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we did it Junior Elizabeth Wellman channels Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It!” spirit with a 2021 twist. As the final days of the school year nears, discover how students and staff kept their morale high through an unprecedented school year.

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MAY 2021

From the

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his year has been full of challenges; with the pandemic and online learning, we were all pushed to our limits. As a senior, it was hard to remain motivated throughout the year without special events like prom and senior luau. However, for seniors, we are almost at the finish line. Graduation is only days away and then the start of our new chapter in life. As I think back to my time at Moanalua, I am proud to call myself a Menehune. No matter the challenges, Menes persevere and try their best. As this is our last issue of the Na Hoku O Moanalua magazine for the school year, our staff wanted to highlight how students and teachers coped during the pandemic, announce the seniors’ post-secondary plans, and capture some of the fun moments throughout the year. I encourage you to read about students' accomplishments such as Taylor Katahira's Instagram Hope For Hawaii. Also, enjoy photos of seniors making their moments count. For the freshman, sophomore, and juniors, finals are a week away. I know this year has been exhausting, but finish strong. Come back to campus next year reinvigorated. Seniors enjoy your last moments as a high schooler before we cross that stage, which symbolizes the transition to our new adult lives. Our staff has worked hard this year to uphold our mission of “recording history, reporting the truth, and recognizing excellence.” We hope our goal was achieved this year and that every Mene has learned from our website, Instagram, podcasts, and magazine. Please enjoy our last issue and have a happy and safe summer. Britney Maddox, Editor In Chief

MAY 2021


student coping: quarantine edition CALISTA ANCOG & EMILY DELACRUZ | STAFF WRITERS

Everyone has different ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and all the troubles of school. A couple ways that students have coped with have been playing video games, using music to cope, hanging out with friends or even reconnecting with old ones, and picking up a new hobby.

1. TAKE A BREAK It can be hard to focus on school at home, an environment you normally find comfort in. Sometimes you just need to take a step away from school work and take a break. “When I felt [upset] or had a loss of motivation, I would read or play video games to clear my head until I was ready to tackle school work again. It would get me to take a break from my thinking process and when I returned to the assignment at hand, it was like something clicked and I was able to smoothly complete it,” said sophomore Yannie Cheng.

2. HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS “Hanging out with friends and reconnecting with old friends helped me cope throughout the school year. Human interaction is essential [in] this day and age. Knowing that someone would help me through thick and thin comforted me. During the pandemic, I reconnected with my peers from middle school and even those who moved to different states!! This filled the gap, forming those relationships, those bonds I left a few years back,” said junior Micah Tutuvanu.


Photo courtesy Micah Tutuvanu

In the words of Henry Longfellow, “Music is the universal language.” No matter what genre of music you listen to, music can be a great motivator or relaxer. “Listening to [Kpop] music has helped me with getting through each boring day as music gives me energy to keep being productive,” said sophomore Rayna Maika’i.

4. FIND A NEW HOBBY It’s never too late to try something new. Picking up a new hobby can be a refreshing change of pace. “I’ve been mostly working on self improvement such as taking care of my mind, body, and soul. But I’ve also been trying out new things such as new hairstyles, clothing options, etc. basically quarantine for me has been one big experiment on how I want other people to perceive me,” said senior Katin Thompson. Photo courtesy Katin Thompson


Abellada Aben Abraham Adams Ader Aganon Agno Aguilar-Taniguch Agustin Agustin Jr. Aiwohi-Keomaka Akamine-Rabaino Allen Aquino Aquino Aquino Arakaki Arceo Arakaki Arceo Ariola Armstead-Lehti Armstrong Asato Atalig Balite Bartholomees Bautista Benitez Infante Bernabe Bersamin Boulos Bryant Bryant Butay Butcher Cadaoas Callender Camara Camiling Camp Carmickle Carpenter Carter Caspillan Jr. Castro Cazimero Cho Choi Chong-Gum Choy Chun Chung Chung Ciesiolka Cochrane Coelho Coloma Corpuz Costa Czechowski

The Persitan

MAY 2021

Alyanna Aubrey Arizona State University Kimberly Caye Kapiolani Community College Carl West Coast Baptist College Jade Leeward Community College Ty Leeward Community College Tiana University of Hawaii at Manoa Damien University of Hawaii - West Oahu Joleigh Leeward Community College Brittany-Arella Creighton University Roland Honolulu Community College Jasmine Honolulu Community College Deighton University of Hawaii at Manoa Tyonee Hawaii Pacific University Brandon Leeward Community College Cody Marq Leeward Community College Sean University of Hawaii at Manoa Kenna University of Hawaii at Manoa Mikaela Kapiolani Community College or Honolulu Community College Taylor Anne University of Hawaii at Manoa Mikaela Kapiolani or Honolulu Community College Austin-Noah University of Portland Roosa Wells College Reagan University of Maryland Zoie Oregon State University Kaitlyn Maria University of Portland Alyssa University of Hawaii at Manoa Alexandra University of Texas at Austin Anne Louise University of the Philippines Paris University of Hawaii at Manoa Kapono Honolulu Community College Alyssa Vanderbilt University Theresa Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne Chekara Wartburg College Chenoa Wartburg College Malia Univerisity of San Francisco Koko Occidental College Jordan University of Hawaii at Manoa Hija Kapiolani Community College Kalaipono University of Hawaii at Manoa Kester Honolulu Community College Anakin Pacific University Tiana University of Hawaii at Manoa Rachel Kapiolani CC Xy Leeward Community College OR Hawaii Pacific University Manuel Kim University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mia University of Hawaii at Manoa Ariana Atlanta Metropolitan State College Kon Woo University of Hawaii at Manoa Megan University of Hawaii at Manoa Angela Faith University of Hawaii at Manoa Truman University of Hawaii at Manoa Daniel Leeward Community College Caitlin University of Hawaii at Manoa Sean University of Hawaii at Manoa Madelyn University of Hawaii at Manoa Chris Honolulu Community College Kaya Honolulu Community College Paxton Honolulu Community College Isabelle Oregon State University Makana Hawaii Medical College Jennifer SUNY Buffalo State


David-Ravey Del Rosario Diep DiRico Do Do

Zion Cristian Mason Thalia Lily Renee

University of Nevada, Las Vegas New England College Kapiolani Community College University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ebato Emerson Escaba Eteuati Evangelista Farinas Fong Forker Freeman Fujii Fukumitsu Fukuoka Ganal Gandionco Gapasin Garo Geib Geyrozaga Goda Goldsbrough-Rogers Gomez Gordian Graham Griffith Guarnes Hartbarger Hashiguchi Hashimoto Hayes Hendrickson Higa Higashi Hill II Hirota Ho Hoang Hopf Horton Huang Huang Hui Ikenaga Jackson Jacobs Javar Jewson Jones Jong Jose Joson Kahapea Kamaka Kanemitsu Kanetake Katahira

Angelina Paul Mitchell The School Honolulu Miah Washington University in St. Louis Keane University of Hawaii - West Oahu Luseane Southern Utah University Ethan Kapiolani Community College Marvin Joseph University of Utah Lauren University of Hawaii at Manoa Dalila Kapiolani Community College Natasha Kapiolani Community College Sanae Brigham Young University Provo Garin University of Portland Reina University of San Franisco Jayden Marie Grand Canyon University Justine Miko Arizona State University Riana-Kylie University of Nevada, Las Vegas Ashley-Angel Kapiolani Community College Isabella Buffalo State College or Univ of Buffalo Cera Hawaii Pacific University Tyler Honolulu Community College Raylon University of El Paso Texas Arabella Marie University of Texas at Dallas Kiana Chapman University Summer Leeward Community College Miah University of Nevada, Las Vegas Alexis University of Hawaii - West Oahu Kody Seattle Pacific University Raiden Gonzaga University Cami University of Hawaii at Manoa Taylor Wingate University Ashley Johnson and Wales Slate University of Wisconsin - Platteville Kaylee University of Hawaii at Manoa Michael Washington State University Justin Kapiolani Community College Merry University of Hawaii at Manoa Victor University of Hawaii at Manoa Ryan Honolulu Community College Kyah University of Hawaii - West Oahu Erick University of Hawaii at Manoa Kaylie University of Hawaii at Manoa Vivian University of Hawaii at Manoa Tayli University of Hawaii at Manoa Andrey HCC Samantha University of Washington Michael John Leeward Community College Summer Southern New Hampshire University Samyrna University of Hawaii at Manoa Sua University of Hawaii at Manoa Daniel Santa Clara University Janel Michaela University of Hawaii at Manoa Autumn University of Nevada, Las Vegas Codi Jane Nevada State College Cory Seattle Pacific University Kara Linfield University Taylor University of Portland

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MAY 2021

OF 2021 Kaulukou-Zsolt Kawakami Kawaoka Kerisiano Kibby Kikuno Kilakalua Killion Kim Kim Kimura Kocher Kop Kou Kramer Kusatsu-Cooper Laguana Lane Lau Laufenberg Lazo Leary Ledda Lee Lee Lee Lee Lekka Leong Liang Lilo Lin Lin Lind Lino Liu Lopez Jr. Lozano Lozano Lu Lukas Luo Maddox Maeda-Dagulo Maeshiro Mahi Maikai Maldonado Mallard Manamtam Manibusan Manuel Manuel Martin Masaki Mascarello Mersberg Milanes Mishima Mishima Mitchell

Shaun Berea College Kaine Kapiolani Community College Emily University of Hawaii at Manoa Temehani Leeward Community College Gavin Leeward Community College Kody Purdue University Pomaikaiokalani Honolulu Community College Aidan James Olympic College Catherine Kapiolani Community College Mary-Magdalene University of Hawaii at Manoa Landon Oregon State University Samantha Leeward Community College Mackenzie University of Hawaii at Manoa Jenna Kapiolani Community College NovaLee Kean University Connor Arizona State University Tyler Kapiolani Community College McKenzie University of Kentucky Kayley University of Portland Alex Honolulu Community College Jazmyn Leeward Community College Aiden Clark College Jayna-Li Kapiolani Community College Ga Stony Brook University Rhynne Whitworth University Victoria Seattle University Yoo Bi University of Hawaii at Manoa Haggai Honolulu Community College Cody George Fox University Evan University of Hawaii at Manoa Brad Leeward Community College Andrew University of Hawaii at Manoa Ivan Universal Technical Institute Madisen University of Hawaii at Manoa Keyra Leeward Community College Michael University of Hawaii at Manoa Jesus George Fox University Arianna University of Oregon Arianna University of Oregon Brandy University of Hawaii at Manoa Anthony Montana State University Kenny University of Hawaii at Manoa Britney Savannah College of Arts and Design Jourdan University of Hawaii at Manoa Chad University of Hawaii at Manoa Nova Chaminade University of Honolulu Rayce Hawaii Community College Diego Community College in Colorado Springs Cameron Montana State University Kennedy Honolulu Community College Orion University of Hawaii at Manoa Caitlyn College of Southern Nevada Viena Alyssa University of Hawaii at Manoa Stephanie Anne University of Hawaii at Manoa Jensen Arizona State University Gareth University of Nebraska, Lincoln Kawika University of Hawaii at Manoa Cristian Javier University of Hawaii at Manoa Jada Creighton University Sofia Pacific University Mary University of Hawaii at Manoa


Mitsuda Miyama Morales Morales Morales-Pang Morimoto Mosley Mospens-Cantero Muenchow Nagaishi Nakagawa Nakahodo Nakasone Nakata Nakayama Napoleon Narciso Narimasu Nelson Nie Nihi Nishigata Nishimura Nochi Nunies Oliai Ong Oshiro Padilla Quiroz Pagtulingan Pangan-Hosokawa Paraso Park Jr. Patterson Peters Peterson Pham Phu Piele Pilanca Pommerenk

Bradley University of Hawaii at Manoa Drake Leeward Community College Charmaine Leeward Community College Mia Broward College Dalten University of Hawaii at Manoa Jaylin University of Hawaii at Manoa Destynee Louisiana State University Alejandra Point Loma Nazarene University Samuel Utah State University Ariel University of Hawaii - West Oahu Kori University of Portland Luke Honolulu Community College Rylan Montana State University Chase James California Aeronautical University Isaac George Fox University Hannah University of Hawaii at Manoa Ayra Mae University of Hawaii at Manoa Claire University of Hawaii at Manoa Rodley St. Ambrose University Kelly University of Hawaii at Manoa Kealohi The Skin Institute International Kristi University of Hawaii at Manoa Erin University of Hawaii at Manoa Matthew University of Washington Tyson University of Utah Parisa Seattle University Albert University of Hawaii at Manoa Devryn University of Hawaii at Manoa Carlos Leeward Community College Luke University of Hawaii at Manoa Tucker University of Hawaii at Manoa A Marie University of Hawaii at Manoa Regan University of Hawaii at Manoa Logan Honolulu Community College Lauren Colorado State University Joseph University of Southern California Christopher Baylor University Lani University of Hawaii at Manoa Aidan Honolulu Community College Jelene University of Hawaii - West Oahu Mia Arizona State OR University of Arizona North-

Prudencio Puana Puaoi Pulido Ramos Reyes Ricks Rios Romualdo Ruan Ruiz Sanchez Santos Schwab Seguerre

Marcus University of Hawaii at Manoa Torie University of Hawaii at Hilo Jyler-Michael Seattle Pacific University Addrienne University of Hawaii at Manoa Brandon University of Hawaii at Manoa Ericka Paye California State University, East Bay Annie Brigham Young University Provo Alex Leeward Community College Isabella Harris-Stowe State University Jeremy Seattle University Kane University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Arrianna Alexandria University of Nevada, Las Vegas Jurnee Honolulu Community College Jack Harvard College Taylor University of California, Irvine OR University of Ha-

Sewell Shimabukuro

Arianna Honolulu Community College Mari Oregon State University OR University of British Co-

ern Arizona University

waii at Manoa



MAY 2021

CLASS OF 2021 Shinshiro Shiraki Silva Sison Skedeleski Smith Solomon Song Sun Takata Takemoto Takenaka Taliaferro Tanahara Tau Teppang Thomason Thompson Thornton Thurman Toeaina Jr. Tolbert Toor Tran Tyau Uchiyama Uy Valdez Vergara Viloria White Jr. Williams Williamson Willy Wilson Xu Yagin Yahiku Yamamoto Yanos Yatsu Yoneshige Yoshikane Yuasa

Maile University of Hawaii, Maui College Josiah Brigham Young University Provo Preston Jae Hawaii Pacific University Joshua Palo Alto Texas College Aubrey University of Hawaii at Manoa Justice Case Western Reserve University Shailynn Kapiolani Community College Emma San Diego State University Edwin University of Hawaii at Manoa Jasmine University of Hawaii - West Oahu Blaze University of Hawaii at Manoa Kate University of Hawaii at Manoa Nikkya Howard University Parker-Scott University of Hawaii at Manoa Chase Nevada Career Institute Erika University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Arizona OR University of North Texas Anna Katin Leeward Community College Lehua University of Hawaii at Hilo Wyanette University of Montana Sepurona Honolulu Community College Julian Saint Martin's University Mika University of Hawaii at Manoa Thu Quynh Kapiolani Community College Madeline Southern Utah University Aimee University of Hawaii - West Oahu Frances Michelle University of Hawaii at Manoa Neil Ryan University of Hawaii at Manoa Kailah University of Hawaii at Manoa Vaisen Olivet Nazarene University Christopher WyoTech Madison Trinity International University Jazlynne Chaminade University Matthew Paul Mitchell the School Las Vegas Gabriella University of Hawaii at Manoa Xiaolin University of Hawaii at Manoa Andrzej Rheed Honolulu Community College Tysen University of Hawaii at Manoa Ethan Texas Christian University Kayla University of Hawaii at Manoa Reese University of Hawaii at Manoa Elyse University of Washington Bothell Arden University of Portland Hannah University of Hawaii at Manoa

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Dominic Katherine Steff Eizen Dee-Jay Dacyres Myles Xavier Mikayla Sitaitasi Kolao Shayden Ezra Kiko Yaxier Ashton Enrique Jordan Robert Alexis Isaiah Alexis Isaiah Brianna Aydan Amari Jazmyne Deldrick Kekoanui Hooikaikapupono Keona Trevor Sophia Danielle Christian Victoria Jared Kenneth Daryl Yuna-Eve Sepasi Noalei Rose Keanu Vinca Ikaika Kekoa Sharon Rose Malachi Tiare Michael Alyzhandra Keaheana Noah Shoichiro Steven Daylee Elijah Logan Micah Kainoa Chantelle Angelica Kayla-Ann Jacqueline Mason Miguel Landon Zykiya Richard

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MAY 2021


During homecoming floorshow senior Jack Schwab shows off his moves.

Seniors Mika Toor, Hannah Yuasa and Mari Shimabukuro at senior movie night.

Kendelle Hung-Ino photo

Na Hoku Staff photo


Moment Count With graudation in a week, seniors are preparing to say goodbye to

Moanalua. Unlike past years seniors were not able to attend events such as prom and senior luau. However during the times social events were allowed, they made sure they were making the moments count.

Photo courtesy Kara Kanetake

The girls soccer team held a senior night event despite not having an offical season.

Na Hoku Staff photo

Seniors Christopher White, Julian Sullivan and Tucker Pangan at senior movie night


Class ‘21

Memory Lane


MAY 2021



Taylor Katahira, Moanalua High School’s Senior Class President, is more than just a student leader, she is also a strong advocate for mental health issues and education. Katahira’s “Hope for Hawaii” senior project is her personal way of building a stronger community and starting the hard conversation surrounding mental health issues and the effects that the current pandemic is having on students psychologically. The project is personal because Katahira has struggled with depression and anxiety herself. For many students, the effects of coronavirus and social distancing have amplified feelings of loneliness. For seniors who are graduating, the isolation can be especially hard as they move on to the next phase of their lives. “I was expecting [this], but you know you kind of take things day by day and ... keep some hope in you that things will get better and…[we]are still in this together,” Katahira said thoughtfully. “We might not go back to normal anytime soon, but we will get there.” As part of her project, Katahira conducted a survey last fall to better understand how the students have been affected by the pandemic. A total of 349 students participated in the survey, with most saying they were negatively affected by mental health.

Photo courtesy Taylor Katahira



Katahira continues her efforts through her Instagram account, @hopeforhawaii, that features mental health focused content. Katahira offered some advice for students who may be struggling during the pandemic: “Just have a conversation with someone. You don’t have to talk about your problem. Companionship of talking to someone could help a lot.” She also had advice for adults who may not know the supportive role they can play. Parents, teachers and counselors are “our lifeline for mental health... whether they realize it or not.” Katahira said they are role models that students look up to and depend on. “I know it’s hard to open up and be vulnerable with people, but just taking that one step or reaching out to at least one person or even just your siblings, your parents can make the biggest difference.”


MAY 2021

Teaching through a pandemic ARIANA PATALINGHOG | STAFF WRITER This year was a year of firsts for many of us; students, teachers, and staff alike. Throughout the experimental ups and downs of this year, Moanalua Faculty have shown utmost dedication to the school and students. Each with their own COVID-19 survival tips, they overcame the continuous obstacles thrown at them from the beginning to the end of the school year. “It's been a process of learning to be flexible for both teachers and students. I've asked my students for patience as I've tried to figure out the best and most effective way to communicate the academics,” said English teacher Shelly Koyanagi. Finding a practical and personal balance together with students was one of the biggest challenges teachers faced this year. The new virtual schedule along with technological difficulties justified the struggle of distance learning. “It was challenging to develop new fun and engaging lessons for our virtual learners,” said Graphics teacher Leroy Makekau. The sudden shift to virtual learning made it difficult for in-person dependent classes to teach material via Google Meets. However, as teachers and students settled in and adjusted to the situation at hand, they started to see change, success even. “We're a team, and together, we're going to work hard to make good things happen,” Koyanagi added. “This year I survived with a lot of faith and hope. I think my students learned a lot about different lifestyle choices and they also learned about who they are as a person. I had learned a lot about myself as well,” said Peer Education teacher Kelly Kaholokula.

“This year I survived with a lot of faith and hope

Kelly Kaholokula Peer education teacher Teachers, too, discovered new parts of themselves, new ways to relieve stress and keep pushing forward. “I learned alongside my students more than usual,” said World History and Japanese teacher Eric Bentkowski. Everyday, their brains were racked for their students' sake, eventually they started using this brain power to learn about themselves as well. The challenges produced fresh ideas and gave staff time to challenge and improve their daily routines. “What pushed me through the school year was focusing more on my mental and physical health like getting more rest, working out at the gym, and training kickboxing and Muay Thai,” said Makekau.

Ariana Patalinghog photo Mrs. Berna Dela-Cruz uses the time during break to her review her lesson plans.

Having much more time at home this year may have sparked a need for some kind of activity, otherwise unachievable without true and total boredom. Others found comfort in the various achievements of their students which inspire them to better themselves and be a better role model. Staff truly felt blessed to indulge in the art of simply ‘surviving’ during the pandemic. “There is a saying that it is better to give than to receive,” said Math teacher Aimee Sze. She started giving small gifts to her colleagues to remind them they were all in it ‘together’ which she says, “doing little things like this helped a lot.” Staff and students alike share their willingness to look deep within themselves and start to change, especially due to the special circumstances of online learning. A small change here and there made great impacts on teacher’s personal lives, as it shows in their professional lives too. In a way, staff were able to give back to themselves and inspire others in the process. “Change your questions and change your world,” said Bentkowski. Teachers developed in countless ways, pulling together pieces of information to complete their very own ‘survival kit’. Moanalua teachers and staff know now, better than anyone, how to ‘survive’ in a pandemic.

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D The 2020-21 Na Hoku staff (from left to right: adviser Mrs. Voss, Ariana Patalinghog, Britney Maddox, Kendelle Hung-Ino, Calista Ancog, and Yerin Hong) celebrated seniors’ final day of school for editor-in-chief Britney Maddox. Not pictured: Emily Delacruz, Adrianne Salas, and Elizabeth Wellman.

NA HOKU O MOANALUA Adviser Liane Voss

Editor in Chief Britney Maddox


staff Calista Ancog Emily Delacruz Yerin Hong Ariana Patalinghog Adrianne Salas Elizabeth Wellman

espite the challenges of distance learning our staff powered through and finished the year with amazing accomplishments; from state-level to frequent websites updates - we did it! We’ve learned to adapt and overcome challenges thrown at us and are eager to return next year to continue our duty of recording history, reporting the truth, and recognizing excellence.

Our mission is to report news within Moanalua High School and the surrounding community as impartially as possible, while maintaining transparency and accountability as journalists. Being members of the media, we exercise our first amendment rights to free speech and a free press. Our core principles follow the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics, centering around seeking the truth, treating members of the school and community with respect, serving the school, and taking responbility for our actions.

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