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Photo Stories: Change-Makers for Peace and Reconciliation 2017 Change-Makers for Peace and Reconciliation is the program funded by Ifa, Germany and is implemented in three VDCs of Lalitpur and Dang for 11 months starting from February to December 2017. The objective of the project is to create community mechanisms where conflict-affected, marginalized and earthquakeaffected communities can come together, build trustful relationships, and identify their pressing issues, with the feeling of togetherness and collectivism to advocate for their rights and justice by capacitating the youths and women in this process. These photo stories express a glimpse of the project impact throughout the year and how it has helped in transforming youth, women, school students, and conflict victims.

Personal Transformation

“My understanding of Conflict was negative and I used to think

violence and conflict as same. After the training on Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding, I now understand that conflict can be positive when transformed. On the contrary, it can be violent if not dealt in time”. Babita further shares “As a peace volunteer, I have developed confidence in public speaking and delivering the orientation sessions on contextual issues to the community members and school students.“ Babita Timalsina Peace Volunteer, Devichour

Milestone for Career Development

“My engagement as a Peace

Volunteer in the community is a major milestone for my career development. Initially, I was

introvert and shy, but now I can openly discuss about the social issues with other youths and

women groups. I gained more confidence as I hosted two of the major Peace Campaigns.� Shreya Tamang Peace Volunteer

Path to Peace

“I feel more energetic, peaceful and active now. Social work was

always been my interest and Nagarik Aawaz made the dream come true. In last 8 months, I have learned about appreciative inquiry, peace and conflict as well as motivation and psychosocial support. I always use the skills to cope with stress and troubles.� Renuka Thapa Magar Peace Volunteer, Ikudole

From Peace Volunteer to Peace Ambassador

“During the SADHBHAV program

(20012-2014), I was a peace volunteer.. Now in this project I am in the community as a Peace

Ambassador. I feel more responsible and accountable in every peace initiatives in the

community. Now, I am confident as an agent of Change in my surrounding.� Sarashwoti Chaudhary Peace Ambassador, Dang

I want to be a daughter of my community!

“Initially, I thought I could not do anything as I am born in a Dalit family. After I joined the

child club, I should fight the injustice joining hand with all the member and friends in the community. Our club has acted to end any forms of child marriages and have succeeded in two of them”. I am working to make my community feel that I am not a Dalit, instead I am a daughter for change.” Muna B.K Child Club, Phulbari, Dang

Donation of Land for Peace Center

"I lost my son during the armed conflict. I still can't tolerate the pain. However things have

changed a lot. I have donated a portion of land to construct the peace center in my community. This center makes me feel he is alive." Dev Bahadur Nepali Goltakuri, Dang

A Team Player

“As a Peace Volunteer , I have developed attitude as a positive

thinking and a team player. I feel we need to work together joining hand for peace and social

harmony.� Madhav Ghimire Peace Volunteer, Ikudole

Peace Education in Schools

“Peace Volunteers visit this school often and conduct

interactive learning sessions in introducing the concept of peace. They use art, games and

dialogues to orient the student on peace and harmony. The sessions have helped overall

academic performance and leadership development skills of children.� Sun Kumari Lama Teacher, Gyanodaya Adharbhut School, Ikudole

Voice of Elected Women Member

“I am much impressed by the

Psychosocial orientation and individual counseling conducted by the counselor from Nagarik

Aawaz . I have learned and use the skill to overcome the stress in my daily life . Peace center is

seen as a healing space for the affected people (women in precise) in the community.� Bhim Kumari Moktan Elected Ward Member, Ikudole

Emergency Support

“Binda Ghimire and her family (son and her husband) survived the landslide in August, 2017. All the members were rescued from the rubbles and with limited hopes of their lives. But now it is glad to see how Binda and her family is recovering from the disaster. Nagarik Aawaz had

contributed some emergency support to the family as well as the organization has been

engaging many women like Binda for social harmony and peace in Ikudole, Lalitpur.� Binda Ghimire Ikudole, Lalitpur

A Proud Mother

“I am proud of my daughter, Shanti Rumba. After her engagement as a Peace volunteer, many people know her for her contribution in minimizing gender based violence and seeding peace in our surrounding..� Sita Rumba (Mother of Shanti Rumba, Peace Volunteer), Ikudole

Coordination with the Local Authority “Peace center is an innovative and useful concept in

communities. We are always happy to support in any ways possible from our ward office to construct the peace center that can be used by the community in a long run.�Giri Pd. Timalsina Ward Chairperson, Devichour Nagarik Aawaz signed joined memorandum of understanding with

the ward office, Devichaur to construct sustainable peace center within the premise of existing ward office .

Student for Peace

“It is through the peace volunteers and peace ambassador, we came to know about the child rights and the role of students in solving social problems. I am much impressed with the classes for peace that peace volunteers organize in our school. The learning is mized with art and fun filled interactive games�. Manu Tamang Student, Devichour

Peace Center as a Safe Space

Community People gathered in a Peace Center in Laxmipur, Dang

Livelihood for Peace

Partner Organization in Dang; Nepal Women's Community Service Center have provided cash, kind and counseling support

to Shanti Khatri, affected by gender-based violence in Fulbari village, Dang. Shanti shares “I now have hope for life�.

Emergency Funds

Suntali Nepali (grandmother) and Purnima Nepali ( grand daughter) homeless and helpless at Phulbari, Dang Is supported with emergency fund and individual donations to build house , necessary food and warm clothes for winter. NWCSC and Nagarik Aawaz felt the need of the support to this family. In Dang , emergency fund is also used in conducting health camp for the flood affected families in August, 2017

Voice from Our Partner

“The project ‘Change-Maker’s for Peace and Reconciliation’ has been

influential mainly to youths in different ways. Firstly, those youths who were looking to leave the community for job opportunities mainly out of frustration and secondly, those youths who have had the feeling of revenge with the neighbors during the time of insurgency. The project has been able to give them the

message of reconciliation, hope and positivity. Those youths have become key actors to the project.

Youths have the ability to change their family, community and society. Our interventions have

proven to be effective in transforming them.“ Kalpana Neupane Chairperson, NWCSC, Dang

Change-Makers for Peace and Reconciliation 2017 Implemented By:

Partner in Dang

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Photographs: Ganga Sagar Rai and Manoj Pandey, Nagarik Aawaz Š Nagarik Aawaz, 2018

Photo Story of Change-makers for Peace & Reconciliation  
Photo Story of Change-makers for Peace & Reconciliation