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Issue 99 - Thursday, 15 May 2014 to Wednesday, 21 May 2014

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Local Preachers Speak Out Lavrenty Repin Following last week’s shocking murder by a teacher of her 27-yearold mentally challenged daughter in Ongwediva, a coastal relative of the deceased revealed anonymously that the mother believed her daughter to be possessed by demons. The girl was brutally murdered just a day before Mother’s Day by being purposefully

burned over a ‘braai stand’. Since then, a local church has been under investigation by police for its part in the crime. A number of incidents including occurrences on the coast have in the past year been linked to demonic possession; the “ailment” was conveniently exploited by 26 school children to disrupt an entire school on the day of national exams when they began

convulsing uncontrollably. This trend continued to other schools around the country, eventually prompting special conferences and workshops (including in the Erongo Region) to help teachers better deal with the phenomenon of demonic possession. Passion crimes, bestiality and rape are also too often blamed on demonic possession. Taking this staggering Continued on Page 3

N$206 Million Sea

Cucumber Farm for Coastal Region

Siglinde de Villiers The coast is soon to see the start of an incredible project that is sea cucumber farming. This exciting new project involves the farming of a foreign species, for which our waters offer a perfect growing environment. Having been completely eradicated in its indigenous environment, the sea cucumber has been awarded a slot on the

list of endangered species and is consequently a very expensive product, promising economic growth, wealth generation and employment opportunities. Atlantic Pacific Mariculture (APM), a joint venture between Pacific Andes (Hong Kong), Hefdy Group, Joka Two and Namibia Seaweed Processors, has taken up the highly scientific challenge to start the first sea cucumber farm at the coast.

From the various species of sea cucumbers to be found in the world's oceans, APM has focused on one species, Apostochus Japonicas, more commonly known as the Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber. The Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber ingests organic matter (bacteria as well as plant and animal matter) in the ocean. It becomes inactive when water temperature exceeds 18 degrees Continued on Page 3

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

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Dangerous Spiders in Walvis Bay Backyards

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strong painkillers so as to deal with the burning pain. “It’s been two weeks now and the wound is better. I will probably still be another week or so and then my arm should be normal again,” he added. The source of Alfred's* bite was a

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Sac spider bite 3cm above elbow Siglinde de Villiers

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Deon Ellis

Residential Commercial Marine Industrial Ventilation Service & Maintenance

In the light of several recent spider bite incidents treated by doctors in Walvis Bay, the Namib Independent decided to find out whether the culprit is a harmless insect on defence or a sinister killer posing a threat to residents living at the coast. “At first I had a little bump on my arm,” Alfred* (pseudonym), a spider bite victim, relates. “The bump then started to swell over the course of three days until it was as big as an egg. Eventually I went to the doctor. “All he told me was that he will not perform any surgery, but allow nature to run its course. However, he cleaned the wound and prescribed strong antibiotics.” Alfred* also mentioned that he had to take

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sac spider. Experts believe that sac spiders cause more bites than any other type of spider. This is due to the fact that the sac spider is a hunter by nature. At night, they actively hunt their prey rather than spinning a web and catching it. This also accounts for the more aggressive nature of the sac spider. Scientists have observed them crawling across human skin surface and biting without provocation. Yet, most spider bites occur when the very defensive spider is trapped in clothing.

kill them. They are primarily beneficial and their activities should be encouraged in the garden. Pesticide control is difficult and rarely necessary. The best approach to managing sac spiders in and around the home is to remove hiding spots and regular vacuuming or sweeping of windows, corners of rooms and storage areas to eliminate their prey and reduce the chances of the spider entering the house. Any spiders already present can be removed by catch and release methods.


Walvis Bay


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Normally, the sac spider is an outdoor spider, but they often invade structures in the hunt for food. Their numbers increase significantly in winter. If there are small insects available, sac spiders can become established indoors. Severity of sac spider bites can vary greatly. Their venom is a cytotoxin, which kills cells and leads to tissue breakdown. However, most sac spider bites heal quite quickly. The bite is usually very painful at the outset, with an immediate stinging sensation, followed by redness and mild swelling. Sometimes a bite will make a person mildly ill or result in a blister, which often breaks, leaving a sore that heals over a period of several weeks. Reactions can differ from individual to individual. Sac spiders are very useful in controlling pests in the garden and the public is advised to be aware of them, but not to go on an all out rampage to


















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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Cost of a


Nation Continued from Page 1 demon-frenzied Namibian past, the Namib Independent spoke to a number of coastal pastors to find out their position on demonic possession, and whether the church believes that it is a viable reason for the array of crimes credited to it.

It is safe to say that a large number of the coastal Christian communities perceive demonic possession as a prevailing malady for the area. Previously, the Namib Independent wrote extensively about sexdemons, at which instance we spoke to Pastor Emmanuel Katenda from Intercession Power House Church.

At the time, he explained that demonic possession cases are very common in Walvis Bay, and he saw new cases weekly. According to Katenda, people invite these evil spirits in by consulting witchdoctors. The only remedy, he says, is to perform a process that first begins with counselling, confession, atonement and a deliverance prayer. This sentiment was echoed by Pastor Grace of the House of Bread Church. “A lot of people deny this [demons] but it’s happening often,” she stated. Most often, it happens because people visit witchdoctors, she, too,

N$206 Million Sea Cucumber Farm for Coastal Region

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The Japanese Spikey Cucumber Celsius. Due to its extremely high nutritional value, the Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber is considered as seafood and a very healthy delicacy in parts of the world. Wild stocks of the aforementioned species appear in the China seas, but have been considered extirpated in their home waters due to exploitation and thus made it onto the list of endangered species. This sea cucumber is now being massively produced through hatcheries and sea ranching off the coast of China. “Even though the Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber appears naturally in the China seas, their water temperature is only conducive for farming it during four months of the year,” Adolf Burger, General Manager for Atlantic Pacific Fishing, explained. “In comparison, our ocean's environment is ideal, providing suitable conditions for growing sea cucumbers throughout the year.” According to Burger, the sea cucumber project has just completed its initial phase. “Since the Japanese Spiky sea cucumber is a foreign species, we had to quarantine it and conduct a trial period of six months to test it for viruses and diseases,” Burger elaborated. “As there were no risks we are now ready for step two,” he said excitedly. Burger continued to say that currently the APM is busy applying for a license at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to start their sea cucumber farm. “Our biggest challenge is finding a suitable location, for there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. So we have to look at the entire coastline to see where we can find

land with adequate services." Since the sea cucumber is a foreign species, they will have to be farmed in aquaculture dams. “There is always the risk of introducing the species into our ocean through the affluent water. We are not sure at all what will happen to the species once released into the ocean,” Burger stated. “Water is another resource that we will need to look out for. Then we will also require electricity,” he added. The electricity is needed for pumping water in and out of the dams. “The dams itself are a great challenge, for they are quite expensive. Our most expensive quote that we have received amounts to U$40 million,” Burger said. Fortunately, one kilogram of dried sea cucumber sells in China for N$1500, making the project worthwhile despite the huge cost. The fact that the Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber is on the list of endangered species and therefore a rare product increases its value tremendously. When it comes to exporting, the APM has two options, as a fresh and live or a dry product. “It might take a couple of years before we will start making profits, but we are looking at all alternative option available,” Burger said. He continued to say that APM would like to run the plant to full capacity, which will create employment in excess of 600 people. “Even if we have to cut the project by 50%, we should still be able to employ more than 400 people,” Burger noted. “Farming with sea cucumbers is very scientific and complicated. Once we get going, we will have to send employees to China where they farm the sea cucumber naturally to gain skills and experience,” he concluded.

claimed. Hers is one of the smaller, more modest churches in town. Yet according to her, she has had many experiences where demonic possession was involved. Pastor Grace’s most recent demon possessed patient approached her last month when she went to see a young man whose mind was “occupied, he heard voices, when you talked to him, he wasn’t there.” She said a prayer session was then performed. “We prayed and cast it out in the name of Jesus.” When asked how to identify a demon, Pastor Grace explained that you will notice that “the person’s whole mind is occupied, the action, the way he looks at you, in a staring kind of way, he doesn’t know where he is and doesn’t act the same.” She claimed, “I had people talk back to me, but it was the demon speaking.” Pastor Grace said kids are often most affected by this. She further explained that only those that have a gift from God can expel the demon from a person. “Not everyone can work through this, only the people that are equipped.” According to her, she has never needed to rely on anything but prayer before: “Jesus is above everything, above any treatment or psychiatrist. Not that I think one shouldn’t got to psychiatrist, but God is above all.” Pastor Grace never referred a case to any specialist. “The blood of Jesus and the Holy Word are the main weapons we can use as spiritual people,” she laid out. Pastor Grace could only provide the Namib Independent with one specific spirit that she had encountered, Jesebell spirit, but she admitted that there are many others, and she identifies them in her patients before a prayer session. Pastor Kaulumah from the Glory of God church elaborated on the different demons that exist. The church has branches in Windhoek, Swakpomund, Walvis Bay and

Ondangwa. The church’s website features a seven-day prayer against witchcraft, which mentions, amongst others, the Queen of the Atlantic Ocean. Pastor Kaulumah explained that she is one of the original fallen angels and is known as a “marine spirit.” She “torments people in their dreams: women who experience these dreams have abnormal periods and miscarriages, [while] men suffer from early ejaculation.” This, he said, has led to the coast experiencing more divorces and other inner marriage problems, because the spirit makes it harder for them to be faithful. “Most people living at the coast are suffering from this spirit, as it is controlling the environment,” he stated. He also cited prayer and turning to God as cures. In regards to passion killings, which the coast has seen its fair share of in the recent past, Pastor Kaulumah said he was sure that demons are behind them, and could not deny that they are responsible. He blamed the people for not turning to God earlier and letting the devil take control and stated that, ideally, a court should take spirituality into consideration when making judgement. “The prosecutor isn’t looking at spirituality but I, as a pastor, understand that a person of his normal self wouldn’t do it [passion killing].” He drew a parallel with addiction: “If you take a drunkard, the demon of alcohol has possessed the body and turned him into an alcoholic. Others may laugh at him and say he’s wasting his money but the demon is a force greater than anything in the world. It’s the same for people that smoke, they have a nicotine demon.” Some of the signs of demonic possession “encountered” by the Namib Independent include wet dreams and dreams of sexual intercourse, epilepsy or convulsions,

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common mental diseases and handicaps. It is also believed that if children stick out their tongues, (presumably playfully) when kissing their parents, they are possessed. Pastor Kaulumah explained that “people are destroyed by their lack of knowledge in Namibia. Often people are ignorant to information out there.” Commenting on the “mass hysteria” that enveloped so many Namibian schools, the Karas education regional director, Awebahe Hoeseb, cleverly said: “It’s very strange that these alleged demons are aware of our examination timetable. They only surface when pupils are preparing for the exams.” Thankfully, local authorities treat demons with suspicion and abide by the constitution (albeit the prayer day for passion killings was met with criticism, what followed was stricter prison sentences for passion crimes and a program to support women who suffer from abuse). This latest tragic incident that could implicate an Ongwediva church in murder charges, illustrates the readiness of local authority to investigate all responsible parties, be it church or otherwise, if such action is needed. It is hardly worth mentioning that all the above ailments have been vigorously studied and researched and that addictive personalities, a chemical imbalance and a lack of self-control lead to alcoholism and nicotine addiction. It is also known that people with epilepsy or schizophrenia (some examples of demonic possession mentioned by pastors) need professional help, not by someone who claims to be chosen, but by someone who has been professionally trained. Spirituality has an important role to play in shaping the moral fabric of a society and an individual, but where does that role end, and the one that burns a mentally handicapped daughter to rid her of demons begin?


Thursday, 15 May 2014

10 years of good business. 10 years of good development. Since the Development Bank of Namibia opened its doors on 29 April 2004, we have financed hundreds of enterprises for Namibians that have created tens of thousands of jobs. Most of these enterprises still contribute to the development of Namibia today. Our finance has spread ownership to previously disadvantaged Namibians, growth to all regions and opened doors for women and young entrepreneurs. We have also assisted with financing schools, hospitals, affordable housing, roads, bridges, electricity infrastructure, agri-processing and more. Over the next 10 years, DBN will continue to open doors for development with the same dedication and passion for our clients and continued commitment to the sustainable development of Namibia.

Good business is good for development.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Swakop Uranium celebrates Mining Commencement and Road Opening

Since the ground-breaking ceremony on 18 April last year, Swakop Uranium has made significant progress at Husab, and last week celebrated the mine’s official opening and completion of the road with several VIP guests. At the ceremony, Swakop Uranium CEO Mr Zheng Keping pointed out a few of the company’s achievements over the past few months and said that the 37 hectare contractors’ village is almost complete and will become home to more than 4000 people at the peak of construction. He also said that the Husab contractors’ village is furnished with bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, recreation areas, showers and ablutions, at a capital cost of over N$250m, or an average cost of N$62,000 per resident. “Our contractors’ village is a showcase in Namibia, comparing well with the standards of mining companies around the world. “Infrastructure is being developed to provide the critical utilities for construction and operation. Power lines, the permanent access road and reservoirs are now in place, and the permanent water pipeline construction is progressing well,” he said. The company also boasts with their first batch of eleven haul trucks, each with a load capacity of 330 tons, which are ready for mining. The remainder of the initial mining fleet, including

rope and hydraulic shovels, drill rigs, and other ancillary mining equipment, has also been delivered to site. Bulk earthworks for the processing plant are almost completed, and structural civil construction has begun. “Equipment installation will begin in the second half of this year. We are confident that by the end of next year, a brand new processing complex will stand ready at the Husab site,” Mr Keping noted. The company promised that continuous recruitment for operations will focus on a diverse Namibian workforce, with special attention being given to the recruitment of females in a male-dominated mining world. To date, the workforce of site contractors has grown to approximately 3000, of which nearly 90% are Namibian. With all that being said, Keping also pointed out that the day was about more than just the above mentioned. “But there is more to celebrate today than the commencement of mining operations. The permanent road from the B2 transport route to the Husab mine, which we all drove on today to get to site, opened yesterday. I am sure you will agree that this is a spectacular drive. The 22km road is an asset to Namibia, which took 16 months to complete at a capital cost of N$180 million,” Keping said.

Also speaking at the ceremony was Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba, who expressed his delight over the partnership between China and Namibia. “China cherishes the friendship with Namibia. And China will firmly further the friendship by enhancing the bilateral economic co-operation based on the mutual benefits and reciprocity. The total investment of Husab Project exceeds five billion US dollars, making it the largest entity investment made by China in Africa. During the construction phase, the Project will create 6000 temporary jobs and about 1600 permanent jobs once production begins. Namibia is expected to become the world's second largest producer and exporter of natural uranium, lifting its GDP by about 5%, export trade by about 20%. Husab Project development will contribute immensely to the mining skills as well as social, economic and cultural development of Namibia,” said Pohamba. The VIPs included President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Dr Sam Nujoma, Governor of the Erongo Region Mr Cleophas Mutjavikua, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Mr Xin Shunkang, Minister of Mines and Energy Mr Isak Katali, Deputy Minister of China Atomic Energy Authority Mr Wang Yiren, and Chairman of China General Nuclear Power Corporation Mr He Yu.

What the Coast Can

Expect From the ECB

13% Electricity Increase

Tanya Calitz This week saw the ECB announce an annual increase in bulk electricity tariffs by 13.22%. Matters could have been much worse, as NamPower had requested a massive 21.29% increase. What, however, does this increase mean to consumers in the Erongo region? The Namib Independent had a quick chat with ErongoRed Public Relations Officer, Ben Nangombe, to determine what impact this increase will have on the Erongo Consumer. Nangombe stated that ErongoRed’s management team will be discussing the ECB approved NamPower increase to determine what effect it will have on ErongoRed’s ability to absorb some of the increase, and indeed what the final effect the increase will have on the customer in the Erongo Region. He did mention that there are, as always, many considerations in such matters and it was a little too early to speculate. If recent history is an indicator of the future though, readers will be pleased to know that ErongoRed has in the past two years absorbed some of the burden by increasing its own tariffs at a slightly lower rate than the NamPower increase. Last year, despite an increase by Nampower of 13%, ErongoRed increased its tariff by only 11%. In 2012, Nampower called for a massive 25% increase; however, the ECB awarded only 17%. Erongo Red in return passed only 13% to its consumers. The good news for the consumer is that even with the shortages experienced in the SADC region the annual increases are either decreasing or staying put. Customers in the Erongo region are also fortunate that out of all

the Red’s, ErongoRed continually manages to deliver some of the best tariffs to the end user. From an ErongoRed point of view, there are many legacy issues, which hold the supplier back from being able to provide even cheaper rates to the consumer. In 2012 the Namib Independent reported on an in-depth report highlighting key aspects of the original set up of ErongoRed that government and the ECB need to re-address in favour of the end consumer. These major oversights include the fact that Erongo RED is not exempt from paying government taxes and is bound to expensive surcharges, which it has to pay to the local authorities throughout the region as well as the fact that they cannot generate any revenue from the biggest customers in the region, the mines. Making changes to these challenges though is so complex in nature that solving them is no small task. Primarily the variables aligned to each challenge include making statutory changes through the passing of bills in parliament, a restructuring of shareholder agreements with the local authorities, a head-on-head battle with NamPower over the Large Power Users (LPU) and the implementation of new regulations by the ECB. Failing this, Erongo Red continues to deliver increases lower than the ECB increases on a year to year basis. This year in anticipation of the increases, Erongo Red has embarked on a comprehensive education campaign outlining numerous methodologies that may be employed to cut one's electricity usage significantly and thus help to take the sting out of any increase that comes into effect on 1st July 2014, even if it does match the ECB rates for 2014.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why Walvis Kids Need to Watch

Out for Porn Lavrenty Repin

Last week the Namib Independent reported on how young teenagers spread home-made disturbing videos ,where they gang up to bully and beat up other students, distributing the footage between themselves, one of which fell into the hands of the paper. During our investigation, it was revealed that young teenagers are taking full advantage of the technology at their disposal. When we showed the video in question to several teenagers to see if this was indeed a trend or a “once off”, it became apparent that this has been going on for a while, and that it extended as far as videos depicting sexual acts, both homemade and downloaded, the footage then passed between the curious teens. Because of this worrisome revelation, we take a look at the role pornography plays and the effects it has in a teenager’s young life. Internet is available almost everywhere in the country, almost on any platform (even a kindle can be used to surf through pornography), accessible by nearly anyone. Pornography websites make up more than 4 % of the internet (this number

is in constant dispute though, according to a BBC article). This may seem like little, but just for reference, internet giant Google has only indexed 0.04% of the internet to date. This means that stumbling on a pornography website is as easy as misspelling a word. There has been a continuous, and heated, debate on whether pornography holds any neurological dangers to an adult mind, with only the one conclusive deduction that prolonged exposure to pornography makes men more aggressive. However, there is little argument that pornography exposure over a significant period of time can seriously alter and harm an adolescent mind, leading to virtually irreversible damage. Here is why. Adolescence is the time when the frontal lobes begin their rapid development. The frontal lobes are the last to mature in humans. They regulate not only reason, planning and organisation, but – of significance to this discussion – attention span, impulse control, judgment, and empathy. During this vital development the brain “sprouts” numerous neurons that branch and connect in various directions to form pathways and networks; those networks that are more dominant form the basis of what and who we like and

Municipality of Walvis Bay TENDER NOTICE 17/2014 CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW SME INDUSTRIAL STALLS IN KUISEBMOND 1. Tenders are hereby invited for the construction of the new SME Industrial Stalls in Kuisebmond. 2. The following documentation shall compulsory accompany the tender document: • Certificate of Fitness • Certificate of Good Standing with Social Security Commission • Certificate of registration with Receiver of Revenue for VAT purposes 3. Tender documents are obtainable from cashiers, ground floor, Civic Centre, Walvis Bay, Telephone: +264 64 201 3327, at a price of N$575.00 per set, (15%VAT included). Enquiries: Mr. J Landers, Room 108, Telephone: +264 64 201 3257 and Email:

how we perceive the world. Some of these branchings and networks get stimulated and used by the individual teen, and others do not. This selection is so drastic (because we tend to do what we like more often and further strengthen the pathways of our neurons,) that in a person’s twenties, the branchings that are not employed start withering away, and the frontal lobes begin to shrink. This phenomenon has been extensively studied. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “[t]eens have the power to determine their own brain development, whether they do art, or music, or sports, or video games” – or watch pornography. Scientifically, in order for strong neuron networks to form, the prefrontal cortex must give the movement its focused attention. Casual, passive observation will not do

Coming Soon

that pornography addiction, among adults, is rapidly becoming common. Thus there can be little doubt that the levels of exposure that a teenage mind experiences when watching pornography are significant. This is a worldwide problem (on average a child first watches pornography at 11, globally) that we are only beginning to understand; the consequences of which are yet to manifest themselves openly. But there are a number of things that you can do. Smartphones, both Apple and Android, have built in child proofing and website filtering capabilities. The same goes for computers and laptops. To find the tools simply search for parental-control or family-safety-tool reviews.

it. Concentrated attention is an essential requirement for any significant brain change; pornography being a novel (for a youngster) and enticing form of entertainment overwhelms This article was assisted its audience so dramatically by Mary Bailey

4. The tender compulsory clarification meeting, followed by a site inspection, is to take place at 09:00 on Friday 2014-03-28 in Room 120 (Dolphin conference room) of the Civic Centre, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay. 5. Tenders, completed and accompanied by all required supporting documentation as described in the documents, must be delivered to the Tender Board before 11:00 on Friday 2014-04-11 For convenience, a Tender Box in the foyer of the Civic Centre may be used for the deposition of tenders. 6. Tenders will be opened in the presence of tenderer’s representatives who choose to attend in Room 120 (Dolphin Conference Room) of the Civic Centre directly after the closing of tenders.



SecretaryTender Board


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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Namport Container Terminal How It Will Be Made

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Tanya Calitz Last week Namport invited esteemed guests as part of their groundbreaking ceremony for the official container terminal project opening already underway. The container terminal project is the largest (N$3 Billion) project of its kind this country has ever witnessed and forms part of one of the most expensive port expansion projects. China Harbour and Engineering Company (CHEC) was awarded the tender last year and has already started groundworks for the container terminal segment. The construction of the jumbo project will include an underwater containment wall for another container terminal in the future. The construction entails enormous geo-tubes, which will be filled with sand to form the underwater boundary for the container terminal. Once that segment is in place the dredging process will start. This is a suction process of mud and other sediments from the ocean floor into the container terminal framed area, which will cause an

island to form up from the sea bed. Once this process has been completed the man-made island will be covered with huge amounts of rock and stone to form a protective breakwater for the island. The container terminal will cover 40 hectares of

Coming Soon new land, adding a quay length of 600 metres to the already existing 1500 metres, as well as adding 650 000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit)

per annum capacity to the existing 350 000 TEU. The container terminal is expected to be completed by 2017. President Hifikepunye Pohamba, who also attended the ceremony, said that he was impressed by how Namport CEO, Bisey / Uirab, was steering the Namport boat. He wished them only success with their future endeavours and called the expansion of the harbour a strategic Namibian economic asset, which plays a huge part in making Namibia an economic hub to the rest of Southern and central Africa. “Statistics indicate that countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe, and the DRC showed an increase in trade volumes while being served by the Port of Walvis Bay and the Walvis Bay Corridor compared to those served by other ports. This is a clear indication that Namport plays a pivotal role in the country’s economy and development,” Pohamba said. Also speaking at the ceremony was Chairman of Directors of CHEC,

Mr Mo Wen He. “We intend that this project becomes a model example of what can be achieved when Namibia and China work together. With our experience management team, technical innovations and our vast fleet of equipment, CHEC will spare no effort to deliver the project to our client’s satisfaction and to help open a new chapter in Namibia’s communications infrastructure industry.” He also said that they are proud to assist Namibia and its people developing the country’s infrastructure and they know that their work will help cement the friendship between the two countries, to mutually benefit all.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Theo Ben Gurirab Str. & Hanna Mupetami Road P.O.Box 499, Walvis Bay

Phone +264 64 205136 • Fax +264 64 205137

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Implementation of the Tobacco Products Control Act Notice is hereby given that the Ministry of Health and Social Services, in conjunction with the Health Division of the Municipality of Walvis Bay, will be conducting two meetings to explain the new Tobacco Products Act and Regulations. As the Act will change the way tobacco is to be consumed, handled or sold in Namibia, it is very important for the business community, wholesalers and retailers of tobacco products to attend one of the sessions below.

1st Meeting: Date: Wednesday, 21 May 2014 Venue: Side Hall, Walvis Bay Town Hall Time:10:00

2nd Meeting: Date: Wednesday, 21 May 2014 Venue: Kuisebmond Community Hall Time:14:00

Municipality of Walvis Bay Public Relations and Customer Service Division - Tel: +264 64 201 3111 / Fax: +264 64 205 590 / Email:

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Local Girls Start Own Hot Dog Enterprise

Siglinde de Villiers Two local residents decided to not sit at home and wait for a job to fall into their laps. Instead, they took charge of their lives and started their own business in order to support themselves as well as finance their tertiary education. For Selma Showa and Karen Kapala, being

unemployed did not result in despair. “From the time that I was in school, I used to sell ice blocks and sugar canes for my grandmother,” Karen related. “She was a real businesswoman and inspired our idea of our little food stall. Now she is no more, but through us her legacy lives on,” she added. When Selma and Karen started to discuss their

business plan with friends and family, they all thought it was an excellent idea. “A friend donated us this trailer and that's how we started with JS Take Away,” Selma said. “We've only been at it for two months now and so far business is going well,” Selma disclosed to the Namib Independent. “In the beginning we listened out to what our customers wanted and then we added the items to our menu,” Karen added. Their menu includes chips, russians and viennas as well as a selection of cooldrinks. The sauces are prepared the day before, however the frozen ready-made chips are fried while customers wait. “Our oven plates are very fast and customers do not have to wait for more than five minutes,” Karen stated proudly. JS Take Away has a very simple setup. The oven plates are fuelled by a gas bottle that is attached to the trailer. Cooldrinks are kept cold in a cooler box with lots of ice in it. “We are still saving up for a mini gas fridge,” Selma said. According to Karen and Selma, profits are being saved in order to expand the business. “Soon we will be investing in a second trailer and then we can split and be in two different locations at the same time,” Selma said excitedly. “We also use some of the profit to pay for our tertiary studies,” Selma said. She explained that she previously worked at the Rossmund Golf Course Restaurant as a waitress while she was studying in Walvis Bay, but gave it up because of the challenge of travelling between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. “Being closer to my classes is much more convenient and productive,” Selma said. The business has not come without its challenges. “When we had bad days on which we sell very little I used to stress very much,” Karen mentioned. Selma added, “Sometimes the customers can be really difficult, complaining a lot, and that becomes quite discouraging. It is very important that during those times one has a strong heart and doesn’t give up.”

Coming Soon Every morning and evening, from Monday to Friday, a relative with a car transports JS Take Away's trailer from the girls’ house to the corner of 18th Road and 2nd Street East and back again. “Our blessings are many. For one, we are not dependent on anyone for an income,” Selma concluded. Karen added, “It is not good for people to just sit at home all day. There are so many things one can do. We are looking forward to becoming a big business.”

10 | News

Thursday, 15 May 2014

DBN Opens in

Walvis Bay

Open for development in Erongo. Development Bank of Namibia officially opened its new office in Walvis Bay to cater to financing needs in the Erongo Region. Minister of Finance Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila (right) cuts the ribbon as the Governor of the Erongo Region Cleophas Mutavikua (left) looks on. Last week the Development Bank of Namibia officially opened an office in Walvis Bay. The office will cater to the Erongo Region, augmenting the Bank's operational reach. In addition to its Windhoek headquarters, it also has an office in Ongwediwa. Speaking at the opening of the office, Minister of Finance Saara KuugongelwaAmadhila talked about the importance of development finance institutions (DFIs), saying that DFIs play the role of providing finance to priority sectors and underprivileged clients. This, she said, gives them a double bottom line of development impact, as well as making financing available. She said that DFIs have to balance their development mandate with prudent, shrewd long-term investment strategies that ensure that they remain profitable in a manner that sustains their ability to provide finance that is beneficial to development. She went on to say that accountability measures required of traditional commercial banks were not reflective of the scope of reporting required by DFIs, and noted the importance of development impact reporting as a measure of a DFIs successful fulfillment of its mandate. Talking about the quality of DBN, Minister Kuugongelwa-Amadhila noted that DBN was twelfth among the top

20 DFIs in Africa as rated in the third Peer Review of African DFIs by the Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AAFDI). She called the achievement a feather in the cap of DBN. Speaking at the same event, the Chief Executive Officer of DBN, Martin Inkumbi, said that the opening of the DBN Erongo Office was expected to have far reaching impacts on development in Namibia. The Erongo Region, Walvis Bay in particular, is a gateway to the rest of the country. It also contains the largest concentration of mining activities, a key driver for the Namibian economy and development. Inkumbi also pointed to the potential for developing manufacturing in the region, as well as further tourism development. He went on to say that the DBN has a strong track-record of providing finance for the Erongo Region, and that the new office would accelerate further provision of finance by providing immediate access to entrepreneurs and local authorities. Figures released by the Bank show that N$500.5 million has been approved for finance in the Erongo region since 2005, and that this has had impact on 995 new jobs and 1,541 temporary jobs. Of the finance, 89 per cent was allocated to previously disadvantaged Namibians.

SPCA Announces New Committee

Werner Geere, Michelle Geere, Rheta Smeer & Fritz Smeer (from left to right)

The new Committee of the Walvis Nay SPCA was announced at our AGM on Monday, April 14th of 2014. We would like to introduce its members to you. It's always important to have an attitude of thankfulness. As we look back over this year, we are especially thankful for you. You have joined with us and sacrificially given to enable us to care and speak for those without a voice. On behalf of the thousands of animals you have helped, we say THANK YOU.

It Happened to Me! | 11

Thursday, 15 May 2014

It Happened to ME! Inches from Death . . . Held at Gunpoint Tanya Calitz Just another night out with the boys is what then 24-year-old local, Andy Everts*, thought of the night he stared death in the eye after leaving a Windhoek club, in the late 80ties. “We found ourselves in a place where white boys weren’t actually supposed to be, with the strict apartheid laws still at play,” Andy starts off. “What made it even worse was the fact that I was in the army and had a quintessential tell-tale sign for any would-be soldier killer: the buzz-cut hair-do; short, back and sides.” While partying it up with the boys, Andy struck it lucky and managed to chat up a nice lady, and even convinced her to go home with him for ‘coffee’. “We walked to my car, which was parked in a fenced off parking lot. We were drunk and merry, leaning into each other, not in the slightest aware of the danger lurking closer. It was a good night of drinking tinged with the occasional joint, and just as I was about to open the car door, I heard a sound no-one wants to hear . . . the cocking of a gun,” he continues telling the Namib Independent about his terrifying ordeal. Panic-stricken he turned around, looking squarely into the barrel, right between the eyes. His gaze went from barrel to arm to face. “I instantly recognised the kind of danger we were in. If I was high, the gunman belonged somewhere in the stratosphere. Taking the time into account, I suppose he was probably on something like mandrax. Then my mind went to, ‘it is a straight forward robbery,’ so I offered him everything I had, as well as everything my date had, but to no avail. “My worst fear was then realised. He informed me that it was not a robbery, but that he was guarding the parking lot and I was trespassing. It dawned on me that no amount of reasoning was getting us out of this one.” Andy then tried to play it cool by admitting his guilt for trespassing, apologised and said that he could take him to the police station for trespassing, but to please let the girl go. “Ironically the police were driving past the parking lot the whole time. Instead of arguing, he led us further into a dark corner, out of the police’s sight. The girl was panicking and terrified, staying behind me as I guarded her with my arm. She begged him to let us go. As he marched us into the dark corner, she started crying.” Once in the corner, Andy explains that he sobered up from the alcohol, but the paranoid effect from the marijuana intensified. “I thought we were going to die.” The only strategy Andy had at that stage was to open a conversation with the guy, and perhaps if he engaged with him, he might find a piece of string that could lead them out of the situation. Constantly threatening to shoot them, with no reasoning whatsoever but the mere fact that they were trespassing, the gunman suddenly gave them hope. “He accused us of being South African, and said that we South Africans think we can come into their country,

and do what we want. At this stage he was so high, he did not have proper control of the gun so at times he would lower the gun from my head, down to my waist and back up again. Every time I saw this happen I thought to go for the gun. “At what point do you take control of the gun? It is a great psychological precipice you have to cross over. To top it all off, I had not been out of hospital for even a week from a serious leg injury from soccer. So I couldn’t even rely on my body to go into battle with me. ‘You are going to die anyway,’ kept coming into my mind. But I am sorry to say that in the end I wasn’t a hero.”

Coming Soon

“Once he mentioned the South African thing, I immediately jumped on it, and told him that I was in fact Namibian. He then wanted to know where I was from, and I told him Walvis Bay. Evidently, so was he. He said that I must name him the soccer teams on the coast. Luckily I played for a few, myself and named them all. By this time we had already been held up at gunpoint for 30 minutes. All of a sudden my street credit went up with my killer-to-be and for a couple of minutes he turned jovial. “My hope sky-rocketed - only to be dashed when I once again asked him, seeing that we are from the same crop, to let us now go, or at least the girl. That request just took him right back to his killer mode. He then got even angrier, and said that he was going to finish off the job. Both her and I resigned to the fact that this was it.” “I wish I could say that the incident ended up in a shoot-out, fist fights or punch up, or any such heroics, but I am insanely embarrassed to say that it ended on the biggest anti-climax I have personally ever experienced in my life. “So, out of the blue a bunch of drunken guys walks up to us, in my mind to join in on the action to finish us off. But it was for a more comical reason. The leader of the pack (who was a huge guy) walked straight up to the gunman and said, ‘Hey djy! Wat die f@# maak djy hieso. Waat djy die gun gekry?’ “And through their argument

holding our lives in their hands; the big guy gave the druggie one hell of a ‘snotklap’, the gun flying through the air, the druggie falling to the ground. After that the big guy apologised and walked us back to the car. “To top it all the lady I groomed

all night to finally go home with me left the parking lot and went back to the club so her friends could take her home, leaving me high and dry. “And to this day, I have never yet found myself in a position to have the ever elusive, ‘we nearly died’ sex.”

12 | Lifestyle

Thursday, 15 May 2014

LIFESTYLE A Glass of Red a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away? ... Perhaps Not

A new study carried out on a large group of Italians found that a diet rich in resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine, chocolate and certain berries, was not associated with a reduction in the incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease or death. Furthermore, resveratrol levels achieved from the diet did not substantially influence the health status of the participants. The study has been published in JAMA Internal Medicine. There has been a lot of hype over resveratrol in the last few years. Numerous studies have popped up demonstrating how this compound, which is found in relatively high levels in grapes, peanuts and certain Asiatic plant roots, may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Mice studies have also shown that it may promote longevity and health in those fed a highcalorie diet. Regular consumption of polyphenols from red wine, in particular resveratrol, is also thought to responsible for the “French paradox”, where a low incidence of coronary heart disease is apparent within those consuming a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat in France. Consequently, individuals spend around $30 million in the U.S. each year on resveratrol supplements. But is resveratrol really the wonder compound it’s cracked up to be? Previous human studies have fallen short because they have focused on high doses of resveratrol as opposed to levels achievable by diet alone, which is where this study comes in. Researchers, led by Dr. Richard D. Semba of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, used data collected from a cohort study conducted on 783 men and women, aged 65 or older, between 1998 and 2009 which set out to investigate aging in individuals from the Chianti

region of Italy. The randomly selected participants of the study were not on any prescribed diet, regularly consumed red wine and rarely took supplements. In addition to this data, the team also analysed 24 hour urine samples taken from the individuals to look for resveratrol breakdown products (metabolites) via mass spectrometry. This is because directly studying resveratrol levels is difficult due to the swift uptake, metabolism and excretion of the compound by the body. Urinary resveratrol metabolites have also been previously demonstrated to be a valid marker of wine consumption. The researchers used this data to look for associations between resveratrol metabolite levels and mortality, inflammatory markers and incidence/ prevalence of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Intriguingly, after accounting for factors such as age and gender, they found no association between resveratrol levels and any of these outcome measures. The team concluded “Resveratrol levels achieved within a Western diet did not have a substantial influence on health status and mortality risk of the population in this study.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should allow all of those delicious bottles of red wine to gather dust on the shelves. According to Semba, other studies have demonstrated that consuming red wine, dark chocolate and berries does reduce inflammation in some individuals and seems to protect the heart. “It’s just that the benefits, if they are there, must come from other polyphenols or substances found in those foodstuffs,” he adds. “These are complex foods, and all we really know from our study is that the benefits are probably not due to resveratrol.” Source: health

Chimps & Humans Have Similar Personality Traits . . .

Ever heard of a conscientious chimp? An extroverted ape? New research suggests that chimpanzees, man's closest living relatives, have personality traits quite similar to their human cousins. The study, conducted by researchers at Georgia State University, found that chimpanzees not only possess many of the same personality traits as humans — from agreeableness to extroversion — these traits are structured almost identically in both humans and chimps. "Our work demonstrates the promise of using chimpanzee models to investigate the neurobiology of personality processes," said Robert Latzman, assistant professor of psychology at Georgia State University, who led the research team. "We know that these processes are associated with a variety of emotional health outcomes. We're excited to continue investigating the links." To analyse chimp personalities, researchers used a common tool called the Chimpanzee Personality Questionnaire. Think of it as a Myers-Briggs test for chimps. Caregivers are asked to rate chimps in 43 categories based on their

observations of each animal's daily behaviour. Is the chimp excitable? Does it demonstrate impulsive tendencies? Is it playful or timid? [8 Humanlike Behaviours of Primates] Researchers analysed 174 of these completed questionnaires from chimp caregivers at the Yerkes National Primate Centre at Emory University. The researchers wanted to find out which traits tend to go together in chimps to form more fundamental, overarching traits, called meta-traits. These meta-traits were found to be the most fundamental personality traits for chimpanzees. Unlike humans, who are typically categorized into five main personality types, chimps generally fall into one of two categories: they're either dominant "Alpha" types or more playful and sociable "Beta" types. However, the researchers found that being an Alpha or a Beta usually implies that a chimp possesses certain additional personality traits. In their study, the researchers broke down the meta-traits into smaller traits. And it's those smaller traits, they found that closely resemble the five main personality traits of humans: openness, conscientiousness,

extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Chimps also tend to exhibit a similar mix of traits — dominance, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and intellect. So what accounts for this striking parallel between humans and chimps? Researchers believe it has to do with the species' similar neurobiology, or the prevalence of certain hormones in the brain. The researchers found that chimpanzee personality traits correlate with the function of a hormone called vasopressin. In humans, vasopressin is known to be involved in regulating both feelings of aggression and feelings of love and generosity. In chimps, vasopressin was found to contribute to the prevalence of certain personality traits. Male chimps born with a common variant in the genes that control vasopressin were found to be more dominant and disinhibited, while females with this genetic variation tended to be less dominate and more inhibited. Source:


Worldwide News | 13

Thursday, 15 May 2014

W or l dwid e Hero Mom: “He Mattered Scientists Create Way More Than I Did” the First Life Form Lying in her hospital bed, Christina Simoes knows she may never walk again, but she says she's thankful she and her toddler son are alive after she jumped from a burning building with him in her arms. When fire broke out Wednesday in their apartment complex, Simoes, 23, realised there was only one way to save her 18-month-old son, Cameron. "I grabbed my son and I held him as tight as I could to my chest and I gave him a kiss and a hug, and I told him I loved him and I jumped out the window," Simoes told CBS Boston Sunday from her hospital bed. "I didn't think about it. All I was thinking about was getting him out of there. He mattered way more than I did," she said. Simoes said she was lying in the bed with Cameron when she saw smoke in her window and jumped up. "That's when I saw the flames were only 10 feet away from where I was standing," Simoes recalled. With the fire spreading

with 'Alien' DNA

rapidly, Simoes said, she had no choice but to jump from a second-story balcony, holding on to Cameron for dear life. Simoes suffered severe back injuries and doctors are not sure whether she will be able to walk again. Cameron is doing just fine. Though she is still in a lot of pain, Simoes told CBS Boston just holding her son in her arms is the greatest Mother's Day gift she could ever receive. "I'm having a good day," she said from the hospital. "My whole family is here, my son is

here. It's magical, I mean there's nothing that feels better than having everybody here with me." She will remain in the hospital for at least days before beginning rehab. Despite her incredibly brave act, she says she is not a hero for saving her son. "I don't think that I'm any special hero at all. I'm just Cameron's mom," Simoes said. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Source:

http://www.cbsnews. com/

Researchers in California have for the first time created an organism whose genetic code comprises six letters, instead of four. This means that the bacterium, described in a study published in Nature today, is the first life form to contain artificial genetic building blocks. When biologists talk about the letters in the DNA alphabet, they are actually talking about nucleotides: molecules that bind together to make up the DNA double helix. Normally, these molecules are made up of

new life forms and never before seen proteins — is bound to ruffle a few feathers. Jim Thomas, a spokesperson for a Canadian advocacy organization called the ETC Group, told the New York Times that "the arrival of this unprecedented ‘alien' life form could in time have far-reaching ethical, legal, and regulatory implications." For now, however, the researchers are still trying to figure out how long the bacteria can survive, and if it might be possible to produce a strain with more than one X-Y pair. In addition, the researchers haven't been able to show that the bacteria can use the DNA to produce novel proteins, so the experiment won't lead to new vaccines and drugs just yet. Finally, should the strain escape into the environment, it probably wouldn't survive for very long, Romesberg said, because it needs to feed on synthetic molecules to replicate — molecules that only the scientists can supply. This means that it could never infect other organisms in its current form, because it would most likely die. In fact, the only way it could survive "in the wild" is if it reverted back to the traditional four-letter DNA alphabet.

four letters: A,T, C and G. But scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have managed to add a single pair of artificial "X" and "Y" nucleotides to the genetic code of an E. Coli strain, reports The New York Times. And thus far, the bacteria appear to be reproducing normally and passing on the new X-Y pair to their offspring. Floyd Romesberg, a chemist at Scripps who led the study, told the New York Times that adding letters to the genetic code will allow researchers to "write more words and tell more stories." But Source: creating "new words" —

http://www.theverge. com/


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14 | We've Got Mail

Thursday, 15 May 2014

we've got

Community Outrage! Editor’s Note:

almal rassisties is nie en glo my-nie alle nie blankes glo dat wit mense en veral Following the publication and Afrikaaners rassiste is nie.... uploading of a video, of a heinous Fanie Pienaar That boy in blue is a beating of a youngster by a group of stupid assholle I bet he hits like a girl violent youths, the local community and crys like a BITCH has expressed its utter disgust and Christine Scott-Gordon Absolutely outrage at the event on our Facebook disgusted to see this in this day and age! page. While we usually keep what Pretorius Absoluut is on Facebook on Facebook, in this Amorien instance we thought it appropriate to onaanvaarbaar, hierdie behoort nooit ooit te gebeur nie. Ek hoop hierdie share some of these comments. Also, for the record, the Namib kinders word baie baie swaar gestraf Independent has taken the decision to make the original available to the authorities so that the matter can be investigated further. Rowan Davids Daai laaitie wat dit gedoen het daag ek uit om vir my te try. Inbox my jy weet wie jy is. Jy is mos n groot man om iemand te slaan wat nie terug slaan nie. Monja Vermaak Baie dankie julle hooligans!!! Nou kry die blankes weereens skuld vir rassisme terwyl so baie van ons probeer werk vir n beter Namibie en toekoms vir ons kinders.

Somarie Natisha Coetzee da blerie kyki anes ng wa hle kon help mxm some nu naar Cameron Langenhoven gemors wat dit doen


Monique Goosen I wantd to let them see this video, which was still showing yesterday. Today it was taken off... Of people kicking, hitting a woman and then jumping on her face and neck before taking bats and beating her to death. So, is there a difference between these people and the ones that went 2 seconds further and killed? Tomorrow these kids will kill for fun. http://www.

Christy Kröhne nee, ek as kleurling dink nie so nie. Hierdie replies op die video is bewys daarvan dat Blankes nie Peet de Smit Ek het die name van die


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kinders. Hulle ouers beter plan sien. Christy Kröhne Dit is vir my as n Kleurling bemoedigend om te sien dat die mense wat hierop reageer die meeste Blank is, en dat julle die gedrag van die blanke kinders ten sterkte AFKEER.....Daar is hoop vir ons gemengde samelewing en dit is dat ons KAN saamleef as mense met verskillende kulturele agtergronde. Dat ons die foute van ons eie mense wit of swart kan raak sien En aanspreek. Ten opsigte van die ouers van hierdie kinders- ek hoop hulle sal ook hierdie barbaarse gedrag van hul kinders ten sterkste afkeer. Kinders doen gewoonlik wat hul sien hul ouers doen. Kom ons hoop dit is nie die geval met hierdie kinders nie...... Alan Meyer it is thanks to siel kundig kinders groot maak deur hulle ouers, dat hulle hulself so gedra ,dus duidlik kinders wat absoluut niks weet van respek of disipliene nie wens ek kon hulle in die hande kry hy sal vir 'n maand lank nie weet hoe om te sit nie Hillary Snow Meyer Ek ken die manietjies hulle moet darem n ding gewys word hulle moet toegesluit word al vroeg want is hulle soort wat in moordenaars viraart en dan as die ouer sy kind erken inplaas om die kind te disaplineur beskerm hulle die kinders

Lindsay En Frank Stein Sorry to say but the parents have done a rubbish job of raising those kids! Just my opinion but these days most parents are too self-absorbed and just 'too busy' to bother with actual parenting. Most 'parents' need to grow up and realize that parenting is a full time job, including working on oneself to be the best example they can be to their children. A case of 'do as I say not as I do'. Wake up people, telling the parents to give these kids hidings - why do Riana Vdw Dont understand why they you think they go and give other kids 'hidings'? These vids are a symptom of block out the faces... f**ktards! a sick society! Izak Smit Investigate and apprehend the guilty and prosecute to the full Katja Dreyer Somebody must be able extend of the law....heinous to say the to identify those kids. This is horrible and must be taken further. I am totally least....incestuous little bastards!!! speechless and in shock. Claire Campbell What on earth?! This is the most shocking thing I have seen Lizellé Britz Dis pateties en spreek van in a while! These kids should be sent to swak gedrag en opvoeding. Ek hoop a juvenile detention facility or at least ook van harte die saak word verder do a few months of community service geneem. Pos hul na 'n verbetering in Walvis Bay. I am disgusted. I hope skool! the poor victim made a case with the Nolene Winborn Nee o aarde dis police and that Namib Independent darem net te erg!!!!! Dit kan nie net gave this video to the police to identify daar gelaat word nie, ek hoop van harte the revolting imbeciles who did this. dit word verder geneem. Hulle gaan And for God's sake, open a community aan soos onopgevoede barbare & hul centre or cinema or something in ouers is heel moontlik salig onbewus Walvis Bay to entertain kids so they don't resort to animalistic things like van hul doen en late. Louise Rautenbach OMW ... what is happing to our kids? NO self respect ... this park is right opposite my parents home ....... is this what the beautiful peaceful loving neighbor hood became? is this how our future look? this is shocking to say the least ..... this is just heartbreaking ... that poor boy ..... I hope they take this to all the schools so schools can identify these kids and necessary steps to be taken by ALL involved including the camera man!

this out of boredom!


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Motoring | 15

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Series Range with 228i

BMW has plugged a gap in its 2 Series range with its 228i Coupe, while the top end of the range gets more grip in the form of the all-wheel drive M235i xDrive. Though the latter is aimed at icy countries and thus will not be coming to South Africa, the 228i will hit our shores in September this year. For many buyers, the 228i will be the goldilocks of the range. If

you find the 135kW 220i to tame and the 240kW M235i too hardcore or expensive for that matter, then this one could hit that sweet spot in the middle. Like the 328i, the 228i Coupe gets its motivation from the most powerful version of BMW's 2-litre four-cylinder Twin-Power turbo-petrol engine. The feisty four-pot pushes 180kW between 5000 and 6000rpm and 350Nm of twist from 1250rpm to 4800rpm.

Zero to 100km/h comes up in just 5.7 seconds, according to BMW, and it will have no trouble hitting the 250km/h electronic speed limiter. Claimed combined fuel consumption amounts to 6.6 litres per 100km in the lab, which equates to a CO2 emissions rating of 154g/km. The standard gearbox offering is a six-speed manual, but buyers can also opt for BMW's latest eight-speed automatic transmission. Local pricing for the 228i has yet to be divulged, but that should happen around July when the order books open. Source: http://www.iol.

Ferrari Heads for Namib Desert Trek

Ferrari will return to Namibia in June for the 2014 Namibian Tourism Expo at the Windhoek showground. Two Ferraris will be on show at the expo for the first time from 4 to 7 June. A service clinic will be available for Ferrari owners in the region. Viglietti Motors CEO Mervyn Eagles explained: "Our 2013 visit to Namibia was exceptionally

valuable for the brand. Not only did our clients enjoy fun in the sun at the country's first exclusive Ferrari test drive event but we also opened new doors into an important emerging market." Eagles added: “This is in keeping with our African expansion plans. We have recognised a new breed of super sports-car enthusiasts in the region and demand for Ferrari vehicles is ever-rising.

"We are proud to be visiting Namibia again for yet another sensational event." The automaker is planning a street parade of Ferrari models, among them a 458 Spider, 458 Italia, FF and F12 Berlinetta. Afterwards selected guests will be taken on a Ferrari road trip - a journey to the coast at Swakopmund in an exclusive test drive with sponsored fuel stops. Eagles said: "In 2013 our Namibian clients, indeed all Ferrari fans, gave us the warmest reception. We expect a heightened sense of Ferrari enthusiasm as we embark on what can only be described as an astoundingly exciting experience in one of the most beautiful places on Earth." Source:




R l* 64 ary. B P al nt




e joy mm n E e. d co c n n rie sis a e p ex naly n ilia ert a z a r xp c B ith e i t en v w h t u Ot a G the on t Ge mes ga


4 1 0



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