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By Georgiana Candescu


guess every woman secretly enjoys dishing on celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. We are so relieved to see this can also happen to them! As you already know from experience, fashion is not simple and, if your name is not Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, you surely had your share of memorable fashion mistakes in life. There are fashion do’s and fashion don’ts, and I am not sure which are easier to break. What you can do is take note and try to abide by the golden rules of fashion.


Read on to find out 20 fashion do’s and don’ts that concern every woman and, if at least one of them is an eye-opener for you, thank me later:

Do wear lace whenever you can. This fabric is possibly fashion’s most delicate gift to women, adding a huge amount of femininity to any outfit. Do have a little black dress ready for cocktail parties or black tie events. The LBD is flattering, understated, and it can be accessorized in a myriad of ways! Do wear a strand of pearls with a classic outfit. They are timeless, subtle and de riguer for any fashionista.

Do make panty girdles and minimizer bras your best friends, especially if you just had a baby or you visited the Cheescake Factory too many times lately. These ‘intimate’ buddies can keep a ‘secret’ like no other.

Do have a cool biker jacket and wear it. This has been the most exciting item in fashion since the invention of the push-up bra. Rock it with maxi-dresses or black trousers and a white crisp shirt. It’s a killer item!

Do wear black opaque tights with mini dresses or skirts. They look really ladylike and make your legs look so much slimmer! Do channel prints, but make sure they are tiny. Maxi prints are not exactly flattering and they distract attention from your face. They also add some ‘fake’ weight to your silhouette. And you wouldn’t want that, would you? Do match the proper bag with each outfit and the time of day. Totes, maxi bags and shopper bags are meant to be worn during the day, while clutches are the epitome of evening elegance. Do dare to wear a smoking or a tailored suit. A masculine touch makes a woman look mysterious, interesting and achingly cool.

Do match the color of your undergarments to your clothes. A black bra under a white shirt is not exactly stylish, so make sure your clothing reveals the right color underwear.


Don’t try to look younger by wearing inappropriate clothes for your age! This move always fails, creating a rather embarrassing fashion statement.

Don’t insist on wearing skirts and dresses that

Don’t wear your shoes with labels stuck to the

are too tight. They will give you a funny walk and you might also have some unexpected surprises when you sit down.

outer sole. Just take 30 seconds - the time you need to peel them off and avoid an annoying detail.

Don’t channel maxi brand logos. These are not status symbols that show how much you can afford spending on clothing! They only reveal lack of fashion taste.

Don’t ever wear the three thorny fashion S’s at the same time: stretch, short and see-through. This is a huge fashion faux-pas and it looks totally tacky.

Don’t wear silver jewelry if your outfit has gold embellishments. Mixing metals is not fashionable. A solution is to buy two-toned jewelry that solves the issue.

Don’t let your bra peek out of a strappy top. Nobody wants to see that, especially if your brassiere is a bit worn out. Meet the strapless bras and enjoy their effect!

Don’t ignore the border between panties and shorts. It is nice to show a firm derriere in a pair of fitting pants, but not out of them. Keep your belongings inside and lower the hem! Don’t wear heavy-patterned leggings if you already have some extra weight. They will make your thighs look bigger, so just go for plain, dark colors.

Don’t insist on wearing white garments that are super-tight, unless you are a supermodel. This beautiful color is merciless, and it shows even the slightest imperfections. Not sexy.

Who said fashion was easy? At least these fashion do’s and don’ts are trying to make it sound easier and more fun. Remember to keep things (and outfits) simple. In fashion, the golden rule that less is more works better than anywhere else. From sublime to ridiculous it’s just a step so, if you feel ‘guilty’ of any of the above don’ts, simply stop repeating them. But if you are a fashion do’s queen, then keep on doing what you do and just pass the message on!


LIFESTYLE lies SHOREbar, ach in Santa Monica be e th on t jus ed the at oc bar serving up some of ed m he h-t ac be al su a newer, ca ializing in tails in the area. Spec ck co ng ro st d an e iqu most un ed by both the beach at pir ins ils ta ck co it fru, handcrafted, fresh of the renowned h.woo s ist log ixo m e th d an mosphere ical decor and and cool vibe with naut ed lax re a rs fe of ar Eb SHOR a vintage beach town. an ambiance resembling l ian Toll and Adam Kora Br ian rz Te hn Jo , 12 biance on Established in 20 cape to for high-end am es to ce pla a te ea cr wanted to a Monica’s stretch of some of Sant all sm a in led st ne h, ac locals the be thers everyone from ga ar Eb OR SH s. nt ra finest restau b-goers who the early evening, to clu in ink dr a joy en to nt who wa e evening. Bringing such th in er lat es lin in d an es this aren’t afraid to st e many things that mak th of e on t jus is d ow a diverse cr nt than the rest. bar on the beach differe of, SHOREyour evening to consist nt wa u yo at wh of s in les Regard to Top 40 or lounging ing nc da it Be e. er th owd and bar will get you the strong drinks, fun cr n, De r’s be em M iet qu the more a unique experience. friendly staff make for


SHOREbar nta Monica, CA 90402 112 W. Channel Rd. Sa sday - 6:00pm-12:00am Hours: Tuesday- Wedne 00pm-2:00 am Thursday- Saturday - 6: am Sunday - 6:00pm-12:00 m ail:


E-M Phone: 310.429.1851


By Sarah Luedeke


elebrity kids: we’ve seen them grow up, we’ve learnt to love them, we’ve enjoyed their shenanigans and they’ve practically been in the public eye long enough for everyone to know how much they’ve earned per year. You’d be so surprised to know, that celebrity kids under the age of eighteen have made more dough than most celebrities put together. How is that, you suppose? Well, it’s possibly because of their reckless lifestyles, their market appeal and the general teenaged audience that thoroughly enjoys bubble gum pop, high school, teen queen problems and some elements of puppy love that these celebrities provide them with. Here’s the general norm; most of the star kids out there start out with their own teenage drama and eventually end up doing a movie which then leads to backfired singing aspirations and that eventually just pushes them to do pseudo mature movies and supporting actor roles. Nevertheless, their fame was just enough to get them to the top quick and with that they earned more than they could possibly have fathomed. Here’s a list, in no particular order or significance, of all the kids that made it to being a millionaire just before they turned eighteen.



Photo: 4s_bukley /

t comes as no surprise that this lass makes it to the list without any questions asked. From the Hannah Montana fame, Cyrus has turned from bubbly meets slightly annoying meets inspirational for most kids into a reckless rebel who could barely care less about a double identity or a secret life (by the looks of it). However, before this little party animal got anywhere further, her estimated earnings from the Hannah Montana franchise was around over 120 million. This franchise included, clothing, stationary, concerts, music albums, television shows and not to forget, the ultimate movie. Her own earnings soared through the roof as she departed into a solo career. Her music touched millions and was translated into several languages before every child in the world could hear Miley Cyrus. Now, with more than millions of fans, Cyrus just knew for a fact that she actually had it all. However, sadly for Cyrus, this happiness really did not last for as long was as expected. Her Montana fame was her prime, it is said. Furthermore, the paparazzi just consider the child as someone who just “can’t be tamed�.



Photo: Helga Esteb /

h wow! Who has not heard of this Goddess of fashion ever? This suave Latina started out as a child when she was cast on Barney and friends and there has been no looking back. Little did the cast and producers know that Lovato would become a household name after her show, Sonny with a Chance and movie, Camp Rock aired on Disney Channel. The starlet’s wealth is over sixty million and she continues her philanthropy with more than half of the paycheck that she gets. Now, that’s what we call smart and caring! However, let’s understand that Ms. Lovato has had her share of recklessness and we wouldn’t want to see her on a road kill ever again given that she’s one of the more responsible child stars around.


Photo: 7Jaguar PS /


dmit it; you hate him, you love him; but you just cannot ignore him. Justin Bieber rose to ultimate fame and obvious glory with his infamous song “Baby” and not only did he capture millions of hearts, his seventeen year old voice even started to break in front of us (not to particularly say that we even remotely enjoyed the transition). His single hit, “Boyfriend” sent him shooting to the sky and must we tell you; Bieber Fever was all the rage last year. Twitter has been booming with trends about the teenage star and should we say, we’re proud of the fact that JB didn’t give in to road kill. With wealth estimated around 346 million dollars, Bieber is on every tween’s mug, notepad, plate, for and you name it! The worst part for rustic music lovers like the rest of us (read: Damien Rice) is that Justin Bieber’s just out there; producing the kind of music most would cringe upon. But hey! At least the kid’s 346 million dollars ahead of you!




Photo: Featureflash /

eliving the nineties, you just cannot miss the two sisters who awed the world. The Olsen sisters in their recurring role in Full House captured millions of hearts (read: a lot of dough as well). However, it wasn’t until a couple of years that the Olsen sisters expanded their franchise what with the Two of a Kind TV show that was bought by ABC Family and then later expanded further into making books for the show. The book saga continued as the sisters released their own mystery novels and So Little Time series. They developed their own cosmetic and clothing line eventually and this earned them the honor of being two of the richest people in the country. But, guess what? They were under eighteen when that happened! However, nothing was as successful as their Two of a Kind series and out of the several movies that they produced later; the only one worth watching (also, because it had Jared Padalecki and Simple Plan) was New York Minute which broke expectations in its first week alone!


ho doesn’t love the girl who broke millions of hearts in The War of the Worlds as she played Tom Cruise’s beloved daughter? Dakota Fanning is possibly one of the most sought after child stars in contemporary cinema and after her Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II appearance, many have expected her estimated wealth to be somewhere around sixteen million and rising. The girl’s got panache for acting and every director is willing to exponentially spend on her. The kid’s as gorgeous as she is talented, she’s not even on drugs or alcohol (yet) and she’s earned a decent amount before she’s even turned eighteen! If that doesn’t say future success to you, then what does?


Photo: Helga Esteb /














Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz





CALVIN KLEIN - Collection 2014 Fashion Show

Photo by Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

DKNY - Spring 2014 Fashion Show

Photo by Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

TORY BURCH Fashion Show

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

ZIMMERMANN Spring 2014 Fashion Show


LACOSTE Spring 2014 Fashion Show

Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Photo by Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz


alifornian beauty Caitlin O’Connor has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, FHM, Maxim, and many more. Following her passion in acting and after minoring in theater at UCLA, Caitlin landed her first role on the MTV series Chelsea Settles, as well as guest spots on HBO’s Entourage and Comedy Central’s The Nick Show Kroll. We got a chance to chat with the Beautiful Caitlin who is by far more than just a pretty face!.



Photo: Caroline Malouf

You have done both modeling and acting, what is your preference and why? How are you Caitlin? You have had a busy 2013, what projects are you currently working on? I am great. Thanks for asking. I have had a busy year - that’s for sure! I am excited for some new projects that are coming out very soon. I’m appearing in the December issue of Maxim (BTS photos attached) and was recently on the cover of Rukus Magazine and appeared in Elegant Magazine as well as California Wedding Day Magazine out now.  If you like the show Key & Peele on Comedy Central, I am appearing in the Halloween episode of the show as vampire Samantha! (BTS photos attached). Another upcoming project is my music video for UNA where I play an Old Hollywood “Marilyn Monroe” character (Photos Attached) You were born in LA, but spent most of your child hood in Pennsylvania, when was the first time you entered a beauty pageant and how did that come about? I always loved watching pageants on television as a little girl.  It was a hidden dream of mine to enter beauty pageants, but I was a shy kid and didn’t think I was cut out for it.  When I turned 14, I decided to give it a shot anyway and entered the Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA pageant.  The next year I made Top 15 and when I was 21 I made it to the Top 5 at Miss Pennsylvania USA and MIss Swimsuit USA- what an honor.  When I moved back to Los Angeles, I competed at the Miss California USA and won Miss Photogenic Award that year. This year your roles have been in various comedy TV programs, are there any specific roles / characters that you prefer?


Comedy acting is very fulfilling for me. I love to make people laugh - whether they are laughing with me or at me - I pretty much don’t mind. Comedy warms the heart and laughter is a great de-stresser. A dream of mine is to produce and star in my own sitcom on television one day

Modeling is my bread and butter and I am very passionate about my work - whether I am acting or modeling. But acting is definitely my main path now and I am leaving a lot of my modeling days behind me. As a serious actress, I still use my modeling experience daily.  As a model I learned how to pose, and I learned camera angles, lighting, and blocking - these things are all essential for any actress so modeling experience has been very beneficial to me. What do you think is your most attractive attribute? My most attractive attribute is my brain - although not many people get to know me personally - I’m still pretty shy behind the camera; my close friends know me as an intellectual, spiritual, deep thinker.  You have beautiful skin, what is your beauty regime? My beauty regime is pretty simple.  I wash my face daily with a gentle exfoliant and I also use organic moisturizers.  One thing I’d recommend is to not sleep in your foundation or makeup and always wear sunscreen daily. Your figure is something that has attracted a lot of attention, what do you do to keep fit and maintain your figure? Exercise is a necessity, but I must admit I’m pretty lazy and I love to eat.  Not a winning combination.  To stay fit, I run on the beach and hike Runyon Canyon here in LA from time to time.  I don’t exercise daily but I do squeeze in workouts at least twice a week. What do you think makes a women beautiful and why? Class, intelligence and wit make a woman truly beautiful.  It is a woman’s spirit and personality which convey beauty - it’s not all looks.  Women who smoke their reflection and do not invest in their soul become ugly to those around them.


You were voted “Most likely to Become Famous” in high school. Why do you think that was? Back in high school in Pennsylvania, I was a cheerleader. I had a lot of friends but was very shy and socially awkward. During my senior year, I took a little trip to Los Angeles to visit my father and work on the set of the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. When I returned home, I started telling my close friends that I had caught the acting bug. It was an honor to get that title. Both the modeling and acting world are very competitive industries, what drives you and what you do think sets you apart from the rest? Well, two things definitely set me apart from the rest here in LA.  I’m very very  persistent and I have very tough skin.  I’m involved in the most complex, most glamorous, and strangest industry in the world.  I’m driven by love for my craft (acting) and my love for the spotlight.  

What do you like to do when you have any free time? In my spare time, I travel, read, and spend time with friends. I rarely have a day off, but when I do, I catch up on my sleep!  What’s your favorite food? I start everyday with a Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte and I love sushi.  My favorite sushi restaurant here in Hollywood is Kabuki. New York Fashion week has just finished, are you into fashion? Who is your favorite designer? My favorite designer is Roberto Cavalli and my guilty pleasure is Louis Vuitton.  I’m loyal to the brand and carry only LV purses. I absolutely love Louis Vuitton heels as well.



Photo: Mario Barberio

You’re a busy women, do you have any time for relationships right now? I’m married to my work but I do have a special someone in my life to cuddle with :) Describe your ideal man? My ideal man is tall, dark, and handsome. I have a thing for men in black rimmed glasses and a little scruff.  I’d throw all that away though for a man with a great sense of humor and a great mind.  Intelligence is very sexy. Who are and have been you inspiration and why? My grandmother inspires me daily.  She is 81 years old and still cuts the grass, runs her business from home, and cleans the house!  If you could choose to work with any actor who would it be and why? I’d love to work with Robert Downey Jr - he is a great actor and has such a great comeback story - it’s admirable and cool. What is the first thing that attracts you about a man?


His hair

You enjoy working for non-profit organizations in your free personal time, what organizations are they and how do you help them? I support a lot of different charities through monetary donations and time - my favorites including Generosity Water and the Make Yourself Foundation. You are a classic car enthusiast, tell us more? I drive a 1964 and 1971 Lincoln Continental.  Classic Cars are beautiful. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Hopefully, ten years from now I will be producing film and tv and starring in my own sitcom.  I’d also like to be married with one or two children!  What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be an actor? The biggest advice I can give to anyone looking to become an actor is:   It’s tough out there - foster great connections and be persistent and professional whenever possible. Don’t let anything get you down. There are opportunities everywhere - you have to find the courage to actively seek them out, daily.

1CaitlinOConnor Caitlin_OConnor

Photo: Russell Baer




TomorrowWorld September 27th-29th 2013 Photo credit: NALUDA Magazine










hen she is not traveling the World of Fashion, she devotes her life to make a difference in the world by supporting environmentally friendly causes such as Ocean life Conservation to help protect our beautiful ocean life and help keep our beaches clean. Summer has influenced the public to join the eco-friendly movement by doing our part to help decrease pollution and protect wildlife. She continues to dedicate her daily life to encourage others to clean up our beaches and reminding others to reduce, reuse, recycle to conserve the beautiful ocean life. She is really making a difference by educating others on the importance of protecting our environment. Most people fail to realize the importance of ocean life conservation to protect our planet. She reminds her peers and the youth community that littering puts our beautiful wildlife — dolphins, whales, sea turtles, tropical fish at risk of endangerment and extinction. Summer has traveled to the world’s top beach destinations to raise awareness throughout Fiji, Bali, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica. She continues on her mission to influence thousands to join the eco-friendly movement and help protect our beautiful ocean life from extinction.



Why the name Ditch? Well this is one I have never been asked before... Naw im playing every article always asks the same thing as a first question. The answer to that now lies within my crafted lyrics in my songs dating from my debut CD in 2005 to over 9 Cd’s later in 2013. So the answer to that one can be found within clues inside my music. Also there is other hidden messages, symbolism, meanings and cool stuff found withing my music and videos. Someone who takes the time to fully research me is someone who will be a fan for life because they will see my true meaning, my true message. I strongly believe in being my own boss and not slaving in a 9-5 job everyday, year after year, wasting my life away for someone elses dream. Its not like at the end of all this you can turn around and start over, so I live and enjoy and maximize every second of everyday, doing what I love to do which is perform and make music. I am very happy and proud of where im at in life.

Tell us a little bit about your background? Well I started making music in the mid 1990’s when I was in High School. I performed at some crazy parties, we mostly did cover songs like Danizg, stuff like that. One party we threw had 500 people at a friends parents house while they were away, I mean this was the party you see in movies. I forever cemented my name as a wild party thrower and performer at that one party, Project X has nothing on the party we had that night and what happened, except there were no flamethrowers, lots of fire but none that. Since then I have continued to build myself musically. I play guitar too and some keyboards, people dont know that about me. They see one thing: White Rapper: and dont look beyond into my musical diversity. If you can find me one song that sounds the same as my others ill give you $100, I have never been just one sided, one sounded. in 2003 I met Strap from Mansion Of Mayhem, he got me to record what I was already performing at shows. Since then I have opened for over 100 national touring acts, and played 650 shows all over the USA. From Seattle Hempfest for over 110,000 people to Mandalay Bay, The Palms Las Vegas, House Of Blues, and anywhere else you can or even cant think of. I really have done all of this myself, I have a few web assistants but other than that all you see was built by me, by myself, DITCH.


How did you get into music?

What is your favorite album of all time?

The love of music, The love of performing for a crowd. The fun that goes into making something out of nothing and putting it on a CD and hearing it. To me its always been about performing, its never been about the money or hey I can get rich off doing this. It has always been about my passion and drive to perform and record. Money doesnt buy happiness, but doing what you love and getting paid to do it sure as fuck does. I was not in music class in school, I wasnt in band, I had to figure out what I love to do on my own. I graduated college from Chapman University in Orange, California studying law. I realized it wasnt what I wanted to to but I still graduated and use the knowledge I gained to propel myself in an industry full of fake people, liars, cheats, backstabbers and fakes.

Pink Floyd The Division Bell, if you have not heard this 1991 album, you surely are depriving your self of a musical masterpiece. Listen to it from beggining to end, by yourself in headphones and it will take you on an amazing journey. For me there has never been another album that can do to you what that one can. One of the most amazing bands of all time, truly. They know stuff that some of us dont, that music comes from somewhere few of us can go. Pink Floyd truly have my respect at the most amazing sounds from music. To work with David Gilmour would be incredible, Im not even sure I could hang with someone of that musical caliber.

What is your favorite genre of music? I love all kids of music, literally all kinds. Growing up it was: Motley Crue, Ice T, BDP, Anthrax,Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Digital Underground, Danzig, Pink Floyd, alot of the rap I listened to then is considered dated now, but I still fux with it. I like country at certain times, like on a road trip with a hot girl just riding, smoking and a good country song sets the vibe right. I like some rap of today but no much, not the hypnosis stuff on the radio. I like Gucci Mane, he is a real interesting mother fu***r, id like to record with him. I like 50 Cent, I like Lil Wayne sometimes, 2Chainz has grown on me I like his style and swag he is unique in a world full of the same. I like Waka Flocka- I have been doing angst punk like rap and crunked up stage shows since 2005 and some would say since 1995, so I like what he is doing with rap the energy is great at his shows. I never fit into any stereo type or genre, so I never stick to just one favorite genre more like I like something from every genre.

What inspires your songs? My real life, I DONT do gangster rap, I dont rap about stuff that I dont want in my life cuz I am a firm believer in what you sing about you will surely attract to you. I rap about my experiences. I rap about what its like to have money and what its like to not, because I have seen both sides of it.


What is your ultimate goal? My ultimate goal would be to play Madison Square Garden with the building full of my fans. Now I set big goals, but I have not yet set one I didnt achieve. I believe in myself, I never ever ever ever let anyone bring me down on myself, this is MY life im living I will always achieve what I set out to do. Playing Seattle Hempfest for 110,000 people was a goal of mine for a long time and I did it. Someday I will shine at the level I am destined to shine. Alot of people are intimidated by my power, drive, determination and confidence. I had to build all of that, now a days im almost ready to thank the non believers they made me harden to a rock. Its hard to believe but there are Ditch haters out there, mostly at homeless shelters and under bridges, but they do exist.

Today music is about collaborations. What artist would you most like to collaborate with? Like I said above David Gilmour would be amazing. Another would definately be Trent Reznor that guy is also a genius. Id like to work with Gucci Mane, Id still like to work with TI, 50 Cent would be an interesting combo with myself, Id like to someday work with the Buddah Master B Real from Cypress Hill I have always liked what he does and respect him greatly in the industry, I would like to work with Waka that would be wild we may blow the roof off of the studio that day. I have worked with people like Shock G, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and others that I grew up listening to but id like to work with some newer artists that I learned about later in life. I am

36 so im not the next young breaking star, no I am a guy whose been here a while working, grinding, not stopping for this. This is not a hobby to me this is my career. So at 36 I now have a catalog to listen to over the years and many people tell me when the discover my music: “You have a lot of songs I should have heard years ago”. Im telling you there is something to me, something to my music, not every one of my songs are good but if you listen to enough of them you will find some you really like.

Where is your next gig? October 10-14th 2013 I will perform with The Wailers, Ghostface Killah and more at the 17th annual Ny Harvest Fest presented by Damn Sam. I played there last year and it was amazing. 7000 people all take over a resort in the Catskils, NY. (

Time to confess...what embarrassing song might we find on your iPod? Bruce Hornsby and The Range probably. I like one of their albums it has music from a movie I liked as a kid “White Water Summer”. Also Elton John is on there but that isnt embarrising, have you listened to some of this guys album stuff? The guy obviously is a musical genius, I believe his music comes from God. Im not worried or even thinking about the mans sexuality that doesnt concern me, his music is incredible. The albums “The One” and “The Big Picture” were musical masterpieces.

Do you play any instruments? Yes I play the guitar since I was young. I can also get into some good NIN type keyboard stuff.

What genre of music is your least favorite? Spanish music

What hidden talents do you have that we should know about? I can sing in a very deep voice, my voice is naturally deep. So I can do that Danzig, Elvis type stuff really well.

Where can fans follow you for all your up to date information? is my official website. DITCHMUSIC Ditch420 Ditch Moet Ditch Moreno (use this one if the other is full)

Quick questions Favorite song: 2Chainz “Feds Watchin”, of mine Ditch “Bills” Food: Pizza Vacation destination: Palos Verdes, California Terranea Resort, PERIOD! Drink: Patron Color: Blue Car: Ferrari Gadget: my iPhone 5



aja’s unique style of sound elevates her into a category all of its own. A hybrid of electronic dance music with melodic guitar sounds, Vaja captures the essence of electronic etherealism in her music. Born a rock child of the ‘80’s in Tacoma, Washington and later growing up in Carmel, Indiana, her proud and diverse ethnicity stems from her African-American Father, a military full Colonel in the Army and her Asian & Hawaiian mother. At the age of 12, Vaja came face to face with her destiny when her mother took her to see “Metallica” perform at the Indianapolis Hoosier Dome. Mesmerized by this experience ignited her passion for guitar and rock music. This moment in time marked Vaja’s indispensable characteristic and core to her inner being as a recording artist. Vaja’s educational and early stages of her career began in Central Florida. She received a Soccer scholarship at Stetson University, but soon realized there was no future for her in the sport anymore. Vaja subsequently studied theater at “The Valencia Character Company” in Orlando, FL and later trained at prominent acting schools such as “Stella Adler Conservatory for Actors” and “Carter Thor Studio” in Los Angeles, CA. Traveling gave her a wealth of experiences and diverse personalities to draw upon, while developing her acting skills. Taking a leap of faith by following her dreams in music & acting, Vaja moved to Miami, FL. South Beach has seen this “diamond in the rough” perform at premier clubs: Mansion, B.E.D., Crobar, Opium Garden, Grass Lounge and Pearl to name a few. She was invited to perform for the entertainment industry’s Playstation 2, Intele-Card, MOBE, AIDS 501c3s and Billboard R&B Hip Hop Conference events. Vaja performed in front of 40,000 music fans at the annual outdoor electronic “Ultra Music Festival.” Inspired by this massive and lifechanging experience, she made the big move to Los Angeles, CA to further her career. Vaja has been featured in numerous U.S. and International Magazines all over the world and she is sponsored by PRS Guitars, Ultimate Ears, Taylor Guitars, Mesa Boogie, Schaller Electronic, Coffin Case, Dunlop, Guitar Center, Levy’s Leather’s and many others who have stood by her side. Guitar Center’s Director of Artist Relations, Dave Weiderman, has acknowledged the progressive rocker


to be so recognizable that framed posters of the bronze-skinned beauty grace the interior décor of new Guitar Center’s across the nation, hanging next to posters of other famous rock stars. In 2009, Vaja appeared on the Frosty, Heidi & Frank Show for CBS Radio 97.1 Free FM and was selected as the stations #1 choice to perform at the popular show’s “9th Birthday Battle of the Bands Bash” at the Groove of Anaheim. Later that year she became part of an elite group of skydivers including former U.S. President George W. Bush and comedian Bill Murray, among other notables, after completing her first jump with the U.S. Army “Golden Knights” Parachute Team. As all artists must evolve, Vaja is the new paradigm of recording artists who crossover into film & television to broaden their appeal as multimedia artists. In 2012, Director Paul W.S. Anderson offered Vaja to be the Voice of the Umbrella Corporation in the 3D sci-fi action feature film “Resident Evil: Retribution,” starring Milla Jovovich. Vaja has released her new single ‘We Found Love’ on August 28th 2013. Produced by Vaja, Eduardo Moises & Parlange Jesus, ‘We Found Love’ is one of five new tracks included on her second EP ‘Inertia’ which will be released sometime in December of 2013 and will feature collaborations with Katipzade and other established Artistʼs & Producers. “Whether she attains that elevated status or not, she’s an innovative work in progress,” according to respected rock journalist, Lonn Friend. The world will soon know Vaja for more than just music. Her journey has just begun...







parade through the Bavarian capital of Munich and the tapping of the first keg at midday on the opening day (September 21) by the mayor heralds the start of the world’s largest beer festival taking place until October 6. An estimated six million people will head to Germany for the 180th event featuring yodellers, folk bands and plenty of people getting into the spirit wearing traditional Lederhosen. As well as the downing of multiple steins in the various beer tents, festival-goers can enjoy carousels, and rollercoasters and rides including the new Odyssee, the Cobra and Pirate Adventure funhouse. More information: However you don’t have to head to Germany to get a piece of the action, there’s various Oktoberfests taking place closer to home.


• Authentic Bavarian beer is brewing and folk dancers dancing at Las Vegas’s Hofbräuhaus ( until October 31. Sin City’s little piece of Germany is an exact replica of the famous Hofbräuhaus in Munich and its Oktoberfest celebrations will give you a real flavour of the traditional German event. And that’s not just the food which includes speciality sausage dishes such as Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl - three roasted Pork Sausages with sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes and other tasty traditional options including Chicken Schnitzel. There’s some quirky souvenirs to take home too - how about a teddy bear in Bavarian Costume $16.99, or beer mug sunglasses $8.99?

• There’s a bellyful of brews ready to be appreciated in the City of Angels at the LA Oktoberfest ( This three day festival takes place from October 25th to 27th. In keeping with the LA-vibe Bavarian brews are served by buxom ‘maidens’ dressed for the part in traditional dirndls and entertainment includes some great acts such as ‘Strolling Accordionist Robert “Smokey” Miles.


• The 43rd Annual Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest ( taking place weekends through to October 26 is a real family affair which each year sees hundreds of festivalgoers flock to this Southern Californian event to sample the fine food, wine and brews in the various ‘Bier Gartens’. Worthy causes benefit too as the event raises funds for local charities. Held in Downtown LA, the event is one the largest Oktoberfest’s in the US. There’s also live entertainment including Oom Pa Pah bands each Saturday until late and plenty of Bratwurst sausages to savour. Don’t miss the log sawing and stein holding contests.

• Surf City USA becomes a Bavarian hub of beer drinking during its Oktoberfest celebrations at Old World Germany Restaurant in Huntington Beach (, Taking place throughout October until 27 this is a must-visit event. There is everything from the best Bratwurst in Town, Wiener Dog Races, live bands including an accordionist and the glamorous Shot Girls who will ensure your stein is always full.


Diddy has done it again with his new CÎroc flavor, Amaretto. This is the fifth flavor in the ultra premium vodka brand, joining Grape, Red Berry, Coconut and Peach flavors. Amaretto picks up where the other flavors left off– bringing in an infused almond taste with a strong, sweet body, yet not too overpowering. And of course, to celebrate the birth of the newest vodka juggernaut,

1) How can our readers support the I.C.O.N's Cure For the Cause? Cure for A Cause can be directly supported by sending donations to ICON. Please make checks payable to Stop Cancer. Also, by purchasing Cure, our number one selling product that replenishes and nourishes dry and damaged hair. 2) How was the Stop Cancer 5k/10k Walk/Run? The run/walk was a large success as 217K was raised for cancer research. Is this the first year that I.C.O.N. do it? This is ICON’s 4th consecutive year participating in the run/walk. We have been honored to be a part of this event from the beginning. 3) What are you future intiatives and scheduled events for Cure For the Cause fundraising? We continue to partner with our distributors for promotion of our Cure For A Cause Campaign, where $1.00 is donated for each box sold every year. Additionally, we have recently teamed up with Battle of the Strands, considered the Project Runway for hair styl-



ists, where they have developed Battle For Boobies in which funds raised are also donated through ICON’s Cure For A Cause. ICON is diligent in its efforts to continue to raise awareness. 4) What was the original inspiration behind the creation of your now # selling product, CURE? To create a product that would detangle and distress the hair from environmental and chemical impurities that could be used for all member of the family and every hair type. 5) Where and how can people purchase CURE? For more information on how to purchase Cure, please contact Michelle Lepire at 800.951.ICON. 6) What does CURE do for the hair? Is it unisex? Cure is unisex and is for all hair types. Cure is a nourishing detangler that treats the hair. 7) What was your lifestyle like prior to receiving news you had cancer?

11) What advice do you have for other females going through treatment like you?

Extremely busy and active with fitness and work. 8) How were you diagnosed and what was your initial reaction? Upon self examination, I found a lump which was confirmed to be a tumor by my doctor. 9) Based upon your personal journey, Chiara, what's your recommendation to stay on top of breast cancer prevention? Although yearly examinations are necessary, it is vital to stay in tune with your body and perform regular self examinations. 10) How has your definition of BEAUTY changed, if at all, now that you're body has undergone changes of this disease? Beautiful to me has always been internal and external. However, now the I try to see what is going on with a person on the inside and have more compassion for their struggles.


One day at a time‌stay positive, laugh when you feel like laughing and cry when you feel like crying. Appreciate all that life has to offer. 13) You are truly the face of I.C.O.N. through styling and strength. Where do you see your company 10 years from now? Stronger than ever. We continue to grow with our styling, strength and concepts and personal message. 14) You and your co-founder, Jorge, obviously have a fantastic comradery. What do you believe the secret is to your success? Communication, respect, trust and passion. 15) What is your website?


ummit Malibu believes that addiction recovery is just the beginning. With over 30 years of experience, their world-class drug rehab, addiction rehab and Intervention programs are designed to help clients create the life they have always wanted, a life that has been withheld from them by an addiction beyond their control. Addiction can be treated successfully. While there is still no cure for addiction, it is a condition that can be lived with and lived beyond‌much like diabetes, migraines, arthritis and other chronic conditions that can be arrested and managed in a way that leaves the person free to live a rich and fulfilling life! Summit Malibu believes that the right addiction treatment, delivered by the right people, presented in a caring and comforting environment, will create the best opportunity for recovery and for a fulfilling life. Summit Malibu is owned and operated by people dedicated to helping others.


makes these pills within arms reach to the child and adolescent. We can avoid this by talking with the child in a compassionate but direct and firm manner about the topic of drugs and alcohol.  When doing so the parent should have a list of specific troublesome behaviors that they will look out for such as staying awake at night, sleeping all day, and if there is a suspicion giving out at -home drug tests.  What behavior the parent’s behavior model strongly affects the child.  If the parent continuously demonstrates the need to have that drink or pill as soon as they walk through the door, they are modeling the behavior that there aren’t healthier alternative ways of dealing with problems or stress.   Is there a specific type of personality that is more prone to addiction? People suffering from co-occurring psychological disorders are more vulnerable to turning to substances to mask the symptoms. Also, for some individuals the substances and alcohol are taken as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions that they do not know how to handle in a healthy way.  Emotional situations seem to turn some people to addiction, why is this, and how can it be avoided? Are there specific behavioral patterns that should be looked out for to recognize addiction?  Isolation, mood swings, depression, heavy anxiety, erratic sleep patterns, irresponsible behavior, denial, not following through with commitments, dues, emotional reactivity, misplaced anger, procrastination toward following through with key life responsibilities.  Creating drama for the purpose of excusing their addiction.  Excessive use of prescribed drugs. It is terrifying to hear that teenagers/children are coming more easily into contact with drugs and that this age is lowering.  How does this happen?  As parents how can we avoid this?   Our society has become pill oriented.  A pill will fix any ailment thus leading to more prescriptions being written and as a result there are more prescriptions in parent’s medicine cabinets.  This

Certain people are genetically predisposed to being an addict and when emotional situations arise these people don’t have the coping skills and consequently turn to using and drinking. This can be avoided when individuals who suffer from an emotional situation build a support team such as therapists, psychiatrists and/or life coaches that help the individual move through the situation rather than the individual trying to cope on their own.  Research shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that focuses on life skills to cope with emotional reactivity allows the individual to choose whether to react in a old maladaptive way or respond in a more effective manner.  Why do so many celebrities and high profile people have addictions? First of all celebrities and high profile people don’t necessarily have more addictions than the average person.  It is terribly stressful to be a celebrity


or a high profile person whose life is constantly under a microscope and the incredible stress that this situation can create can lead many celebrities and high profile people to turn to addictive substances for relief. What can we do to help an addict? Ask for professional help in intervening in the client’s behavior because often family members cannot be objective enough to be helpful.  Elicit help from healthy friends and support groups.  Do not enable their behaviors, financially and emotionally by protecting them from the consequences of their behavior.  This might hinder the addict from hitting a bottom.  Bottoms look different depending upon the addict.  An addict may have a high bottom or a low bottom.   Summit Malibu is beautiful with amazing surroundings and view and wonderful facilities, is it just for recovering addicts?  Who else could benefit from going to your center and why? Summit Malibu is a dual diagnosis facility which means that we not only treat individuals suffering from addiction but also individuals suffering from psychological and emotional disorders that can make them vulnerable to addiction.  What Summit does best is help individuals work through the underlying emotional/psychological issues that foster the addiction and have prevented them from creating the life worth living.   What would be a typical day at the center? Six days a week each client wakes up at 8am eats breakfast and participates in a morning group meditation.  This is followed by a 9am group, which includes either yoga, or a life skills group.  Then at 10:30 the client has an individual session with their therapist.  The 11:30 group includes various modalities such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or Relapse Prevention and process groups.  Clients eat lunch and then have another individual session with either our Relapse Prevention specialist or engage in a neurofeedback session.  This is followed by a 2:00 group, which includes certain topics that the therapists deem appropriate providing what they believe the clients are in need of focusing


on. Then clients have the option of engaging in family/couples therapy/trauma therapy or taking part in a physical activity such as swimming, walking on the beach, or going to the gym.   Clients eat dinner at 5:30 and are encouraged to attend an AA meeting that is particular to their recovery.  Or they might spend the evening on various homework that they have been assigned by their therapist such as constructing a trauma timeline, DBT homework or journaling.    Sunday is reserved for family visits and outings that help the client to recognize that a life in recovery can be active and fun.  What makes the difference between a successful recovery and a relapse? Relapse starts way before someone pick ups their first drug or drink.  You are following the therapeutic way of recovery, which is to be working hand and hand with a therapist or following the 12-step recovery plan. Apart from Summit Malibu you are also involved in doing Oswald interventions, can you tell us about that? Interventions are generally what are needed to get people into treatment.  An experienced interventionist guides the family and loved ones to objectively make sure that their attempts to help the family member get into treatment are in a safe and contained manner.   I have been doing interventions for 30 years and it is important to ask the family a lot of questions to decide who should be in the intervention and who should not to assure the success of the intervention.   You were instrumental in creating the Cocaine Anonymous 12 step program, can you tell us about this?  I started the World Service office and was the first chairman on the board of Cocaine Anonymous.   I was instrumental in putting together the first three world conferences and conventions of CA. 888 777 9672



By Dara Sandrini


ne of the best feelings in the world is a “Endocrine system blitz.” If you are a runner, you know the feeling well.  It’s that adrenaline rush that comes with each breath of fresh air.  It’s that increased energy and euphoria that comes with every swift step.  It’s that sense of accomplishment when reaching each mile marker.  It’s the wind at your back and the sound of the trail beneath your feet.  It’s what keeps runners running. Running can be a wonderful form of exercise as long as a few simple guidelines are met.  These guidelines are designed to keep every runner injury-free, to promote endurance and strength, and to encourage an overall satisfying, healthy running experience.    Runners who ignore these guidelines, run the risk of literally running into potential problems and injuries.  Common running injuries include plantar fasciitis (very painful), shin splints, tight hamstrings, hip pain, bone spurs, and back pain, (just to name a few).  These types of injuries can set a runner back for days, weeks, and even months.  As a former marathoner,  I remember being completely hooked on running.  Like an addiction, I couldn’t go a single day without “my run.”  I needed the rush.  Sooner than later, however, injuries stopped me in my tracks.  I tried to ignore the pain by taking anti-inflammatories and by injecting cortisone shots in my heels,  but ultimately, I wound up with a severely sprained ankle at mile marker six of the London Marathon. I learned my lesson the hard way and I don’t wish that experience upon anyone!


Today, I practice (and preach) an injury-free running program that incorporates smart running practices which include proper stretching, regular strength training and conditioning. Let’s start with smart running practices. The most important thing a runner can do for the sake of longevity and injury prevention, is to invest in a well-made pair of running shoes.  It is essential that your shoe is specifically designed for your particular type of running activity.  Examples of various running activities include sprinting, trail running, short distance running and long distance running.  Each of these activities really do require a different kind of running shoe.   Let me explain.  You wouldn’t buy a racquetball racket to play tennis, would you?  No. Both racquets are designed for different racquet sports, and you certainly require a tennis racquet (not a racquet ball racquet) for tennis.   On a similar note, you wouldn’t buy a new car without taking the time to shop for a reliable, well-made vehicle with certain essential features (such as comfort and good gas mileage).  While you want the car to get you from point A to point B, you would also like to get there safely, economically and comfortably.  With this in mind, treat shopping for running shoes as you would car shopping.  Don’t just look for a shoe that looks like it will get you from point A to point B without a blister.  Do your research.  Take the time to find a shoe that is designed for your feet.  Consider arch support.  Do your feet tend to pronate or supinate?  Are your feet narrow or wide?  It’s truly important to choose a shoe that is designed for your feet as well as for the running activity you are doing.  The good news is there are professionals who can help.  The bad news is that it is highly unlikely your super trendy, cute sneaker is going to be the right running shoe for you.  You may look really cute in those sneakers, but you won’t feel so hot when you sprain your ankle or even worse, end up with plantar fasciitis.  Please, take the time to find a shoe that will give you happy feet every time you run.


Stretch and Strengthen! Runners, this the most essential guideline to maintaining your injuryfree running program for many years to come. I can’t begin to tell you how many runners neglect to stretch before and after they run.  Then they wonder why they are so sore and tight.  The type of stretching we want to do prior to running is

dynamic stretching. I hesitate to use the term “stretching,” because truly you are moving your body repeatedly, in ways that simulate a running motion when you are stretching dynamically. This would include walking briskly, alternating knee lifts, doing 5-10 forward leg swings and moving lunges.  By taking at least 5 minutes to warm your body with a variety of these dynamic stretches, you are preparing your body for a pain-free and injury-free run. After each run, it is important to stretch again.  But this time, static stretches are the way to go.  These are the stretches you hold in place for 15-20 seconds.  Muscles, tendons and ligaments become warm and loose (so to speak) when running.  As soon as you stop running, they tighten up.  So it is essential to stretch.  I recommend the following: Start with 4 dynamic Walk-Outs - (bend from the waist, walk out with straight legs to plank position, then walk hands back to standing position). This will loosen up your hamstrings and cool you down for the following static stretches: • Lunges - hold each lunge 15-20 seconds • Downward Dog pose - (for the hamstrings) - hold this yoga pose for 10 seconds • Standing Calf Stretch - use a step or bench to stretch each calf muscle.  Don’t bounce. • Standing Quadriceps Stretch - On one leg stand and grab the other foot behind your buttocks.  Hold the stretch. • Pigeon Pose - Belly on the mat, one leg straight behind you, the other knee bent with the bottom of that foot tucked in toward your pelvis.  Lean forward onto your elbows.  (This stretches the hip flexors that tend to become very tight from running). • Seated Hip Flexor Twist - One leg straight ahead with  other knee bent and foot crossed over the straight leg.   Twist your body away from your straight leg, grabbing the bent knee with your elbow.  (This is another excellent hip flexor stretch).

Finally runners, consider incorporating weight training and conditioning into your running program. You will be so glad you did!  There are many excellent reasons a runner should cross condition and incorporate strength training into his/her fitness program.  Adding exercises such as Seated Squats, Lunges, Leg Presses, Leg Extensions, Hamstring Roll-outs, and weight-bearing Step-Ups,  will strengthen your quadriceps, calves, buttocks and hamstrings, and will definitely give you a “leg up” when it comes to your running conditioning.   Not only will strength conditioning impact your speed and endurance during your run, but you will also lose more body fat, become more physically toned and defined, strengthen your bones and greatly reduce your chances of risking a running injury. So there you have it, Runners!  A few simple guidelines that will positively impact your running workout program.  Wear well-fitted, proper running shoes, stretch appropriately before and after every run, and add strength training to your overall workout program.  Do these things and watch your body, mind and spirt transform! Dara Sandrini Fitness Trainer & Group Instructor

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The second Orange County location of the healthy, fast-casual eatery will feature a juice bar, a wine and beer bar, local delivery, and weekend brunch Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop offers a health-focused menu featuring custom-made gourmet salads, sandwiches, and hot entrées with fresh, locally grown ingredients, flame-grilled proteins, and countless toppings to maintain an affordable, healthy way of life. The restaurant is helmed by Owner and “Commander in Leaf” Jonathan Rollo and Corporate Chef Kristi Ritchey, who came together to provide nutritious gourmet fare that supports a wellrounded, active lifestyle.


More information and full menus are available at

Greenleaf currently has four locations: the flagship in Beverly Hills, serving breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; Century City, serving breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; and in Costa Mesa on 17th Street, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 8 a.m.-9 p.m. SundayWednesday, and 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; and at Costa Mesa’s South Coast Collection, open for lunch and dinner Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-10 p.m., and for weekend brunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop is also on:



Sebastian Vettel won the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel controlled Sunday's 2013 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix from start to finish for Red Bull, as Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen came through the pack to complete the podium.


“It’s just been a fantastic weekend. The start was close, but then we had strong race pace, especially when the safety car came in, and we pushed very hard to try to build up a gap. You never know what’s coming up and what can happen. The last ten laps seemed to go on forever inside the car. I kept my concentration by reminding myself how easily you can make a mistake around here, the walls are close and if you don’t pay enough attention it can go wrong pretty quickly. I focused

on hitting the brakes correctly and on saving the tyres. We didn’t expect to be that strong, but it’s a team effort. Everyone is pushing hard and I think the secret, if there is one, is that we love what we do and we’re so passionate. The conditions aren’t great here with the heat, but the team always pushes hard and I think that’s what makes the difference. I’d like to say to everyone working for team that it’s a privilege for me to be driving the car you have built.“



By BMW Group

BMW i stands for the creation of pure-bred vehicle concepts, sustainability throughout the value chain, complementary mobility services and a fresh understanding of premium defined squarely in terms of sustainability. And now the BMW Group can unveil the BMW i8 – a new, cutting-edge generation of sports car. The second model unveiled by the new BMW i brand combines a plug-in hybrid drive system with a passenger cell made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and an aluminum frame for the combustion engine and electric motor, the battery pack and the suspension. With this revolutionary concept and the emotional appeal of its aerodynamically optimized body design, the 2+2-seater – which was conceived from the outset as a plug-in hybrid


– paves the way for an engagingly dynamic and futuristically efficient take on BMW’s hallmark driving pleasure. By cementing the brand’s new premium character, strongly defined by sustainability, in the sports car segment, the new i8 also demonstrates the broad spread and universal appeal of the BMW i philosophy. The research and development activities carried out by the BMW Group since 2007 as part of its project i initiative have laid the groundwork for a visionary car conceived with the impact of environmental, economic and social change around the world very much in mind. Alongside its conceptual and technological development work, the company has also conducted field studies looking at the use of pure-electric vehicles in everyday conditions. More

than 1,000 people have taken part in the studies, racking up in excess of 32 million kilometers (20 million miles) at the wheel. The knowledge gained as a result has been channeled into the creation of innovative vehicle concepts and mobility solutions. Breaking new ground: premium cars underpinned by sustainability-led concepts arrive in the sports car segment. The development of BMW i cars follows a revolutionary approach, a strategy focusing on the creation of premium cars purpose-designed to be powered by purely electric or plug-in hybrid drive systems. This electric drive technology (packaged under the BMW eDrive banner) is therefore a central component of the vehicle concept – in contrast to the “conversion” model, where vehicles are retrofitted with electric drive systems. Characteristic BMW driving dynamics coupled with emission-free mobility, precise energy flow management, pioneering design, intelligent lightweight construction and production processes that preserve energy and resources come together to mutually complementary effect to form the innovative, sustainability-led premium character of BMW i cars. The BMW i8 was conceived from the ground up as a plug-in hybrid sports car boasting agile performance attributes and extraordinary efficiency. Its LifeDrive architecture – developed specifically for BMW i – offers the ideal platform for a weight-

minimizing construction, low center of gravity and even weight distribution. The combustion engine and electric motor, battery pack, power electronics, chassis components, and structural and crash functions are all arranged within the aluminum Drive module, while the central element of the Life module is the i8’s CFRP passenger cell. This structure also allows a considerable degree of design freedom, which has been utilized – within the framework of the design language developed for BMW i – to give the BMW i8 its distinctive appearance. The perfect balance of performance and fuel consumption: the BMW i8 represents an exciting new landmark in Efficient Dynamics. The BMW i8 offers a revolutionary and future-focused interpretation of BMW’s signature driving pleasure – and in so doing, makes its case as the world’s most progressive model in the sports car segment. The plug-in hybrid drive system developed and manufactured by the BMW Group especially for the BMW i8 represents a new stage of evolution in the Efficient Dynamics development strategy. The BMW Group launched Efficient Dynamics over a decade ago with the aim of significantly enhancing the performance characteristics and efficiency of every new BMW Group model. Efficient Dynamics incorporates both the evolution of existing technology and the use of revolutionary new drive system concepts. For example, effi-


cient vehicle concepts focusing on lightweight design and aerodynamics, dynamic drive systems featuring both BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and BMW eDrive, and intelligent management of energy consumption within the vehicle are applied in various current BMW models. BMW i cars benefit from the introduction of revolutionary new technology which subsequently finds its way into the models produced by the core brands of the BMW Group. As a world-leading supplier of premium cars and, increasingly, also premium services, the BMW Group is playing an active and defining role in the changing face of personal mobility. And awareness of issues such as resource scarcity, climate change and creeping urbanization is also growing among the public. The BMW Group’s commitment to sustainability has long been a key element of its corporate strategy and is one of the fundamental principles enforced throughout the company’s value chain, as independent studies have regularly confirmed. The BMW Group has been named the “world’s most sustainable automobile manufacturer” in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for eight consecutive years. BMW i8: the trailblazer for a new generation of sports car.


The underlying principle of Efficient Dynamics – more

driving pleasure, lower fuel consumption – is expressed with particular purity by the BMW i8. With the performance attributes of a pure-bred sports car and the fuel consumption of a small city model, the first BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle hits heights only attainable through the revolutionary BMW i vehicle concept. And that makes the BMW i8 a trailblazer for a new generation of sports cars, defined not only by their performance characteristics but also by intelligent solutions to the challenges personal mobility will encounter over the years ahead. Thanks to its revolutionary vehicle concept and intelligent drive system management, the BMW i8 strikes the optimum balance between dynamic ability and efficiency in a variety of driving situations. The output of the engine and electric motor, the capacity of the high-voltage battery, intelligent energy management and the vehicle’s overall weight are tailored to form a precisely composed package that defines the unique character of the plug-in hybrid sports car. Its all-electric driving range is sufficient to cover most urban driving requirements, and out of town, the BMW i8 offers impressively sporty performance which is also very efficient thanks to the power-boosting support for the gasoline engine from the electric motor. Efficiency and driving dynamics alike are optimized by the broad application of lightweight design – from the

CFRP passenger cell to the weight-reduced construction of all other components – and mobility services developed specially for BMW i. The all-encompassing approach of the BMW i brand also includes the extensive use of recycled materials, renewable raw materials and naturally treated materials, alongside extremely resource-efficient production methods. This overall concept makes the BMW i8 the world’s most forwardlooking sports car. It brings together thrilling performance and progressive efficiency. In the process it boosts  driving pleasure and sustainability awareness in equal measure.

First plug-in hybrid vehicle from the BMW Group and world’s most forward-looking sports car; revolutionary interpretation of BMW’s hallmark driving pleasure; groundbreaking premium character clearly defined in terms of sustainability.   • 2+2-seater with LifeDrive architecture developed specifically for BMW i, aerodynamically groundbreaking body design and visionary interior design deliver an intense driving experience; Life module passenger cell made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP); drive system technology, high-voltage battery, chassis, and crash and structural functions integrated into the aluminum Drive module; curb weight: 3,285 lbs (1,490 kg); Cd: 0.26; very low center of gravity (below 18 inches/460 millimeters); well-balanced weight distribution. • Emotion-led visual impression based around established BMW i design language; classical sports car proportions and fresh interpretation of BMW design features; doors open upwards like wings; clean lines, plus surface design (external and internal) based on the layering principle; full-LED headlights as standard, innovative laser headlights – unique worldwide – available as an option where regulations allow. • Plug-in hybrid system developed and produced by the BMW Group represents the latest development stage of Efficient Dynamics; debut for three-cylinder gasoline engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, displacement: 1.5 liters, output: 170 kW/231 hp, maximum torque: 320 Nm (236 lb-ft); power sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic gearbox; model-specific hybrid synchronous electric motor, output: 96 kW/131 hp, maximum torque: 250 Nm (184 lbft); power channeled through the front wheels via a two-stage automatic transmission; lithium-ion highvoltage battery with liquid cooling and usable capacity of 5 kWh.


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