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Career, money and profits – nowadays, these seem to have become the yardsticks of measuring a successful life. While living stressfully on the fast lane, people are gradually forgetting about their true values. Indian tradition teaches us how to lead a successful life, avoiding problems and unnecessary tensions. Astrology is a science that helps in the analysis of your present conditions and provides remedies that is best suitable for you.

from analysis of information from the Birth Charts. • Astrologer should identify the important planets, their positions and relations between them and the houses. • The prediction should contain overall characteristics of the person and specific guidelines regarding the problem along with astrological reasoning. • It should also contain information about specific period of time when an event may occur. • According to Parashara, Astrology can provide remedies for any situation that is inauspicious.


ome of the points to be kept in mind while obtaining remedies are: • Astrological prediction should be very specific and come

• Each remedy should be given in concern the situation and birth chart with particular dose, time and period of application and other guidelines. If they are missing – the remedy may not work or even in contrary, can bring worse results.

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SCHOOL OF ASTROLOGY Indian astrology (Jyotish) and Indian culture have been co-dependent for quite a few millennia.

it commenced, Parashara Rishi took the core knowledge from

The Vedas, which form the bedrock of Indian culture, have six specific appendixes referred to as the Vedangas. The term Vedangas literally translate into ‘limbs or parts of Vedas’. One of these appendixes is known as the Jyotish Vedanga and consists of extensive knowledge about Vedic astronomy and astrology.

According to Vedic belief, the present age or the Kaliyuga started around 3102 B.C. Before

various contemporary schools of Vedic astrology and documented it in his text, now famous as the Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra. Parashara Rishi passed the knowledge on to his disciple Maitreya Rishi who in turn, passed it on to his disciples. This is how the knowledge has been nurtured through ages. Parashara Rishi was among the last of the great sages of the Vedic age.

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There are six main branches of Vedic astrology on the basis of which various calculations are made:


positional astronomy


natal astrology


mathematical diagnostic tools for analyzing the results of Gola


omens and portents.


selecting an auspicious time to start something


answering specific questions based upon the time the question is asked.

There are also many sub-branches. The sages following Parashara have written texts on all branches. All of these texts follow Parashara in their teachings. Many people are familiar with the horoscope based upon the time and place of birth. With this horoscope, it is possible to predict many important events in a person’s


life. It also describes the situations which the karma of the individual will place them in that lifetime.

Nakshatra Yog - Professional Astrology and Vastu Centre

Astrology is the art of fine balancing between Karma and Freewill of an individual.


arashara Muni, the greatest of all the great sages of Vedic Age is now considered to be the father of Indian Astrology. It is interesting to note that he himself never wrote the texts. He was known as a travelling teacher, and the various texts attributed to him are given in reference to Parashara being the speaker to his students. At Nakshatra Yog, we follow his guidelines to make our predictions.

Nakshtra Yog Astrology & Vastu Centre

Nakshatra Yog Nakshatra Yog is the first centre created to bring help to people who genuinely want to solve their problems and improve their lives. Nakshatra Yog is a place where the old Indian tradition meets contemporary professionalism and responsibility.

To become a member of our team, Astrologer needs to be outstanding with his knowledge and meet our rigorous criteria. Our astrologers are well educated, they are experts with minimum 15 years of experience in astrology or vastu. They give you specific prediction as every details matters.

Here, at Nakshatra Yog, you can consult with any of our experts in a field of Astrology and Vastu Shastra. As support they may use Numerology, Palmistry or Horary Reading. Every time you visit or contact Nakshatra Yog you will experience the different value of service from the one given by common astrologers. Fundamental part of Nakshatra Yog is a Team of experts. We hire only the most talented people who have the genuine urge of helping others.


Nakshatra Yog provides consultations based on actual facts, knowledge and science. Once you have chosen Nakshatra Yog, you can be sure that you will be attended by professionals. According to our satisfaction survey, 93 % of our clients are very satisfied with our services and recommend us as professional centre for personal guidance.

Nakshatra Yog - Professional Astrology and Vastu Centre

Services Astrology & Vastu

Nakshatra Yog provides you consultations in areas of Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra. For that, you can either come to our chamber or consult over the phone.

Astrology Birth Chart Reading One crucial aspect of astrology is the Birth Chart of an individual. Birth Charts are unique and they are based on the time of the birth of the person. In Sanskrit, birth chart is called kundali or the janam kundali.


irth chart represents the map of universe calculated for one person taking into consideration, the exact place and time of birth of that person. In Indian Astrology, the birth chart consists of twelve houses and positions of the sun,


moon and planets. Each house represents different spheres of life. The position of planets determines the respective areas of life in which the person will or will not excel. Interpretation: The process involves three main steps: noting the important features of the chart, chart weighing and chart shaping. Chart weighing involves noting the distribution of zodiac signs and houses in the chart, and the significance of this to the overall personality of the native. Chart shaping involves assessing the placement of the planets by aspect and position in the chart, and noting any significant patterns which occur between them. Remedy: The position of the planets that influence a person in negative way can be diminished by application of proper remedy. In astrology the most common remedies are Gemstones, Puja, Mantras, and Food Therapy.

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Horary Astrology


orary Astrology helps to answer small yet highly significant queries of life on the basis of the time of birth of the question and not the birth of the person. This practice initiated in Europe and over time the accuracy and precision of solutions has made it famous in many parts of the world. Interpretation: For specific questions, horary astrology has high relevance. The horary chart and position of the planets is studied on the basis of the time when the question was asked and then answers are given. The position of moon is of crucial importance. Questions such as “Will I succeed in this stream?” “What

are my career prospects?” “Should I buy a new car, will it be beneficial?” “Will my daughter benefit from this school?” Occur not always but at random times. This uniqueness of time holds emphasis and this forms a base as to what the answer would be. The answers from horary astrology can be simple yes or no or can provide insights about the matter and motives of other people who are involved in the matter. Positions of planets and the reception of each is the deciding factor for the result to a question.

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almistry is the method of characterizing personality and future of one person by studying the lines on the palm. Various lines, mounts determine specific area of one’s life. Interpretation: The reader usually studies one’s hand. The factors taken under consideration while studying palms are sizes, mounts, qualities and intersections of each line. One of the most important lines studied from hand are life line, mind line and heart line. Remedy: As result of palmistry, the reader can recommend various remedies to particular problems, they can be gemstones, yantras, colour therapy or more.



umerology is the process of calculation and prediction of personality characteristics, future events, lucky days, and compatible numbers based on the birth details. Remedy: All types of astral remedies can be used depending on the analysis.


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VASTU SHASTRA A science for your home


Vastu considers Earth as a living organism and all living bodies possess live energy and


astu is an ancient science

determine our lives. Key

that origins in Indian Vedas.

elements in Vastu are Earth, Air,

Vastu explains relation between

Water and Fire Vastu. Each of

one’s surrounding and his

them can act in favour or against

physical and psychological state.

each other. They can bring

The word “vastu” comes from

harmony and they can cause

Sanskrit and can be translate as


dwelling, building.

How Vastu can be helpful ? Vastu is a broad science and can be applied in many situations like architectural design or even health treatments.

Many Vastu guidelines come from 'Vastu Purusha Mandala' which is a metaphysical square plan that illustrates how the Vastu Shastra gives guidelines of construction and interiors designs to ensure positive energy and protection of people in surrounding of given dwelling.


Vastu Purusha was pinned down by Brahma and 44 Gods – face down, with his head to the North-East and his feet towards the South-West.

Nakshatra Yog - Professional Astrology and Vastu Centre

Nakshatra Yog has expertise in following areas of Vastu: Layouts for commercial and residential space Measurement and rectification houses, offices, etc. Shield to protect from e-m radiations from i.e. cell phones Managing color distribution in any space using special cameras Design of corporate logos and visiting cards using Lecher Antenna Health Check-up using bio-feedback Enhancing the energy levels in human body

Methods and devices used by Vastu experts Modern Vastu experts rely on technologically advanced devices, that is why the process of design or rectification of a building can be more accurate and more efficient.

What devices do we use ? Compass

fundamental tool to follow the Cardinal directions

Lecher Antenna

recent invention that measures frequency of energy coming from any matter.

Bio-feedback device allows measurement and identification of energy sources in your body. Geo identifies magnetic fields in earth to understand the Magnetometer positive and negative influence

Nakshatra Yog - Professional Astrology and Vastu Centre



Find Your Path

Astrology Solution Every person is unique. Every person has a different personality, perception and own set of problems to solve. Choosing the remedy is very important as only the correct ones can positively influence one’s life, in some cases the wrong remedy can work in contrary and bring negative effects.

Nowadays it’s common to forge and sell fake products.

Sometimes mistaken by lower price or persuasion of the salesman people do not receive expected results as the remedy was not real or genuine. It can be gemstone, herbs or yantras, you should remember to choose your supplier carefully, and each product should have tested quality and reliable source.

Remember to always consult with specialists who you trust and prescribe you with precise and adequate remedy.

Every individual needs personalized solutions that can come as particular activity, food therapies, donations as well as genuine mineral stones and pearl, meditations, worshiping God, herbs and roots.

Nakshatra Yog - Professional Astrology and Vastu Centre


Remedies Puja

Puja is the worship of the Divine to keep us in concord with celestial powers, which help in overcoming the distress of life and rise spiritually. A lot can be predicted about the events of life through the science Astrology. The body, mind and spirit are cleansed and harmonized by acts of devotion, prayers, mantra japa and the pujas we perform.


They bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of the ones who wear the right ring. Power, name and fame, all can be achieved by wearing favourable gems. They are very high and powerful source of energy which have a great impact on human destiny


Fasting or vrat is one of the believed ways of pleasing the supreme souls of heaven and act as an effective remedy for removing the malefic consequences of adverse planetary situations.


Nakshatra Yog - Professional Astrology and Vastu Centre

Herbs and Roots

Ayurveda prescribes the use of a wide range of herbs and roots to remove negative planetary influences. These roots and herbs are tied to the upper arm (right arm for men and left arm for women) for a specified period of time. This mode of treatment is called healing with herbs.


Doing good to others is one of the best ways to please the holy being. The charity or daan could include clothing, pulses or whatever a person would feel to donate from heart.


Meditation supersedes all corrective methods for enhancing the quality of life. Through the practice of meditation the person feels free and happy, as these energies are released more quickly and without obstruction. Consequently, the mind expands and is able to express more joy and peace. Life seems much easier and fulfilling when you meditate regularly.

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Brochure with information about astrology and services of Nakshatra Yog

Nakshatra Yog - Centre of Astrology and Vastu  

Brochure with information about astrology and services of Nakshatra Yog