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DR. NAIM SYLVESTER General Dentistry Tips

The question many people ask is how can I keep my teeth in the best possible shape? We are exposed to hundreds of methods, 'special' toothbrushes and toothpastes that promise miracle formulas for whitening and removal of dirt. But who can we really trust

Mind, Body, and Teeth are all interconnected. Having a healthy mouth which you are proud to express through a smile can make you happier, more positive and more likely to meet people and strike up conversation.

For many people who ave lost one or more teeth, luckily there are myriad solutions for how to best restore the balance to their mouths. Dentures may seem like a fairly old method of fixing such a problem, but with great advancements in medical science, they still provide a great solution for many tooth-loss problems.

Gum disease is a problem that many people will face at some point or another in their lives. Regardless of how well you keep your mouth in top shape, being the delicate area of the body it is susceptible to getting the disease at least once

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Dr Naim Sylvester - General Dentistry Tips