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Конкурсная работа A Christmas Story Christmas Wonder

Конкурсная номинация: Рождественская история в 5-7 классах Автор: ученица 6 класса Анна Ёлхина Учитель: Маслова Наталья Валерьевна Школа: ГОУ Центр Образования №825 Населенный пункт: город Москва 2011

Christmas Wonder Once upon a time there was a boy called Oleg. He lived in Moscow and studied in the sixth form at school. He was a good boy and studied well but there was a little problem with his English. There were several words such as independent, responsible, obedient, a politician, a scientist, architecture too hard for him to remember. Oleg was very upset because he wanted to go to England with his classmates very much. There was a students’ exchange programme between English and Russian schools led by Barbara Grey and Natalya Maslova and to tell the truth, Oleg wanted to take part in the exchange very much. It was Christmas Eve. Oleg knew that this night was full of magic, especially for children. While he was sleeping, he saw a dream. The most famous foreign writers came to Oleg to help him learning those difficult English words. They world-famous people were William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Daniel Defoe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Every writer told him one difficult word 3 times. That’s how they taught him. When Oleg woke up in the morning, he realised that he knew all the words. It was the Christmas Wonder! That’s how Oleg could visit England with his classmates. It was an unforgettable trip. But the most important thing is that Oleg has had no problems with the English language since that Christmas Eve. Let all your Christmas dreams come true and bring you luck and happiness!

Christmas Wonder  

An EFL contest

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