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Chapter 5: Shanghai Laowais New York saxophonist Alec Haavik dressed as his alter ego, ‘The Lizard,’ at 1933, Shanghai’s old slaughterhouse, autumn 2011

Chapter 1: Disappearing City A man in one of the Old Town houses condemned for demolition, winter 2010

Chapter 4: Blue Collar/White Collar Inside a Hongkou hairdresser, winter 2011

Chapter 2: Building Modern Shanghai Workers on Shanghai Tower’s 110th floor, autumn 2013

Nicky Almasy

The Rebirth of a Modern Metropolis

“Pick the most inspiring people around me and put them in the most inspiring places,” is how former That’s Shanghai photographer Nicky Almasy describes the images that make up Shanghai – City in Motion: The Rebirth of a Modern Metropolis, the culmination of his seven years in the city.

Chapter 6: Shanghai Seasons Fall in the former French Concession, autumn 2010

Chapter 7: Just Shanghai An evening photo of the Normandie Apartments, one of the landmark buildings of architect Laszlo Hudec, autumn 2012

“It includes people from all walks of life: musicians, promoters, actors, designers, chefs, Shanghai celebrities and common people,” the 38-year-old Hungarian says of the 300 page book. “It is divided into eight chapters and includes basically every person and place that mattered and has been around us during the last seven years.” Here, Almasy picks a favorite image from each chapter.

Chapter 3: Shanghai Locals One of the contestants of Miss China Universe in the dressing room on the day of the finals, Kerry Parkside, summer 2012


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Chapter 8: The Musicians of the City Jazz trumpeter Theo Crocker, summer 2013

January 2014 //


Nicky Almasy article  
Nicky Almasy article