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DIMAPUR, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019 Pages 12 ` 5.00

Lawyers strike continues of third day

North East United beat Hyderabad to top ISL board

Over 11,000 scientists declare ‘climate emergency’

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DIMAPUR, NOV 6 (NPN): While there has been widespread appreciation of the “Operation Check Gate” against illegal and multiple collections in check gates in Dimapur launched by Public Action Committee (PAC) under the aegis of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD), the drive has angered Working Committee (WC), Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), which has justified the collections for sustaining national workers. WC media cell said it was deeply disturbed at the “inconsiderate and remorseless” nature of PAC led by Vekhosayi Nyekha and Ghokheto Chophy, convener and co-convener respectively. WC said though the PAC drive may have been in the in the interest of all Naga people to check and control illegal and unauthorised collections by petty unions, organisations and associations which have become a menace to the people; it said the drive posed a threat to thousands of uniformed Naga Army personnel in various designated camps, units

Patton extends Tokhu Emong greetings

DIMAPUR, NOV 6 (NPN): Nagaland deputy chief minister, Y Patton, has extended Tokhu Emong greetings to the Lotha community. In his message, Patton called upon the Lotha brethrens to acknowledge God for His plentiful love and abundant blessings. He also appealed to the community to celebrate the festival “with a spirit of forgiving and forgetting each other’s misdeeds” to make the celebration complete and meaningful. Further, Patton urged Lothas to uphold the true spirit of Tokhu Emong, which he said was reconciliation, feasting and merrymaking. He also encouraged the youngsters to keep the Lotha culture and traditions alive as it signified their roots and identity.

Kohima traffic police advisory

KOHIMA, Nov 6 (NPN): A stretch of NH-29 near Zubza, which was cut off by landslide, has been opened for light vehicles. Kohima traffic police, however, said that there would be complete restriction for vehicular movement from 10 pm to 5 am for the next two days starting Wednesday for reconstruction of Dzuzda Bridge. Police also informed that heavy vehicles would be restricted along that route. (Correspondent)

This is it!

“It’s a battle between Law and Order or lawyers and police.” K Y M C

and regional commands and duty-bound civilian national workers in regions and subregions “who survive on the day-to-day contribution of the Nagas and business community”. WC said it was a testing time for Nagas politically as the Government of India (GoI) had perfectly understood the Naga issue. However WC regretted that back home, PAC had, “in a bizarre move”, tightened its screws against it, cutting off day-to-day supply line and “threatening the very survival of those striving to ensure Nagas secure their identity, peace and respectable future”. WC said in the coming months, thousands of national workers would still depend on the “generosity and contribution of the business community in Dimapur and other centres”. Hence, considering the severity of the situation, WC demanded that the PAC convener and co-convener provide adequate food supply and financial requirements to sustain the Naga movement, till the agreement with government of India

was inked and transitional period began. WC also put on record how voluntary contributions and minimal taxation by national workers had been abolished completely at the behest of PAC and in addition, workers were being picked up from homes and those arrested were being put behind bars without any compunction. WC therefore asked Nyekha and Chophy to respond within four days as to why Naga national workers must not seek even minimal contribution from Nagas to sustain themselves, particularly at this juncture?. It maintained that the lives of thousand patriots could not be put in danger to fulfil ulterior motives of a few. “All WC, NNPGs designated camps and brigades, battalions and mobile camps all over Nagaland and outside are occupied fully by civil and military workers anticipating positive outcome from the Indo-Naga peace talks. It would be criminal to not provide basic daily necessities,” said WC. Further WC asked the

New CP seeks support for better Dimapur

Rothihu Tetseo

D I M A P U R , N OV 6 (NPN): Newly appointed commissioner of police (CP) Dimapur, Rothihu Tetseo, has sought support and cooperation from the tribal hohos, NGOs and civil society groups so they could work together as a team for the betterment of Dimapur. According to a DIPR report, the commissioner of police Wednesday organised a coordination

meeting with members of the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) its tribal affiliates and NGOs in the conference Hall of commissioner police office Dimapur. At the meeting, Tetseo emphasised on the important role the NGOs and civil society groups could play in helping the police and district administration maintain a peaceful atmosphere. “Nagaland Police will do our best to give peace and security to the public of Dimapur and Nagaland in general, I am very positive and I will do my best,” Rothihu Tetseo said. Representatives from Naga Council Dimapur, tribal hohos, NGOs and civil society groups, who also spoke at the meeting, assured to extend their support and cooperation to the new commissioner of police Dimapur.

PAC leaders to take full responsibility should there be any unsavoury incident from hunger and starvation of national workers. WC also termed the PAC-led drive against collection of money as “antisolution and ill-motivated stratagem” to completely disorient and create chaos on the eve of political solution, It also noted that while the Naga people on one hand were optimistic and ready for solution hoping for a brighter future, PAC on the other , was trying to bring anarchy and sideline the much-awaited political solution with its action. WC said contribution of both Nyekha and Chophy’s parents or lack of it to Naga political movement was also under scrutiny because their policy reflected an “inherited ill-motive” against the movement. It said the duo must not invite the stigma of having failed the Nagas at a crucial time as history did not forget individuals or their children who had treated Naga freedom fighters with contempt, the committee added.

Public hearing for Trump impeachment to begin next week WASHINGTON, NOV 6 (AGENCIES): The US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee will kick off a series of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump next week, the panel’s Democratic chairman said on Wednesday. William Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent will testify on November 13, while former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch will appear on November 15. All three diplomats have raised alarm bells about the release of US security aid to Ukraine being made contingent on Kiev publicly declaring it would carry out politically motivated investigations that Trump, a Republican, had demanded. Televised public hearings featuring US officials testifying in Congress about alleged wrongdoing by Trump could crowd out other issues like the economy and immigration as voters turn their minds to the November 2020 election.

Bank accounts in Dimapur opened and sold to conmen Staff Reporter

DIMAPUR, NOV 6 (NPN): Many bank accounts opened in Dimapur have been found to be used as conduits for siphoning off money from unsuspecting victims and investigation revealed that most of the account holders are local women from Dimapur who have been lured by conmen operating mostly from New Delhi. The matter came to light after scores of victims reported that they were duped into depositing huge sums of money into these accounts and which were found to have been opened in Dimapur. This was revealed to Nagaland Post by Bank of Baroda Bank Nyamo Lotha Road branch chief manager Nancy Zarzohlu. The housewives used to be approached by the glib talking conmen mainly from north India to open bank accounts and then “sell them” on payment of Rs.15,000 deposited in their accounts. After the Personal Identify Number (PIN) was generated through the reg-

istered mobile number provided in the bank application form, the conmen then destroyed the SIM card. Nancy said that there was a strong suspicion that these mobile numbers were given at the behest of the touts. She revealed that the conmen employed telecallers to ensnare unsuspecting victims to deposit huge amounts in these accounts on promises of attractive schemes including commission for job placements. When FIRs were registered by victims from different parts of India, upon further investigation, it was found that many of the accounts belonged to housewives in Dimapur. When this reporter rummaged through police FIR files at Bank of Baroda, it was observed that over 80% of fraud accounts were that of local housewives and the amount deposited in all accounts was Rs 15,000 each. The chief manager BoB also showed this reporter account activity of the fraud accounts, which showed that once a deal was stuck with a “prospec-

tive customer”, the conmen operating from New Deldhi, constantly checked the account balance and on when money is deposited, it was immediately withdrawn. If the fraud was reported to the bank, it used to be immediately frozen. The CM of BoB also said such cases were reported in the past but that from 2017 till 2019, there was a spike. She said five such cases on an average were reported at Bank of Baroda Nyamo Lotha Road branch every month. She said there were 34 banks in Dimapur and they also dealt with such cases regularly. Nancy also advised customers to approach the bank in case they were suspicious of any financial dealing/offer and to remain vigilant when glib talking operators approached them with tempting cash bonanzas. Another bank official also cautioned public against falling prey to highly intelligent frauds operating accounts in FaceBook. Many have been duped with offers of marriage or promises of huge sum of money.

Now, antacids must carry ‘kidney injury’ warning NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (AGENCIES): In a bid to promote patient safety, widely-sold antacids (antiacidity pills) will hereon need to carry a side-effect warning of ‘acute kidney injury” as part of their package insert leaflets, a Times of India report stated. A directive to that end was issued by India’s Drugs Controller General Tuesday, asking all state regulatory authorities to direct manufacturers of Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) — a large chunk of antacid market — to incorporate ‘acute kidney injury’ as an adverse drug reaction (ADR). The warning will be inserted in the packaging of these formulations, including Pantoprazole, Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Esomeprazole, and their combinations.

Arunachal Naga bodies hail peace process

ANSF welcomes breakthrough TCLPeF for permanent peace

DIMAPUR, NOV 6 (NPN): Arunachal Naga Students’ Federation (ANSF) hailed the understanding arrived at between government of India and Naga political groups (NSCN-IM and seven NNPGs) for “a permanent peaceful solution and respecting the rights of TCL (Tirap, Changlang and Longding) Nagas.” In a press release, ANSF president Gawang Hakhun and general secretary Victor Honlem Khangham lauded the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interlocutor for Naga Peace talks, RN Ravi, for realising that only through negotiation an enduring peaceful agreement could be achieved. ANSF also appreciated NSCN (I-M) and WC, NNPGs for negotiating with government of India to bring “an undying solution for the Nagas.” Clarifying on the “misgivings” which had been circulated on social media concerning TCL land, ANSF has appealed to TCL people to be vigilant of some people trying to misinterpret the “Indo-Naga” issue. Meanwhile, ANSF appealed to the chiefs, GBs, apex CSOs, student bodies, NGOs, legislatures, political parties, students and citizens of TCL region to collectively voice for permanent peaceful solution and prosperous development. “This is a crucial period for our people to decide the fate of whether to live in a peaceful environment with swift development or perish in a contemporary state of affairs that we’re living in,” ANSF asserted.

T i r a p, C h a n g l a n g a n d L o n g d i n g Pe o p l e ’s Fo r u m (TCLPeF) Arunachal Pradesh, which held a meeting in connection with the “Indo-Naga peace Accord”, at Dibrugarh on November 2, expressed hope that there would be permanent peace in TirapChanglang Longding region after signing of peace accord between the government of India and Naga political groups (NSCM-IM and seven NNPGs). TCLPeF president N Changmi said the meeting resolved that since Centre ruled out territorial integration and any administration setup with Nagaland, granting any autonomous body to TCL region for peace, prosperity and development would be welcomed. TCLPeF said the house noted that some students and individuals, without knowing facts and contents of the peace accord, were misinterpreting message to the general public based on social media. (Cont’d on p-7) K Y M C



District review meeting and orientation

Dr Denis Hangsing addressing the gathering on PCDNPT.

DIMAPUR: District review meeting-cum-awareness and orientation programme on PCPDNT, promotion of early registration of pregnancy, institutional deliveries and birth registration was organised by CMO office Peren on November 5. A press release from CMO office Peren district media officer, Pezanguno Celine Secii stated that, chief medical officer

(CMO) Dr. Denis Hangsing highlighted about the meeting agendas. He informed all the health workers that no leave will be granted during times of emergencies. He also urged the concerned health workers to maintain professional coordination and stated that only one application was to be submitted for job applications. Highlighting on ambulance service, he said that ambulance service was

very low and that at least 2-3 trips per ambulance would be made in a day and that log book should be maintained strictly. He said that stock ledger should be maintained in all the health units, monthly consumption of drugs to be maintained so also electricity bill to be submitted monthly and on time. He further added that attendance will be mandatory for all categories of staff in all the

health units and also at the CMO office. He informed that for temporary arrangement Mbualwa PHC will be covered by Azailong MO and Tening MO. Dr. Denis Hangsing and Dr. Supongmenla, DTO RNTCP conducted the awareness and orientation programme on pcpndt, promotion of early registration of pregnancy, institutional deliveries and birth registration for medical officers, nurses and health practitioners organized by district administration in collaboration with the department of Health and Family Welfare. Dr. Denis Hangsing highlighted about the preconception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques (Prohibition of Sex selection) Act, stating about the code of conduct for appropriate authorities, guidelines for inspection of facilities. Dr. Supongmenla presented a power point on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP), stating that this scheme was to bring a

change in people’s mindset towards girl child on or after her birth, preventing determination of sex and female foeticide, ensuring safety of girls by taking their best possible care, providing quality education are integral part of the programme. Menuleho Toso, BPM Tening gave a power point presentation on the performance under Mbaulwa PHC. The presentation indicated various aspects of activities as well the targets and achievements under RCH, UIP and other vertical programs. Meeting concluded with the information on newborn care week which is to be held from November 15 to 21. The next review meeting is fixed on the December 5. Meeting was attended by the district programme officers, medical officers and health workers from all the health centers, district and block programme management unit staff, NHM and DAPCU.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

GPRN/NSCN Rengma region lauds peace talk

DIMAPUR: GPRN/ NSCN Rengma region has extended appreciation for the recent peaceful negotiation for the Nagas in general. A press release from GPRN/NSCN Rengma region deputy kilonsercum-RAO Vikuto Semy on behalf of the region has lauded both chairmen of WC of NNPGs, Kitovi Zhimomi and Th. Muivah of NSCN (I-M) for their collective thoughts in bringing about a peaceful solution as the need of the hour. It stated that words and thoughts cannot express the feeling of oneness of Naga brotherhood through their collective thoughts for solution which “will go down in history of the Nagas.” GPRN/ NSCN Rengma region further hopes that both leaders will bring a new change in Naga society irrespective of border and territorial differences.

news in Brief

ENPU Wokha unit 32nd general meeting: Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Union (ENPU) Wokha, has convened its 32nd general meeting on November 9, 10 a.m at residence of Likhaba Sangtam, treasurer, Tsumang B Colony Wokha town. All the members have been requested to attend the meeting along with membership without fail. UD department informs: Urban Development (UD) department has requested the DEOs/SDEOs/ principals/ headmasters to tie up with the PHE/RD departments and the urban local bodies for transportation of the collected plastic waste in the school and college premises to the district MRFs on or before November 10. SMS facilities for pensioners: Pension section senior accounts officer has informed that the office has introduced SMS facilities for pensioners, as per this system every pensioners will be alerted/intimated through SMS regarding different stages of pension processing and finalisation of their pension cases. Pensioners/ retiring employees who are processing their pension papers have been requested to furnish their mobile numbers in their pension papers to avail the facility. LUC informs: Lotha Union Chümoukedima (LUC) would be celebrating its 49th Tokhu Emong on November 7, 10 a.m at Chümoukedima town council hall. All the Lothas residing at Chümoukedima have benn requested to reach the venue by 9.30 am in traditional attire.

View tower inaugurated at Nsunyu village SAMETI organizes training for farmers

Dr. Neikiesalie Kire and others during the inauguration of view tower at Nsunyu village on November 2.

KOHIMA: Advisor for Urban Development and Municipal Affairs, Dr. Neikiesalie Kire inaugurated the View Tower at Nsunyu village on November 2.

A press release from Nsunyu Village Council chairman Jesse Seb expressed heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Nicky Kire towards the construction of the view tower.

NPGN/NNC(N/A) reacts

D I M PA U R : N P G N / NNC(N/A) has questioned as to how the May 13, 2019 tatar hoho meeting was held to terminate its president T. Ovung when the national tatar hoho of NPGN/NNC (N/A) was dissolved on May 30, 2019 and president’s rule imposed due to the alleged corruptions committed by former general secretary Hozheto Chophy. In a press note, NPGN/ NNC(N/A) said the claim made by Chophy was baseless just to mislead the Nagas. NPGN/NNC(N/A) alleged that Chophy was ignorant of the yezhabo and did not pay heed to the government order or President rule and went ahead with his own interest. This was why Chophy was impeached and removed from NPGN/NNC(N/A), it added. However, he claims himself to be the general secre-

tary of NPGN/NNC(N/A), when he is now only a mere head GB of Zeheshe village, it said. On Naga peace talk, NPGN/NNC(N/A) said Chopy had never informed Ovung when WC NNPGs had to go to Delhi since he was being “selfish” and did not want the name of the president to be known by the people. Even after coming from Delhi, it said the president was never consulted or highlighted about the outcome. The group claimed that Chopy several trip to Delhi for peace talk was at the cost of NPGN/NNC(N/A), but had never held meeting with the group to highlight about the talk. NPGN/NNC(N/A) alleged that the trip to Delhi may have been for business purpose after taking fund from finance kilonser and treasurer of NPGN/NNC(N/A).

MGMHSS Dimapur observes 12th Remembrance Day

DIMAPUR: MGM Hr Sec School (MGMHSS) Dimapur organised 12th remembrance day of its founder bishop on November 5, celebrated as mission charity day. A press release from MGMHSS media cell stated that, students and teachers organised a fund raising programme. Welcome address was given by the headmaster, B. Paul who welcomed all the students, teachers and parents. Teacher Enanloyou pronounced the invocation

prayer followed by the declaration of the stalls open by teacher Talirenla. Stalls with different items were setup by the students with the help of the teachers. One of the main purpose of this event is to let the students learn the art of giving and to help the needy people. It also prepares the students to be self-reliant and become independent in their future. It must be noted that bishop Dr. Stephanie Mar Theodosius established the school in 1985 along with MGOS Church, Midland.

Sakhi-OSC Mokokchung delivers talk

DIMAPUR: Mokokchung Sakhi-OSC delivered a talk on November 5 during 25 NL (I) COY NCC Mokokchung Combine Annual Training 2019 at CRPF Camp, DEF Mokokchung under Commandant Col. Ahlawat. A press release from Sakhi-OSC Mokokchung stated that Wangshinaro Yaden centre administrator of Sakhi-OSC presented a lecture on the topic “information technology act/ cyber crime 2000” and “protection of children from sexual offences (POCSO) Act 2012” with NCC cadets. K Y M C

Non official director, NSTEDC Johny G Rengma and SDO civil Tseminyu Tsutowe Kupa and other dignitaries from the village were present during the occasion.

DIMAPUR: State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) organised a two-day training programme on “integrated management practices for horticultural crops” from November 5 to 6 at SAMETI, Medziphema. A press release from Dr. Watimongla Jamir i/c director & principal IETC Medziphema stated that, programme focused on imparting technical knowledge to ATMA field functionaries of all ATMA districts to develop improved crop management practices to produce high quality and safe horticultural produce to increase the availability.

Detailed theoretical sessions were covered by Dr. Sentirenla Jamir, assistant professor, B.Voc, Dr. Waluniba, assistant entomologist (scientist), AICRP (VC) and Dr. Animesh Sarkar, assistant professor of Horticulture, NU, SASRD. Identification of some important insect pests causing damage to crops was shown Dr. Waluniba. Valedictory function was chaired by Vikaho chophy, DPD SAMETI while feedback from the trainees was given by Soyemrenla BTM, Tuensang and Khrievi Tachu BTM, Kohima Dr. Watimongla in her valedictory speech stated that Nagaland state has

a favourable climatic and soil condition on which a large range of horticultural crops are grown and hence, the horticultural crops need promotion to achieve sustainability contributing to food and nutritional security and improving livelihood. She encouraged the trainees to uphold the spirit of hard work and dedication in all their endeavours. Certificates and training handouts were also distributed to the participants by the incharge director SAMETI. Vote of thanks was pronounced by Janet Chishi DPD SAMETI. Training programme saw a good turnout of participants from all districts of the state.

SJSV Niuland celebrates annual day DIMAPUR: St. Joseph School Viyito (SJSV), Niuland on November 5 celebrated its annual day, with Rev. Fr. Carolus Neisalhou Kuotsu the vicar general of the diocese of Kohima. A press release from SJSV Niuland stated that, vicar general said that experiential learning and outcome based education could change the individual and society. He also encouraged the management and staff for their commitment and enthusiasm. He also exhorted the students to dream big and work diligently to achieve it. Rev. Fr. Dr. Mathew John Thuniampral, the principal in his welcome note declared a few scholarships for the students who were best in the class,

Tiny tots of the school performing on stage.

poor and marginalized and passing all the subjects respectively. Wiridin, EAC, Niuland appreciated the Catholic institution and was impressed by the infrastructure of the school and quality education rendered to the poor. He addressed

the children to dream big and be committed to achieve it. Fr. Dr. C. P. Anto, principal of NEISSR stressed on the trust of the parents to send the children to the right school to get quality education. Kikheto, assistant

SDO office, Niuland appreciated the school management for their initiative in moulding and nurturing the children for brighter future. Rev. Sr. Caroline presented the school annual report and Tohoni proposed vote of thanks.

Chandu Kumar Agarwal, a member of Rotary Club of Dimapur (RCD) and former district governor of Rotary International District 3240 was awarded Rotary International “Service above self award”. The award was handed over to him at a function held at Siliguri on October 31 by Rotary International president nominee Shekhar Mehta.

Intensive training prog at ICAR DIMAPUR: Two-day intensive training programme on “Establishment of litchi orchard & management practices &distribution of litchi saplings”, under SCSP programme and field visit was organised by All India Coordinated Research Project ( ICAR- AICRP ) on fruits at Medziphema Centre of Horticulture NU, Medziphema on November 1 and 2. A press release from department of horticulture, SASRD, NU, Medziphema professor and head Dr C S Maiti stated that the programme was chaired by prof. C. S. Maiti , project incharge of AICRP (Fruits). Dr. Vishal Nath , director NRC-Litchi Muzzafarpur, Bihar who was also the crop co-ordinator (Litchi) during PPT presentation stressed on

HDP, rejuvenation of old orchards, canopy management & care and maintenance of orchards as resource person. Dr. A. Sarkar, asst. professor of Horticulture, SASRD NU sensitized the farmers on preventive measures of problems associated with litchi cultivation in Nagaland. Demonstration on scientific farming of litchi trees and management of pests and diseases in litchi and girdling was also imparted to the farmers by the resource persons. Total number of 42 participants consisting of farmers, entrepreneurs and trainees attended the training. Litchi saplings were distributed to the farmers. Vote of thanks was pronounced by field assistant, AICRP (fruits) Temjennukshi Jamir.

Assam Rifles conduct various civic action programmes

Jalukie Battalion DIMAPUR: Assam Rifles has been conducting various welfare activities for citizens as part of its civic action programme in different parts of Nagaland. Jalukie Battalion: Jalukie Battalion of Assam Rifles provided medical support to Miss Widinbui on November 4. Widinbui, a five year old girl, from Tening town had sustained

serious burns in her leg while playing by the fire in her house. Troops rushed to the spot and provided necessary first aid and subsequently brought the girl to the COB for ensuring better treatment. Kohima Battalion interaction with GBs: Kohima Battalion of Assam Riflesconducted an interaction meeting with chairman

Medziphema Battalion and GBs of Kohima town and Kigwema village at Kohima Garrison on October 26. The interaction emphasized on close coordination between the locals and security Forces on issues pertaining to health, unemployment, illegal extortion and ways to foster peace and harmony in the region. GBs also expressed concerns about illegal extortion ac-

Kohima Battalion tivities by various factions in spite of the level the ongoing peace talks have reached. 30 functionaries from Kohima town and Kigwema village attended the meeting. Medziphema Battalion interaction with GBs and students: Medziphema Battalion organised an interaction programme with GBs and chairman of Medziphema on October 28. The

interaction was aimed at facilitating close coordination between the locals and Security Forces about the issues concerning the local populace related health, education, employment and ways to foster peace and harmony in the region. The village chairman alongwith nine GBs attended the programme. Battalion also organised an interaction

meeting with parents and students aspiring entry to Sainik School Punglwa on November 4. Battalion will be providing free coaching for students of classes five and eight in view of the entrance exam scheduled to be held on January 5, 2020. 12 students with parents attended the programme. Post-interaction pre-medical check-up was carried out. K Y M C

Day three of Tokhu Emongcum-mini Hornbill Festival Poll Q . : Is Pakistan losing global support on the Kashmir issue? 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%


–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––



Yes. No. Can’t Say.


67% 0% 33%

Next poll

Q: Is US president Donald

Trump going to be reelected in 2020?  Yes.  No.  Can’t Say.


(Temperature in ºC)

Max Min

Agartala Hazy sunshine

31 19

Mostly cloudy

28 14

Guwahati Hazy sunshine

30 19


Partly sunny and pleasant

27 14

Itanagar Partly sunny and pleasant

27 16

Shillong Partly sunny and pleasant

22 11



Partly sunny and comfortable 23 12

Dimapur Nice with partial sunshine Mkg

Tuensang Partly sunny and cooler Wokha

27 16

An a.m. shower; partly sunny 24 13 17 10

Partly sunny and not as warm 23 16

Zunheboto Partly sunny

21 11

Mhathung Yanthan speaking on day three as special guest in Wokha.

DIMAPUR: Lotha Tokhu Emong-cum-mini Hornbill Festival entered day three with Mhathung Yanthan, advisor Horticulture as special guest on the indigenous games competition in the morning session on November 6. A press release from Lotha Hoho media cell stated that, speaking on the occasion, Yanthan called the people to come together with identity as “culture is our identity” where one needed to be proud to call themselves as a Lotha Naga tribe. He informed the peo-



Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

ple to do research and make documentation on Lotha-Naga tribe indigenous games, expressing that all Olympic Games were initially an indigenous games that evolved to be recognized worldwide. He called the youths to give more interest in sports to keep them physically fit, while he also encouraged them to take it to a professional level, as money and fame was maximum in the field of sports. Mhathung also informed the parents and society to support, encourage and promote young

talents.He also told the people to be brave and responsible as Lotha being a major tribe, where he called them to remain wise and lead the people. He conveyed Tokhu greetings to all through unity and forgiveness, to rededicate their hearts to walk into a new beginning. Indigenous games competition like Lotha freestyle wrestling, cock fight, bamboo stilt walking, go karting, grease bamboo climbing and thug of war were conducted under the initiative of Lotha Naga Cultural Society (LNCS).

IVR Dimapur village council informs

Free medical eye camp held in Mon DIMAPUR: On the third day of the free medical eye camp at District Hospital, Mon, more than 600 patients were treated with more than 40 patients undergoing free cataract surgery. According to DIPR report, 14 doctors from Medical Ministry International (MMI) led by Dr. John Harvey, Dr. Chingkup from Mercy Eye Centre, Dimapur, along with two nurses were present in the camp. The free medical eye camp has being organised by Konyak Baptist Bumeinok Bangjum (KBBB) in collaboration with Mercy Eye Centre, Dimapur; Medical Ministry International; Nagaland Blindness Prevention Control Society, Nagaland; District administration, Mon; Office of the chief medical officer, Mon and office of the medical superintendent, District Hospital, Mon from November 2 to 15 at District Hospital, Mon. Earlier, a short programme was conducted on November 4 where deputy commissioner, Mon Thavaseelan K, spoke. The programme was chaired by convenor, Medical Eye Camp, Naomi Konyak. Welcome address was delivered by executive secretary in charge KBBB Peihwang Wangsa.

Capacity building for fish farmers conducted at Zhadima village

SDO Chiephobozou and VAC convenor Vekhoyi Chakhesang and his team with the fish farmers on November 5. (DIPR)

DIMAPUR: Village Adoption Committee (VAC) for 11th Northern Angami II A/C in collaboration with Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources organized a one-day capacity building for fish farmers at Zhadima village on November 5. According to DIPR report, ADC Chiephobozou, Vekhoyi Chakhesang also the convenor, VAC 11 Northern Angami II thanked the department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for providing the

training programme to the fish farmers to upgrade their skills in scientific method and also to increase the production. He called upon the fish farmers to give extra interest in fish culture which will lift their economy and further urged them to fully utilize the opportunity given to them. The knowledge they gained should also be shared to other friends and villagers, he added. Training was imparted by DFO Kohima, C. Dory Yanthan, Mashengol Neikha FD and Neikonuo

Chakrunuo FD covering topics on site selection, pond management, species selection, integrated farming, planning and economics and showed demonstration on method of feed preparation, water parameters and plankton estimation. A total of 15 fish farmers actively participated during the training. Kedilezo M Keditsu, head GB, Zhadima chaired the programme and Khriekesa, pastor, CRC invoked God’s blessings.

NUNTSA observes ‘National Protest Day’

D i mapur : V i l l a g e Council of Industrial Village Razhüphe (IVR) Dimapur has convened a general meeting on November 8, 10 a.m at the residence of head GB T. L. Angami. All the villagers, GBs, mothers unit and VCMs DC Dimapur Anoop Kinchi, addressing the 7th Economic Census meeting held in his have been requested to attend positively. official chamber on November 6. (DIPR) NUNTSA members on the national protest day at Lumami.

NEZCC conducts workshop for differently abled children

Differently abled children learning to create at the workshop.

DIMAPUR: Three-day workshop on soft toys for differently abled children was inaugurated on November 6 at NEZCC Complex by D. Vashum, deputy director (A), NEZCC. The workshop will conclude on November 8. A press release from NEZCC Dimapur stated that, 29 specially abled children from the Deaf Biblical Ministry, Naharbari, Cherry Blossom Society, Kohima, Exodus Federation Disabled People Organization, Dimapur and 2 experts; Neichiitouno Thou and Neibi from Chumukedima are taking part in the workshop. The workshop is organized for promoting the inherent talent of the children.

DIMAPUR: Nagaland University Non-Teaching Staff Association (NUNTSA), HQ, Lumami and all other campuses observed “national protest day” on November 6 for two hours at administrative block premises in compliance with the decision of All India University Employees Confederation (AIUEC). A press release from NUNTSA vice president Bisekyu Sangtam and treasurer Sanku Debnath stated that, the protest was made with the following demands namely; With-

drawal of New Education Policy 2019; Extending uniform UGC pay scales to non teaching employees of universities at par with the teachers; Scrapping of New Pension Scheme (NPS) and restoring old pension benefits and including non teaching staff in the decision making bodies of the universities. Association submitted a copy of memorandum regarding above demands to the prime minister of India through the vice chancellor, Nagaland University.

Waiting shed inaugurated at Zobvüdzü Tsiesema village

BDO along with village council members and others at the inaugural.

DIMAPUR: Waiting shed at Zobvüdzü Tsiesema village, between Tsiesema Junction to Puducha, constructed under additional grant-in-aid from special assistant fund was inaugurated by Seyiekhrielie Rio, block development officer (BDSO) RD block Chiephobozou on November 6. A press release from RD block Chiephobozou stated that, Seyiekhrielie Rio in his inaugural speech thanked the Tsiesema village particularly the village council and the VDB for taking into consideration the hardship faced by the travellers and the villagers. He said that the much need waiting shed was constructed with basic amenity like toilet and water facilities, which will K Y M C

help a lot of travellers who will be taking detour from Puducha to Tsiesema junction due to landslide at old KMC dumping site. He opined that this proved that the villagers do not only think of themselves but also for others and that they have set a good example for others to follow. Earlier, programme was chaired by So-u Yhor, secretary village council, invocation proposed by Keneingulie pastor TBC, Ruokuotuolie Mere chairman village council gave welcome address. Brief report was given by Kuosielie Mere VDB secretary and vote of thanks was proposed by Zapuvi Mere, GB Tsiesema Village Council. K Y M C



Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Congress cancels party’s Refugees continue road blockade in Tripura Manipur programmes in view of protests


Registration for people entering M’laya to be convenient Correspondent

SHILLONG, NOV 6: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Wednesday allayed fears and apprehensions about harassment which is likely to arise out of the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security (Amendment) Ordinance (MRSSO), 2019 that requires registration of all non-residents, including tourists. He said the registration process would be designed keeping in mind the convenience of tourists. On Friday, the Meghalaya cabinet had approved the MRSSO, 2016 wherein persons who come to the state will have to register with the state

government for safety and security. This amendment has led to major concern among tourists planning to visit Meghalaya. “We intend to make this registration process a very simple process. There will be four to five to maximum six phase that a person need to enter and once he does that on a mobile phone, he will receive a QR code that’s the registration process,” Sangma said. Assuring that the system of registering may take an individual less than a minute, the Chief Minister said, “It is as simple as a person getting down in the airport and by the time he reaches his vehicle he re-


It is hereby informed to all concerned that the general meeting of Tsiepama Village was held on 16th October 2019 at the Village Panchayat Hall. The house on this day unanimously resolved upon the following: 1. Tslepama Mechü Krotho (TMK) shall be dissolved immediately and shall cease to exist until such time as deemed necessary. 2. Mr. Medovisie Chalieu is relieved from Chairmanship of the Village Council as per village resolution No.20. Sessional Chairman (VIKONEIZO NAKHRO)

ceives the QR code. Hotels will simply scan the QR code. There is no question of standing in line or going to the Deputy Commissioners office to get different type of papers. Everything will be done online.” To u r i s m D i r e c t o r, C.V.D. Diengdoh has issued a statement stating that the ‘registration process has not begun’ and the State ‘welcomes all domestic and international travellers’. Diengdoh said that the tourism department received many queries and concerns regarding the registration and hence the clarification was issued to clear doubts Regd. No. 7115/2019

and ensure travel plans are not disturbed. “The modalities of the implementation of the ordinance have not been finalized. The registration process would be designed keeping in mind the convenience of tourists,” he said. It also stated that registration will be a simple process with online and offline options and will be similar to registration when checking into a hotel. “There will be no need to stand or wait in queues when you enter the State. Make your plans and watch our official channels for further updates,” Diengdoh said.

IMPHAL, Nov 6: Manipur Congress on Wednesday decided to cancel its upcoming programmes and to remain alert in view of the impending final peace accord of the Naga peace negotiation. A meeting of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) convened on Wednesday passed the resolution and the same has been intimated to the AICC, said MPCC spokesperson N Mangi Singh. Addressing a news conference late afternoon at Imphal Congress Bhavan, the spokesperson said that the state Congress has decided not to take part in the proposed 10-day nationwide protest of the AICC against Modi government in the Centre this month. MPCC took the decision after prior consultation with the AICC leaders at New Delhi and considering the uneasy calm situation prevailing in the state. Mangi said that Congress leaders and workers were always on alert in case the Centre inks any accord that will hurt the interest of Manipur as the party has a firm stand to safeguard the territorial integrity of the state. While announcing the firm stand of the Congress for the integrity of Manipur, Mangi recalled the then O Ibobi led government’s firm stand against NSCN(I-M)’s leader Th Muivah planned to visit his native village in Manipur. The then Congress government under chief minister O Ibobi Singh stood firm even as the then Prime Minister instructed the state government to allow Muivah to enter Manipur, he said. The spokesperson then said that all the other party related activities and programmes will remain can-


Date : 6/11/19

(Correction of Name) I, No. 4373624 M, Rank : L/Nk Name : TEMSULEMBA son of Late Aowati, resident of Naga United Village, Dimapur, Nagaland do hereby solemnly affirm on oath and states as under : 1. That I am presently serving in 3rd Assam Regt C/o 99 APO bearing Service No. 4373624 M, Rank : L/Nk 2. That the under mentioned name, date of birth and address of my wife has been wrongly recorded in my service documents and the same has been corrected and rectified as follows : Sl Old Name New Name Old New Old DOB New DOB Address No. Address Relation 1 Akumrenla Nangshikala 06/04/1986 18/10/1985 Longkong Mongchem Wife 3. That this affidavit is made to declare as a piece of evidence for all official purpose. 4. That the statement made in paragraph 1 to 3 are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing false has been stated therein. DEPONENT Solemnly sworn before me by the deponent on this the 6th day of Nov. 2019 MAGISTRATE/NOTARY PUBLIC DP-8169




No. NU/TPT/COV/2015 Date: 06/11/2019 AUCTION NOTICE Nagaland University invites sealed bids for auction of various University condemned vehicles. Interested bidders may visit University website for details. Sd/(Dr. Abemo ) Registrar DC-1589


DIMAPUR ::: NAGALAND NO.CP/DMR/ESSTT-13/2019-20/2253 /Dtd. Dimapur, the 16th Sept ‘2019

No. S/o Vill PO/PS District Present Address

Dearest Yisungbeni.. The heavens door opened and send you down for have turned one today.. May you grow up gracefully in each step of your life.. Happy birthday princess.. With lots of love Loreno.. Dear Alicia Dilbung You are a daughter with full of promising future. Wishing you abundant blessings from God today and for always. Happy Birthday. Lots of love. Mom, Daddy, Eden, Destin & Donvaarin Dear Edenrei, On this day, 16 years ago you brought us so much joy and happiness in our lives. On your 16th Birthday we simply wish you the most promising future and abundant blessing from God. Lots of love. Papa, Mom, Alicia, Destin & Donvaarin Dear Valentine, Happy birthday Valentine, I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. From friends OFFICE OF THE WOZHURO RANGE PUBLIC ORGANISATION HQ : WOZHURO : WOKHA

“Wozhuro yingsung okho yilan mmhonka tsükona thyutasanta” (Initiated by School Education Department)


Kohima Wozhuro Range Union yakchia Wozhuro Range mmhonka tsukona tssuka nzontsu thyutao lia to yivon e-hanjamo ji tsukona, Wozhuro Range Public Organisation Okying yakchia yithen shi Wozhuro Range chungi village chairman, G.Bs, Church leaders, Students Union (WRSU), Eloe ekhung, GHSS Wozhuro, Unit Union – Dimapur, Kohima & Wokha to okho olan olan shiang topvuna nzansi nkhyai nsina thyuta santa shilo oro thenrungtale to yivon shi achung tsoa nte yenjanala. Tsungon : 09-11-2019 Meta : Community Hall, Wozhuro Yuta : 10.00 a.m

NIT Nagaland invites Sealed Quotation (two bid system) from reputed contractors/ firms for the following services; 1. For providing student Hostel Mess Catering Services at National Institute of Technology Nagaland. (NIT-N/ET/Hostel/2019/11-02 Dated 04/11/2019) Last Date: 26.11.2019 by 12.00 P.M 2. For Annual Maintenance and Support for the existing Academic Performance Information System (APIS) Software at NIT Nagaland (NIT-N/ET/Acad/2019/11-01 Dated 04/11/2019) Last Date: 25.11.2019 by 12.00 P.M Interested bidders/firms can get the detailed terms & conditions and prescribed format from the Institute’s website or in/. The tender documents should be submitted in Government of India eprocure portal only on or before mentioned dates. Date: 5/11/2019 REGISTRAR



Dated Mon, the_____2019

Whereas, an application has been submitted by Shri/Smti Ngapkang Konyak with a prayer for issue of Succession Certificate for drawal of entitled pension dues and any other outstanding dues from the Government of Nagaland on behalf of his/her husband deceased Late Wangiai Konyak Ex Pensioner of PPO NO.111507639 under the establishment of Sr. Treasury Officer, Mon who expired on 19/08/2019 Objections are hereby invited from persons in regards to claim for withdrawal of the dues by the applicant within 30 (thirty) days with effect from the date of issue of this notice. No petition will be entertained after the expiry of the given period. Deputy Commissioner Mon : Nagaland. MKC-57






-2249 UBC Longjen Anglong Phom, -L. Anglong Phom -Kangching -Longleng PS -Longleng, Nagaland. -Burma Camp, Dimapur

P.O MANGKOLEMBA, BPO: MONGCHEN NO: M.S.M/COMM-2/2019-21 Date 05-11-19



Whereas, you have been found absent from bonafide Government duty without leave or permission from the competent authority with effect from 05.09.2019 till date. And whereas, First Calling Notice was issued to you vide this Office Calling Notice No. NO: CP/DMR/ESSTT13/2019-20/2253, dated 16th September, 2019. And whereas, you have failed to report back for duty. You are directed to report back to the Unit within 15 (Fifteen) days from the date of publication of this Calling Notice without fail, failing which you will be declared as deserter and necessary legal/disciplinary action will be taken against you. Sd/Dtd-16/09/2019 Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Nagaland DC-1592

(S. PISAMO OVUNG) Secretary General WRPO





Imphal’s Keishampat. TDC vice president Kh Ibotombi, talking to reporters at the protest site, demanded that the state government to allay apprehensions felt by the people of the state after the Centre kept secret the agreed points of the last round of Naga peace talk. Mention may be made that taking serious note of the uneasy calm in the state, legislators of the ruling BJP-led coalition government held two rounds of meeting on Monday and Tuesday and discussed the situation arising out of the terms of agreement that had reached between the Centre, NSCN (I-M) and NNPGs on October 31.



¼laln }kjk ikfjr vf/kfu;e 1989] Øekad 35 ds varxZr LFkkfir dsUæh; fo”ofo|ky;½ (A Central University Established by the Act of Parliament No. 35 of 1989) eq[;ky; % yqekeh] tqUgscksVks ¼ukxkyS.M½] fiu dksM & 798627 Headquarters : Lumami, Kohima Campus, Meriema – 797001

celled until the state returns to normalcy. On Tuesday night, COCOMI announced that in addition to the ongoing alert protest, torch rallies would be staged between 8 pm and 9 pm of November 6 and 7. Protest with human chains on the roads will be extensively staged on November 8 and 9 for which COCOMI has appealed to people from all walks of life to join the programme where slogans against any move to distort Manipur will be chanted. Meanwhile, alert protest continued widely in the state.One such protest was staged by drivers and transporters of the state under the aegis of Transporters’ and Drivers’ Council (TDC) in


Radhacharan Debbarma met the agitating refugees during the last few days and demanded resumptions of foods and relief to the migrants. Former union minister and Rajya Sabha member Jairam Ramesh, who is leading a six-member Congress delegation to northeast India to gather opinions of people and party leaders on National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Bill, told the media here on Wednesday that “it is a gross humanitarian violation of stopping supply of food and relief to these most backward tribals.” The refugees are block-



I tanag a r , N ov 6 (IANS): Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Pratap Chandra Sarangi on Tuesday called on Arunachal Pradesh Governor Brig. B.D. Mishra (Retd.) at Raj Bhavan. During the meeting, they discussed self-employment and financial empowerment of youth through MSME and Fisheries and dairy development in Arunachal Pradesh. Mishra emphasised that special efforts must be made in capacity building of unemployed and underemployed youth of the State through MSME programmes. He said that through MSME schemes, the youth will have opportunities to become entrepreneurs and in turn, can provide jobs to others as well. The Governor, who along with First Lady of the State Neelam Misra, has been putting effort to revive and promote local Loin Loom weaving, a tradition of Arunachal Pradesh, requested the Union Minister to assist through his ministry in this endeavour. Mishra underscored that revitalising Loin loom weaving will boost the rural economy and also ensure economic and financial empowerment of womenfolk. The Governor highlighted the scope, which needs the Centre’s help for self-employment in the Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development in the State, while sharing his recent visit to Trout Hatchery, Shergaon. Mishra said that the people of the State, particularly the youth require guidance and capital assistance in the initial stage. “With proper direction and supervision, the people involved in fisheries and dairy development will be able to meet the requirement of the State, which at present depends on the supplies from outside the State,” he said. The Union Minister assured the Governor to provide all required assistance, both in fund allocation and technical help from his ministries. State Minister for Industries, Skill Development, Textile & Handicrafts and Trade & Commerce Tumke Bagra was also present in the meeting.

of the CrPc to prohibit the gathering of people in the tension ridden tribal dominated areas, 175 km north of Agartala. Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Panisagar, Lalnunnemi Darlong and SDM Kanchanpur Abeda Nanda Baidya told IANS over phone on Wednesday that food and relief supplies to the refugees were stopped on September 30. Senior tribal leaders Prem Kumar Reang (BJP), Jitendra Chowdhury (CPI-M), former Tripura Congress President Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barman, Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council Chief Executive Member

The refugees have expressed total dissatisfaction over the ongoing repatriation process. They have demanded an autonomous district council (ADC) for the Reang tribals, re-arrangement of the resettlement areas, liberty to each family to choose their area of resettlement, deployment of Central forces for the protection of the repatriated refugees and cash assistance, the resolution said. A Home Department official in Aizawl said the Union Home Ministry recently approved Rs 350 crore for the rehabilitation of the Reang tribals, after the completion of the ninth phase of the repatriation process. The MBDPF in a letter to the Mizoram Home Minister had alleged that the provisions of the four-partite agreement, signed in Delhi on July 3, 2018, had been violated. The four-partite agreement had finalised a six-point benefit package for each refugee family. It included Rs 4 lakh financial aid, monthly allowance of Rs 5,000, Rs 1.5 lakh for building a house and free ration for two years.

In reference to the 71 st Mongchen Senso Mungdang Resolution No.2 Dated 3rd May 2019 and Goverenment Order No. Dev-23/2018-19/215 dated, Mangkolemba, the 30th January 2019. Coalmining in Mongchen Village area is hereby banned w.e.f 30th November 2019. All mining related activities including transportation are to be suspended by the mentioned date. MKC-534

Sarangi calls on Arunachal Governor

Tribal refugees sheltered in Tripura continued their road blockade for the seventh day.

ading vital roads since October 31 demanding recommencement of food and relief supplies. According to authorities, in the latest phase of the repatriation process only 670 immigrants have returned to their villages so far. The Mizoram Bru Displaced People’s Forum (MBDPF), the apex body of the refugees, has also threatened to loot the Kanchanpur government food godowns if the relief supplies are not started immediately. The MBDPF in separate letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and North Tripura District Magistrate Raval Hemendra Kumar urged them to resume the relief supplies. According to an official of the Relief Department, the stalled repatriation of refugees resumed on October 3 with the joint arrangements made by the Tripura and Mizoram governments. He said: “The repatriation process could not be carried out properly due to protests and obstacles put up by a section of refugees, mostly women.


Ag a rtala , N ov 6 (IANS): Notwithstanding government appeal, tribal refugees sheltered in Tripura for the past more than 22 years after escape from Mizoram, continued their road blockade for the seventh day on Wednesday demanding continuation of food and relief supplies. Huge contingent of central para-military and Tripura State Rifles were deployed in Panisagar and Kanchanpur Sub-Divisions of North Tripura Districts, where over 35,000 Reang tribal refugees are sheltered in seven relief centres since October 1997 after they fled from their villages in western Mizoram in the wake of communal tension there. When asked whether the immigrants would be evicted to clear the vital highways, North Tripura Superintendent of Police Bhanupada Chakraborty told IANS over phone: “First we are persuading the refugees to lift their road blockade. Subsequent actions would be decided in a day or two.” The District administrations, however, also promulgated section 144




Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

5 Centre, 9 states asked to file status report in CIC, SICs vacancies

Lawyers strike continues for third day

gates of Patiala, Saket district courts closed to litigants

Lawyers stage a protest against the police over the recent Tis Hazari Court clashes, at Saket Court Complex in New Delhi, Wednesday. (PTI)

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): Lawyers in all the six district courts here abstained from work for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, protesting against the clash between advocates and the police at the Tis Hazari Courts Complex on November 2, and denied access to litigants in some courts. The lawyers closed the main gates at Patiala House and Saket district courts and did not let litigants access the court premises as part of their protest. During the protest at Rohini district court, one lawyer took off his clothes and poured kerosene on his body in a bid to immolate himself, while another advocate climbed the rooftop

of one of the buildings in the premises. One of the protesting lawyers, who did not want to be named, said they will not resume the work till the time the policemen, who had allegedly fired at and lathi-charged advocates are not arrested. Jaiveer Singh Chauhan, secretary of Delhi Bar Association of Tis Hazari court however said: “Litigants have been allowed inside premises. We are protesting peacefully. They have been allowed inside court rooms too.” Police protests were triggered by two attacks on their colleagues, one on Monday outside Saket District Court and another last

Saturday at the Tis Hazari Courts Complex after a parking dispute between an on-duty policeman and a lawyer which led to at least 20 security personnel and several advocates being injured. Two FIRs were registered against unidentified persons, who were seen in a video hitting a uniformed policeman on a motorcycle with his elbow and slapping him outside the Saket court. As lawyers demonstrated outside district courts in the city, Bar Council of India Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra said any incident of violence involving lawyers, police and public will not be tolerated.

Incidents of violence will not be tolerated: BCI As lawyers demonstrated outside the district courts across the national capital, Bar Council of India Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra said on Wednesday that no incident of violence involving lawyers, the police and the public will be tolerated and action will be taken against the guilty. He also accused policemen of making provocative statements against judges and lawyers during their protests outside the police headquarters on Tuesday. Speaking to reporters inside the Supreme Court premises, Mishra said the BCI has taken serious note of all incidents of violence between lawyers and the police and all requisite action will be taken against those guilty. Police protests were

triggered by two attacks on their colleagues, one on Monday outside Saket District Court and another before that, on Saturday, at the Tis Hazari Courts Complex after a parking dispute between an on-duty policeman and a lawyer, which led to at least 20 security personnel and several advocates being injured. Two FIRs were registered against unidentified persons, who were seen in a video hitting a uniformed policeman on a motorcycle with his elbow and slapping him outside the Saket court. “Despite the matter being sub judice before the Delhi High Court, police have lodged two FIRs yesterday against the lawyers. They (police) are also before the high court and they could tell the court whatever they wanted to say.

“This lodging of FIR cannot be justified. If they are not happy with the high court order passed on Sunday then they can file the review petition or seek recall of the order,” Mishra said. The BCI Chairman also condemned targeting of media personnel covering the incident and said “targeting the media which is one of the strongest pillars of democracy is not justified”. He demanded that the policeman who had allegedly fired at a lawyer on his chest should be arrested as early as possible. Mishra refused to term as strike the absenteeism at work by lawyers and said it is a peaceful protest and once the policeman who had fired at the lawyer is arrested, the advocates will join judicial work.

Delhi Police chief briefs LG on police protest Delhi’s Lt Governor Anil Baijal held a meeting with Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik and other top officers on Wednesday, a day after thousands of police personnel laid an unprecedented siege outside the Police Headquarters here. Sources said although it was a routine meeting on law and order, the Lieutenant Governor was also briefed about Tuesday’s massive public demonstration against as-

sault on police personnel by lawyers. In the meeting, Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Dev and all joint commissioners of the Delhi Police were present, they said. After 11-hour standoff which began at 9 am, agitating police personnel called off their protest. On Tuesday, Baijal said it is imperative to restore trust between police and lawyers also to ensure that justice is done impartially in the entire matter.

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): The Supreme Court Wednesday asked the Centre and nine states to file a status report on filling up of vacancies in the central and state information commissions in compliance with its earlier orders. A bench headed by justices S A Bobde gave the directions after RTI activists Anjali Bhardwaj and others submitted that the earlier apex court orders have not been complied with.Advocate Prashant Bhushan, appearing for Bhardwaj and others, said the Centre and state governments had not put the names of selected and short listed candidates on their website as directed by the apex court. He said the vacancies are yet to be filled by the Centre and states in the Central Information Commission (CIC) and State Information Commissions (SICs). The apex court had in February passed a slew of directions on filling up vacancies in the CIC and SICs and said the process of appointments must start one to two months before a post falls vacant. The court had said the post of Chief Information Commissioner is on a higher pedestal and the appointment process for a CIC should be on the “same

terms” as in the process of a chief election commissioner. Taking note of the provisions in the RTI Act, it had said besides bureaucrats, eminent citizens from other walks of life should also be considered for the post of information commissioners in the CIC. The plea by Bhardwaj, Commodore Lokesh Batra (retired) and Amrita Johri have claimed that over 23,500 appeals and complaints are pending with CIC as posts of information commissioners are lying vacant. The apex court had earlier asked the Centre and states to maintain transparency in appointments of chief information commissioner and information commissioners and upload details of search committees and applicants on the website. In July last year, the top court had expressed concern over vacancies at the chief information commission and state information commissions and had directed the Centre and seven states to file an affidavit giving a time schedule for filling up the posts. The court had asked seven states - Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Kerala, Odisha and Karnataka -- to apprise it about the time frame for filling up the posts.

Ayodhya case: Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Manmohan appeals to take says SC verdict will be acceptable to it forward Guru Nanak’s message

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 “Every justice-loving (PTI): Prominent Muslim person wants the case should body Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind be adjudicated on the basis on Wednesday said the Suof hard facts and evidence, preme Court’s verdict in the not on the basis of faith and Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri belief,” he said, adding that Masjid land dispute case will the Supreme Court has also be acceptable to it, and apstated that it is a title suit pealed to Muslims to respect case only. the verdict. Jamiat President “We reiterate our old Maulana Arshad Madani asstand that whatever the judgserted that Muslims’ claim in ment Supreme Court will the case is based on historical deliver on the basis of facts facts and evidence that the Maulana Arshad Madani and evidence, we will acBabri Masjid was constructcept it and we also appeal to ed without demolishing any temple or any Muslims and fellow citizens to respect the other place of worship. SC judgment,” he said. At a press conference here, he urged The apex court is expected to give its all citizens to maintain peace irrespective ruling in the emotive and politically-sensiof the nature of the verdict. tive Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land The Ayodhya case is not merely a case dispute case before November 17 as Chief of land dispute, but a test case of the su- Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who is heading the premacy of the law, he was quoted as saying Constitution bench in the matter, demits by a statement issued by Jamiat. office that day.

Rlys replace 1L Rail Neer bottles in Shatabdi trains with 500 ML bottles 500 ml water bottles while those with travel time of more than that are given 1 litre bottles. Now, everyone will be given 500 litre bottles as we have seen that water in bigger bottles is being wasted,” said a senior official of the ministry. The order also states that passengers can get extra bottles, but they would have to pay for it. A chair car service, Shatabdi trains are for short journeys, the longest travel time is between Delhi and Bhopal which is 8.5 hours. The order stated the scheme will be in effect for the next three months.



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world. “Punjab is Guru Nanak Dev ji’s karam bhoomi. How will we keep Guru Nanak Dev ji’s legacy alive if it’s youth is wasted with drugs, water is becoming poisonous and women are being disrespected. It is the most crucial question on his 550th birth anniversary,” he said at the special commemorative session of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha to mark the 550th Prakash Purb of Guru Nanak Dev. Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu was the special guest at the historic session, where Punjab Governor VPS Badnore, Haryana Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya, Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar, Deputy

Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, were also present along with several MPs as well as MLAs from Punjab and Haryana. On the occasion, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh honoured the vice president and the former prime minister, Governors of Punjab and Haryana, and Chief Minister of Haryana with gold and silver commemorative coins, mementos, and sets of books.




Sl. DATES LOCATION No GROUPS/ ORGANISATION st rd 1 Youth for Change 1 Dec - 3 Dec Town Hall to Garden Educated Unemployed Union 2 Dimapur -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 3 Women Little Flower Group -dopark near Post Office 4 Random Act of Kindness 4th Dec – 6th Dec Town Hall to Garden 5 Zutoi Village Student Union -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Assisi Centre for Integrated Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 6 Development (ACID) -dopark near Post Office 7 Adroit Society Kuhuboto Town 7th Dec – 9th Dec Town Hall to Garden District Thela Puller 8 Dimapur -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Employees Union Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 9 Sukimi Union Dimapur -dopark near Post Office 10th December 2019 (Preparation for Dimapur Night Carnival) 10 Dimapur Night Carnival (DNC) 11th – 15th Dec 11 E.D.S.S.U 16th – 18th Dec Town Hall to Garden 12 Highland Club Dimapur -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate District Two Wheeler Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 13 Dimapur -doTaxi Association park near Post Office 14 Niu Colony Youth 19th – 21st Dec Town Hall to Garden 15 Nikihe Village Student Union -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 16 Western Lukami Union -dopark near Post Office 17 Izhevi Village Students Union 22nd – 24th Dec Town Hall to Garden 18 Domain Society -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 19 Abide Self Help Group -dopark near Post Office 25th December 2019 (Christmas Day) 20 A2Z Boys Club 26th – 28th Dec Town Hall to Garden 21 Eleos Club -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 22 Good Friends Society -dopark near Post Office 23 Self Help Group 29th – 31st Dec Town Hall to Garden 24 Green Mind Society -doGarden to Hotel Saramati exit gate Hotel Saramati exit gate to Ao Students 25 Creative -dopark near Post Office 26 Street Fair 4th – 9th Dec Adjacent to the Family Recreation Centre DC-1593

Sd/- (PANGZANGKOKBA) Secretary Development Authority Nagaland Dimapur


NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): In a bid to reduce wastage of water on board its premium Shatabdi trains, railways have decided to provide 500 ml Rail Neer bottles to passengers travelling long distance instead of the standard one litre bottles. According to an order issued by the Railway Board, Shatabdi trains which have a maximum run time of around 8.5 hours will no longer be providing 1 litre bottles of water to passengers travelling for more than five hours as was the norm earlier. “Currently, passengers who travel for five hours on Shatabdi trains are given

CHANDIGARH, NOV 6 (PTI): Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Wednesday appealed to all to take forward Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Dev’s message of mutual love and respect to ensure an equitable society. Advocating that peace and harmony was the only way forward to ensure a prosperous future, he hoped the Kartarpur model would be replicated in future too for lasting resolution of conflicts. “Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s eternal message of oneness of god, religious tolerance and peace can pave the way to end sectarian violence”, which Singh said was the biggest challenge facing the



Dt. Kohima, the ...... Nov. 2019


Application are invited for filling up of 1 (one) District Vector Borne Disease (DVBD) Consultant under NVBDCP, Peren District on contractual basis initially for a period of 6 (six) months and extendable subject to satisfactory performance in the project period. Eligibility criteria :Sl. No


Name of Post


Post Graduate degree in Zoology/ Entomology/ Life Science with 5 years of work experience. For Life Sciences candidates, Zoology is a must DVBD as one of the Consultation subject at Graduate level. Experience of implementing Ve c t o r C o n t r o l Strategies. Minimum of one year experience of working in a health programme is desirable.



Last date of submission

No. of Post.

Rs. 35,000/- P.M



1 (one)

Candidate who does not have the requisite qualification need not apply. No separate application form will be issue and the date of interview will be notified to the applicants who are eligible. The decision of the undersigned will be final to reject applications with incomplete documents. Interested applicant may submit application with all supporting documents to NVBDCP Cell, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare. DR. KEVICHÜSA MEDIKHRÜ Mission Director (NHM) Directorate of Health & Family Welfare Nagaland, Kohima DP-1590



Nagaland Post Vol. XXIX NO. 332 Dimapur, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Economy over climate


hat environmentalists have been planning for decades to save planet Earth was negated when US President Donald Trump formally announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the 195-member United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which signed the historic Paris climate agreement in December 2015. As one of the most important outcomes of international multilateral progress, the Paris Agreement showed the willingness of member countries to cooperate and clearly signalled the need for the low-carbon transformation of the international society. The global community has prepared for the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement after Donald Trump was elected as US president. However, Trump’s formal declaration of withdrawal still caused worldwide reaction. Trump’s predecessor Obama’s support and his cooperation with China were seen as major factors leading to the convention’s early success. As per records, in 2019, the top carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters were China(27.2 %), the United States(14.6 %), the European Union(9%), India(6.8 %), the Russian Federation(4.7 %), and Japan(3.3%). As can be seen both China and the US contributed around 41% of carbon dioxide emissions in the world. These data include CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion, as well as cement manufacturing and gas flaring. The Paris climate deal signed in December 2015 at best, was a first step toward fixing the problem that has been in evidence for decades by melting ice sheets in the polar regions, rising seas and flooding of coastlines etc. Yet some of the consequences of an overheated planet might be avoided, or at least slowed, if the climate deal succeeds in reducing emissions. The withdrawal will leave America as the only country on Earth outside the accord, that does not agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to keep temperatures from rising to dangerous levels. Formal notice of the U.S. withdrawal comes just as global emissions keep rising, climate ambitions keep falling short, and climate scientists warn of increasingly dire consequences including drought, extreme weather, and rising sea levels. As per Article 28 of the Paris Agreement, the earliest possible effective withdrawal date by the United States cannot be before November 4, 2020, four years after the Agreement came into effect in the United States and one day after the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The long-term goals and international cooperation on climate change will be affected by budget cuts in American climate change research and the cancelation of donations from the multilateral environmental fund of the U.S. The US withdrawal stems largely from Trump’s 2016 election pledge to withdraw from the UNFCCC as part of his promise to ‘make America great again’. That means, the US will continue to take unilateral decisions not in consonance with the climate change agreement in order to pursue its economic interests. In line with policies for reducing fossil fuel emissions, countries like Germany which adhere to the emission standards would be hit by the US withdrawal. German autos will be costlier on account of fuel emission standards while those of the US will be cheaper. A UN report warns that if greenhouse emissions are not brought under control within the next 25 years, 310 million more people will suffer adverse consequences related to temperature increases, 20 million more people will fall into poverty and 75 million extra people will be displaced by climate change and would become environmental refugees.

DailyDevotion Intimate Theology

Do you believe this? —John 11:26 Martha believed in the power available to Jesus Christ; she believed that if He had been there He could have healed her brother; she also believed that Jesus had a special intimacy with God, and that whatever He asked of God, God would do. But— she needed a closer personal intimacy with Jesus. Martha’s theology had its fulfillment in the future. But Jesus continued to attract and draw her in until her belief became an intimate possession. It then slowly emerged into a personal inheritance— “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ…” (John 11:27). Is the Lord dealing with you in the same way? Is Jesus teaching you to have a personal intimacy with Himself? Allow Him to drive His question home to you— “Do you believe this?” Are you facing an area of doubt in your life? Have you come, like Martha, to a crossroads of overwhelming circumstances where your theology is about to become a very personal belief? This happens only when a personal problem brings the awareness of our personal need. To believe is to commit. In the area of intellectual learning I commit myself mentally, and reject anything not related to that belief. In the realm of personal belief I commit myself morally to my convictions and refuse to compromise. But in intimate personal belief I commit myself spiritually to Jesus Christ and make a determination to be dominated by Him alone. Then, when I stand face to face with Jesus Christ and He says to me, “Do you believe this?” I find that faith is as natural as breathing. And I am staggered when I think how foolish I have been in not trusting Him earlier.


All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action. ~ James Russell Lowell

Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019


Religio-cultural colonization and segregation: a wily move


ow to disintegrate and isolate further the shaken and bewildered religo-cultural minorities who are in majority in some pockets of the country from the ‘Hindu majoritarian’? The present dispensation is bent on targeting and polarizing the ‘minorities’ from the mainstream of the Indian society. And for this, the far-right political and cultural organization such as RSS, Bajrang Deal and other fringe elements keep evolving crafty moves more particularly since 2014 such as ‘Ghar Wapsi’, ‘One Nation, One Culture’, ‘One Nation, One Language’ and so on to change the socio-religio-cultural fabric. The social, religio-cultural fabrics India is known for and is proud of having multi-cultural, multi-religious and plural mosaic depicting metamorphically the colors that we find in the rainbow. Indian Republic is known for its plurality accommodating diverse cultures and religions in its wide canopy portraying secular character in letter and spirit. But, for RSS-BJP the basic character of accommodation and mutual co-existence should change. The agenda of the ruling dispensation is gradually moving towards wherein the mindset of those who are indecisive and sitting on the walls seem to be changing—from the culture of accommodation and inclusion to alienation and Hinduisation. We can clearly observe the changing trends in 2014 as well as 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The percentage of votes polled and the seats garnered by BJP proves the changing trend. The scenario is changing and the ‘politics of majoritarianism’ is indeed working in tune to the ideological tenors of RSS-BJP. Prior to 2014, the dictum of secularism meaning co-habitation and respect to one another was alive and vibrant, not because due to the minorities, but of the majority of the Hindus. As of now that equations, configurations and the matrix are gradually changing because of the changing political templates and narratives. The emergent scenario which the current dispensation enjoys absolute majority has daringly started to bulldoze the basic democratic values and principles all in the name of ‘brute majority’ as there is no organized opposition to

check the onslaughts of the ruling party. The GOI headed by the BJP ventured into some of the most radical changes that bewildered many particularly the ways with which the GOI went about. More shock-waves in such ways are expected to happen during the course of BJP’s tenure. More such things could be expected in the months and years to come. Propaganda machinery of the GOI headed by BJP is in absolute control that pitches the narratives and rhetoric in such ways that makes many wonder, nonetheless to ‘believe’. The notion of India is gradually changing and moving diametrically in opposite direction. This is what the current ruling dispensation believes, wants and visualizes. Its understanding of nation, nationalism and democracy seem to be entirely on the opposite plank. Their idea of India is premised on Hindu majoritarianism and muscular nationalism. Its concept of Hindu nationalism mirrors the Hindu Raj wherein Hindus are given the utmost importance and due weightage as compared to other religious communities. The hard-line Hindutva agenda on nonissues such as NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill are squandering goodwill as well as mustering unease in the minds of minorities as well as others too. Modern India is at cross roads, wherein its rights to life, liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness are increasingly at stake, particularly of the minorities, Dalits, tribals and women. Those who challenge and defy the dictates of the GOI will have to probably undergo serious and severe obstacles and problems. Freedom and liberty and rights to expression (words and writing), along with other rights guaranteed in the Constitution would have to be bargained by the concerned citizens with the State as we have been witnessing and experiencing some of these are blatantly being trampled upon. As seen and read in history, those rulers moving towards totalitarian rule believe in inflicting ‘fear component’ at different levels. Fear is introduced in such appalling degrees and ways that make most of the citizens to ‘fall in line’, so that whatever the ruling dispensation wants can be executed without any opposition and resistance. This

is what those totalitarian regimes did and believe in. Therefore, we are presently moving away from ‘liberal nationalism’ to ‘muscular nationalism’. A classic illustration that happened a few days ago in Bengaluru substantiates to the current impasse we are into. “Not able to spare 52 seconds for the country, but you have the audacity to sit here and watch a three-hour movie? Are you Pakistani terrorists’?” A sandalwood actor Arun Gowda and a few others shouted at four people (two men and two women) at a movie theatre in Bengaluru for allegedly not standing up when the national anthem was played. The incident occurred on the 23rd October 23, 2019 at PVR Orion Mall during the screening of Tamil movie Asrun. Actor Arun Gowda and his friends yelled at them for allegedly choosing to sit while the national anthem was played. He went on yelling that “When a national anthem came on these guys didn’t stand. Look at these guys. Just look at their faces once again. They are telling us to file a complaint.” The language that the Arun Gowda and his cronies used shows duplicity and audacity, as if they are the ones--custodians to safeguard their notions of nation and nationalism. India avoided becoming a Hindu rashtra in 1947 because of the fact those in power believed in constitutional liberalism. The current ruling dispensation is keen and thus firmly determined transforming India to Hindu rashtra via muscular nationalism. In such context specificities those who do not believe in populism, far-right hindu fundamentalism and skewed nationalism have no other choice except to resist and defy the move of RSS-BJP through democratic means as echoed in the Indian constitution. The insistent calls for Hindu rashtra by the RSS and far-right fundamentalist outfits cannot be ignored because day-in and day-out we keep hearing the motor mouths issuing new narratives couched with hatred and venom. Their poisonous ideology and political agenda could perhaps be described is the biggest anti-national project in the independent India. The current dispensation at the Centre is pushing its agenda—Hindu rashtra designed on the model of the

State of Israel which is premised on the Zionist prototype. Israeli government keep filling the Jewish settlements in the occupied areas belonging to the Palestinians—Golan Heights, Jerusalem and Gaza. All their moves is enmeshed on flushing out the Palestinians from their domiciles in due course of time via ethnic cleansing. There are semblances to the country I belong to that I have been experiencing in recent times. For example, the recent move by GOI—creation of three union territories such as Jammu, Kashmir and Ladah show that the three religious communities exclusively dominate in these landscapes such as Jammu with Hindus, Kashmir with Muslims and Ladakh with Buddhists. Though the GOI offers all sorts of reasons to justify and legitimize its position, the move behind the repeal of the articles is primarily to destroy the multi-cultural landscapes of those terrains. Apparently the gateway for this is to create an ambiance in the pretext of ‘mainstreaming’ and ‘one nation, one law, one constitution’— which means pushing its agenda of Hinduisation with an objective of destroying multi-culturalism vis-àvis the Rainbow Republic. Internal colonization is in the offing so that the pockets where the minorities, Dalits and indigenous communities live with social equality and economic prosperity are pushed to miserable conditions—losing their rights and dignity wherein their livelihood totally dependent under the mercy of the GOI as secondary citizens. As of now the GOI have selectively isolated the Muslims and gradually come down heavily on others. No one knows what would be the outcome of the current talks with the Nagas. However, Nagaland is yet another serious matter which needs serious scrutiny and to be watched which under scanner of GOI because it is being predominantly dominated by the Christians who happened to be indigenous people. However, the policies of the GOI fail to meet the principles of accommodation and harmonious living. Its moves are quite visible and predictable. It functions on the premises of: dislocate the communities other than the Hindus that have been living for ages, create fear and anxiety, break their resolve and

resilience, and infiltrate with the dominant fanatic people those who subscribe to mob frenzy and fanatic ultra-religious fundamentalism. With brute majority the GOI is gaming democracy—involved in poaching the MLAs and MPs from opposition political parties; abusing the Government machinery and institutions of governance to intimidate, raid and taking them for interrogation in one pretext or the other; alleging those engaged with poor and the marginalized by branding them being associated with “anti-nationals” thereby involved with “seditious activities”. Is the current political impasse going to have passing significance or lasting significance? Ours is a young democracy and we did witness emergency in mid 1970s and now our democracy showing all semblance of totalitarian rule and moving towards a regime which could be ruthless. And so, it is going to have lasting significance as we have started to realize what it means to have brute majority without any credible opposition. Absolute power in the hands of a few by all means corrupts absolutely and there’s no second thought to it. Parliamentary democracy guided by Constitution has become an open mockery where in the name of ‘democracy’ rule of law is subverted. Lessons of history show chilling effects on people and nations. The populism and religious fundamentalism we are in is quite dangerous and harmful for the present and future of our country. Brute majority has robbed the institutions of governance which in turn has created consequential effects and grave impact on public confidence. We at present are caught in trust deficit. The society particularly the polity the populace live in by and large losing their trust deficit on those who govern. In such a context a question that looms is: What is to be done? Those who believe in the ethos of accommodation, peace, harmonious living and mutual co-existence of all races, communities, ethnicities cutting across caste, religion, class and host of others must rise and thus bring the current project of the ruling dispensation to a halt by employing democratic and constitutional means and methods. Dr. John Mohan Razu

Can technological democracy protect the environment

social democracy, the idea delirious savants and their non existent entity in the parais simple enough and tacit minions etc. phernalia of the system itself. for both the people and the Lastly, this democratic A newer social democracy is a system. The collective intel- action becomes a primary system conditioning under its ligence dictates the system, directive to further technol- archetype. Where the system and not the other way around. ogy, walk stead-fastly, utilize itself is socially democratic. It The people look at the system natural resources for the col- can allow for both economic with their natural rights and lective (resources that took sectors (central and capitalonus, while the system deliver millions of years to form like ist) to act as an agent for the prerogative and propriety coal and crude oil; billion for economy gains, but in matters assets by also looking at the the mineral ores), quickly of policy and direction, the living condition of the people, climb to higher and safer inept consensus is made to other special departments and technological timeline and go through a crunch down the objective world in a simple leave behind the contagious process to filter the narrative, whole covering idea — the and hazardous products. and this way, well calculated system, based on this sight, [PERORATION 1] and ALL friendly political delve into each issue with Social democracy is steps are made feasible to crosscheck paraphernalia as increasingly gaining inter- apply for growth, stability, a whole. est among intellectuals and environmental care and asDemocracy is not hard a avid informed citizens alike. cension to higher level of concept up for grasp, or rather I would like to present an human civilization. it is a natural obvious objec- instance where in one of the User 1: How does sotive reality like the needle groups in Facebook, I had cial democracy deal with in the compass that always the privilege to experience poverty? point to the true North, a and note down (well, screenUser 2: Social democlittle discussion turns the light shot) a virtual discussion on racy is objectivity oriented in on. It is tacit for everyone, social democracy, which I the realistic sense. It knows and a more transparent one, will reenact it here based on total poverty cannot be eradiquite easily at that. But what identity discretion (I have cated anytime sooner after its role can democracy play to the files with me for proof inception. It has goals and combat the axiomatic climate of evidence). stepwise target. crisis? The answer is surprisUser 1 (makes a post): It initially will utilize ingly simple. The government “Proletariat! It’s time to em- both sectors of economic should listen and work with brace *communist symbol.” agents to provide jobs and the people to crest up efforts User 2 (replies a com- include many diversity of through amalgamated code. ment): I long for a social de- human activities, to expand The course of action should mocracy rather than pure rule growth and economic asset, involve mass education and of the power aristocrats. So- increase innovation and conawareness on the thematic, cial democracy is essentially sumption to increase GDP. through simple and absorbing a democratic communism but Meanwhile, it provides campaign. unlike the ones ushered by the unprecedented and unorthoProblems like hearing Soviets and China. It’s a rule dox pragmatism to accomevery misinformation from of the intellectual elite with modate poverty and homesocial media or verbal in- total transparency (aside from less people with basic but teraction could pose as the national security matters), revolutionised necessities to only stick out to thwart the that way, an egalitarian policy live a healthy and access to campaign. But either through and paraphernalia can thrive tech lifestyle. vocal or hearsay forum, a real to advance and distribute It accounts the reality effort would with all the clear wealth proportionally. that blunt measure to shove steps and inventory ready, User 3: We have social rapid employment would lead would attract the attention democracy now. to overload and crash of the of the people nonetheless. User 2: I think your em- system. However, it facilitates And nobody’s complaining phasis on social democracy is that less fortunate end of the on that, except the ones who based on economic lines. The society as a means of reserve are invested on this end for fact that the government al- for later use. profit through environment lows both central and capitalIt also gives ample opexploitation, some right op- ist to generate economy. That portunity and material grants portunist who have already in itself is social democracy and aids to innovators and enflagged their income on the but on a lower hierarchy of trepreneurs to quickly become rotting end of the system, the system, which makes it a richer, but limit excess surplus Reader’s note: Articles or letters published in any of the columns do not reflect the view of this

(From previous issue) ny effor t or freak accident leading to crystalize the advancement of technology would result into a series of fatal cumulative repercussions. Economies would falter and thereby causing breakdown among interlinking systems. We should allow for the technology to mature by continuing to steadily utilizing the reliable sources of energy at hand. With only little time to spare, we should be very cautious though and take precautionary steps by opting for hybrid alternatives. Leave aside the climate issues arising from global warming just this once and think about the passing of Apophis (meteor) which will come into a close proximity with earth of no closer than 31,200 kilometres, but this will create a huge impact on the gravity of earth, leading to instant climate catastrophe. This kind of problems exist outside the farthest range of our sensory perception, but only because of technology, are we able to reconcile with the looming threat and deploy some form of high grade military operations. There are some conspiracy theories circulating on the internet reading- some powerful nations are building projects to bombard the projectile with nuclear force if Apophis pose a real threat to humanity. Too bad the dinosaurs did not have space stations. E: Role of democracy on this It is clear enough democracy is a naturally people oriented body, and social democracy even more over. Although we may not have means to access into the clandestine politician’s dishonest gains, the overtly fiddling policies remain transparent in a democracy, but again in


of individual wealth. By this way, it builds a vast resource tank of human and monetary values, only to further the civilization and slowly but swiftly assemble almost every individual into the growth ship. While the system itself becomes a rich entity to provide every one with all the technological upgrades and free food source eventually. Its main focus is to enhance technological tool to create link in human condition and conflict priorities. [PERORATION 2] I found this discussion very healthy and intellectual stirring as well as an awareness of real lifestyles and unconscious duties we participates by simply living our regular lives and trying to do the right thing, fitting into every box only so much possible, sharing and understanding the plight of the proletariat elsewhere, being a human with all our personal quirks - in every opportunity

we can afford. I know you guys can relate to this kind of conversation and encounter with people from distant and far region and ethnicity. Well, that’s my experience, what’s your? Conclusion: This article is purported to share some interesting facts and issues that has been making the headlines in the international media of recent, and a tad of awareness extension on the following emerging patterns. Aside from the general message inscribed in this writeup, any subtle interpretation may or may not be intentional for which the writer holds accountable and thereby asks the reader to be formal and make appropriate form of assailing or queries should there be some points on contention. The writer would cordially receive any line of questioning and reciprocate thereof. (Concluded) T Y Tikhir

Reader’s Post

Appeal to F&CS department


Earlier, there were 300 Priority Households (PHH) ration card-holders in Veterinary Colony, Dimapur. However, after the instruction from the Department of Food & Civil Supplies to submit necessary documents for renewal/replacement of ration card, which was duly completed, the number of card holders have drastically come down to 124 only. And the Fair Price Shop (FPS) is releasing ration only to those 124 cards thereby causing hardship to the remaining 176. The 176 card-holders of the system are agitated demanding to know from the Department as to where does their share of ration go when the FPS is issuing ration only to 124. There is likelihood of this aggrieved group of people creating unwanted situation if they are not treated at par with the beneficiaries of the latest list. Therefore, as a leader of the colony, I appeal the Department of Food & Civil Supplies to clarify on the issue and look in the matter positively. Hokuto Zhimo, GB, Veterinary Colony, Dimapur newspaper nor that of the Editor in any manner.



Centre earned Rs 192 cr as NEET2019 entrance fee

Tharoor-headed parl panel to take up WhatsApp snooping case on Nov 20

Bhopal, Nov 6 (IANS): Central government earned more than Rs 192 crore from the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) fees in 2019, according to RTI information. NEET is held for admission to MBBS, BDS and other such courses in medical colleges. Neet 2019 was held on May 5 this year for which online application fees was fixed at Rs 1400 for general and OBC category candidates and Rs 750 for SC/ST candidates. Out of the 15,19,375 candidates who applied for NEET exam, only 14,10,755 candidates appeared. Replying to a RTI query from Neemuch-based activist Chandrashekhar Gaud, the National Testing Agency which conducts the NEET exam and comes under the HRD ministry, said it collected Rs 192,43,22,162 as entrance fees from the 15,19,375 candidates, who enrolled themselves for exam in 2019.

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): A parliamentary standing committee headed by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor will take up the WhatsApp snooping case in its next meeting on November 20, sources said on Wednesday. Tharoor, who heads the parliamentary standing committee on information technology, said in a letter to his panel members that alleged use of the technology for snooping on Indian citizens was a matter of “grave concern” and it would be discussed at the committee’s next meeting on November 20. Facebook-owned WhatsApp on October 31 said Indian journalists and human rights activists were among those globally spied upon by unnamed entities using an Israeli spyware Pegasus. In the letter, sources said, Tharoor urged the committee members that

Chargesheet filed in Chinmayanand case

moves. Sixty-five year old Manjit Singh is among the PMC customer who has gathered at the RBI office. He said he has fixed deposit amounting to lakhs in the bank and his livelihood depends on the interest earned from this deposit. “If this is way the bank deals with their customers, people will lose faith in the banking system,” he said. Tajinder Singh, a senior citizen, said he has been a customer of the bank for the past five years and has deposits of Rs 1.4 crore. Tajinder said he had deposited Rs 40 lakh on September 23, just a day before the cap on withdrawal kicked in. “None of the bank representatives cautioned me of the impending crisis,” he said. Harmeet Singh (28), a salesman by profession, said he had taken a loan to buy a house and deposited Rs 15 lakh in the bank just two months ago.

MUMBAI, NOV 6 (PTI): Amid the stand-off over government formation in Maharashtra, senior Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut meet NCP chief Sharad Pawar in Mumbai on Wednesday. “This was a courtesy call,” Raut told reporters later. The BJP and the Shiv Sena are locked in a bitter tussle over sharing of the chief minister’s post and ministerial portfolios in new government in the state. There has been no head-

way in government formation after results of the state Assembly polls were declared on October 24 in which the BJP won 105 seats, Shiv Sena-56, NCP- 54 and Congress-44. Raut, who is a Rajya Sabha member, earlier said his party was firm on a written assurance from the senior alliance partner over power sharing, including rotation of the chief minister’s post for two-and-a-half years. He also claimed that there was a “consensus” between the


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BJP and the Shiv before the Maharashtra Assembly polls on sharing the chief minister’s post. The NCP on Tuesday said a political alternative can be worked out in the state if the Shiv Sena declared that it had snapped ties with the BJP. Sources in the NCP said their party wants Arvind Sawant, the lone Shiv Sena minister in the Union government, to resign before going ahead further with the Uddhav Thackeray-led party.

Shashi Tharoor (File)

as a democratic republic, “we must ensure adequate safeguards to prevent any misuse of the executive’s powers in an unauthorised manner or for extraneous purposes.” Underlining that the Supreme Court of India has clearly recognised the fundamental right to privacy, Tharoor said there is need to analyse the legality, legitimacy and necessity of any action that infringes on

this right. He said the standing committee members from both the ruling party and the Opposition must work together to safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens. Besides the parliamentary panel on information technology, the panel on Home Affairs will also take up this issue of “snooping” in its next meeting. For its part, WhatsApp had said it was suing NSO Group, an Israeli surveillance firm, that is reportedly behind the technology that helped unnamed entities hack into phones of roughly 1,400 users. These users span across four continents and include diplomats, political dissidents, journalists and senior government officials. Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has asked WhatsApp for a report on the allegations.

TCLPeF for permanent peace (From p-1) Therefore, the house resolved to appeal to the students and the general people not to spread misleading message regarding the accord. Further, the house unanimously resolved to form the apex student body of Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts under the name and style of “Tirap-Changlang & Longding Students’ Federation” (TCLSF) for the welfare of the student community of the three districts. The federation would represent as apex body of three districts on issues in future. It was also resolved that TCLSF would visit all TCL colleges and respec-


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NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): A group of distressed PMC depositors gathered outside the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) office here on Wednesday, seeking an assurance that their deposits in the scam-hit corporative bank are safe and will be returned to them within a stipulated time. On Tuesday, the RBI increased the withdrawal limit from the bank’s customers to Rs 50,000 but this has done little to assuage the concerns of the distressed depositors. Most of the 20-odd depositors who have gathered at the RBI headquarters here are from Tilak Nagar in west Delhi, where the bank has a branch.Taranjit Singh (33) said at least a representative from the RBI should assure them that the deposited amount will be returned in a given time frame. Singh, who is in a private job, has Rs 10 lakh deposited in the scam-hit bank. “The RBI should conduct a press conference and assure us that our money is safe,” he said. Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC Bank), which is among the top 10 urban cooperative banks, was placed under an RBI administrator on September 23 for six months due to massive under-reporting of dud loans. The crisis began after an alleged ?4,355-crore scam came to light and the RBI capped withdrawals at Rs 1,000 per customer from September 24. Subsequently, it raised the withdrawal limits to Rs 50,000 in multiple

Raut meets Pawar amid logjam over govt formation in Maha


PMC depositors gather outside RBI Delhi, demand assurance

tive constituencies to create awareness on “Indo-Naga” peace accord. The meeting held under the chairmanship of Sompha Wangsu was attended by core committee of members of TCLPeF, Longding District Student Union ( LDSU), All Changlang District Students Union (ACDSU), Wancho Students Union (WSU), Ollo Youth Tirap District, Chairman Laju Area VCC, Tirap District, All Tirap Students’ Union (ATSU), Former President- LDSU, Former President and General Secretary Arunachal Naga Students’ Federation (ANSF), Former ZPMs and Nokchom Wangjen (Advocate).

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1. A.N.M. : 2 years course 2. N.A. : 1 year course Address : A.M.I. Office, Naharbari, opposite Hollotoli School, Dimapur Contact : 8258953719/9856485741/ 7005572317 (Hostel available) DP-8160

I WATCH SECURITY & ALLIED SERVICES PVT. AGENCY. Security Guard Training. Intending candidates can obtain forms from the office during office hours (9:00 am to 12:00 pm).


The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive (Cosmetic) Surgery will conduct free OPD consultation on 11th and 12th Nov 2019 from 9 AM to 4 PM. Patients with conditions REQUIRING Cosmetic Surgery, Birth defect, Burn / Traumatic deformity, Vascular Malformation, Skin Cancer, Trauma, Scar / Bedsore etc can avail the facility Kindly contact Reception at 03862-248288 / 248722. DP-8180

• Height 5.4 and above. • Ed. Qualification : Cl-8 passed and above. • 100% placement. • Limited Seats. Office Address : H.No 220, Near Army Gate, Nepali Kashiram, Dimapur : Nagaland. Contact : 8794718628 DP-8171



the Allahabad High Court on November 28. C h i n m aya n a n d i s lodged in the jail following the case lodged against him by the law student under section 376C of the IPC, an offence pertaining to the abuse of one’s position by a person in authority to “induce or seduce” a woman under his charge to have “sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape”. The four accused in the extortion case are the

confinement under section 342 and criminal intimidation under section 506 of the IPC. The SIT was constituted by the Uttar Pradesh government on the orders of the Supreme Court in September to investigate the charges levelled by the woman, who was then a postgraduate student at a college run by Chinmayanand’s trust. The woman went missing on August 24, a day after she posted a video on social media alleging that a “senior leader of the sant community” was harassing and threatening to kill her. Her father had filed a complaint with the police, accusing Chinmayanand of sexually harassing her, a charge refuted by the former Union minister’s lawyer who claimed it was a “conspiracy” to blackmail him. Chinmayanand was later arrested on September 21.


Swami Chinmayanand

woman law student who had charged Chinmayanand with sexual harassment, Sanjay, Vikram and Sachin. All of them are in jail. IG-rank officer Naveen Arora, who is heading the SIT, had said on Tuesday that BJP leaders DPS Rathore and Ajit Singh have also been made accused in the extortion case. Chinmayamand, the law student, and some others were also brought to the court on Wednesday after the charge sheet was filed. The law student and her three male friends were booked under sections 35 (criminal act done with a criminal knowledge or intention), 385 (extortion), 506 (criminal intimidation), 201 (disappearance of evidences) of the Indian Penal Code and section 67 of the Information Technology Act. The 72-year-old Chinmayanand also faces the charges of stalking under section 354 D, wrongful


SHAHJAHANPUR (UP), NOV 6 (PTI): The Special Investigation Team probing sexual harassment allegations against former Union minister Swami Chinmayanand and a related extortion case filed a voluminous charge sheet on Wednesday in the two cases in a court here. “The SIT has filed a 4,700-page charge sheet and case diary in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Omveer Singh,” Chinmayanand’s lawyer Om Singh told PTI. “We will study the charge sheet and the mobile call detail record,” the lawyer said. During the probe, the SIT recorded statements of 105 people and collected 24 physical and 55 documentary evidence. The contents of the charge sheet were not immediately available as the probe team has to file a final report in form of an affidavit in a sealed cover in


Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019


With immense pride and joy, the Moran brothers and sisters take this opportunity to congratulate our sister Zuchobeni E. Lotha who had recently achieved in securing the post of Assistant Professor in commerce under Higher Education, N a g a l a n d Pu b l i c Service Commission. We wish you our heartiest congratulations on your achievement. Everything you have done and accomplished has led to this point and you truly deserved it. You’ve made us all so proud. We wish you once again on your achievement and many more success in your future endeavors. Moran brothers & sisters DC-1594

Onion price rise due to fall in output

Workers dry onions which got wet following heavy rain, in Chikmagalur in Karnataka, Wednesday. (PTI)

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): Onion prices have shot up to Rs 80/kg in the retail market due to 30-40 per cent decline in domestic production and the government is taking all steps to contain the price rise, Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said on Wednesday. In view of high prices, Paswan reviewed the situation of demand, supply and prices with top officials of food and consumer affairs departments for two hours at his residence. The secretaries of both the departments were present. “We have reviewed the onion availability and price situation. Prices have gone up as production (kharif onion) has declined by 30-40

per cent in the country,” Paswan told reporters here. There was a delay in sowing of kharif onion because of late arrival of monsoon and later floods in many states damaged the crop, he said. Stating that prices fluctuate depending on supply-demand, Paswan said currently, there is mismatch in this. However, the government is taking measures to improve availability and check prices. “We are concerned about the situation and the government is trying its best. We have taken maximum steps,” he said. Asked when the prices will cool down, Paswan said, “I am not an astrologer but it should hopefully come down by end of November

or beginning December.” He also appealed consumers and media to give suggestions to address the current crisis. Highlighting measures, Paswan said the government has banned the export of raw and processed onions, imposed stock holding limits on traders besides offloading buffer stock at a cheaper rate of Rs 23.90 per kg to provide relief to consumers. That apart, the government is making efforts to facilitate imports through private trade from Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey and Iran. The Agriculture Ministry has also been asked to liberalise import norms, he said. Paswan said much of the onions from the buffer stock of 57,000 tonnes has been disposed off, while 25 per cent of it has been rotten due to short shelf life of the commodity. Still, 1,525 tonnes is left in the central buffer stock. He also blamed the Delhi government for not lifting the buffer stock and questioning about the quality of the onion. Consumer Affairs Secretary Avinash K Srivastava said onion production is estimated to have declined to 20 lakh tonnes in 2019 kharif season from 30 lakh tonnes in the same season last year.

from the Maharashtra government, but there is substantial fall in the output because of floods, he said. Not only in Delhi, onion prices are ruling high in most of the consuming areas across the country. However in the national capital, onion has been a “politically sensitive” commodity. In Delhi, the availability of onion is being improved from the central buffer stock handled by cooperative Nafed. The buffer stock has been given to Mother Dairy for retailing at a cheaper rate of Rs 23.90 per kg through its 400-odd Safal outlets to provide relief to consumers. However, some of the Safal outlets are running out of stock and poor consumers are returning with disappointment. “I waited for two hours in the queue to buy onions from Safal but when my turn came the stock got over,” said a housemaid Mumtaz who was waiting outside the Safal outlet at Jangpura Extension. The price rise has affected to an extent that in some localities, the customers of a particular colony are requesting the Safal owners not to sell the commodity to outsiders.

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (IANS): IDBI Bank has declared Vijay Mallya a wilful defaulter and issued a public notice on Wednesday with his old passport size photograph for default on payments worth Rs 1,566 crore in respect to Kingfisher Airlines. IDBI Bank NPA Management Group in Mumbai issued a public notice about wilful defaulter with the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines as the borrower and Vijay Mallya as the director and guarantor. The notice carries an old black and white photograph of Vijay Mallya with his address given as UB Tower, Bangalore. Vijay Mallya is currently in London and the Indian government has initiated legal proceedings to seek his extradition. IDBI Bank has informed and cautioned the public through the notice that “no person shall deal with any of the properties of the borrower/guarantor as huge dues are to be recovered from them”. IDBI Bank said these borrowers and guarantors failed and neglected to pay the instalments of principal, interest to IDBI Bank.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Sensex scales fresh closing peak MUMBAI, NOV 6 (PTI): The BSE Sensex resumed its record-setting run on Wednesday -- rallying 222 points to its new lifetime high of 40,469.78 -- as investors accumulated banking and financial stocks amid hopes of more reform measures to boost growth. After opening on a choppy note, the 30-share Sensex touched an all-time intra-day high of 40,606.91 in late-afternoon trade. It finally ended 221.55 points, or 0.55 per cent, higher at 40,469.78. The previous closing high was 40,301.96, hit on November 4 (Monday). Similarly, the broader NSE Nifty briefly reclaimed the 12,000 level, before finishing at 11,966.05, showing a gain of 48.85 points, or 0.41 per cent. Benchmark indices have been on a rising spree on the back of strong earnings, hopes for another economic booster from the government and positive cues from global markets, experts said. Speaking late on Tuesday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the government is working on steps to resolve the issues being faced by realty sector, which has a spillover effect on many industries. Top gainers in the

Sensex pack included ICICI Bank, Infosys, HDFC, IndusInd Bank, Tata Motors, Kotak Bank, Axis Bank, L&T, Yes Bank and HUL, spurting up to 2.64 per cent. On the other hand, Bharti Airtel, RIL, Bajaj Finance, ONGC, HCL Tech, ITC and Sun Pharma slipped up to 3.31 per cent. “Market clocked a new high based on commitment from the FM to speed up reforms in the near future. Realty and financials outperformed in expectation of new measures while metal stocks gained owing to easing global trade war. “Better results from index heavyweights kept expectation high for earnings growth, influencing inves-

Re dives 28 paise to 70.97 against USD BSNL rolls out voluntary retirement scheme

No. 4019 Yesterday’s solution No. 4018

Down 2 Portion of time (6) 3 Skiing race (6) 4 Concealed (3) 5 Cleave (5) 6 Splash (7) 7 Sacred (4) 8 Four-sided figure (6) 12 Stupid pupil (5) 13 Stop (5) 14 Prickly plant (5) 15 Weird (5) 16 Burst out (5) 18 Of the voice (5) 19 Referee (7) 21 Man’s overcoat (6) 22 Animated (6) 23 Nap (6) 25 Paved area (5) 26 Ticket money (4) 28 Floor covering (3)

employees till December 3, 2019. In a notice issued by MTNL to employees recently, it mentioned that “all regular and permanent employees of 50 years and above as on January 31, 2020” are eligible to opt for the scheme.


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The Dimapur Town Nepali Baptist Church has postponed the Lottery Tickets Draw from 9th Nov. 2019 11: 00 A.M to 30 th Dec. 2019, 4:00 P.M. Apologies & All the best to all those with a draw ticket. DP-8165

LOST NOTICE I, Mr. ARKUM LONGKUMER am applying for duplicate copy of Marksheet for HSLC, HSSLC & B.A. 5th & 6th Semester. NAME : ARKUM LONGKUMER FATHER'S NAME : NOKDANG MOTHER'S NAME : C H U B A M E R E N L A ROLL NO. : HSLC-1214067; HSSLC - 1411247 & B.A. AG14160090 REGD. NO. : HSLC-Nil; HSSLC-1212900 & B.A. 14160084 YEAR OF PASSING : HSLC-2012; HSSLC- 2014 & B.A. 2019 INSTITUTION : Christina Memorial Hr. Sec. School - HSLC & HSSLC Easterm Christian College - B.A. DP-8179

Good writing skills for content writing projects. Salary: 15000-25000 Min Qualification: Graduate Email your resume at:

Govt. Recognised

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No. 3045 Yesterday’s solution No. 3044

Across 1 Stupid (5) 6 Be quiet! (5) 9 African river (7) 10 Step (5) 11 Photo book (5) 12 Unclean (5) 13 Fairground prize (7) 15 Before (3) 17 Dutch cheese (4) 18 Facade (6) 19 Thespian (5) 20 Stitch (6) 22 Speech defect (4) 24 Biblical priest (3) 25 Tolerant (7) 26 Ultimate (5) 27 Weasel-like animal (5) 28 Fruit (5) 29 Musical performance (7) 30 Command (5) 31 Kinds (5)

completed year of service and 25 days salary for every year of service left until superannuation. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) too has rolled out a VRS for its employees. The scheme, based on Gujarat Model of VRS, will be open for



No. 9400 Yesterday’s solution No. 9399

given by the government and BSNL employees should see it in a positive frame of mind,” Purwar said. He said the corporation expects 70,000-80,000 employees to opt for the scheme, and added that saving in wage bill is expected to be about Rs 7,000 crore with those numbers. According to `BSNL Voluntar y Retirement Scheme - 2019’ all regular and permanent employees of BSNL including those on deputation to other organisation or posted outside BSNL on deputation basis, who attended the age of 50 years or above are eligible to seek voluntary retirement under the scheme. The amount of exgratia for any eligible employee will be equal to 35 days salary for each


Su doku

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (PTI): Within days of government approving a relief package for the ailing corporation, state-owned BSNL has rolled out a voluntary retirement scheme for its employees, and said it expects 70,000-80,000 personnel to opt for it leading to savings of about Rs 7,000 crore in wage bill. BSNL Chairman and Managing Director P K Purwar told PTI that the scheme will be open between November 4 and December 3, and that instructions have already been given to field units to inform employees about the VRS offering. In all, nearly one lakh BSNL employees are eligible for the VRS out of its total staff strength of 1.50 lakh. “This is the best VRS

PANDOKHION Paying Guest, Kohima



US and China have been hinting at a ‘phase one’ trade deal anytime this month. “Depreciation is getting capped as market has started getting doubtful of the silence amid China’s attempts to push the US to remove more tariffs,” Gupta added. T h e d o l l a r i n d ex , which gauges the greenback’s strength against a basket of six currencies, fell by 0.14 per cent to 97.84.

Meanwhile, foreign institutional investors bought equities worth a net Rs 1,011.49 crore on Wednesday, provisional exchange data showed. “Indian r upee under-performed the most amongst the Asian basket by plunging more than 30 paise against the dollar to trade at 71,” said V K Sharma, Head PCG and Capital Markets Strategy, HDFC Securities. Sharma further said the “rupee did not react negatively towards spike in crude prices and Dollar index in the recent past and perhaps today it has restored the parity with the dollar.” Brent futures, the global oil benchmark, slipped 0.30 per cent to USD 62.77 per barrel. The 10-year government bond yield was at 6.49 per cent.


MUMBAI, NOV 6 (PTI): Snapping its three-session winning streak, the Indian rupee tumbled 28 paise to close at 70.97 against the US dollar on Wednesday as continuing uncertainty over the US-China trade deal affected currency market sentiment worldwide. However, robust foreign fund inflows and easing crude oil prices restricted the fall for the domestic unit, forex brokers said. At the interbank foreign exchange market, the rupee opened at 70.80 and skidded to 71.01 against the greenback intra-day. The local unit finally settled at 70.97, down 28 paise over its previous close. Rahul Gupta, Emkay Global Financial Services’ Head of Currency, said the rupee-dollar spot market has been in a depreciating mode for the past three weeks as

tors to stay in the market,” said Vinod Nair, Head of Research, Geojit Financial Services. Sectorally, BSE realty, bankex, finance, metal, IT, industrials and capital goods indices rose up to 2.59 per cent. On the other hand, consumer durables, telecom and energy tumbled up to 5.30 per cent. Broader BSE midcap index rose 0.15 per cent, while smallcap ended 0.36 per cent lower. Globally, bourses in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul settled higher, while Shanghai ended in the red. Exchanges in Europe were trading on a mixed note in their respective early deals.


business Vijay Mallya declared as The production figures ‘wilful defaulter’ has not yet been received




Location: Naga United Village, Dimapur. NEAR HOPE ACADEMY SCHOOL A plot of land with one Assam building (4 rooms) Kaccha House (3 rooms) Side boundary walls. Rs. 32,50,000/- (Negotiable) Interested Party can contact: #9383013163 #7005941824 No Broker! DP-8172


Over 11,000 scientists declare ‘climate emergency’

The study by 11,258 scientists has formally come out in favour of labelling climate change an ‘emergency’.

energy use, most indicators suggest humans are rapidly heading in the wrong direction, they said. Backward steps include rising meat consumption, more air travel, chopping down forests faster than ever and increase in global carbon dioxide emissions. Scientists said they want the public to ‘understand the magnitude of this crisis, track progress, and realign priorities for alleviating climate change’. The study also departs from other major climate assessments in that it directly addresses the politically sensitive subject of population growth. The research notes that the global decline in fertility rates has ‘substantially slowed’ during the past 20 years, and calls for ‘bold and drastic’ changes in economic growth and population policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Such measures would include policies that strengthen human rights, especially for women and

girls, and make family planning services ‘available to all people.’ “Global surface temperature, ocean heat content, extreme weather and its costs, sea level, ocean acidity and land area are all rising,” Professor Ripple said. “Ice is rapidly disappearing as shown by declining trends in minimum summer Arctic sea ice, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and glacier thickness. All of these rapid changes highlight the urgent need for action.” L e a d a u t h o r, D r Thomas Newsome from the University of Sydney, said measuring global surface temperatures remained important but that a broader set of indicators should be monitored. This includes human population growth, meat consumption, treecover loss, energy consumption, fossil-fuel subsidies and annual economic losses to extreme weather events, he said.

New York, Nov 6 (IANS): US President Donald Trump’s Republican Party has suffered setbacks in two states, losing the governorship of Kentucky and the legislature in Virginia a year away from the presidential election. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin lost re-election very narrowly on Tuesday by less than half-a-per cent or about 5,100 votes, but the loss is significant because Trump had won Kentucky in the 2016 presidential election with a 30 per cent lead. The defeat of Bevin, for whom Trump campaigned, was tempered by the victory of Republican candidates in five other state-wide offices like secretary of state and attorney general, though with smaller margins compared to Trump’s showing an erosion of Republican support. In Virginia both the upper and lower chambers of the state legislature flipped to the Democrats giving them full control of the government for the first time in many decades. Democrat Governor Ralph Northam was already in office. The Republicans kept the governorship of Mississippi with Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves winning with a six per cent lead, much lower than Trump’s 17.8 per cent. New Jersey was a silver lining for Republicans. Complete results were not in by early Wednesday morning but reported that the Republicans

15 killed, 4 hurt in insurgent attack in Thailand B ANG KO K , NOV 6 (IANS): Suspected insurgents killed at least 15 people and wounded four others in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, police said on Wednesday. Media reports saif this is one of the biggest such attacks in the country recent times. Insurgents struck three security posts in Yala province with firearms and explosives late on Tuesday night killing a dozen people, an official from the Internal Security Operations Command told Efe news on Wednesday. About half-adozen security men were injured, three of whom died later. The militants made way with their arms and ammunition. “The areas surrounding the checkpoints have been closed off and are currently under forensic investigation, said a police





Mogadishu, Nov 6 (IANS): Floods claimed 17 lives, displaced over 3,70,000, and destroyed farmland and infrastructure in Somalia, the United Nations office said here on Wednesday. The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said, around 5,47,000 people have been affected by the floods. “In the Belet Weyne district, around 45,500 households (273,000 people) have fled their homes,” Xinhua news agency reported. Farmland, infrastructure and roads were destroyed in some of the worst-hit areas in Hirshabelle, Jubaland and Southwest states, the UN said in its latest update on flooding in Somalia. Rains would contin-

The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said, around 5,47,000 people have been affected by the floods.

ue in November and aid agencies are warning of waterborne diseases and mass displacement, according to the Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM). SWALIM is managed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). According to

Amman, Nov 6 (AP): Jordanian officials say an attacker has stabbed a number of tourists and their tour guide at a popular archaeological site in northern Jordan. The wounded were taken to a hospital and the attacker was arrested. Wednesday’s incident occurred at the ancient city of Jerash. The Public Security directorate said the attacker also stabbed a policeman who tried to stop him. There were no further details, but the al-Ghad newspaper said the tourists were Mexican and suffered

A tourist who was injured in the stabbing is rushed to the King Hussein Medical Center at Amman, Jordan.

serious wounds. An amateur video from the scene showed a woman lying motionless on the ground as someone

Lt. Along Longkumer


Born - 01/08/1982 – Died - 07/11/2006

Yo u r l i f e w a s a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words, missed beyond measures.


Time goes by and you are no more with us. But our hearts are filled with your sweet memories which can never be erased. Loving Family

Loving Mom, Dad, Sister & Brother's


Ref. No.TGUK-CR/4/2019/50

Dated Kma the 5th Nov.2019


Insurgents struck three security posts in Yala province with firearms and explosives late on Tuesday night killing a dozen people.

officer. The attacks are yet to be claimed by any of the rebel groups, as is usually the case in the region, reports Efe news. Attacks and killings are common in the south-

ern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat despite the deployment of 40,000 security forces members and the impositions of states of emergency and martial law. More than 7,000 peo-

ple have been killed in the area since the Muslim separatist movement resumed its armed struggle in 2004 after a decade of relative calm, according to estimates of monitoring organization Deep South Watch.

pressed a towel on her back, with blood splattered on the ground around her. A man sat nearby with an apparent wound to his leg.




SWALIM, high river levels and flooding in Beletweyne and other areas along the Shabelle basin will continue for the next couple of days, given the current situation and rain forecast. The rains could relieve prevailing water crisis in some parts of Puntland in northeast Somalia.

Attacker stabs 3 tourists in Jordan

Late Kheboli H. Swu

UK court rejects Nirav Modi’s new bail application

Through this column, we would like to convey our deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Late Er. Y. Tep, Chief Engineer, PHED, Government of Nagaland, who left us for his heavenly abode on 01/11/2019. Late Er. Y. Tep was not only a dedicated and efficient technocrat but was also a benevolent soul with a heart full of love and kindness, selflessly generous in helping out the needy and the economically weaker sections of the community. Late Er Y.Tep is amongst the few from our community to have reached the pinnacle of his service career through sheer hard work, sincerity, integrity and single-minded devotion. His departure has left a deep vacuum in the family, the community and the state as well. We will always cherish and emulate the legacy of good virtues that he has left behind. He has truly been a blessing to our lives. He'll be deeply missed. We pray for eternal peace to the departed soul. (THOMAS MAGH) (KEHOYI KEZ) General Secretary, TGUK President, TGUK


1ST DEATH ANNIVERSARY of our Beloved Father


Died on 7-11-2018 Those we Love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near. Still Loved, missed and held so dear. K-3013 Loving Wife, Children, Grandchildren & In-laws



5th Semester Unity College, Dimapur. Born: 03/2/1999 – Died 28/10/2019. There’s a word called “Goodbye” - Zujamo Naga (Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God) We the family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual who stood by us physically, financially and emotionally during the illness and demise of our beloved son. We sincerely appreciate your expression of sympathy through your prayer and thoughts. We convey our special thanks to:1. Unity College, Dimapur. 2. Lotha Baptist Church, Dimapur. 3. Old Chandalashung Baptist Church. 4. Prayer Group Dimapur. 5. Dimapur Naga Student Union. 6. Ralan Area Student Union 7. Lotha Student Union, Dimapur. 8. Guwahati Naga Student Union, Pastor and Officers. 9. Elders of Ralan Area 10. Prime Hospital, Dimapur. 11. Eden Hospital, Dimapur 12. Apollo Hospital, Guwahati. 13. Lotha Colony, Dimapur. 14. Kyong Colony, Dimapur. Though we are unable to thank each and every one of you individually who helped in any way, we pray that our Almighty God bless each one of you abundantly. Loving Father, Mother, Brother, Cousins, Relatives & Friends.


London, Nov 6 (PTI): In a setback to Nirav Modi, a UK court on Wednesday rejected a new bail application of the fugitive diamond merchant, who is fighting extradition to India on charges of nearly USD 2 billion PNB fraud and money laundering case. Dressed in a blue sweater and freshly shaved, the 48-year-old was produced before Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London to make another attempt at being let out on bail until his trial in May next year. Judge Emma Arbuthnot rejected his bail application despite Modi’s offer to double security from 2 million pounds to 4 million pounds. Modi was looking distinctly healthier than his previous appearance before the same court earlier this year. He reportedly claimed anxiety and depression in his latest application, with earlier bail applications at the court being rejected by Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot, and then also on appeal at the High Court in London, as he was deemed a flight risk.

were set to gain at least four seats. That won’t be enough to switch control of the legislature now held by Democrats with a 28-seat margin in the 80-member Assembly. With the presidential election just under a year away, Tuesday’s elections showed that Trump’s margins of victory in 2016 had been shaved significantly even when his party candidates won. Looking ahead, according to RealClearPolitics, the authoritative aggregator of polls, as of now all the five front-runners for the Democratic Party nomination - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg - lead Trump by between 4.5 and 10 per cent. Tr ump in a tweet claimed credit for the five Republican wins in Kentucky and the governorship in Mississippi. He even claimed that he had boosted the votes for Bevin 15 points for whom he had campaigned. He added, “Fake News will blame Trump for Bevin’s loss.” Democrat Andy Beshar, who defeated Bevin, concentrated on local issues in his campaign and avoided making it a referendum on impeachment. Bevin has not conceded defeat and is expected to contest the results because of the slender margin. In Virginia, the Republican candidates for the state legislature avoided involving Trump in their campaigns unsure of his effect on the electorate.

Floods claim 17 lives, displace 3,70,000 in Somalia


Washington, Nov 6 (IANS): More than 11,000 scientists in 153 countries have declared a climate emergency around the world and also warned of ‘untold suffering’ unless there is significant transformation in the way humans live. The study by 11,258 scientists called the “World scientists’ warning of a climate emergency,” marks the first time a large group of scientists has formally come out in favour of labelling climate change an ‘emergency’. It was published on Tuesday in the journal Bioscience, spearheaded by ecologists Bill Ripple and Christopher Wolf of Oregon State University, along with William Moomaw, a Tufts University climate scientist, and researchers in Australia and South Africa. The findings focus on six key objectives: replacing fossil fuels; cutting pollutants like methane and soot; restoring and protecting ecosystems; eating less meat; converting the economy to one that is carbon-free and stabilising population growth. “Despite 40 years of global climate negotiations, with few exceptions, we have generally conducted business as usual and have largely failed to address this predicament,” the study stated. Although there are some positive indicators such as declining birth rates and a rise in renewable

Republicans suffer setbacks in US state polls



Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019


DIED : OCTOBER 12, 2019

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" - Romans 8:28. The family of the Late RVS. Zatrong wishes to acknowledge the many expressions of sympathy and gestures of kindness shown to us during the sudden demise of our beloved father. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to the churches, friends , organizations, neighbors, well-wishers and relatives who visited our home and supported us with your presence, prayers, tributes and comforted us during our loss, as well as those who journeyed along with the family till the native village Somdal for burial. We are truly grateful and thankful to God for your valuable support. A Special word of thanks to Dr. Lanu Sungkum, nurses and staff of fellowship nursing home for their kindness, care and respect shown at all times to our Late father. To those who helped in any way, your contribution made our loss more bearable. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgment as an expression of our deepest gratitude to all. "And God is able to bless you abundantly so that in all things at all times, having all that you need you will abound in every good work". -2 Corinthians 9:8. Loving Wife, Children, Grandchildren and extended families.








Metallica pledge $100,000 to help victims of California wildfires


etallica have donated $100,000 (£77,640) to the ongoing wildfire relief efforts in Northern and Southern California, via their All Within My Hands Foundation. The rock giants announced the donation on Twitter, confirming the sum would be split equally between the Wildfire Relief Fund and the Sonoma

County Resilience Fund. “Sadly, for the third year in a row, communities we have called home throughout the state of California are again experiencing the tragedy left in the wake of wildfires,” they wrote. After confirming plans for the donation, they urged fans to donate their own resources too. “We would also like

to encourage you to join us in supporting those in need as well as the first responders who have been working tirelessly to keep Californians safe,” Metallica wrote. “Whether you are able to contribute money, nonperishable food, clothing and other supplies, or your time by volunteering or providing temporary housing, every bit helps.” It comes after the band previously pledged $100,000 to tackle the fires in 2018 and played a relief show in San Francisco in 2017. Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that the metal icons will return for a string of US festival headline shows next summer, their first dates since frontman James Hetfield entered rehab in September for substance abuse. (NME)

Lotha Naga Cultural Society (LNCS) conducted Mr. & Miss Tokhu on November 5 at local ground Wokha at the ongoing Tokhu Emong-cum-mini Hornbill Festival. Hachithung Kikon and Ajanbeni Ovung were declared Mr. & Miss Tokhu 2019. Altogether 10 male and 9 female contestants participated at the event.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

‘Songs of R. Kevichusa: The Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis in talks to Tenyidie Collection’ to be released join ‘The Batman’

Oren Mozhui releases ‘Tokhu Emong’ new English single



he music album of R. Kevichusa is ready to be released on November 17 at RCEMPA, Jotsoma. As part of the initial release, a ‘double album’ consisting of 18 Tenyidie songs, both gospel and secular titled “Songs of R. Kevichusa: The Tenyidie Collection” produced by V. Até Kevichusa will be launched with a concert on November 17 at RCEMPA, Jotsoma at 5 p.m. This album covers the Tenyidie songs composed by R. Kevichusa over the last 40 years and features the most celebrated Angami singers like Mengu Suokhrie, Kenei Chale, Seyievinuo Chuzho, Asin Shurhohozelie, Keneisedenuo Zatsu, Kevino Chüsi, Vimeneno Chücha, Virie, Kekhrie Ringa, UBC Male Voice, Diethozo Thakro, Medongulie Tseikhanuo, Vizho Thakro, Colored Keys and Nise Meruno. It will be accompanied by celebrated Naga

musicians like (Guitarist): Lima Jepi Mongro, Imkumer Jamir, Joey Woch, Kevi Neibulie Kiso, Atsa Lang Roths. Bass: Augustine, Timothy Aonok, Piano and Keyboards, Nise Meruno, Khriesazo Liezietsu, Akok Imsong. Violin: Nourhevilie Khate, Neilhoukholie Chielie and Drums and Percussions-Imli. The album launch concert will feature live performances by all the singers, and the public have been requested to join in the celebration. The concert ticket is priced at Rs. 300 and will be available at the venue.

ctor Andy Serkis is in talks to play Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s trustworthy butler, in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”. While actor Colin Farrell is being eyed for the infamous Penguin. Robert Pattinson is on board to play the title role, Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman and Paul Dano is set to play the Riddler, reports Pre-production on the Warner Bros.-DC Comics adaptation is expected to start this summer. No official start date has been set, although sources told Variety that filming could start in late 2019 or early 2020. “The Batman” is scheduled to hit theatres June 25, 2021. The Penguin, who was once previously played by Danny DeVito in “Batman Returns”, marks Farrell’s first comic-book role since playing Bullseye in 2003’s “Daredevil.” Serkis joins the ranks of Michael Gough, Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons, who have previously played Alfred. Serkis and Reeves have a strong relationship, going back to their days on “Planet of the Apes”, which Reeves directed while Serkis played the key character of Caesar. (IANS)

75th BIRTH ANNIVERSARY Shri. Hozheto Z. Chophi


inger Oren Mozhui has released a brand new song “Tokhu Emong” on the day of Lothas biggest festival. The song is affirmed to be the first ever officially released English song about Tokhu Emong fest. The motive behind the song “Tokhu Emong” is to let the world know about the meaning of the festival, Lotha Naga tribe celebrate “Tokhu Emong” for so many reasons however, the most impressive aspect of this festival is that past mistakes and heart feelings are forgiven and new ties

and bonds of closer intimacy are built again. During these nine days of the festival, delicious food and drinks are prepared to share with all friends and relatives. Sung and composed by Oren mozhui, lyrics by S Richard Humtsoe, music by John Pfokrelo, mastered, mixed and recorded at Clef Ensemble Studio Kohima. The song as distributed on Whatsapp, Facebook and available on different websites like Youtube, saavn, akazoo, amazon, spotify, deezer, I tunes, yandex music, zvook, claromusica and shazam.


SHIKUTO VILLAGE COUNCIL Dhansiripar Sub-Division Dimapur : Nagaland


Hon'ble Ato Kilonser, NPGN/NNC

Quentin Tarantino reveals his favourite film of 2019




Ministry of Info. & Publicity (MIP) NPGN/NNC

(S Zalipu) Village Chief Shikuto Village, Dimapur : Nagaland

(Kenneth) Chairman Shikuto Village Council Dimapur : Nagaland


Bus lono wunikemiqo ghenguno atsala 9/11/2019 lo A-a hipaqolo ngokhe penike pithive ani. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

High School & Secretariat Junction. Tin Pati Junction Razhu Point. TCP Gate . PHQ Junction New Reserve Police Check Gate

9: 30 – 9:40.Am. 9: 40 – 9:50 Am. 9: 50 – 10:00 Am. 10: 00 – 10:10 Am. 10: 10 – 10:20Am. 10: 20 – 10:30Am.


2019. The director released his latest movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in the UK back in August. Now, in a new interview with Deadline, Tarantino, who is always vocal about the films he admires, reveals that his number one choice for the year (so far) is July’s horror flick Crawl. Starring Kaya Scodelario (Skins), the Sam Raimi-produced film sees the cast surrounded by a hell of a lot of alligators. As part of the interview, journalist Pete Hammond reveals: “Tarantino told me that, as incredible as he says it might sound, he thinks his favourite film so far this year just might be – wait for it – Crawl. “That’s right, the alligators-in-a-hurricane movie directed by Alexandre Aja that Paramount released a couple of weeks before QT’s movie came out in July.” NME‘s Jordan Bassett called Crawl a “brutally effective and gore-splattered horror.” Tarantino recently opened up on the future of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood character Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), and what might’ve happened to him after the film. “There are a few different ways his career could have gone depending on who you hitch your horse to of who he is representing,” the director began. “The George Maharis way is this way, the Tye Hardin way is that way. It’s a combination of a few of them. (NME)



uentin Tarantino has revealed his favourite film of


07 - Nov - 2019

Congratulations Sir, You are not getting Older..... Just more distinguished. You're our senior at work and are always friendly to us; we've never seen a dedicated person like you. Your efforts, self confidence inspires us a lot, there are many things to learn from you. On this auspicious day the NPGN/NNC Government both from Army and Civil Wing wishes you a happy and wonderful 75th Birthday.

The Village Chief and the Shikuto Village Council under Dhansiripar Division Dimapur, would like to express our profound gratitude to GOC HQ 3 CORPS Lieutenant General Rajeev Sirohi and Dimapur Battalion Assam Rifles for Construction of a Play Ground at Shikuto Village. The undersigned would like to state that play ground is an outdoor educational institution for all ages and for all seasons. The work was completed on 19th Sept 2019 under the supervision of 5th Assam Rifles Dimapur Nagaland. The Village authority is looking forward for more assistance in days to come.




Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Naga Jaguars and Kohima Eagles win 5th Zasinihu Memorial Trophy begins

PWA emergency meeting DIMAPUR: Phek Wrestling Association (PWA) has convened an emergency meeting on November 9, 9: a.m. at Phek Village Youth Organization (PVYO) office. All the office bearers have been requested to attend the same meeting without fail. The meeting will discuss matter relating to the forthcoming Phek wrestling meet 2020.

Milestones await Rohit as India take on B’desh in Rajkot

on Wednesday at Khuochiezie. (NP)

(14). Nuveto (9) of Naga Jaguars also scored three goals in 26th, 29th and 30th minutes and become the second hat-trick of this tournament.


After the lemon break, Seiminwao (11) of Naga Jaguars FC added two more goals in 34th and 55th minutes whose total goals in a single match are

5. Phekerkriezou FC best effort to score was in vain as Naga jaguars properly checked their attempt. In the second match, Kohima Eagles FC de-

1st match: Invictus FC Vs XII tribes United F.C. at 12: 30 p.m. 2nd match: Fusion FC Vs F.C. Pochury @ 2p.m.

NCA declares senior men’s cricket team list

Kawaljeet Singh (Hyderabad); S&C trainer- P. JENA (Orissa); Physio- D. Krishna Prabhu (Chennai)


Senior men’s cricket team members and NCA officials.





Jamir (Wk), Inakato Zhimomi, Moakumzuk Tzudir. Professional guest players: Stuart Binny, Yogesh Takawale (Wk) and Shrikant Munde. Coach-


We the Italakpe Iheilung Tsaname congratulate Dr. Ziuziu Iheilung, D/o Heilusing Iheilung for being awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in English Language Education. Her thesis is entitled, “English Language Education at the Primary Level in Nagaland” under the supervision of Dr. T. Temsunungsang Jamir from the English & Foreign Languages University, Shillong Campus. With immense joy we praise God the Almighty for upholding her in her endeavour. Italakpe Iheilung Tsaname




We the Changtongya Senso Telongjem Dimapur would like to convey our deepest appreciation and congratulate Shri. Imo Jamir on being promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Income Tax, Govt. of India and for bringing laurel to the villagers. Further the Union, also gives thanks to the Almighty God for the special blessing for Changtongya Villagers in this 2019. May God bless him and his family in all their future endeavours. I. Chungshi Lkr General Secy, C.S.T.D

(VITOI AWOMI, AKUKAU) Secretary Surumi Village Council


With immense pride and honour the Surumi Village Council would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to: 1. Er. SHIKATO JAKHALU, for being promoted to the post of Engineer-in-Chief (T&G) Power. 2. K. ATOLI ACHUMI, for being promoted to the post of Director, Social Welfare. We pray that God grant them wisdom and good health in all their endeavors. (AKUTO SHIKHU, AKUKAU) Chairman Surumi Village Council

Thejasetuo Gwirie of Adroit Boyz, Sechü Zubza became the first hat-trick scorer of the tournament. While in the second match, Phoenix B, Jotsoma defeated Khonoma Students’ Union by 5-3. In the last match of the day, Ferret FC, Jotsoma overcame Jotsoma Students’ Union by a solitary goal to move to the next round. General Secretar y, Angamiapfü Mechü Krotho Shürhivino Nakhro will grace the second day as the match patron on second day. The champions of the tournament will receive a cash of Rs 40,000, runnersup Rs 25,000, while the semi-finalist will received Rs 10,000 each. The individual awards include best defender, best midfielder, best custodian, highest scorer and player of the tournament.

Fixture for Thursday Mezoma Students’ Union vs Thekrunoma FC Jotsoma Sechu Zubza Students’ Union Vs Calvary BKK, Jotsoma Khwuno United, Khonoma Vs Sechuma Students’ Union Vivacious CF Mezoma vs Kiruphema Students’ Union


Through this column, we, the undersigned, on behalf of the GBs and the Village Council, would like to convey sincere gratitude to all the organizations, groups and individuals who have extended prayer, physical, financial and material support to the victims during the flood that ravaged properties at Thahekhu Village Block-3, 4, 7 and 8 on 27th Oct. 2019. We would like to express special thanks to : 1. Block-7 Baptist Fellowship Church for providing meals to the affected victims. 2. Block-7 Baptist Fellowship Church, Youth Department for physical assistance. 3. Mr and Mrs Viyihe Murru for offering their house as temporary relief camp. 4. Thahekhu Vllage Baptist Church Youth Dept. and Students’ Union for physical assistance. 5. Spring Blossom Academy, Thahekhu Bl-7, for spot visitation. Sl. No 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Name Shri Hukiye T Yeptho TVBC DDMA Shri Tovihoto Ayemi Shri Temjen Imna Along Shri Samson Aye

Address Hd. GB, Thahekhu Thahekhu Village Dimapur MLA and Advisor, Power Minister, Nagaland Thahekhu Village

12. 13. 14.

Shri Kakheho Yepthomi Er. Akheto Shohe Shri Kitoho Rotokha


Shri Kuhoi Yepthomi

Thahekhu Village Thahekhu Village Proprietor, Spring Blossom 1 bag of rice Academy, Thahekhu Block - 7 4 kg of sugar 2 kg of milk powder 2 kg of tea leaves VDB Secy, Thahekhu 10 cartons of drinking water 2 racks of egg

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri

24. 25.

Shri Vishito Assumi BJYM, Nagaland


M/S Esther Beverage

27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.

Hukiye sa GHS, Thahekhu Shri Hukato H Yeptho Shri Dominic Vikuho Shri Izhevi Achumi Smti Delight Shri Nihoto Chishi Shri Kisheto Chishi Shri Albert Sümi Smti Ghutoli Swami Mr Kinoto/Miss Leah


I. Nuklu Jamir President C.S.T.D

strengthens among the western region. While urging the players to be discipline as a sportsperson and also give their best during the tournament. Mor also acknowledged the union for taking the initiative for free plastic zone, and further urged the gathering to work together and eradicate the use of plastic for the safeguard of the environment. The representative of Green Team Kohima said the players can be the good ambassador to reduce the single use plastic. It also reminded it was the need of the community to fight against plastic and urged the youth to reduce the use of plastic to fight against the climatic change. Organising committee convenor, Neidilhoutuo Sechü delivered the keynote address, WASU games & sports secretary, Khrieketoukho Rino administered the oath taking to the participating teams and WASU president Bisevi Nakhro chaired the programme. P l ay i n g k n o c k o u t round, defending champions Adroit Boyz, Sechü Zubza thrashed SDO United, Sechü Zubza 6-0 to begin the tournament in style.





KOHIMA, NOV 6 (NPN): The 5th Zasinihu Memorial Trophy organised by the Western Angami Students’ Union (WASU) got underway at WAPO Ground, Sechü Zubza on Wednesday. A total of 15 teams under Western Angami region are participating in the four-day long tournament which will conclude on November 9. The trophy is an acclaimed football tournament of Western Angami Region played biennially under the aegis of Western Angami Students’ Union in tribute and remembrance of Late Zasinihu (Ahu) Zinyii, the first president of Naga Students’ Federation. The inaugural function was graced by commissioner & secretary for works and housing Rovilato Mor, as the special guest. In his speech, he appreciated the family of late Zasinihu who had revived the trophy, where the footballers were given platform to show their skills and ability but also a get together where the players can know each other. He hoped that the trophy will be a platform where goodwill and understanding prevail and relationship


With immense pride and honour, we the KUHUBOTO GHAKHU STUDENTS' UNION would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Miss Tolivi H. Sumi, daughter of Heshito Aye for securing the Post of Asst. Professor in Economics, in the recently declared NPSC Common Educational Services Examination. The Union further wishes greater success in her future endeavors. Sd/Sd/Kabo G. Zhimomi Kiyeto L. Chishi President Gen. Secy.






DIMAPUR: The NaTeam members are galand Cricket Associa- Jonathan Rongsen (Caption has declared the se- tain), Hokaito Zhimomi, nior men’s cricket team Nagaho Chishi, Tahmeed list for Syed Mushtaq Ali Rahman, Imliwati Lemtur, RAJKOT, NOV 6 (IANS): (T20) Trophy for the sea- Oren Ngullie (Wk), TejoIndia stand-in captain Ro- son 2019-20. All Group-E sel Yiethun, Toni Chishi, hit Sharma is on the brink league matches will be Mughavi Wotsa, Aosashi played in Surat, Gujarat. Longchar, Temjentoshi of becoming the first man from his country to play 100 T20I internationals when India take on BanWith utmost gratitude to our Almighty God, gladesh for the second of we the Sümi Hoho with immense pride and the three-match series in honour, convey our heartiest congratulations to Rajkot on Thursday. Rohit will join Shoaib the following officers for being promoted in their Malik of Pakistan (111) respective service and departments. and Indian women’s crick- 1. Hukato Swu, promoted to Judge, Guwahati High Court eter Harmanpreet Kaur 2 Shikato Sema, promoted to Engineer-In(100) in becoming only Chief, Power Department. the third cricketer to play 100 international matches 3. K. Atoli Achumi, promoted to Director, Social Welfare Department in the shortest format of 4. Er. Kahuli Achumi, promoted to Addl.Chief the game. Engineer, PWD (R&B) The pressure will be May you all continue being examples of on Rohit who saw India dedication, sincerity and meritorious excellence lose to Bangladesh in the opener in Delhi last Sun- in your chosen fields, for all Nagas. day by seven wickets. NIKHETO JIMOMI HEKHUSHE SHIKHU General Secretary President Rohit has been proSümi Hoho Sümi Hoho lific in T20s, scoring 2452 runs with four hundreds to his name and 17 fifties. Rohit on Sunday reBAN OF HUNTING & FISHING claimed the top spot in the list of highest run-scorer in This is for general information to all concerned that T20 internationals during the Phushito Village Council has passed a resolution the first T20I at the Arun to enforce total ban on fishing and hunting in the rivers Jaitley Stadium. and jungles within the jurisdiction of the village from Rohit has been trad- immediate effect. The village authority shall strictly apply ing the top spot with regu- the resolution and shall not entertain any request(s) lar skipper Virat Kohli for whatsoever from whosoever. some time now and it was Any individual or group found violating the resolution the latter who was leading of the village authority shall be penalised as per offence the chart with 2,450 runs mentioned below : to his name. Rohit was eight runs • Using pesticides, chemicals and other poisonous substances shall be fined a sum of Rs. 25,000. behind Kohli going into the first T20I against Ban- • Using dynamite and other explosives shall be fined Rs. 10,000. gladesh, and he closed the gap in the first over of the • Using battery, generator, gillnets and other methods of fishing shall be fined Rs. 5,000. match. It was Rohit’s 99th • A sum of Rs. 10,000 shall be imposed for any form T20I, taking him past Maof hunting. Guns and explosives confiscated by the hendra Singh Dhoni for village authority shall be handed over to the police. most appearances in the PHUSHITO AYEMI BOKAITO AYEMI shortest format for India. Head GB. Village Council Chairman

1. Nagaland vs Saurashtra - 08-11-2019 2. Nagaland vs Sikkim09-11-2019 3. Nagaland vs Delhi - 1111-2019 4. Nagaland vs Gujarat 12-11-2019 5.Nagaland vs Jharkhand - 14-11-2019 6. Nagaland vs J & K - 1511-2019 7. Nagaland vs Odisha 17-11-2019

Players of Adroit Boyz, Sechü Zubza and SDO United, Sechü Zubza along with the special guest Rovilato Mor and other at WAPO ground, Wednesday. (NP)

Robin Zhimo Michael Yepthomi Kughaho Yeptho Arwind Damani Mahesh Koteja Umad Singh Kihepu Swu

Material 1 bag of rice

Amount 1,50,000/1,70,000/15,000/50,000/-

1 bag of rice 5 bags of potato 1 bag of onion 3 bags of rice

Class 1 Contractor, Thilixu Secy, UT-1, NSCN, Khango Block 7, Thahekhu Village Co-incharge, Northeast BJYM Treasurer, BJP, Nagaland Hotel Kingfisher Block 7, Thahekhu Village 1 bag of rice 1 carton of egg Block 7, Thahekhu Village 1 carton of egg Dimapur 4 bags of rice 2 bags of potato 1 bag of dal 1 bag of onion 5 cartons of egg Block 7, Thahehkhu Village 20 cartons of drinking water Thahekhu Village Thahekhu Village Thahekhu Village Dimapur Thahekhu Village Block 7, Thahekhu Village Block 7, Thahekhu Village Block 7, Thahekhu Village School Sa, Thahekhu Village Block 7, Thahekhu Village School sa, Thahekhu Village





Though we are not able to thank each one of you individually we pray that God Almighty would bless you all abundantly in return. (MUGHAVI CHISHI) Secretary



K o h i m a , N o v. 6 (NPN): Naga Jaguars FC and Kohima eagles FC registered win after defeating their respective rival in the ongoing 25th Classic Cup organized by Classic Club Kohima at Khuochiezie (Kohima local ground) on Wednesday. In the first match, Naga Jaguars FC made easy defeat over Phekerkriezou FC by 9-1. Seiminwao (11) of Naga Jaguars FC opened the first account in 3th minutes, he also scored 2nd and 3rd goal in 7th and 13th minutes respectively and become the first player completed hat-trick. Kevilevor (4) of Phekerkriezou FC scored the first and only goal for his team in 6th. As Naga Jaguars FC take control of the match and become one sided, the 4th goal came through the boot of Lamninlem

feated Zodic FC Phesema by 2-0. In the first half, both teams had a tough competition where the score board remained nil. However, after the lemon break Kohima Eagles FC came back with stronger determination and energetic. The first goal for Kohima Eagles was scored by Kekhrieletuo (10) in 32nd minutes and the second goal that sealed the match came through the boot of Kumzuk 913) in 62nd minutes in the additional time. Meanwhile, Kethosilie (8) of Kohima Eagles was shown yellow card for unsporting behaviour in the The match in action play between Kohima Eagles FC (black) and Zodic F.C. Phesama field.






Nagaland Post, Dimapur THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Ultra Marathon from Kargil reaches Kohima North East United beat

RD Mathur presenting memento to R. N Ravi at Kohima, Wednesday. (NP) Correspondent

KOHIMA, NOV 6 (NPN): A unique Ultra Marathon was undertaken by air warriors of the Indian Air Force from the Kargil War Memorial, Drass (J&K) on September 21 to the Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima under the banner “Kargil to Kohima (K2K) Glory Run”. The event was undertaken by the Indian Air Force as a part of the ongoing celebrations to commemorate the completion of 20 years of victory during the Kargil War. Speaking at the culmination programme at the Kohima War Cemetery

Wednesday, Nagaland governor R. N Ravi said that all the rivers and valleys that the rallies came across has rich civilization thereby he said it needs to be adequately documented and presented as it will be invaluable learning and teaching material for the youth. Ravi said the air warriors are an inspiration for the youth of the country and said the routes they passed through would inspire many youths to join the IAF. He said the 45 days event has created a wealth of material which can be used by different ministries and institutions, a material for the ministry of youth and sports, ministry of culture

and for the ministry for human resource development. Ravi said the event was an inspirational for the Naga youth culmination at the historical place in Kohima WW-II was apt destination and said this should be reflected in the document because there was a great illiteracy in this country about Nagaland. The governor regretted that wrong information’s has been propagated over a period of time and are demonizing the most evolving civilized people. He reminded that a village that has met its economic, social, political and different needs, sustained and survived for hundreds and hundreds of years was

incredible and it was one of the richest living civilizations in the world and said this fact has to be brought out to the country and this must be known the culmination of glory run was held in the land of very rich civilization. Ravi commented that being head hunters is a war trophy, fought war and took the head as token of victory and it was prevalent all over the world that warriors has invariably done it but unfortunately he said British period has demonetized and created a pervert narrative about Nagas and Naga society which was very uncharitable. Therefore he said the documents that produced must honestly and adequately reflect the ancient and present glory of the people where the journey has culminated as it would be invaluable contribution to the Indian nation. Ravi also paid homage to all the brave hearts of the nation who paid their supreme sacrifice with a He congratulated the air warriors for the successful mission and also complimented that Indian Air Force has made the country proud at every occasion and in times of adversary IAF per formed that rested a vic-

tory out of the jaws of an adverse situations. He also maintained that the Air warriors had brought glory at different levels, glory to AIF for creating a record which will go the annals of history as one the milestone. Air Marshal RD Mathur AVSM, VSM, AOCin-C Eastern Air Command also spoke on the occasion. During the 45 days, the air warriors who were part of the team ran a distance of more than 4500 km through the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam and Nagaland. The team was received by Air Marshal RD Mathur AVSM, VSM, AOC-in-C Eastern air Command. As a part of the expedition, the marathon team paid tribute to all the brave hearts who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Kargil war. The air warriors also interacted with students of schools and colleges enroute to promote awareness for Pedestrian Safety, Swachh Bharat and Swasth Bharat. The team comprising 25 Air Warriors between the age of 21-51 years was led by squadron leader Suresh Razdan.

Hyderabad to top ISL board

Players of North East United and Hyderabad FC in action at Balayogi Stadium.

HYDERABAD, NOV 6 (AGENCIES): Substitute Maximiliano Barreira converted a late penalty as NorthEast United defeated Hyderabad FC 1-0 on Wednesday at the Balayogi Stadium. The Highlanders moved to the top of the standings in the Indian Super League (ISL) with eight points after four matches. Hyderabad, who couldn’t convert their chances, are ninth on the table with just three points. NorthEast opted for the same line-up that played out an entertaining 2-2

draw against FC Goa. Phil Brown brought in Gani Ahmed for Robin Singh to the Hyderabad side that defeated Kerala at the same venue. Marcelinho provided an electric start to the fixture, skipping past Mislav Komorski and pulling the trigger as early as the fifth minute. But Subhasish Roy did well to react in time and prevent the hosts from scoring an early goal. Hyderabad then came close through Mohammed Yasir and Stankovic but were unable to alter the scoreline. Marcelinho and

Abhishek Halder linked well following Komorski’s poor give-away of the ball. Halder set Marko Stankovic up just outside the NorthEast area but the Austrian’s curling effort was inches away from the top corner. At the other end, Uruguayan midfielder Martin Chaves was provided with the best chance of the game when he found himself unmarked at the centre of Hyderabad box with the ball at his feet. But the 21-yearold could not keep his effort on target and wasted the opportunity to provide his team with an unlikely lead.

Adidas reveals official match WC qualifiers: Dheeraj gets maiden call-up as Stimac names squad ball for UEFA EURO 2020

NEW DELHI, NOV 6 (IANS): Sports apparel designer and manufacturer Adidas on Wednesday revealed Uniforia - the Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 2020. Named in honour of the unity and the euphoria that football can bring, the ball is designed to celebrate the togetherness that next years tournament will inspire across the continent as part of its new look for 2020. Drawing inspiration from the tournament’s revamped format which will

see it played out across 12 different European countries for the first time ever, Uniforia’s design commemorates the notion of crossing bridges, blending borders and diversity of fan and athlete through a unique blend of art and football. These elements were the starting point for the design process of the ball which began in 2018. Anika Marie Kennaugh, Product Designer at Adidas, commented: “When designing an Official Match Ball, we always

look to reflect culture; what is the spirit of the street that we can proudly showcase in the stadium. What we saw in our cities is the need to come together and unite for change. As one of the major sporting events in the world, UEFA EURO2020TM is a great opportunity to proudly showcase the power of unity and to celebrate sport as a connector of people, ideas and creativity.” Uniforia’s design features bold, black brushstroke style lines running across the ball, symbolising the blurring of boundaries and crossing of borders as reflective of the competition’s new transcontinental format. These broad strokes are interjected with flashes of bright, light colours throughout, as a celebration of the tournament’s diversity and bringing together of different cultures. As a celebration of unity to mark the 60th anniversary of the competition, UEFA EURO2020TM will be held across 12 countries -- London, Glasgow, Dublin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Munich, Budapest, Rome, Bucharest and Baku.

KOLKATA, NOV 6 (IANS): Young goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem got his maiden call-up to the national team as Indian football team head coach Igor Stimac announced his 26-member squad for the forthcoming World Cup qualifier against Afghanistan and Oman scheduled to be played in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) and Muscat (Oman) on November 14 and 19 respectively. Dheeraj, whose performance under the bar, during FIFA U17 World Cup India 2017 earned him huge praise, became the third player, after skipper Amarjit Singh and defender Anwar Ali, from the India U-17 world cup squad to get summoned to the senior team camp. “Dheeraj is a player for the future. We have always trusted our youngsters and they have also shown their prowess on the pitch. Our first choice goalkeepers are Gurpreet and Amrinder and we have seen Kamaljit and Vishal too. Now we would like to see Dheeraj closely as he belongs to those we should rely on in the future,” coach Stimac said in an All India Football Federation (AIFF) statement. Incidentally, two back-to-back away fixtures are always something which is “not going to be easy with the travelling involved”. “It’s not going to be easy with the travelling involved. But, we are professionals and we know how to take care of our bodies. How we travel,

what we eat, how much we sleep is going to be very important,” Chhetri sounded cautious ahead of the two pivotal matches in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Stimac mentioned it was “not an easy task” to shortlist the players “given the healthy competition” in the team. “I trust them and they know their responsibilities. After watching the league matches since they started, we have shortlisted these

players. Some players who are not on the list also performed highly and came very close to getting selected,” Stimac continued. “It’s not going to be an easy task to select only a few players, given the healthy competition we have in each position. This is a good headache for us.” Squad: Goalkeepers: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Amrinder Singh, Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem; Defenders: Pritam Kotal, Nishu Ku-

mar, Rahul Bheke, Anas Edathodika, Narender, Adil Khan, Sarthak Golui, Subhasish Bose, Mandar Rao Dessai; Midfielders: Udanta Singh, Jackichand Singh, Seiminlen Doungel, Raynier Fernandes, Vinit Rai, Sahal Abdul Samad, Pronay Halder, Anirudh Thapa, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Brandon Fernandes, Ashique Kuruniyan; Forwards: Sunil Chhetri, Farukh Choudhary, Manvir Singh

Liverpool eke out 2-1 victory over Genk

Liverpool players celebrate after a victory goal against KRC Genk in Champions League.

L iv e r pool , N ov 6 (IANS): Liverpool defeated KRC Genk 2-1 to claim first place in Champions League Group E with 9 points from four matches. The holders are one point ahead of Napoli, who could do no better than a 1-1 draw in their match Tuesday

against third-place Red Bull Salzburg, reports Efe news. Genk, still looking for their first-ever win after 15 Champions League matches, are the weakest club in the group and nobody was surprised to see Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp leave Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and

Andrew Robertson on the bench to rest them on Tuesday ahead of Sunday’s Premier League showdown with Manchester City. Even so, the Reds dominated the early going in front of their supporters at Anfield and took the lead in the 14th minute on a goal by Georgin-

io Wijnaldum. The Dutch international scored with an assist from James Milner, Liverpool’s best player of the night, who came close to making it 2-0 seven minutes later. Instead, the next goal was to come from Genk, as an unmarked Mbwana Samatta headed-in a corner in the 41st minute to bring his side level against a seemingly distracted Liverpool. Samatta inspired his teammates and Genk midfielder Bryan Heynen didn’t miss by much two minutes later. The visitors had another chance to go ahead early in the second half, but forward Junya Ito opted to pass instead of taking the high-percentage shot. Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain didn’t hesitate when opportunity knocked in the 53rd minute, converting a pass from Mohamed Salah to put the hosts up 2-1.

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