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ChĂ­o y Cintia are my best friends with they I lived the most beautiful experiences in the Vocacional.

She is another of my friends is some crazy and sociable person.

My Chelsi an excellent friend who can listen and give advices

Unam one of my more big achievements in my career and to know that I can against all the obstacles that it faces, now I can say proud I´m Puma.

The most beautiful experience in group, my group 6IM2 fills of experiences and knowledge of the whole group achieving that we are only one

Companions who turn into new friends and to find amusement great in them, a great experience

I knew Telesa in an unexpected exit to Revolution, an unforgettable day I love her


Best friends & Voca 5  
Best friends & Voca 5  

Nahir Garcia Espinosa 6IM2