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Now and Forever Studios You are unique in your own way, why not let that show in you senior pictures?

Your pictures wont look like everyone else’s. You can get what you want without the expensive prices.

Every session is an adventure.

Just like current trends we are always evolving and becoming better.

Its your only chance to get senior pictures. Why not choose the best. We have years of experience, and listen to what you want.




Senior Representatives! We are always on the lookout for new Senior Reps. Our Senior Reps earn tons of FREE stuff including:

All you have to do is download and complete the Senior Representative Application, and then follow the directions on the top

Free- senior session Free- 8x10 print Free- (2)5x7 Free- 12 Wallets 2 Free- Digital Images And 10% off all other Gift Prints


8x10 crop

5x7, 4x6, wallet crop

Gift Prints (2)4x6






Large Prints 11x14








Wallets 10






The Basics: 8x10 2-Gift Prints 20- Wallets Senior proof CD Price: $125.00    

The Essentials: 1-8x10 6- Gift Prints 20- Wallets Senior proof CD Price: $225.00

Silver: 2-8x10 8- Gift Prints 30- Wallets Senior proof CD Price: $350.00

Gold: 2-8x10 11x14 10- Gift Prints 30- Wallets Senior Proof CD 1- Digital Image

Platinum: 11x14 16- Gift Prints 30- Wallets 3- Digital Images

Price: $450.00

Price: $750.00

Don’t Forget your extras!!!!

Bookmarks 10- $15.00

5x7 Picture cards 10-29: $2.00/ each 30-49: $1.50/ each 50-100+: $1.00/ each

4x8 Picture cards 10-29: $2.00/ each 30-49: $1.50/ each 50-100+: $1.00/ each

Bookmark picture cards 2-30: $1.50/ each 32-60: $1.25/ each 62-100+: 1.00/ each



ing r cloth u o y e sur Make

pr n and a e l c is

blem is o tight, this pro to is t a th g in th o ill add Don’t choose cl tographs and w ho p e th is us o usually obvi weight

Make su re eac h ou to dress from h tfit to m ake sure ead to toe. Thin color so k cks, und y ergarme ou have shoes, through the righ nts, belt t s and je welry

AVOID HORIZONTAL STRIPES!! They make you look wider

for in mind our d a h u yo ut y anything you tell us abo that s u ll e t more images ure you Make s r portraits. The e can create nio ew your se the mor le y t s d n y are ideas a ou reall y o h w reflect

Make-up Tips For your session

Eyes Well groomed eyebrows are a must. Enhance eyelashes with a BLACK, waterproof mascara. Dark brown eyeliner is a natural alternative to heavy black eyeliner and compliments all light.

Face Use both SPF-free moisturizer and foundation to prevent reflection and to enhance skins natural glow. Use a translucent powder to set.

Cheeks Don’t be afraid to have a little color to the apples of the cheekbones.(petal pink) It will really brighten up the appearance of the face.

Lips Glossy! Shiny! Color! Lips are best in reds, berries, and browns, No frosty pink. Buy glosses in any berry color.

t migh u o Y . es raits ssion. To t r o p e your r your s n i e o f b will ur nails s d n o Don’t r ha int y t , you e or pa s l r i sessio ry out a ne G fil o n t w hai t portr … you mi wan aits ght no r or make ! o up t reco to gnize style for y the p erson our i n the Think abou t having on e of your o repeat you utfit r eye color. Especially a selections or sweater. long sleeve shirt h otograp h p t o n s r doe er! Glitte or wherever the t t li g r a n’t we n you Girls, Do es white spots o ak well. It m glitter is.

If you w ea frames s r glasses, try an o you do d n’t get a get a pair of e ny glass mpty glare

If you choose BRING: your favorite outfit, your sports memorabilia, your car, hobbies, your favorite jeans, your teddy bear, JUST BE YOURSELF!

Dark c colors olors tend to tend to ma make yo u ke yo u look look slimm er…l bigge ight r.

Girls Jeans destroyed jeans skinny jeans mini skirts shorts layered tops Tees tank tops playful dresses

Don’t forget the accessories:

Long necklaces hats earrings belts sunglasses scarves boots prom dresses sneakers swingy skirts bracelets hoodies, sweaters high heels jackets flip flops and sports uniforms. a n d s p o r t s equ Reminder: the simpler the better, try to avoid bigi p m e n t patterns and stripes  



Hats – watches – ties - flip flops – sunglasses belts- ball caps – beanies – sneakers – boots sports equipment (pads, shoes, ball)

What you need to know for you session!!

TIME FRAME Sessions range anywhere between ½ hour and as long as 2 hours. This time will vary based on locations, number of clothing changes, number of different hairstyles (though we ask that you stay with one or two SIMPLE hairstyles), and in some cases, weather. Our photographers have found that they are the most relaxed and you (the senior) are most relaxed when parents/friends/family members are having a cup of coffee or exploring a new book at a location away from the photo shoot. So please plan accordingly. UH OH… If something comes up prior to your session please contact Now and Forever Studios at least 2 hours before your session to reschedule.

ITS RAINING!!! Rain or snow does not always mean that your session is canceled… so don’t assume it is! In fact some of the best shots can be made on a rainy/snowy, overcast day. If you aren’t sure please call.

WHAT ABOUT SESSION FEES? All sessions are $35. This payment is due on the day of your session.

LAGRANGE, OH (440) 371-4686


Its time to celebrate

2013 Senior Price Guide  

2013 Now and Forever Studios Senior Price Guide

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