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Embroidery Designs

Lace Glorious Lace

Designer Neck Ties

Gilded Memories

Scrolls & Curlicues

Script & Frames

Victorian Piano Shawl

Victorian Pansies

Fantasy With Fans

From The Heart

Bows and Baskets

Shadow Work

Roses For Mary

Special Edition Design CD’s

I Feel Pretty

Little Christmas Advent Calendar



Sandy's Oriental Express

Perfect Bliss


Through The Garden Gate

Simon's Folly

Rosebuds Quilt

Now Voyager

Moulin Rouge

Special Edition Design CD’s

Jenny's Heritage

Coffee & Cream

Alphabet for Lennox

Piece de Resistance

War Of The Roses

Cottage Rose

Roses For Mary


Peaches And Green

Creative Fantasy


A Little French Chic

Special Edition Design CD’s

MarJen for Error

Beyond Color Purple

Jenny's Essence

Fragrant Delights

Enduring Elegance

Premier Collection

Sam's Love Hearts

3D Embroidery Magic

Simon's Applique Magic

Jazzy & Me Patterns

Flashy the Frog Pillow

Quilt Market Bag

TerriďŹ c Ted Soft Toy

Twit-Twit-Tawoo Door Stop

Twit-Twit-Tawoo Pillow

Clever & Crafty

Trash 2 Treasure

Bedroom Bliss

Gracious Gifts

Clever & Crafty 3 pack

Embroidery Designs

Victorian Roses

Peaches' Purses

Margaret's Magnificent Melody

Harvey's Garden

Lottie's Poppies

Simon's Terrific Trims

Robyn's Romance

Gracious Impressions

Butterflies For Catherine

Laura's Vintage Embellishments

Vintage Needlework

Floral Rhapsody

Embroidery Designs

The Next Generation

Bella Fiori