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CTP San Isidro de Heredia Trabajo de: Inglés Técnico Tema: Idiomatic Expressions

Profesor: Karla Rivera Elaborado por: Natalia González Delgado

Sección: 12-5 Curso lectivo 2018- I Periodo Fecha de entrega: 13 de marzo

Idiomatic Expression "Better late than never."

Meaning It´s best to do somenthing on time. But if you can´t do it on time, do it late.

Translation "Mejor tarde que nunca"

Example I didn't do my homework on time, but better late than never.

Idiomatic Expression "Play by ear."

Meaning You will how things are going and decide on a course of actions as you move forward.


"Dejarse llevar"


I don't know how to dance! Listen the music and play it by ear.

Idiomatic Expression " Knight in shining armour"

Meaning Is a heroic, idealised male who typically comes to the rescue of female.

Translation "El prĂ­ncipe azul"

Example And my desire is come true! My knigth in shining armour saved me from the dark.

Idiomatic Expression "Turn a blind eye"

Meaning To something means to pretend not to have noticed it.

Translation "Hacerse el tonto"

Example My classmates copy on the exam, but I turn the blind eye.

Idiomatic Expression "Cry over spilt milk"

Meaning When you complain about a loss from the past.

Translation "Llorar sobre la leche derramada"

Example When she left her friends, she sometimes cry over spilt milk.

Idiomatic Expression "A piece of cake"



When is very easy.

"Es un queque"

Example I don't undestand what is the problem? This homework is a piece of cake.

Idiomatic Expression "An arm a leg"



When it's too expensive

"Un ojo de la cara"

Example I can't pay, this bird costs an arm and leg.

Idiomatic Expression "Curiosity Killed the cat"

Meaning Being inquisitive can lead you into an unpleasant situtation

Translation "La curiosisdad matรณ al gato"

Example The curiosity killed the cat, but died knowing about bad smell.

Idiomatic Expression "On the ball"

Meaning When someone undeeertands the situation well.

Translation "Estar sintonĂ­a"

Example My friends are always on the ball.

Idiomatic Expression "Head in the clouds"


Describe someone who is not being realistic.

Translation "Anda en la luna"

Example I don't pay attention beacuse I have my head in the clouds.

Idiomatic expression  

A little work of 10 idiomatics Expressions

Idiomatic expression  

A little work of 10 idiomatics Expressions