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The Journal of the National Association for Environmental Education

INDEX: Volumes 54-96


“ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION” is published 3 times a year, early in each of the academic terms, and is sent automatically to all members of NAEE. Back copies are usually available from NAEE, subject to availability. Current prices (which include p&p) are: Last three issues: £9.50 Recent issues (last three years): £7.00 Other issues: £4.00 Some issues focus on a particular issue, but the overall aim of NAEE is to provide stimulating and practical information on research, the curriculum and experience across the whole range of EE teaching from primary school to higher education. In addition to the articles listed, each volume contains an editorial, a substantial topical News & Views section, a summary of recent conferences and reviews of new books and websites. . Each volume contains illustrations. Some editions also contain readers’ letters, curriculum links, and “lessons on a page”. An index of the contents of Volumes 18-53 is available from NAEE. Abbreviations: DfES EE ESD KS NC P QCA S SD Y

Department for Education and Skills Environmental education Education for sustainable development Key stage in National Curriculum National curriculum Primary Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Secondary Sustainable development Year of schooling (e.g. Y7 for first year of secondary school)



Many of the articles of this issue focus on the Brecon Beacons ENLIVENING EE – Bonnie Gosse How to integrate the creative and the analytical approaches, with lesson suggestions. LOCAL INITIATIVES IN EE IN BRITAIN AND UGANDA - Mary Comber Two Post-Rio Summit grassroots projects: The Centre of the Earth in Birmingham and Elgon Forest Exploration Centre, Sipi, Mbala, with their aims and Educational services. MILESTONE IN DEVELOPMENT OF EE IN UGANDA – Joy Palmer & JKW Ofwono-Orecho The foundation and first year of Uganda National Environmental Education Association (UNEEA), the particular local issues, and the organisational structure. SCHOOL VISITS UNDER THREAT – Keith Richmond Factors affecting extended school educational trips, and a survey of some London schools. AN EE FAIR - Margaret Hanlon Report of a busy schools’ activity day at the South of England Rare Breeds Centre. JEWELLERY QUARTER BIRMINGHAM – Louise Evans A Centre set up round old jewellery company workshops, ( Sandford Heritage Education Award). VIEWS FROM THE PARK – David Brinn Environmental Education in Brecon Beacons National Park. SNAPSHOTS FOR THE FUTURE – Jane Wright 10-11 year olds’ project taking photographs of Llangattock for the village design statement. A VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - LLANGATTOCK The history and purpose of the Design Statement of Langattock. THE VIEW OF A SMALL GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT: ITS CONTRIBUTION TO EE – Stuart Rees Educational activity in the Brecon Beacons Park by local Year 7 pupils. A VIEW FROM A FIELD STUDY CENTRE – Ron Layton The refurbished Danywenallt Study Centre, Mammal trapping and Landscape evaluation. A RECIPE FOR EE – Carolyn Wheeler The views of someone active in Brecon Beacons Outdooor / Residential education and EE/ Geography. TEACHER TRAINING LINKS THE EE DIMENSION – Paul Webber The mutual benefits of links between Trinity College, Carmarthen and Tlokweng Teacher Training College in Botswana, including UK students’ visits to Africa. CYTGORD CEFN GWLAD - Claire Fowler RSPB involvement in EE in Wales, with particular emphasis on agricultural students.



EARLY YEARS UNITS – OUTDOOOR AREAS – Krysia Baczala Suggested guidelines for schools needing an outdoor area for very young children. THERE IS NO BAD WEATHER – JUST BAD CLOTHING – Colin Crebbin Swedish stress on environmental education and outdoor education programmes for under 7 year olds and on throughout the curriculum, involving teachers and parents. LOOKING AT AMERICAN INDIANS – Sally Munn Report of an educational project at Groundwork’s Iver Nature Study Centre for all ages and abilities, recreating American Indian life. APPLES IN THE ORCHARD – Margaret Collins The development of a school’s outdoor grounds, fully involving staff, children, parents and others, and including fruit trees selected by pupils. Some lessons activities arising from the project. LUNAR SAMPLES AND METEORITES – John Beckett Apollo lunar missions of the 1960s and 1970s provide a cross curricular resource DOGS – Cuthbert Jackson A dog warden’s view of the relationship between human beings and dogs, the problems which can arise, and the relationship between child and animal abuse. FOOD RETAILING AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Peter Jones The impact of food production, waste management and transport on the environment. Programmes being developed by major supermarkets in response, including educational and training initiatives. ENVIRONMENTAL LESSONS ON A PAGE 2 photocopyable lessons on traffic. WALK TO SCHOOL – Lesley Browne The Walk to School campaign and the advantages to be gained. THE DYING SEA – Nicholas Jeffries The harmful impact of Soviet planning on the Aral Sea in Central Asia and the resultant decay of the environment and the economy. Southampton environmental engineering students’ research visit to collect data which may later help improve water management. HARTCLIFFE ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATIONAL CENTRE – Michael Littlewood How the Centre and three local schools planned the development of their grounds along sound environmental, ecological and sustainable principles. DEVELOPING ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN CHINA – Roger Ho The difficulties of introducing environmental education to modern China where the stress is on industrial development.



Nottinghamshire provides many articles in this sponsored issue ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE – Pippa Manson & David Armstrong LEA’s support for and provision of E E and the Trailblazer programme for pupils of all ages. TRAILBLAZING IN OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL – Joy Slade Trailblazer programme with children with special educational needs at one Nottinghamshire School. RAISING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS THROUGH RESIDENTIAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITY EXPERIENCE Philip Baker, Joanna Barnett Hagg Farm EE Centre’s programmes of adventurous activities and local EE, with emphasis on sustainability. STOKE BARDOLPH ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CENTRE – Mark Scott Study visits available at Severn Trent Water’s centre at a sewage treatment site and adjoining farm. PUTTING UNDERWOOD ON THE MAP – A TRAILBLAZER COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROJECT – Suzanne Kirk, and Roger Hull The detailed preparatory work undertaken by infant and junior pupils ,supported by community, to design and erect Viewpoint Information Panels overlooking the area round Underwood, showing the Erewash Valley and the coal mining past. THE LOST GARDEN – Helen Turton and Bill Hanley Pupils visiting St Michael’s EE Centre’s in Hathersage develop a conservation area in old cottage garden, with support of various agencies. AGENT 21 INVESTIGATES PLANET EARTH – Margaret Morland Day visit centres provide junior and lower secondary cross-curricular programmes of investigational activities based on Agenda 21, promoting sustainable development through local decisions making. ENVIRONMENTAL LESSONS ON A PAGE 2 photocopiable lessons on chimneys WORLDLY WIDE – EDUCATION FOR THE 21 ST CENTURY - Emma Smith New Consumer Charitable Trust scheme to develop through 5 Newcastle schools a national interactive computer information system on environmental issues. BIODIVERSITY As extinction of many species is threatened, a view of how the importance of bio-diversity and ecological interaction could be introduced in a wider curriculum. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – Sergey Alekseev How Environmental Education is being pursued in S Petersburg.



Cumbria provides many of the articles in this sponsored issue MAKING WEATHER WATCHING EXCITING – David Fellows Personal enjoyment of weather watching since 1952, and how to enthuse pupils. EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY - Jayne Murray A multi-sector, school-based approach in Cumbria. FIELDWORK IN CUMBRIAN QUARRIES AND MINES – Jeni Boothman Wide ranging EE including OXFAM & global elements at a small rural school; class-based study of rocks & minerals, leading to local mine visits. ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES AT CUMBRIA OUTDOORS – Barbara Hunter Activity days for 5-7 year olds and in-service training for their teachers. EDUCATION AT THE DOCK MUSEUM, BARROW - Rachel Litton Educational attractions of the Dock Museum including guided tours and loan boxes. EDUCATION AT THE BEACON – Sue Palmer Educational facilities at the Beacon in Whitehaven: meteorology and port’s Georgian past. OUTDOOR EDUCATION IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM – Stephen Appleby Stimulating young children’s enthusiasm with a flexible approach. HOW OUTDOOR EDUCATION CONTRIBUTES TO SUSTAINABILITY – Geoff Cooper Urban youth’s prospects in a society based on growth and competition. Importance of EE in changing attitudes and behaviour. Benefits of outdoor education for less academic. EUROPEAN YOUTH AND ENVIRONMENT – Geoff Cooper Similarities of cultures across Europe, TOUCH process and international environmental youth events. THE BACKCLOTH TO THE 37 th NAEE CONFERENCE – Anne Magee Middlesborough’s industrial development & environmental conservation in the area. WHOSE LAND IS IT ANYWAY? – Steve Manning National Trust Theatre in Education addresses contemporary countryside and environmental issues. FOR “MALHAM TARN” READ “GODSTONE” – Philip Neal The impact of too many study visits on a popular site (Godstone) TELL THE STORY WITH A STICK – Phil Baker A suggestion for use on a study walk to aid later reviews.

2 ENVIRONMENTAL LESSONS ON A PAGE: Mountain & Moorland (P) National Parks (S) CONVERSATIONS OF PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN DURING FIELD VISIT – Sue Dale Study of three 10 year old boys’ comments on an environmental field visit. BREAKING THE ICE ON CANNOCK CHASE – Paul Higgs Y6 pupils from 4 village schools explored Cannock Chase with environmental role play. MAGICAL INNER CITY MOMENT – Peter Wakeley A photographer remembers city children’s response to nature.



Middlesborough provides some of the articles in this sponsored issue EE ON TEESSIDE – Lynne Hammond Special Working Groups in Middlesborough, an original Environmental City. BECK VALLEYS PROJECT - Emma Coles Work with communities to improve 6 Beck Valleys for people & wildlife, and education. ELEMENTIS CHROMIUM – Richard Bailey The Eaglescilffe ecology site of the company and its work with schools. NATURE’S WORLD AT THE BOTANIC CENTRE – Susan Carter Organic horticulture on 125 acre site and work with children there. SCHOOL LIFE SCIENCE UNIT - Jeff Hulse & Mavis Hardwick Planning how to use a local authority and industry caravan to support primary science teaching. OUTDOOR CLASSROOM PROJECT AND THE MILLENNIUM MARQUE – Nick Tindall Development of Ormesby School grounds as part of the City Challenge. ACTION 2020 – Joanna Smithson Involving the community in planning for the future, with the example of two schools’ participation. DO YOU WANT TO SEE A SHELDUCK? TEESMOUTH FIELD CENTRE – Lynne Burns Environmental improvement in the estuary, two local trails and the work of the Field centre. IT’S A WASTE TO WASTE - Steve Ashton Cleveland Wildlife Trust Waste Management site and education pack LOOK OUT! THERE’S A WORLD ABOUT: Children’s activity week in a centre now closed. LET’S TAKE A DIFFERENT LOOK – Aniko Orgovanyi & Philip Neal Viewing Earth from Space, especially the ocean. EE FOR THE THIRD AGE – John Turley THE BAYWATCH BIRD AND THE BIRDWATCH BAY – Barrie Cooper The Leighton Moss nature reserve in Ribble estuary. RSPB teaching resources. ZOOS, A NEW EXPERIENCE - R.A.Baker Conservation and educational work of Gerald Durrell’s Jersey Zoo Trust. HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH – Sue Honeybone The development of an infant school playground, curriculum links, and its subsequent use.

WALK TO SCHOOL – Lesley Browne: The Walk to School Campaign, and the reasons for it. ENVIRONMENTAL LESSONS ON A PAGE – 2 Photocopyable lessons on Built environment CARING FOR OUR FUTURE –Sheila Morgan RSPB and EE Council for Wales Develop schools’ policies in Welsh schools for impact on the communities. EE IN GERMANY – Gunther Eulefeld EE in German schools and universities, and the role of Environmental Centres and Associations. EE PROGRAM – NEW DELHI – R.. Roma, Ashish Shah The threat posed to India’s environment by the emphasis on economic growth. One school’s EE programme.



Local Agenda 21 provides the main theme in this issue UNCED THE EARTH SUMMIT Summary of the Rio Conference, June 1992.. AGENDA 21 OR CATCH 22 - Joan Fairhurst Agenda 21: Are perceptions progressive or cyclical? The strengths and weaknesses. LIMITING ABSTRACTIONS OR LIBERATING APPROACH – David Brinn A view from the Brecon Beacons of the new emphasis on sustainability. BRIDGING THE GAP WITH PULSE – Richard Pitts Project for Understanding local Sustainability through Education for older primary pupils in Powys, the importance of awareness of people and their relationships with each other. Use of data. LOWTIDE -Dinah Prior River Ocean Research & Education: annual SE England coast event for children aged 7-12, Eco fayres. ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION IN KENT SCHOOLS – Hazel Powell Network of Environmental Co-ordinators in Kent and Agenda 21 partnership. THE SCHOOL GROUNDS VISIONING PROJECT – Debbie Bartlett Schools’ visioning project involves pupils in developing school grounds: Agenda 21. STREETS AHEAD – Isobel Perry Primary schools project: traffic and journeys to school. EDUCATION FOR LA21 IN ACTION: Bristol’s Biotown – Wendy Emmett Year 6 pupils design a sustainable town in detail. A WAY WITH WILLOW – Angela Bentley Green scheme uses willow to provide shade in Solihull school grounds. WEOBLEY SCHOOL LA 21 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT – Coppicing provides wood for school heating in Herefordshire project. EE A CREATIVE APPROACH – Gabrielle Back Energy projects at an Eco-school, including link with school in France. FURTHER EDUCATION FIX – Tony Michael: Planning to overcome EE barriers in FE. EE A PHILATELIC APPROACH –Trevor Fulgrove: Pictorial stamps spur EE. PERSONAL AND SOCIAL EDUCATION THROUGH FIELD WORK – Sue Dale Tunnicliffe How working outside the classroom can develop personal and social skills, with study of speech.

ENVIRONMENTAL LESSONS ON A PAGE – Paul Higgs: photocopiable lessons on waste GROWING WITH TREES – Kathryn Humphreys The educational and green advantages of the Growing with Trees schools challenge.



Coventry provides many of the articles in this sponsored issue ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN COVENTRY SCHOOLS – Ian Rye Work with local Curriculum and Green education Network. COVENTRY SCHOOLS MAKE A COMMITMENT - Bill Johnson Coventry schools commit to reduce energy and water use. A multi-sector, school-based approach in Cumbria. DEVELPOPING TOMORROW’S DECISION-MAKERS – Bob Keith Groundwork Coventry’s environmental and art projects in schools and community. COVENTRY ENERGY EDUCATION PROJECT – Gabrielle Back Environmental and financial costs of burning fuel. Energy project with KS3 pupils. BISHOP ULLATHORNE “ECO-SCHOOL” – Gabrielle Back Environmental programme within the National Curriculum. Projects with trees, and Eco Trail. COVENTRY’S AGENDA 21 – Adrian West Secondary Conference, Mission Possible for pupils’ environmental group. Coventry’s Environmental Week. CREATING SAFER ENVIRONMENTS: SAFER ROUTES TO SCHOOL – Teresa Beddis Two year project on environmental issues, road and communal safety, actively involving local school children. A TOUCH OF ENVIRONMENT – Phil Van- Gucci Practical work and follow-up with Coventry pupils at Plas Dol-y-Moch OEC, particularly a beach visit. A TIME OF CHANGE AT WARWICKSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST – Julia Martin Brandon Marsh Nature Centre, its work for pupils and teachers, and access to GLOBE international programme. DISCOVERING COOMBE COUNTRY PARK – Dawn Bagley Educational facilities at 500 acre historic Warwickshire estate. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AT RYTON ORGANIC GARDENS – Maggi Brown Environmental education experience for pupils at Ryton. Go Organic in school Grounds project. SCHOOL GROUND DEVELOPMENTS IN COVENTRY A range of developments in Coventry, involving pupils, staff and the community. THE GARDEN CLASSROOM - Sue Fenoughty What could be learnt from N European schools: Churchill fellow’s study. SEAMAN FOR A DAY ON CUTTY SARK – Bobbette French School pupils experience being in the 1870 crew, working under stern discipline.

THINKING ABOUT WASTE: CHILDREN’S IDEAS – J.A. Palmer & others Part of an international research project into ideas of children aged 4-6 on environment, waste and recycling. LESSONS ON A PAGE: Waste not, want not (Primary); The Moon (Secondary) THE AMOCO CATS TERMINAL REEDBED – Carole Rushall The construction of a reed bed as a tertiary sewage and surface water run-off treatment system at Seal sands SALWAN PUBLIC SCHOOLWASTE MANAGEMENT DRIVE– Ashish Shah One school’s pupils in work to clean up ecologically fragile areas, including Great Himalayan National Park.



Brighton and Hove and Going for Green provide many of the articles in this sponsored issue PROMOTING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS IN BRIGHTON & HOVE – Kim Jackson An introduction to education officer’s environmental work with young people. RIVER OCEAN RESEARCH AND EDUCATION (RORE) – Dinah Pryor RORE’s varied work to increase awareness and encourage care for water systems. MAKING AND USING RELIEF MODELS TO STUDY THE LOCALITY - Robert Stephenson An account of work with primary pupils aged 7-9. MILLIMATIONS – Millie Young: Animation film and workshops specialising in environmental themes. REDZEBRA – Lynne Harmer: Rhythm and movement workshops with green ethos and integrated NC RECYCLED PAPER – Jackie Marsh-Hobbs Hand-crafted paper-making workshops using recycled paper WEST BLATCHINGTON WINDMILL, HOVE – Peter Hill Early 19th century windmill hosts educational support to Science, Design & Technology, History, Geography, Art. LESSONS ON A PAGE: Sea Life (Secondary);

Growing with Trees (Primary)


Graham Ashworth

The principles of Going for Green and The Tidy Britain Group, and their role in environmental education GOING FOR GREEN Summary of the work of Going for Green and Tidy Britain Group. GREEN CODE PROGRAMMES : on Disc for pupils & Sustainable development interactive ICT package THE GREEN PLANET Interactive quiz for pupils aged 7-11 and 11-014 covering Maths, English, science and Geography. MEET THE GREENS Virtual Green family encourages everyone to help protect the environment. CD ROM. GREEN CITIZENSHIP AND FURTHER EDUCATION – Tony Michael An argument in favour of EE within FE Citizenship education. E. EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE- EE IN BELARUS – Gennedy Karopa Belarussian National Green Class Association in Chernobyl area; some financial & political difficulties CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL – Chernobyl Children’s Project Fact Sheet 10 years after the disaster: detailed account of what happened and its continuing effects.

OBSERVING THE ECLIPSE OF THE SUN – Richard Knox Advice on preparing to watch the coming eclipse. ELEPHANTS AT KILAGUNI – Lynne Hammond: Poem.



UNDER ATTACK The controversy over the future of EE. ADVOCACY AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Mary Kelsey Innovative ways of introducing concern for environment in primary schools. EDUCATION BEYOND THE CLASSROOM - John Gerritson Ministry attitudes to curriculum-based Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom. SOMETHING IN THE POND’S BUGGING ME! – Anne Pilling Y 9 pupils’ environmental investigation based on a pond as part of CREST Bronze Award. ECO-SCHOOL ROUTE TO REDUCING CAR DEPENDENCY – Jane Olds Lincoln City’s work with schools towards reducing car dependency FROM ACROSS THE POND – A SNAPSHOT OF 1998 NAAEE CONFERENCE – Sunita Hilton A participant’s view of the North American conference in Atlanta FRANCO- BRITISH SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PRIZE Pupils from Settle and Herbignac in an environmental project involving French, Geography and IT. NAEE CONFERENCE: CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS A GREEN HANDS APPROACH – G. Back A review of very varied Brighton Conference. EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Tidy Britain Group’s role in European EE; Eco Schools Award Scheme; National Spring Clean; Young Reporters for the Environment; Going for Green’s Sustainable Communities Project Work with Schools. FOOTSTEPS – WORKING TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE – Sharon Hockey Working in Gloucestershire and overseas helping to consider the impact of pupil’s lives. EDUCATION FOR THE CHILD – Martin Ashley A discussion of the aims and nature of good EE for the child. PLASTICS The use of plastics in the UK and their limited recycling . LESSON ON A PAGE : Plastic recycling; Ten Breakthroughs to shape the world (Upper Secondary) PRACTICAL EE IN FIELD CONDITIONS – Sergey Alexeev A St Petersburg professor summarises past and present approach to field studies. CONNECT EE in the work of UNESCO



CREATING A GREEN SCHOOL - Wendy Leeke Transformation of Bognor Regis infants school’s grounds and its use across the curriculum NATIONAL EE ACTION PLAN IN JAMAICA – Charlene Eaton and Marceline Collins- Figueroa Jamaican working groups developed educational policy for SD, allowing activities to be adapted to local circumstances. One school’s agricultural theme generated improvement. TEACHING RECYCLING –IS IT ENOUGH? - Philip Neale A look at some of the costs involved in recycling. THENGAPALLI – A LESSON IN SUSTAINABILITY – Martin Cook Cross-curricular resource for KS2 pupils based on an Indian village with many links to NC. THE WORLD OF SMALL ANIMALS – R. Baker How correct microscope enhances primary study of invertebrates, using Theodore Savory’ 40 year old book. IT WAS ONLY A SMALL APPLE TREE – Trevor Fulgrove Secondary pupils’ interest in apples awakened by surprise sight of one near motorway. PLANTING AN ORCHARD “TREES OF TIME AND PLACE” – Gabrielle Back Coventry educational and community fruit trees project with NAEE and Groundwork. TOPCLIFFE SCHOOL ORCHARD PROJECT – Sue Fenoughty Primary school transform barren ground with an orchard and become an Eco-School. ENVIRONMENTAL YOUTH WORK – Mary Kelsey Agenda 21 action in Birmingham and W Midlands “Routes back to the Future” project engages young people in environmental issues and involves them with young people in other areas and countries. LESSONS ON A PAGE: Apples (Primary): Waste strategy for a sustainable future APPLE FACTS AND FICTION




EE AND THE NEW CURRICULUM – Maggie Smith EE’s changes across Curriculum 2000, and enhanced role in geography. PART OF SOMETHING GREAT AND WORTHWHILE – Kathryn Humphreys Large pupils’ project growing trees. TRANSITIONS FROM EE TO ESD – William Scott The argument for resource-led strategies, with assessment of “Lessons in Life”. EDUCATION FOR SD AT EARTH CENTRE – Glenn Strachan Development of Earth Centre on mine site in Don Valley using art & technology for ESD SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR EE – David R Wright Examples of curriculum links on way to school.. SANDFORD AWARD FOR HERITAGE EDUCATION – Gareth Fitzpatrick Detailed report on how the scheme runs. LITERACY AND EE: STORIES FROM SANDFORD PARK – Kirsten Mould How a storyteller used the setting to lead children to make up a story. MIDDLESBOROUGH: ENVIRONMENT CITY -

Paul Taylor

Council involves organisations and individuals- e,g, cycling, composting planting. EE GOALS AND METHODS -

Gabrielle Back

EE goals, methods drawn up at Swedish 1999 conference (reported in Volume 63) LESSONS ON A PAGE: Sea Life (Secondary);

Growing with Trees (Primary

ABOUT THE NEW EE ENVIRONMENTAL GOALS, UNCERTAIN PRACTICES – Susana Calvo & Teresa Franquesa Academic view of development and difficulties of EE, and its new characteristics.



Sponsored by Shropshire CC, Telford & Wrekin Council & Tudor Griffiths Group. Many articles on Shropshire EE FOR SD IN SHROPSHIRE AND TELFORD & WREKIN SCHOOLS Steve Rogers Introductory summary to the work being undertaken in and for local schools. WORKING IN PARTERNSHIP WTH A QUARRYING AND LANDFILL BUSINESS IN N. SHROPSHIRE – Kirsten Mould Wildlife Trust’s work with Tudor Griffiths Group at Nature Reserve with educational links to NC. TELFORD & WREKIN COUNCIL CHILDREN’S UNIVERSITY WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN WITH SEN - Mary Potter Year 6 pupils with learning difficulties joined a 3 day workshop on recycling. PERKINS ENVIRONMENTAL TEAMWORK AWARD – 1999 NATIONAL WINNERS – Elizabeth Granger Kinnerley CE Primary School team’s project on the school grounds. AGENDA 21 – EE ROUNDTABLE IN TELFORD & WREKIN – Becky Lloyd Involvement in EE curriculum and as governors. AN ORGANIC GARDENING PROJECT – Tessa Moore High Ercall Primary School’s winning project on grounds. ENERGY DOES MATTER IN TELFORD AND SHROPSHIRE – Sandy Carter A sustainable home energy education programme for upper primary and lower secondary pupils. MOORLANDS AND MINES– Janet Keeble Wistanstow School’s detailed study of the moorland, mining relics, history and legends of Stiperstones. “MAKING IT HAPPEN” – A WWF FUNDED PROJECT – Joanne Dean 2 year infant school project linking ESD and English, helping children to respect wonderful world. SECRET HILLS DISCOVERY CENTRE, CRAVEN ARMS – Marilyn Lewis All- year round facility for family enjoyment and educational activities, based on the Shropshire Hills. GROUNDWORK – Peter Jones Groundwork’s history and expansion to 43 local trusts, its current work improving environment, involving education, the community and local businesses. Examples: derelict land,educational Regeneration Programme focusing on improvement of school grounds, visits to industrial premises, National Grid Four Seasons programme and links with the National Curriculum. AN ENVIRONMENTAL DREAM YEAR – David Fellows A teacher exchange year in New Zealand: environment and culture, and links to curriculum of 7 and 8 year olds, ENVIRONMENTAL LESSONS ON A PAGE: Recycling in school( P); Rurban (i.e. Rural and Urban) (S)

THE CHANNEL TUNNEL AN ISSUE BASED APPROACH TO EE – Mary Kelsey Topic which provides conflict of interests, technological issues, environmental considerations and various ways in which this can fit into the curriculum. The Exhibition Centre and its education service. Other suggested issues.



Sponsored by the University of Bath LEARNING AND LEARNERS IN EE - Mark Rickinson Review of recent research evidence on EE in primary and secondary schools: an extensive look at evidence base. Key messages, implications, and a full bibliography. REORIENTING TEACHER EDUCATION TO ADDRESS SUSTAINABILITY – Charles Hopkins & Rosalyn McKeown UNITWIN/UNESCO research to reorient teacher education approaches to EE in pedagogy, curriculum and evaluation. The organisation and early work of the programme. AWARENESS OF ESD IN SCHOOLS – Emma Murray A study of teachers’ attitudes to ESD preceding the introduction of National Curriculum 2000 showed their need for more guidance in delivering it. The report also covers LEAs and school management. SUSDALE – Bill Wood A sustainable development case activity for A Level, further and higher education students and business training programmes, involving a fictional dale, based on Yorkshire Dales. TEC2000 – Gabrielle Back Report of the Teaching Environmental Change Conference. MAKING SENSE OF EE RESEARCH – Dawn Saunders Report of seminar of NFER and Chelsea Physic Garden on EE and relevant research. EXPLORING OUR RESPONSIBILITIES –William Scott and Alan Reid Critical commentary on education, sustainability and learning. HEALTH AND SAFETY – Janet Keeble Formalising health and safety procedures for field trips. THE FIRST ESSENTIAL STEP IN EE – John Fishe r Pre-NC outdoor learning has declined since NC introduction with resultant disconnected knowledge. LESSONS ON A PAGE : Telecommunication mast development (S); recycling (P)



Sponsored by the University of Bath STATE OF THE WORLD 2001 The global environment at a dangerous crossroads? Report of annual American assessment. THE NAEE FARM GATE: TIME FOR RE-APPRAISAL? – Martin Ashley The role of the Association and its possible role in the future.

CHILDREN’S CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND PUZZLING QUESTIONS IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – Richard Eke, Nick Clough, John Lee & Lalit Kumar Research into children’s beliefs and the importance of listening to them. COUNTRYSIDE COUNCIL FOR WALES A new strategy for EE in Wales DOWN YOUR WAY – Amanda McCleery The Flat Holm project, activities and facilities. RAINDROPS - TEARDROPS – Gabrielle Back Introducing an anthology of children’s poems on theme of water & energy conservation. GEOGRAPHY & SMSC –Alison Bailey & Don Kimber The environment in teaching spiritual, moral, social and cultural development - Curriculum 2000. ICT & WEB WATCH: A 21 st century Noah’s Ark – Jane Hamilton ARKive @ Bristol LESSONS ON A PAGE: Global warming (S); Waste (P)



A NEW FACE AT FACE – Martin Ashley Interview with Bill Graham, head of Farming and Countryside Education. THE LANDSCAPE OF THE SCHOOL GROUNDS – Sue Fenoughty The importance of making the school grounds attractive and educationally rewarding.

PROGRESS AT ACHNASHEEN – Juliet Robertson Example of a Scottish school’s use of its improved grounds.

INITIAL TEACHER TRAINING AT THE CREATE CENTRE – Christine Townsend & Martin Ashley Bristol’s environment and SD centre, junior, INSET and undergraduate courses.

YORKSHIRE & HUMBERSIDE SD STRATEGY – John Blewitt Aims, objectives and priorities.

GLASS FOR EVER! – Joanne Hollins Rockware Glass Recycling Education Centre for KS2 pupils.

DISCIPLINED ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACIES – Andrew Stables & Bill Scott Academic paper on developing environmental awareness in education.

TEACHER EDUCATION FOR SD IN SCOTLAND – Peter Higgins, Gordon Kirk & Hugh Perfect Survey of Scottish education developments in the light of UNESCO SD education policy.

THE BIG GREEN WIND MACHINE - Martin Ashley KS3 pupils’ reaction to wind power course at Kilve Court

CONVERSATION WITH THE LAKE – Nina Wlodarczac: Child’s poem

GREEN TO GREY – Gabrielle Back Compiling a millennium anthology.

NAEE CEE AND THE FARM GATE The relationship of the 2 organisations, and NAEE’s logo.

ICT & WEB WATCH : A better way to get to school

LESSONS ON A PAGE : Organic farming (S);

How did you come to school today? (P)



2 main themes in this issue: subject knowledge and food and farming WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS – Martin Ashley Interview with John Westaway, responsible for geography and EE at QCA. SMALL CREATURES ENVIRONMENTAL ROADSHOW - Kim Jackson Clare Halstead’s work with Brighton–based Great Little Theatre Co in primary schools.

THE COLE HEATH ENVIRONMENT PROJECT – THEN AND NOW – J.A. Tallon Cross-curricular practical environmental work of some central Birmingham primary schools. PROMOTING FARM ANIMAL WELFARE IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES – Phil Brooke Educational material from Compassion in World Farming Trust. SCHUMAKER COLLEGE: AN EARTH ACADEMY – David Nicholson- Lord Aims and variety of short residential courses, with ecological and contemplative emphasis. as well as some business courses, and possible future development. CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING – FOOD GROWING IN EAST LONDON – Caroline Fernandez & Andy Casson Pupils at two multi-ethnic London schools grow food, and the project’s educational benefits. HILLBROOK’S HUMAN SUNDIAL – Hilary Todd Pupils planned a sundial as part of school grounds development scheme. SMALL CREATURES The illustration and work of 2 Brighton and Hove primary pupils. “STATE OF THE WORLD 2002” BY LESTER R. BROWN - Bill Scott Feature length review of Worldwatch Institute publication on “progress towards a sustainable society”. ICT & Web Watch: QCA website for Sustainable Development - Martin Ashley Review of the site, part of Curriculum 2000.

LESSONS ON A PAGE: Where does our food come from? (P) & Food Miles (S) NAEE Annual Report – Gabrielle Back



HOW TO DEVELOP A SCHOOL TRAVEL PLAN – Geoff Gilbert Practical advice from the Safe Routes to Schools officer of Sustrans. Links to the curriculum. INVOLVING YOUNG PEOPLE IN PLANNING BIRMINGHAM - Peter H. Wright How Birmingham planners involved young people, including a foreign visit and a public work of art.

A RECOGNISED QUALIFICATION IN OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP FOR TEACHERS -Angela Duncan 3-day course helping teachers to prevent off-site accidents, with a case study from N. Ireland. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OLD FASHIONED SCHOOL TRIP? – John Young The educational advantages of a well run, safe school trip.. YOUR WAKE UP CALL – HRH, the Prince of Wales Message to those attending Birmingham conference on food and visit to Johannesburg. EE IN NORTH AMERICA – Bill Scott NAAEE Conference 2001 at Little Rock seen through British eyes. “SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION: RE-VISIONING LEARNING & CHANGE” by Stephen Sterling – Richard House Feature length review. ICT & WEB WATCH: - Martin Ashley Review of DfES website on health & safety of pupils on educational visits CONFERENCE – YOUR WAKE UP CALL – Tom Jarrold Detailed report of Birmingham conference April 2002



Sponsored by the British Ecological Society WHAT THE BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OFFERS TEACHERS Summary of resources ECOLOGY: ASCIENCE THAT MATTERS TO EE - David Slingsby & Susan Barker Academic paper: ecology within science and the relationship with cross curricular EE.

ECOLOGICAL FIELDWORK IS THERE A PROBLEM? - David Slingsby & Stephen Tilling Key conclusions from a Biology teachers’ meeting at Malham Tarn. What needs to be done. MAKING THE MOST OF THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM - Mark Smith School expeditions: the need to consider, not damage, the environment. FARMING IN A WAR ZONE Difficulties experienced by farmers based on urban fringe. MORE THAN A NATURE TABLE AND MOBILES: LIVING ECOLOGY FOR KS1 & KS2 – Susan Barker Practical investigations outside. LESSON ON A PAGE : Mountain & Moorland Primary) A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO MODELLING ECO-SYSTEMS IN THE CLASSROOM – Stephen Tomkins KS3/KS4 project with brine shrimps. BREAKING NEW GROUND: ECOLOGY, EE & THE SALTER’S NUFFIELD ADVANCED BIOLOGY PROJECT – David Slingsby A survey of the course and consideration of assessment. THE USE OF DIGITAL RESOURCES IN THE TEACHING OF ECOLOGY (ICT) - Gary Skinner FAITH AND FATALISM: DEEP BELIEFS OF CHILDREN IN THE RISK SOCIETY – Martin Ashley An environmentalist’s academic paper on children’s spirituality.



This issue concentrates on Science Education and the Johannesburg Earth Summit INTERVIEW with Prof. WYNNE HARLEN – Martin Ashley Her views on impact of new curriculum on EE and ESD on primary education, citizen science, the role of NAEE, and regional science centres. SCIENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY: OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES OR NEW CURRICULUM OPPORTUNITIES? – David Mancey Curriculum limitations on EE & ESD, children’s ideas, initiatives arising from Rio summit, eco-schools. FARMERS VIEW BUDGET PROPOSALS AS UNLIKELY TO PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY NFU reactions to government announcements on green fuels, waste disposal, and “economic instruments” for agriculture. SCIENCE AND EE: PRIMARY TEACHERS’ AND CHILDREN’S VIEWS ON SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Michael Littledyke Academic paper on these three topics. CAN YOU MAKE SUSTAINABILITY STICK? TEACHING THE “BIG PICTURE” AT THE EDEN PROJECT – Alan Peacock Some suggestions to improve pupils’ecological/scientific learning on visits.

TEACHING EE IN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS THROUGH COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY PROJECTS – Marcus Grace & Jenny Byrne Discussion of benefits, difficulties and procedures for community projects. WE FLEW TO JOHANNESBURG –Martin Ashley Interviews with 3 young delegates to Earth Summit in September 2002. A REPORT ON THE JOHANNESBURG EARTH SUMMIT –

James de Souza

A Y10 pupil’s personal account of the conference. THE WORLD SUMMIT ON SD: OUTCOMES AND POTENTIAL IMPACTS – Bill Scott & Stephen Gough Educational issues that emerged from summit. AIR TRAVEL: CURRICULUM LINKS – Maggie Smith



Several articles in this volume focus on Europe ARTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT – John Cheeseman Bristol project to use novel locations for learning; British Waterways workshop. MAKING IT HAPPEN IN BRIGHTON – Rob Sandercock Dorothy Stringer eco-school environmental activities, including nature reserve, reusing paper, travel to school information, newsletter and participation in local competitions. THE HISTORY OF SCHOOL GARDENS IN GERMANY Ann Seth Long history of school gardens, and their decline. LEARNING FROM NATURE IN THE URBAN LANDSCAPE OF BERLIN – Iris Lohrmann District gardening schools, forest schools, school grounds movement and EE. IN-SERVICE TRAINNING COURSES IN EUROPE, 1999-2002 –Robbie Nicol European outdoor education project, courses in Sweden and Berlin. WHAT A WASTE! – Janey Hewitt Problem of waste, and good example of Exeter Scrapstore which emncourages re-use. Grants. EARTHWATCH IN HUNGARY: SONGBIRD MIGRATIONS BETYWEEN EUROPE AND SOUTHERN AFRICA – Gabrielle Back Participant’s report of experience and benefits of project at Ocsa research centre. OUTDOOR LEARNING IN THE USA: BRADFORD WOODS –

Jim Rogers

Educational programmes of Bradford Woods, Indiana , including technology in support of EE. FAITH AND FATALISM: DEEP BELIEFS OF CHILDREN IN THE RISK SOCIETY – Martin Ashley Second part of research paper (See Volume 71): Attitudes to science & religion of 11-13 year olds and young adults.



SCHOOL ALLOTMENTS FOR THE EARLY YEARS – Jeff Hughes & Janey Hewitt Wirral scheme providing children’s organic plots, and the educational benefits. Advice DESIGNING A BUILDING FOR THE EARLY YEARS – Christopher Day Grass-roofed kindergarten in Wales. LEARNING THE SUSTAINABILITY LESSON IN SOUTH-EAST LONDON – Alona Sheridan How school buildings could usefully follow sustainable examples of BedZED housing development and Creekside Environment Centre. Lewisham school’s “Clean and green” project. CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGE – Gabrielle Back How children responded to global warming issue: anthology.


Details of Green Action scheme including awards.

ENVIRONMENT& ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHEMENTS – Gabrielle Back Progress of NAEE and National Energy Savers project on environmental action in schools. IN-SERVICE TRAINING COURSE IN SWEDEN FOR EUROPEAN TEACHERS – Sue Fenoughty Details of a pilot course in outdoor learning in a rural landscape. A SCHOOL DETECTIVE PROJECT – Robin Martin Groundwork Southwark project on outside play provision. INTERACTIVE LEARNING AND THE POLITICS OF SD – Mark Whitehead Higher education issues; student conference.



A number of articles on Cumbria in this sponsored issue THINKING ON THE EDGE – MORECAMBE BAY – Chris Rowley “Living Earth” publication for teachers. OUTDOOR CENTRES IN CUMBRIA – David Fellows, Rachel Osborn, Millie Clarke Activities at Hay Bridge and South Walney Nature Reserves & Yottenfews Environmental Centre. GOING GLOBAL AT GRIZEDALE – Gina Mullarkey KS3 project using Philosophy for children and Critical skills teaching approaches BRIGHTON & HOVE CITY COUNCIL – Kim Jackson Varied activities organised by sustainability team for schools. A WOODLAND WALK – David Fellows Nature table, autumn walk and activities suitable for other areas. GROWING AND EATING – Stephanie Fearn Reception & Y1 project in school grounds encouraging healthy eating and outdoor learning across curriculum. FROM CUMBRIA TO COLORADO –Michael Hill Ex shipbuilder turned teacher’s experiences and views as environmental trainer in N America. CHANGING ROLES OF OUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTRES –

Geoff Cooper

Evolution of outdoor education. Examples of courses at Lakeland centres. (n.b. this article is now available as a separate booklet from NAEE.) THE “GROWING SCHOOLS” GARDEN IN GREENWICH – Alona Sheridan Facilities of the garden, including teacher training and contribution to healthy lifestyle. PUPILS’ KEEN EYE ON THEIR ENVIRONMENT – Gabrielle Back Primary school project on neighbourhood and contribution to local planning.



Sponsored by Warwickshire County Council COOMBE COUNTRY PARK EVENT – Julie Taylor Plans for an exciting 3 day sustainable development event for Y5 and Y6 pupils. WARWICKSHIRE’S NEW SUSTAINABILITY UNIT – Jerry Birkbeck The county council’s wide-ranging plans for sustainable development. THE ‘SCHOOL RUN’ IN WARWICKSHIRE – Lynne Harding, Mark Leyland & Jane Powell Examples of alternatives to the school run, with practical details. USING SCHOOL GROUNDS AS A LEARNING RESOURCE – Jerry Birkbeck How Warwickshire planners work with everyone involved in schools seeking assistance on the development of their grounds. SCHOOL GROUNDS: ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY – Gabrielle Back Pupils at a primary and a secondary school work on their grounds. “HOW GREEN IS YOUR OUTDOOR CLASSROOM?” – Mark Sharrott SD across the curriculum, with examples from various primary schools with council support. ORGANIC GARDENS FOR SCHOOLS – Maggi Brown Work of the Duchy Originals scheme which offers free membership to schools. ZERO WASTE IN SCHOOLS – Barbara Golding A project funded by Biffaward helping some schools to reduce waste and increase recycling. THE GLOBE PROGRAMME –

Suzanne Welch

Pupils in 85 countries collecting data on their environment. COUNTRY PARKS & EVENTS IN WARWICKSHIRE – Stuart Ikeringill & Julie Taylor Details of country park educational facilities and activities in Warwickshire. CHILDREN’S UNIVERSITY IN WARWICKSHIRE - Suzanne Welch Exciting Wildlife Trust outdoor learning projects with a scheme of rewarding achievement. CREATIVE SCIENCE SUMMER SCHOOL – Bill Graham & Janet Hickinbottom A one week Farming and Countryside Education course for Y8 pupils of 2 schools. “HOLES FOR THE HOMELESS” & “LIFE IN THE BOX” - Susan Barker & Mark Sharrott A bird box project to improve bio diversity: a primary school’s experience with live video link. ENVIRONMENTAL WEBSITES & INFORMATION - Mark Sharrott


(PART 1) – Amira Sumner

Possible causes of the diminishing enthusiasm of older pupils for environmental issues.



Sponsored by Severn Trent Water, Birmingham City Council & James McNaughton Group BIRMINGHAM SCHOOLS’ LITTER CHARTER – Lorraine Cookson Project involving Birmingham schools which are committed to cleaning the environment and recycling. FOOD & FARMING, LOCAL & GLOBAL – Ben Ballin Teachers’ resource, involving teachers, farmers and food producers. INNER-CITY SCHOOL’S ENVIRONMENTAL TIMETABLE – Rosie Harvey How an inner-city infant school uses its transformed grounds and cross-curricular KS1 work. EXPLORING THE LOCAL ENVIRONMENT THROUGH RE – Juliette Green RE teacher’s Y5 project: awe and respect for environment and dismay at human destruction. SCHOOL LEARNS TO RECYCLE & REDUCE ITS WASTE – Gail Vanes & Shaukat Islam Y5 work on reducing waste as part of ‘SWAZ’, with an audit and recommendations. ‘SWAZ’: BRUMCAN’S ‘SCHOOLS WASTE ACTION ZONE’ PROJECT – Alison Griffiths Birmingham project to reduce waste, and links to curriculum. BIRMINGHAM PARK RANGERS: SERICES TO SCHOOLS –Sue Cooper Various educational programmes, including Out of Hours, in partnership with other organisations. GROWING UP HEALTHILY IN BIRMINGHAM – Wendy Anthony Gardens and allotments in support of government’s “Healthy School Standard”, with primary example. SCHOOLS’ GROWING GAINS IN BIRMINGHAM – Keith Widdowson Another primary school’s practical work on healthy eating. FUNDING FOR SCHOOL TRAVEL PLANS – Phil Griffiths Birmingham schools embark on travel plans with local authority help. SNAPSHOTS OF A “LITTER CHARTER" SCHOOL – Lorraine Cookson A primary school’s grounds. HARVEST TIME AT HANDSWORTH WOOD GIRLS’ SCHOOL – Eunice McGhie- Belgrave Benefits of allotment project at a secondary school. THE ACKERS: OUTDOOR OASIS-IN-THE-CITY – Nirban Sivia Volunteers cleared site to create public amenity which now offers varied education and EE activities.

SUSTAINABILITY AT LEA FIELD STUDY CENTRE – Mike Smart Bell Heath Study Centre: sensory garden, sustainability programme and development plans. EE IN THE OUTDOOR CLASSROOM – Sue Coughlin, Sue Fenoughty & Anita Hawksworth EE at one school for Y1- Y6 in their planned grounds and future plans. NEW HALL WATER MILL –Mike Hinson Educational facilities with cross-curricular links at water mill in Sutton Coldfield THE DILEMMA OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION (PART 1I) – Amira Sumner Part of a continuing study of the decline in environmental enthusiasm and involvement at secondary level, partly due to the secondary curriculum’s narrower structure with EE playing a less central role.



Brighton & Hove and East Sussex A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LOCAL AUTHORITY EE OFFICER – Kim Jackson SUSTAINABLE SCHOL MANAGEMENT – Becky Walton Onyx waste recycling programmes for schools (including IT project). COMPOST CRUSADERS : PRIMARY PUPILS’ PAGE: – Sam Evans & Kate Salts Account of a show which demonstrated the development & value of compost. Questions & quiz. SCHOOL GROUNDS and EE Shrunk! A big idea for using school grounds (Primary)_ – Neil Fulcher Brighton & Hove’s School Grounds Biodiversity Action Plan – Matthew Thomas Post OFSTED School grounds at Hangleton Junior School - Nichola Jackson Making it happen with Barclays New Futures Award (Secondary)– Rob Sandercock

OUTDOOR PROJECTS INVOLVING PUPILS IN ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING Moulsecoomb Forest Garden & Wildlife Project – Kim Turner Learning for life: Greeen education at Stanmer Organics - Karen Wydler Sea Life of S.E. England (Marine Roadshow – Andy Starbuck HEALTHY LIVING: SCHOOL FOOD Stanford Junior School – Bridget Allen & Polly Strauss Brighton & Hove School Food Action Group - Joanna Stokes Gone Fishing: Healthy Living Week at school in Hailsham – John Clements St Luke’s Junior School Festival: market for local produce – Francesca Iliffe EE THROUGH THE ARTS Experimental Sculptures at Meeching Valley School (KS2) – Barbara Ryan EE through puppets: getting the message across (Primary & Special) – Dinah Pryor SUSSEX BY THE SEA – Mike Murphy

KS1 & 2 geography and science programmes

NATURE CORRIDORS FOR ALL – John Parry River Ocean Foundation environmental project in Sussex & Normandy for adults with learning disabilities. RENEWABLE ENERGY: SOLAR PANELS – Rob Stephenson Children from an eco-school consider their home solar energy.

THE JOURNEY TO SCHOOL – David R. Wright The real curricular value of walking to school. EE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC – Michal Medek & Juliet Robertson Brief history of EE, how political developments affected it, and details of current important developments. GEOGRAPHY & ECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE I – Peter Kraftl

Buildings & pupils’ attitudes.

EE: WHO DO STUDENTS TRUST? – Sarah Smith, Martin Stainstreet & Edward Boyes Research into attitudes of secondary pupils to teachers and lecturers on global warming GM crops.



WILDLIFE GARDEN FOR CUCKMERE HOUSE SCHOOL JUNIOR – Alex McDowell, Scott Johnston & Shane Service Pupils report on their role in its development. THE SI-HIGH HOUSE: PLAYGROUND MODEL OF EE – Alona Sheridan & Helen Adams Junior school is helped to replace playground shelter with new high structure which furthers ESD teaching. LISTENING TO CHILDREN – Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, William Scott, Robert Barratt, Wayne Talbot, Dan Nicholls, Kay Davies Listening to Children Project: their views on their environment help to shape curriculum planning NATIONAL PARKS: A UNIQUE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE – Adrian Thornton The role of the Council for National Parks in EE. INSPIRATION FOR ACTION: SHEFFIELD SCHOOLS AND THE PEAK DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK - Heather Hunt Detailed report on project involving inner city pupils with environment, with focus waste management PROF. JOHN SMYTH: A FOUNDING FATHER OF EE – John Baines, Chris Maas Geesteranus, Bill Reid & Robbie Nicol Obituary summarising his contribution to ESD. A TODAY AND TOMORROW FOR EE – Norman Farmer A personal view of the present limitations and the potential of EE in education. REALLY WILD SCHOOLS IN LINCOLNSHIRE – Mary Porter Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Community Action Project and its educational provision. ROCK AND FOSSIL ROADSHOW – Julie Bundred Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust’s Roadshow builds awareness of geo-conservation with varied programmes. EE & ESD IN DURHAM’S PRIMARY SCHOOLS – Catherine Hirst Detailed report on research into EE initiatives in 6 schools. GEOGRAPHY, EE AND ECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE II – Peter Kraftl Continuation of research in previous issue: detailed study of Nant-y-Cwm Steiner school



Forest Schools Special Edition FOREST SCHOOLS IN WALES – Lucy Kirkham Detailed case study of development of Forest School at Duffryn Infant and Junior Schools over 5 years, with involvement of parents, timetables, Foundation Phase curriculum links, Danish inspiration, funding support, training for leaders and inspectors. FOREST SCHOOLS IN ENGLAND – Susannah Podmore and Jenny Doyle Danish inspiration, development and spread in England with Principles links with curriculum, conference report, training, impact on teachers, and costs. Five case studies. Forest Education Initiatives. FOREST SCHOOLS TRAINING AND CASE STUDY SCHOOL – Liz Knowles, Sarah Blackwell, Rebecca Stanyard and Paul Scragg Training. Detailed case study of one infant school in Derbyshire, with reports on funding, work, results, setbacks, and organiser’s assessment os scheme STARTING A SCHOOL NATURE GROUP – Henricus Peters Organising a Year 2’s nature group’s activities and a look to its future development. FOREST SCHOOLS IN ENGLAND AND WALES - Liz O’Brien & Richard Murray Ongoing research into Forest Schools’ education and its impact on pupils ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN NEW ZEALAND – David Fellows Trends in EE and recent organisational changes. A project on Scottish settlers in early 19 th century teaching about the environment and history. CHILDREN TALKING ABOUT WHAT THEY KNOW OF THE NATURAL WORLD – Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, Catherine Boulter & Michael J. Reiss Detailed report of research project into infant, junior and secondary pupils’ response to familiar wildlife, using a variety of methods. ALSO Book Reviews Webwatch Conferences



Environmental Education in the Local Environment TRAINING FOR FOREST SCHOOLS IN SHROPSHIRE – Laura Harvey Foundation stage. Development ofFRorest Schools training, a woodland site, the early programme with children, using their interests and ideas, and the rewards in both education and fun. WOODLAND EDUCATION IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE

– Peter Machan

Sheffield’s woodland and industrial heritage restored with educational initiatives in mind for Foundation Stage and KS 1, 2 & 3. Initiatives and resources. RUNNING A SCHOOL NATURE GROUP Part II – Henricus Peters (Following on article in Volume 80) Restructured Nature Group combiones science and nature activities for wide range of primary pupils LESSONS FROM THE PAST – Janey Hewitt Juniors’ experience as evacuees for a week, learning about impact of Second World War, adapting to new environment and learning new skills. RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS FOR SCHOOLS – Monty Oakley Public Awareness campaign: details of educational projects. LOCAL ENVIRONMENT: THE PARISH COUNCIL – David R. Wright EE and Citizenship education, including suggested guidelines and suggestions for action. LOCAL ENVIRONMENT: VALUING PLACES – Stephen Pickering Geography KS2 & 3 project using the local area. Details of the work and the rewards. LOCAL ENVIRONMENT: DESIGNING OUT CRIME - Felicity Robinson EE and Citizenship project based on 2 school sites, studying how layout influences behaviour. LOCAL ENVIRONMENT: ENGAGING YOUNG PEOPLE IN PLANNING

– Gary Woodward

Birmingham City Council work with upper secondary pupils and gain from links with school. EE IN NEW MEXICO – Helen Haskill A teacher describes EE with pupils at Sandia |Mountain Natural History Center. REPORTS OF 2 MIDLAND CONFERENCES - Barbara Golding and Stephen Pickering Eco Schools/COMENIUS event: Warwickshire & Europe A Climate for Change: Schools & ESD



SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS: KULLERBYTTAN NURSERY, SWEDEN – Sue Fenoughty The nursery school’s very comprehensive environmental policy in action. PRIMARY SCHOOL NATURE CLUB: PART III –Henricus Peters Further Year 2 experiences outside (See also previous 2 issues). BRINGBACK THE NATURE TABLE! – Stephen Tomkins & Sue Dale Tunnicliffe Plea for a return to traditional nature table as part of primary science. Examples of work, children’s responses and assessment of value. THE HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT - Dr Mike Hodder Experience in Birmingham of using this finite and non-renewable resource of historic environment. EDUCATION OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM: UNDER YOUR FEET! - Sue Fenoughty Exploring the past of the site of the school and immediate area (primary and secondary) across the curriculum EE AND ESD IN NEW SCIENCE SYLLABUS - Gabrielle Back EE in new science orders, features of the 3 exam boards, especially OCR “AM I WORRIED ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE?” – Prof. David Bellamy The history of the changing climate over 17,000 years, the writer’s worries about the future, and reasons for his optimism. SCHOOL MANAGEMENT: A WIND TURBINE FOR DOWNSVIEW – Francesca Iliffe Environmentally friendly design of post-16 special needs college in Brighton, which has applied for turbine. EE IN SCOTLAND – Kirsty Norrie Differences in curriculum between England and Scotland. The benefits of greater Scottish flexibility in syllabus, and a recognition of some failures in ESD and popularity of eco schools EE IN THE NETHERLANDS – Marcel Slaterus Author’s work at a Field Centre, and the development of a new centre, a programme of work and new activities. CHANGING RELATIONSHIPS WITH NATURE –Dr Martin Ashley Post-Kyoto scepticism of Bjorn Lomborg, comparison of British school children’s values with the Copenhagen Consensus , the need for EE to make Western consumerist children more aware of their place in nature. CONFERENCE REPORTS – Katie Scanlan & Norman Farmer UK launch of UN Decade of ESD Personal Matters and Global Issues: PSHE & Citizenship



Sponsored by SELCHP, Greenwich Council, Lewisham Council & James McNaughton Group OUTDOOR LEARNING AT LEE MANOR SCHOOL – Joan Thurgar Development of outdoor area for Foundation Stage pupils’ activities and learning. “YOU TOO COULD BE A SOLAR SCHOOL!” –Janet Hurst Infant school case study: Solar panels as they worked to become eco school. Its teaching potential. SIXTY PUPILS CYCLE DAILY TO SCHOOL – Tom Crispin The gains of National Standard Cycle Training programme in primary school, involving families. THORNTREE PRIMARY WINS SUSTAINBLE TRAVEL AWARD - Laura Rowley Primary school’s travel plan with parents, development of walking programmes, and EE. SHERINGTON PRIMARY SOLVES PARKING PROBLEM - Aileen Evans Community project to discourage driving to primary school in busy area. SAVING WATER FOR THE VEGETABLE GARDEN - Margaret Wyeth Y6 pupils’ project to collect rainwater. FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW – Tim Baker London parks and primary schools work in partnership. BIODIVERSITY AT HORNIMAN SCHOOL –Sofie Hashmi Primary school improves neglected pond and allotment beds in order to utilised natural reswources. WILDSPACE PROJECTS – Jordan Ihama Using educational opportunities in local nature reserves for science and health. “GREEN CHAIN” PROJECTS – Mark Budd Resource directory enables teachers to organise successful educational visits. 20 outdoor locations in London ECOLOGICAL EDUCATION IN LEWISHAM – Wayne Butler Ecology officer’s work with schools to encourage conservation of bio-diversity. SCHOOL NATURE CLUB DIARY: PART IV – Henricus Peters Varied programme of activities for juniors at after-school club. Including nature table. OUTDOOR EDUCATION IN A DAY – Tim McGregor & Lucy Nettleton Case studies from 2 Centres giving Lewisham & Greenwich schools an outdoor EE service. LEARNING THE 3RS THROUGH PLAY – Rosana Muller “Transforming Arts, Regenerating Understanding” drama workshops with environmental message. THOMAS TALLIS SCHOOL RECYLCES ANYTHING – Martin Dean Market garden project to support Healthy Eating programme: work involved and its rewards. NEW RESOURCE AT THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM – Rachel Boycott Project to focus on educational aspects of “Planet Ocean” programme for 11-16 year olds. UP THE CREEK - Chris Gittner Regeneration of Deptford Creek, founding of a Centre which runs education programmes for all ages. LEWISHAM’S “CLEAN AND GREEN” SCHOOLS PROGRAMME – Paul Hurwood Programme to develop more sustainable lifestyle for young, with award schemes and links to NC.

“FEED THE COWS!” – Paul Hurwood Cow-shaped litter bins and supporting booklet, encourage recycling in schools. RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR SCHOOLS – Richard Hurford Details of Lewisham’s programme for its schools. ENERGY FOR THE COMMUNITY – Abigail Kay SELCHP: handling waste and assisting community with money, volunteers & education al programme on energy. DESIGN & ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES (PRIMARY) AT GOLDSMITHS – Maggie Rogers & Barbara Lowe BA (Ed) students work with artefacts, some using recycling and consider environmental implications. SUSTAINABILITY IN DESIGN TEACHING (SECONDARY) AT GOLDSMITHS – Richard Brett & Jenny Bain Secondary design & technology PGCE students consider ecological issues and encourage sustainability. CONFERENCE REPORTS – Alona Sheridan & Katie Scanlan Learning for Sustainability 2006 Changing Times: opportunities, challenges and ways forward for ESD



EE in West Sussex – Sponsored by University of Chichester & Gatwick Community Trust OUTDOOR LEARNING IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS (PRIMARY)

– Anne Mudd

Whole school, child-friendly outdoor approach to NC developed over many years FOREST SCHOOLS IN SUSSEX: Reconnecting with the natural environments – Katie Riley Development of Forest School programme in Sussex across the educational spectrum FOREST SCHOOL IN ENGLAND: 3 CASE STUDY SETTINGS – Liz O’Brien & Richard Murray Evaluation of Forest School programme, its educational value & links to NC THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT, WEST SUSSEX Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve – Kathryn Hampson & Barbara Shaw Whales & Dolphins in the Classroom - Stephen Savage The West Sussex Coastal Treasure Chest –Dee Christensen HOW CAN WE LOOK AFTER GOD’S WORLD ? – Jacqui Cobb A junior school’s work on water conservation THE EARTH IN SPACE – S. DOWNS PLANETARIUM – John Green Educational facilities across curriculum and ages. SCHOOL MANAGEMENT & CURRICULUM – John Hoyland Practical issues involved in installing wind turbine in a school & biomass boiler at country park. YOUNG ENVIRONMENTALIST OF THE YEAR IN BIGHTON & HOVE - Kim Jackson Ceremony, awards and local support. SCHOOL NATURE DIARY Part 5 - Henricus Peters Recycling and composting ‘LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM MANIFESTO’ – Duncan Reavey & Martin Tomlinson New opportunities for learning. STUDENTS’ CARBON-NEUTRAL FIELD COURSE – Duncan Reavey Organic apples planted to offset carbon cost of Portugal field course., and future plans. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES THROUGH CARTOONS – Hannah Brown & Duncan Reavey Tool for discussion about climbing. CROSS-CURRICULAR USE OF SCHOOL GROUNDS – Jayne May How ecologists can influence values. Importance of fieldwork

ECOLOGICAL EDUCATION –Karen Devine Need to collaborate in helping shape ethical and environmental values. Using Field work ENVIRONMENTAL PROTEST – Mark Foster, Martin Stanistreet & Edward Boyes[ Research article, using Y9 responses to ethical environmental questions. CONFERENCE : Schools and SD in a changing climate – Terry Martin WEBWATCH & BOOK REVIEWS



Sponsored by Education Leeds, Leeds City Council, James McNaughton A GREEN LIGHT FOR EE – William A.H. Scott Progress in DfES Year of Action – Sustainable Schools Initiartive EE FOR HEALTHY SCHOOLS IN LEEDS – Steve Ruse Healthy Schools programme development with numerous case studies School grounds – Recycling, Food, Curriculum outdoors, safe & stimulating envt , Wildlife Garden Green Improvements for school buildings Travel & Traffic – walking examples Waste & recycling – involving 60 schools Energy Management Green Purchasing Sustainable Food Sustainable School Global dimension THE BIG GREEN SUMMER FAIR – Maggie Le Mare, Sarah Thomson & Lis Whybrow Work involved in using fair to teach about envt issues at Birmingham primary school SCHOOL NATURE CLUB DIARY 6 - Henricus Peters Birds & nature around the globe (Y3) GREEN TEENS – OUTDOOR LEARNING 13- 19 YEAR OLDS – Helen Freeston Projects at Norfolk Wildlife Trust CHANGING ATTITUDES TO SHAPE OUR FUTURE – Laura Stockley Y11 pupil’s account of Kingswood Eco-School project MODEL UNITED NATIONS SCHOOLS CONFERENCE – Marianne Teoh & David Dowling Y11 & Y13 pupils’ report of Sustainable Develt, including address by Jonathon Porritt & debates. GLOBAL DIMENSIONS TO EE 1 NEW ZEALAND – David Fellows Concerns in NZ schools, and a rural school’s curriculum garden & swimming pool plants 2


Water in children’s lives. Medair relief after tsunami 3

EE IN PAKISTAN (1) – Muhammed Raza Khan

Work of Carnation Club involving children and students in gardening projects & study visits

Conference: Sustainable Schools - Alona Sheridan WebWatch & Reviews



Schools Respond to DfES Year of Action SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS CONFERENCE 2007 - Sue Fenoughty Sustainable Schools: Time for Action: full report of Education Leeds / NAEE Joint Conference. ESD: CLIMATE CHANGE TRAINING PROGRAMME – Mary Patterson Kingswood School (secondary) pupils’ involvement with Climate Change. Model U N Conference with other schools, involving Al Gore’s work, Jonathon Porritt, Cambridge Programme for Industry. TACKLING ‘AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH’ - Laura Stockley Y 11 pupil’s presentation to local schools on Climate Change and Al Gore’s film. CUMBRIAN SCHOOL ECO-VISIT TO JAPAN - Colin Milner Primary school’s preparation and experiences of visit which focused on environmental issues. RENEWABLE ENERGY AT WELSH EARLY YEARS’ CENTRE – Gerald Israel Technical details of installation. SUSTAINABILITY INSIDE & OUT AT RHYDYFELIN – Catherine Luxton Experience of new facilities and impact on curriculum in early years. TRAINING TEACHERS FOR FOREST SCHOOLS – Kerry Bennett Work in South Yorkshire and Sheffield. OF EARTH AND WATER 1 GREAT POTENTIAL, GREAT VACUUM? GEOLOGY IN EE – David Wright Importance of Geology in school curriculum, and what is needed now. II LOOK UNDER YOUR FEET! - Stephen Hallett Vital importance of Soil. New school web site – Soil-Net III STRANDED IN LONDON – OR WHALE OF A TAIL… -Henricus Peters Primary work resulting from recent whale stranding in Thames. IV MORE PLASTIC THAN PLANKTON – Lou McCurdy Environmental art project on Brighton beach debris and its us across the junior curriculum. THE THAMES BARRIER LEARNING CENTRE – Janine Walker KS 1-3 – range of subjects and activities. EE WITH YOUTH GROUPS – SCOUTS’ CENTENARY – Henricus Peters Centenary celebration, challenges and environmental activities. EE IN PAKISTAN - PART II – Muhammad Raza Khan

Carnation club students study flora of Islamabad. OVERVIEW OF ESD INEUROPEAN COUNTRY – RESEARCH –Walter Leal Filho Wide ranging look at EE across Europe’s different countries. Website and Book Reviews



Sponsored by Bicton College & The Centre for Sustainable Futures UPTON CROSS PRIMARY – CASE STUDY OF SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL – Jackie Wray How sustainability affects every aspect of running this award-winning school. DEVON ARTS IN SCHOOLS INITIATIVE – Liz Hill Teachers & artists work with pupils, inspired by environment e.g. beach. SENSE OF PLACE IN CORNWALL – Cheryl Marriott Multi-disciplinary approach to local studies work units (Early, P and S). WILD SPACES FOR PLAY – Louise Kennedy Woodland Play Centre in Quantock Hills INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION OF ECO-WARRIORS – David Knight EE when children transfer from Primary to Secondary, & residential course for gifted & talented. BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION AT EDEN – Sam Kendall Project on Lizard for gifted and talented Y8 pupils. GET CLOSER TO BUMBLE BEES –Geoff Jones Conservation and Earthwatch Institute study of bees. YEAR OF FOOD & FARMING – Geoff Jones & Julian Carnell Aim of YFF. Occombe Organic Farm EE programme of activities. BIDEFORD COLLEGE – CASE STUDY OF SUSTAINABLE SEC. SCHOOL – Stan Pyle How sustainability affects every aspect of running this award-winning school. EE AND IT – Barbie Corker Q3 Rangers provide educational activities for visitors to Woodland Ed Centre, Honiton OUTDOOR LEARNING AT NATIONAL TRUST SITES – Hannah Jones Guardianship Projects with schools RESEARCH – SURVIVE AND THRIVE – Rob Bowker & Pam Horton Achievements of Eden Project’s work with young people. EE IN PAKISTAN (III ) – Muhammad Raza Khan Day trip to Deer Tower, near Lahore, to study architecture in environment. CONFERENCES, WEBWATCH, & BOOK REVIEWS



EE in the Black Country. Sponsors: Dudley Environment Zone, University of Wolverhampton; Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council & RSPB THINK BEFORE YOU THROW: WASTE MANAGEMENT – Lindsay Richmond Programme for Sandwell primary schools with links to NC, with case study of Summerhill P School.. OUTDOOR LEARNING IN SANDWELL – Malcolm Evans RSPB Sandwell Nature Reserve – educational work with local schools.. EE AT THE UNIVERITYS OF WOLVERHAMPTON – Alan Blank Outdoors Teacher Training at Beaudesert Centre, Cannock Chase. ‘BACK TO NATURE’ IN DUDLEY I Dudley Environment Zone – Guy de Szathmary Visits to Zone base in school with indoor and outdoor facilities , and Zone visits to schools. II

‘Green Gang’ lunchtime club – Michelle Higgs

St James’s C of E P School club in Env. Area develops respect for environment and self- esteem. CHILDREN’S UNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURAL WORLD – Sue Dale Tunnicliffe Research into children’s knowledge & understanding of ponds, its organisation and activities. THE SCHOOL POND – LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM – Sue Fenoughty Work with pupils in Belfast & Birmingham to restore & create school ponds as learning resources. EE IN PAKISTAN PART IV - Muhammad Raza Khan Nature Club’s varied educational visits and activities in and around Lahore. EE: AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE : Godfrey Blunt Focus group of Wolverhampton’s international students reveals variety of EE other countries. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN THE NEW KS3 CURRICULUM – Emily Baker & Maggie Smith Changes affecting KS3, then KS4 and 14-19., to be phased in 2008-10. Aims, purposes and values of new NC. Global dimension. Non-compulsory cross-curricular dimensions – with examples. WEB WATCH AND BOOK REVIEWS



Sponsored by Antalis, Harrow Agenda 21 NAEE GOES TO DOWNING STREET Petition for restoration of EE as Cross-curricular-theme in FS, KS1 & 2, and as statutory subject at KS3 signed by people in all parts of the country. Account of 11 year old who presented it at Downing Street. Downing Street’s belief in importance of sustainability in geography, science, citizenship and D & T in all schools from 2008-9 Correspondence between Chair and minister :EE and Sustainability are not the same. SO, JUST WHAT IS EE? – Sue Fenoughty Importance of EE in curriculum, its role in showing importance of living sustainably. NAEE’s favoured methods of child-centred learning as opposed to NC didacticism. GLEBE SCHOOL ECO-PROJECT – Sharon Ives Involvement of award-winning Harrow 1st & Middle school in many eco-tasks. NEW EARTH PROJECT OPEN TO ALL – Sarah Fahy Newton Park West Allotments project to foster young horticultural & environmental skills. Expanding Earth Project BTEC Land Based Industry course, new Care of Small Animals module. OUT AND ABOUT….AT SCHOOL – Henricus Peters Junior school Nature Club’s development and activities, using good school grounds. NEWTS – NATURE & EDUCN WORKING TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY – Janet Bennett Project helping schools work towards sustainability and Learning Outside the Classroom, including school grounds, teacher training, health and safety. BROMLEY EE CENTRE (BEECHE) IN ACTION – Katie Scanlan & Sue Houghton How habitat provides learning environment for all ages – with examples fro mKS2. BACK TO THE FUTURE – Andy Cadman NC overlooks value of ‘Rural Studies’ – developing scientific attitude from observation. . BATS IN THE CURRICULUM – Shirley Thompson Suggested lines of enquiry – useful study for NC Primary Science. SETTLE SCHOOL GIVES A HELPING HAND TO BATS – Shirley Thompson Y4 children ‘s embark on bat project enthusiastically and create a bat garden. OUTDOOR EDUCATION IN OR PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT –Robbie Nicol Measuring strictly has value, but non-formal approach aids grasp of human relationship with Env. ENGAGING YOUNG PEOPLE WITH SCIENCE AT THE POLES – Linda Capper International Polar Year purpose and teaching resources

GROUP EXPLORE EARTHQUAKE EFFECTS – Muhammad Raza Khan Nature Club of Pakistan pupils visit earthquake site, a park, zoos and planetarium. REVIEW: LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM: UPDATE - David Fellows CONFERENCES, BOOK REVIEWS, WEBWATCH



Exploring Cumbria : Sponsored by Cumbria CC THE BARRIERS TO OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING –Sue Fenoughty An argument for practical outdoor learning in spite of recent trends HEVERSHAM GOES WILD

– Hazel Blakely & Vicki Bloggon

Woodland learning initiative on Forest Schools pattern - Foundation & KS1. A WOODLAND PODCAST: Steve Jackson BBC / National Trust podcasting by primary pupils in Coniston, Tarn Hows area. HAWKSHEAD ESTHWAITE PRIMARY SCHOOL - Sustainable Schools Agenda: Joyce Hallam Details of how school and community developed school grounds for outdoor learning. OUTSIDE THINKING – Global EE: Liz Ingelow KS1 pupils experience Philosophy for Global Citizenship day in Cumbria, involving a yurt . THE LIVING CHURCHYARD PROJECT – Debbie Watson Primary school expands into in old churchyard , using John Muir Award framework. WILDLIFE WORKSHOPS: Izzy Thorne Cumbria Wildlife Trust EE activities to support primary NC. YOUNGSTERS GET TO GRIPS WITH LOCAL SKILLS – Vicki Broggon Primary & Secondary - skills help to boost self-confidence. FLORA OF THE FELLS – Annie Masson Project to help P& S pupils know their landscape. Examples of particular projects. CLIMATE CHANGE IN CUMBRIA Summary of Martin Varley’s new Flora of Fells publication on Climate & Cumbria. THE FOOTPRINT – A NEW CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE – Bernie Fidler KS2 stimulated by visit to National Trust Eco-building at Windermere. VISITING THE GUILDHALL MUSEUM, CARLISLE – Julie Wooding & Julie Wilson Educational activities based on late 14th century building (open to public). RECYCLING IS NOT THE ANSWER! – Martin Allman Cumbria Waste Prevention & Management scheme – assistance for schools. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS THROUGH ADVENTURE – Geoff Cooper Adventure and Environmental Awareness Group & Environmental Charter for Outdoor Use.

CHILDREN AND NATURE IN THE CITY – Henricus Peters Challenge of introducing inner city children to Nature, so that they do not miss out. Conference Reports; Web Watch; Book Reviews



EE in East of England DARWIN 2000 – Katie Edwards Celebrating Darwin’s legacy 200 years after his birth. Details of event, venues. NATURAL LEARNING – Louise Ambrose Detailed look at Forest school developments in Norfolk. HOMES OR HABITATS? – Jan Pitman KS3 Geography day studying differing views of development of environment at Gressenhall Museum. ENERGY BUSTERS – Kathryn Leigh Programme to reduce energy in Norfolk primary and secondary schools. ROOTS AND SHOOTS - Chris Wright Norfolk Community Project involving children and students: growing fruit & vegetables & nurturing soil. GREEN EXERCISE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE – Cristie Purser Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Youth Outdoor Experience Project: range of activities for ages 11-18. Benefits, and link with John Muir Award scheme THE SCHOOL ARTS PROJECT – Alex Murphy & Rob Coleman National Trust’s Sky-funded Discovery Package. Links very varied schools, NT properties & professional artists in range of tasks. HIDDEN WORLDS – Tanya Perdikou Wildlife Trusts’ wish to engage people in Marine Environment. New educ network, Marine and Coastal Access Bill, National Marine Week, Save Our Seas team.. SEAL OF QUALITY – Glenys Owen-Jones Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

Obituary: Rev. Lord Sandford (NAEE Vice President) Book Reviews; Web Watch



THE PRIMARY REVIEW AND EE – Henricus Peters Regret that latest NC seems to downplay importance of EE. Need to impart NAEE Values. WHAT WE DO WHEN WE’RE NOT SURE – Alan Peacock Response to proposed Primary curriculum in England. Writer believes teachers must not be too circumscribed, and should continue to use own judgment. TAKING ‘POSITIVE ACTION’ – Sue Fenoughty & Henricus Peters NAEE’s revised edition of ‘Positive Action’ . Local and Global environment. Real case studies of schools and LEAs. TO SEE THE WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND – David R Wright Example of EE in an ordinary street (KS1-3) linking history and Geography. EVOLUTION IN THE CLASSROOM –Henricus Peters Primary class work on Darwin, evolution, voyage and how theme can be fitted in NC. LEARNING ABOUT LICHENS – Graham Hancock A Level EE students’ lichen survey. 50,000 REEDS – John Farmer Students and residents plant reeds in Warwickshire wetland creation scheme on floodplain. A SUSTAINABILITY HUB – Rosalind Taylor Kingston University’s new hub gives focus for multi-disciplinary curriculum innovation, and opportunities for practical applications for students. Sustainability in Borough. THE THREE CLASSROOMS – Helen Pemberton (talks to David Fellows) Vision for primary school in very deprived area. Local partnerships. Pupils ideas in developing school Play area, EcoCentre and visits in area. OTTERLY MAD WEEK – Grace Yoxon Fun and learning all about otters in Otterly Mad Week. ROSE SHOW IN LAHORE – Muhammad Raza Khan Nature Club of Pakistan’s successful large Rose Show. LOOKING BACK – LOOKING FORWARD Conferences in London; and Napier, New Zealand Book Reviews, Web Watch



REDUCING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT – Gabrielle Back Award-winning Project to calculate people’s usage and record on “footprints” which were exhibited. TAKE ONLY PICTURES; LEAVE ONLY MEMORIES – Sara Gibson & Hannah Turnbulll Final year trainee teachers visit Ruff Woods, Ormskirk: risk assessment, environmental and imaginative activities, and follow up work at the university. NATURAL FOUNDATIONS: NATURAL VALUES – Kate Rawles & Chris Loynes SDC Breakthrough proposal “Natural Values”: offer all pupils outdoor experience of nature as prelude to understanding sustainability and need to change. What is involved in implementing this. SINGING FOR SUSTAINABILITY – Martin Ashley National Singing Programme could be used to support environmental issues through words of songs. BRINGING THE OUTDOORS TO LIFE THROUGH MUSIC – Ian Shirley Teaching pupils to use outdoor experiences as stimulus for creative music . WATCHING LITTER – Lindsay Richmond Tipton Litter Watch’s award-winning “Think Before You Throw” community project works with schools. HAVE A WHALE OF A TIME LEARNING - Anna Guyatt Atlantic Whale Foundation, Tenerife, gives student volunteers valuable experience and career insights. LOCALISING SCIEMTIFIC ENQUIRY – Laura Stowe Open Air Laboratories encourages community to work with scientists in regions to examine locality and increase knowledge of soil, air, water, biodiversity and climate. WELL DONE HERTFORDSHIRE! –Clare Gray Wildlife Trust works with community, especially 2 schools, to save Balls Wood Nature Reserve. I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE… – Rob Coleman OU’s new ISpot website facilitates identification of flora and fauna, involves users and has useful links. WILD BRISTOL – Amy Gander “Wild Bristol Tent” at Bristol Festival of Nature. A Junior school helped create an imaginative tent. FUTURE WORLD – 15 YEARS ON – Martin Ashley Revival of 1993 scientific and cross-curricular project set up to ensure EE embraced physics as well as biology when 14 year olds looked to 2030. This year’s project still science but with more ethics. GREENING OUTDOOR PRACTICE –Kate Rawles New post-graduate course at University of Cumbria to impart skills to increase EE in outdoor education. CONFERENCE, WEB WATCH, & BOOK REVIEWS.

OBITARY: David Wright



The Scottish Environment for Education JOURNEYS IN THE SCHOOLS GROUNDS AND LOCAL NEIGHBOURHOODS - Simon Beames "What is the name of that tree by the school gate?" GLACHBEG CROFT EDUCATION CENTRE - Bob Bull




MAKING THE WOODS THE CLASSROOM - Jennifer Watters 1. Catering for a lost childhood? 2. From forest to nature kindergartens - broadening the horizons of outdoor provision in pre-schools. PUTTING IONA ON THE MAP - Liz Kennedy A school grounds project CURRICULUM REFORM AND "ENVIRONMENTAL CITIZENSHIP" - Hamish Ross





WHIRLOW HALL FARM TRUST - Norman Farmer A study of how an educational farm has had to adapt to reduced local authority support. RSPB LIVING CLASSROOMS - Andy Simpson Giving children an outstanding outdoor experience. RSPB RAINHAM MARSHES - Carolyn Maxwell

SCOOT TO SCHOOL - David Fellows

GREEN OR BLACK - Norman Farmer


WHY THE RHS WANTS EVERY SCHOOL IN THE UK TO GET GARDENING - Dr. Simon Thornton-Wood New research shows that school gardening helps children discover themselves as well as the world around them RHS LESSON ON A PAGE: SOIL PREPARATION

HEALTHY SCHOOL BECOMING SUSTAINABLE - Henricus Peters Some key positive differences between mainstream schools and Castlebar, a Special Educational Needs (SEN) school that is leading the way in many areas. LEADING SUSAINABILITY - Joyce Hallam What facets of leadership are most effective in schools of differing sizes and sectors to ensure the Sustainability Agenda is an integral and manageable component of school improvement? BOOK REVIEWS AND WEBWATCH



Accessing the wild LITTLE GROWERS – Heather Pearl Information about the charity Little Growers – how it started and what they do with learning resource ENDANGERED SPECIES IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS – Emily Jones Information about Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and their role in the classroom (primary). Includes a stag beetle learning pack BEEING SCENE – Felicity Harris Details of the Bee Scene and Wild About Plants projects and how to involve pupils LETTING THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG – Kim Bryan Information about CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) and the importance of accurate education about sustainable development in the curriculum. Includes lesson plan and teaching resources. BRITISH WATERWAYS – Michelle Kozomara Information about current developments to British Waterways and its role in education and the community A GREAT VARIETY – Nina Ar witz Details about MOSAIC (Campaign for National Parks) and their role in encouraging and developing oung people and ethnic minorities to be involved in the National Parks



A NEW PORTAL FOR INFORMATION – NAEE Profile Information about the development and contents of the new NAEE website URBAN PONDS MAKE A SPLASH – Adam Freeman - Pask Information about the Reading Urban Pond Scheme – how the University of Reading is researching how urban ponds support wildlife WALK4LIFE – Nicky Rowbottom Details about the new Department of Health ‘Walk4Life’ website which allows children to view detailed maps and design their own walking routes BLOW A BUBBLE AND SPOT A CONTRAIL IN THE NAME OF CLIMATE – Sarah Baldwin Details of the Met Office OPAL Climate Survey and how they want everyone to get involved using basic techniques in the garden POSITIVE ACTION WORKSHOPS – NAEE Profile Details about different workshops run by NAEE A GREEN OASIS IN AN URBAN SPRAWL – Sarah Hill – Daniel Information about the Martineau Gardens in Birmingham – what they do, what is there, how it is run and visiting details THE FUTURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN BIRMINGHAM: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER – Juliette Green Conference Review SCIENCE FAIR AWARD – Lisa Conrad Review of the project and winners of the British Science Association CREST experience prize YOUNG NATURALISTS CELEBRATE – Rachel Shaw Details about the ‘Wildlife Watch’ groups – set up by The Wildlife Trust for young children – award for active conservation and what the winning group and runners. A CHRISTMAS VISIT TO CUBA – Alona Sheridan A report about how Cuba is striving to become sustainable and self-sufficient NEW MILLS – Stephen Young Report about how students from the University of East Anglia wrote business proposals for ‘New Mills’ (an old sewage works) to be used a commercial venture and to harness renewable energy at the site. SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS BY 2020? – Sarah Simmons An evaluation of the likelihood that schools will become sustainable (to government specifications) by 2020 and suggestions of how this can be done.


Environmental Education Index Vol 54-96  
Environmental Education Index Vol 54-96  

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