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Parental leave increases to 18 weeks in the UK: International HR Services Team of Nair & Co. (Sunnyvale, CA) - The UK has amended the Parental Leave Directive increasing the right to unpaid parental leave from 13 weeks to 18 weeks effective from March 8, 2013. Any employee who is the natural parent or adoptive parent of a child can is entitled for unpaid leave during the first five years of the child’s life, finds out Nair & Co., which provides global HR services for companies expanding overseas. The global HR services further says that this unpaid leave can currently be opted for in addition to maternity, paternity leave and adoption and acts as a rewarding factor as it allows the parents to take significant periods of leave at key stages of their child’s life where normal holiday entitlement may not suffice. There are plans to increase the eligibility age limit of all children from 5 to 18 years. If this comes into effect in the year 2015, the utilization of this leave is likely to increase in popularity. The criteria for availing these leave remain same, follows: 

the benefit are obtainable currently only for each child aged below five years old and or 18 years old if in

receipt of disability allowance; the employee has to complete one year employment to claim for this benefit; and

a maximum of four weeks leave can be asked taken in any one year.

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Parental leave increases to 18 weeks in the UK: International HR Services Team