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MOTION OF THANKS AND SUPPORT We the delegates to the Ministerial Meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the NonAligned Movement, held in Havana, Cuba, on 27-30 April 2009, offer our heartfelt thanks to the Cuban government and people for their hospitality and tireless efforts to ensure that this Conference enjoyed the best possible conditions for its work and success. We reaffirm our sincere appreciation for Cuba's consistent and decisive action throughout its Presidency over the last three years, which has endowed the Movement with renewed vigour and credibility. The tangible results of this commitment and dynamism have included: − improving the Movement's working methods and strengthening its mechanisms and its adaptation to the demands and challenges of our times; − specific actions in defence of the founding principles of the Non-Aligned Movement and promotion of its aims and ideals for peace, cooperation and solidarity. In a world being transformed, in which world governance has become everybody's business, Cuba's Presidency has given the Movement the profile in international affairs it deserves. We are confident that momentum generated in Havana for a fresh boost to the Movement will be maintained in the African land, under the Egyptian presidency of our Movement. Our forthcoming meetings in Sharm-el Sheikh next July will certainly be a milestone in the consolidation of our common action and our collective commitment in a spirit of solidarity to putting into practice the principles on which our Movement is founded. In anticipation of our gathering in Sharm-el-Sheikh, I would like to assure our Egyptian bothers and sisters, on your behalf, of our support for the success of our impending meetings. Havana, 30 April 2009

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