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ENCM races around UP in first-ever Grand Prix

ZERO LIMITS! (clockwise) The Persimmon and Heliotrope teams perform their cheers at the start of the G-Prix, team captains Jeric Pacaba and JJ Asis share the top trophy at the middle; The Grand Prix team and ExeComm watch behind the scenes; and 3 teams go nationalistic forming the Philippine flag’s colors. (R. Mallari, E. Ladignon, A. Esteban)


by joaquin valdes

• Shown in ENCM-UP’s 1st

Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE) since 2006

• Held Aug. 14 at P&G Hall in Eng’g with 100+ attendees

• Won Best Film Thesis in CMC VALDES, also an ENCM mem, on the 30-minute movie: “It’s 1 vs. 100. It’s that causing struggle to stand by the truth despite everyone disbelieving or disagreeing with you.” Starring Sid Lucero and Maita Ponce, Bulong is the story of Julio who lives in a controlled world and hears voices. They tell him to go beyond the norms that may cost him his sanity and his relationship with his partner. Bulong also bagged the Golden Duck award for Best Short Narrative at the 2nd New Beijing International Movie Week last June and was also screened at the prestigious 61st Cannes International Film Festival in France last May.

AS PART OF its “Zero to Max” theme, ENCMUP decided to go beyond the annual Sports Fest and turn it into the Grand Prix, an Amazing Racemeets-Olympics all-day affair. Six teams were formed to run across seven spots across campus last Sept. 13. (see back). The teams are Persimmon (Orange) led by Jed Lolos, Celadon (Green) led by Dman Gallardo, Saffron (Yellow) led by Edison Espadilla, Cerulean (Blue) led by Roy Dela Cruz, Heliotrope (Purple) led by Jeric Pacaba, and Vermillion (Red) led by JJ Asis. Out of the cryptically-named teams, Heliotrope and Vermillion both emerged victorious. Each of the games in all the stations were conceptualized by the Sports Committee led by Joshua Paunil. Aside from being challenging, the different games were also chosen for building teamwork and leadership traits among the participants. The teams were also called to make certain “sacrifices” for team members during the race.


Luna says ‘C’mon!’ AT ENCM’s first Leadership Edge this year held last September 8 at the Balay Kalinaw, speaker Glenn Luna stressed the need for vision in any area of leadership. Luna, former ENCM-UP president and now one of its advisers, said that vision statements were crucial for organizations and people. Among the characteristics of vision statements, Luna said, were being brief and challenging the impossible. This event that lasted from morning till noon was attended by both ENCM members and applicants. After Luna’s seminar, the participants did a workshop where groups conceptualized an organization of their own and gave a vision and mission statement to it. Among the “orgs” thought up were vegetarians, kikays, and an org taking care of jeepney passenger lines.


BEYOND VISION Luna explains the need for thinking ahead in an organization (above) and a group (below) introduces their “org.”


7 Points, 1 Goal Revisiting the GP ‘08 stations THE event previously known as the Sports Fest becomes different this year because of its way-bigger scope. Instead of the UP Track Oval, the colored teams traverse the campus. Here’s a review of those stations. (from N. Revilleza, R. Mallari, A. Esteban)

Nat’l Eng’g Center A group of 8 per team must stay together inside a large piece of cloth being folded by game masters.

Villadolid Hall All members form the figure 8 and attempt to pass a hula-hoop through them.

Track Oval Only a certain number of body parts from the team could touch the ground.

Ipil Dorm In a line, the team must fill two buckets at the back with water by passing a plastic cup backward.

Beta Way The teams must shoot as many small balls into “hoops” of two mates. The catch? Shooters are blindfolded.

Batch ‘08 apps aim for max ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE students rose up and took the challenge of joining ENCM-UP by signing up at its AS Walk and Math Building booths put up last August 4 to 8. Composed of 34 males and 91 females, this year’s applicants start at Ground Zero, their orientation and the first part of the Zero to Max theme. Their goal is to be MAXimized and to be inducted as new members at the end of the semester-long application period.

NIGS Building Blindfolded, all team members are each given a number and must arrange themselves without talking.

FC Diwata Garden The teams play Dr. Quack-Quack. But only the Doc can see.

Scenes from the orientation & signup booth (L. Guillermo & E. Henon)

For them to reach the goal, they have to garner at least 15,000 points by attending ENCM-UP and Memdrive events, spending hours in the tambayan and accomplishing simple tasks given by members. In his message to the applicants in the sigsheet, ENCM-UP President Daryl Homer Ramos stressed the purpose of the Zero to Max memdrive and application process. “Its goal is to bring you closer to maximizing your leadership potential,” Ramos said. “I used the word closer because our goal of training you does not end with this membership drive but will continue until you graduate from this university.” Applicants who successfully fulfill the memdrive’s requirements will be inducted this December at ENCM-UP’s year-end event.

UP freshies welcomed


Freshies learn ABC

ENCM-UP landed among the top university orgs in the annual Freshman Orientation Program Committee (FOPC). Its design was also one of 2 picked for the FOPC shirt. The org handled two blocks this year: D2 from Business Administation and H1 from Fine Arts. ENCM members welcomed 50 of them last June 10 at ISSI Building. They got freebies such as slings, ball pens and Form 5 cases. Other freshies got free LIFE SIMs in ENCM booths at AS Walk and Pics: K. Santos, E. Ladignon Math Building.

To help the BA freshmen get to know their blockmates plus the members of ENCM-UP, a party entitled “PDA: Propel Your Dreams to Action” kicked off last June 19 at the Victory QC Center. UP alumnus Arch. Kelvin de Chavez of de Chavez Designs firm talked about the importance of pursuing dreams. Food and games as well as a disco ball were prepared to fill the night with fun and excitement as the freshies and members built stronger bonds with each other.

As another part of the FOPC, ENCM-UP held its Alternative Block Class last June 28 at Church of the Risen Lord Kiosk.

by encm externals Kristine Sobrepeña Andrew Jonathan Bagaoisan

ENCM is a worldwide organization in universities, partnering with schools to help students excel in their academics, develop leadership skills, be a positive influence in their community, and pursue a God-centered lifestyle. ENCM’s four priorities are in the word LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. ENCM-UP is a member of the UP Christian Community.

Nineteen freshmen attended the awareness activity that featured student-leader speakers. They tackled anti-hazing topics and handed the freshies practical tips to adjust in UP.

executive committee 08-09 Daryl Homer Ramos President Hazel Ruth Turingan Executive Vice President Ma. Lourdes Joy Fernandez Executive Secretary Urane Leslie Maambong VP-Externals Keithleen Grace Santos VP-Finance & Marketing Dennis Xavier Matela VP-Human Resources Jan Reynold Agustin VP-Logistics Likha Minimo VP-Publicity & Communications

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