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Najla Latifa   Helmy  Purnama     Thrusday  5th  July  2012   Argumentative  Essay   Young  Thieves.   There   are   many   people   that   don’t   have   enough   money   to   live   their   life.   What’s  the  reason  behind  all  of  it?  Jakarta.  Well,  it’s  a  big  city  isn’t  it?  It  is.  Many   said   that   Jakarta   is   a   good   and   educational   city.   But   there   are   some   areas   that   don’t   have   that   situation.   Senen,   that’s   located   in   Central   Jakarta.   There   are   people   that   should   beg   other   people   for   get   some   money.   Have   you   ever   seen   some   thieves?   How   about   young   thieves?   Why   with   those   people?   Why   would   they  do  that?  Low  income,  low  education  and  unemployment  could  be  the  reason   behind  all  of  these  situations.   Have  young  people  worked  yet?  Yes  they  have.  Some  may  have  and  some   may   have   not.   What   are   their   jobs?   Begging   to   other   people,   porters,   and   the   other.  How  much  do  they  get  per  day?  It’s  only  around  5.000  –  10.000  if  they  beg   other  people.  They  are  still  young,  so  that  they  couldn’t  work  that  much.  What’s   the   impact   because   all   of   this?   They   get   low   incomes.   After   they   have   their   revenue,   they   will   not   feel   satisfy.   They   are   still   young,   they   want   to   get   what   they  want  not  what  they  need.  For  example,  when  their  friends  have  something   that   they   don’t   have   and   then   they   want   it,   they   will   try   to   get   a   way   so   that   they  

will get  that  something.  Why  don’t  they  just  search  for  jobs?  Why?  They  are  still   young.  Young  people  could  work  but  not  the  hard  and  difficult  ones.     After  they  found  a  way,  they  will  do  it.  They  would  do  anything  for  getting   money.  Maybe  they  have  tried  to  suffer  but  in  the  long  run,  they  couldn’t  resist  it.   Maybe  they  try  to  get  the  money  by  do  stealing.  Who  know?  The  data  says  that   some   of   them   are   just   like   that.   When   they   see   the   people   that   they   think   have   enough   wealth,   they’ll   try   to   steal   their  belongings.   Not   all   their   belongings   but   only   the   valuable   stuff   they’ll   take.   From   the   data,   many   said   that   they   steal   without  doing  that  murdering  action,  but  only  by  the  silence  stealing.     They   don’t   mean   to   do   that   action,   but   what   else   could   they   do?   They   don’t   have  other  options  and  choices.  What’s  great  from  them  is  that,  they  always  be   happy  with  the  situation  like  that.  But  deep  inside  their  heart,  they  really  want  to   be  like  us.  They  want  to  live  their  life  with  happiness,  just  like  the  other  people   that   could   eat   3   times   per   day.   They’re   not   necessarily   eating   3   times   a   day.   When   they   eat,   they   could   only   eat   with   tofu   and   some   rice.   They   eat   so   little   because   they   should   divide   it.   They   should   share   it   with   the   other   family   members  or  maybe  their  friends.  The  portion  is  so  little  plus  they  should  share  it.   It  is  poor  and  so  sad  if  we  have  that  situation  in  our  life.  But  what  else  could  they   do  if  they  don’t  know  what  should  they  do  and  they  don’t  know  which  attitudes   should  they  use  to  get  some  money?   Education   is   very   important   in   our,   is   it?   But,   how   about   them   that   don’t   have  enough  money  for  school?  They  just  stay  at  home,  not  doing  anything.  Their   attitude  could  be  based  on  how  they’ve  treated  at  home.  If  they  go  to  school,  they   will  know  about  what’s  the  right  or  wrong  thing.  They  don’t  know  which  one  is   the   right   or   wrong.   They   don’t   know   that   it   is   wrong   to   steal   other   people’s   stuff.  

They don’t   have   other   options   so   that   they   do   it   over   and   over   again.   The   data   said  that  those  children  really  want  to  go  to  school.  But  it  is  the  fact.  They  want  to   go  to  school.  Get  more  knowledge.  Elaborate  information.  They  want  to  study  as   well   so   that   they   will   have   a   future.   In   Senen   Slum   Area,   there   are   many   children   that   don’t   go   to   school.   They   said   “It   is   fine”,   “It   is   okay”   but   the   truth   is   that   they’re  not  okay.  If  you  see  them,  you  can  tell  with  their  eyes.  There  is  sadness   behind  all  of  it.  Some  may  go  to  school,  and  some  may  not  go.     Young  pickpockets  or  maybe  young  thieves  are   not  always  wrong.  They   do   that  action  because  they  don’t  know  either  is  wrong  or  it  is  right.  Maybe  in  their   family,   it’s   like   a   common   habit.   There   are   the   children   that   go   to   school   but   still,   they   got   influenced   from   their   environment.   From   the   data,   the   environment   affects  the  people  there.  Once  someone  steal,  the  other  want  to  do  it  either.  Why?   Because   they   feel   like   if   someone   has   it,   they   should   have   it   either.   Maybe   it   is   their  perspective.     Is  ‘Unemployment’  word  seems  familiar?  It  is  very  familiar  for  the  people  in   the  Senen  Slum  Area.  Many  parents  of  the  children  there  is  unemployed.  That’s   causing   those   parents   send   their   child   to   do   pickpocketing   or   stealing   other   people’s   stuff   and   thing.   Not   only   the   old   residents,   the   young   residents   earn   a   living  by  collecting  plastics  waste  to  sell,  or  hawking  small  items  from  the  carts.   They  don’t  want  to  be  like  this  but  what  else  could  they  do?  That’s  because  the   parents   is   lazy.   Why   don’t   they   just   try   to   search   for   other   jobs   of   the   different   ones?   So,   they   will   not   be   unemployed.   When   they’re   working   and   not   unemployed,   they   could   maintain   their   family.   They   could   send   their   kids   to   school   and   their   kids   will   be   educated   in   the   school.   After   the   kids   got   some  

education, that   area   will   be   developed  nicely.   With   many   nice   and   kind   people,   that  area  will  have  a  great  and  unexpected  progress.     Young   thieves   keep   on   increasing.   Why   with   that   problem?   As   you   know,   young   people   love   to   have   what   they   want,   but   not   what   they   need.   They’re   easy   to   get   influence   by   the   other.   Once   the   other   people   try   to   steal   or   pickpocket   other   person,   the   others   will   try   to   do   that.   This   case   already   spread   out   into   the   other   areas.   Because   of   the   dirtiness   in   Jakarta,   many   people   already   feel   lazy   and  they  don’t  want  to  do  some  works  or  either  search  for  some  jobs.  There  are   many   houses   that   are   located   beside   the   train   railway.   The   train   passes   only   a   few   feet   from   a   canvas   shelter.   Have   you   ever   wondered   that   how   do   they   feel   when  the  train  passed  by?  Do  they  feel  scared  or  just  normal?     Time   goes   by,   there   are   many   young   thieves.   It   is   still   increasing   in   Jakarta.   Low   education,   unemployment,   and   low   income   made   it.   The   environment   has   made  them  to  be  lazy.  Look  at  the  environment,  it  is  dirty  and  not  all  the  people   would  like  to  clean  up  their  area.  It  is  because  their  character  has  been  made  of   their   laziness.   If   they   are   lazy,   they   won’t   clean   up   or   sanitize   their   environment.   It  builds  up  the  environment  and  it  depends  on  the  people.  If  they  don’t  want  to   clean  up,  the  environment  won’t  grow.  It  is  hard  for  them  to  find  mineral  water   that   is   still   clean.   They   clean   up   their   body   in   the   lake   or   the   river   near   their   house.   It   is   very   difficult   for   them   to   get   some   fresh   air   because   the   environment   has   been   polluted   with  so   many   pollutions.   The   Jakarta’s   air   is   thick   with   smells,   some   arising   from   the   clogged   Jakarta   roads   and   their   polluting   traffic,   others   from   the   piles   of   rotten   garbage.   Sometimes,   they   cook   their   meal   between   the   train   tracks.   Their   house   is   connected   with   the   place   where   they   put   all   the   unused  things.  How  come  they  live  at  a  place  like  that?  They  don’t  complain,  they  

don’t argue,   they   just   live   their   life   there.   Without   complaining   at   all.   Even   though  it’s  hard  for  them  to  search  for  clean  water,  they  will  never  give  up  with   those  probations.     Why  do  low  income,  low  education,  and  unemployment  increase  numbers   of   young   thieves   in   senen   slum   area?   Low   income   is   the   familiar   thing   on   that   environment.  It  is  very  ordinary  because  those  people’s  job  is  only  begs  or  collect   some   unused   things.   It   is   very   hard   for   them   to   get   the   money.   So  that,  the  other   options   for   them   is   only   to   steal   other   people’s   belongings.   The   low   of   education,   their  attitude  isn’t  very  good.  They  don’t  know  is  it  right  or  is  it  wrong  for  them   to   steal   other   people’s   belongings.   Their   attitude   based   on   their   environment.   The  environment  already  stuck  with  the  laziness.  They  really  want  their  life  to  be   like   ours.   How   to   change   their   environment?   It   depends   on   how   they   treat   the   environment   itself.     Though   they   know   how   to   avoid   the   train,   it   doesn’t   mean   they  know  how  to  change  their  environment  into  the  good  ones.  Unemployment   seems   really   common   on   their   daily   life.   The   unemployment   causes   the   young   thieves.  Why  do  they  cause  the  young  thieves?  It  is  because  if  you  don’t  have  any   jobs,  what  else  could  they  do?  Only  steal,  steal  and  steal.  Last  but  not  least,  why   do  unsafe  environment,  low  income,  and  dirty  area  become  a  common  situation   in  senen  slum  area?    

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