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Incoming Exchange Booklet Powered by AIESEC UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI


Incoming Exchange Booklet Powered by AIESEC UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI


Duration: 12 weeks min (preferred) Dates: 1 May 2013 to 31 December 2013 No. of interns: 1

Wopepea A project supporting the Wopepea program where


women from Kibera make jewelry from recycled paper

Benefit: -Working space -Internet Required: - Excellent English - Background in business administration and/or marketing as well as experience in project management

Description of activities 1. Find new markets for the sale of the jewelry 2. Helping the interns at AHCP coordinate their activities and the director of AHCP in running the NGO Managing the website 3. Develop marketing and management strategies for the WoPepea 4. program 5. Fundraising to build a multipurpose structure for the organization Note: This Job Description requires open minded and proactive people who can start and run their own projects without much supervision. Intern may also participate in the health projects being carried out at AHCP For more information visit

Incoming Exchange Booklet Powered by AIESEC UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI

Benefits 1. Challenges facing people from low-income backgrounds 2. Management of small NGOs in Kenya 3. Business management experience

Requirements Stage       

Have a visa Have all the necessary vaccinations Have medical coverage Have a doctors letter in case of any medical conditions Preparation of teaching methods to be used. Interns' stories can be found in the following links: Common housing is provided through intern housing - 200 USD per month, breakfast and dinner provided. Laundry provided for intern housing. Host family (if one is available)-interns may pay between 58 and 82 USD per month just as support to the family for expenses that will be incurred. Two meals are provided. INTERNET: Modem sticks can be purchased for internet. There is also internet at the AIESEC UON office. Please note that transport is not provided. Prices shown are based on the current exchange rate at time of Ksh.85 per 1USD. English language required.

TN MANAGER: Sandra Abongo

Wopepea/ business GCDP booklet