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Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

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Student-athlete finds balance with basketball BY AMANDA TOTH Asst. A&E Editor Colleen Stewart, No. 21 on the Lady Cavs women’s basketball team, sits on the bench and cheers her team on while taking a break. Even when she is not playing, she is still a team player. A sophomore exercise science and health promotion major, Stewart has been playing basketball since she was 4 years old according to her mom, Mary Beth Stewart. “She used to play with her older brother when she was really little, then started playing on a team in second grade,” Mary Beth said. Stewart’s peers are very supportive of her and they all think of her as the team motivator. A forward for the Cavs, Stewart is also one of the captains on the women’s team. “It’s a big responsibility,” Stewart said. “It can be hard to be in charge with my peers.” Whether Stewart is on the court or on the bench, she is always pushing her team to do their best. “Colleen is the team motivator,” Leithie Faison, sophomore guard, said.

“She is the one on the court you look up to for motivation.” Sophomore guard/forward Maggie McElroy described Stewart as someone who is “very loud and motivates everyone but she is also a good rebounder and team player.” Stewart is modest about her basketball ability on the court. She described herself as “a rebounder but not a big offensive threat” but knows she is a good defensive player. Basketball has helped her become who she is today. “[Playing basketball] helps me time manage better because in my free time I have to do my work,” Stewart said. “I can’t procrastinate.” Stewart is a good student and takes her studies seriously. “She has always been a good student,” Mary Beth said. “She has had honors at Cabrini and always finds a good balance between basketball, school work and social life. She has always been very organized too.” Before Stewart made the full commitment to basketball she played softball and volleyball, so she was busy with three sports until the end of her freshman year in high school. Once she got to high school, she only played

volleyball and basketball. When she was looking for colleges, there were about six to seven colleges pursuing her for basketball but she ended up picking Cabrini because she really liked the campus, the people and the basketball coaches. Since everyone in her family plays basketball, it is a great enjoyment for her family to watch her play at a college level. “My family was a big influence in me playing basketball,” Stewart said. “I guess I wanted to follow the tradition.” Her family is very proud of her for playing at the college. Not only is Stewart a good player but her mom and teammates described her as a sweet and caring person. “She has a big heart and is a sweet kid,” Mary Beth said. “She is always looking to help others. She is an unselfish person and an unselfish player.” “I don’t know who I would be or what I would do without basketball,” Stewart said. “It made me who I am as a person.” AMT84@CABRINI.EDU

OFF THE COURT WITH COLLEEN STEWART 1. Outside of basketball and attending class, what things do you like to do in your free time?

- In my free time I like to listen to music and watch “Friends.”

2. What is your favorite food?

5. Who is your favorite pro athlete? - Candace Parker from the Los Angeles Sparks.

6. Do you think you will still be actively involved with basketball after graduating?

- My favorite food is buffalo wings.

- I hope to stay actively involved in basketball, whether it is coaching or playing.

3. What kind of music do you listen to?

7. In terms of personality, how do you think your

- My favorite kind of music is country and some of my favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and the Backstreet Boys.

4. Which professional sports teams do you root for? - I root for the New York Giants, Knicks and Yankees.

teammates and coaches would describe you?

- I think my coaches and teammates would say that I am hardworking, determined and enthusiastic.


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Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

Youth players vital to basketball squads BY VICTORIA TARVER Asst. Copy Editor It’s not always easy for a freshman to adjust to the college life. They’re away from home living in a new setting and have to start over and make new friends. On top of that, some students play sports and have to deal with the tough battle of juggling school work and practice almost every day. “It’s tough but this is not something that any of us can’t handle,” Connor Quigley, freshman guard on the men’s basketball team, said. “Usually your time spent socializing is reduced but it’s all about staying organized. If you can do that you should be fine.” Cabrini’s men’s and women’s basketball teams work and play hard to give their school great entertainment. This year, the freshmen have begun to experience the life of a Cabrini College Cavalier. However, they’ve had to learn the new tricks and trades to keep up with everyone else. Quigley believes that playing for Cabrini has been great and he feels that he made the right decision coming to the school. Under head coach Marcus Kahn, the team holds a 19-1 record this season. As with any student, living away from home for the first time is challenging. “I didn’t realize how much I would miss being away from home but it was all okay since my team has been like a family to me,” Quigley said. On and off the court, Quigley and his teammates have accomplished the goals that they want to over the course of the season. Most of the freshmen aren’t used to the time manage-

ment skills that they have to practice in order to balance sports and practice. Sports were a big part of their lives before but they now take up more time in college than they did in high school. Some of the older players on the team have found that the freshmen have fit in with their respective teams very well. “I think they have been a great asset to our team this year,” Fran Rafferty, sophomore forward, said. “They are always in the game and are really big contributors for games and practices.” Rafferty feels that since they began open gym in the early fall, the freshmen have been making strong progress. The upper classmen on the team also look out for the freshmen because they were once in their shoes. They always make sure they’re doing okay and stand up for each other. “They [the freshmen] have shown not only me but our team as a whole that they belong here,” Rafferty said. “They each have their own way of carrying themselves but each brings certain intangibles that we needed coming into this year.” The Lady Cavs only have two freshmen on their team but they also work their hardest to keep up with the rest of the team while they adjust to the college basketball life. “We all enjoy playing the sport that we love and this team has a lot of energy,” Megan Decker, freshman forward, said. Decker and fellow freshman Amber Keys have both been great additions to the women’s roster this year. “Amber and Megan have without a doubt shown that they deserve to be on our team,” Leithie Faison, sophomore guard, said. “Everyday they come to practice ready to compete and ready to not only make themselves better but the team as well.”

Faison’s advice to the freshmen girls is that they have a lot of potential. As long as they continue to put the work in they will be very successful. She wants them to keep working hard, both on the court and in the classroom. “School work always comes first and we totally understand if a practice has to be missed because of getting work done,” Faison said. Keys thinks that basketball keeps her focused and organized on the court and she wants to succeed there and in the classroom as well. “I love my team and I have definitely met some great girls that I hope to continue our friendships after college and basketball,” Keys said. Keys hangs out with her teammates a lot in the residence halls and also around campus. College basketball has been an even bigger commitment for her than high school and she says that the coaches expect to see more out of each player. College basketball is much faster than high school basketball, so these girls had to adjust to the quicker pace. The level of intensity on the court is higher and the girls are stronger and more experienced. “College is definitely what I expected it to be,” Decker said. “Meeting new friends, hanging out and playing sports all while I am studying to become a teacher.” “My experience has been great, I have grown as a basketball player and a person,” Keys said. “I love my team and coaching staff. I wouldn’t trade coming to Cabrini for anything in the world.”


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Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

The Loquitur | 15


Defense: x-factor or downfall in Super Bowl?


Cavaliers sophomore guard/forward Annie Rivituso attempts a shot during the Cabrini-Eastern women’s basketball game on Monday, Jan. 30.

Eagles edge Lady Cavs in close contest BY ROB RICHES Asst. Sports Editor The Lady Cavaliers basketball team dropped a hard-fought contest to the Eastern University Eagles by a score of 61-51 at the gymnasium on Eastern’s campus. The loss puts the Lady Cavs at 7-13 overall, with no impact on their Colonial States Athletic Conference standings, which is at 5-6. The Eagles improved to 15-4 overall. “I think we played hard the whole game, just think we had a couple shots not drop late in the game,” Kate Pearson, head coach, said. This game was another installment in the heated Battle of Eagle Road, and was the first game of a doubleheader, with the men’s teams facing off at 8 p.m. The bleachers of the gymnasium were flooded with blue on one side and maroon on the other, almost reminiscent of a combination between oil and vinegar. “We came together and used the energy of the gym,” Colleen Stewart, sophomore forward, said. After winning the opening tip-off, the Cavs got the ball rolling off to a quick start and took a 5-0 lead. However, the Eagles went on a 15-0 run which evaporated the Cavs’ lead and put them up 15-5.

The teams traded leads throughout the first half, with Cabrini even holding on to a 20-19 lead for several minutes. Ultimately, they were unable to finish with a win. Both teams entered their respective locker rooms at halftime with the Eagles holding on to a narrow 23-22 lead. A dominant second half led to a victory for the Eagles. “[Eastern’s] a tough team, they’re one of the better teams in their division,” Jenn Casper, senior guard/forward said. “We did pretty good.” Sophomore guard Brittany Sandone was the Cavs’ leading scorer, with 13 points in 36 minutes played, and was the only Cavalier to reach double figures in points. Freshman forward Megan Decker led the team in rebounds with 13. The leader in assists for the Cavs was sophomore guard MaryKate McCann with a total of six. The leading scorer for the Eagles was freshman forward Meghan Nowak, who finished with 28 points and was one rebound short of a double-double. Senior forward Bekah Roland actually did finish with a double-double, with 20 points and 13 rebounds, good enough to lead the team. Sophomore guard Katie Lincoln led the Eagles in assists, with five. “I went in knowing I had the full support of my teammates, and just trying to play

hard,” Amber Keys, freshman forward, said. For the Cavaliers, this is their second consecutive loss against Eastern, with the last one coming from a 64-45 loss at the Nerney Field House on Jan. 31, 2011. This loss to the Eagles extends the Lady Cavs’ losing streak to six games, their longest losing streak of the season. They also have lost nine out of their last 10 games. However, the team is optimistic about a strong finish to the 2011-12 season. “We’re just talking about trying to get better every single game,” Pearson said. “And tonight, I do think we got better.” The Lady Cavs are also convinced that working together as a cohesive team will be the way to go in order to get back on the winning track. “We’ve been struggling lately, but we built off of each other,” Stewart said. “We really played as a team today.” While the Battle of Eagle Road may not have ended in ideal fashion for the Lady Cavs, they still went down with a good fight in a memorable game. “I really liked our team’s effort,” Pearson said. “It was a great atmosphere, which is always something we want to play in.”


Swim teams come up short against Widener BY ALLIE JETER Asst. A&E Editor Both the men’s and women’s swim team fell short to the Widener University Pride on Saturday, Jan. 28. The final score for the men’s meet was 86-66 and the women’s final score was 112-93. The men’s team was led by sophomores Tim McCann and Brandon Mazepa along with freshman Evan Strickland. McCann looks forward to the rest of the season and has extreme faith in his fellow teammates. “We had lots of time improve-

ments, almost everyone put up faster times,” McCann said. “As far as doing better goes, at this point we’re all training hard and have been all season and it’s showing so as long as we keep up the hard work we should keep getting better.” “Swimming against bigger schools such as Widener is difficult when they have practically triple amount of kids,” Mazepa said. “Going into a meet knowing you’re swimming against a horse of a different breed is kind of difficult but only pushes us more.” Mazepa displayed an amaz-

ing season coming in third in the 100-yard backstroke and took home a couple victories in the 200-yard back stroke and the 200-yard individual medley. “I feel we did really well, everyone on the team is talented and they do an amazing job every meet. Unfortunately, we crumbled to Widener,” Mazepa said. “But that won’t stop us going strong and getting ready for Ocean County College on Saturday where I feel we can sweep if we are ready for it.” The men’s and women’s teams have had remarkable scores throughout the season.

Strickland has added a couple wins to his resume such as the 100-yard butterfly, 100-yard breaststroke and the 200-yard breaststroke. His scores in the breaststroke were the greatest in the season. The Lady Cavs were led by senior Lauren Sliva and freshman Melanie Faulkner. Sliva had her season’s unsurpassed time in the 100-yard breaststroke. She also had extraordinary times in the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard freestyle.


Despite the notion that defense wins championships is a hoax, the Super Bowl will still come down to defense. That said, the Giants should win right? Wrong. The Giants have a better defense across the board. Their pass rush and linebackers are better. However, the Patriots’ defense, while suspect at times, has come up huge for them in the playoffs. They held the Denver Tebows, er, Broncos to 10 points and rattled Tim Tebow relentlessly throughout the game. In contrast, they didn’t play as well against the Baltimore Ravens but they made the plays they had to when the circumstances called for it. It seems as if the Patriots’ 31stranked defense is coming together at the right time. In the playoffs, they have gotten pressure on the quarterback and have caused momentum-swinging turnovers, which is amazing considering the dismal regular season numbers. That, along with the Patriots No. 2 ranked offense, means New England has a great chance to win this game. But the Giants have just as good a chance. In Super Bowl XLII, the Giants front line pressured Tom Brady relentlessly en route to their 17-14 upset over the then 18-0 Patriots. While some of the players have changed, the Giants still boast a great front line of Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Chris Canty. They’ll be able to get pressure on Brady, forcing him to make the tough throws. The difference this time around is that Brady doesn’t have the deep threats that he did in 2007, so he can make the short throws and not force the ball into double or triple coverage. The Patriots run more of a dink-and-dunk offense, which was what they used in the early stages of their success. Despite my praising of the Patriots’ defense, it could also very well be their downfall. Like the Patriots, the Giants boast a very explosive offense featuring quarterback Eli Manning and his deadly receiving trio of Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham. As easily as the Patriots could pressure Manning, he can just as easily turn around and pick them apart, which makes this game a complete toss up. With these factors and so many others that could win the game for either team, I see my boys from Foxborough winning this one, however, 27-24.


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Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012


With an 82-76 victory, the men’s basketball team emerged victorious in the Battle of Eagle Road for the fourth-straight season. The Cavs now hold a 19-1 record this season.

Cavs take home bragging rights in fourth-straight win against Eastern BY KEVIN DURSO Asst. Sports Editor Any Cabrini coach, athlete and even student will tell you that there is one game on the sports calendar that is instantly marked as a must-win. The Battle of Eagle Road is the war between two neighboring schools and their respected sports programs. This season’s men’s basketball version of the Battle of Eagle Road had a familiar outcome. For three straight seasons, the Cabrini men had been victorious. On Monday, Jan. 30, they made it four straight with an 82-76 win over the Eastern Eagles in front of an electric, capacity crowd at Eastern University. For the Cavaliers, this non-conference game against the Eagles broke a string of eight straight games against CSAC opponents, but the intensity of this game made it feel like a conference match. “We’ve played a couple of games like this,” Marcus Kahn, head coach, said. “For a non-conference game this was very

physical.” Three of Cabrini’s starters finished with four personal fouls in a contest full of them but none fouled out of the game. Leading the way on this night was senior guard Cory Lemons. After netting 18 points in a weekend win against Centenary College, Lemons posted a game-high 27 points in the win. Recently, Lemons has received some attention from esteemed local media, but having the spotlight on him hasn’t overshadowed the team’s success. “I’ve got good teammates,” Lemons said. “It’s not all about me. It’s a five-man game. We’ve got 15 players pushing every day.” Lemons was clutch down the stretch, hitting four straight shots with under five minutes to play. He finished with three rebounds and two assists, and went 12-for21 from the floor. “He’s an unbelievable player,” John Boyd, senior guard, said. “He’s our leader. He sets the tempo every game, gets everyone involved and scores all at the same

time. Playing with him makes a lot of things easier.” At 19-1, the Cavaliers are on pace to break their win total from last year’s regular season, where they recorded 20 victories. Many of their wins this season have come with a balanced offense, which was on display against the Eagles. Four Cavaliers posted double-figures in points. Aside from Lemons’ 27, Boyd added 12 points. Junior guard A.J. Williams had 13 points, and freshman guard Aaron Walton-Moss netted 10 points. “We have a ton of scorers,” Boyd said. “Everybody can score on any given night. I think that’s going to take us far this year.” “We’re more experienced,” Kahn said. “We’ve got a good group of guys and they come out and make things happen.” With the Battle of Eagle Road over, the Cavaliers look ahead to their final five games on the regular season, all against CSAC opponents. Their next game is Wednesday, Feb. 1, against Rosemont College at the Nerney Field House. The Cavaliers are 13-0 against conference oppo-

nents and have won 41 straight games on their home court. But for one night, a game didn’t involve conference standing, an undefeated record or a home winning streak. This win was simply about school pride. “It’s not as much for us as it is for Cabrini,” Kahn said. “It’s a great win. We want to beat them, any sport, anytime, anywhere; it doesn’t matter. Cabrini wants to beat Eastern. It’s a great win anytime we can come out and do it.” “The whole school comes out for this game,” Boyd said. “It’s just a huge rivalry and the winner takes home the Eagle Road sign. We’ve had it and we’re going to keep it here.” That sign is the prize that the team wants, and even with their sights set on their third straight CSAC title, the players and coaches enjoy being crowned victors in this annual affair. “Coach likes the sign in his office so we’re going to keep it there,” Lemons said. KAD323@CABRINI.EDU

Cavalier Athletic Calendar Thursday, Feb. 2

Friday, Feb. 3

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Saturday, Feb. 4 Men’s Swimming @ Ocean County College 11 a.m.

Men’s Basketball @ Marywood University 1 p.m.

Women’s Swimming @ Ocean County College 11 a.m.

Women’s Basketball @ College of Notre Dame 1 p.m.

Sunday, Feb. 5

Monday, Feb. 6

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Women’s Basketball @ Neumann University 6 p.m. Men’s Basketball @ Neumann University 8 p.m.


Loquitur Sports section (pages 13-16), Issue15 of the 2011-2012 academic year.