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Breaking the stereotypes: Hawai’i Stars concert gives chance for student to shine by Jocelyn Yip

Photo by Kaili Kameoka.

The following members of Concert Orchestra accompanied Kaili Kameoka while she performed: Steven Kim (Violin, 12), Kevin Marquez (Violin, 11), Angela Min (Viola, 11), Nicole Moon (Viola, 11), Ray Cochrane (Cello, 11), Justin Garde (Cello, 11), and Jasmine Leung (Piano, 11). A majority of the American population tend to associate disabilities as a negative thing. However, senior Kaili Kameoka, a member of Concert Orchestra, was able to break this stereotype. Kameoka auditioned for the Hawai’i Stars Weinberg Concert of Extraordinary Abilities, a concert that showcases the talents of people with disabilities. She played Concerto in A Minor, Op. 3, No.6, 3rd Mvt. on the violin. Her talent landed her a spot in the concert! Kameoka and her group performed on November 14. When asked about the expe-

rience when performing a concert, she said she was not very nervous performing in front of an audience, despite being recorded. She said, “The biggest fear about performing was being able to hear myself”. This is a big challenge, especially as a soloist. Despite this fear, she was able to perform extraordinarily well! Kameoka wanted to give a special thanks to the Moanalua High School music department for supporting her. “Even if you

did not know me, it was nice to see many come out and support me!” The concert will be broadcast on Christmas Day on the CW Channel at 9:00 pm and December 29 on KHON2 at 7:00 pm. As a finalist, Kameoka received money to donate to a charity of her choice. Her talent proved to many people that disabilities do not hold you back. As long as your heart goes into what you do, you are bound to go places! Photo by Kaili Kameoka.

Walking in a winter-blunderland

by Holley Geoffroy “Jingle bells, jingle bells. On my way to the ER...” Have you ever had to go to the hospital during the holidays? You might be surprised by how many people show up in the emergency room each year from a bad fall or an electrical shock. Who knew Christmas could be dangerous? Imagine yourself decorating your tree with the family when all of a sudden, the tree catches on fire. Between 2006 and 2008, there were four deaths and 18 million dollars in property damage from tree fires. In 2010, 13,000 people were treated to the emergency

room from fires. Here are some ways to avoid these fires from happening: 1) Buy live trees and keep the tree far from heat sources. 2) If you can’t have live trees, buy artificial trees that are labeled “fire-resistant”. Another common accident during the holidays are problems caused from small parts of plastic toys. Have you ever stepped on a Lego and felt complete agony? Every year, toys are surgically removed from a person’s foot. And when it isn’t toys, it is glass Christmas ornaments that become

Shedding the holiday gains by Ginessa Gapasin Some say the best part of the holiday season is the gifts. However, many would say the best part of all is the delicious food! This is the one time of the year when diets are nonexistent and exercise is put on hold. Once the season is over, you realize how much weight you gained from eating that third slice of pie, and that’s when the disappointment starts to arise! Here are five tips you can use to get back into shape after the holidays: 1. Start off small - Don’t jump into intensive workouts in attempt to lose all the weight you may have gained in the past couple of months. You didn’t gain all the weight within a day, therefore, you won’t be able to lose it all within a day either. 2. Portions - It’s time to say ‘Hello’ to portioned controlled food sizes again. Remember that what you consume and how much you consume is just as important as your exercises. 3. Cardio - Get your heart pumping and your blood

dangerous. Many people this year will have cuts from broken ornaments. To prevent these injuries, be sure to clean up after Christmas and take things off the floor. The holidays can be a time of happiness and joy, yet they can also be a dangerous time of the year. With this in mind, have a safe holiday!

flowing because we all know the best way to get in shape is by doing cardio exercises. Dance, run, jump rope; it doesn’t matter what type of cardio exercise you do, just make sure those calories are being burned. 4. Hydrate - Drink lots of water! Throw those soda cans and juices boxes away because the best way to stay hydrated is simply by drinking water. You can boost your metabolism, have more energy, and look healthier just by drinking the right amount of water! 5. Never Quit - Don’t rush the process and more importantly, do not give up! It may take weeks, months, or even years to reach your goal, but you will reach it as long as you don’t give up. Little progress is better than no progress. 6. Until then, let go of all your worries this holiday season and be free. Eat what you want, how much you want, and don’t you even dare to think about the amount of calories that are in that sugar cookie. Be happy, eat, breathe, and be ready to sweat this spring!

Change of seasons, change of clothes

by Eunica Escalante As the air turns crisper and the skies turn gray, our closets are begging for a winter make-over. Hawai’i’s change of climate may not be as drastic as New York’s, but that doesn’t have to stop us from being as fashionable as they are. The following are some Hawai’i friendly fashion trends for the upcoming change of season.

Layering With the temperature occasionally plummeting to almost 64° F, Hawai’i residents are left shivering in their shorts and slippers. It may not seem that cold to those not from our state, but to us it is akin to the frozen tundra. The remedy for this Hawai’i winter is layering. However, remember to keep it light. Use clothes that have a thin, breathable material so that when the breeze blows it will be able to cool you down without freezing you to the bones. Additionally, keep the clothing’s shape loose to give off the staple Hawaiian “effortlessly cool” vibe.

Colors With the shorter days and the cloudier skies the bright colors of summer and spring seem almost out of place. Use staple autumn and winter colors to make your wardrobe mirror the season’s vibes. Colors on the darker end of the spectrum help to make a chillier atmosphere. Go with black, grey and even white; you cannot go wrong with a little monochrome this season. If you decide to add a pop of color, such as the maroon present in the examples above, make it a staple.

Splitting up: For better or worse by Guest Writer Statistics claim that fifty percent of marriages in the United States end up in divorce. Whether a child likes it or not, or even decides to show it, divorce affects everyone in the family. Not all children with divorced parents act the same way. Everyone copes with their emotions differently and that is something that categorizes us as individuals. Some parents may still talk to each other


afterwards— laughing and smiling. Alternatively, others may not want anything to do with the other, cutting each other out of their lives completely. To me, the older you are when your parents get divorced, the harder it is to deal with the fact that your parents will be separated and the personal connection you all share may be lost. An anonymous source

Continued from page 1 Ging states, “The first priority of response teams, once they were able to navigate their way into these areas, is to mobilise the burial of dead bodies because of the public health issues.” There are several organizations and nations that have contributed aid to the Philippines: The Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and the Doctors Without Borders are doing all they can to help the victims. The United States and Britain have provided military humanitarian aid, along with $20 million and $16 million, respectively. Humanitarian efforts have been made to help severely affected provinces such as Tacloban, Samar, Cebu, and Guiuan. According to Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala, 15,000 soldiers have been deployed to the disaster zones. Zagala also stated that help was on the way through the means of airplanes to bring relief goods, materials, and communication equipment. The Philippine government was not prepared for the level of destruction that Haiyan caused. The President of the Philippines sought to calm down his citizens by emphasizing that the storm would be a real danger, but that the people could lessen its effects if they made preparations. It is a devastating situation, and has been the strongest storm to hit the earth. Going beyond numbers, this event has caused grief and sorrow not only to the people who suffered from the disaster but also to the caring citizens all around the world.

Patterns Take advantage of the layering trend this season by utilizing different patterns and mixing them with other patterns or with solid colors. Keep it synchronized by making the pattern’s colors match those of your other pieces. In the picture above, the girl’s plaid exhibits black and white that flow effortlessly with her striped dress. Similarly, the light browns and greys in the boy’s camouflage pants seamlessly blends into his tan coat and gray hoodie.

claims that when it comes to school, “The behavior of a child with divorced parents depends on their personalities. They may lose sleep, motivation, or think the divorce happened because of them. Some deal with constantly moving back and forth which also may or may not affect their grades.” Honestly, actions taken when finding out your parents will be divorced depends on the type of

person you are. I believe that each of you are strong enough to know your parents love and care about you. Divorce is almost never the child’s fault, so don’t put pressure on yourself! Stay strong and be happy!

Presentations Continued from page 3 Any time you start to panic when giving a presentation, try to remember these tips: Admit you are nervous Tell your audience — subtly, of course — that you are nervous. They won’t have especially high expectations for the presentation and you can relax, knowing that no one will mock you if you give a bad presentation. Speak to one person at a time If the “imagine the audience naked” trick doesn’t work for you, this one might. Instead of trying to talk to everyone at once, try to look at one person for a while. Start off with a friend, then move on to the rest of the class. Practice Although this one seems obvious, practicing really does help. If you know what you want you want to say ahead of time, your presentation will go better, relieving you of any worry! Forgive yourself It is important to realize that people make mistakes. You probably will. If you do, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just quickly fix the problem; most likely, your audience didn’t even notice.

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