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stuff, was asking him questions, and to sort of teach me a little bit, and he offered to produce the record, which was amazing for me, because up until that point no one had really given a shit about my music at all.” From there, CRUISR expanded from a solo project to what it is today. Jon Van Dine, the band’s drummer, was inspired to play music after his older sister gave him a Nirvana record. “It got me really into the idea of playing drums, and I think I waited until fifth grade, because I was definitely nervous and didn’t want to like, join the school band and mess up live, but my mom got me a snare drum, and then I got a drum set like a year later, and started playing in bands pretty much the whole way until now,” he says. He and Andy met in college, and he joined CRUISR in 2012. Guitarist Bruno Catrambone grew up in a musical family. “My whole dad’s side of the family were all guitar players and drummers, so I grew up at family parties of them playing Rocky Raccoon in the attic, [with] everyone on a different instrument,” he recalls. “By the time I was old enough to talk and walk around, I used to sneak into my dad’s room and play his guitars until I broke them — I used to break strings and then I wasn’t allowed to do it anymore.” When he was 13, his dad bought him his first guitar. “I didn’t even know you had to press down on the strings, it was a mess, I didn’t play it at all. Then I watched this John Mayer thing, and I taped it on VHS, and I learned his whole album in middle school. I would just play it, for couple hours,” he says. He later got into making his own records and met the rest of the band through his solo projects. Kyle Cook, the bassist, connected with the rest of the guys when he was working with Jon at an advertising agency. He saved up and bought himself a guitar when he was 16 or 17. “I never really did any kind of formal training, I just kind of taught myself whatever I know now,” he says. “This is actually the first band I’ve ever played bass in,” he says, adding, “I NKDMAG.COM


NKD Mag - Issue #55 (January 2016)  

Featuring: Nico Tortorella, Against The Current, Chris Carmack, LOLO, Lindsay Ell, Kyle Harris, Corey Fogelmanis, David Cook, Andrew Ripp, C...