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Stefanija Najdovska project: ICON

After Krijn de Kooning’s lecture I was very inspired to play with the perception of space. His work is very spatial, visual and eye catching. He uses a lot of colors, big volumes. He’s creating new spaces in already existing enviroments. My work is always between 2D and 3D, and I started this project with the urge to prove that 3D space can be manipulated by 2D elements. I wanted to create something simple and clear that would work as an illusion.

This resulted in a system of uniformed posters, changing the perception of the surface behind. Something like a modular system - the posters can be rearranged and moved around, always fitting a grid. Each poster has a different perspective, meant to go over the edges of the wall changing the flatness and stretching its outlines.

However, I came to realize that adding space to the wall might not work as well as it did in my sketches. The wall still looked pretty flat. Therefore, I added a line enhancing the movement through the newly created space.

For my project presentation I placed the posters on a wall that was not completely flat and empty. The wall had a small window and pipes. In the end, it was good that I encountered these problems, for they inspired me for my next step.

I realized that adding paper to the wall was slightly restricting. Using tape gave me the freedom of transparency and 2D-3D effect I wanted. For my latest experiment I decided to use a rather busy surface, and flatten it. I find this to be my most successfull version.

Amsterdam GRA 2009


2D-3D, Process booklet ICON project supported by Krijn de Kooning and Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2009