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*Technology has allowed those with learning disabilities to bridge the gaps they have previously faced. *Interactive study programs online allow participants across the globe to interact in live video conferences, Skype being one of them. *Virtual learning environments (VLEs) such as Moodle, allow teachers to present assessment criteria clearly, ensuring marking criteria is easy to understand and accessible to all students. *Technology allows for increased flexibility as students can access resources at any time and place where a connection is available. *Unlike teacher instruction, which may become tedious over time, computers provide motivation to students. *The use of technology is eco friendly as teachers are using less paper handouts and more links to learners online. *Not all students learn in the same way and so technology may support different learning styles as students can use the online notes in their own way and work at their own pace.


Using technology to enhance the teaching and learning process

*Constant and easy access to the internet has made plagiarism a growing threat to educational institutions. *Online assessments may result in a reduction in contact time or face-toface interaction with other students, and so might result in students feeling isolated. *Institutions spend large sums of money installing latest softwares, but the effectiveness of this on students’ achievement is unclear. *Although technology is an amazing invention, it may sometimes fail to load or connect which can lead to wastage of valuable time and resources.

Pros and Cons of using technology to enhance the teaching and learning process  

An excellent powerpoint presentation explaining some of the pros and cons of using technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

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