we live in a world surrounded by technology that can instantly tell us what day of the week it’s going to be in any given year, time and time again we’re caught off guard when the inevitable day arrives. Few actually believe in the superstitions. However, even the most skeptical may find themselves

costs will be cut. Botha said the machine is capable of detecting and correcting errors as it works on surfaces. Conventional welding produces a lot of heat while the new technology produces very little heat. There is a significant reduction in the heat affected zone eliminating the need to pour water to cool down the heated surface.

a little uneasy throughout the day. Blaming unfortunate events on a man-made set of dates that in actuality holds no significance besides those that we ourselves invent may seem silly to most, but for others there is absolutely no doubt that if you let it, everything will go wrong on Friday the 13th; this phobia is called “friggatriskaidekaphobia”. So where did such a seemingly arbitrary myth originate from? Although there isn’t any conclusive evidence as to the origins of the superstition, the most obvious explanation is that 13 has for a very long time been an unlucky number, mostly because of its irregularity. Friday, too, has

a dark history, as it is the day that Jesus was crucified. However, like most myths, the “Friday the 13th” popularity seems to originate from nothing more than a fictitious novel by writer Thomas W. Larson. Interestingly, in Spanishspeaking countries, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky. Also, statistics ironically suggest that driving on Friday the thirteenth is slightly safer than on any other day, most likely because people are more cautious. However, a number of devastating events have also occurred on this date. For instance, in 1970 a storm in South Asia killed an estimated 300,000 people in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and created floods

that killed as many as 1 million in the Ganges delta. Tupac Shakur, famous rapper, died on a Friday the 13th. According to one report, on Friday the 13th of June, 1952, Massachusetts Governor Kyle McArthur banned all private automotive transportation on the unlucky day. Poignantly, nine overcrowded city buses crashed into each other in downtown Boston. Whether you are going to pull a blanket over your head and avoid all contact with the world, or open umbrellas in the house, look for black cats and walk under ladders, we would love to hear your Friday the 13th stories!

Walvis Mayor’s Secretary the Best

The Namib Independent is happy to present to you the winner of our ‘Secretary of the Year’ Competition: Ms Lelanie Coetzee, Secretary to the Mayor of Walvis Bay Municipality. Lelanie, or Lanie as her colleagues call her, was entered into the Namib Independent’s ‘Secretary of the Year’ Competition by fellow co-worker, Mr Erastus Kajele, who described Lanie as a very friendly, helpful, detailed and organised person. “Lanie is a good listener and presents a solution, rather than dwelling on a

problem,” said Erastus in his entrée email. The Namib Independent popped by on Wednesday to hand over Lelanie’s prize, just to find her doing some work, despite being booked of by her doctor for flu. Well done, Lelanie! You truly deserve the title. The winning company also receives N$2000 worth of advertising in the paper. Unfortunately, by the time of going to print, Hon Mayor Uillika Nambahu could not be reached for comment about Lelanie’s welldeserved title.

A warm welcome to Arandis FNB Namibia is proud to announce the opening of the new FNB Arandis Branch on 13 September 2013 at Shop no.8, Arandis Convenience Centre, Erf 1225, c/o Acacia and Aloe Road. The branch will officially open its doors at 13h00.

Feel free to call the FNB Arandis Branch at Tel: (064) 512600 Fax: (064) 512601 Visit for more information.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

8 | News

59 Years of Art A uniquely honest exhibition by Peter Strack was launched on Saturday to a crowded Woermann Art Gallery in Swakopmund.

RISKAVERSE Protect them all you can, even while they learn to go their own way. When it comes to caring for your family, you are more than a little risk averse. Your whole life is spent protecting them, and building for their best future. However, should the unthinkable happen, and you find yourself not able to be there for them financially, OLD MUTUAL is here to help. From Life Cover for the whole family, to Earning Ability Cover; from Life Adjustment Cover to full Business Cover, OLD MUTUAL has a range of products that work to remove future financial risk, allowing you to enjoy today relaxed that at least their financial future is secure. For further information on any of our OLD MUTUAL GREENLIGHT products, speak to your Adviser or Broker, contact OLD MUTUAL on 061 299 3989 or SMS Green to 65656* *Standard SMS Rates Apply

Life Cover | Earning Ability Cover | Life Adjustment Cover | Future Needs Cover | Business Cover

Mr Strack and Mr Roxin

This exhibition, set in chronological order, illustrates 59 years of artwork by Peter Strack, opening viewers to a life of an artist as he matures and transforms over the years. It is intriguing to see the contrast between some of his earliest works compared to the more recent pieces, some from this year, that have an abstract touch to them. Erhard Roxin, a leading architect in Swakopmund and close friend to Peter Strack, referred to his work as “a symbol for culture”. He pointed out how Strack drew inspiration from themes such as religion, cultural differences and inequality. He also praised Peter Stracks architectural contribution – “He influenced the skyline of Windhoek enormously.” In his young years, Peter Strack was mentored by Namibia’s internationally recognised painter, Adolph Jentsch. He went on to become one of Namibia’s best architects, planning the Development Bank and the Hansa Breweries complex. He is also a keen art collector, and is a proud owner of over 280 pieces from, amongst others, Olga Livingson and Adolph Jentsch. According to Erhard Roxin, Strack was offered N$7 million for the collection by Southbys Institution of Art, one of the largest art brokers in the world. However, Mr Strack refused the offer and hopes to someday open a gallery where the best of Namibian art can be displayed. His art will be on display until the end of September.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

News | 9

Thursday, 12 September 2013

10 | News

Walvis Medical Fraternity Booming Siglinde de Villiers Walvis Bay’s dramatic population increase shows figures exceeding 62,000 inhabitants. Health care facilities need to keep pace with this and have to expand in order to accommodate the greater need. However, are all the needs catered for? According to research, more people generally mean economic growth, yet increased opportunities bring along the negative downside of stress and unhealthy lifestyle problems. Even so, more people are able to afford better healthcare and therefore Walvis Bay is greatly pleased to see a new medical fraternity booming. The new medical fraternity constitutes two bio kinetics centres, namely BRG Biokinetics and Biokinetics Rehabilitation Centre. The latter also includes a Physiotherapy practice with the only heated indoor pool in town. Petro D van Deventer Physiotherapy is also located on the same premises. The complex further comprises the Tamlyn Fox Dentistry, an occupational therapist, two doctors, a Fine Line Slimming Practice using laser slimming treatment and the new premises of the Blood Donation Clinic. The Namib Independent asked some of these practices for their opinions of the new medical fraternity. “It is great, for there is more space available and the multidisciplinary setup allows for quick and effective care of patients, especially in the case of a medical emergency,” Helene Wigget from the Biokinetics Rehabilitation Centre said. She further added: “Because everything is so close it allows for easy referrals.” “The expansion is incredible, because the more medical facilities there are the better the service becomes for the people,” was the view of Anna–Mart from Anna–Mart Physiotherapy. Johann Esterhuyse was of a similar opinion. “I feel very positive about the new expansion. It allows us to provide a better service to our clients.” “Since we had to buy the plots on which our practices

Tamlyn Fox Dentistry

Fine Line Slimming Practice

are situated, I have the freedom to do my own thing, should I want to expand my practice,” Dr Tamlyn Fox explained. Many employees have also expressed how thrilled they are about the new employment opportunities the expansion creates. Some said that the location of their practice in the new medical fraternity lends more credibility to it, for if it were situated anywhere else it would be regarded with scepticism. Many enjoy the quiet and restful atmosphere that surrounds the old and new buildings. Furthermore, health care practitioners and patients appreciate the more spacious environment and adequate parking areas. According to the health practitioners, the basic health care needs of the town are sufficiently supplied for. Yet, as the town grows additional practices will be required. Currently, however, there does exist a great demand for permanent specialists. According to the people interviewed at the new medical fraternity there seems to be a lack of, and a need for, dermatologists, psychiatrists, gynaecologists, orthodontists, mouth and jaw surgeons, eye specialists, orthopaedics, internal physicians and paediatricians in Walvis Bay. According to industry insiders, those who are referred to such specialists have to travel very far. Since these specialists need to provide their services to a very large area, they are fully booked and appointments are difficult to obtain. The persons interviewed also stated that some specialists do visit the coast on a regular basis but patients have to wait for long periods of time while their condition worsens. Regardless, specialists depend on the facilities of the local hospital to support them. “The community should also support local permanent specialists,” Anna–Mart said. The health care practitioners of the new medical fraternity did express their hopes that as the town becomes bigger, the future might see a few specialists settle in Walvis Bay.

BRG Biokinetics

R.E.E. BODYWORKS y a D 0 3 l a speci

Anna-Mart Physiotherapy

Cavity & Underbody Light Rust Removal and Rust Protection. Talk to us about Canopy protection too! Prices valid for the entire month of September.

Car - N$1 000

Pick-Up - N$1 500

Tel 064 200 737 PO Box 3409, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Fax 064 200 732 E-mail

Excluding VAT

Excluding VAT

Anna-Mart Indoor Pool

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

News | 11

share the moment do more Introducing our all new, truly Namibian GSM mobile service. With our TN Mobile network, you Dolectat quatur ipsaesciunt can share your world sunt with qui the same quality ut rent que nulparis et que nonsequam of service Telecom Namibia is known for. reperatque verenimus. You can... TN Mobile! Visit your nearest Teleshop and With discover a whole new world of possibilities, starting from today.

Visit us at For all Teleshops nationwide. more information, log onto:

Thursday, 12 September 2013

12 | News

Diver Loses Life after Boat Capsises Dorcas Mhungu

42-year-old Edward Hayman died last Friday from injuries sustained when the boat he and two other co-workers were working on capsised at Namdock 2 at the Walvis Bay Harbour. Namibia Police Erongo Region Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa said the boat

capsised while Hayman and his colleagues were trying to sink a block in the sea to park the boat. The contents of the boat fell on Hayman and pushed him into the water. He was rushed to Welwitchia Hospital but died an hour later. According to medical personnel on the scene, it took more than ten minutes to find Hayman. At the time he was reported to have had

a wound to the head. “I do not know how long he had been under the water,” stated one emergency rescuer on the scene. Subtech Chief Executive Officer, Craig Heslop, in a Press Release said that Hayman was an experienced dive supervisor who had been employed by Subtech for more than six years; the last three as Regional Manager. He was responsible

for the Western Cape and Namibia Regional operations of the Company. “Edward was a wellrespected and liked figure in the marine industry and will be sorely missed by all. Edward is survived by his wife Samantha and daughters Morgan and Tori. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Edward’s family and friends,” Heslop stated.

The two other injured employees are expected to make a full recovery. In the interim, Subtech is in the process of conducting an investigation in order to determine the possible cause of the accident. The Subtech Group are contracted by a third party, Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia, to complete the anchoring block placement for a new floating dock in Walvis Bay.

M&Z Motors Unveils the Grandest of Them All

The team of M&Z motors led by Conrad Brits, unveiled the all new 2014 Grand Cherokee at a function held last Wednesday night.

Jeep enthusiasts were treated to drinks and snacks while they got a first hand glimpse of one of the most sought after cars on the market. Anyone interested in seeing the Grand Cherokee up close and personal can do so by popping into M&Z Motors to see the fantastic silver model on display.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

News | 13

Off-shore Exploration Blamed for Tuna Decrease Lavrenty Repin Ahead of the albacore tuna fishing season due to start in October, a serious concern has been raised regarding the Kudu Gas exploration seismic activity’s impact on the marine life off the coast of Namibia. According to a press release by Large Pelagic and Hake Longlining Association, albacore tuna catches off the 20 square kilometers Tripp Sea Mount just north of the Namibian / South African border have dropped tremendously - from 4046 tons in 2011 down to a mere 643 tons in 2013. This drastic decrease “parallels significant seismic exploration near the Tripp Sea Mount fishing grounds, and points very strongly to seismic exploration,” the release goes on to say. A task force has been established by the Government to asses the impact and find a suitable solution. An independent study, headed by Dr. Mwiyo of Risk Based Solutions, is also underway. However, a mutual solution may be

much more complicated to accomplish than expected. Although various seismic machinery can be utilised, Kudu Gas currently uses Seismic Airguns to conduct off-shore oil and gas exploration, which arguably achieves the most precise results but is also the most damaging to marine bio-diversity. The press release mentions that this technology sends out seismic pulses at around 230-250 decibels as frequently as every eight seconds. To put it into perspective, 150 dB can be fatal to humans at close range; an atomic bomb produces 250 dB on impact. It is important to note that sound dissipates much slower in salt water and carries for incredible distances. Whale calling is a perfect example of the impact loud noise may cause underwater; according to a 2009 report conducted by Okeanos on Alternative Technologies to Seismic Airgun Surveys for Oil and Gas Exploration and their Potential for Reducing Impacts on Marine Mammals, “such calls can theoretically travel

almost across ocean basins”. In regards to airguns, the report states that they produce more noise (waste sound) than is needed for hydrocarbon exploration. "Studies with caged fish suggest that the ears of fish exposed to airguns sustain severe damage to their sensory cells, with no evidence of repair or replacement of damaged cells after exposure,” the report continues. Migration patters are vital in understanding how seismic airguns effect the population of fish in a certain location. Albacore tuna migrate internationally and on reaching Southern Africa, are primarily caught off Cape Town and then migrate north to Tripp Sea Mount, before heading out into the Atlantic Ocean, says the abovementioned press release. An extensive report on how

shipping noise contributes to tuna’s migration patterns illustrates how sensitive this fish is to any change of sound in their environment. “In the absence of boat noise, tuna behavior appeared to be very calm, exploiting the available water column, swimming slowly and horizontally,” the 2007 report, a part of the Marine Ecological Progress Series, states. “Boat engine noise (which only reaches about 100dB) elicited significantly different behavioral responses. The behavioral traits appeared to have significant impact on the swimming behavior of Tuna, their spatial position in the water and their group structure. Such a behavioral response appeared to be suggestive of avoidance behavior and movement away from the sound source.”

This is a clear-cut indication that tuna respond to noise change in their environment significantly, which may affect the migration direction, in turn affecting the fishing industry. “Although shipping noise is undoubtedly the largest contributor to chronic ocean noise on an ocean basin scale, noise from a Seismic Airgun Array Survey can change the acoustic environment on a seasonal timescale and for a region much larger than the region within which the survey is conducted,” the Okeanos report writes on the matter. Studying tuna behavior is a very complex and difficult process and little concrete information is available. This fact alone may prolong the debate between the various ministries and companies.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

14 | News

w e' ve g o t


Swimming in Murky Waters Dear Editor,




Namspace is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Management Couple to manage one of the Company’s construction camps.

Namspace is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Management Couple to manage one of the Company’s construction camps.

The successful candidates will be a capable, committed, well organized team who are willing to live in a remote environment.

I would like to respond to an “Opinion Piece” by Lavrenty Repin, published in your newspaper on 5 September 2013, concerning the Swakopmund Swimming Pool. Sadly, Mr Repin seems to have forgotten to verify his claims before publishing his piece. Mr Repin complains that children should have to pay $30. This is incorrect. The entry fee of $30 is for adults. Children under 18 only pay $20, as do pensioners. This is clearly indicated at the front door. Also, it will not cost a serious swimmer $500 per month to train, as Mr Repin claims. Against a monthly fee of $345 you can swim as often as you like. Anyone who still considers that too high should enquire about the costs involved in running such a pool. It is not fair to compare these fees to the old pool's fees of many years ago. By the time the old pool closed (three years ago), club swimmers paid $7, everyone else paid $12. I am sure that if they were still open today, that fee would have also increased to close to $20. And that was for a very cold pool and no more hot showers as the boiler fell apart and was never replaced. Also, compare the new pool's fees to the Rössing pool, where our club swimmers trained these last three years. The entry fee there is also $20, the pool is not heated, it is very dirty, and has no hot showers. And you still need to get there.

Mr Repin goes on to state that once you are actually in the new pool's water, “it feels exactly the same as any other pool”. I am not sure what Mr Repin was expecting. A supernatural experience? A pool is a pool, after all. It's all we asked for! He also says the new pool is a lot emptier. I wonder when he last swam in the old pool. In the last few years before the old pool closed it was very empty, as water temperatures plummeted to 16°C and there were no more hot showers. The new pool is fairly quiet in the morning, since most people work and children go to school, but otherwise it is definitely fuller than the old pool was. And then Mr Repin goes on to wonder what happened to those swimmers “who once dominated the galas”. Well, those who “dominated” were the older ones. They grew up. Most of them left Swakopmund before the old pool closed, in order to study or work in South Africa or elsewhere. And some are still swimming wherever they are, and train with Swakopmund Swimming Club when they come to visit. While it is true that we lost most of the younger competitors, those few who were serious about swimming continued their training at the Rössing Pool, and are still competing and winning medals at national championships. I have no doubt that with the new warm pool, the competitive side of Swakopmund Swimming Club will grow once more. Barbara Kittel

Pollution Cause of Flamingo Deaths

The job entails: - Management of the entire camp and staff - Maintenance and overall running of the camp - Management of the camp supplies – Setting up of menus and food quality control. Applicants must have: -Strong interpersonal skills, sociable, and have excellent hosting skills Organizational skills and ability to plan ahead is a vital - Excellent communication skills and the ability to manage staff relations calmly and effectively.

Dear Editor

The successful candidates will be a capable, committed, well organized team who are willing to live in a remote environment. Candidates should have: At least 3 years experience of management preferably in lodges.

This is definitely pollution from the harbour. Waste and rubbish from boats in the harbour are being washed with the tides into the lagoon. They should take responsibility and clean up. Namport should also make sure that boats stick to environmental rules and regulations. Some drastic measurements have to be taken here, or we will lose our lovely lagoon bird live entirely.

Contract period: 7 months

The job entails: - Management of the entire camp and VACANCY:   PREFAB CONSTRUCTION TEAM  staff - Maintenance and overall running of the camp Management of the camp supplies – Setting up of menus and food quality control. Applicants must have: -Strong ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------interpersonal skills, sociable, and have excellent hosting To apply, please e-mail your detailed CV along with a and cover letter and copies clearly stating skills - Organizational skills ability toof qualifications plan ahead is athe position being applied for to by latest 16 September 2013.  vital - Excellent communication skills and the ability to manage staff relations calmly and effectively.

Namspace is looking for Prefab Construction Teams. Supervised teams must be practical selfdriven dynamic team with the technical knowledge to build prefab structures. Team sizes should be 6 or more people. Candidates should have at least 5 years experience in construction.

Concerned Lagoon lover

Candidates should have: At least 3 years experience of management preferably in lodges. Contract period: 7 months

VACANCY: PREFAB CONSTRUCTION TEAM Namspace is looking for Prefab Construction Teams. Supervised teams must be practical selfdriven dynamic team with the technical knowledge to build prefab structures. Team sizes should be 6 or more people. Candidates should have at least 5 years experience in construction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------To apply, please e-mail your detailed CV along with a cover letter and copies of qualifications clearly stating the position being applied for to by latest 16 September 2013.

9/11 Solidarity This Walvis Bay residence, well known for flying high the flags of our beloved rugby and sport teams, changed its rally message on 11 September this year as they hoisted high the American flag in a fine display of solidarity and compassion.

Readers’ Response to the Namib Independent’s 9/11 Attack Question

On the anniversary of 9/11 the Namib think? Was it really a terrorist act or do Independent asks.... you agree with the conspiracy theories? Who was behind 9/11? What do you We would love to know!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

News | 15

Refreshed Revival of Anglican Church Staff Reporter After many years of neglect, the little dilapidated Anglican Church in Sam Nujoma Street is finally receiving a facelift. “I felt bad every time I passed the church, especially since I was baptised in it”, Mr Webster, the man responsible for the renovations, said in an interview. According to him his mother was also a leading light in the church and so the building is of sentimental value to him. Being a resident of Walvis Bay for many years, Webster decided to reverse the sad situation. According to Webster the church itself does not have a lot of support, mainly because of its battered look.

Thus Webster, being a musician, played at dancing events in order to raise some funds. The renovations themselves prove to be a challenge. “We were battling to find someone to work on the structure,” he said. According to Webster, this is because the building is actually a wooden structure that has been covered with chicken mesh and then plastered in order to give a cemented look. Despite this challenge he succeeded in finding someone and currently the church is receiving a fresh coat of white paint. Future plans include the cleaning of the premises as well as the renovation of the other buildings that surround the church.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

16 | Lifestyle

Hollywood Helvi Dorcas Mhungu It was a dream come true for Walvis Bay resident and actor Helvi Tuli Hanhele when she launched the second part of her movie “Oinima Ohainingwa” (Things Can Happen). The 23-year-old film writer and actor aims to make films with a message, targeting youth in a dynamic cultural evolution. This particular production, only Helvi’s third, was managed and directed by Salom Namwandi of SHN Business Consultancy and Promotions, and produced by Platinum Studio. Part One of Oininma Ohainingwa was already charged with emotions and a strong message, and Part Two has no trouble keeping up. The films speak up about the abuse of orphaned children by relatives and guardians. “Often,” says Helvi, “the ill treatment stems from the guardian’s wish to own wealth the orphans inherited from their parents.” The film also highlights the challenges that the older siblings face when taking over the parenting role to look after the younger ones. One issue, for example, is how the older siblings miss out on their education. The happy ending is enshrined in the principle that believing in God will open wide doors in situations where windows were closed. “Acting has been my dream and I am motivated by the Nigerian African movies,” Helvi said of her intense acting passion. The eldest in a family of three, Helvi is the only girl. She grew up in the rural northern part of Namibia and attended Ohalushu Primary School and Ponhofi Senior Secondary School, all in the north. In 2007, after completing high school, she moved to Walvis Bay and was employed by Gendev Fishing Company in 2009. After a year’s stint with the fishing company, Helvi resigned because she wanted to concentrate on acting. So, with her savings she set out to pursue her dream. “I went to Andreas Tomas of Dune Entertainment Studio and produced the first movie called ‘I Should Have Known’. It’s a life changing movie about a young girl who abuses her unemployed boyfriend, showing domestic violence perpetrated by a woman on a man, something that is the opposite of what goes on in real life,” Helvi stated. Despite the compelling theme, as well as excellent setting and acting, the film’s reception was lukewarm due to inadequate marketing. This

dampened Helvi’s spirits and motivation, leaving her overwhelmed with a desire to quit. “One day I met Mr Namwandi and he asked me why I gave up although the film carried a strong message. I then woke up from the slumber and started being real. I began to work on Part One of Oinima Ohainingwa,” said Helvi confidently. When she launched her second film, the

response was very good and left Helvi fired up and charged to pursue her dream that was beginning to slowly but surely becoming true. However, she was disappointed with the inaccurate translations, and attributes the mediocre quality to her absence during the time the translations were done. Salom, Manager and Producer of Part Two, said, “I have seen a potential in her; her films are 90 percent educational

and informing and 10 percent entertaining. Helvi acts from her heart. Videos and movies have become a strong medium of communication and for the targeted audience this is the way to convey the messages.” Helvi is polishing up work on another movie, “Oihole yonema” (Today’s Relationships). The film setting is about today’s relationships and domestic violence, cheating, insincerity in relationships

and other disappointments that people encounter in social relationships. Salom is appealing for material and financial support from the business community and individuals to advance Helvi’s objectives and aspirations. He also expressed grave concern about the high level of piracy in Namibia and called on law enforcing agents to apprehend the pirates so that artists can earn a decent living

Thursday, 12 September 2013

| 17

Namchem Staying On Top of the Game


Herman Louw, Jannie Coetzee, Zelmari Balhao, Wentzel Smal, Tomas Shilongo and Panduleni Eliphas Tanya Calitz Namchem Pest Control and Hygiene Services Namibia once again upgraded the company with the latest in fumigation technology.

The Namchem team attended a training course on Wednesday, held at the Walvis Bay Fire station. It was led by Mr Herman Louw, a trainer for Coopers Environmental Science. Louw is a master trainer for CropLife, Africa and Middle East. The course entailed the latest technology in Basic Fumigation with

phosphine gas. “The Namchem team are very enthusiastic, quick and hard workers. It was an absolute pleasure to train them,” Louw said after the workshop. “This is a great added qualification to Namchem’s expertise, and enables us to deliver an even better service to overseas customers’ export requirements,” said Jannie Coetzee, owner of Namchem. The course consisted of theory, practical training, group work and finally a written exam.

|1 Thursday, 12 September 2013

18 | mOshiwambo Thursday, 20 June 2013

m O sSh mO Hiwambo I WA M B O Mboka ya holoka


Omulumentu omugundjuka ngoka ta ti okuli onganga yopamuthigululwakalo, Omaandaha goshiwike shika okwa holoka komeho gomupanguli Andre Matulich mOmbawe, metamaneko lyekwatonkonga. Sho a holoka oshikando shotango mompangu konima sho a li a edhililwa mondholongo, omunamimvo 28 Salomon Katalgo Kandere okwa kalekwa mondholongo ye ina pewa ompito yo ku ifutila mo. Omukalelipotamaneki gwepangelo Eden Iyambo okwa lombwele omupanguli moshipotha shika kutya, oshi li lela pondondo yopetameko nomakonakono nepangelo otali pumbwa manga ethimbo opo li tsikile nomakonakono. Kandere otaku tiwa okwa yi momilalo inaadhi ziminwa nomukiintu ngoka e ya kuye omo lwa epango. Omupanguli Matulich okwa ti, oveta otayi pumbwa opo omunambelewa omukonakoni gwoshipotha a gandje olopota kombinga yomutamanekwa, unene omaihumbato ge pethimbo lyomakonakono moshipotha shika shekwatonkonga. Kandere ngoka a li ta monika a geya noonkondo okwa kala ta tala omukiintu nomeho gu udha uuhahu, naasho opolisi ye mu eta mompangulilo, okwa punguluka nokwa ulike omukiintu nomutanganwe ta kakama sho ta thigi po ompangu okushuna mondjedhililo.

Ngoka a holoka wo mompangu nokomeho gomupanguli ngoka mesiku olyo tuu ndyoka, omunamimvo 32 Ben Katjihanda okwa pewa iifutilemo N$1000 ye ta galukile mompangu momasiku 18 Septemba 2013. Okwa li a kwatwa sho a yi momilalo nombwa. Ota tamanekelwa oshipotha shokulala niinamwenyo.

Omudhani Gwoofilima niinyandwa Ondjodhi ye ya tsu shili, sho omukalimo gwomOmbawe nomudhani gwiinyandwa yoofilima, Helvi Tuli Hanhele omaandaha goshiwike shika a egulula pambelewa oshinyandwa she oshiluku oshitiyali shedhina, “Oinima ohainingwa”. Omushangi gwiinyandwa omunamimvo 23 ye wo e li omunyandi omunene moshinyandwa shika, shoka hashi wilikwa ku Salomo Namwandi okuza kehangano lya SHN Business Consultancy and Promotions Cc, oshinyandwa osha ndulukwa kostudio yaPlatinum. Iinyandwa ya Helvi oya kuta iilongwanima yopankalamwenyo osho wo oontseyo ndhoka dha nuninwa aanyasha pethimbo lyoohedhi dhiigwana tadhi lunduluka. Iiluku, shotango noshitiyali shiinyandwa “Oinima ohainingwa” oyu udha omaiuvo gomuule, notayi gumu omwenyo gwomuntu. Iinyandwa mbika otayi longo oshindji notayi eta puuyelele nkene oothigwa hadhi monithwa iihuna komazimo nokaaleli yadho, unene sho aaleli naatekuli yawo tashi holoka puuyelele miinyandwa nkene taya hepeke aanona omo lwa uuthiga neliko ndyoka ya thigilwa kaakuluntu yawo mboka ya tetekela. Iinyandwa mbika otayi holola wo omashongo nkene oothigwa ndhoka dha koka kashona hadhi kutha oshinakugwanithwa shokutekula yakwawo, omashongo ye ga taalela muuteku woothigwa ndhoka opo dhi li meputuko, omashongo kombinga sho onkalamwenyo tayi tsikile, okutsikila nomalongo osho wo oku idhidhimikila onkalamwenyo onga othigwa. Ehulilo ewanawa lyiinyandwa mbika olyo oshili ndjika kutya, okwiitaala muKalunga otaku egulula omiyelo dha mbwalangandja monkalo kehe, pethimbo mpoka omakende agehe ga li ga edhilwa monkalamwenyo yoye. “Okudhana iinyandwa yoofilima okwa kala ondjodhi noshipewa shandje, na unene oofilima dhaaNigeria odha hwahwameke ndje”. Helvi osho a ti mokuholola ohole ye yiinyandwa. Helvi oye osheeli shaamwayina yeli yatatu, ye oye Namupa, ano omukadhona awike paamati. Okwa putukile kuumbangalantu woshilongo, nokwa hiti osikola ye poskola yedhina Ohalushu osho wo Ponhofi Senior Secondary School konooli yoshilongo. Momumvo 2007 sho a mana omatilika ge, okwa yi kOmbawe nokwa mono iilonga mehangano lyedhina Gendev Fishing Company momvula 2009. Sho a longo mo omvula yimwe ayike, Helvi okwa thigi po iilonga, opo iipyakidhile nokudhana iinyandwa okulongitha uumaliwa we mboka a adhika a pungula po, opo ondjodhi ye yi tse. “Onda yi kuAndreas Tomas koStudio yedhina “Dune Entertainment”, hoka nda pititha oshinyandwa shotango shedhina, “Ando ondali ndi shi shi”. Oshinyandwa tashi lundulula okukalamwenyo kwomuntu, tashi popi kombinga yokakadhona hoka haka hepeke

omumati gwa ko ngoka kee na iilonga, notaka ulike iita yi li momagumbo unene tayi ningilwa aalumentu kaakiintu yawo, oshinima shoka sha fa ihaashi uvikwa naanaa monkalamwenyo yesiku kehe. Nando oshinyandwa oshi na etumwalaka ewanawa, nosha dhanenwa puuwanawa, inashi taambiwa ko naanaa nawa, omo lwa eshingitho lyasho nehwahwameko kaa li na ongushu. Shika osha shuna omukumo gwaHelvi monima, nokwa kala nokuli a hala a ethe po eithano ndi. “Esiku limwe onda tsakanene natate Namwandi, nokwa pula ndje kutya omolwashike nda shuna monima, ngele oshinyandwa oshi na etumwalaka ewanawa? Osha pe ndje omukumo ndi tsikile natango. Onda tameke ihe okulonga oshilukunyandwa shotango shedhina, “Oinima ohai ningwa”. Helvi osho a tumbula ngaaka nomukumo. Sho a egulula oshinyandwa she oshitiyali, osha li sha taambiwa ko nawa nosha thigi Helvi a hwahwamekwa okutsikila ondjodhi neithano lye, ndyono ngashingeyi tali tameke tali imonikila. Kakele she mu shuna monima osho owala etoloko lyaa li pamuthika lyoshinyandwa, ndyoka lya gumu ongushu yoshinyandwa, oshoka kali po mwene manga etoloko tali ningwa.

Salomo ngoka e li omenindjela ye yoshinyandwa oshitiyali okwa ti kutya, “onda mona mo mu ye kutya oku na oshindji okuninga, oshoka iinyandwa ye oopelesnda omilongo 90 otayi longo noopelesenda omulongo otayi mwenyeke. Helvi oha nyanda nomwenyo aguhe. Uukaseta wiinyandwa yoofilima oya ninga omukalo omunene nomwaanawa gwomakwatathano, oshoka mboka ye wu ningilwa otaya mono mo etumwalaka lya shewa. Helvi ngashingeyi ota talulula oshinyandwa she oshikwawo shoka tashi ti, “oihole yonena”. Oshinyandwa shika otashi popi kombinga yiihole yongashingeyi na unene omahepekathano momagumbo, okwaa na oshili momakwatathano giihole, osho omauvonayi ngaka haga ningilwathana momakwatathano gi ili nogi ili moshigwana. Salomo ota indile kaanangeshefa nokoohandimwe, omakwatho gopashimaliwa nenge kehe shimwe to vulu ku gandja, opo Helvi a adhe omalalakano ge. Kakele okwa holola euvonayi lye, kumboka haya kwata uukaseta woofilima kaa shi li papitikilo, nota pula opo oveta yi ungaunge naantu mbaka, opo omanyakwa naatoti ngaashi ooHelvi, ya kale nonkalamwenyo ombwanawa noya mone sha miilonga niitalenti yawo.

Atu pandula aasindani ayehe mboka yakutha ombinga me thigathano ndika. Omusindani goshiwike shahugunina

Aina Amunyela

Ethigathano ndika oweli etelwa nomapandulo ko

Community Lens

Thursday, 12 September 2013



| 19

Entertainment 37 Thursday, 12 24 September 2013 Entertainment || 37 Thursday, January 2013

Thursday, 27 06 June 2013 2012 2020 | Entertainment | Entertainment Thursday, December


air bringing folks together buzzing with excitement. CAPRICORN CAPRICORN Determination is the key to your success on Monday. Keep Finances are looking perky, withlet a chance to get more earntrying until you meet a goal. Don't regret over past ings. You might be mind. in the Focus mood to extraplans gadgets mistakes trouble your onbuy making for for the the home, computer or something elseneeds that helps future. Tellperhaps a frienda new the truth on Friday. This person makeyour life honest easier. opinion The more the merrier as far asmatter. you're conto hear regarding a sensitive could be givenTake a raise ortofind that you've Joincerned. a new You group on Sunday. steps expand your been given responsibility at work for which you'll get social lifeadditional this weekend. more money. AQUARIUS AQUARIUS A wonderful new career opportunity will emerge on Things may seem surreal today, Aquarius, so don't take other Tuesday. The boss may select you to have the corner people's chatter too seriously. This is a day to reach out and office! Use discretion in all aspects of your life on touch someone, so pick up the phone. It's a good day to share Friday. Keep confidential papers under lock and key. A your dreams, no matter how farfetched they sound. Others naysayer may try to squash your dreams when the Moon may look at you as if you have three heads, but as long as in Aquarius squares Saturn on Sunday. Avoid interacting you're being honest with yourself, there's no reason to be shy with negative people this weekend. about sharing. PISCES PISCES Consider leaving comfort zone mood, on Monday. It might You might be inyour a more reflective especially as there's be time to engage some risky Postpone a focus on yourinspiritual! Your inner life is making important, important thinking more clearly. and thatdecisions includesuntil youryou're self-talk, hopes, dreams, andPut fantayour own first exciting on Friday. isn't selfish to take care offor sies. If needs you want andIt positive things to happen yourself oncestart in a while. You might hear some gossip get you, then creating them in your head. juicy You might on ideas Sunday. Don't repeat the rumor you're sure your the home about how to make more until money or make information is correct. homier. Go for it!

• • • • • • • • • •

They have a lot of data, but they’re still clueless. A better model is just around the corner. They look nice and shiny until you get them home. It’s always essential to have a backup. They’ll do whatever you want if you push the right buttons. The best part of having one is the games you can play. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on. The lights are on but nobody’s home. Big power surges knock them out at night. Size does matter.

When you ask them what’s wrong, they always say ‘nothing’. They can produce incorrect results with alarming speed. They are always turning simple statements into big productions. Small talk is important. You do the same thing for years, and suddenly it’s wrong. They make you take the garbage out. Miss a period and they go wild.

• • • • • •

********************* But then again, here are the top ten reasons whySuduko they are is obviously easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the female. blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3


Here are the top ten reasons why

grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 though 9.

3 8 They’re oh so picky, picky, picky. 3 9 7 They hear what you say, but Solution to Last Week's Suduko 5 4 6 not what you mean. Beauty is only shell deep. 8 7 3 4 8 2 4

SUDUKO 6 8 9

8 1 5 9 3 8 5 8 6 7

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4 to play and the2 rules 6 are simple. Fill in Suduko is easy the blanks so that each row, each column, 5 1 8 and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the 2 3 numbers 1 though 9. Daily Sudoku: Mon 14-Jan-2013

1 2

Solution to Last Week's Suduko

8 4 5 1 8 5 7


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Humankind’s propensity for imposing anthropomorphic characteristics on inanimate objects has now reached computers. But, which gender should your PC be?

6 2 4 3 1 8 3 9 5 7 1 2 1 7 5 4 2 5 1 6 9 8 A SET THREE COURSE MEAL FOR TWO 3 9 SPECIAL! 8 2 4 4 3 AT LYON DES SABLES! CHEF'S 2 4 7 6 3 4 5 1 8 9 9 6 3 7 5 9 4 7 8 2 1 6

9 8 5 7 6 4 2 1 8 3 9 6 7 2 3 4 1 7 6 5 5 9 1 8 Lyon des Sables 2Restaurant, 6 7 3 Cocktail and Wine 4 1 8 2 3 5 4 9

Daily Sudoku: Mon 14-Jan-2013

Daily Sudoku: Mon 21-Jan-2013


CROSSWORD How to enter: fill out and drop in PO Box 5085 or email: or fax: 064 200 474 with your name and contact details

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which should put you in a good mood. Don't second-guess a romantic offer of a date. LEO This holdup will later prove to be a blessing in disguise. LEO Your living situation could change suddenly Tuesday. Relationships seem to be fast paced and on exciting whether Thelinked boss could ask you relocate.The A romantic partner to business ortoromance. connections youwill make be feeling playful onyou Thursday. If you're you might are encouraging to explore a newsingle, direction. Someone connect with you someone A neighbor couldhorizons, ask you open may give a tip special. that could expand your to watch their dog Saturday. free to sayThere no if you're new vistas, andon suggest freshFeel possibilities. is also a allergic to fur!to your social life and networking that adds to the connection fun and upbeat energy of the week. VIRGO VIRGO Money matters will need your attention on Tuesday. Think It's revising an excellent week to make progress at work andwill on career about the household budget. A new chapter goals. Youlife may as thoughItyou're thetime zone one in good start in your onfeel Wednesday. mightinbe toas walk piece ofdirection. news after another brings positive change. Expect a different Relationship issues could cause tenthe unexpected since the best deal may come out of the blue. sion with a partner on Saturday. Clear the air with a heartYou could be living on your nerves and perhaps burning the to-heart discussion. Recharge your mental and emotional candle at both ends. There's so much to do that you'll be busy batteries on Sunday. all hours. LIBRA LIBRA Money matters will need your attention on Tuesday. Think Relationships, friendships, and romance could all be hot about revising the household budget. new chapter will out of topics this week, in a positive way.AExpect a meeting starttheinblue yourthat lifecould on Wednesday. It mightpartnership be time to walk lead to a creative or budding in aromance. different You'll direction. Relationship couldinvolved cause that notice a definiteissues chemistry tension withyou a partner Saturday. Clear the airfor with inspires to takeonthings further whether business or a heart-to-heart discussion. yourmay mental pleasure. One of these Recharge connections alsoand encourage emotional Sunday. you to batteries broaden on your horizons and see life from a new perspective. SCORPIO SCORPIO Update your image when Venus enters your sector of self life is boisterous and aenergetic. You might on Family Wednesday. Consider getting new hairstyle. An oldbe doing chum a lot of entertaining family friends come school will contact youoronhave Friday. Thisand person wants stay.inIt's possible thatmight you'vehave started spring cleaning youtoback hisalso or her life! You a very prophetic earlyonand decidedWrite to tackle décor, too. There seemfor to be dream Saturday. downtheyour nighttime reveries lucky events or news associated with the home. It's possible future reference. you might get money out of the blue, perhaps from a family SAGITTARIUS member. It's OK to set limits with your nearest and dearest. Put your SAGITTARIUS excess energy to good use and clean the house! Don't reveal All kinds of associations and relationships work for you this your thoughts to a colleague This person week. The people you meetonorThursday. talk to may share information could steal your ideas. Think carefully before going that's vital in helping you secure a job, contract, or into move one business with aa friend on Saturday. Thepossibility choice you step nearer goal. There's also the of make a romance willthat have long-term consequences. happens out of the blue. There's a lot of chemistry in the

In their honeymoon suite on their wedding night. As they undressed for bed, the husband, who was a big burly man, tossed his pants to his bride and said, “here put these on.” She said “I can’t wear your pants.” “That’s right!!” said the husband, “and don’t you forget it. I’m the man who wears the pants in this family!” With that she flipped him her panties and said, “Try these on.” He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. He said, “Hell, I can’t get into your panties!” She said, “That’s right, and that’s the way it’s going to be until you change your attitude.”


GEMINI GEMINI The desire to explore new options and get awaySugarfrom it all Diplomacy should be your watchword on Monday. stronger than ever. you haven't yet taken your coatcould your be words, especially whenIftalking to co-workers. might be aside good to get away for a wellCallvacation, on your this humanitarian on time Wednesday. A friend Thetime cosmos is encouraging you to leave maydeserved ask you break. to devote to a worthy cause. A lover daily routines and explore new It's places and this perhaps could be full of surprises on Friday. possible personnew maycommitment. be excellent for business trips willfaces. wantCurrent to makeinfluences a permanent since this week's upbeat aspects seem to hold the potential CANCER for success. Throw out the welcome mat for Lady Luck! A relative may CANCER need some definitely tender, loving careinontheThursday. person is There's a buzz air, withThis financial sparkles having a hard some time, so extendnew a helping hand. life coachbusipromising positive contracts andA potential mayness suddenly on the scene on Friday. Listen closely deals. appear Your intuitive hunches may play a big part in to the adviceyou of your guide. your Saturenabling to benew in the rightWatch place at thestep rightontime. There day.isLook bothof ways before crossing streets. a chance some excellent newsbusy - again, career related -

they have to be male.

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ARIES ARIES A lover willupbeat be affectionate on Tuesday. It's you, a great timelots to of It's an and positive time for with asksocializing this personand for fun moral A relative mightisgive on support. the agenda. Networking oneyou of the a family heirloom Wednesday. Thisso piece worth best things youon can do right now, keepcould it up.beFabulous a fortune! The boss will be difficult to deal with on Friday. aspects over this week suggest you'll be busy making new Be connections prepared to walk on eggshells your that could be veryaround lucrative foremployer. you. You may Don't your desire. alsodelay be inany thelonger mood pursuing to splurge, butheart's you might be restrained by your credit limit. TAURUS TAURUS Household repairs will need your attention on Monday. If possibilities very promising week with a youCareer don't know how to look fix a leaky faucet, callthis a plumber! dazzling lineup couldextremely make youintense. more money, This Your emotions maythat become Try totoo. spend might a good time to considerGet looking for aofnew job or gosome timebeoutdoors on Thursday. a breath fresh for interviews. Either way, the the block. news could be your uplifting, air ing by taking a quick walk around Call on especially seemThink to be outside on a roll. look very inventive sideasonyou Sunday. theFinances box regarding a certain situation. rosy, with more than one opportunity to make extra cash.


Solution to Last Week's Crossword



1. Kind of porridge (7) 1. Pungent leaves used as seasoning (7) 2. Alcoholic beverage taken 4. Type of lettuce (3) before a meal (8) 7. Herbaceous plant of mint variety (5) 3. Small ovoid fruit (5) 8. Frozen water (3) ACROSS DOWN 4. Professional cook (4) 9. Strong-scented perennial herb (3) 1. Fruit (7) dough Edible nut (3-5) (6) 5. Thin sheet of thin 10. Sandglass used1.when boiling 4. baked Rice and 2. Bran (5)(4) rolled and (7) raw fish in seaweed (5) 11. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 7. Preserve 6. Dairy product (5) made from citrus fruits (9) 3. seed Used(6)to brew a beverage (6) 13. Round flat edible 12. Pasta8.inFrozen the formdessert of slender (3) 15. Aromatic bulbous herb sugar (6) 4. Add (7) tubes (8)9. Unfreeze (7) 17. Small cut of meat 5. (4) Sponge cake (5,4) 14. Ribbonlike strips(5) of pasta (7) 18. Sieve (8) 10. Aroma 6. Cooler (6) 16. Goes12. badEdible or sourbulb (7) (5) 21. Liquid edible fat obtained 9. Servings of boiled or steamed 17. Aromatic flower bud, yields from plants (3) 16. Pastry (7) dough (9) a spice (5) 22. Kitchen appliance (3) 18. Drink made with juniper berries (3) 11. Baked pasta dish (7) 19. Reserve one at a restaurant (5) 23. Variety meat (5) 19.part Wine source 13.ofChewy confection (6) 20. Watery of milk (4) (9) 24. Thin sauce made fermented

14. Fatty oil (6) beans (3) Dairyusually product (6) 25. Sweet medicinal15. liquids, containing a small 17. amount of Prepare a turkey (5) alcohol (7)

20. Sample (5) 21. Vanilla ___ (7)

Thursday, 24 12 January September 2013 Thursday, 2013

Motoring | 21

mOOT s hiwambo M OR ING

2014 Jaguar XJR

Jaguar is busy honing its identity. Its engine portfolio is bursting with high-tech mills and sales are up, and although volumes approaching those of its competitors will take time to develop, image is a quicker build. Jaguar wants to be seen as a full-fledged equal to the German luxury brands. Fortunately for us, the Germans all have performance divisions, and Jaguar wants its “R” subbrand to be thought of as contextual with AMG, M, and Quattro. This, Then, Is a Fine Start So, absent since the currentgeneration XJ debuted, the XJR is back, because what’s a flagship performance subbrand without a flagship? The XJR’s supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 is cranked up from a previous high of 380Kw in the XJ Supersport - which will disappear when the XJR goes on sale - to 410kw. Torque increases from 625Nm to 680Nm. Both figures nicely square up against this car’s competitors

- except for the totally gonzo Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. This being a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8, the changes necessary to realise such gains amount to a little bit of ECU tweaking. The fruit of those tweaks travels to the rear tires through the same eightspeed automatic transmission as that found in other XJs, although the electronically controlled differential gets minor programming changes to suit the fiercer character of the XJR. The standard XJ already is the sportiest of the full-size luxury pack, but the R sees its springs and adaptive dampers firmed up by 30 percent and its steering finetuned for a sportier feel. Executiveclass rockets typically don’t get too ostentatious with their exterior decorating, and neither does the XJR. A unique front fascia and rocker panels and a lip spoiler are the extent of its bedazzlement. Inside, the only major difference from less-powerful XJs is sport buckets for the driver and passenger.

The most sporting luxury flagship gets even more power... Blah, Blah, Blah… What’s It Like to Drive? The XJR’s all-aluminum construction keeps it light for this class - lighter, in fact, than the XFR that sits below it in Jaguar’s lineup. At the track,

we found that even the long-wheelbase XJRL felt fantastically responsive and nimble, the lengthy span between front and rear axles endowing it with superb stability at all speeds. With steering that was weighty and immediate and brakes that placed uncommon strain on optic nerves, it became obvious the chassis was developed with track use in mind. Although the XJR’s tailpipes didn’t emit the raspy bark of the XFR (or, for that matter, the F-type roadster), the flagship sedan’s exhausts had sufficient growl to turn the heads of bystanders. We’ve previously clocked a 380kw XJ Supersport to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds; the R should stop the clock at four flat. Meanwhile, back in the XJR, we were reaching north of 233km/h at the end of the track’s roughly half-mile straight. Finally, Some Character Cars in this class are almost antagonizing in their perfection. The Audi S8 and the outgoing Mercedes S63 AMG excel at seemingly every last detail. The XJR, however, avoids fussiness and makes an emotional appeal. It engages the driver with abundant personality. Yes, there are quirks: The XJR’s steering borders on twitchy, the ride is less silky, and the ZF eightspeed’s downshifts can stumble a bit in Normal mode (but they tighten up in Sport mode). Still, the Jag feels focused, its purpose helping it to show a little swagger in the face of the German overachievers. If we could pick the route and maybe find a few side roads with which to exercise this car’s charms, we’d be leaning toward the Jag.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

22 | Coastal Property Finder

Praia De La Costa

Triple Storey Townhouse with seaview in secure complex. Unfurnished. 3 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. Open plan kitchen with hob/oven/extractor fan. Lounge/Tv Room with Indoor Braai. Balcony with Seaview. Double Garage with storage. Rental Income

N$7 000 pm

Prepaid Electricity

N$1 338 000

Erf in Longbeach Extention 1

N$560 000 Size: 400 SQM - Already filled up - Two Boundary Walls Prime Area

N$1 338 000

Family Home Ocean View

This spacious family home is circular in design with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, open-plan living/kitchen/dining room with entertainment area, indoor BBQ and bar area. All rooms lead out into a courtyard with a lapa and outdoor barbeque. There is an indoor pool, double automated garage and 2 parking bays which can easily be converted into two additional garages.

N$3 650 000

To let Fairways

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom double garage, alarm, DSTV, water and furniture available 1 0ctober

N$11 500 pm


2 bedroom house, full bathroom, kitchen with BIC and stove. Water included

N$4 650


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, indoor BBQ

N$7 700


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage Incl. W&E Small yard Available 1 0ctober

N$6 050

Duneside 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, indoor BBQ TV room, tandem garage Incl. W&E

N$11 000

Long Beach 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, garage, balcony, indoor BBQ open plan to lounge


Walvis Bay New Lagoon

N$695 000

Townhouse offering 2 bedrooms, single garage with BIC cupboards is up for grabs. Current rental income

8 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchens, Burglar Bars For Investment

Henties Bay

3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms double garage 740 sqm plot

N$850 000

N$990 000

N$5 500 pm

Excl W&L Situated close to Schools and is in a secure complex.

N$6 600 pm

Interested in any of these properties? Call Helena on 064 200 497 today

1 bedroom flat, dining room, kitchen with bic, water included

N$2 750

Walvis Bay - Townhouse 2 bedrooms, indoor braai, single garage, courtyard with pre-paid electricity Available 01 September

Flat to Rent

3 bedroomed flat, kitchen, lounge, 2 bathrooms and single garage with own little courtyard

N$6100 pm Near schools



2 bedroom unit with 2 bathrooms and garage. Close to the ocean

3 Bedroom house, 2 bedroom flat, 3 garages. Inside BBQ for wood and gas. Big yard N$16 000 pm neg

N$800 000

Mile 4

Swakop Central

Walking distance from town! 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, 1 garage, 2 living areas

Excl W&L

Swakop Central

Tamar Eenheid

Family House

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and Garage

3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge, double garage

N$7 000 pm

4 bedroom, main bedroom with en-suite bathroom, guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom, study, modern kitchen, sunny living room with fire place, dining room, outside covered entertainment area with braai, double garage, established garden.

N$6 800 pm

N$5 500 pm

Kramersdorf House with Flat! 3 Bedroom, 2 Batroom, 2 Living Areas and 3 garages

N$13 000 pm

N$12 500 pm

Swakopmund Industrial Area

To let Swakopmund

450m2 with a lot of Space in front of the building

Garages 6m x 2m x 2.4m height N$550 - First Floor 6m x 3m x 2.7m height N$770 - First Floor 8m x 3m x 2.8m height N$1 300 - Ground Floor Warehouse: 133 sqm

N$6 000

Excl. W&E

N$950 000

Another lock up and go! Safe and secure complex with beautiful gardens. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/lounge Balcony with braai, 1 garage Registered in CC All furniture included


Good investment 2 Bedroom townhouse

N$4 500 pm

N$750 000.00 Double storey home; 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan lounge & dining, kitchen with scullery and double garage. It has a garden and outdoor BBQ and the house is secure with alarm & burglar proof. On the north dune

N$945 000

Very Neat Complex! 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Study, balcony, indoor BBQ, and Double Garage



Just lock up and go! Sunny 1 bedroom. Flat with under roof. Parking in mid-town. Fully furnished

Henties Bay


N$5 500 pm

Swakopmund - Central

N$4 500 pm

Swakopmund Ocean view - almost brand new, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, 2 living areas, indoor BBQ and lots of cupboards

To let N$7 800 pm To buy N$1 600 000

N$6 300 pm


Good investment 3 bed, 2 bath, open plan kitchen & garage with a 2 bed flat

N$790 000

Walvis Bay - Hermes

450m² ERVEN Having high boundary walls and gate

N$410 000

Dolphin Beach

VACANT ERVEN 500m² to 960m². Starting from

N$400 000 each

Te huur in Walvis. Dit is 2 slaapkamers met 2 badkamers en 'n garage met buite court yard


Walvis Bay

N$1 600 000

N$5 000 pm

Nice 2 bedroom unit with 1 bathroom, balcony, huge lounge and kitchen with New b.i.c. and breakfast nook. 1 garage. About 300 metres from lagoon. Levies only N$233 pm Investor can get approx N$4 000 pm Rental income

N$730 000

Langstrand 2 bedroom unit on Langstrand with 2 bathrooms and garage

N$800 000

Close to the ocean

Newly built! Spacious Duplex Apartments. 3 bedrooms, 3 en-suite bathrooms, kitchen/living-area/ indoor bbq, 2.5 garages (CC Registered)

Swakopmund - Ext 15 Vacant Erf - 600 sq m

N$580 000 (neg)

Swakopmund Vogelstrand

Close to the sea Vacant Erf - 600 sq m

N$795 000

To Let - Swakop Central Walking distance from town 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, 1 garage, 2 living areas N$6 300 pm

rent? r o y u B o t se u o h a r fo g in Look der on in F y t r e p o r P l a t s a o C h c r a se . d e t s li s d e r d n u H . y a d o t k faceboo

N$950 000

Longbeach Eco Village One of the Last Remaining Cheapies Only 1 street from the sea Vacant erf of 654 sqm

N$450 000


Sole & Exclusive Mandate Selling Fast! Excellent Investment. 2 & 3 bed units selling from

N$466 000

2 bath, kitchen / lounge, With / without garage.


2 Bedroomed lovely Townhouse with lounge to fitted kitchen, bathroom, garage, courtyard with garden and outside braai N$5 995 pm Excl. W&L


200m from beach 2 bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Inside Braai Open Plan Garage N$4 500 pm

Vogelstrand, Swakopmund

To Let: Modern 3 bedroom townhouse with 2 bathrooms. Spacious Open plan living area with beautiful kitchen. Outdoor BBQ in small & tidy garden. In a quiet & secure complex in desirable area. Pre- paid electricity. N$6 600 pm excl. W&E

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Longbeach Bargain bargain!

Neat ground floor furnished bachelor's apartment with bathroom, enclosed bbq, kitchen/living-area. N$535 000

Walvis Bay 3 bedroom, bathroom, big kitchen with bic & gas stove, indoor braai, lounge, scullery, 3 garages, huge erf, 2 bedroom flat with garage & bachelor flat. N$1 400 000

Kuisebmond Good investment 3 bed, 2 bath, open plan kitchen & garage with a 2 bed flat N$790 000

Swakopmund - Central Just Lock up and go! Sunny 1 bedroom. Flat with under roof. Parking in mid-town. Fully furnished. N$950 000

To Rent

2 x 2 Bedroomed flats, 2 x 1 Bedroomed flats and 3 x Bachelor flats. Fully Furnished. Registered in a CC. N$34 000 pm

To Let - Walvis Bay

2 Bedroom flat in safe complex in Meersig, open plan kitchen, lounge, bathroom and garage, small courtyard and prepaid electricity. N$5 100 pm Avail 1 October


Coastal Property Finder | 23

Fairway Golf Estate 4 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Open Plan Kitchen, Lounge and Dining area, Scullery, Servant's room with bathroom, Study, Ind BBQ, BIC, Double Garage and Alarm System. N$2 033 000

Walvis Bay


Beautiful Spacious family home, 4 bedrooms 3 bath rooms. Main bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom. Double garage and many more extras N$2 500 000

Swakopmund - Industrial Area 450m2 with a lot of Space infront of the building. N$4 500 pm

This townhouse in a secure complex offers you 3 bedrooms with BIC, 2 bathrooms, guest toilet, open plan kitchen and lounge, inside braai, small private courtyard and double garage, in CC. N$1 300 000

Walvis Bay Meersig Ext 1 - Beautiful Erf for Sale 527m² N$ 695 000

Neat Townhouse Close to schools. Offering 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 1/2 garages ... Ideal starter property! N$815 000

Walvis Bay - Lagoon 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining, TV Room, Laundry, Scullery, Ind BBQ, BIC, Tandem Garage park 3 vehicles and (1x Flat with Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge) and (1x flat with bedroom and bathroom). N$2 354 000

Vineta- Swakopmund 3 Bed apartment, 2 Bath, Garage, Open plan N$1 070 00

Good investment 2 Bedroom townhouse Rent it out for N$4 500 N$750 000

Secure Complex

Fairway Golf Estate 3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms (Main bedroom En-Suite), Open Plan Kitchen, Lounge and Dining Area, Laundry, Ind & Oud BBQ, Double Garage with Alarm System close to schools. N$1 819 000

Swakop Central of Town

Walking distance from Shopping Center N$1 070 000 Office Space 77m2 N$100 per m2



3 Bedroom house with double garage, 2 bathroom, scullery, kitchen, bic and burglar bars N$1 030 000

2 bedrooms, bathroom, garage, open plan kitchen Selling for N$360 000 Rental income N$2 850 pm

Erf for Sale 715 sqm vacant erf for only N$630 000

Swakopmund Ocean View 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 garage, 2 living area, indoor BBQ and lots of cupboards. To Let N$7 800 To Buy N$1 600 000

To Rent In a safe complex. 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage, open plan kitchen/ living area, stunning small garden. N$ 7200 p/m

Walking distance from town! 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, 1 garage, 2 living areas. N$6 300 pm


Interested in any of these properties? Call Helena on 064 200 497 today

Ocean View

To Let - Swakop Central

Narraville 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with single garage & huge plot. Recently Renovated. N$825 000

Sole & Exclusive Mandate - Kuisebmund Selling Fast! Excellent Investment. 2 & 3 bed units selling from 2 bath, kitchen / lounge, With / without garage. N$466 000

Good investment 3 bed, 2 bath, open plan kitchen & garage with a 2 bed flat N$790 000

Walvis Bay - Hermes 450m² ERVEN Have high boundary walls and gate N$410 000 Dolphin Beach VACANT ERVEN 500m² to 960m². Starting from N$400 000 each

Longbeach Bargain!

Neat ground floor furnished bachelor's apartment with bathroom, enclosed bbq, kitchen/living-area. N$535 000

Longbeach Neat Duplex Apartment with Sea View!! 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with corner bath, open plan kitchen/living-area, single garage, outside bbq on balcony. (Curtains, double bed, fridge included in price). N$765 000 (CC Registered)

Ocean view Home with Flat - Very Neat! 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom and Double Garage. Flat: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and Garage N$13 000 pm


Swakop Central 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and Garage. N$5 500

House with Flat! 3 Bedroom, 2 Batroom, 2 Living Areas and 3 garages N$13 000 pm

! s n o i t a l u t a r g n o c winner of N$10 000

g free advertisinen t from Namib Independ

Longbeach Another lock up and go! Safe and secure complex with beautiful gardens 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/lounge Balcony with braai, 1 garage, Registered in CC All furniture included !!! N$950 000

Walvis Bay - Fairways Newly built up market house Huge and spacious newly built. House offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge open plan kitchen, lounge and entertainment area With indoor braai. Double garages. Well maintained garden, high boundary walls. N$1 700 000

Walvis Bay Spacious family home on huge erf of 1425sqm. 3 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, lounge, kitchen, 2 huge garages plus storeroom (3rd garage) Scullery and many more, new laminated flooring, indoor braai, PLUS bachelor flat. Can obtain business rights. N$1 495 000

Longbeach Eco Village Only 1 street from the sea Vacant erf of 654 sqm N$450 000

Thursday, 12 September 2013

24 | Classifieds



5 77 77


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am

Contact Helena to place your classifieds 064 200 497 helena@ namibindependent.



Top 10 Reasons to drink Aloe Vera Gel Desert Payroll Services & Traiding cc

1 General tonic for good health 2 useful source of vitamins 3 useful source of minerals 4 Anti-inflammatory and painkilling effect 5 Antiviral activity - defends attacks from viruses 6 Increases activity of fibroblasts (cells in skin) 7 Helps our skin perform more efficiently 8 Positive effect on gut flora - regulates various bacteria 9 Assists in healthy digestion 10 Beneficial action on the gut

Please contact me for more information Lana at 081 255 3924 WEDDING DECOR TO HIRE CONTACT: unique.

Companies in need of: Payroll/s outsourcing (VIP PayRoll Program) Or relief duties. Desiré Tuit 081 124 2922

Bliss Investments

(Cleaning Services) SPECIALS! Lounge Suite/ Sofa Cleaning 6-Seater Cleaning - N$450 Mattress Cleaning - N$300 Carpet Cleaning - N$300 per room Available in Walvis Bay/ Swakopmund/ Henties Bay

Contact 081 638 6318

The Honey Pot Sewing Centre TEL: 202 818 Walvis Bay Expert service in general tailoring, One day alterations, Wedding Dresses and others We also do machine repairs


Bank Approved * Building, Plumbing and Electrical * Kitchen Cabinets and builtin cupboards * Paving/Interlocks, Tiling, Painting, Sealing and Installing. Professional and guaranteed workmanship with a smile * We also MOVE-IT-ALL (Furniture or Rubble)

services Renovations & Maintenance

20 Years experience in the following: We offer: - Construction - Painting - Paving - Salsto - Swimming Pools - Lapas - Electric Fences - All types of Roof Structures - Sealing of any kind of roof with 3 year guarantees - Supervision on all sites 24/7 Plumbing & Electrical Service

Cee-Jay 081 211 6686 com You tried the rest now work with the best

Champion Driving School

N$80 per person Pay for 4 and Get one Free N$140 Natis

Call 081 819 0946

RGR Daily Express

Daily Transport between Swakopmund & Walvis Bay Swakop - Walvis Morning: 06:00 Afternoon: 17:00 Walvis - Swakop Morning: 07:00 Afternoon: 17:00 Contact:

Granville: 081 812 3071 Roseline: 081 882 9042

Truck To Rent

Driver and Helpers Nationwide Furniture Removal Garden Refuse Building Rubble Office Removals You name it and we’ll do it Open 7 days a week

German Course for Adult Beginners

goods for sale

Pajero gearbox

Automatic 4-speed. Suitable for the 3.0 V6 model.

Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities N$8 000 or nearest offer Limited space available 081 838 6223 Register now to qualify for discount Heerlike vars verwerkte KUDU en Experienced mother-tongue GEMSBOK vleis! teacher Walvis! Swakop en Henties! Contact 081 607 2685 0818093526 Ons lewer af!! Transport and

Removal Services Local and CountryWide

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. *We specialise in removal of all your unwanted rubble. Whether it is garden, building or household rubble, we will remove it for you. Why bother trying to rent a trailer, when we can take away the rubble for you, phone us and we will send out a team of RUBBLE REMOVERS. *Garden Refuse *Building Rubble Removal *Site Clearing And Cleaning *HouseHold And Furniture Removals Local and Country

Sosaties N$58/kg Steaks N$55/kg Goulash N$45/kg Mince, N$33/kg Kookvleis N$25/kg

Beauty Maison Champagne Hairdressers Opposite police station Nangolo Mbumba street Walvis Bay

081 869 1627

Sunshades N$395 each Contact 081 818 4978

Sit solank jou bestelling in om teleurstelling te voorkom!

Desktop Computer for sale

i7,2tb hdd,1gig graphic card,16gig memory and 32 inch samsung screen with wireless xbox controller for pc make an offer

Call 081 140 5778

Rocking Chair/ Lazyboy

I'm looking for a rocking chair/lazyboy (2 in 1) in good condition or place where I can get one. I'm in Swakopmund

To rent industrial area

Office 184.25sq @ N$8 500 Office 30.00sq @ N$1 000 Office 119.22sq @ N$5 250. Office 218.00sq @ N$12 000 Store 727sq @ N$24 150 Store 280sq @ N$8 000 Store 351sq @ N$12 150 Garage 38sq @ N$1 100 PLEASE NO AGENTS TO RENT as from now.

Please contact 081 463 4539 or 081 697 8533

Educational Products

Skakel 081 809 3526

Contact 081 649 3676

Goods for sale

with the imagination and energy of children in mind, to nurture a magical time of discovery and learning. Transform everyday actions into exciting growth and exploration. Lots of other safety, clothes and accessories available. Kindly mail or whatsapp or sms Alida 081 279 4345 during office hours

Ons het ook afkook bene vir die honde!! Ons lewer af voor jou deur!

2.53 LANK 1.20 breedt.

N$15 000 Contact 081 129 8536


Collector's Item WalvisSleeper wood roll-top desk

N$14 000 neg


081 799 4655

Call 081 287 4455

Looking for a

A160 FOR SALE!!! N$ 6000.00 Not Negotiable CFM12105 Vehicle parked at Techmar Auto Repairs Cicero Bennie Office

0811227654 0812043885 064 - 200888

Car for Sale

Nissan March 157 000km Srs Airbags Power steering Aircon 1000 Cc twin camm

N$30 000 Neg

Contact 081 692 1218 or 081 276 7246

Coastal Advertiser Contact 081 649 3678


Erongo Gritfix

Ons doen gritblast/sandblast werk op enige metaal, so as as ń geroeste hek of motor rims of traliewerk jou pla, kontak my gerus, ons gritblast en spuitverf jou yster na jou keuse. Skakel 081 322 0547 Let wel ons doen geen paneelklopwerk nie.

S. Linus Construction

Call: 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519 Best prices in town



to Buy Lagoon / Fairway / Central

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Garages. Rest will be an added bonus... Cash buy, 850 - 950 all included.

Please mail me woestynroosc@yahoo.

With 25 years of experience and bank approved. Building and renovations of residential and commercial dwellings. - general paint - roof repairs - boundary walls - interlocks workmanship guaranteed. Contact details: 064 209 517 or 081 242 9604

Kitchen Elegance

for professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom re-modelling. We do cabinets, blinds, tiles and flooring or any other joinery needs. Quality workmanship guaranteed. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction.

Contact us on 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519

Visit us at www.

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t s a F t i Sell cal o L t i Sell


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5 77 77


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am


REE Bodyworks

We are in need of panelbeaters. If you are a panelbeater and want to be part of our growing bussines, please contact me at

081 343 8104 or Ruben at 081 400 3654

West Coast Car Recovery- Breakdown Services

24/7 Breakdown and towing service. We specialise in towing, cross border transportation, changing of flat tyres, recovery of vehicles from sand dunes and assist you if your vehicle has run out of fuel. Call us now on 081 149 8750 EMAIL US at westcoastcarecovery@

Believe Renovations

Ons doen bouwerk, teelwerk, verfwerk, carpentry of enige iets- klein of groot-in en om u huis.

Kontak Julio by 081 418 9955


De Vries Plumbing Service


Renovations & Maintenance

Contact us for all your kitchen 20 years experience & bathroom plumbing needs. We offer We do plumbing installations - Construction - Painting and maintenance. - Paving Contact Marius - Slasto 081 212 2541 - Swimming Pools - Lapas Gemapen Driving - Electric Fences School - All types Roof Structures N$95 p/ lesson - Sealing of any kind of roofs N$200 for NATIS test. with 3 year guarantees Qualified, friendly instructor. - Supervision on all sites Contact 081 281 9318 24/7 Plumbing & Electrical Service Cake Decorations/

Cake Tools

CEE-JAY 081 211 6686

For all your cake décor needs. Visit us in Walvis Bay. Probst JHH Investment CC Willi Bakery, Restaurant and • Laptop tracking & recovery Cake Décor Shop. • Website development 12th Road, behind Pick ‘n Pay. • Domain hosting Tell: 064 202 744 • Company emails • Computer training Megatron • Computer/ laptop repairs DSTV, alarm, CCTV and • Cable & wireless network access control installations installations Tell: 064 200 836 • Email advertising Cell: 081 399 6011 • All laptop replacement parts available

Saam Ry Geleentheid Aangebied Walvisbaai - Swakopmund Weeks dae 07:00 vanaf Walvisbaai en 17:30 vanaf Swakopmund

N$600 pp kontak vir Francois 081 128 0553

Truck To Hire

Josh Transport. For all your transport needs please contact us - we will gladly help you. We transport everything House removal - Building material - Building rubbleBricks - Fish Boxes - Cement. We do transport in and around Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Contact 081 240 8039 / 081 619 6503 / 081 284 5265

Henks Transporting Transport of - Building Rubble - Garden refuse - Furniture Removal - Anything else

CALL HENK on 081780 4155

Tell 064 221 958 Fax 064 221 957 Cell 081 140 5778 Website: www. laptoprepaircentrewb@

Verf: Daklek/Skade/ Oordoen

Verf, seël, herstel en oordoen van DAKKE en MURE. Geskrewe Waarborg en gratis Kwotasies!

081 454 6870

Alle Bouwerk, Herstelwerk en Instandhouding van huise en geboue in Walvisbaai, Swakopmund, Langstrand en Hentiesbaai. Inspeksie verslae.

081 454 6870


Am looking for a 2 - 3 bedroom house with garage in Walvis Bay maximum

N$6 500 Contact me at 081 291 0819

Looking for a Job

Male (55), trilingual, good in maintenance, own tools incl. satellite scanner for TV dishes. C1 licence with PDP. Swakopmund

Md Domestic Solution cc 081 753 2415

We refill and exchange LP gas cylinders at an affordable Ford Ikon 1.6 price. Ambiente 2010 Refills: 1.4kg to 7kg 150 000 KM Walvis Bay Exchange: 9kg, 19kg, 48kg Newly resprayed sand blasting. New lights and grill SPECIAL: New Dunlop SP7000D Tyres 5.3kg with cooker top Good condition. N$550 only One owner. New: door 2 door gas deliveries anytime but only in N$120 000 neg swakopmund and langstrand. Contact 081 124 1516

Contact Mervin 081 338 5707 and 081 319 7535

All toddlers welcome!


Mondays - Thursdays 08:00 -13:00 Friday 08:00 - 12:00


N$375.00 per child. Narraville - Ashrafi Str.

Contact 081 880 0476/ 081 719 4707

4 Ton Lorrie

20 kg in Swakopmund vir N$35 sak en as jy 10 of meer vat is dit N$30 sak

We specialise in the following: All types of building works and renovations: Paint work, Welding work, Plumbing, Electrical, Tilling, Paving, Building of swimming pools, Built-in cupboards, Wood decks, Laminated flooring and Roof sealing or any other building work you require. Fire Services Includes: Fire Detection Systems, Fire Extinguishers Services, Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Systems Water Mist Systems, Hydrant and Hose Reel Systems, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguisher Training, Evacuation Exercises, Advance Fire Fighting Course

For a free quotation contact: 081 661 1193 / 081 389 7221

Goods for Sale

To order and for prices

Contact: 081 375 1645

Walvis! Swakop! Henties!

Ons lewer by jou af! SPECIALS! Sosaties teen N$6.40 een! Mince N$33/kg

081 809 3526

Vars Vleis

Beesvleis, steaks, T bones, wors, mince, kook vleis en nog meer te koop, vars van die plaas vir Walvis, Swakop en Henties

Skakel 081 365 6203

To Rent

2 Bedroom flat, full bathroom, kitchen, dining and living room. Build in Cupboards in bedrooms and kitchen, build in stove, very spacious. NO GARAGE. N$5 500 Incl W&E (to a limit) Walvisbay, near Duneside school. Available Sept 2013

Melandie 081 672 1188/ 081 639 4242

Mopanie Hout

Skakel 081 223 8083


For sale in Walvis Bay Wall unit N$6 000

Telefunken surround system N$4 500 Telefunken 42" Plasma TV N$5 000 Three piece Living room suite with coffee table

Celltone Get it for N$200 Only five left. Swakopmund Contact: 081 129 6447



Box and accessories!

N$4 000

Please contact:

Shanay Bosch @ 081 622 7722


Wood Beds and Dog Houses For a price please SMS or call 081 375 1645

N$8 000 Contact 081 124 1516

Namibian Renovations & Fire Protection Services


Contact 081 818 4978

Cell 081 374 8205

Learn & Play Day Care


Car hire Toyota Yaris T1 N$400 per day. Het jy ‘n vrag? Vervoer van bourommel, Huistrekke, ens.


17" Rims and Tyres

In Walvisbay Pcd 5/100

N$4 500 neg Contact: 081 207 7651


4 x Kumho Road Venture A/T tyres. 205/80 R16. 90% tread. For all only N$4 400 In Walvis Bay

Contact 081 149 7377

Gomoto Nippi 125cc 6071 km. Recently serviced, new battery

N$7 000 O.N.C.O. 081 799 4655

Free Delivery at the coast. Adults N$995 Kiddies N$695

081 375 1645

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TECHMAR Auto Repairs CC

• Repairs & service on all vehicles outside the warranty/service plan period. • Oil-and-Go for your convenience. • Pre-holiday inspections, pre roadworthy checks. • Headlight adjustments. • Diagnostic testing. • Service agent for Hyundai & KIA. • Specialists in Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi. 234 Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay Tel: 064- 200888 Fax: 064- 200840 Cicero- 081 122 7654 Bennie- 081 204 3885


N$ 1250* • Latest Cellphones • Digital Camera's • Cell Accessories • Rentals

Decoder + Dish + Installation

• MTC New Contracts • MTC Renewals • MTC Payments - Online • Internet Settings • Airtime

Tel: 064-404800 - SWK Fax: 064-404823- SWK

WALVIS BAY: 064-203318 SWAKOPMUND: 064-403418

We specialise in: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Contract Cleaning Holiday Apartment & Spring Cleaning Post Construction Clean-Ups Exterior Building Cleaning

081 1244747 064 204187

CHEM-DRY CLEANING Is the largest specialist Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Franchise on the Planet. With our unique Non-toxic Carbonated Cleaning Technology you can be assured that your carpets & upholstery stay Cleaner, Drier, Healthier. For free quotes contact us @ 064-209292 or 0811244747 email Check out our website @ for our wide range of products & services. WE SERVE THE COAST!



Electrical Wholesalers CC2007/0393 For allFAX:064278201 your Electrical supplies C/O Sam Nujoma Ave C/OSamNujomaAve&8thRoadNr.77

& 8th Road Nr. 77, Walvis Bay TEL: 064 278200 • FAX: 064 278201 •

Walvis Bay

16 - 20 September 2013 MONDAY Tomato Bredie Rice Cucumber Salad

TUESDAY Chicken Pie Roasted Butternut Beetroot Salad

We specialise in the following fields...

RiaanStols NamibElectricalDistributorscc C/OSamNujomaAve&8thRoadnr77 WalvisBay Namibia

Deon Ellis

Cleaning Bliss Investments (Cleaning Services)

SPECIALS!! • Lounge Suite/ Sofa • Cleaning 6 Seater • Cleaning N$450, • Mattress Cleaning N$300, • Carpet Cleaning N$300 per room. Contact: 0816386318

Cell: +264 81 214 6883 Fax: +264 64 207 756 Email:


Auto Electric Rewiring and auto electrical repairs on all passenger and heavy duty vehicles. Starter, alternator repairs and replacement. All electrical repairs, vehicle diagnostics for most vehicles. Vehicle monitoring systems (passenger, Heavy duty, truck trailers, cranes and much more. Engine monitoring and shut down systems.

Tel: 064-221552 Fax: 064-221553

Auto Airconditioning Regas, Aircon repairs, Supply aircon kits for a wide variety of vehicle brands, Fit aircon kits, Pipe welding

Besigheids ure: Ma-Vry: 08H00 - 19H00 Sa: 08H00 - 13H00 WSK welkom.

In-Car Entertainment Custom sound installations Fit and supply sound (DVD screen DVD players, front loaders, speakers, amps, etc.) Car security, Central-locking kits

Finance TNK Financial Services

Parts Sales We offer a wide variety of services for almost any vehicle. Our company has 32 years of Auto Electrical experience under our belt and provide a professional service to all our customers.

• Accounting • Payroll • Tax Returns (Private & Business)


Debtors, Creditors, Bank Recons, Fixed Assets, Payroll Assistance, Management Accounts, VAT & Tax Returns

Julie Auto Electric & Sound CC Tel: 264 64 205 233 Fax: 264 64 207 559


James / Renaldo Julie 081 269 3443 / 081 284 1788


A Bette r Wa y of Life.






HD PVR N$ 1995* Decoder + twin LNB

Contact us for Professional and efficient service! Tel: 064-209919 - WBay Fax: 064-209921 - WBay


Residential Commercial Marine Industrial Ventilation Service & Maintenance

Travel CHAMORE TRAVEL AGENCY CC T: +264 64 206003 F: +264 64 206009 c/o Union Street & 5th Road, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Travel arrangements Logistics - Flight bookings - Passports - Car Rentals - Work Visa’s/ In-transit Visas - Hotel bookings - Transfer/ Shuttle Services

y-, a Distributor of Skin-, Bod Do you want to become time! the ’s Now !!! ts duc pro t loss Health-, Herbal-, or Weigh DREAMS! LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR e. income working from hom an ke Ma . ing lbe wel Enjoy optimal health and rmation info for 6 427 435 081 Just send an Sms to opportunity. about this great business !! t budget products act now bes the er ord to t For those who only wan ed on request via ard forw be will le, ilab ue is ava The New Product Catalog ducts and share them er of the Best Budget pro e-mail. Experience the pow ut. with all those you care abo to millions of people offered the Opportunity has ts duc pro The the world. und aro es ntri across more than 50 cou


WEDNESDAY Beef Lasagne Apple and Sweet Potato Bake Greek Salad

THURSDAY Tagliatelle Pasta with smoked chicken and cream cheese Mixed Vegetables Carrot Salad

Tel: 064-277750 Fax: 064-277751 Email: Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay

FRIDAY Chop Boerewors Pap and Sauce Jelly and Custard


PLEASE NOTE Menus might have to change slightly, depending on availability of products and produce Contact us to order your dinners online or by telephone 081 351 5812 Deliveries will only be in Walvis Bay

Theo Ben Gurirab Str. & Hanna Mupetami Road P.O.Box 499, Walvis Bay

Phone +264 64 205136 • Fax +264 64 205137

Thursday, 11 12July September Thursday, 2013 2013

Thursday, 27 June 2013 to Wednesday, 03 July Sport 2013 || 127

Marine Ropes Golf Day Huge Success Hook, line, sinker, rope, cable, knife, wood, charcoal and transport. Like their business, Deon and Antje Klynsmith once again gave everything at their 7th annual golf day. Thank you very much to Marine Ropes for a great day of fun, friendship and good prizes. 49 players took the field in what was the first year that Marine Ropes had a medal competition, but with a difference. Prizes were awarded to the players for Best 1st Nine Holes, Best 2nd Nine Holes as well as Overall Play for the Day. 2 – Clubs for the day: Fransie Grobler, Wynand Breytenbach, Thomas Wolff – wow, Duane Sanders - another wow, Mathew Stander, Jack Jordan and Morne Roux. The Best 1st Nine Holes was played by Bennie Lomabard on a count out, runner up was Dean Kock on 32. The Best 2nd Nine Holes was played by Peet Botha on a count out and runner up was Jack Jordan on 33. Best 18 Holes Overall was won by Kevin de Reuck on a count out, the runner up was Sergia Figueredo on a 65 Nett. Both these guys will get new handicaps. Well played. The Longest Day belonged to Mighty Burger on a 92 Nett Left: Kevin de Reuck; Right: Deon Klynsmith for the day. At least he got his


power to the people


NOTICE OF POWER OUTAGE TO UIS TOWN, ANICHAB AND NEI-NEIS 22KV RETIC Dear Customers Please take note that notice is hereby given that the electricity supply will be interrupted on: Date: Day: Time:

17 September 2013 Tuesday 08:00 – 17:00

The power outage will affect the power supply to all the customers in: -

Uis Town Namwater Anichab Town Nei-Neis Reticulation

- Telecom - MTC - LEO

The reason for the power outage is for NamPower to do maintenance on the transformer. Erongo RED will also utilize the time to perform maintenance on the network. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR INSTALLATION MUST BE REGARDED AS “LIVE” AT ALL TIMES AS THE POWER SUPPLY MAY BE SWITCHED ON AT ANY TIME DURING THE ABOVEMENTIONED PERIOD. Erongo RED regrets any inconvenience which may result from this outage. Issued by: Public Relations Division Benjamin Nangombe Tel: +264 64 214 600

Enquiries: Control Centre Stephen Muller Tel: +264 64 217609

money worth as well as a nice free drink for his efforts. See our Facebook page for pictures of Mighty enjoying his free drink. Lots of fines were paid for bad language, breaking club windows - Pietie, fix the window - intimidation of fellow players and even by the sponsor for a well-played freshie on Nr 18. He got extra stretch marks after that shot. Baie dankie Deon. Bachmus Oil – Corporate Golf Day Bachmus Oil hosted guests and customers last Friday for their annual Corporate Golf Day. 72 Players took part in this very well planned golf day with a high purse that was attached to the prizes. Bachmus sponsored the lunch, dinner as well as the band afterwards. All teams received prizes. Corne, Rochelle and Cindy, thank you for making this event possible with all your arrangements and ideas. Thank you to Whitey who visited us again, for your support from Bachmus' side. We at Walvis Bay Golf Club look forward to another heck of an event next year. Last Wednesday, 35 players took part in our weekly competition. Well done. Once again one of the Oliviers won the competition. This time, Gert Olivier JNR on c/o 20 points

won over Club Captain Herman Smidt who lifted his game from a few weeks ago. 3rd place was Kevin de Reuck, also on 20 points. This coming Saturday, our oldest sponsor is the host: Mutual & Federal with the 40th year running, if I am correct. We will play a Better Ball Stableford. Impie Brand promised a ‘lekker dag’. Get your names in. After the day we will have another Oldie. Nostalgia, the band will provide live music. George du Preez, Gerald Roux, John Webster, Tommy and Leanie van der Nest and Johan Swart get together for the first time. I am too young to guess their combined age, but I am sure it will be more than a 100 years of music experience that awaits us on Saturday night. Allow me to also congratulate Neil Theron on behalf of Walvis Bay for winning the Mariental Open on Saturday. It was played over 27 holes and Neil won, going away with 9’s of 36, 41 and 35! He follows in Brendan’s footsteps, who could unfortunately not defend his title. This NAGU event attracted a record field of 43 players and the greens, course and catering by the sponsor, Wimpy, were really outstanding for a small, rural club. Definitely an event to be considered by the more serious golfers.

228| | Sport

Thursday,1227September June 2013totoWednesday, Wednesday,18 03September July 2013 2013 Thursday,


Sponsored by keeping the connection

The Rugby Championship

shaky, and just never the same. Cooper can destroy any team when in form but I think he prayed to be substituted after that. That is what one does to a fly half; soften him up and the mistakes will start occurring as Yours Truly can testify. The brilliant lose-trio of Vermeulen Alberts and Louw was in his face the whole afternoon and one could sense that he wanted out of there. Bismarck du Plessis justified his choice at Hooker with some great steals on the ground combined with brutal strength in the scrums. The Springboks were ruthless in forward play as well as defending, and it seems that Coach Meyer has found the perfect pack of forwards for future purposes. Not one player can be faulted; it was an impressive team effort from the get-go. Alberts had a no-brainer in the 8th minute with a slap down attempt to an interception with a resulting yellow card. He more than made up for that with incredible power play and defense. I know that you pick horses for courses but this guy should be the Number One choice for No 7, irrespective of where the team plays. After the Lealifano penalty, the real trouble started for the Australians. Springbok captain Jean de Villiers first scored in the 59th minute after some great straight running. Then followed a great backline try finished off by Zane-Kirchner (65th minute), which was converted by Steyn. As if this was not enough, it was followed by an exquisite dummy from Willie le Roux that saw him crash over at the right side of the poles. It was also converted by an in-form Steyn. This was an exemplary performance from the Springboks. They won the game of Chess with no real resistance from the Aussies in the thinking department. Well done, South Africa. All Blacks, beware!

2008 Honda Jazz 1.3i LX H/B A/T





Argentina vs. New Zealand 13-28 It was soon after kick-off in a wet Waikato stadium in Hamilton that Argentina stunned the All Blacks with a 4th minute try. Juan Manuel Leguizamon crossed the line after some great handling that took the All Blacks by surprise. One got the feeling that it only angered the Blacks and that the cat was let loose amongst the pigeons from thereon in. The All Blacks started winning ruck after bruising ruck and began to set up play for their dangerous backs in very wet conditions that were not really favourable for expansive play. The Pumas tried to counter and play positively but they were frustrated by very aggressive defensive play from the Blacks. The inevitable followed soon after when Guinazu was given the mandatory ten minutes in the sin bin. But that was to be expected from the Argentineans, as all of their ‘positive’ play resulted in little more than tackling practice for the All Blacks. After two tries from Aaron Smith in the 23rd and 26th minute, Julian Savea scored one of the tries of the competition when he ran in from wide, after some beautiful hands in the wet from the All Blacks. Daniel Carter had a welcome day back and also converted this try. He was soon thereafter (54th min) replaced by Beauden Barrett, who also landed a three-pointer in the 74th minute. A big worry for the All Blacks is the injury to the seemingly indomitable Ritchie McCaw. He came off with a knee injury that looked rather painful. This old warrior is not one to feign injury so the All Blacks will be more than a little worried. It should be mentioned that the All Blacks made a lot of errors and against a better team (like South Africa) they might have been punished. No surprises that Australia coach Ewan Rugby Final Score McKenzie believes that South Africa can beat the All Standings Blacks. A real rocket scientist! P W D L +/Bp Pts 1. South Africa 3 3 0 0 90 2 14 Australia vs. South Africa 12-38 2. New Zealand 3 3 0 0 44 1 13 The Springboks started in the best possible way when 3. Argentina 3 0 0 3 -80 1 1 blood substitution Coenraad Oosthuizen (on for bloodied 4. Australia 3 0 0 3 -55 0 0 Jannie du Plessis) powered over in the 5th minute with support from his humongous forwards. Next Fixtures It was this Cheetah’s first test try, and it was converted New Zealand vs. South Africa at Eden Park, Auckland at by Morne Steyn. After that try one could just feel that 09:35. history was on the cards. Before this game the Springboks Australia vs. Argentina at Subiaco Stadium in Perth at 12:05. had never won at the Suncorp Stadium in seven attempts. Both games on Saturday,14 September. Christian Lealifano and Morne Steyn each succeeded with four penalties, with the last from Lealifano also being Currie Cup Fixtures the last time the Aussies scored (52nd minute). I predicted Friday, 13th: Cheetahs vs. Lions in Bloemfontein at 19h00 that Eben Etsebeth would be key in this victory and after he Saturday 14th: Griquas vs. Sharks in Kimberley at 15h00 whip-lashed Quade Cooper, the fly half was nervous and Saturday 14th: Bulls vs. Western Province in Pretoria 17h05

2008 Toyota Yaris 1.3i T3 Spirit A/T 2009 Nissan Wingroad 1.8i S/W A/T


Call Alida in Swakopmund!


Tel: 064-405858

2008 Toyota Avensis 2.0i Adv. A/T


E&O.E - Car Prices Excl. VAT - T&C’s

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