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1.What GDCP has done for me? Designer's map Manifestoes: Designing Design Statements Process of my manifesto Reflective Summary

2.Creative Future Project: London is open Keywords and strategy Inspiring Campaigns Idea development Research Developing process Outcome Reflection

3.Capstone Project: Wonderland of Time Brief Visual research Sketch Storyboard Developing Process Outcome Reflection

01What GDCP has done for me?

Project Brief This course makes me question myself more about being an illustrator and designer. It’s first time knowing how important to have the manifesto as a designer.The purpose of this course is to allow us to examine your own motivations as a creative practitioner in art and design, and identify my future ambitions for Masters-level study and subsequent professional practice. In the process,we keep thinking about the question we may never ask ourselves.Like”Why do you want to be an illustrator?” ,”Who is our main audience?” “How do you define your practice?”

Why I want to be an illustrator? Before join the class of GDCP,I was a graphic designer in a stationary company. I found that I really enjoy the process of making the imagination into real work. There is so much sense of accomplishment I gain when my illustration work become the real product. It's one of my way to express my feeling and attitude about life.Being an illustrator is also being a storyteller to me. It makes me want to enrich my life with more beautiful things.

Who is my audience? Who do I want to design for? why? I set my audience as people who like my style and who has the the same feeling of life with me. And I want to design for people who also like the funny and irregular graphic,who love the detail of the outcome or product and who will understand my story of my works.

Map of my designer path we did in the class

Manifestoes: Designing Design Statements

This week we explored the purpose and design of manifestos or statements in different art and design contexts and disciplines, and evaluate their effectiveness, before producing some group manifestoes of our own. At the end of the class,we made our group manifesto and share with other. It's really inspiring for listening to each other's design statements.

Our group practice of manifesto in the class

My illustrator's manifesto

After thinking about how to visualize my manifesto, I decided to make them into a CD album. To me illustration is like to design the package of the CD album, we can read the message and feeling from the outside then we cam always enjoy the story inside the music. When we unfold it, it will be a poster as well.I chose one of my manifestos"Be a storyteller,not just a painter" on the cover, because to tell a story by illustration is just like give the story a suitable package.And sometimes we make too much effort on drawing skills but forget the good expression is also an important thing. In the background,I cut down the colour blocks from the paper palettes that I used to the acrylic. I kept them every time after I painting, since I found they are all different and uniq ue, the effect of the acrylic pigment was made randomly and it’s hard to be copied. I chose to make them into the background to remind me that I should always remember to be open mind and to accept the unexpected outcome to embrace the unknown. The way how we live our life define what kind of the illustrator you will be. So l put on some of the life attitudes in it. “To see life, to see the world” is one of the things I always remind myself for many years. When I lack of ideas or lost the direction in design process, it’s a good time to open this album and play it again.

Process of my manifesto CD album idea is inspired by the sentence I have in my belief-"Be a storyteller,not just a painter" on the cover. To me,to tell a story by illustration is just like give a the story a suitable package.

Sketch of my visual idea of manifesto

I cut down the acrylic color blocks from my paper palettes.I found they are all different and unique, I chose to make them into the background to remind me that I should always remember to be open mind and to accept the unexpected outcome and embrace the unknown.


Feedback from classmates

Feedback from Maggie


1000 Words Reflective Summary

What we did in GDCP? In this year, we did certain topics, different themes and try to set up audiences.Projects from “Target audience”, “Alter ego”, “Design process” to “The exhibition”to practice analyzing exhibition, we also practiced on portraiting and sketching.This semester we spent most of the time on the capstone project.And the creative future project is the commercial advertising design practice, listening to postgraduate students' presentation and their research process can learn their research methods and know what I lack in doing projects. I learned how to make the progress from having the class with students in master. In the last lessons of what has GDCP done for me?We constantly try to ask ourselves questions. We may have never been asked about these question in the past. They are questions that need to be reconsidered deeply, so they were a bit difficult to adapt to in the process. It was difficult to answer those question, but in these course, I gradually clarified the principles of my own design and reminded myself why I chose to be a designer or an illustrator. Also let us use different methods such as the interview with my classmate, introduce the classmates, and think about what questions we want to ask if we meet our favorite artist. The process of visualizing the design statements is also an interesting part. Although it was really difficult to face this topic at the beginning, in a few lessons, we practiced different ways to analyze our thought. It is very helpful to learn how to write critical reflection texts, let us know what elements can be put into the reflection of GDCP.

The works I created in the GDCP

Now and then I was a graphic designer in a stationary company. So I choose my past works and the works I created in the GDCP to compare the difference. It's the series of products designed for London. In this project I design the masking paper tapes and pencil case. The work was created prior to the GDCP. For the work I created in the course I choose the rotating block of 4 personalities which is created for the project “ Alter ego” The similarity between these works is that I was still fascinated with designing the materials, the details and the production method. And I still have the similar drawing style of my illustration. There are some differences. The first is the creating purpose. The products for London was created for commercial products but the Rotating Block is created to present my thought and motivation is from my heart. The second difference is the producing method, in the course I try to use the 3D workshop to make products by hand. The past work is produced in the factory. The third is the different focusing points. Before the GDCP, I always focus on the processing technology, materials like what I did in the project of London products from choosing the fabric to deciding the bronzing and embroidery.In the projects of GDCP, I try to focus on the content of the image and what I want to communicate with the audience. I also found there were some big differences in the process between these two projects. Creating the work for GDCP is from the concept of the subject to the research, the process. I can think deeply about what the content of my works, then decide how to complete my works. Before the course, my design process is totally in the opposite way. I decided what the final to do before all the research process so I didn’t have enough experimental process in my past work. That’s why I want to take the course in GDCP. I want to learn how to find out my own design process and creative logic. In this course, I realized that in the past the creation of stationery was a commercial one. For this result, I often wonder about whether this piece of work represented me or whether it could convey what I wanted to say. Although I am still influenced by past experience, I can use the knowledge I learned before in my present work.In all the output of this course, I try to do the research process and try to say the stories by my works, and I hope to create my significant own style. My past work

The teaching methods is really different from my past learning methods. This is the first time I have the education in the field of art and design. The previous education I had was more traditional and the teacher will stipulate the direction of the development of each project. Most people will do it with similar results, but we always have the more open topic in GDCP course. It encourages experimentation to accept new possibilities during development, and it is very inspiring in this environment with various possibilities. The tutorial is also a new teaching method for me. When we talk about the development process with teachers, we can have new horizons every week. I can gain the opportunity to see the new areas that I haven't thought about or new reference materials. Furthermore, I also like to share my creative work with my classmates in class, listening to other people's works also helps me to reflect on the process, and can also get many good suggestions for modification!

Overall, there are two main things I gain from GDCP: -First is the experiment time to study and practice all of my imagination. -The scend is having the open environment where we can discuss our works with people from different background. For my future, I want to continue to draw more illustrations with a strong atmosphere create the graphic which told vivid stories. And then combine my illustration with the products and various materials. In the process of GDCP, I have more confidence in my own motivation. In the master period, I would like to make more works with new producing knowledge and try more creative forms. In further future, I want to establish independent style brand to make the creative product like stationery, gifts and crafts with my illustration.

02Creative Future Project - London is open

Project Brief My creative future project is JCDecaux Brief New Blood Awards 2018- London is open.In this project, we need to creat a series of advertising graphic for city campaign on JCDecaux’s Oxford Street bus shelter screens.


#LondonIsOpen is a simple but powerful campaign to send a positive message to the world.The city is comfortable in its diversity, proud of its history, and optimistic about its future. it’s a true melting pot, bringing together people of every gender, sexuality, age, creed, class, religion and race, from every corner of the globe.Put the power of this platform to work with an innovative campaign using these screens to show the world: #LondonIsOpen

In this project, we need to creat a series of advertising graphic for city campaign on JCDecaux’s Oxford Street bus shelter screens.

Before start the project,we think about these questions:

1.What is it about London that inspires people worldwide? There is an old saying"When a man is tired of London,he is tired of life".It can be seen that London is a fascinating city never get you bored.Some people are here to search the uncertainty.It's a good place to figure out the path of life. I concluded them into 4 categories of reason:PEOPLE, CHOICES, CULTURES and OPPORTUNITIES.

2.What is it you want to make people do, say and feel about London? I want to make people from the world to fall in love with this city like their second home. It’s “a home for everyone”

3.Who is the target audience group you want to target your message/story with? People who leave their countries and travel to London to work or study from the world.Travelers looking for the sense of belonging and who live here but have not fallen in love with London

4.What are the target audience group’s needs and desires that you think is related to your message/ story? -They need to find out the treasure inside the city that they haven’t seen. -The reason for them to fall in love with the city. -They need to feel proud of being one of the diversity in London. - Even if they think are small and different in London but also can feel themselves unique and accepted.

Keywords and strategy First thing I start "London is open" project is writing down all the keywords coming up to my mind. London is a fascinating city wih famous landmarks and clasical culture,historical stories ,these all make this city more ancient and elegant. From this point,I decided to make the image with vintage style to present the typical style of London mixing with modern and old cultures.London is also a home for everyone,for travelers and foreign residents.We can always feel at homeand welcomed in this city.It's a second home to everyone. One of he best things in London is the cultural diversity.We can see it from different aspect in People,food choice,art cultures and opportunities.I am very impressed by what mayor said in a vedio of this campaign:We don't tolerate each other's differences,we celebrate them. The "celebrate" word makes me come up with the keywords like: party,p arades,carnival,festival,champaign,balloons,ribbons...etc. So I start to compose them into my idea with celebrating things.

Project strategy “London is  Open”  city  campaign  project  

GOAL:   Take  the  idea  of  second  home  to  make  people  love  the  diverse  and   open  city  London     AIM:   Create  image  to  communicate  with  our  target  audience.   To  create  a  series  image  From  these  points:   -­‐people   -­‐culture/music/art   -­‐diverse  choice   -­‐dream       Target  Audience:   People  who  leave  their  countries  and  travel  to  London  to  work  or   study  from  the  world.   Travelers  looking  for  the  sense  of  belonging  and  who  live  here  but   have  not  fallen  in  love  with  London.    

Inspiring Campaigns I amsterdam: a global marketing campaign for the Amsterdam City of Amsterdam. The idea is from city's strongest asset is its people: the people who live, work and study in Amsterdam, and the people who visit.The I Amsterdam expressed that “people make the city “. The slogan and brand image is strong and impressive to make people feel proud of being part of Amsterdam! The landmark light up the city and it’s very interactive with people.

Taiwan:City Campaign"The heart of Asia" It's a campaign that launched by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan.There is a promotion video which is with some illustration to catch people's eyes. In this case, they have the slogan"the heart of Asia" It's based on the location of Taiwan. It's like a small island in the middle of asia,surrounded by different asien cultures.So we also have multiple cultures,food and people in Taiwan. I like they design the cultural elements into a heart shape with 6 linds of topic.It's a good way to make travelers or local people see the beauty in Taiwan.


Berlin -Berlin is all about the mix.

The best about Berlin is the mix Berlin-based radio station 94,3 has the best mix. Like Berlin itself. Film advertisement created by Glow, Germany for 94, within the category: Media. It's the most inspiring one.The advertising video is very impressive and interesting. They use the mix idea to develop into the connection between different cultures.

Research -Reading List The books I read to help me gain the idea and develope the advertising campaign.

1.100 ways to create a great ads-Tim Collins

2.Advertising outdoors WATCH THIS SPACE!David Bernstein

3.The Advertising Concept Book-Pete Barry

4.The best advertising course in town-Ruth Artmonsky

Idea development

CONCEPT 1. Carnival for Celebrating London Cultures I get the idea from"celebrate", and I want to put the elements of celebrating like ballons, champaign, people into the image.Then add on the slogan"You're all invited" to make everyone feels welcomed.

CONCEPT 2. London is open for YOU Get the idea from"OPEN",I decide to create the image about "open" like open the door,open the book,open the box. Then I want to combine the image with the mirror on it.People can see themselves in the open door(or book,box).The audience will get the message "London is open for you" in the mirror by words and themselves.

CONCEPT 3. You light up the city I want to make the shadow of different people into the colorful part, and the background is black and white.To present that it's every different you light up the city of London.

Development of new idea Campaign: London is open for all the MIX After the first presentation, I found that the first three idea is not easy to convey the message to the audience.So I change the idea to the cocktail one which I think it's more obvious to get the idea. It's develope from the mix cultures of London and the drinking culture in London.I came up with the idea of the mixing drinks-Cocktail. I think the idea of the cocktail is presenting the obvious message of the mix,and it's also a positive imagination of the mix-it makes better taste and it's more enjoyable. In this campaign, I will create the image of the cocktail with the people who are enjoying doing the things they love like they are celebrating their difference. I want to make people who lea ve their hometown to London to feel they are welcomed and be proud of being one of the differences.

MIX Cultures

Drinking culture  in  London

Mixing dirnk Cocktail

Posi8ve imagina8on  of  mix:   1.Make  be@er  taste   2.More  enjoyable

CAMPAIGN TITLE:  London  is  Open  for  all  the  MIX     GOAL:   To  make  people  feel  proud  of  being  part  of  mix  and  also  enjoy  in  the  mixing  culture.   Make  people  from  the  world  feel  welcomed.     AIM:   Create  image  by  the  idea  of  mixing  drinks(cocktail)   Choose  8  famous  classic  cocktail  with  the  people  who  enjoying  doing  anything  like   they  are  celebraJng  their  difference.     Target  Audience:   People  who  leave  their  countries  and  travel  to  London  to  work  or  study  from  the   world.  And  People  who  feel  they  are  different  from  the  local  people.  

Secondary Research The definition of cocktail: A typical cocktail, served in a cocktail glass. When used to refer to any alcoholic mixed drink, cocktail may mean any beverage that contains two or more ingredients if at least one of those ingredients contains alcohol.

Hurricane Glass

Tour Highball Glass

Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Cocktail Glass

Martini Glass

6 types of cocktail glasses

Ideas of people playing in the drink.

Illustration of cocktails

Visual Reference Visual reference book:London Sketch Book-Jason Brooks

To see different ways of sketching the elements in London

Vintage posters of London

Developing process

Sketching the cocktails

Sketching the landmarks

Developing process


I choose three types of cocktails that are more famous to draw. To make it more vintage, I put the old paper materials into the background.


Tom Collins


Mock up


Idea developing process In this project, I found that there are many differences between drawing the illustration and making the advertisement. When I started to develop the idea in the beginning, it was a mess in my mind. There are too many scatter ideas and they are all about the images. I draw many sketchs of my idea but it makes me more confused. When I go back to the main message that I want to express to the audience, my idea became clear. I found that being an illustrator, we always think in the opposite way, we think about what the image should look like before forming the strategy, but this makes the message more complicated to read from the advertisement. After the first presentation, tutor told me that I tried to say too many things in one image, but the most important things in the advertisement are how to catch people’s eyes at first sight with the most simple image. Then I go back to my message I want to say and develop a new idea that the audience can get the message immediately. Then I change the idea to the cocktail one which I think it’s more obvious to get the message. It’s a process that requires repeated for the main purpose and makes sure what I want to say. And actually, it’s important to an illustrator to learn the ability to communicate with the audience by the image. I start to read the books talks about how to make a good advertisement. It tells me how to think in the advertising way and how to make my strategy. But even if I read these helpful books, I still got the long way to go in making the advertisement to hit the point. I think to make a better advertisement is all about practicing. The most enjoyable thing in reading is I saw many interest idea They are really inspiring. One of the books is a collection of outdoor advertisement, it’s really inspiring. I was obsessed with the advertisements in the old time because of the contrasting colors and the vintage illustration style.

Outcome reflection In the outcome, I think the cocktail idea is special and it can make people interested in it. And the illustration way can catch part of the audience who love the lovely image. I like the vintage effect I create for this to present the ancient and elegant London city. There are still many things I need to improve. The image is filled with too many details, people have to look into it to get everything of the story. It’s hard for the pedestrians to see the point at first sight and it’s not easy to catch everyone’s eyes. I think my design is more suitable to make the postcards, tickets or some smaller prints. If I want to make it again, I will simplify my image and focus on the cocktail and mixing cultures. And I will try to do more vector graphic instead of the line drawing because it will be more acceptable for all the public.

03Capstone Project - The Wonderland of Time

Project Brief To have the depth research into time issue from different aspects. Think about what is the role time playing in our life? If time is visible what will it looks like? If we can really built an amusement park for people to feel ,to experience, to trace back in time, what entertainment facilities we can create? The goal of this project is to remind people to cherish the time and to live in the moment. It’s for people who always think and fantasize about time and who always want to go back to the past to change something.

Starting point

Think about what is the role time playing in our life? If time is visible what will it looks like? I want too make a theme park for the time,because I think the theme park always stores people's memory.From childhood to being an adult,we can feel the time passed in the park. If we can really built an amusement park for people to feel ,to experience, to trace back in time, what entertainment facilities we can create?

Quote of movie-About time

WHAT: A story book to remind people to enjoy the once ride if our life and to know all the experiences are paid by "time". HOW: Draw a story about theme park of time. Research on the topic of time and related works.books.movies. Visualize the time. WHO: Children & Adults who always fantasize about time and travelling in time. WHY: I choose the theme park to present the idea of time,because it allowed the all imagination and always stores people's memory.

IDEA of "Time":

<The Persistence Of Memory> -Dali

Time travel machine in DORAEMON

Nikola Tesla: Secret Time Travel Experiments

Time & Time Travel

Visual research of Time Steampunk Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Elements of steam punk: With steam as the driving force, industrial metal gears, to create life, imagination of the future, combined with nostalgic mechanical aesthetics.

STEAMPUNK TOP HAT - Copper Author G. D. Steampunk Hat with Sheet Metal, Gears, Falksen, wearing a Rivets, Tubes <Image:Etsy> steampunk-styled arm prosthesis

H.G. Wells

Howl's Moving Castle: HAYAO MIYAZAKI

H.G.Wells is regarded as part of the foundation of Science Fiction, he is a steampunk author.

Scene of Movies

Hugo Poster 2011,IMDB

Groundhog Day 1993

Scenes of The Alice Through The Looking Glass

The Time Travelers' Handbook

A Time Machine's based on HG Wells classic novel "The Time Machine"

Vintage clock bought and sold store in Notting hill Old and delicate clocks are good reference for design the decoration of time in the park. <Photos taken by myself>

Visual Research of Theme park

Children at a Country Fair, illustration by Nina K. Brisley. Print. London, UK, 1932.

"Space Age Spectacular Rides" 1950s carnival sign

Fair Poster llustration by Bodil Jane

1966 Wiinblad's Fratelli Peddlers and Vendors Spassosi VI - Original Vintage Around the World - written & Poster illustrated by Richard Erdoes (1967)

Today is Story Day by my vintage book collection

Book reference:Signs of our time To get some ideas about designing nolstalgic signs in the park.

What Did You Leave Behind? -illustrated by Roger Duvoisin Model of amusement rides

Pictures:Sarah took in Amsterdam

Les Machines de Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;lle -Steam Punk Park

Les Machines is an amazing steampunk theme park in Nantes France. It was started by mechanical theatre set designers - Francois Delaroziere and Pierre Orefice - for ever larger street theatre projects featuring giant mechanised puppets. Les Machines has since morphed into a Jules Verne inspired mechanical universe. Image:Pinterest

Tivoli Gardens amusement park-Ancient Park

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. The park opened on 15 August 1843 and is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world. Only time, can save childhood Only old things , can enter the dream

Nara Dreamland-Abandoned Amusement park Nara Dreamland was an abandoned theme park near Nara, Japan, heavily inspired by Disneyland in California. It opened in 1961 and closed on August 31, 2006. Image:Timetravelturtle


I tried to sketch some elements about time and clocks to get some imagination of time.

I tried to sketch some elements about theme park.

Decide the format

Design the function of time travel for each ride


Storyline: 1: A girl and a boy find an abandoned park. 2:They buy the tickets from the stand by thier ages. 3:Then they fall asleep and wake up in a brand new park which is working. 4~10: The different rides in the park can let them experience travelling in time. 11:When they fall asleep again,they back to the abandoned park and find out they became older. 12:They realize that we pay our time to get all the experience.We cannot change the things happend in time,but we can learn from it.

Drawing process

Logo & Moscot Design

Coloring with retro style I tried to add some brush effect,half-tone dots,noise to imitate the old printing style make it more retro and vintage like an old book which looks been through many years.

Add half-tone dots and imitate the misplaced printing effect.

Use the monoprint brush to make it looks in the defective condition.

Add the noise into the colors to make it looks retro.

Book binding test

In the beginning, I tried to use format which can open it as a full image like this way in the picture. But I found that it's hard to make each story frame looks coherent,so I changed the format at last.

Book binding -A4 Hardcover Book

I printed on two different papers. The left one is the handmade craft paper with rough surface.The other is water color paper with a little rough surface. After testing,I choose water color paper because the printing color is more saturated on it.

Format Reference <Roudoudou 1935>

The note that I arrange the printing plan.

Book binding process

Final outcome

Cover spine is between two thick card.

Each page in the book is printed on 220gsm water color paper.

Hardcover A4 Book format

Inside pages of the storybook

Inside pages of the storybook

Extensional Development Exhibition plan: I would like to make a theme park map and print the postcards,tote bag and ceramic badges as the products in the souvenir shop.

Extensional outcome:Theme park map poster

Postcard as souvenir gift

Ticket for the theme park as the exhibition invitation card

Reflection The production reflection: This is my first time making children's books. It was thought to be a very difficult thing to me. Because I have never been good at drawing a complete story, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why I chose to make illustration story books as my challenge. In this capstone project, I feel that the most satisfied part is the whole production way and texture. I was inspired by an old children's book picture book produced in 1935 which I bought from a bookstall on the banks of the Paris River. That is an old book with nostalgia appearance. Inspired by that book, I decided to make a vintage style book in this project, a book that looks like been going through 50 years, and because the theme of my project is also talking about time, so I think this way of production is suitable with the theme. In the part of drawing on the computer, I tried brushes, increased impurities, applied half-tone dots to created the imitations of old printing methods and misplaced effects, and selected papers with a rough surface. The inks printed on rough paper were printed with ink. With the natural change of the paper, it adds a natural sense of color mottled. Furthermore, the bookbinding was originally intended to be a full-expanding storybook, and I found it was difficult to make it coherent after I set up all the pictures in the frame, so I changed the format. In this experience, I learn to think more carefully about the production methods before I create all the images. Later, I changed it to A4 size hardcover books with thick papers and thick card covers. All the effect of the final outcome is approaching to my imagination with retro texture, I am very satisfied with this result. The parts that can be improved: If I have an opportunity to restart this plan, I would like to do a more in-depth research on the theme of time, because the present on the images has not yet reached my own satisfaction. I would like to describe the function of the facilities more clear with more detail and draw with more delicate detail. The content of the story is a little short in this work. I would like to add more types of the amusement facilities for time travel.Besides, I also want to add each ride with small parts that can be moveable or interacted with, for example: let the Ferris wheel have one more interactive function that can be rotated. In the future, I would like to make another version of the three-dimensional book to make more interaction with the audience.

Extended design: There are still many extension designs that I want to do, but it cannot be completed in time, so I want to present them on the exhibition.I want to design a complete theme park map and make it into the posters.I also want to produce the tickets for the park as an invitation card for the exhibition. For the souvenir part, I want to print some of the favorite contents into postcards, along with other products with the park mascot, such as totes, badges, and so on. It's a first time took me such a long time to complete a project.The tutorial and discuss with classmates also helped me a lot in the process of teaching. In this process, I also realize where I needed to improve in the future. I also made a clearer direction on the direction of my creative way. It also feels good to realize the paradise into a real storybook.

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Pm7000 Portfolio Naiting Huang  
Pm7000 Portfolio Naiting Huang