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Nakamoto Forestry

Shou Sugi Ban : Burnt Cedar Cladding and Flooring Board

What is Yakisugita? Yakisugita or Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese traditional process that burn wood plank and that charred in specific heat to make wood more durable, fire proof, water proof, and it will stay long lasting around 80 to 90 years almost. As traditional Japanese art Japanese used it with white stucco in numerous ways for exteriors, In Japan one can notice different styles in all areas. In few areas, its only wains coating, in some entire siding, in some below the roof. It could be installed vertically or horizontally.

Nakamoto Forestry Nakamoto Forestry is preserved by the Nakamoto family in Japan and its headquarter is in Hiroshima. They manage thousand-acre forest in Hiroshima and have four mills for process. Nakamoto Forestry is affiliated with WoodOne. Nakamoto Forestry has distribution office in Portland, Oregon that handles North America. In last 3 decades we have seen that western people adopting Japan’s this technique and it influencing western interior design. Now a days Yakisugita is getting popular and people accepting it all over the world.

Suyaki • “Pure Char” • Original charred surface without brushing • Exterior—delicate surface with maximum longevity • Interior—high-traffic surface that retains the black-silver matte color



• Once-brushed • smooth, consistent, dark surface


• Most commonly specified yakisugi •

Suitable for interior and exterior

Pika Pika •


• Twice-brushed • textured surface striped pattern


• Suitable for interior and exterior applications

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Shou sugi ban burnt cedar cladding and flooring board  

Yakisugita is an ancient Japanese technique to burn wood to provide durable and elegant product. Nakamoto forestry is owned by nakamoto fami...

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