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Note: This article is not on the basis of the size of your palms. Heavier ones = more padded from inside. Boxing gloves come in various sizes, from 8oz to 20oz. But in India, we have four varieties mostly available, from 10oz to 16oz. For SPARRING, i.e. to train with your punching bag, it is better to use heavier ones as you will hurt yourself less. I would also recommend you to use the heavier ones when you train with your friend/trainer as they will experience lesser pain after you punch their faces! And if you are train with the heavy ones then it will be easy for you to move your hands swiftly in COMPETITIONS where light weight and less padded gloves are prescribed. For Competitions, you should strictly follow the rules. As a matter of fact for beginners, 10oz (leather ones for Bigger competitions) are used in India.

Velcro v/s Lace Gloves: If you train alone and don’t have any other person to help you out with the tying then go for the Velcro ones as they take lesser time. Laced ones fit more perfectly but you won’t be able to wear them without the help of another person. I prefer the Velcro ones as I am a lethargic guy myself and they take very less time in comparison with the Laced ones and hence you don’t need to think twice before starting your training session.

Which glove size should I buy?  

Glove Sizes and Glove Types