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NALAC NATIONAL CONFERENCE. SEIZING THE MOMENT NOW community members, but are open to all students, families, musicians, dancers, and aficionados of Latin American music and culture.

Johnny Cruz Latin Band Ensemble Music, Music, Music, is what Johnny Cruz is all about. For the past forty years Johnny has been developing the love for music and instruments in many different levels. Bringing his cultural roots to Philadelphia he has enriched his audiences with the sounds of the Puerto Rican Cuatro and Salsa performances.

Papo Vázquez Trombonist, composer and arranger Papo Vázquez is more than thirtyfive years into a career spanning the Jazz, Latin, Afro-Caribbean music and recording worlds.

Awilda Rodriguez Lora aka La Performera

Spoken Hand

A Latina queer performance artist that is interested in the exploration of art and movement as a form of expression for the questioning of oneself. Throughout her career as a performance artist and producer, Rodriguez Lora has been committed in creating and promoting art that ignites a progressive dialogue regarding the unstable categories of race, gender and sexuality.

A high-energy celebration of polyphonic rhythms, Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra unifies four percussion batteries into one distinct voice: North Indian tabla, Afro Cuban bata, Brazilian samba and West African djembe. They link the past and the present, the sacred and the secular with a symphonically textured fusion of traditional and contemporary drumming and choral compositions.

AMLA-Artistas y Músicos Latinoamericanos Youth Latin Jazz Ensemble AMLA’s programs are directed mainly to Latino youth, families, and

the USA. In a class entirely all their own; our Mariachis represent a refreshingly pure and positive image with each performance, captivating many and drawing them near with their magnetic personalities.

Mariachi Mendoza A group that is widely recognized among their audiences and peers as one of the most popular and unique groups throughout

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Clyde Valentin Born and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He is the producer and executive director of the HipHop Theater Festival (HHTF), a unique arts organization dedicated to bringing new and diverse audiences to the theater. HHTF presentations and productions can be found in major urban markets around the United States including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Fuego Nuevo Fuego Nuevo is a group dedicated to promoting traditions of the Ancient Meso-American region. Throughout dances, ceremonies and arts, this group promotes some of the traditional ideology of ancient  civilizations existing  today, not in reservations but either at a park, festival, theater or schools. You do not need to speak Spanish to understand it, it is about movement, color and friendship.

Enrique Aviles Enrique “Quique” Aviles is a DC poet and performer known for his provocative, humorous, and poignant social commentary on race, identity and poverty. Originally from El Salvador, Quique has brought his one-man shows to theaters and universities around the country and in Latin America. He has been featured on Latino USA and This I Believe.

Dafnis Prieto Drummer, Composer and Educator From Cuba, a 2011 MacArthur Fellowship Award, his arrival in the U.S. has been compared by to that of an asteroid hitting New York. Indeed, within a short period of time Dafnis Prieto’s revolutionary drumming techniques had a powerful impact on the Latin and Jazz music scene, locally and internationally.

Circa ’95 Hailing from New York City, Circa ’95 is an independent Hip-Hop music and media group comprised of Patty Dukes and Reph Star. Puerto Rican & Dominican by way of The

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2012 NALAC Conference Program Booklet  

The 2012 NALAC National Conference: Seizing the Moment NOW! was hosted in Philadelphia on October 17-21, 2012. Learn more about the National...

2012 NALAC Conference Program Booklet  

The 2012 NALAC National Conference: Seizing the Moment NOW! was hosted in Philadelphia on October 17-21, 2012. Learn more about the National...