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Namrata Gupta


#About Graphic Designer based in Manchester, UK. Focuses on Vector Illustration and Motion Design but also happily dabbles in other areas of the field.

#SparklyThings D&AD New Blood Academy 2021 Attendee D&AD New Blood Festival, Portfolio Picks Winner Adobe Certified Professional in Adobe Illustrator University of Huddersfield BA Hons Graphic Design: 2:1

#Contents Motion Showreel A Seat At The Table Revealing NHS Explain-imation Bangla Society Logo Rebrand Au Naturale Learn Through Play Bustle Bundles Embroidered Blue

Motion Showreel:

A collection of recent works created in Adobe After Effects. #Motion #AfterEffects #3DCameras #Rotoscoping #Boiling

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A Seat At The Table: Click to view Pitch Slides!

A collaborative brief set during D&AD’s New Blood Academy 2021, to promote and highlight what HSBC has already done and intends to do in order to make their facilities accessible for everybody, regardless of their physical or mental abilities so that they become the world’s most digitally accessible bank. #HSBC #WundermanThompson #WPP #D&AD #Collaborative

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Revealing is a fashion label inspired by ones mask and anonymity; people are more willing to do or say things when their identity is unknown and there are no consequences to be faced. A survey, allowing people to anonymously ‘reveal’ things about themselves was conducted. These then were turned into wearable pieces. By ‘wearing’ these words and thoughts for all to see, Revealing aims to normalise such thoughts and feelings and show people that they are not alone. #Collaborative #MentalHealth #Fashion #Photography #Textiles

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NHS Explain-imation:

As Project Lead and Creative Director of this project, I oversaw and collated the work produced by all of the team members. A two-minute animation piece, explaining what facilities and opportunities the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust has to offer to patients and the local community. #ProjectLead #CreativeDirector #NHS #Commission #AfterEffects

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Bangla Society Logo Rebrand:

Commission from the Bangla Society at the University of Cambridge. #Rebrand #Illustrator #Commission #BanglaSociety #Cambridge

Au Naturale:

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A collaboration collection between the existing organic make-up brand, 100% Pure and a biodegradable packaging company I have created for this project, ‘Au Naturale’. #Rebrand #MakeUp #SustainablePackaging #100%Pure #AuNaturale

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An accompanying animation piece for my BA Hons Dissertation of the same name which discusses Gamification, its uses across various media and how it could be implemented as a method of enriching young children’s education. Partnering project for ‘Bustle Bundles’. #AfterEffects #Dissertation #Animation #Gamification #Retro

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Bustle Bundles:

Creative packs of materials that are both fun and educational to aid young children from ages 3-7 who are currently learning from home. Partnering project for ‘Learn Through Play’. #Branding #CharacterDesign #PackageDesign #Illustration #Educational

Embroidered Blue:

A collaborative piece, bringing together textiles and motion design. #Embroidery #AfterEffects #Illustrator #MelcoAmaya #Collaborative

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#ThankYou CV: Click me! Email: namgfx@gmail.com Instagram: namgfx LinkedIn: namgfx Vimeo: namgfx Website: namgfx.com Tel: +44(0)7923288014