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CKS: Centre for Knowledge Societies Indiranagar, Bangalore Gallery space for the research office of Aditya Dev Sood


The logo of the company used as signage, and an element to define and create transparency fr Built into the compound wall it enhances the entrance experience from the road.

rom the road into the site.

Movement into the event space was articulated through a stepped ramp, elongating and elaborating the entrance

1.2mteres below the road level, the gallery had a natural inclination towards being a basin. As a for intimacy and difference from the external space of the street at the same time connecting w

a sunken element, it allowed with it through a perforation

The car park was accessed from the road, forming a platform inside: saved space and allowed for the creation of a podium.

The articulations of the compound wall, reacted to the conditions on the street, the depth of th gramme and function

he site from the road and allowed the compound wall to become an articulated form with pro-

Detail of the openings in the bathrooms for ventilation, and reduced views.

Detail of the staircase leading elements.

to the event space powder rooms, Folded aluminium treads with minimal obvious structural


The project for an external event space for CKS in Bangalore.

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