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PIRATE SAMS—REGION 15 NOVEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER NEXT CAMPOUT: December 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 LOCATION: Poche’s RV Park, Breaux Bridge, LA 337 332 0326 DIRECTIONS: From I-10 Breaux Bridge Exit 109, North (LA 328) 1.7 miles. Turn left on Poche Bridge Road. Cross bridge, then turn right on LA 31. Go 0.2 miles, then turn left on LA 341 (Declouet Hwy). Go 2 miles, turn left on LA 354 (Saw Mill Hwy). Campground is 1/2 mile on right. (30.3352N, 91.9248W coordinates) OFFICERS 2010 President: Don Harper Tel: (409) 722-7122 Vice President: Malcolm Hebert Tel: (409) 722-7787 Treasurer: Betty DuBois Tel: (409) 962-6520 Secretary: Beverly Harper Tel: (409) 722-7122 Wagonmaster: Bill McDuff Tel: (409) 768-8968 Editor: Nelda Seiver Tel: (409) 727-5343 Area State Director: Alice Barnett Tel: (210) 427-2976

The McDuffs were already at Lake Conroe KOA (or as we know it, Havens Landing) as the nine rigs started arriving Wednesday, November 9th. They drove in on Sunday and among their activities was Bill to office to negotiate 2013’s campout dates without a cost increase. There was bad weather causing down trees, etc., nearby Tuesday night, but Karen said fortunately, the winds were not that bad for them. The group arriving Wednesday contended with leftover wind gusts from Tuesday evening. The occupants of the nine rigs were: Rigbys, Landrys, Lancloses, Verna Nunez, Betty Dubois, Seivers, Heberts, Harpers, and Chapmans. The group ate at the Mexican food restaurant down the hill. Watch out for cherry juice. The cherry juice in some of the drinks caused (hysterical?) laughter that lasted through the evening.

Pirate Sam 2011 Officers Photo by Charlie Leo

It was a cool Thursday morning before warming up for the sunny day. Instead of partaking of the breakfast prepared by our fantastic Pirate Sam cooks, Betty Chap-

man, Beverly Harper, and Nelda Seiver bungled up like Eskimos to walk to the enclosed pool (heated) for the water aerobics class. Don LaBorde was called Wednesday to see if he was on his way. He had forgotten about the campout. We were thrilled upon discovering that he had driven in Thursday morning!!! We all learned something: his cabin rental rate almost doubled for weekend nights! Carolyn and David Fruge arrived with sacks and boxes of satsumas (and he said that he still had more to pick). We appreciate you for sharing!!! Long-time friends of Verna Nunez, Mike and Sue Liles had planned on being at campout before supper, but were delayed leaving home by having to make an RV repair and in the dark passing by the campground. They are a delightful couple that we enjoyed having visit! Supper was spaghetti, etc. Charlie Rigby decided keeping the pasta in oven to keep warm does not work well when you raise

temperature to toast the bread— not quite Cajun blacken pasta, but dry and brown enough that he cooked new. We enjoyed the salad with fresh lettuce from the Landry’s garden.

and the men fished while the women played games, etc. Thursday evenings meal was based on the men’s success.

Charlie Leo did not get home from work until about 5:00. Sherrie had things ready for them to leave. It was late when they arrived so no visiting, but glad that they were there for rest of weekend. Friday morning, the three ladies went back for water aerobics. Betty and Beverly just had to inform the group that Nelda was told (not asked) to stay after class for more instruction—as Betty said, Nelda was not “undulating” properly! Such is the life of an uncoordinated person—kept afterwards for a volunteer class!! What a great breakfast!! Baked croissants filled with bacon, egg, and cheese. The Stones had decided that it would be impractical for them to come to campout. Janice’s stepmother passed away (our condolences to you and your family) and they had visitation in Louisiana Wednesday, funeral Thursday, and they wanted to be at hospital Friday when their baby grandson had minor surgery. Since the surgery was scheduled for early Friday morning, was short, was successful, and the dominoes and Sam Moon were beckoning, the Stones arrived before lunch. A group of Pirate Sams went to Toledo Bend in June. The Harpers and Stones took their boats

The men all set up to start frying the fish, hush puppies, and potatoes. Missing from this photo is our chief cooks: Charlie Rigby and Bill McDuff. They must have ran back to kitchen for something. Don Harper seasoned the fish using his special method—it was good. The men did not know that they had become so efficient in frying the fish, etc. The meal was ready early. Emergency calls were placed requesting everyone to come back to clubhouse so that the food could be eaten while hot. Saturday morning, the Heberts left early (not taking a chance on missing game do to some delay) for home so that Malcolm could attend the Port Neches play-off game that evening. It was nice of the district to schedule a Saturday night football game instead of Friday, so that the Heberts could be with us as long as they were. After eating breakfast and cleaning up, the meeting was held. In no particular order, the following was discussed. The veterans were acknowledged and in recognition of Armistice Day were allowed to be first in line after

guests at Saturday evening’s pot luck. A vote was held on granting Carolyn and David Fruge membership in Pirate Sams. After inviting the couple back into the room, president, Don Harper, told them that he had good news and bad news. The good news was that the club overwhelming wanted them to be members of the club. The bad news was that as members, they no longer went first in line. Don was having trouble remembering Carolyn’s name (despite having known her for a long time) so she told him to just call her “Hey you.” Charlie Leo was thanked for the excellent job that he did on newsletter while Nelda was gone. His “Whose Shoes?” question had no correct guess, so the “shoes” stood up on table with feet in them supporting Charlie Rigby’s body. This feature was enjoyed, therefore, Charlie Leo has another question for you. Who’s Vest?

A slate of officers for 2012 was presented. Weldon Stone—president Beverly Harper—vice-president Betty DuBois—treasurer Verna Nunez—secretary Bill McDuff—wagonmaster Charlie Rigby campaigned for Weldon with the slogan: Vote for “Well done” not for “Medium rare.” He also presented Weldon’s platform. Weldon’s promises to the people if elected: 1. Shorter meetings 2. Better food 3. Cheaper fees 4. More dominoes 5. More dominoes 6. And even more dominoes! It was stated though that you can’t count on politicians keeping their promises!! The slate of officers presented were elected. Thanks to each for agreeing to serve and especially Betty DuBois and Bill Mc Duff for accepting another term. There were fourteen rigs at the campout including the guests plus Don LaBorde in a cabin. Bill McDuff presented dates for 2013 campouts for approval. He also reminded each to be sure to make their reservations for December campout at Poche’s. He asked whether we wanted to have our Christmas (not Holiday) dinner Thursday night so we could have the leftovers Saturday, or have the dinner Saturday at 2:00. A vote was taken for Saturday. Members are to bring a sidedish to accompany the turkey and ham meal Saturday.

Friday evening Poche’s is having a party in clubhouse to which Pirate Sams are invited. Those with E-mail learned that the club was notified the last of October that the annual assessment for the club has risen from $2 per rig to $5 per rig. The assessment is due in November of each year. Since Betty DuBois had already collected the 2012 dues, it was discussed and voted that instead of Betty contacting each member for the additional funds that the extra $3 per rig comes from the club’s treasury this year. The exchange of Christmas gifts was discussed. It was voted that again men bring a $20 gift for a man and women due the same for a woman. It was suggested that the newsletter only be mailed to those without Internet Service and sent by Email to others. The majority voted to keep it like it is (mailed). The editor will contact you on how many envelopes you will need to provide for 2012. If you individually prefer to have newsletter Emailed, let the editor know. Charlie Rigby also had another announcement. He stated that he and the other main cooks, Bill McDuff and Malcolm Hebert after due consideration decided to hand over their duties to Janice Stone and Nelda Seiver as he presented the two with spatulas. Nelda said that she hoped that the group likes bread and water while Janice said they better pray that the water turns to wine! Of course, there are also pine floats— a toothpick in glass of water. The group is relieved that the men will continue their excellent service.

It failed to be mentioned at the meeting, but it is hoped that the members will continue to support the Women and Children’s shelter with diapers, baby clothes, underwear (children and women), lotion, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. The shelter can use most anything including office supplies except for adult clothes (they are given vouchers to select items from the resale shop). Of course, if you do not have time to shop or do not want to make a decision, money is an appreciated option. It was announced at the meeting that the Loftins were not at campout since Jack was in Arkansas looking for Bambi’s father. Unfortunately, this was inaccurate— not Bambi’s mother either. He received a pinch nerve in back while receiving therapy. He is seeing a second specialist for his recommendation—hope that diagnosis is to do nothing and it will heal itself in a very short time!!!

Is that the size of a fish that got away that Warren Landy is telling Allen Lanclos about? After the meeting adjourned, Elaine Rigby, Carolyn Fruge (for those who have may forgotten, she is Elaine’s sister), Margie Lanclos, Betty Chapman, and Janice Stone all went to Sam Moon’s to look and buy

2011 Campout Schedule

2012 Campout Schedule

December 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Poche’s RV Park 1080 Sawmill Highway Beaux Bridge, LA 70517 337-332-0326 Everyone needs to make their reservations now, if have not done so

May 8 Mothers Day

2012 Campout Schedule January 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Lake Conroe KOA Park (formerly Havens Landing) 19785 HWY 105 W Montgomery, Texas 1-800-562-9750 $25.00 February 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Poche’s RV Park 1080 Sawmill Highway Beaux Bridge, LA 70517 337-332-0326 Everyone has to make own reservations a month in advance February 14-21 Mardi Gras March 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Magnolia Lake RV Park 799 Farm Market 2665 Goodrich, TX 77335 936-365-4910 April 8 Easter Sunday Austin Lone Star Carefree RV 7009 South I-35 Austin, TX 78744 512-444-6322 1-800-284-0206 Everyone makes their on reservations—call now; may cancel prior without penalty

May 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Northshore RV Resort Hwy 190/ 168 Butler Onalaska, TX 77360 877-766-7847 $22.00 daily June 17 Fathers Day Eat Out Meetings June 16 July 14 August 11 September 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Northshore RV Resort Hwy 190/ 168 Butler Onalaska, TX 77360 877-766-7847 $22.00 daily October 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Country Place RV Park 3043 Waukegan Road Cut’n Shoot, TX 77306 1-800-360-2854 $20.00 November 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Lake Conroe KOA Park (formerly Havens Landing) 19785 HWY 105 W Montgomery, Texas 1-800-562-9750 $25.00 November 22 Thanksgiving December 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 undetermined

jewelry, purses, etc. Malcolm, you owe Barbara. Your departure prevented her from going on this buying trip. Elaine’s son and daughter-in-law came by to show her their new vehicle, but had to settle to just showing it to the men in the clubhouse since she was out shopping. Sherry Leo (who we may start calling “the cake lady” for her wonderful baking) was thrilled when her 10-month (?) old grandson came to visit. He is a real trouper for he did not let the mob nor noise in clubhouse affect him. Of course, the Leos were happy to see son and daughter-in-law also. Page Rogers went into St. Mary’s Hospital a few days before campout (Monday November 7th) to have a knee replacement operation. She was excited when the doctor had a cancellation and she could have it done earlier than anticipated. Happy to report that she is doing better than when having the knee replacement on her other leg.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS Margie Lanclos 12/8 Jack Steiner 12/23 David Fruge 12/26 Doug Austin 12/27 Tim Champagne 12/31 DECEMBER ANNIVERSARIES Gene & Linda Wilson Allen & Margie Lanclos 12/8 Don & Beverly Harper 12/13

Want to thank Warren Landry for collecting aluminum cans. It is great that he is recycling for the club and for the planet. His red tub became full during the weekend and the Lanclos brought a sack of cans to add to the collection. Heard that those jalapenos that were being devoured were canned by Warren. Is that true, Dot? The Ellises did not make the campout since they were in Georgia. The Yannets were traveling to Hilton Head, South Carolina, for a family birthday (?) celebration. The Noels had finally been able to conclude their negotiations with the insurance company concerning a leak in RV and were on their way to factory in Indiana for repairs. Kenneth and Faye Babin, we have missed you. Hope that you will be able to make the December campout. The Steiner Saga While we were enjoying the campout, the Steiners were even busier than planned Jack thought he had an alignment problem on the motorhome and they were not sure whether they would have it back to sleep in Thursday night (the movers scheduled to be there early Friday to pack their possessions to transport to California). Jack also had to get two new tires. The RV refrigerator which was full of frozen items quit working overnight. Fortunately, they were

able to get repairman Friday and he had the part needed. They were not able to leave Monday morning after signing papers for the sale of their house as planned. A mixup on transporting Myrna’s car, but after problem solved, it turned out better since new provider had covered carrier instead of open and was $50 less, but by time all this was taken care of it was too late to leave. They spent the night at the Austins leaving Tuesday at 3:30 a.m. It was raining extremely hard when stopping for fuel in San Antonio. The barrier by pump was hit damaging three basement compartments plus cracking the back. Bungee cords held everything together and the lights worked and they were not hurt so they were able to continue. Jack drove to El Paso area and after resting at truck stop, was on the road by 5:00 a.m. (memory hazy— may have been earlier). They had to be in California Thursday afternoon to sign some papers and then close on new house Friday and furniture was to be delivered on Saturday. Does all this make you tired just empathizing with them? They will have stories to tell!!! The last heard from them were that they were spending Wednesday night at her sister’s in Arizona which is six hours from their Thursday California destination. Jack and Myrna, we will miss you and hope that all your future incidents will be pleasurable ones. Keep in contact. You could write one E-mail that goes to everyone and remember, most of us has Verizon as you do, so calling will not cost.

At a loss of words to caption this photo of the two Pirate Sam members on the right Nick Ewing, game announcer for the Nederland Bulldogs said overthe-air he better get the name of #17 Tanner Noel right or his grandparents Willie and Gloria Noel will let him know about it. Tanner is the Bulldogs varsity place kicker Ray and Betty Chapman: Dorothy Sutherland said that she will make the December campout. If the RV water pump is not repaired, she does not need it when she connects the water hose to the spigot anyway. Better hide when Nelda Seiver is coming with her photo album. She took 2,276 pictures on their six-week trip and now have more of them printed to show. Pirate Sams were invited to the Champagnes beach party. The Chapmans, Harpers, Heberts, Lanclos, Noels, Stones, Roys, Rogers, Betty D, and Verna stayed at an RV park nearby and

the Rogers and Hadsons drove down together for the day. They said about 100 people were there. Good food, music and company. And then there was another party, the following weekend (Oct 28th). The get-together at Ann and Doug’s was a huge success. More than 30 people showed up including a surprise homecoming from Nelda and Lloyd Seiver. They drove late at night to get home to attend the party. Everyone was so surprised.

The Chisum’s daughter, Sarah, is in for the week, just in time to help her mother out who has the “crud.”

an estate sale specialist that will handle it, and dog was found and returned to her on Tuesday.

Barbara Headley, let us hear from you. Hope your medical problems are resolved now.

Another dog story, but this one a good one. Before, Verna damages herself on one of the many foxholes that hyper Piper digs, plus other peculiarities, the dog is going to obedience school for two weeks, after which Verna has to be trained.

A few days after the Austin’s party, Sophie, Ann’s miniature Yorkie was diagnosed with terminal pancreatitis. The loss caused Ann to end up in the hospital. Pleased to announce that she is home doing better and trying to keep up with her new puppy, Maggie, who will be larger than Sophie and hopefully not prone to as many health problems. Gene Wilson is back home. His medication was causing his problems. The change is remarkable. He is lucid, not falling down, sleeping all night, and not prowling the house constantly. He still has the Alzheimer and Parkinson's diseases, but so much better.

Ann and Doug Austin Myrna Steiner cried when she read the going away card that the Pirate Sams group signed. Flippy didn’t bite anyone but she growled at all who tried to hug or shake Doug’s hand. We thank the Austins for being such great hosts, for Doug making all the delicious gumbo, and for inviting us to their beautiful home. Ann said to tell everyone that they thoroughly enjoyed them coming out. The Harpers did not attend since they were at their 55th class reunion. The Port Neches-Groves Class of '56 was the first class to spend all 3 years in the "new" building.

Linda and Gene were having a garage sale of the items left in her father’s house in Hardin County. They went up the night before. She forgot the leash for her “milliondollar” miniature Yorkie which among its other problems is blind. She let the dog out to do its business, thinking that it would stay by her, but it wondered off. Linda could not see it in the dark. She went inside to get her car keys and she and Gene looked for it. He found the dog, but as he was walking to the highway, he stumbled on the edge of pavement, scraping skin from elbow to wrist, shattering eye socket and cheek bone, requiring five stitches. With his other problems, the specialist advised not trying to do anything about bone. Gene will have a ridge there. Garage sale was cancelled. Linda has

The Roy’s daughter, Tess, has written two more books. These are two of a series of five. I was going to give you the titles, but cannot read my notes and it is midnight so cannot call. Her husband encourages her to write. Her pen name is Tess St John. Her husband’s first name is John. Since the titles are not in the newsletter, Alberta, would you send an E-mail with the information to the members? The Tuesday night eat-out bunch met at Red Lobster Oct. 18th. Bob Ellis received many happy birthday wishes. Most ate the Endless Shrimp special. Dot Landry got more than she paid for when the waiter spilled shrimp scampi down her back.—maybe an Endless shrimp stain. It was an accident and they offered to pay for dry-cleaning. Thank you Charlie Leo for the help and information. Saving the dirtiest news for last! As Verna Nunez was dumping her black tank, the hose came off. Now Margie Lanclos knows why it was all wet under Vern’s RV (this was after it had been washed down). Vern said that after she got home she threw her shoes in machine and washed them with alcohol!

Pirate Sams Nov Newsletter 2011  
Pirate Sams Nov Newsletter 2011  

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