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Events 13th Annual Doll Festival Throughout March, Central Omura Traditional Japanese dolls are on display in shop windows throughout central Omura. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy! Tulip Festival March 21 – April 6, Huis Ten Bosch Over 650 different kinds of tulips will be on display at Japan’s largest tulip festival. Take in the beauty against the picturesque backdrop of those classic Dutch tower mills. This is a great opportunity to visit Nagasaki’s cherished slice of Europe. The Kanoukaen March 28, Tachibana Park, Nagasaki City Nagasaki’s largest fire-festival. Two hundred participants in samurai warrior costume stroll through the blooming cherry trees of Tachibana Park with flaming torches in their hands, as based on a tale from a 400 year old illustrated scroll.

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Omura Flower Festival Late March – April, Omura Park Omura Park is known prefecture-wide for its beautiful bloomage, even its town mascot is a talking flower. There are around 2,000 Omura Zakura cherry trees that flower from late March to early April, and the park will be lit up with romantic lighting during this season. If you’re a fan of the florals, you’ll definitely want to check this out. nagazasshi | March/April 2015

Hata-age Kite Competition April 5, Tohakkei Park, Nagasaki City This festival is one of Nagasaki’s older, more traditional events. Competitors coat their kite strings with powdered glass and square off in a series of aerial kite battles. Not to be missed! Nagushiyama Azalea Festival Early April, Saikai National Park The 100,000 Kurume and Hirado azaleas that can be viewed from the 234-meter peak of Mt. Nagushiyama, with the Kujuku islands in the background, is truly a sight to behold. It’s certainly worth the trek. Tall Ships Festival April 27 – May 1, Dejima Wharf, Nagasaki City Witness tall ships from all over the world as they gather in Dejima for Japan’s premier ship festival. You can watch ship drills, see fireworks, take a ride on some of the impressive vessels, and even enjoy a few hands-on activities such as rope tying tutorials and some casual canoeing. Hasami Pottery Festival April 29 – May 5, Hasami Hasami is home to Nagasaki Prefecture’s biggest porcelain market. During this festival, you can find great deals on traditional pottery. You can even give the pottery wheel a spin and try your hand at painting wares of your own.


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