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3 Cutting Edge November 2008

Coutts is Delighted to Support the Women in the City Achievement Awards COUTTS HAS ALWAYS ATTRACTED STRONG WOMEN AND OUR HISTORY REFLECTS THE FACT WITH GRANDDAUGHTER OF FOUNDER THOMAS COUTTS, ANGELA BURDETT-COUTTS, HAVING INHERITED THE FAMILY FORTUNE IN 1837, DECIDING TO DEVOTE HER LIFE TO PHILANTHROPIC WORK. IN 1871 ANGELA WAS RECOGNISED BY QUEEN VICTORIA FOR HER CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY; SHE BECAME THE FIRST WOMAN TO BE MADE A BARONESS IN HER OWN RIGHT. Today one third of Coutts clients are women and this number continues to rise as the UK sees an increasing number of wealthy and successful women coming to the fore. Led by Chief Executive Sarah Deaves, herself recently named as one of the top 100 most influential women in finance, means that championing successful women is key to the Coutts agenda. Coutts aims to provide a service that is tailored to the different personal and financial priorities of clients.We are aware that one size does not fit all, and it’s only by understanding individual requirements that we are able to offer a range of tailored services to make financial management as smooth as possible. Equally it is important to make life management as smooth as possible, for both clients, through managing their finances and employees through their interaction with Coutts as an employer where we promote a wide range of flexible working policies to encourage a good work/life balance for staff.

Kate Turner, Head of Specialist Private Banking and senior host for Coutts at today’s event, heads up a team of 300-400 professionals, most of whom are client facing Private Bankers and their support teams. Kate summarises: “I have people working all manner of flexible working arrangements. I’d rather have an immensely talented individual working for me part-time than not at all. At Coutts, the opportunities are here; we just need to encourage more women to step up the career ladder. I’ve been lucky enough to gather experience from a wide range of managerial roles; this could only happen in an organisation that’s prepared to listen to your ideas and judge each individual on their merits and ability, regardless of gender.” In response to the growing number of female clients, two years ago, Coutts launched a monthly online magazine at containing a number of articles of interest to our female clients, including lifestyle features, write ups on top travel destinations, financial articles and exclusive offers. The magazine profiles successful and inspirational women from all areas of life, whilst also providing client subscribers with exclusive opportunities to attend a range of events.

Coutts hosts a large number of female oriented events across the country, such as ‘Women in Business’ lunches, many of which have been hosted by Sarah Deaves, to help businesswomen build their networks and in turn their businesses. But Coutts events are not purely about business and have also included events through partnerships with Stella McCartney and Matthew Williamson, Ladies Racing Day at Goodwood, track racing with Jaguar and fly fishing - diverse events which appeal to Coutts’ diverse female client base. Coutts’ support of the Women in the City Achievement Awards continues this theme and we are delighted to support an organisation so dedicated to promoting the many fantastic achievements of women in a variety of city roles.While Coutts wishes all of the category award winners luck for the overall Woman of Achievement award, we also wish to congratulate them on not only their achievements in their respective category awards, but also in becoming ambassadors for successful women in all industries. For more information about becoming a Coutts client, call 0207 753 1963 or visit or

Coutts & Co is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Calls may be recorded.

Letter from the Editor Guest Editor Tara Loader Wilkinson Publishing Director Gwen Rhys Commercial Director Roger Hacker Design Naked Creativity 020 7193 1791 Creative Director Jordan Chitty Senior Designer Louisa Santilli Advertising Sales Sarah Mullett Media Relations Harriet Subramanian Awards Coordinator Tara Grant Printed by Sarum Colourview Published by Networking Culture Ltd for Women in the City

We’ve all heard the stats that UK boards are made up by only 12% of women. We know that some women are paid up to 23% less than their male counterparts. Clearly sexism still exists in the City, even if it has changed dramatically for the better in recent years. But that’s all yesterday’s news. What we must address now is how best to take advantage of the current financial crisis to get to where we want. There has never been a better time than now; all bets are off and the City is turning over a fresh page. Times of change are an opportunity to shine, but we must be proactive in our approach to our careers. Women undoubtedly have to fight harder for promotions and payrises – 60% of women feel they need to work harder than their male counterparts in order to be considered to have achieved as much by managers, according to a survey of 1,350 women in finance by Financial News. The inaugural edition of Cutting Edge, the Women in the City magazine, comes at a time when the call for greater diversity at the top has never been louder. Managers are beginning to recognise the need for a balance and will think twice about populating their boards with generic executives. Nothing breeds success like success, and as more women make it, more will follow. This issue celebrates the achievements of this year’s awards winners and reflects on last year’s line up, and examines the issues concerned with women earning more. Patricia Watson-Miller from WestLB Bank speaks to Cutting Edge about her passion for cross-continental bike-racing, and we reveal how to look your best in the boardroom with only ten minutes prep. And as Christmas looms, Cutting Edge looks at the latest in electronic gadgetry for girls and the top ten spa getaways - the perfect gift for the over-worked woman. I hope you enjoy the read and I look forward to welcoming you at future Women in the City events.

Women in the City is a registered Trademark #2478153

Your feedback is warmly invited at

3 Market Place Brackley Northamptonshire NN13 7AB

Tara Loader Wilkinson

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Cover Star Patricia Watson-Miller talks to Cutting Edge

Wanted: Your Wallet



Top 10 UK Spa Breaks

Women of the Moment

50 Girls’ Toys The coolest electronic gadgets



Quick fixes 10 minute make-up

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7 Cutting Edge November 2008

fitness medicine park fitness pilates london’s only fully integrated health and fitness club

the third space, if work is your first space‌ and home is your second‌ welcome to the third Situated just one minute from Piccadilly Circus, The Third Space is a world dedicated to a new form of healthy hedonism, a unique concept of 21st century living. A state of the art club for physical and mental well being spanning four floors, The Third Space is the perfect place to relax, work out, revitalise and recover. It is a unique one-stop-shop for health and fitness which balances energy and action with tranquillity and well being. The state of the art facilities includes an ozonetreated swimming pool, a climbing wall, a padded martial arts dojo, a competition-sized boxing ring and a hypoxic chamber which simulates conditions at an altitude of over 8000 feet. The Third space is also home to 3 exercise studios with classes ranging from Spinning, Pilates and Yoga, to Seduction Dance School, Belly Dancing and Boxing classes just for girls.

The Club also offers the Third Space Medicine, a fully integrated medical centre with a team of 20 practitioners specialising in orthodox and complimentary medicine from acupuncture and massage to acid skin peels and stone and mud treatments. We also house Fresh & Wild, an award winning organic supermarket. Specialising in organic foods and natural remedies, the store has a wide range of health foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements, as well as a deli and organic juice bar. Indulge yourself and get in touch. Come and see just how much we have to offer. Please contact the Membership team on 0207 439 7333 or via e-mail: enquiries@thethirdspace. com for further details.

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WANTED: Your Wallet

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Women account for nearly half of the billionaires in Britain – around 46% of the country’s 376,000 millionaires are female. This is predicted to rise by 53% by 2020 and 60% by 2025, easily outstripping men within 15 years. This socio-economic revolution is due to more women succeeding in business, bigger divorce settlements and longer life expectancy, according to think tank the Centre for Economics and Business Research. This fact that has not gone unnoticed by the large banks and corporates. The last two years have seen a surge of companies and private banks specifically targeting women as the next wealth goldmine. But (perhaps counter-intuitively) it is no good just throwing Champagne and chocolates at women, warn specialists. Laura McAughtry, author of a report on the subject, said women are looking for more from their private bank than a spa discount and a pink website. She said: “Unfortunately many banks don’t yet have a specific budget to research the segment, so instead are having to focus on tactics rather than longterm goals. This lack of strategic thought is resulting in opportunities being missed, and leaves a potential gap in the market.” Here are some examples of recent campaigns to tap womens’ ever-growing wallets.


campaign in France to attract wealthy women to bank with them. Bankers Aurélie Dourdin and François Neige are spearheading the initiative, which Pictet said is in response to the growing number of wealthy women in economies like France. Pictet currently manages around €3bn of assets in its French wealth management unit and deals with 500 families.

Coutts The Queen’s bank Coutts was probably the first to make a dedicated push to attract women’s wallets. Lead by chief executive Sarah Deaves, the 300 year-old bank began its quest for the fairer sex back in 2006 when it started going after longterm relationships with 25 to 45 year-old female entrepreneurs and rich divorcees. Now around a third of Coutts’ 58,000 UK customers are women. Coutts sponsors the annual London Jewellery Week, which it says is particularly popular with its female clients. Even the bank’s account card has been designed by British designer Stella McCartney, with a pink and blue floral pattern.

Pictet, one of the healthier Swiss private banks, has recently launched a

11 Cutting Edge November 2008

Addidi Women’s wealth manager Addidi launched an all-female investment club in September, seeking to invest £2m in British start-up firms and small businesses. “Addidi Angels” is being set up by Addidi’s founder, Anna Sofat. She is looking for up to 100 women to invest £10,000 a year over two years. Sofat, who created Addidi – Latin for “we inspire” – in March as a joint venture with financial services firm Punter Southall, is aiming to attract young, high-earning professional women looking for investment opportunities. “Addidi Angels will give women an easy and convenient way to invest outside the box,” she said.

The club is likely to invest in socially responsible companies, and in “tangible” assets such as property and art firms.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Merrill’s efforts at catering for women this year have not gone unnoticed – the bank retained its title as frontrunner of Barron’s “Top 100 Women Financial Advisers” list, with 22 advisers in the rankings this year. The bank is one of the forerunners in the female market, and this year ran a “Women – Health, Wealth and Success” event for 60 of its female clients, highlighting the need to plan for financial independence through a long-term investment strategy.

Monica Ball, a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch Global private client team, said: “Women need to manage their finances, use networks where they can meet other women and learn how to retain, grow and control their own wealth. Women sometimes earn less but we live longer and it’s time we act smarter about our finances.” According to Ball, women outlive men by five to ten years, yet statistically speaking earn less than men during their working lives due to career interruptions caused by life choices such as motherhood. Ball said earning less and living longer makes investing a must however, there still exists a fear of investing among women. ■

“Successful leaders have a nose for opportunity and a knack of knowing whom to tap to get things done. These qualities depend on a set of strategic networking skills that non leaders rarely possess”. (Harvard Business Review, Jan 07). To hone your strategic networking skills and your organisational networks call Gwen Rhys.

Cutting Edge November 2008 12

Gwen Rhys 0704 404 7497

Tailoring for Women Breathing new life into the bespoke tradition for professional women


About TfW Why TfW? Community Contact At last! Bespoke can speak for you!

October 27th, 2008 by Carol Alayne Welcome to Tailoring for Women; a new, personal tailoring and couture service dedicated to professional women, based at L.G.Wilkinson, Mayfair. A community of craftspeople and clients dedicated to the art of Savile Row. Register here for our newsletter to keep up to date with comment, guidance and opinions about the bespoke experience, and other related matters. Or include our RSS feed in your preferred reader.… More

TfW and the Women in the City Awards

Celebrating her 20th year in business, and with a background in banking, Carol Alayne is acknowledged as one of the finest womens tailors in Mayfair today.

November 26th, 2008 by Carol Alayne We are thrilled this year to be able to link with this auspicious event and further promote and acknowledge the part women play in business. This will be the 6th year of the Awards and they include a number of categories ranging from financial to legal services. More

A Briefing for Bespoke

November 24th, 2008 by Carol Alayne

Categories “Clothed in knowledge” (17) Bespoke thoughts (22) Clients and clothes (15) Tailor talk (17) Tailoring, Music and the Arts (14) TfW news (17) Welcome (11)


Tailoring has a long and Subscribe to our regular newsletter by email intriguing history, and over Enter your email address: time it has developed its own unique methodologies and Subscribe practices. This post is the first of a series which will chart some of the things it Latest Comments might be helpful for you to Oh the joys of Japanese! And your friend know. It will include topsounds to 881’ be well versed in the customs. ics such as for the Women psychology Tailoring ‘+44 (0)7950 401 The two words cert Michael Spencer comof appearance, cut, propor11tion, St. George Street business . Hanover Square . W1S 2FD 13and Cutting Edge November 2008 mented on Kimonos Yukatas use of colour,

Patricia Watson-Miller Profile EDITORIAL

Patricia Watson-Miller talks to Cutting Edge Few women in the City would have the grit to race a motorbike from St Petersburg to Beijing at speeds of 120mph, especially after they had broken their neck in the process. But Patricia Watson-Miller, an associate director at German bank WestLB in London, was never one to shy away from a challenge. “A lot of my friends think I’m crazy” says the mother of two. “But you get an incredible sense of freedom when you’re out there, alone in the desert, just you and your bike. I can’t compare it to anything else. It’s addictive.” At the age of 43, WatsonMiller recently completed her 21st cross-continental motorbike race, Cutting Edge November 2008 14

which saw her travel over 9,000 miles in 17 days. Riding for a gruelling 12 hours a day on most days, she was often entirely alone save her basic navigational tools. She was the only woman out of 58 bikers last year, and came 19th, mainly beaten by professional riders who dedicate their lives to the sport. Never one to rest on her laurels, she has already begun training for Baja 2009 – a weeklong race next summer which will see her drive 4000 kilometres across Spain and Morocco’s wildest parts. Conditions are harsh – temperatures can range from extreme heat to below freezing – and while she jokes about

taking her hot water bottle with her, getting lost in the mountains in no laughing matter. Bike-racing is one of the most dangerous sports – in her last race two competitors died and many were injured. But even breaking her own neck in a previous race hasn’t put her off. Although she says it has made her more conscious of her mortality, it has made her a better driver.

The incident occurred when she was racing through Mauritania in 2006. Watson-Miller was screaming through the desert at 140mph when the bike hit a dip, throwing the front wheel into the air and knocking her out cold. Happily that year the race organisers had installed GPS on the bikes for the first time, which on sensing an impact, send a signal to the race headquarters, and there was a helicopter and ambulance with her in 10 minutes. But because of the shock, she felt no pain and was given the all-clear despite having fractured three vertebrae in her neck – which she endured through the next eight days of the race before she was properly seen to. Fortunately she suffered no long-term damage, but insists on

keeping herself to a 120mph limit now. And she swears by yoga. Patricia has two young sons, Heinrich who is thirteen and Eddie who is eleven. Both are sport fanatics, and Heinrich has inherited his mother’s passion for speed and cold determination when it comes to racing. He recently entered a go-karting competition overseen by F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, his hero. Heinrich had a collision and unfortunately broke his leg. Patricia says she is proud that he has not been discouraged by the injury, although she does not encourage her boys to race. Her own passion was kindled by her father Herbert Schek, a German-born motorbiking world champion who bought her and her two sisters bikes at the age of

five. “I was disappointed because all my friends had ponies while I had a bike” she recollects. “But after a few years I came round to the idea and competed in my first cross country race at 18.” Patricia’s father accompanies her on all her races as her mechanic, and she says the pair couldn’t be closer. And although the wilds of Yellabouga may not seem conducive to romance, Patricia disagrees. One year, racing through the desert she was overtaken by a rider with a long black ponytail streaming out behind him. She was outraged by his cheek, but saw him later that evening in the town. “I turned to my friend, and said; ‘That is the man I’m going to marry.’ And two years later, we did.” ■

You get an incredible sense of freedom when you’re out there, alone in the desert, just you and your bike.

15 Cutting Edge November 2008

A Night in the Royal Box at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Glamour, prestige and some of the ďŹ nest opera and ballet await you and your guests as you enjoy the exclusive use of this very special space. Why not treat your clients, or family and friends, to an extra special Christmas night at the Royal Opera House? Start your evening with a guided backstage tour and as you stand on the conductor’s podium imagine the anticipation as the mighty red curtains rise before you. See behind the scenes where the sets are built and visit the ballet studios as dancers practice. The Royal Box and adjacent Box can accommodate up to ten guests. Enjoy private butler service throughout the evening with dinner served in the Royal Retiring Room and have the thrill and excitement of watching from the wings as the artists take their bows. For further details of this and other ways of becoming more closely involved in the work of the Royal Opera House, including the opportunity to attend and enjoy exclusive events and hospitality, please contact Jane Aspden (, tel. 020 7212 9342.


Modern & Contemporary British Art 10 NOVEMBER - 22 DECEMBER 2008

E & R Cyzer 20TH CENTURY ART 23 BRUTON STREET LONDON W1J 6QF TEL: +44 (0)20 7629 0100 I FAX: +44 (0)20 7629 0101 INFO@CYZERART.COM I WWW.CYZERART.COM Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm, Weekends by appointment 17 Cutting Edge November 2008

Hello ur! o b h g i e N We like to stay in our neighbours good books, especially if they are Women in The City.That’s why we are offering you a special boutique hotel price for your next stay with us. Splendid!

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It’s hard to define what makes Threadneedles boutique hotel so special. Perhaps it’s the smooth walnut walls against the cool marble floor, the oriental carpet that’s a contemporary work of art in its own right or the light filtering through a 19th Century dome of stained glass. The Victorian banking hall turned city boutique hotel is a multitude of textures and complementary tones, a perfect blend of past and present. Voted by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the top 50 hotels in the world. elegant & luxurious rooms | meeting rooms | conference facilities | bar & restaurant

Terms and conditions: Prices and discounts are subject to availability at time of booking. Offer ends 31st March 2009. Offer valid Sunday through Thursday.

Threadneedles, 5 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AY website: phone: +44 (0)20 7657 8080 email:

Third Space Adam Street Private Members’ Club 9 Adam Street, London,WC2N 6AA 0207 379 8000

19 Cutting Edge November 2008

Getting your

Spa-kle back

Cutting Edge November 2008 20

Take one group of intelligent, successful, exhausted women, add one blissfully luxurious spa weekend – bingo. Here are a list of the UK’s most stunning spa getaways.

1. Ushvani, Knightsbridge, London

2. Bloww Spa, London

3. Bliss Spa, London

Set discreetly in a traditional Edwardian property in Chelsea, the three-story spa is one of the most beautiful in the UK. Founded by a Malaysian business woman-turnedZenster, the place has a South East Asian ambiance, from the imported wood carvings and sculptures to the authentic techniques used in massages and facials. In addition, Ushvani has a plunge pool, scented rain showers, steam room and couples room with its own private mini soak pool. It is not cheap – massages range from £150 to £240.

One of the more modern spas, Bloww represents the 21st century salon experience. Great for hairdressing as well as treatments, the spa has some top rated stylists alongside seasoned massage gurus. The spa is also big on relaxation for hard-working City girls. Bloww boasts a flotation therapy room, a motion therapy room, a wet stone therapy room, a rasul therapy room, to mention but a few. Based in Regent’s Place, west London.

Ultra-modern award-winning Bliss in London is ladies-only – although men can enjoy its ten other global outfits in New York, Dallas and Hong Kong, to name a few. Laid back and unpretentious, the Sloane Square-based spa has round-theclock screenings of Sex and the City. With eight multi-treatment rooms, fresh fruit smoothies on demand and a quickbliss nail bar, you are spoilt for choice. Bestsellers are the Triple Oxygen Treatment facial at £145, the Blissage Massage, which claims to “reduce you to butter”, £100, and the High Thighs cellulite treatment (£75).

21 Cutting Edge November 2008



7. Sequoia at The Grove, Hertfordshire 4. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, London

6. Aquarias at Whatley Manor, Wiltshire

Set within the plush confines of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park, the spa takes relaxation very seriously. With a fully-equipped gym on the premises, you can feel like you’ve really earned your spa session. Spa guests are invited to unwind in the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room, Vitality Pool, Sanarium and the deeply calming Zen Colour Therapy Relaxation room. The Time Ritual is recommended – a personalized wellness plan that incorporates Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Personal Training and Nutrition Advice. Prices are not cheap, with rituals priced between £210 and £500.

Set deep in the Wilshire countryside, the Aquarias Spa is the ultimate City retreat. The Grade II listed Cotswold style hotel is welcoming and polite, and they are the only place outside of London to use La Prairie treatments. The caviar firming treatment and the three-hour Swiss Bliss face and body treatments are bestsellers. The Ultimate Luxury Day, which includes two sixty minute treatments, lunch and refreshments and unlimited use of facilities costs £225. It is a way out of the City, but for a weekend the package is well worth it. Choose two 60 minute treatments – £225 including a light lunch and refreshment served in the spa lounge.

5. Royal Day Spa, Kent Only a few minutes from Tunbridge Wells train station, the Royal Day Spa can be accessed from London in an hour and comes with glowing recommendations. The boutique style spa and health club specializes in organic holistic therapies and is friendly and accommodating, providing herbal tea on tap, and a generous Carluccio’s picnic hamper filled with various delicacies. The spa takes itself less seriously than others, and the party line is about having fun with your girlfriends. A Royal Password, picnic and beauty treatment starts from around £132. Cutting Edge November 2008 22


Less than 20 miles out of central London, The Grove describes itself as “London’s Country Estate” and would not look out of place in the Cotswolds. The new 5 star hotel is focused on fitness as well as pampering and has golf courses, running tracks and even a beach volleyball court. Treatments take place in 6 designer beach huts each with bespoke interiors and chandeliers by Fox Linton. It’s not cheap - day packages start from £200. 5.

8. Barnsley House Spa, Gloucestershire Against the backdrop of the Gloucestershire countryside, the Barnsley House Spa combines local history with contemporary sophistication. 6ft chandeliers hang against traditional dry stone walls made from local Cotswold stone. The spa serves herbal tea, but for food, the hotel’s restaurant is the first port of call. A full-body massage for two in the specially designed therapy room, using REN products, costs £190. A 45-minute pedicure is £45.

10. Elemis, Worldwide Elemis day spa targets the top end of the market, and has a luxury skincare product range sold in various retailers. The Mayfairheadquartered spa is big on anti-ageing natural products and cutting-edge technology. It also has a prominent men’s spa, of which the favourite treatments are Skin Intelligence and Skin IQ and Facial and Urban Cleanse Facial, which cost £115 and last an hour and fifteen minutes. For women, bestselling therapies are the Absolute Spa Ritual – £165 for 2 hours – and the Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy, £90 for an hour. ■

9. Bamford Hay barn spa at Daylesford Organic farm shop, Gloucestershire Recently voted Britain’s best day spa by Conde Nast, this Cotswold spa set in a real barn combines rural charm with pure luxury. This year the spa added another yoga room and two new treatment rooms, with a menu of easyon-the-wallet treatments like an Indian Head massage for £40. Though only an hour and a half from central London, for those coming from further afield there are few places to stay overnight.



With thanks to high-end concierge Quintessentially for compiling the list.

23 Cutting Edge November 2008

Tradition In Touch with Today

London Capital Club London Capital Club, an exclusive private members club for the modern business professional. The ideal meeting place in the heart of the city, ideal venue to entertain or host a formal meeting, The club also boasts two fine restaurants, six private function rooms and a comfortable bar. Membership includes reciprocal use of over 250 international private members clubs.

We are pleased to support Women in the City Lunch & Awards and would like to offer all attendees: No joining fee (normally starts from £500.00) and first month free on joining. Offer ends March 09

To arrange a visit contact Marie Berry-Brown on 0207 2036953 Cutting Edge November 2008 24

Second Annual Women in the City Awards Women in the City Woman of Achievement 2008

Gwen’s message

Gwen Rhys Creator of The Women in the City Lunch and Awards

I recently discovered a website enabling its visitors to compose an email and schedule it to be sent some time in the future. The idea captured my imagination and I began to wonder what my email would be saying if I’d written it in November 2007 and opened it this morning? For certain it wouldn’t be saying that I’d moved home and started yet another business venture. That was a spur of the moment decision one Saturday in late January. As I write, this is the fourteenth week that our interior decorator has been living with us - not really, of course, but anyone who’s been through the experience will know that it feels that way. Hopefully by the time you read this he, the plumber and carpenter will be but a distant memory. On the other hand, it would have mentioned my continuing mentoring relationship with a group of young people. Until I became a mentor with a university student mentoring programme, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy giving back in this way. Being able

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 26

to support those starting their adult lives by sharing my experience and knowledge and, even more importantly, leveraging my network of relationships for their benefit has been hugely rewarding. Not having children, this is a great way to keep in touch with the next generation. Even better, I don’t have to pay for their upkeep. “I’ve been called for a viva. I’m a bit worried. What advice do you have?” said an anxious-sounding text message from one young man. “Let’s assume it’s because you’re a borderline first,” I replied, “be yourself, take some thinking time before responding to questions and you’ll be fine.” Yes, he achieved his first and in late October his mother got out the sarees ready for the graduation ceremony. I asked if she were buying a new one. “Gwen, I’m not getting married!” came his prompt and quick-witted reply. A great lesson in cultural awareness - the theme of today’s Keynote Speaker, Ruth Steinholtz. And what of Women in the City? Without doubt I would have hoped for some of the things we’ve achieved - more nominations for the Awards, more applications; a larger, albeit virtual, support team; developing long-term relationships with the professional bodies to enhance the credibility of the awards and to

promote them to their members; developing closer relationships with our award winners in the hope that they’ll become future WIC ambassadors; gaining more longterm sponsorship relationships and, of course, a full house on the day. I didn’t quite anticipate that our souvenir programme would morph into a magazine – Cutting Edge which I hope you enjoy reading. Please take some additional copies on the way out and pass them on to colleagues and friends. My desire to host a Women in the City Lunch in Chicago hasn’t happened yet - but it will and meanwhile women in Hong Kong and the Middle East are expressing interest and someone has even suggested a Women in the City, Bermuda. Now that sounds very tempting! This leaves me with the question: What will my email say next year? For the answer to this question make sure you join us on Friday 27 November 2009.

Keynote Speaker

Ruth Steinholtz General Counsel & Group Security Coordinator for Borealis AG

Ruth Steinholtz’s international legal career spans eight countries on three continents. She is currently General Counsel & Group Security Coordinator for Borealis AG, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, based in Vienna. Her interests go beyond the legal arena into leadership, corporate ethics and compliance as well as crisis management. Ruth has implemented global incident management programmes in two multinational companies, as well as the “Ethics Excellence Programme” at Borealis. She conducts frequent trainings on these topics. In addition to her full time work since 1990 as in-house counsel first in Cadbury Beverages Europe and later at Allergan, Inc., Ruth founded and is a director of the Consortium for Continuing Legal Education in Europe, the only “customer-driven” continuing legal education programme in Europe. Ruth was certified as a mediator by CEDR in 2003.

Prior to this Ruth was in private practice. She began her career in San Francisco, California. Ruth graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder (B.A.) and received her law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Ruth is fluent in Italian, and speaks Spanish and French and is currently studying German. Ruth is a frequent speaker at seminars on ethics and compliance as well as on legal department management. During her spare time, Ruth enjoys opera and classical music, as well as travel, the arts, walking and, if she is going to be totally honest, shopping.

27 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Coutts & Co Reception Menu

Coriander spiced chicken with a green dipping sauce. ~ Tiny shot of hot pumpkin cream with a drizzle of truffle oil (v) ~ Tartare of salmon, shallots, caper and crème fraiche on a toasted brioche. ~ Tarte Tatin of red pepper with an aged balsamic drizzle (v) ~ Quail salad oriental style cucumber cup ~ Crab Cakes with rocket aioli.

Served with Proseco Spumante Brut Organic This wine is prepared using Prosecco grapes. It is the result of natural fermentation. The FRIZZANTE (sparkling) variety combines the delicacy of the scents with the freshness of the taste, intensified by the carbon dioxide. Biodinamic principles are followed for the cultivation of the grapes for this wine. This enables it to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the soil.

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 28


Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom pithiviers, savoy cabbage and crème fraiche with a celeriac dauphinoise and cepe jus ~ Individual pannetone bread and butter pudding layered with muscatel grapes and served with a cinnamon cream ~ Petit fours and coffee

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29 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Judging Panel Prof Susan Vinnicombe Susan’s research interests are women’s leadership styles, issues involved in women developing their managerial careers and gender diversity on corporate boards. Her Research Centre is unique in the UK and is the UK’s premier research resource on women directors. It publishes the annual Female FTSE 100 Index. Susan has written 8 books and over 100 articles, reports and conference papers. Recent books include “Managing Workforce Diversity: A Global Challenge” (Pearson 2007, with John Bank) and “Women on Boards - an International Perspective” (Elsevier 2008 with Val Singh et al).

Karina Robinson Former Senior Editor of The Banker magazine, Karina’s role at the Financial Times’ monthly banking magazine entailed commissioning and interviewing high profile global figures for her VIP interview column, Karina’s Kolumn, as well as being responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) issues, Latin America, and the magazine’s think-tank features. Throughout 2006-07, she was the International Herald Tribune’s banking commentator, with her column, Banking Matters, appearing twice a month. Karina was formerly Political & Economic Correspondent at Bloomberg/ TV and began her career at merchant bank Morgan Grenfell as the Spanish Equity Analyst.

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 30

Susan has consulted for organisations across the globe on how best to attract, retain and develop women executives. Regularly interviewed in the media for her expert views on women directors, she is frequently asked to speak at conferences. Susan is a judge for Management Today’s annual “50 Most Powerful Women” and “35 Women Under 35 to Watch”, Asian Women of Achievement Awards, European Women of Achievement Awards, Future Women of Achievement Awards and Women in I.T. Awards. Susan is Vice Patron of Working Families. Susan was awarded an OBE for her Services to Diversity in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List in 2005.

Educated in Madrid, at the Hotchkiss School in the US and at the London School of Economics, Karina is a regular speaker at financial services events and has extensive TV and moderating experience. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and fluent in French and Italian. She sits on the LSE Mentoring Committee and on the judging panel for the Barclays Bank Chairman’s Awards. She is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers, a City of London livery company.

Hilary Sears Hilary Sears has both private and public sector experience at senior levels. Recently she completed a 15 month secondment in the Cabinet Office where she headed the Brokerage Unit, which offers career support to senior civil servants across Whitehall, and inputs into the succession planning and talent management programmes. After a first career in advertising and marketing, Hilary took an MBA at Cranfield before moving into executive search which has given her over 20 years of search and leadership assessment experience, leading assignments for local and global clients across general management, marketing and sales, finance and human resources. As a professional, she built a reputation for quality, tenacity and strong client relationships. She sits on the Board of the Cranfield Management Association, and is a frequent presenter at business schools. She was elected as Chairman of the Association of MBAs in 2007, and is keen to reach out to both schools and students. She has also been active in trying to promote women onto boards, speaking at conferences, chairing City Women’s Network, sitting on the boards of International Women’s Forum and UK Forum, and recently chairing their Board Initiative.

Woman of Achievement Award What makes these Awards unique? Melissa Carr Melissa is an Ashridge faculty member with interests in organisational psychology, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership and teams. She works on a range of leadership, general management and people skills programmes tutoring and facilitating individual learning and group processes. Melissa has over 10 years experience working with individual and organisational development. She started her working life as lecturer in higher education where she gained an interest in people’s wider learning experiences. Prior to joining Ashridge, Melissa worked in consultancy where she was involved with a large number of clients from both the private and public sector, but predominately in the financial services sector and airline industry. This mainly involved running assessment and development centres and organisational development projects. It was here that she gained an interest in the way organisations identify, select, develop and retain talented individuals. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Melissa is member of the British Psychological Society. She holds Level A & B certificates and has extensive experience of using a range of psychometrics such as the MBTI, FIRO-B and CPI with both individuals and teams.

The Women in the City Achievement Awards stand apart from other awards in that they focus on senior level women, working within London and in specific professional sectors (the Award Categories). The awards seek to recognise not only professional competence but to acknowledge and reward women’s leadership skills, their ability to develop and leverage their network of relationships and the extent to which they actively promote women’s progress within their organisation, professional sector and the wider business world. In other words, the Awards recognise women who go above and beyond the requirements of their job to support other women and make a difference. Launched in 2007, the fifth year of a highly energising and successful Lunch, the awards quickly gained credibility. Double the number of entries were received this year and more than twice the number of applications for these prestigious awards. Whilst nominating someone for an award is easy and completing the application form is simple, the judging process is rigorous. Applicants who succeed at the first stage – an initial shortlist made by the main Judging Panel and based on their paper applications - progress to be Candidates for winners of their individual Categories. Category Winners are selected by a process involving each Category Endorser.

The Category Winners become the short-listed candidates for the overall Woman of Achievement Award and are then interviewed by a member of the main Judging Panel in what one of last year’s Category Winner’s described as “one of the toughest interviews in my career”. The Women in the City Award Category Winners receive an unique personal development package and although the Category Winners are announced at the end of October, everyone has to wait until the Annual Lunch to know who has won the coveted Woman of Achievement Award with its own Prize Package.

2008 Award Categories and Endorsers Accountancy Services ICAEW Alternative Investment and Financial Services FSSC Insurance Services The-Womens-Insurance-Net-work Legal Services Law Society & The Association of Women Solicitors Property RICS Facilities Management FMA The Management Consultancy Category is supported by The Institute of Business Consulting

31 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

The Award Prizes The Category Award winners receive: • A framed Women in the City Category Winner's Certificate and • A personal coaching session with Stellar Consulting • A knomo laptop briefcase • A two-piece suit, shirt and knot cufflinks from T. M. Lewin • The Elemis Dream Journey Traveller collection and Elemis VIP status for one year

Stellar Consulting is delighted to provide Executive Coaching to the winners of the Women in the City Awards. Our executive coaching focuses on the leader’s personal and professional needs in their specific situation. We target the skills and behaviours necessary for them to succeed in their role. Our coaches use breakthrough processes, techniques, and diagnostics that push the boundaries of the leader’s capabilities, unlocking their potential and increasing their effectiveness. In addition to one-to-one coaching, we work with teams, including leadership and board teams. We help them plan and implement organisation and culture change successfully. Our clients describe us as tenacious, courageous and stretching. We get to the real issues below the surface. Together with our clients we find practical and workable solutions to

complex issues and challenges. Our recent clients include Unilever, KPMG, NHS, DWP, Liberata, Network Rail, Arriva, SwissRe, Five, Channel Four, Centrica, Prudential, SABMiller, Group4Securicor and the Chartered Management Institute. knomo™ produces luxury leather work bags that cater for laptops and other work essentials, and is proud to be associated with the Women in the City Awards 2008. knomo™ is dedicated to supporting working women by designing work bags that are not only beautifully crafted, but function exceptionally well too. knomo™ is offering each category award winner a leather laptop bags from the Berkley range. The Woman of Achievement will receive a ‘Rubi leather briefcase in ombre pattern’. Stockists include Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and House of Fraser.

For 110 years T.M.Lewin have been renowned for the style and quality of the shirts & suits that go to make the perfect working wardrobe. This expertise has now been applied to the creation of T.M.Lewin for Women. Our women’s tailoring combines our tradition of exacting craftsmanship with contemporary styling, perfectly complementing our range of luxurious women’s shirts which feel as good as they look. Each Category Winner at the Women in the City Awards will be able to choose a two-piece suit, shirt and silk knot cufflinks, worth up to £475, to add to their working wardrobe. Elemis is delighted to support Women in the City Awards 2008 and presents each finalist with

Events fo r Women

Pinkevents Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 32

Pink Events prides itself on quintessential events exclusively with women in mind Website Telephone 0203 1554054 Email

Elemis’ Dream Journey Traveller, the ultimate travel collection. Presented in an elegant travel bag, this luxury 10-piece collection is packed full of all your Elemis skin and body care solutions and adds the perfect touch to a break away. As a Women in the City finalist, you also become an Elemis VIP shopper, entitling you to up to 50% off RRP! (Terms and conditions apply). Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand favoured by over 5.7 million spagoers every year. The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technology has enabled Elemis to bring to market some of the most influential anti-ageing products and professional spa-therapies the beauty industry has ever seen. In addition, the 2008 Women in the City Jaguar Woman of Achievement will receive: A one week's Executive Education Programme delivered by the prestigious University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Women in the City Jaguar Woman of Achievement trophy. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is one of the leading business schools in the world, consistently ranking in the top 10 and frequently in the top five. The school’s faculty includes many renowned scholars and its

graduates occupy key positions in the U.S. and worldwide. The school offers full- and part-time MBA programs, a Ph.D. program, open enrolments executive education and custom corporate education, with campuses in the London, Chicago and Singapore. Among the School’s successful alumni working in Europe are Bart Becht, CEO, Reckitt Beckinser plc, Kateryna Chumchenko Yuschenko, First Lady of Ukraine, and Paul Deneve, Managing Director, Lanvin, France.

33 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Category Winners

Kathryn Britten Accountancy

It is a great honour to receive this award and I am grateful to all of my colleagues at BDO Stoy Hayward for their continuing encouragement and support for women at all levels throughout the firm. Recognising and nurturing female talent and female role-models has never been more important and I welcome and encourage initiatives that inspire others by raising awareness of the achievements and impact of women throughout the business world.

Kathryn Britten is National Head of Forensic Accounting at BDO Stoy Hayward LLP. She joined the firm in 1990 having trained with Deloitte Haskins & Sells (now Pricewaterhouse Coopers) and after taking a 6 year career break to focus on her family. Kathryn became a partner in BDO Stoy Hayward in 1995 and leads a team of over 100 partners and staff in 7 national offices. Putting her vast range of experience in the field into practice, Kathryn has acted as an Expert Witness in over 200 disputes and regularly provides

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 34

pre-action advisory services to parties considering litigation or arbitration. She is a fellow and member of the Council of the Academy of Experts; a member of the Expert Witness Institute and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a CEDR trained Mediator. Kathryn is a keen supporter and promoter of working arrangements that help achieve a balanced lifestyle. In recent years she was instrumental in inaugurating ‘The Work Life Balance Challenge Fund’ project at BDO Stoy Hayward, which led to the implementation

of major initiatives to give employees, especially women, greater flexibility in their working lives. As a member of the ICAEW’s Narrowing the Gap Steering Committee, which advises on issues relating to gender diversity in the accountancy profession, Kathryn contributes to the advice provided by the Institute for its members.

Category Winners

Trish Barrigan Alternative Investment

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be selected as the Women in the City Achievement Award winner for the Alternative Investment Category. These awards celebrate the often unrecognised, but incredibly important, contribution that women make to London’s investment community. An increasing number of influential positions are occupied by inspirational women, demonstrating our capabilities and the value that we bring to the workplace.

Trish Barrigan is the Senior Partner of Benson Elliot Capital Management LLP, a leading panEuropean private equity real estate firm with more than €1 Billion of assets under management. She joined Benson Elliot as a founding partner in 2006 and is a member of the Investment and Executive Committees. Previously, from mid-2004, she was Managing Director and Head of Global Real Estate Investments for the Dubai Investment Group. In this role, Ms. Barrigan had responsibility for defining and implementing the firm’s real estate investment

strategy, sourcing, structuring and negotiating investments, and establishing operating partner relationships. Under Ms Barrigan’s tenure, the firm’s portfolio of direct investments increased from US$500 million to US$3 billion. Prior to that, Ms. Barrigan spent 10 years at Goldman Sachs, based in London, Paris and New York, primarily in real estate principal investing and portfolio Management. During her Goldman Sachs career, Ms. Barrigan was involved in the establishment of the Whitehall Funds in Europe. Ms. Barrigan holds a Bachelor

of Arts Degree, summa cum laude and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, from Boston College. She is a member of the Urban Land Institute and the Global Real Estate Institute.

35 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Category Winners

Lisanne Schloss Facilities Management

I’m delighted to receive this award from Women in the City. Not only is it a great honour for me personally, but it’s also a ringing endorsement of my colleagues at Morgan Stanley and the great work they do in inspiring women to fulfil their potential.

Lisanne Schloss, currently Vice President, Property Services, for Morgan Stanley, has a long track record of success as a Facilities Manager in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley in 2007, Lisanne was UK Head of Facilities Management for PricewaterhouseCoopers, before which she worked as a consultant with clients such as Polygram and Discovery Communications. She has project managed inhouse and outsourced teams in a variety of geographies including USA, EMEA and Russia.

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 36

Lisanne has also been a strong supporter of Corporate Social Responsibility throughout her career, running mentoring programmes, supporting charities and raising awareness of diversity in the workplace. She has a proven track record at networking, spotting and nurturing talent; encouraging individuals to achieve both personally and professionally. She created the first Women’s Annual Report for PwC which was nominated for an Opportunity Now award 2006. She won Most Influential Women in Facilities Management award in 2007 from

BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management), is an active steering group member of IBAG (Investment Banking Ability Group) is one of the original members of WiFM (Women in Facilities Management, branch of BIFM) and is chair of FM benchmarking for IPD (Investment Property Databank).

Category Winners

Denise Pollard-Knight Financial Services

I was absolutely delighted to hear I’d won. It’s not so much as the recognition of my efforts, but more that it’s a strong vote of confidence in industry’s changing dynamic and the work women are undertaking in my sector. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences, so it’s heartening to know I am making an impact. The real reward comes from seeing the evidence of women in my team, sector and the city blossom – this is the icing on the cake.

Denise is a Managing Director of Nomura Phase4 Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary of Asiabased investment bank, Nomura. Since joining Nomura in 1999 she has been instrumental in creating a successful healthcare investment strategy – in 2000, four of her team’s 10 financings were among the industry’s top 20 biotech venture deals – and in 2004 she led the creation and development of Phase4 Ventures, building two high performing funds specialising in global life sciences. She is actively involved in US and European investments,

particularly spin-outs and has developed a reputation for instigating support networks with female venture capitalists in Europe, the US and Asia. Nomura Phase4 Ventures is one of the few investors within its industry that has three portfolio companies headed by female CEOs. Denise also sits on the boards of five portfolio companies in the US and Europe and is a member of the board of trustees and council for the British Heart Foundation. She is a frequent speaker at global conferences and a spokesperson for her sector.

Denise’s peers and colleagues describe her as dedicated to her cause, who is always warm, receptive and willing to take time to offer support and advice, whether it’s through her formal networks or through her many informal mentoring relationships she has developed over her career.

37 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Category Winners

Amanda Blanc Insurance

Winning the insurance category is a real honour. I hope it sends out a signal to all the women working in this largely male-dominated industry that good female managers can make a difference to the culture and that we’re going to see more and more women graduates joining us and rising to the top jobs.

Amanda made her mark early in her career in insurance – as the youngest-ever and first female branch manager at Commercial Union. A few years later she was leading AXA’s northern regional team of 470 staff. At AXA, and later at Groupama, she established a reputation for introducing successful change programmes and turning around the performance of key areas of the operation. In 2006, whilst three-months pregnant with her second child, she

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 38

was appointed Chief Executive of Towergate’s UK Broking Division, where she is now responsible for 3,000 people in 60 locations. Since she took over her role, gross earnings at Towergate have grown by 64% and she has introduced ground-breaking new programmes for applying consistent standards and for revitalising customer interaction. Amanda plays a very active role in ensuring that talented women in insurance get the promotion and recognition they deserve and,

as the only female board member in one of the leading insurance groups in UK insurance, she uses her high profile to put over this message as strongly as possible.

Category Winners

Diana Good Legal

I am absolutely delighted to receive the Women in the City award for legal services. It is particularly nice to be given it at this stage as I move from my 30th year at Linklaters to a completely new life and set of challenges.

Diana Good has been a litigation partner at Linklaters since 1988, having joined the firm as a trainee in 1979. She specialises in running complex high profile cases with an international and regulatory angle. She has been listed as a leading lawyer in Legal 500 and Chambers for many years. She has held a number of management positions in the firm including running Linklaters’ Brussels office, being elected to the firm’s Management

Committee and later to the International Board. Diana was the first woman at Linklaters to be appointed to any of these roles. Diana has also led the promotion of diversity issues at Linklaters. For example, in 1997, she developed the firm’s flexible working policy for both staff and partners, which was the first of its kind in the City. She is now retiring from Linklaters and her City career to pursue a variety of very different activities. These include: part-time

judicial appointment as a Recorder, visiting Professorship at Rome University, Trustee of the Mary Ward (Legal Centre and Adult Education Centre) and the Access to Justice Foundation, helping Camfed (campaign for education of girls in Africa), studying international aid development and a first year degree course in French.

39 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Category Winners

Sara Caplan Management Consultancy

Supported by The Institute of Business Consulting

To me, helping women to succeed in the workplace is inherent in every aspect of my work. Winning this award is a fantastic honour and I will use it to help to raise the profile of women’s networking throughout the management consultancy industry.

Sara is an Associate Partner and leads for the firm on the Skills Agenda. She spent 10 years working in Further Education prior to joining KPMG and in addition has experience in a variety of sectors including retail, manufacturing and IT. Recently, Sara has been involved in the development of several National Skills Academies and is currently leading KPMG’s team on the flagship LSIS World Class Skills project, which is helping to ensure that employers have access to the training they need to upskill their workforce and

improve the productivity of the UK. She is a member of the National Skills Forum and was a contributor to the Leitch Review of Skills. Within KPMG Sara is involved in KPMG’s Retaining Talented Women programme, compering the national conference for the last two years. She has been a mentor for women across the firm and advises on the implementation of the Skills Pledge within KPMG. In her spare time Sara likes to spend time walking in the Northumberland countryside, spinning and catching up on reading.

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 40

Category Winners

Carol Bell Property

Sponsored by

I am honoured to have been selected to represent the Property Industry in the Women in the City Awards 2008 and grateful for the encouragement offered by my employer, Robinson Low Francis LLP, both in developing my career and supporting my work in the wider business community to help young people, particularly women, to achieve their potential.

Carol joined Robinson Low Francis as Senior Project Manager in June 2006, with 20 years experience in the property industry. She manages commercial developments throughout the UK, specialising in project delivery, risk management and dispute resolution. She holds Association for Project Management (APM) professional qualifications and APM’s Project of the Year Award 2002 for her work as Deputy Project Manager on the Eden Project and was appointed to the RICS’ “Raising the Ratio” Task Force. This year Carol was named

South East Branch Chairman of the Association of Women in Property, having previously founded and chaired its Devon & Cornwall satellite branch. In 2007 she was voted one of the UK’s top ten most influential project managers by members of the APM and became Chair of the APM’s Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group, as well as featuring in the Daily Telegraph article celebrating Women in Property’s 20th Birthday. She works to encourage young people, particularly women, into the property industry, by attending

careers events and participating in advertising campaigns in print media, on television and online. Carol also mentors members of Women in Property and Women in Project Management and is developing links with other women professionals in organisations such as BIFM, TfL and OGC.

41 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

The Carat Club

2009 Timetable Women in the City Awards 18 March

Launch Breakfast for the 2009 Women in the City Lunch & Awards Second edition of Cutting Edge published

01 June

Nominations open for the 2009 Women in the City, Woman of Achievement Awards

11 September

Closing date for Nominations

24 September

Judging Panel selects Candidates for Category Awards

8 October

Evening Gathering for Category Award Candidates Third edition of Cutting Edge published

12–23 October

Endorsers interview to select Category Award Winners

29 October

Category Award Winners Announced

20 November

Category Award Winners Breakfast

27 November

The Seventh Women in the City Lunch and Awards Fourth edition of Cutting Edge published

In addition we shall hold regular meetings with our Sponsors and Endorser from January 2009 in order to up-date on progress and coordinate activities.

In 2008 we introduced the Carat Club, our unique way of providing opportunities for our sponsors, endorsers, supporters and specially invited guests to meet in a social environment and explore synergies and ways in which we can work together to add value. In 2009 we shall be hosting a minimum of 3 Carat Club events. If you’d like to support the progress of Women in the City and help us achieve our aims which are to: • Empower, inspire and motivate professional businesswomen • Acknowledge their success to date • Celebrate their leadership skills • Increase each woman's impact and visibility in her organisation and sector and to encourage women to support the progress of other women • Build partnerships with those who share our values and ambitions and our desire for international reach. If you’d like to be more involved with Women in the City, please contact Gwen Rhys or Roger Hacker.

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43 Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008

Lunch Prizes

Svelte in the City A 6-week bespoke fitness programme designed for busy professional women. Svelte in the City will provide a qualified and experienced trainer who will come to your home or office and deliver an exercise programme that considers your posture, job and stress levels and “will change the views of even the true exercise sceptic”. Jaguar Experience the sheer luxury of the new and gorgeous Jaguar XF for a weekend. Voted Car of the Year 2008 by ‘What Car’, the XF offers luxury, speed and elegance. Waterman’s Hall Private Lunch for 6 in the Parlour of Waterman’s Hall, the City’s oldest Georgian Livery Hall situated at St Mary-at-Hill, EC3. You and your guests will receive a guided tour of

Women in the City Lunch and Awards 2008 44

this charming building, a glass of Champagne followed by a threecourse lunch. An ideal opportunity for that special family event or corporate hospitality occasion. The Pure Package Each day for two weeks, the lucky winner will receive The Pure Package’s Personal Chef Programme. Daily deliveries of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks freshly prepared by our team of chefs, according to your dietary requirements. Delivery only included within the M25 Woodfarm House boutique B&B The seclusion and tranquility of this award winning boutique guest house offers the prefect location for a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of City life. Warm neutral colours enhance the period features of the grade II listed Woodfarm House and touches of luxury ensure

a memorable experience. Within easy reach of Burnham Market, Wells-next-the-Sea and the North Norfolk coast with market towns Fakenham and Swaffham and the Georgian town of Holt a short drive away, Woodfarm house is ideally placed for exploring the area. Women Inspired by Wine and Wine Studio You’ll make any occasion special when you pop open a bottle from your case of Piper-Heidsieck Brut Champagne. Golden colour and with sparkling clarity its taste is initially reminiscent of a spring blossom such as hawthorn. This leads into more fruity notes such as summer apple and pear, then citrus, with hints of warm toasty-ness. A Pinot dominated Champagne, it’s lively and fresh – a great food wine for marinated tuna, tomato and wasabi coulis or steam-cooked Dover sole with a light creamy sauce and diced spring vegetables.


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45 Cutting Edge November 2008

Beauty on a deadline Cutting Edge November 2008 46

You’re successful, you’re constantly scrutinised, you need to look good, but time is money. Here’s how to look like you’ve had a professional makeover in ten minutes.

Few women would feel comfortable walking into a board meeting wearing no make-up – in fact 90% of women in the corporate world wear make-up every day. It’s not necessarily a sex thing - women wear make-up for the same reason that a man will wear a smart suit and tie – it makes a statement. It says – I respect myself – and so should you. Wearing make-up is crucial in the corporate world – studies have shown we subconsciously judge someone within a fraction of a second of meeting them. But who has time to put a full face of makeup on every morning, when time is the most precious commodity? But it can be done, without rushing. Here are a few tips from beauty experts to show how to put your best face forward in a deadline of ten minutes.

Semi-Permanent Makeup The easiest and quickest way to achieve perfect make-up, day-tonight, is by getting semi-permanent make-up or micropigmentation, to which you only need to add a slick of foundation or a slick of mascara. Micropigmentation is a process whereby hypoallergenic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. It may sound scary – but don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Amy Winehouse. The effects are subtle and can be perfectly tailored to suit your taste. Eyebrow colouring, eyelining and liplining are popular services, but eyelash enhancement, beauty spots and areola colouring are also available. The effects last between two and five years, depending on your age and skin type, and are reversible if you can’t stand it. Prices start around £300 and are available across London; Dr Robson Lawrence in Harley Street comes recommended.

Quick Fixes If you’re needle-shy, here are a few quick-fixes to achieve a perfect face in 10 minutes. Face: 4 minutes However short you are on time, it’s crucial to start with a decent moisturiser – Lancôme do the best. A must-have in every woman’s make-up bag is highlighter-concealer Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent, retailing at around £20. Dot it under the eye and stipple it in with the fingers. Use it on any less-than-perfect parts of your face, under or over make-up. Next, use a liquid or cream foundation with a sponge or brush for the most natural look – get a specialist at the makeup counter to find the right tone for your skin. Bare Escentuals do great foundation, bareMinerals, which you can actually sleep in it’s so pure. Blend the foundation over your jawline and onto your neck, ensuring there’s no tidemark. A brush of translucent powder to set it, a little bronzer on the apples of the cheeks and cheekbones and you’re done.

47 Cutting Edge November 2008

Eyes: 3 minutes When asked if they could only have one item of make-up, most women agree they couldn’t live without mascara. If you only have three minutes, focus on your eyes as they are generally your most noticeable feature. First apply light or nude shadow from lash line to brow bone, going heavier on the lid and fanning it up toward your eyebrow. MAC does great eyeshadow pots for a tenner. Curl your eyelashes if you have time, to open up your eyes and give them a more youthful appearance. If you give them a quick blast with a hot hairdryer

Cutting Edge November 2008 48

while they are in the curler they will remain curled all day. You can also get heated eyelash curlers. Then eyeliner – use a pencil if you want to look more natural, and smudge it with a Q-tip. For a more dramatic look go for a liquid liner. Brown or grey is always more natural than black. If you have time, thicken your lashes with a white primer mascara, Clinique does a good one, and then apply a layer of black or brown mascara. For a more dramatic look, use Dior Diorshow mascara, for daytime casual use Maybelline’s GreatLash for under a fiver.

Brows: 1 minute Brush brows into place, use a soft liner or a little eye shadow to fill them in. Benefit’s Brow Zings, retailing at about £22, gives good results. Err on the side of less. A little gel will hold them in place.

Lips: 1 minute Using a brush will ensure a thinner coat lipstick and a prettier lip line. Use a lipstick that doesn’t clash with your colouring – get professional advice. Lancôme does good lippy that won’t break the bank. ■

STYLE AND THE CITY We are pleased to support the

Women in the City Awards together with Jennifer Aston, leading Corporate Image Consultant. Each winner in every category will receive a complimentary outfit with expert styling advice.

For stockists Jennifer Aston 49 Cutting Edge November 2008

Cutting edge technology is no longer a man’s world. With more wealthy women, and more single women, high-tech gadgetry for girls will be number one on every clever girl’s Christmas wish list.

Cutting edge technology is no longer confined to a man’s world. With more wealthy women, and more single women, time-saving electronic devices are a girl’s best friend – and inventors realise it’s a fast-growing market. Women are spending more than ever before on cameras, laptops, mobile phones and media players, as well as quirkier gadgets like

lipstick memory keys, spiked drink detectors and even robot cats. Shiny Shiny is one of the many mushrooming sites and blogs for women interested in saving time through technology – among others are Lady Geek, Gadgetress and Kitchen Contraptions. Now inventors have started thinking big, and the market has spread to high-end


Cutting Edge November 2008 50

gadgets for luxury homes. Here’s what twenty-four hours would look like in the life of a girly tech freak. First, arrive home exhausted after a taxing day. There can be few things better than coming home to a steaming hot bath waiting for you, filled to the perfect temperature and volume, perfumed with your choice of lavender oil, ylang ylang bubbles, or orange blossom. And you don’t even need to employ a man servant to do it for you (although you might want to have him as well). Bathomatic is a digital bath filler, so you can actually activate your bathtub the moment you leave the office via

Virtual FX 3D

Crestron Home Control

your Blackberry or phone. Prices vary between £4,000 and £5,000 for the tub and installation. And once you’re out of the bath, dressed and preparing for a night on the tiles, how do you check out what your hair looks like if you’re getting ready solo? The answer – a digital mirror that records what you look like a plays it back to you five second later. Hey presto – no yogadefying twists and turns to snatch a glimpse of the back of your head. Entertaining a few guests – or just chilling in front of the TV can be performed with elegance and flair. Forty-seater home cinemas with armchairs, air conditioning and an inbuilt selection of the latest blockbusters are increasingly popular with the seriously wealthy. Lutron, a global provider of advanced electronic and light systems in high-end homes, has had many requests for their Advanced Home Theatre System. In terms of TV, one of the most popular installations is a 103” HD

mirror screen TV, disguised behind a panel as a painting or a picture, to preserve the aesthetics of the room. The plasma screen flips round at the touch of a button, and then flips neatly back into its wallspace when the viewer leaves the room. And to keep the little darlings entertained, virtual FX 3D converter is a popular new trend for childrena program that turns your TV into a stereoscopic 3D TV. Surround-sound can be taken to a whole new level with multi

room audio and video control with Crestron, a global light and sound provider. This constitutes a four-zone system which includes 42” flatscreens, a media server with 1.5TB storage (approximately 300 movies,) a flatscreen monitor, keyboards and a mouse to control the server and four universal remotes to harmonise the whole system. A mere snip at around £28k, but this system needs to be installed during refurbishment because of the wiring system.

Philips Miravision

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Kalorik Aztec Range

The morning after the night before, you need a slice of toast and a steaming mug of cappuccino - triple shot, and quick. You can get automatic toasters and cafetieres cheaply from Kalorik which will cater to your every whim – providing you set the alarm the night before. Also for the kitchen, the latest in free-standing fridge freezers, priced at up to

Aiptek PocketCinema £299.95

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£10,000. Models are 200cm high, and feature touch-screen controls which includes a child lock, a built in radio, an eco saving programme, a caloric chart, and voice memo recorder and player. The fridges are apparently popular among families with obese children who are trying to control their offspring’s over-eating habits.

Sansa MP3 Player £20

SlotMusic 1GB Card Around £12

And a few little somethings that won’t break the bank; Sandisk are launching the Sansa slotMusic player for about £12, designed only to play albums which come preloaded on microSD cards. Firebox has launched a new Pocket Cinema which you can connect to your iPod and project onto a wall, retailing for just under £300. Electronic portable photo frames, outdoor speakers for parties and smart laptop handbags are all must-have stocking fillers this Christmas. ■

Imagine being wrapped in cotton wool. The warm fluffy feeling of trust and security as you are engulfed in the crisp white, surroundings... All your worries drift away as you relax in the knowledge that nothing can go wrong Imagine that feeling with all your meetings and events It is possible, just call

Digital Photo Frame Around £70

Emu Events

01509 673927 or email ... for your cotton wool experience 53 Cutting Edge November 2008

Women of the Moment One year on and what have they been doing? Will they apply again? What would they advise to hopefuls?

The judging process for the winners of this year’s Women in the City Award has been tough. Judges whittled down seven category winners and one overall winner from a list of 350 potentials – all high-flying senior women working in finance and business across London. Chair of the judging panel, Susan Vinnicombe, a professor and director of the centre for developing women business leaders at Cranfield University School of Management said, “The quality of the applicants was extremely high and the short-listed candidates present the best exemplars of women who excel within their chosen professions and, at the same time, champion the progress of women

and make a real difference.” Gwen Rhys, founder of the Women and the City Lunch and Awards, said the high standard was set from the very beginning. For last year’s winners, Julie Chakraverty, Fiona Hotston Moore, Jane Keir, Lillian Boyle and Mandy Mannix, the award has been invaluable in furthering their career. Julie Chakraverty won the 2007 award for financial services, and this year has taken a break from her role of member of Swiss bank UBS’ investment banking board in order to spend some time with her newborn daughter. “Having taken a career break this summer to spend time with my one year-old daughter, the recognition from the award has helped enhance my reputation within finance. I would strongly encourage women around the City to apply, it will be a unique networking experience for them, “she said. Her advice for women considering entering for next

year’s award is simple. Number one, seek to stand out from the crowd – differentiate yourself professionally and don’t be afraid to take risks by seeking out roles or challenges that are unique. Secondly, always present yourself in a polished, commercially relevant manner. Think about which messages you want to be sending. And thirdly, don’t fear change. She said taking a career break after 13 years with a great firm was a difficult but correct decision, and that future opportunities are everywhere. Chakraverty believes the financial crisis over the last year has in many ways cleared a path for women. Banks have been through unprecedented difficulties. As industry leaders are forced to re-evaluate the qualities they most need amongst their employees, to reconnect with their clients and regain confidence from their stakeholders, Chakraverty says this is a tremendous opportunity for 55 Cutting Edge November 2008

women at all levels to step forward with new approaches. Everyone can play a role in this transformation. Fiona Hotston Moore, a partner at accountant Mazars, won the award for the accountancy category last year. She agrees that now is the time for ambitious women to step up to the plate. She says the credit crunch has not hindered women’s progress, but that the biggest obstacle is the attitudes of individuals and boards and the lack of confidence of the women themselves.

Cutting Edge November 2008 56

Hotson Moore says: “The credit crunch is an opportunity to show the value you can add to your own firm and your clients but it’s also one of the biggest if not the biggest challenge in our careers.” Her advice for women aspiring in their careers is to multi-task as effectively as possible and to lead teams with honesty and clarity. She says it is crucial to focus on where you aspire to be in three years time, and if your current role isn’t helping achieve these objectives, you should consider

moving somewhere that does. Seek support from mentors within and outside the organisation. Be prepared to change your priorities or focus as your life outside of work changes and don’t think you can have it all - you can’t! She wholeheartedly advises women to put themselves forward for the Women in the City annual award. “I would recommend future candidates give it a go and don’t be modest.” ■

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How British Are You? This Quiz is brought to you by Global Excellence Ltd, a leading cross-cultural & global mobility services provider.

by helping the organisation get the right people and get the people right for working together with those of other cultures.�

Founded in 1991, we work with global companies who are frustrated by the challenge of getting staff from different cultures to work together. “We take the headache out of global assignments, global projects and intercultural diversity in the office

Today Global Excellence provides these services across 22 countries. With a team of over 90 consultants worldwide Global Excellence delivers training, coaching and consultancy wherever our clients require, all supported by our state-of-the-art online services - available 24/7.

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Try this quiz to see how much you know about the UK. These questions are about everyday life as well as what happens in the workplace. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

+44 (0)20 8579 1980

1. British work ethic is generally described as “Do what is necessary to get it done.” People who have this attitude may not want to appear aggressive, but know how to work hard and get things done. This ethic is changing slowly to a more “go-getter” attitude typical of North America. True or false? 2. The origin of the British is genetically mixed and consists of: A Ancient Norman, Celtic, Saxon and Nordic tribes B Roman, Spanish Celts and French C Ancient Saxon, Italian and Welsh 3. The class system, although less rigid and deterministic than in the past, continues to influence British business and social life in general. True or false? 4. When trying to start up a conversation with a British person the safest topic is: A To ask where they come from. B To talk about the weather. C To ask about their family. 5. British people may not appear to be friendly because: A They intensely dislike foreigners. B They are fearful of nonBritish communication behaviours such as kissing and hugging in public. C They have a greatly cherished sense of privacy and a fear of being perceived as invading others’ personal space.

6. Commuters on public transport read newspapers because: A They are keen to keep up with the international and national news of the day. B They believe that in public it is best to keep to oneself. C They are snobbish and do not want to mix with people who are lower than themselves. 7. Which of these are typical British dishes? A Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken Tikka Masala & a Ploughman’s (Cheese and pickle on crusty, French bread). B Sushi, Apple Pie, Prime Steak. C Meat Loaf, Fried Squid, Pan-fried Red Mullet. 8. The British have formalised ‘unpunctuality’ so that when they invite you to their home, 7:30 for 8 it is acceptable to arrive: A At 7:25. B At 8:20. C At 7:50.

10. After leaving home most young people will visit their parents: A Once a week. B Once a month. C Between 3 and 6 times a year (depending on the distance involved). 11. Britain’s favourite sports are: A First Cricket, then Tennis and finally Football. B First Golf, then Football and finally Tennis. C First Football, then Cricket and finally Tennis. 12. On a social level it is important to: A Assert your abilities and successes openly. B Be a nice person. C Share all of your personal information (family, age, background, education etc) promptly.

9. The typical British young person will: A Leave home as soon as possible to gain their own independence. B Stay with their parents till they get married. C Move in with other relatives nearby to get a taste for independence before setting off on their own.

Answers 1 True, 2 A, 3 True, 4 B, 5 C, 6 B, 7 A, 8 C, 9 A, 10 C, 11 C, 12 B 59 Cutting Edge November 2008

RE:DISCOVER your potential

Whatever industry you are from, whatever stage of your management career, we have an executive open programme for you. The programmes are designed to take you away from your business for a short period of time, but will have a real impact. You will find them challenging, innovative, stimulating - and they are based on our latest management research.

Find out more about our full portfolio at: or contact: Jane Roberts +44 (0)1234 754351


Cutting Edge November 2008  

Awards issue of the magazine of Women in the City.

Cutting Edge November 2008  

Awards issue of the magazine of Women in the City.