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Dear diary, Im kind of nervous going in to Campbell Alexanders office. What if he’s kind of

intimidating or doesn't even want to take up my case because I’m so young? what if he kicks me out of the office and tell me to never return? should i be thinking this

irrational? I’m just gonna walk straight into that office and tell him my problem. I know what I'm doing is right and for the best of both Kate and I (although it sounds like I'm being selfish) and i also have jesse on my side. Besides if he wasn't on my side why would he be my accomplice still in taking me to see Campbell?

Dear diary, So today i went in to see Campbell Alexander, and it went better than i thought. We

talked about the possibilities of what could happen to Kate if things didn't work out and for some odd reason when i told him i want control of my own body he became kind

of .... vulnerable to what i had to say and everything seemed to fall into place quicker

than i thought. But basically why I'm writing today is because..well... Campbell AGREED to take my case. The sad part is how is he going to break it down to my parents that i am suing them for the right of my body. Dear Diary, Today my mom receive the letter in the hospital. As i am writing in my diary, tears are

falling from my face onto my book. I have never seen my mom so

disappointed in me

like i have today. I tried defending myself but i couldn't because she wouldn't listen to

anything i have to say and to make it worse she opened the letter in the hospital where

Kate can hear that i don’t want to no longer be apart of her “bodily donation” anymore. But before mom could finish reading of course the attention was on Kate again because she started to cry out in pain. In a way i feel like I'm letting my family down and looking

at Kate i feel like I'm beginning to make a mistake. But back to the reason why I'm crying is because mom got so angry at me and wanted me to drop the lawsuit and i refused up to the point where she slapped me. I’m not crying because it physically hurts I'm crying because I'm emotionally hurt that my mom doesn't even love me she’s just using me.

Dear diary,

It seems as though, everyone is on my side but my mom. She continues to be

selfish and acts on Kate's part only. My dad on the other hand he’s so much

more assuring and fair. Not just my dad but even jesse and Kate. Kate doesn't talk to me with anger she expresses her emotion far deeper than mom does.

Mom expresses anger towards me towards my lawsuit towards what i want. She said she’ll never hate me but I'm not buying it. Its not just me, I know deep down

jesse is hurting because mom and dad found out about Kate's cancer diagnoses when she was two can you imagine what neglect Jesse must have felt. I

understand that Kate needs more attention but it doesn’t mean not showing

your other children love either. Jesse is a good guy he's contend with what love mom and dad has given him. Dear diary, We didn't talk much about my lawsuit today. We were at the hospital with Kate. The

doctor said that Kate is at the last stage of her kidney failure and she needed an exact

kidney match for her(which is me ) -_- . well gotta go bc mom’s shouting my name for “ another family” meeting. This’ll be interesting....not!


Anna's diary

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