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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011


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Lockout no more


Sandone living dream through basketball BY BREANNA STANLEY Staff Writer With her messy bun, fly-aways and highwaisted shorts, you can never miss Brittany Sandone, sophomore guard on the women’s basketball team, running down the court. Hailing from Soudertown, Pa., she came to Cabrini with a dream of playing college basketball. Sandone started out as an exercise science major her freshman year but chose to switch to education because of her love for kids. Sandone hopes to teach second grade because she believes the children are at an age where they start to become more independent. As a freshman, Sandone led the team in scoring and was a key player throughout the 2010-2011 season. Sandone first started playing basketball at the age of 5 and her love for the game has only continued to grow. She also juggled playing softball between the ages of 5 and 13 until basketball became more serious. “If it was not for my family, both as an athlete and a student, I would not be where I am today,” Sandone said. Aside from basketball, Sandone is your

typical 19-year-old. Her favorite color is pink and she can never go a day without her toe nails painted. Sandone is very superstitious when its comes to the game of basketball and wears the same sports bra and spandex for every game. “Everything she has in our room is pink, from her sheets, to her carpets, to her shoes,” Leithie Faison, sophomore guard, said. As Sandone’s roomate, Faison is a first-hand witness when it comes to dealing with all of Sandone’s tendencies. Sandone obsesses over J. Cole, shoes and Wawa’s mac and cheese, in particular. Michelle Petronaci, sophomore forward, has been playing with Sandone for two years now. Petronaci described Sandone as a great motivator. The whole team knows when something good is about to happen due to Sandone’s reactions, considering she does not show emotion frequently. “When she drives the basket you know it’s going in. She’s a ball of energy and everyone gets hyped up,” Petronaci said. Colleen Stewart, sophomore forward, says Sandone is a hard worker and very dedicated to the game. Stewart enjoys how open of a person Sandone is and agrees that she and the team feed off of how well she is

playing. “Everyday we drive to practice and Britt will wonder why people are walking to the gym when they have cars on campus,” Stewart said. Do not let her fool you. The team agrees Sandone is a very dependable person. Sandone will further her career this summer by traveling abroad to Italy for 10 days to play for the USA National Team. She will get the opportunity to play with fellow Division III athletes from all over the country. “I am really excited for this opportunity,” Sandone said. “It is something I always dreamed of doing, playing for my country as well as traveling to Italy.”


Brittany Sandone - No. 22 Class year: Sophomore Major: Exercise Science & Health Promotion Position: Guard 2010-11 Highlights: Started all 23 games and averaged 11.6 points per game

Finally, after three plus brutal months of hopeless isolation from the sport I love, a glimmer of hope. I awoke Saturday morning to the best bit of Twitter news I had ever seen: the NBA is coming back. No more “nuclear winter,” no more David Stern double-talk, no more missed games. Despite having only missed a handful of actual NBA games thus far, this lockout has already challenged both my psychological stability and my use of free time. Since July I had been utterly refusing to think of my life without basketball. Even when opening day came and went without a tipoff, I refused to give in. So, when the NBA owners and the players association came to their tentative agreement to end their impasse, they brought back to me all the trivial things that help to shape my winter life: obsessed stat tracking; sneaking into the lower-bowl at half-empty Sixers games; clearly huge blocks of Thursday nights for the weekly TNT doubleheader; Charles Barkely. Overnight, NBA commissioner David Stern had gone from private enemy No. 1, leader of the greedy and intransigent owners hell-bent on ending the league as we know it, to a Thanksgiving Santa Clause. He delivered enough early Christmas cheer to hold me over until New Years. Not to mention, the promise of a three-game, Christmas day, NBA bonanza to start the season. But, great though it may be, I cannot not stop thinking about the lockout, the reactions and the public outcry. Now that I don’t have to listen to trite quips about “billionaires arguing with millionaires,” there are real lessons to take out of this debacle. While this lockout may have pissed off many, alienated casual fans and jeopardized all the goodwill the league had earned from its transcendent 2010-2011 season, it had to happen and it’s good it did. Rich or not, the players weren’t getting a fair shake. They came to the table surrendering five percent of their income and were told “not enough, we want everything we want or else” by owners. Cliché though it may be, this wasn’t just about money; it was about principle and respect. You can only back up so far before saying enough. The players said enough, they risked losing a year of work and a system that has made them successful. Now, peace has been reached and a true compromise has come from months of recalcitrance. As a player, it’s back to work; as a fan, it’s finally time to watch some basketball. RJC72@CABRINI.EDU


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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Cavs knock off rival Knights, improve to 3-0 BY ROB RICHES Staff Writer The Cavaliers men’s basketball team defeated the Neumann University Knights by a score of 87-77 on Monday, Nov. 28 at the Nerney Field House. The win extended the Cavaliers’ home winning streak to 30 games, a streak carrying over from the 2009-10 season. “Our undefeated home streak is still alive,” Cory Lemons, senior guard, said. The Cavaliers got off to a good start and set the tone early, leading 25-14 midway through the first half. The Knights put together a rally and even took the lead with just under four minutes to play in the half, but Cabrini quickly regained the lead and walked into the locker room with a 38-34 lead at halftime. The Cavaliers took the court for the second half and took control. Capitalizing on crucial mistakes by Neumann allowed them to walk out with a ten-point margin. “A lot of guys stepped up and played hard,” Marcus Kahn, head coach, said. “Neumann’s a good team and we started off on the right foot tonight.” The men’s game was the second part of a doubleheader, with the women’s team facing off against the Lady

Knights. The Lady Cavaliers won by a score of 50-37. “Both teams did a great job,” Dr. Marie George, president of Cabrini College, said. “I’m thrilled that both [the men’s and women’s] teams won. This is a great rivalry.” Senior guard John Boyd played 33 minutes and led the Cavs in scoring with 25 points. Sophomore guard Mark Blount led the Knights in scoring with 18 points, while playing 34 minutes. The Cavaliers recorded a field goal percentage of 37.7 percent, compared to the Knights’ 41.2 percent.

“This was an all-around great win.” Marcus Kahn

This win puts the Cavaliers at 3-0 overall and at 1-0 in the Colonial States Athletic Conference. For Neumann, it puts them at 3-2 overall and at 0-1 in the Colonial States Athletic Conference. As is the case with many other schools, Cabrini and Neumann have a heated rivalry. These two teams are perennial powerhouses in the Colonial States Athletic Conference, with their last meeting being in the first


round of last year’s CSAC Tournament. Cabrini won that game by a score of 96-79. “[Neumann is] one of, if not, our biggest rivals,” Kahn said. The Cavaliers’ next home game will be on Saturday, Dec. 3 against Keystone College. Saturday’s game comes as part of another doubleheader. The women will take on Keystone at 1 p.m. and the men’s team will follow suit with a game aginst the Giants at 3 p.m. The Cavaliers will travel to Aston, Pa., for a rematch with Neumann on Feb. 8, 2012. It should make for a very exciting game, as the late-season matchup will be a crucial game for a berth in the CSAC tournament. Both teams may even face each other in the CSAC tournament again. The statistics reveal a game that was played pretty evenly, as well as a great reason for the fans in the bleachers to cheer and support their team. However, the Cavaliers seemed to be in the driver’s seat for most of it. It was not an easy win by any means but it was still a very nice way for the Cavaliers to start up their CSAC play. “This was an all-around great win,” Coach Kahn said.



ABOVE LEFT: Freshman guard Brima Rogers dribbles the ball as he moves down the court against the Neumann Knights on Monday, Nov. 28. ABOVE RIGHT: Sophomore center Jon Miller (No. 55) shoots the ball as he is being defended by Neumann forward Eric Bowmen. Miller finished the game with five points and eight total rebounds.



What are your thoughts about the NBA lockout being over? ALEXX SITES SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES MAJOR


“I think it will open up a lot of opportunities and spots for the younger talent, teams like the Thunder and Sixers.”

“I am happy that I have something to look forward to at nighttime now.”



“I’m a bigger fan of college basketball over the NBA but I was excited to hear it was over.”

“I was hoping the lockout stuck because it would make college basketball even better.”



Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

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Roller hockey seeks another championship BY KASSIA BERNOSKY Staff Writer

While Sandone was the only player on Cabrini’s roster with more than 10 points, sophomore guard/forward Annie Rivituso scored nine points and sophomore guard Leithie Faison scored eight points. The Cavaliers now have a 2-2 record this season and picked up their first CSAC win of the year. Senior Laura Caron is out this season due to a torn ACL but was still there to support her team. “It was a great win to start off the season and there was an all-around effort by the whole team,” Caron said. “It was a great win for us at home,” Melissa Kudzmas, junior forward, said. “Now all we have to do is keep the winning streak going and win the CSAC title.”

Scoring goals and winning games since 2003, the roller hockey team is back for another season. The team plans on making their fourth consecutive trip to the championship and taking the victory once again. Unfortunately, many top players graduated this past spring; however, with their new players, the team is more than ready to sweep the competition. “We had an incredible team last year,” goalie Nick Paone, junior exercise science major, said. “With all of the new faces and new talent this year, I’m hoping we can keep our success going.” So far, they have played five games and have a 3-2 record. Games are played every Sunday night at Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, Pa., about 10 minutes away from Cabrini. “The drive is only 10 minutes so it would be nice to see some more fans come out and support us,” team captain Brian Bell, senior criminology major, said. For the past three years, the team has made it to the championship and their hard work finally paid off last year when they beat Neumann University in the championship. “It was an incredible experience especially because we had to play a tough Neumann University team in a close threegame series,” Paone said. “We played hard, battled hard and swept them in two games.” “This is my fourth and final season playing for the team and this season means a lot to me,” Bell said. “I am looking to lock down another championship.”




Cabrini guard Leithie Faison (No. 33) takes a shot during the first half of the women’s basketball game against Neumann on Monday, Nov. 28.

Strong defense leads Cavs to win over Neumann BY KRISTINE SEMPTIMPHELTER Staff Writer The Cabrini women’s basketball team defeated Neumann University on Monday, Nov. 28 at Nerney Field House by a score of 50-37. The Lady Cavaliers came out energized and ready for a fight. During the first half, the Neumann Knights kept up a tight defense. The Knights were the first to score during the first few minutes of the game but the Cavaliers were only going to let the Knights get ahead once. Brittany Sandone, sophomore guard, scored a two-pointer for the Lady Cavs early in the game to make the score 6-2 in favor of the Cavaliers. Sandone relayed the ball back and took a sharp drive to the net for the score. She scored a total of 13 points for the Cavaliers.

Junior guard Renee Deas hit a three-point shot, pushing Cabrini’s lead to 16-4 and sent the enthusiastic crowd into a frenzy. After being fouled by Neumann’s Sami Borcky, senior forward, on a separate play, Deas was sent to the foul line where she missed both shots. MaryKate McCann, sophomore guard, picked up the rebound, where she was fouled and sent to the foul line for two more shots. The Knights cut Cabrini’s lead to eight points after taking their first timeout and trailed 20-12 at the half. After the break, the Knights tried to make a comeback by scoring early in the half but the Cavaliers held their ground and prevented any sort of rally. While the second half was more back and forth, Cabrini eventually took a 44-29 lead and cruised the rest of the way.

Cavalier Athletic Calendar Thursday, Dec. 1 No Events

Friday, Dec. 2 Men’s and Women’s Swimming @ Swarthmore College Invitational (Swarthmore, Pa.) Day One

Saturday, Dec. 3 Women’s Basketball vs. Keystone College 1 p.m.

Men’s and Women’s Swimming @ Swarthmore College Invitational (Swarthmore, Pa.) Day Two

Men’s Basketball vs. Keystone College 3 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 4

Monday, Dec. 5

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Wednesday, Dec. 7

No Events

No Events

No Events

Men’s Basketball @ Gwynedd-Mercy

College 7 p.m. Women’s Basketball @ Albright College 7 p.m.

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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011


Loquitur Sports section (pages 13-16), Issue12 of the 2011-2012 academic year.

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