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Naini Bansal

Pratt Institute Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio

1) Design 301 Dormitory in DUMBO 2) Design 202 Library of Performing Arts in Chinatown 3) Design 201 Kindergarten in Staten Island 4) Design 102 Folly in Higgins Hall Plaza


5) Technics

6) Representation

Design 301: St. Francis Dormitory in DUMBO Prof. Michael Trencher

Located in DUMBO, this student dormitory contains 42 single bedrooms, 53 double bedrooms, student lounges on every floor, 2 computer labs, 1 library, 1 gym, 1 student cafe, 2 courtyards, 1 university commercial space, 1 laundry room, and 1 underground garage. The goal is to provide students a private environment in a very public location, while allowing space for social + community interactions. In giving privacy equally to all students, one cannot discount light. Step backs were designed on every other floor in order to bring in light to the common spaces. This also allows for useable roof spaces, a very popular theme for new and upcoming buildings in Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Detail Plans And Sections


Naini Bansal and Christina Grimes

8th Floor Plan

Naini Bansal and Christina Grimes Floor Plans Scale 1/8”=1’

5th Floor Plan

Naini Bansal and Christina Grimes Floor Plans Scale 1/8”=1’

Basement Floor Plan

1. Single Units 2. Double Units 3. Gym 4. Library 5. MEP 6. Student Lounge 7. University Commercial 8. Student Cafe

Program Michael Trencher Pratt Institute

Michael Trencher

Roof Floor Plan

7th Floor Plan

Michael Trencher Pratt Institute

Second Floor +Entry Floor Plan

Furman Street

Everit Street

Naini Bansal and Christina Grimes Section Scale 1/8”=1’ Michael Trencher Pratt Institute

Naini Bansal and Christina Grimes Section Scale 1/8”=1’

Sections and Elevation

ni Bansal and Christina Grimes tion Scale 1/8”=1’

Michael Trencher Pratt Institute

Old Fulton Street Naini Bansal and Christina Grimes

Michael Trencher

Elevation Scale 1/8”=1’

Pratt Institute

Michael Trencher Pratt Institute

Perspective Section

Design 202: Library of Performing Arts in Chinatown Prof. Eva Perez

A calm and quiet place within the chaos of Chinatown. The building performs through its form, circulation, space and furniture. The occupants’ actions are influenced as they expand their knowledge on performing arts. The library creates two co-existing worlds for the occupants to experience as they move through it. One world that encloses the searcher in books and another that encloses the readers in light.

Plans And Sections





Elevations : 1/8”=1’0” Naini Bansal

Elevation and Circulation

Spring 2017 Pratt Institute Eva Perez de Vega


Level 5 Open Auditorium Space

Final Proposal

Level 3 General Public level Book Stacks Reading Space

First Concept

Level 4 Researcher level Book Stacks Reading Space

Level 2 Digital Research Digital Stacks Office Space Conference Room Reading Space

Level 1 Entry level Reading Space Circulation Desk Storage Space

Program and Physical Models Exploded Axon Naini Bansal

Spring 2017 Pratt Institute Eva Perez de Vega

Design 201: Kindergarten in Staten Island Prof. Ronald Didonno

Between apartment buildings, a Cathedral, residential houses, and waterfront, emerged our sloped site. A residential area in Staten Island with a view of Manhattan was a juxtaposition that was built upon in designing the kindergarten. The stepped classrooms on a sloped site, where the ground emerges from between the buildings of the kindergarten and the ramps emerge from between the ground.


Sections and Circulation Views


Model Diagram

Structure Skeleton

Final Model

Classroom Detail

Design 102: Informed Systems

Architectural Proposition for two Occupants Prof. Farzam Yazdenseta

Different Systems-for example body motion, blending shapes, and facade analysis were generated for the first half of the semester that lead to hybridization to create an architectural proposition in the Higgins Hall Plaza.

Hand Drawings




Experimental Process


Prof. Michael Chen


By studying the relationship of two body positions and observing the space between them, our proposal was to develop a support for the two bodies. Drawing inspiration from 3D print in fashion, we designed an organic form that attached and conformed all the body positions from the starting stance till the final resting position.

Representation Prof Nathan Hume

Flaming Hot

Throughout the semester we studied known versus unknown geometery. Using Maya, a known geometry was sculpted into a spatial but unknown form. Once the form had spatial qualities, it was “caged” into a “container” that had a known geometry to bring the unknown back to the known. Showing this process was achieved by using lineweights and toning to show the perspective and spatial views. Naini Bansal

Representation 3

Prof. Nathan Hume

Containing the form in a titled box, its irregularities were pushed in the center. Using Contours, the box was unrolled, and the insides were exploded out as form continued to unroll.

Naini Bansal Portfolio  

Pratt Institute B'Arch

Naini Bansal Portfolio  

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