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Lawn Care Specialty Summit Sponsored by: Summit participation is not included in the full registration, additional fees apply.

October 15th MOTIVATIONAL TOOLS FOR EVERY GENERATION Beth Berry, Real Green Systems Labor is the #1 concern for green industry sustainability, and it’s not just about finding worker, but retaining and motivating them as well. These challenges are compounded by a generational divide that means your millennial, Gen-X and Gen-Z crew members all want something different from their work. Beth Berry is a thirty-year green industry veteran, and in this session she will provide an actionable strategy for motivating and retaining workers from every generation.

PESTICIDES AND PUBLIC PERCEPTION: ADDRESSING INDUSTRY ISSUES Dr. Frank Wong, Bayer CropScience Learn how advocacy, politics and public opinion are shaping the laws and regulations that dictate the tools you can use to manage golf courses and landscapes. Dr. Frank Wong, a Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant at Bayer CropScience, will provide an overview of the pesticide registration and review process, proposed bans and restrictions, and factors driving public opinion. He will also discuss strategies for advocacy and public engagement.

Lawn Care Specialty Summit Sponsored by: Summit participation is not included in the full registration, additional fees apply.

October 15th MOSQUITO CONTROL: BEST PRACTICES FOR SUCCESS Dr. Kurt Vandock, Bayer Environmental Science Learn cutting-edge best practices for mosquito control across residential, commercial and government settings. Dr. Kurt Vandock, Head of Public Health for Bayer Environmental Science, will introduce you to an integrated approach that includes surveillance, monitoring and intervention, and he’ll highlight common pitfalls in the program’s application. Finally, he will share up-to-date information on new and existing diseases that can be spread by these summertime pests.

WEEDS: A NEVER-ENDING BATTLE Rob Golembiewski, Bayer Got weeds? If you find yourself waging a never-ending battle against weeds, you need to start asking why. Discover the most common reasons for poor turfgrass performance, and learn integrative strategies to reduce infestations. Examine common control measures, and find out how to best use both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. This fun and interactive session will help take the stress out of weed management.

SPECIALTY SUMMITS RECEPTION All Specialty summit attendees are invited to attend this special reception.

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Learn Network Experience LANDSCAPES 2019 at GIE + EXPO offers everything you need to grow like a pro, all in one place. Sharpen your competitive edge at more than 60 educational sessions delivered by top industry experts. See all the new stateof-the-art equipment at GIE + EXPO. Meet other industry professionals at our networking events, hosted at the luxury Omni Louisville Hotel and the Kentucky Expo Center. LANDSCAPES is a must-attend event for landscape professionals, combining the industry’s largest education event with the biggest power equipment trade show in the country. You’ll go home armed with new tools, strategies and business contacts that will help you take your business to the next level, guaranteed.

Visit to register and pay online. Contact Amy Easterday at or (800) 395-2522 with questions.

Power Sessions October 16th HOW TO SOLVE THE WORKFORCE CRISIS: A LONG OVERDUE INDUSTRY DIALOGUE Missy Henriksen and Valerie Shuford, NALP We can’t solve today’s labor crisis with yesterday’s thinking. It’s time to have a hard, uncomfortable conversation about why we can’t find and keep good workers. Through facilitated conversation, we’ll explore the systemic changes required to attract a more diverse workforce. We’ll talk about how to make minorities feel welcome, and what your female employees want you to know, but can’t tell you. We’ll explain how you can connect with 5.2 million “opportunity workers” and address NALP’s new programs to connect companies with workers. We’ll conclude by providing an overview of the Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program and the potential benefits of working with local workforce boards. If you think you have heard it all, this session will prove you wrong. It is a must-attend for those ready to be drivers of change.


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Not seeing the profits you want? Growing so fast you can’t focus on strategy? Feel like your business has eaten your life? These are tough challenges, but they’re not insurmountable. Marty Grunder is president and CEO of Grunder Landscaping and The Grow Group, a leading green industry consultancy. In this session, he’ll show you how four companies identified and overcame their biggest obstacles – and what you can do to conquer yours.

Recommended Educational Sessions October 16th DEVELOPING A SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMER SURVEY SYSTEM Bob Grover, Pacific Landscape Management Understanding your customers and keeping them happy is the very foundation of business success. Learn how to survey your customers so you can better understand their expectations, perceptions and complaints. This kind of data will help you to be more responsive, improve customer satisfaction, increase client retention and boost sales.

THE TOP 5 MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR GROWTH IN 2020 Christopher Yates, Success Landscape Marketing Learn how to increase leads, boost sales, and grow your bottom line in 2020 and beyond, both online and offline.

October 17th THE 4 SECRETS TO USING YOUR SAFETY PROGRAM TO IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE Dave Garcia & Drew Garcia, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services Learn how to create and maintain a safety tracking system that will improve your Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Rate (XMOD), lower your premium calculation, and boost the bottom line. Join Dave and Drew Garcia, two former professionals baseball players, as they reveal the four critical elements that will help you improve your safety game plan.

Recommended Educational Sessions October 17th TURNING A CUSTOMER FOR A SEASON INTO A CLIENT FOR LIFE: A STEP BY STEP SYSTEM FOR REPEAT BUSINESS Marty Grunder, The Grow Group It is far less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one, yet many landscaping companies chase new sales instead of building on existing customer relationships. Marty Grunder is president and CEO of Grunder Landscaping and The Grow Group, a leading green industry consultancy. In this presentation, he will teach you how to generate repeat business, deliver exceptional customer service, and maximize the power of referrals.

October 18th THE SUCCESS LIE: A PROVEN SYSTEM TO CREATE THE MINDSET SHIFT TO OVERCOME OVERWHELM Janelle Bruland, MSNW, LLC Learn how a simple shift in mindset can maximize productivity and improve results. Discover how to keep your organization laser focused on goals and create the conditions for continuous improvement, both for your team and for yourself as a leader. You’ll come away from this unique presentation with specific, relevant examples that you can implement immediately.

HOW TO WIN BIG SELLING AND SERVING HIGH-END CLIENTS Dana Davis, Green Point Consulting Dana Davis, a 30-year industry veteran, will share real-world stories and case studies of clients who have maximized profits by servicing high-end residential clients.



Wednesday, October 16th


learn, con Bill Silverman, Springboard Business Coaching

You can’t run a $1 million landscaping business the same way you run a small business. In this session, you’ll learn how to build a growing, profitable multimillion-dollar business that virtually runs itself by delegating like a CEO. Bill Silverman will show you the skills, tools and best practices that have helped owners add six figures to their bottom lines and cut hours and stress from their workdays!

Thursday, October 17th

WORKER-OWNERSHIP AS A SUCCESSION PLAN (AND A POWERFUL RETENTION STRATEGY!) Carolyn Edsell-Vetter, A Yard & a Half Landscape Corp. More than 85% of business owners do not have an exit plan in place. Learn how landscape business owners are successfully ensuring a retirement income – as well as improving recruitment and retention – by selling to employees through conversion to worker- owned cooperatives.

Thursday, October 17th

Thursday, October 17th



Moderator: Brett Lemcke, R.M. Landscape, Inc.

Mike Andres, Augusta Lawn Care Services

Join NALP’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winners as they share their secrets and lessons learned in succeeding in the landscape industry at a young age.

Hear founder and CEO Mike Andes explain how a strong team culture helped this local lawn care business become the #1 place to work in the Augusta region.

Friday, October 18th

ENSURING YOUR SUCCESSOR Michael Beck, Eliciting Excellence Studies have shown that roughly 70% of all business successions fail. The overwhelming reason for those failures is that the successor was poor prepared for the transition. In this session, you’ll learn the common issues related to successor development, and you’ll get some practical strategies for accomplishing that development.

Don’t miss out! OPENING KEYNOTE: NEVER FLY SOLO: THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIP TO REACH NEW HEIGHTS IN BUSINESS AND LIFE. LT. COL. ROB “WALDO” WALDMAN Sponsored by: In today’s highly competitive world, those who build trust and work as a team will dodge the missiles of business and win. This keynote is about focusing on what really matters in business: building highperformance, trusting teams and serving your customers and colleagues. It’s about winning with integrity through disciplined training, dedicated teamwork and courageous leadership. Waldo Waldman is a decorated fighter pilot, experienced sales expert and the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo. A highly regarded motivational speaker, he teaches how to build trusting, revenue-producing relationships with employees, partners and customers. He’ll talk about how he overcame a lifelong battle with claustrophobia and a fear of heights to become a highly decorated fighter pilot with over 65 combat missions. Waldo’s experience, both in the military and in business, have taught him that success is about camaraderie, courage and a commitment to excellence. His custom business analogies and captivating personal stories will encourage you to prepare diligently for every mission, face challenges with courage, build more meaningful relationships, and maximize your potential both in business and in life.


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Fifty networking tables “puts you at the table” with the best minds in the landscape industry on two mornings. A perennial favorite of landscape participants, you learn from peers and experts as you make connections that last beyond the conference.



Sponsored by: Meet tomorrow’s landscape industry professionals at the student/employer roundtable recruiting session. Employers will be stationed at tables, and students will select potential employers with whom to network.

Get inspired! Come see this year’s award-winning commercial and residential landscape projects and hear from the people who made them happen. Help us celebrate our 2019 Awards of Excellence winners and acknowledge the industry leaders who are raising the bar on safety. You’ll have an opportunity to network during the cocktail hour!


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Guide for Lawn Care Professionals  

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