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Inside the Mind of Putin Does Root Canal Cause Breast Cancer? sue s I r e mm u S re 2016 PMay

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A look at the tenacious Senator Elizabeth Warren

How to to How Start aa Start Start Start-Up Start--Up Are You Still Hiding From

Google+? Power and Control How to Take Yours Back

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Message From the Editor’s Desk


Are You Still Hiding from Google Plus

Tracy Repchuk

Does Root Canal Cause Breast Cancer?



Elizabeth Warren

By Cynthia Lardner

By Social Media Expert

21 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Summer 2016


Fire in The Belly


By Anna Corsaro & Daniel Djouder



Lovely But Discretion Advised

Pomp & Circumstance

by Tensie Taylor,

By Danielle Joworski, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Inside the Mind of Putin.

112 Perception of Professionalism By Terry Wildemann

Mentoring More than Just talking & Listening


By Coach Allison


How to Start a Start Start--Up


Power and Control How to Take Yours Back

Lily Sanders By Lisa ETsou The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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It is Good To Be Queen! By Lily Sanders

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations Coming this Summer Nations— —An E Magazine Special Summer.. Page 8 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Wine, Olive Oil & Agriculture in Calabria



Kitchen Space 101 By Sherry Burton Ways

By Katarina Andersson


Nick Brandt


International Summit Women

By Phyllis Chesler

of Global Change

The 11 Success Stoppers

By Kim Kasparian



LAEO Presents

The Chew’s Chef Carla Hall



By Richard Bach

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Let’s Talk About Epigenetic

She’s A Vet!

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NAFE 206

Conferences Schedules 2016

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Transformation For Succes Page 10 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Anna Mann

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The Chew’s Chef Karla Hall

Laura Brin HER: Hope, Educate.Rise



Sher By Danielle Joworski

Auth Psyc

Althea Ledford, Editor

Kim Kasparian Owner Success Ge-

Terry Wildemann

Tensie Taylor

Katarina Anderson

Author, TV. Host Page 12 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Wine Expert.

Coach Allison Health and Lifestyle Coach, T.V. Host

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Tracey Ehman

On-line Presence Coach

aniel Djouder

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What is a Female Executive? I am the one that makes the bread, weaves the fabric, creates the peace, negotiates the smiles, shuts it down and wakes it all back up. I am the Swiss Army Knife of mankind. I am the one that gives birth and keeps life goingwhether I have to nudge it with my heart, my mind, my blood or my foot! I keep the bass rhythm of life moving. I am that female that executes the needed, the necessary and the fantastic. I am THAT female executive.

-Althea Ledford

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From the Editor and Chief Creative Officer

You can learn a lot about a person by watching them, listening too – it’s almost the same thing. You can learn more by watching how they problem solve. You can learn exponentially more by watching them navigate the unfamiliar. And finally you can learn the best information by watching them try or survive a situation in which they are about to fail. How do they respond? Do they start blaming other people? Do they lose their temper? Do they implode, cry and give up? Do they try and hide the failure. OR, or do they simply try to report back their findings to the next effort? You can learn so much by watching people face a failure. This is often the greatest test of their character. Here are some recent and past “failures” that actually gave of themselves to the ultimate purpose, at the expense of their own wellbeing. The firemen that walked back into the twin towers on 911- aware that they may not return. The mothers that continue in the birth process so their baby can live even if they don’t. The hundreds of test pilots that maintain their composure while aware that this may be the end. The thousands of people that fight causes they will not see the end results of in their lifetime. Having the faith that someone will continue the work. Then finally Christ that told the truth at the cost of his life so that we would have that information and subsequently live. You can learn a lot by watching people face the possibility of failure and still retain the integrity of Their dreams. “I have as Dream” Dr. Martin Luther King. I hope you enjoy this issue. -Althea Ledford Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Turkey Turkey:

Lovely But Discretion Advised By Anna Corsaro & Daniel Djouder Page 30 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The border means more than a customs house, a passport officer, a man with a gun. Over there everything is going to be different; life is never going to be quite the same again after your passport has been stamped. — Graham Greene Page 31 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Turkey, beautiful nature, excellent food, spectacular architecture. And the people, joyful, hospitable and generous. Also a democratic country, secular state and an important NATO member. Populated by 77 million people of whom 99% are Muslim. For its position it's a natural bridge between the East and the West, it was home to a rich variety of peoples and civilizations. Until some time ago it was a tourist's dream destination and nearly 40 million foreigners visited the country every year, but today the situation has changed. President Erdogan is introducing a series of reforms that are slowly turning secular Turkey into a more fundamentalist state. Walking through the city one can Page 32 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

notice .the Turkish flag on display on shops and homes as an act of protest against the government which is changing the constitution in more fundamentalist forms. Following the reforms of Ataturk, for example, it was forbidden for women to wear the veil. Today, especially in the inland areas, it is very common to see women with the chador or burqa despite the intense heat

The CHADOR originated in Iran. It's black and covers the head and shoulders, however, it leaves the face exposed. The BURKA covers the body completely, leaving only a small grid before the eyes to allow the view. It was introduced in Afghanistan and until the 80's it was as seldom used traditional dress. Later, the Talibans made it mandatory to wear it.Subscription It is usually blue. link www.female-exec.com/s.html

A few days ago the U.S. Department issued a warning, replicated by many other countries.

“The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens against travel to southeastern Turkey due to an increased threat of terrorist attacks from both international and indigenous terror groups.” From travel.state.gov There are many areas in where it is no longer recommended to travel, or if unavoidable it is necessary to take special precautions.If you decide to go to Turkey keep well in mind that the war in neighboring Syria, the local terrorism and the frequent rallies against the government make the situation complex situation and dangerous in some areas.

gained control over a good portion of the territory.It is not recommended then to go within 6 miles from the Syrian border or in the areas of Hakkari, Siirt, Sirnak, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis, Tunceli, Batman, Mus, Diyarbakir and Hatay, Which border Iraq and Syria, due to terrorist threat, abduction risk and violent conflicts.

Mount Ararat The eastern provinces of Igdir is a special military zone with restricted access. Travel permissions to enter the area or to climb are no longer issued. Also, danger of kidnapping is present.


Zone of Extreme Risk

Terrorists' favorite target is tourism. This is a summary of recent attacks.

Along the border between Syria and Turkey, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has

- On the afternoon of December 1, 2015 there was

Page 33 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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an explosion at Bayrampasa station of Istanbul's underground. The Turkish authorities had previously issued a warning for possible attacks directed against Istanbul's metro network, including stations located in high-traffic areas. - A suicide bomber killed 10 people in Istanbul Sultanahmet tourist district on January 12 2016. - On February 17 in Ankara 28 people were killed and 61 wounded. Another massacre had already been perpetrated in the city.

rotests take place regularly. They often happen during important national anniversaries and there are likely to be additional security measures in place in major cities on these dates. Stay vigilant and I suggest avoiding those events even if they look pacific. In the rallies in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Adana the Turkish police have repressed demonstrators who protested against a massacre allegedly by government forces in the district of Cizre.Case History:

In addition to tourist sites, all the other places visited by western foreigners are a possible target. In view of the upsurge in clashes between the PKK on one side and the Turkish military and police forces on the other, it is strongly discouraged to travel in the eastern and southeastern border provinces.

In May 2015 two heroic journalists, director Can DĂźndar and managing editor Erdem Gul of Cumhuriyet newspaper, dared to publish photos, videos and witnesses' accounts of the passage of weapons to ISIL terrorists in Syria with trucks escorted by Turkish secret services.

Rallies In Istanbul, in the Kizilay district of central Ankara and on the waterfront area in central Izmir Page 34 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

No Freedom For the Media

Specifically, a truck that would have to change hands from Ankara's intelligence service to the fundamentalists and was stopped and searched by the Turkish gendarmerie Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

in the south at the beginning of 2014. Allegedly, the truck was found to be loaded with weapons. The two journalists who had bravely done their job, instead of receiving a medal for their discoveries, were paradoxically put behind bars for three months on charges of "espionage, attempts to overthrow the government and support for terrorism" and the Prosecutor may request a life sentence. Erdogan had warned them that he would pay a "heavy price" for the revelations, that brought embarrassment to the government in Ankara, which was repeatedly accused of supporting the jihadi groups in Syria and leaving its territory open for passage, the so-called jihad highways. After the Supreme Court ruled their detention as unconstitutional, the Turkish President again went on record staying "I will remain silent to the decision the court has given. But I don't need to accept it, I want to make that clear. I don't obey or respect the decision." Page 35 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Joe Biden, on a visit to Istanbul in mid-January, stated that the media were being “intimidated or imprisoned for critical reporting” in Turkey. "If you do not have the ability to express your own opinion, to criticize policy, offer competing ideas without fear of intimidation or retribution, then your country is being robbed of opportunity." On a similar note, Reporters Without Borders has called Turkey "the biggest prison for journalists", backing up this claim with statistics at hand.

Kidnapping The most dangerous areas for kidnapping are the border close to Syria, Iraq and Iran in southeast Turkey. It is advised that to adopt extreme in those locations and in the area east of the line connecting the cities of Sivas, Malatya and Mardin Groups, since terrorist organizations such as ISIL and Jabat Al Nusra Front use kidnapping to finance their activities. Reports show that those Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

terrorist organizations are capable of operating across the border and they target foreigners specifically.

standards, while rural areas are much more modest.

Rape and Sexual Assault

In Turkey, the level of crime is not very high, but there are exceptions. I suggest not to accept convivial offerings from strangers encountered by chance on the street, though they may appear friendly or reliable, especially in Istanbul and in tourist areas. There are famous scams perpetrated by a friendly-looking conmen who take tourists, preferably those who travel alone, to sketchy restaurants or clubs, where for an ordinary drink they are presented with very hefty bills. Also, if asked for, do not accept anything such as written messages, parcels, letters to be delivered inside or outside Turkey. Be careful as well that nobody puts anything inside your purse, pockets, or luggage.

Turkey is one of many other countries where in recent years the female murder and sexual assault rates have risen impressively. This plague affects indistinctly locals and foreign women, with a full array of other “smaller� offenses including being harassed, touched, verbally abused and more. Since you are a woman and traveling you will stand out, the best way to avoid trouble is therefore to blend in. When dealing with men it is best to keep civil but detached manners, as the locals may treat friendliness as a green light. Also, it is best to wear sober clothes. Try to adapt to the style of the place you are in. Remember that large cities have a looser dress code, although not as loose as by Western Page 36 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Common Criminality

Public Places It is not recommended to eat or drink in place where there is no menu with prices. If the waiter brings to the table products you have not ordered e.g. chips or Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

peanuts if you have no intention to pay for them you need to send them back immediately. Unfortunately, even here are some managers who try to take advantage of foreigners. If you have a problem in a restaurant it is useless to call the police, they will not help with that and the only thing that will do is to tell you to go to the Consumer Rights Office to file a complaint.

Mobile Phone If you go to Turkey for a short period and you wish to buy a Turkish SIM card for your mobile, you must apply through your Turkish telephone provider to register your mobile phone at the Institute of Turkish Telecommunications, in order to avoid the automatic lock out. To be able to buy a Turkish SIM card for your mobile phone or tablet you must submit your passport.

Picture Taking As anywhere else in the world, it is severely . Page 37 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

forbidden to take photos of military locations and buildings, and other governmental premises in general. A fact a little less know to the foreigners and which may get you in trouble is that it also prohibited to take pictures of all state symbols, and particularly of the flag and of the figure of AtatĂźrk, that you will find everywhere either depicted or as as a statue Hotels & Apartments In recent years there have been many complaints for theft in tourist apartments and hotels, even those which employ magnetic cards for access. Beside the usual recommendations of not leaving valuables in your room, not even if there is a safe, be aware of the fact that reports show that in several instances also clothes were stolen.

Rental Cars The driving situation is very different than in the US. The road network is inadequate, drivers are often reckless and have an aggressive style. In rural areas at night you can easily come across Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

vehicles traveling with their lights off the wrong way. Especially in the summer there are many accidents. If you are unfortunate enough to have one you are obliged to wait the arrival of the police for investigation. If you do not have the money to pay a possible fine of the car will be seized until the fine is paid. In the case of speeding, driving while intoxicated and / or under the influence your license can be withdrawn and you can be banned from driving on the territory for a period to be determined. In all those instances the law is less strict than in the US, but keep in mind that insurance provides a very low ceiling, and you can risk to have to pay out of your pocket for compensation for damages.Taxis Most taxi drivers are honest but still, as it happens in many tourist locations around the world there are drivers who are looking to extend the path to the client's destination to inflate the bill, especially in Istanbul. Check the Istanbul Ataturk Airport site where you can find suggestions about to avoid this inconvenience. Page 38 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Final General Travel Advice The whole country is exposed to seismic risk, but not more than certain areas of California. Yet, most buildings are not antiseismic certified and don't expect to find the same level of organization in the disaster response after an earthquake. Another problem is the thousands of stray dogs and cats in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities. Dogs Often travel together in packs and attack pedestrians and joggers. Don't underestimate their threat, especially when they are in a pack, they attack to tear to pieces just as would a pack of wolves. Last, but not least, with the globalization many techniques to cheat and scam tourists and travelers have spread around the world. Now we must accept the fact that it is more important to be Clever rather than Polite with strangers we meet on our travels if we want to be safe, so don't be afraid to appear a little rude if need be, especially when you run into persistent offerings. Keep those tips in minds and you will be guaranteed to enjoy your stay in this ancient and beautiful land. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Anna Corsaro


She is a Multilingual Senior Crisis and Homeland Security Advisor, with several years at the service of Governments and Corporations. She is the Managing Director for Hemeis Consulting and her company provides Advice and Training in: Management Consulting | Crisis Prevention | Intelligence Analysis | Counter-Espionage | Counter-Terrorism | Criminal Organizations | Man-Made Disasters | Corporate Crime | Union Strike and Negotiation | Crisis Communication | Crisis of Malevolence | Post-Conflict Recovery | Seminars | Workshops | Conference | Keynote Speeches Keep in touch with Anna: E-mail:annacorsaro@hemeisconsulting.com LinkedIn: AnnaCorsaro Twitter: @AnnaCorsaroAdv

Daniel Djouder

Daniel Djouder

He is a Multilingual Economic and Geopolitical Analyst who works as a team-member for Hemeis Consulting. He holds an MA in Law and Economics with honors, an MA in International Relations and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence. He writes articles for Geopolitical Monitor Intelligence Corp., The Daily Journalist, and Forbes. Keep in touch with Daniel: Email: danieldjouder@hemeisconsulting.com LinkedIn: Daniel Djouder Twitter: @DanielDjouder

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Page 40 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Support the American Heart Association www.heart.org Page 41 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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More than Just Talking Communication Strategies Amplify Mentoring Results

By Danielle Joworski, B. Sc., B.Ed (Adult Education), PGCert Educati Author | Speaker | Writer | Content Educator http://www.daniellejoworski.co Page 42 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

g & Listening:

ional Leadership om. Page 43 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

https://issuu.com/nafelosangeles/ docs/_magazine_april_2016_issue_1_ Mentoring is no different. It’s reliance on an individual’s desire to grow and develop on a personal and/or professional level creates an avenue for a connection to be formed between two people. The ability for people to strengthen this connection in order to achieve results and some type of agreed upon Return on Investment (ROI), is reliant on the ability for people to communicate effectively with each other, and adapt their styles as the relationship changes. As the needs of each individual changes. I share in The ATHENA Prodigies that communication throughout a mentoring process is not static; it is fluid and needs to flow to meet the needs of the dyad. Challenges and barriers along with personal growth and development will change the Page 44 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

needs, type or style of questions being asked and responses being provided by both the mentor and mentee. The ability of the mentoring pair (dyad) to adapt how they communicate with each other over the duration of their relationship will have an impact on their results. Think back to how you have maintained value-added relationships. Do you relate to each other exactly the same as when you first met? Has your communication style or approach changed over time? How did you know to adjust your style or approach? In a similar fashion to personal relationships, the ability to flex or adapt communication styles and approaches is pivotal if members of a dyad are to maintain and build from the pillars I have discussed in past columns: the desire to mentor or be mentored, the strengthening of the Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

emotional connection, and the dualcommitment towards a path of success.

Effective communication involves more than just having a few, practiced skills and experience in a toolkit. It can encompass distinguishing how a mentor or mentee learns most effectively, what their personality is, or language, cultural or generational differences and more. In The ATHENA Prodigies, I focus the process of effective communication on the incorporation of personal elements that can provide a sense of emotional value to either individual in a dyad. As part of any roadmap established by the dyad, and discussed in my last column, it should include dedicated time engaged in conversation around goals and results, needs and barriers, assessing skill or knowledge gaps and defining next steps. How the dyad evolves their communication with each other as their roadmap is followed can be indicative of the ROI on the mentoring relationship.

Page 45 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

1 Communication Strategies to Boost Mentoring Success

Face-to-Face Having a face-to-face conversation with someone else can make you feel so much more vulnerable than talking to someone electronically. You can’t hide your actions or emotions as well when somebody else is looking at you, whether it be in person or via a video communication. You also can’t hide if you are distracted by your cell phone, video game, co-workers or friends stopping into to see you. This means that the attention level and engagement between the dyad should be higher as distractions and the ability to be opaque are limited. Closing office doors in a workplace setting, closing a door or moving to a quiet room in a house or classroom for parents, teachers and caregivers, creates a sense of privacy. This enhances the creation of a safe environment needed that I discussed in the April column, nurtures any feelings of vulnerability and helps to create that bond of trust between the dyad.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Being face-to-face can also create a sense of intimacy and increases the emotional connection within the dyad, as the opportunity exists for emotions driving behaviours and actions to be picked up via facial expressions and body language; visual cues that are lost when using voice-only communication. These cues may provide hidden clues to struggles and barriers that a mentor or mentee are experiencing and may become the cog in results if not identified, discussed and resolved.

2 Ask open ended questions For a mentee, open-ended questions allow for more details to be learned; these details can be what links concepts or processes together (e.g. How would I best learn how to ‌ ? Why do we have short-term and longterm goals? How would I apply using fractions in real life? ). For the mentor, being asked open-ended questions draw on their knowledge at a deeper level, usually causing them to have to reflect on what they know and their Page 46 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

experience in order to formulate the best possible answer or provide the mentee with more than one scenario or answer to the question. This reinforces the mentors expertise and sense of confidence in not only being able to provide a value-added answer, but to be able to communicate it in a way that someone else will be able to utilize their experience. The use of open-ended questions allows for mentors to create case studies and scenarios to challenge the mentees growing knowledge and experience. This requires a higher level of cognitive thinking and creates connections between knowledge and experience. These types of questions can create a bit of fun for mentors, as they can use their imagination faculties to be creative in constructing fun, theoretical scenarios for the mentee. From the mentees perspective, the use of these type of open ended questions really draws on their ability to connect multiple ideas and concepts together with details Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

and can showcase the knowledge, decisionmaking, and problem solving skills that they have acquired.

3 Really listen This may seem obvious, but effective listening encompasses hearing what is being said but also listening to what is not being said. It encompasses the use of both passive and active listening and can include relying on your intuition to provide a holistic perspective of what someone is really trying to communicate. For a mentor, listening to the subtle undertones of discouragement, frustration or peaked curiosity and excitement creates a multi-dimensional style whereby they listen to words but hear the feeling. What is not being communicated by a mentee can highlight skill gaps, a growing area of interest or an area where the dyad needs to concentrate more effort on. There may be other underlying

Page 47 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

factors causing positive or negative emotions that are completely unrelated to the discussion at hand, but it is the mentors role to gently massage out any factors that may inhibit a mentees ability to succeed. For the mentee, listening is critical to learning a new task or activity correctly, the first time. To not only know something but understand the finite details that will assist them in moving forward in their development or hinder or erode what they have learned. If there is a safety component to something a mentee is learning, or a mentor is trying to help the mentee avoid making a mistake that the mentor learned through their own tribulations, mentees need to be intentional in their listening, and ask questions if they do not understand what was communicated to them or re-iterate what they heard to re-inforce the correct communication.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Effective communication at any stage of a mentoring relationship, whether it be at the beginning, maturing or at its completion, can impact the materialization of the results and ROI from the dyad. This impact can be seen as

positive outcomes: increase sales, decreased inefficiencies, advanced knowledge and skill attainment, confidence, increased grades and improved behaviors. These high-level outcomes can typically be measured and assigned a value to depict the growth and development of a dyad. However, there are other positive outcomes that are more subtle but can have an equivalent Page 48 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

degree of impact on the ability for either a mentor or mentee to increase their finesse to responding to experiences in the workplace, home or classroom. When a mentee is exposed to a mentor whose has learned how to draw on their experience and flex their communication prowess over the course of the relationship, they have been exposed to a wide range of styles and processes which they can then impart and use on others. Whether it be a people leader to a team member, parent to a child, teacher to a student, becoming skilled at sensing when they need to relate to somebody else in a different manner, and then possessing these skills can impact their ability to collaborate, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

make decisions with others and be clear in their own communication. For a mentoring dyad, effective communication can result in early adjustments made to the roadmap so that mistakes and misses are avoided early on, or effective transfer of knowledge and skills that is right the first time. It can be the corner-

stone to the development and growth of the emotional connection between people or can be the cog that delays results or makes them more difficult to achieve. When a roadmap for success has been established and ROI’s defined, how the time that a dyad spends in conversation with each other is utilized is critical. Being effective communicators across the changing landscape of a mentoring relationship can fuel the desire and emotional connection between the dyad, resulting in each individual feeling valued for their contribution not only to the success of the other, but to the continued growth and development of their own skills.

Page 49 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

About Danielle Joworski B. Sc., BEd - ADED Danielle Joworski holds has woven elements of writing throughout her career as a leader and educator. In 2015, she made the decision to be authentic to her true calling and resigned from her corporate life to spend more time with her family and nurture her dream to write. Her first book, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls, was an international best-seller and represented her own journey of empowerment. As an adult educator and trainer she is an advocate of using critical reflection as a powerful learning tool and uses it to mentor others. Her writing focuses on empowering women by sharing lessons from her own professional experiences across different industries and leadership positions while working fulltime as a wife and Mom. Danielle focuses her time on growing her knowledge by pursuing a Master’s degree and giving back to her community by volunteering for causes that support the empowerment of girls and bring attention to mental health. To discover more about Danielle, you can visit her website at: http://www.daniellejoworski.com. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Business Consortium

company operating as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) serving arket segments. We have a dedicated 13-year history of developing strateand national business communities. Our customers vary from the small h an affiliate organization to large stand-alone organizations. We source vide a “win-win” scenario to benefit both local business and strategic ven-

Non Profit Organization *Merchants* Consumer

et Free Information at No obligation NOW! Page 51 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Are You Still Hiding F

Part of an Expert Series by Tracy Repchuk

Author, Speaker and Online Marketing Strategist www. Page 52 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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.FastActionResults.com Page 53 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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First I will take a step back and familiarize with Google+. It is a social networking service owned and operated by Google Inc. It is the second-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook, having surpassed Twitter in January 2013. The statistics for Google+ are staggering; - 2.2 billion Google Plus profiles online 60% of users log in daily The Google +1 button is used 5 billion After being on the internet since 1994 and in technology since 1985, I am still learning as fast as I did in those early years and with the addition of social media this has created a maelstrom for the average business owner. They fall out of the sky at the speed of byte - I mean light - from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and of course Google+ leading the pack. And

after dealing with thousands of clients around the world it became apparent that the majority of them were still avoiding Google+ so I wanted to make sure you understood why it may be hurting your business,

times per day So why does Google+ have so many followers, yet so many businesses are failing to use it properly if at all? The simple answer is two-fold; It’s too technical A lot of people think it’s another Facebook You can tell many people thing it’s too technical because 62% users are male and 38% are female - the first social media platform with a big variance. The thing is it’s not more technical than Facebook, it just hasn’t become a habit. However it’s not as pretty or easy to follow a thread and read your dashboard as Facebook is - so this is more likely the reason.

more than ignoring any other platform. Page 54 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A lot of people think it’s another Facebook, but it’s very different, and in most cases far more important for the average use, especially if your target market isn’t sitting on Facebook.

In order to understand the significant differences between Google+ and Facebook, I’m going to highlight a couple of features and then tell you the BIG WHY you need to be using Google+.

Two cool things about Google+ 1. Circles - is unique and simple; rather than adding friends into one community base or following list, you can segment your contacts by adding them into what are called circles. You can label your circles as anything you wish, such as business associates, family, associates, etc.. You can also have as many circles without limits. The best thing about your circles is that they are kept private, so that even when you add someone to your circle, they only see that you've added them as a connection, not what circle you added them into making it Page 55 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

irrelevant to be concerned if you will upset someone for not being part of, say your inner circle.

2. Google Hangouts - which offers live, multi-person video chat between Google+ users. You can set your status as available or offline, and when you’re active, people from within your circles are able to connect with you via video live feed. In fact, you can have as many people within a video channel as you wish – absolutely free! But here’s the BIG WHY you must be doing google+, even before your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. It is the only social media platform that gets indexed on Google. That means it has super, fast, powerful search engine optimized way to get into the google search engines. Nothing you do will ever hit it as fast. It’s Search engine optimization nirvana. This one action alone can change the game for you being found online. Consistent, keyword-based Google+ posts can keep you on page one more than any other SEO organic practice. So I would take a look at your social media strategy, and make sure you integrate Google+ into it. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

About: Tracy Repchuk,

is a 5-Time International Bestselling Author and Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist and speaker. As an award-winning entrepreneur since the age of 19 with over 30 years of business, internet, SEO, and marketing she has helped thousands of clients develop your brand, and launch your message online fast and effectively. In addition she has appeared as a technology specialist in National TV segments with ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, HGTV San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, CNBC, Report on Business TV, Vegas Inc, USA Today, Forbes, MSN, and over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, 3 motivational movies, plus hundreds of speaking appearances in over 35 countries. For more information like the above get a copy of her #1 book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles at: www.Just31Days.com Get Tracy’s gift Instant Online Impact for free at: www.FastActionResults.com Page 56 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Look Who’s Talking Rita Pierson

Every Kid Needs a Champion

Click to Listen

Rita F. Pierson, a professional educator since 1972, taught elementary school, junior high and special education. She was a counselor, a testing coordinator and an assistant principal. In each of these roles, she brought a special energy to the role — a desire to get to know her students, show them how much they matter and support them in their growth, even if it was modest. She died in June 2013.



Ideas worth spreading*

1700+ talks to stir your curiosity www.TED.com Page 57 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Support the Arts

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 59

Page 60 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Senator Elizabeth Warren A Political Evangelist with “Fire in the Belly” A look at her life, highlights of her political career and her stand on current issues. A. Ledford Page 61 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If you didn't know Elizabeth Warren, you may assume she’s had a privileged life, or at least a middle class upbringing and that her enthusiasm comes strickly from an academic understanding. On the contrary, her passion comes from personal experience, connection and empathy few politicians maintain after getting into office. Before doing research for this article, I was already impressed with her approach and tone for our political issues. She reminds me of a fire and brimstone evangelist stressing the truths that can make for a better American-one neighbor at a time. Then , after reading and listening to her personal story, I began to ask, why don’t we have move people in politics like this?

Her Past Elizabeth Warren says she “came up the hard way … out of a hard-working middle class family in an America that created opportunities for kids like me.” She has made her life’s work fighting for middle class families. The Boston Globe calls her “… the plainspoken voice of people getting crushed by so many predatory lenders and under regulated banks.” TIME magazine has called her a “New Sheriff of Wall Street” and has twice included her among America’s 100 most influential people. She’s taken on big banks and financial institutions to win historic new financial protections for middle class families. Elizabeth learned first-hand about the economic pressures facing middle class families. When she was twelve, her dad suffered a heart attack. The store where he worked changed his job and cut his pay, and the medical bills piled up. The family lost their car, and her mom went to work answering phones at Sears to pay the mortgage. Source: http://elizabethwarren.com/

Page 62 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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both the Bush and Obama Administrations won praise from both sides of the aisle. The Boston Globe named ElizabethBostonian of the Year in 2009 for her oversight efforts.

Elizabeth got her first job at nine, babysitting for a family across the street from her house. She started waiting tables at 13 at her Aunt Alice’s Mexican restaurant. All three of her brothers served in the military. She got married at 19, and after graduating from college, started teaching in elementary school. Her first baby, a daughter Amelia, was born when Elizabeth was 22. When Amelia was two, Elizabeth started law school. Shortly after she graduated, her son Alex was born. She practiced law out of her living room, but she soon returned to teaching.

She is widely credited for the original thinking, political courage, and relentless persistence that led to the creation of a new consumer financial protection agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She led the establishment of the agency, building the structure and organization to hold accountable even trillion-dollar financial institutions and to protect consumers from financial tricks and traps often hidden in mortgages, credit cards and other financial products. Elizabeth and her husband Bruce Mann, who was born and grew up in the Boston area, have been married for 35 years and have three grandchildren. They live in Cambridge.

Elizabeth has been a law professor at Harvard for nearly 20 years and has written nine books, including two national best-sellers, and more than a hundred articles. National Law Journal named her one of the Most Influential Lawyers of the Decade, and she has been honored by the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association with the Lelia J. Robinson Award. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Elizabeth served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Her independent and tireless efforts to protect taxpayers, to hold Wall Street accountable, and to ensure tough oversight of Page 63 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

On OWN: Elizabeth Talks About Having it All. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Her Stand on the Issues Social Security Benefits

CitiBank: An example of Big Banks using the political system to take further advantage of the American People.

The New Republican Dilemma

Student Debt Page 64 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 65 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 66 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Magic!- “RUDE” Parody-corporate Version http://youtu.be/j4WvsJQhJxQ

Page 67 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Millennial Mindset


Part of a New Series byTensie Taylor, Author, T.V. Pers ‘Tis the season of caps, gowns, tassels, hoods, hugs, pictures, cheers, applause, tears, and praise. It is the season of graduation, a time when students close one chapter of their lives by graduating from high school, colleges, and universities, and begin a new chapter by embarking upon the next phase of their life’s journey. This is a time of celebration, euphoria, and pride when parents, family, and friends congratulate those who have completed a major milestone in their life. Getting to the big day of commencement takes hard work, assiduous efforts, dedication, persistence, and resilience, and this is why it is indeed a joyous time. Recently, I attended the graduation festivities at the University of Southern California, and it was most inspiring and poignant. To hear the accomplishments of students and to see the smiles and tears on their family and friends’ faces meant so much to me. I was impressed by the accolades of students and the work they had accomplished during their time in college. One student graduated with two master’s degrees and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering; another student graduated summa cum laude of her class; Page 68 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

one student graduated with her Doctorate of Education at the young age of 23; a student gradated with two bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry and French; and another individual was the first to graduate with a master’s degree in her family. The list goes on and on. I was most impressed by these students’ achievements and hearing how brilliant these students were left me speechless and in awe. In addition, learning about some of the hardships students’ faced and the challenges they overcame brought tears to my eyes, and I fervently applauded them for turning adversity into positivity. Many of the students introduced me to their family and friends, and I could not hold back from sharing how proud I was of the student for working hard and being an excellent example to other young people. I admired the family because they made sacrifices for their child to be able to attend a great university. These sacrifices paid off because the family members were able to see their child march across the stage to receive a degree from the University of Southern California! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html


sonality and Speaker This is only a fraction of the commencement celebrations that will take place all around the world. Students will receive high school diplomas, baccalaureate degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorates. I am sure that as students reflect on their journey, they are filled with mixed emotions because they know what it took for them to reach this milestone in their lives. There were individuals who cheered them on, supported and encouraged them, and gave them pep talks and motivational speeches when they began to doubt themselves. There were also people who doubted them and told them that they were aiming too high or would never get into their dream university or become the profession they wanted to in life. Yet, through the good and bad, positives and negatives, students who are graduating in 2016 kept the faith and their eyes on the prize, and they have seen the fruits of their labor pay off. Several students turned the doubts of others into stronger motivation to prove them wrong. When someone has a dream to accomplish or an aspiration to attain, there is nothing that can stop this Page 69 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

individual from making it come to fruition. This is what I admire about many people in my generation (the millennials): we utilize our resources, seek out help when needed, and work fervently to make our dreams come true. We are innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers, and one of the most technologically savvy generations. I am confident that we will go forth and be change agents in this world. Commencement means beginning. Students who are newly graduated are beginning the next phase of their lives. With this new phase may come uncertainty about the next step. Some students ask themselves, “What’s next for me? How do I land my dream job? Do I really have to pay back all of these student loans?” The unknown can be a little unsettling, but students should know that they have accomplished a monumental feat in their lives by receiving a diploma and that with their education, work ethic, knowledge, and drive, they have the ability to face the next step of their lives with confidence because they are prepared. I remember when I graduated with my master’s degree from the University of Southern California two years ago. I was extremely Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Click Here to watch my toast to Class of 2 excited, but was nervous about what would lie before me. I had begun my job search 8 months before graduation, and when I marched across the stage on May 16, 2014, I was jobless. I had applied to more than 60 jobs and had only received two phone interviews. I was nervous and disappointed because I did not know what to expect. However, I had a very supportive family who continued to encourage me and told me to keep the faith. As optimistic as they were and as positive as I tried to be, I still became low at times because I had not heard anything regarding a job. Yet, I kept applying and utilized my network and met with people because I knew I had to keep going. I am not a quitter, and I realized that all of my hard work in college was not going to waste. I was determined to land a job in my field and in August 2014 that happened when I was offered the position of Manager of the USC Black Alumni Association. All it took Page 70 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Iwas persistence and patience for me to

land a remarkable opportunity!n my position, I assist students with their academic and career opportunities and help them navigate through the university. When I meet with students, I share with them that they must keep being diligent and persistent in their efforts. When I talk with graduates, I share with them to use the education they received from their institution, to network effectively, and to never give up on their dreams. Nothing in life is going to come easy, and when one works hard for something and accomplishes it, then(s)he will enjoy it so much more because (s)he realizes what it took to reach that accomplishment. I am confident that the Class of 2016 will go forth and not only make a name for themselves, but will also make a difference locally, nationally, and globally. Society will remember them for the great work they will do. To those who are in the Class of 2016, as you reflect on the years it took for you to reach this milestone in your life, remember those individuals who played a pivotal role in helping you get to your

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

2015 special day. Poet John Donne once said, “No [wo] man is an island,” which means that no person can make it on his or her own. There are people in life who helped you by providing mentoring, money, time, sagacity, and so much more. I encourage you to never forget these phenomenal persons because they made it possible for you to be where you are today. Just as individuals have given to help you get to where you are, now you have a responsibility and opportunity to give back and help others. You can do so my volunteering, mentoring a student, or making a donation to your favorite charity or scholarship fund. Continuing the cycle of helping others and giving back allows room for more people to climb the ladder of success. I strongly believe that when one of succeeds, then we all succeed. Pomp and circumstance is defined as a splendid celebration with ceremony and fuss. As I watch graduates scream, cheer, and cry, I, too, join in the celebration with them. I vividly recollect my graduation from Louisburg High School, North Carolina State University, and the University of Southern California, and I clapped, cried, and cheered. I knew there was the possibility that I

Page 71 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

would never see some of my classmates again because life was going to take us in different directions. Yet, I knew that I would always have the memories and that this was a part of life. Some of us would stay together while others would go their separate ways. Inasmuch, I kept my end goal in mind and knew that I wanted to make a positive impact on the world and that my degrees and education would allow me to do so. I look forward to seeing what professions the Class of 2016 become. Will they become doctors, lawyers, neurosurgeons, teachers, lawyers, educators, nurses, artists, actors, singers, engineers, entrepreneurs, musicians, or more? No matter what profession they become, I know they will work hard because the sky is the limit. To all the graduates, I encourage you to abide by this African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” Congratulations and best wishes, and may all of your hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations come true!

YouTube Link, My Toast to the Class: https:// www.youtube.com/watch? v=a2t14WD2q3U

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Are Keywords Stopping You From Being Found Online? Is your biggest desire is to increase your online presence and have your website and social media increase your brand awareness? Maybe it's your keywords, or lack of them, that is holding you back. Check out my FREE Report sharing Keyword Marketing Secrets that can help you be found online.

A New Series Coming This June By Tracey Ehman. Page 72 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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#twubchat: Ask Us Anything about Hashtags, Twitter Chats, Amplifying Events Page 73 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

PEAK PREVIEW on BLAB Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

How Do

A Start Start--Up? Page 74 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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o You Start

The First in a new series called The Winning Pitch! By Lisa Tsou, Founder of The Winning Pitch Consulting Firm Page 75 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I was having lunch with a friend of mine from business school recently. It was a relaxed and chatty lunch, full of catchingup and pictures of happy children playing baseball and soccer, when my friend leaned in over his sushi. “I have an idea,” he whispered conspiratorially. “Oh,” said I. “An idea for what?”, I asked wondering whether he meant another rainbow roll was on order. “I have an idea for a business,” he told me, side-eying the sushi chef. “I want to start a startup.” Hmmm…I thought. Well, this is interesting. My friend had had a long, successful career as an executive in a fistful of Fortune 100 technology companies, but Startup Guy he was not. “What are you thinking of doing?” Gesturing with hands and chopsticks, he had already described building his product with all of its features, manufacturing thousands of units in China, and then distributing them through the mainline big box stores when I broke in, “Isn’t this going to be kind of expensive?” He looked at me quizzically, “Well, of course! But how else can I get started?” The sake may have been flowing freely and easily by the time we finished up our lunch, but as I explained to him, in short, yes, if you have an idea, there are a Page 76 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

number of things that you can do to start your business without risking a lot of your time and capital (or anybody else’s for that matter!). What I described to him that day, and what I’m going to describe here are some simple, easy techniques that anyone can use to start building a startup with minimal resources. These techniques can save you a lot of a time and whole lot of money, and can give you a solid foundation on which to build your business. In addition, if do need to raise money to build your business once it’s up and running, these Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

someone to build you an app? Or you do you need to figure out the financials first? Find a co-founder or partner? Do you need investors? Or is it really all about figuring out where the revenue is coming from? So many possibilities! So what should you do first? Well, take a minute and breathe. And let’s talk about your idea. What IS your idea? Or another way to think about it: What is the problem that you solve for your customer? How do you make your customer’s life easier, better or cheaper?

methods will give you much of the ini-

tial data you will need to build a successful pitch for investors, one that will include the data they need to start funding your startup.

Getting Started Congratulations! You have an idea! Maybe you got it at the market, or dropping your kids off at school. Maybe it came to you while you were at the gym (I come up with a lot of my best ideas on the treadmill!). Or maybe just as you were driving to work. Now, you may have the urge to drop everything and find out if the URL is already taken. Maybe figure how to find Page 77 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Taking simple examples: Cars. Cars provide transportation that people need to get one place to another. Hotels provide lodging when travelers are away from home. Grocery stores allow people to one stop shop their food needs. Taking more recent examples, FEDEX ships mail and packages for people who need overnight trackable delivery. Amazon provides a platform so consumers can purchase virtually anything from anywhere in the world and have it directly shipped to their home. Uber gives the public a quick, easy and affordable way to call for a car ride from their phone anytime without having to worry about cash. Once you’ve thought about the problem you’re solving, then the question becomes “Who is already solving that problem?” Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Or in other words: It’s time for a Google search. Now, that may seem silly to you, but it’s astounding to me how many people come to me, convinced that they have a completely unique idea…. when in reality, a simple Google search would have revealed a much different scenario. In particular, I remember one particularly excited fellow to came to me after a talk, convinced that he had had made a complete breakthrough. His idea? Prescription drugs through the mail. I had the unfortunate task to having to break it to him that the mail-order prescription business is already a billion dollar industry in the U.S. dominated by a few giant, mega-players, a fact that any two second Google search would have revealed. That’s not to say that a space that already has competitors is necessarily bad. In fact, if nobody is in a market, the big question is “WHY?” If there’s truly no one in a space, it’s time to look for why that’s the case. Actually, you can take advantage of the the fact that there are already players in

Page 78 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

the space by studying the groundwork they’ve laid, the products and services they’ve developed, the customers they have, and learning from it all. In many ways, it can be helpful to move into a space that has a few other players because they can help you pave the way and educate the population. Take for example, the iPhone. Apple was far from the first mover in the smartphone market, and they didn’t even really have any new features, but they took a look around, figured out what they could do to improve on what was out there and what part of the market would like those features and could afford them and bam! They’ve ruled that segment of the smartphone market ever since. What you can do is improve upon what’s already there, and make it better for your customers. But HOW?

So Let’s Talk about What Your Business Is Going to Look Like Now this could seem daunting at first. It’s exciting to have your first big idea, and you may be veering wildly between all-out ex

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

citement and panicked confusion about where to start. To organize your thoughts, t’s time to get some basic thoughts on paper about what your business is going to look like. We’re certainly not talking about talking about a traditional 50 page business plan, but a simple one-sheet business landscape which will identify the most relevant aspects of what you think your business will look like. Usually, those most relevant aspects of a new business consist of: the customer’s problem and the solution you provide, your users/market, your competitors, your user acquisition strategy, your competitive advantage, revenue streams and costs. Don’t worry. This is something that’s going to be a work-in-progress, probably for as long as you run your business. As you’re running your business, meeting customers and working with partners, you’ll just keep updating this little business plan with what you learn. It’ll be a place that you can come back to whenever you want to get back in touch with what you were thinking when you started.

Page 79 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Speaking of…

So Now That You’ve Gotten Some Thoughts Down, the Fun Begins With Your MVP. Once you’ve gotten your initial thoughts on paper, it’s time to start testing your fledgling business with an MVP. The MVP or Minimum Viable Product stage is where we get to start testing the assumptions you’ve made about your business, and find out if both market and opportunity exists. What does that really mean? The MVP is your product or service in its most boileddown, essential state. Take out all the frills and extras, and just keep the what you really think your market wants or needs. That’s what you’re going to send out to the world as an initial test to see if your assumptions about what they want and need is correct. What is this all about? It’s about finding out whether there is really going to be demand for your product or service. We’re boiling it down to the essentials because we want to do this with as little cost as possible.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

With an MVP, you can set up an initial test period and see what happens. If there’s good market demand for what you’re doing with your MVP, you can start expanding what you’re doing.

But if you’re not exactly on target, the MVP model gives you a chance to make adjustments without risking a lot. Maybe you’re just wrong and there’s no market opportunity there, but you could also find out that your customers are completely different than who you expected. Or your customers may not at all be interested in the feature that you thought they would be, but love something you’d never thought about. And just to give you some ideas, your MVP could be a simple version of your product or service that you sell and you can see if anybody will actually lay down a credit card. That is great because you can find out if people will actually spend money. But what if you don’t have the capital to do that? You can set up a simple version of an MVP just with a website or even just a landing page set up to collect pre-orders or even emails of people who are interested. The idea is just to measure the interest and potential your idea may have.

Page 80 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

I’ll give a couple of examples. In 1999, Nick Swinmun couldn’t find a pair of brown airwalks at his local mall and hit upon the idea of selling shoes online. But who knew if anyone would actually buy shoes online. Would people trust that they’d fit, or look right, or be comfy enough? (Remember this is 1999!) Well, what did he do? He went out and got a bunch of pictures of shoes, and set up a website to sell shoes to see if anyone would bite. And when they did click the purchase button for a pair of shoes, he’d go down to the mall, buy the shoes and ship them out. After about a month, they knew that the public was ready to buy shoes online, and were ready to try to really build this. This of course ended up being Zappos. A more extreme example? Scott Painter wanted to sell cars online. But if you think people were skittish about selling shoes online… cars? But what do you think he did? Of course, he did the same thing. He set up a website with pictures of cars, and that night, three people ordered cars from his site. What did he do with those orders? The next morning he bought those three cars and had them delivered.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

That of course ended up being CarsDirect.com. Those are very extreme examples, but it’s just to give you a few ideas. The point is to start finding out about your customers and what they like about your product and what they don’t like with as little risk as possible. information and modifying or expanding that MVP. This is the cycle of development that you can go through a number of times. Like the shampoo bottle says, “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”

and then continually modifying your product and business based on what you’ve learned so you can build your business as efficiently as possible. Then it’s just a question of taking that As for my friend? After lunch, he decided to set-up a simple website wth which potential customers could start pre-ordering his product. It’s been giving him some great information about which features his future customers actually want, so he knows what to build when the time comes to start his startup.

The point is that you don’t have to take a lot of time and money to build something only to find out that it’s not what your customers actually wants. This is all about “What have you learned?”

Page 81 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Lisa Tsou is the founder of The Winning Pitch, a private consulting practice which advises startup companies on growth strategy and funding so they can reach the next level.

Lisa has been helping technology and new media startups grow their companies and raise money since she graduated from law school in 1997. Since then, she’s spent time on Wall Street working on financings for companies like DoubleClick, TheKnot.com, and Mapquest and done numerous acquisitions of websites like ApartmentRatings.com, DoItYourself.com and BBOnline.com. The list of funds and institutions she has worked with includes Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, Silicon Valley Bank, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, and Hambrecht & Quist, to name just a few. Now, she enjoys spending her time empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to raise the money they need and grow so they can realize their dreams! She guides founders on how to demonstrate the viability of their businesses, intelligence and passion to investors, by developing and refining their structure, content and delivery. Besides working with private clients, she founded and produces the Women Entrepreneurs Community of Los Angeles (WECLA), an educational event series for women Page 82 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

entrepreneurs. She is also a popular speaker at events like Wordcamp, the USC Graduate Women in Business Summit and Bruin Entrepreneurs, coaches students on pitching at USC’s Blackstone Launchpad and its LavaLab Student Accelerator, and teaches workshops on pitching investors at General Assembly. She also serves as a pitch coach and mentor to women’s entrepreneur groups including SoGal Summit, the Vinetta Project and the Women’s Founders Network. She sits on the Board of Project ECHO, a nonprofit that provides at-risk students with a dynamic alternative education to help them acquire useful vocational skills and entrepreneurship training and experience. She also serves on the Advisory Board of Incubator School, an innovative 6-12 pilot school teaching entrepreneurial skills within Los Angeles Unified School District. Lisa is a graduate of Columbia University School of Law, received her MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC with Beta Gamma Sigma honors, and is a member of both the New York State and California bars. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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By Tadia Rice

www.womenandtransition.com Page 83 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Note to Self...

Next time you pass the swing A Natural Way to Hit the Reset Button. Page 84 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

gs gs--pull over and swing. Page 85 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Does Root Canal CAUSE Breast Cancer? Part of her series Life-Work Balance by Coach Allison. Author of Coach Allison’s Guide to Life-Work Balance and Burn Out Prevention. www.HealthCoachAllison.com Page 86 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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When I was 40, in my initial visit with a new dentist, I learned for the first time that my root canal was infected. Pointing to the white spot in the x-ray, she asked me how long I had been having problems with this root canal. “I didn't know I had problems with it,” I said. I got the root canal at age 24, and it was done and good as far as I was concerned. "Well, if it doesn't bother you, we don't need to do anything," she said. I happily agreed, feeling relieved to be free from any extra dental treatments and expenses. So we left it in.

When I was 43, I was diagnosed with a Stage 2B Grade 3 breast cancer. I started reading about cancer on my own diligently, which eventually led to my health and lifestyle coaching certifications. Two years after I finished the oncology treatments, one day I read that a high percentage of breast cancer patients (over 90%) had an infected root canal in the same meridian as the cancerous tumor. I got chills down my spine. I am one of those women! The tumor was in my left breast. The infected root canal was on my left side. So what did this mean? I had to know. I looked up this topic tirelessly. I could quickly see that this was a controversial matter.

I found stories claiming strong evidence of connection between breast cancer and root canal. Page 88 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

They all reported staggering numbers, some as high as 97% of their breast cancer patients having root canal-filled teeth. Then there were those who harshly accused these studies as fabrication and quackery, that there was no such thing as carcinogenic infection of the root canal. This opposition has been mighty, limiting the studies to be performed on small private funds by individual physicians and dentists who simply kept track of their own patients. This also limited the education and awareness of this very solid connection between breast cancer and root canals, even within the dental industry. And several of my friends who happen to be dentists have told me this was nonsense. But does that mean the study results were not true? What about me? No matter how strong the quackery accusations were, I couldn’t deny that the tumor in my left breast used to be located just six inches away from the infected root canal in the left side of my mouth. I couldn’t shake it. I had to believe that the connection was valid. In my continued research, I learned that this connection would actually manifest in bigger scale. Dental toxins

(not just root canal) have shown strong connections to all cancers (not just breast cancer). Common dental toxins are: root canal -filled teeth, cavitations, mercury amalgam fillings, and metals in various dental work. But before I go further in sharing my findings, I must Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

state clearly that cancer is a disease that occurs to an impaired immune system. Anything that weakens the immune system is a direct or indirect cause of cancer. So yes, there are lots of compounding factors that cause cancer, both in physical and emotional ways. Another very important fact about breast cancer is that it takes years (estimated 10 to 15 years in most cases) to develop a tumor large enough to be visible in a scan. So the goal, with or without a known diagnosis, is to strengthen the immune system.

Dental Toxin: Root Canal-Filled Teeth Dr. Weston Price DDS is the first dentist who reported that root canal fillings were prone to infections, causing various diseases and genetic mutations. This was too much whistleblowing for 1922, Page 89 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

however. The findings from his 25-year research (with 60 fellow researchers) recorded in 1,174-page document were suppressed by the American Dental Association for 70 years. Then, a retired founding member of the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. George Meinig DDS read the entire document in 1993 and recognized it as one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time. Based on this research document by Dr. Weston Price, Dr. Meinig wrote a book titled Root Canal Cover-Up in 1994. In it, he shares that all root canal-filled teeth immediately develop infective agents that lead to diseases such as:  cancer  

heart disease neurological disease (including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Multiple Sclerosis) autoimmune diseases (Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Grave’s Disease) Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

 

rheumatic joint diseases kidney disease

In his book Cancer-Free Bill Henderson states, "We have found that root canal-filled teeth are the direct cause of most cancers. The toxins are not visible on x-rays. Usually there is no swelling or pain. The source of the toxins are the anaerobic bacteria (bacteria which do not require oxygen) growing inside the millions of tiny tubules in even the smallest tooth. The thio-ethers (gases) put out by these bacteria are extremely toxic. Every root canal-filled tooth has these bacteria in it. No exceptions. Their toxins find their way into your bloodstream 24/7." So, when the dentist told me that we would leave the infected root canal in because I wasn’t feeling any pain, I should have known that was false logic. I didn’t feel the pain from the infection because it was root canal – a dead tooth! Dentists are the only Page 90 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

medical specialists who leave dead tissues in a living body. They are also the only ones who leave a known infection in a healthy body. Their training has brainwashed them to do so.

Removing the Infected Root Canal -Filled Tooth The second half of my story is that I had to get my infected root canal-filled tooth removed. It had been sending toxins into my system for 19 years and I was not willing to let it continue. Finding a dentist who knew how to properly extract it was a challenge. Every traditionally trained dentist that I talked to refused to do it. They all insisted that preserving the original dental structure was the top priority, even if it meant leaving infected dead tissues in my body! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I finally found a systemic dentist last summer and had him perform the removal. For the first couple of months, the gum was still very raw. Then I decided to abandon my toothless look and got a temporary tooth replacement (a “flipper”) which is what I still wear. Dental implants are not recommended until the gum is completely healed, which can take up to a year. Any invasion in the gum before then would raise the risk of another infection. Even though many publications warn that root canal-filled teeth become infected almost immediately, I don’t know if mine was. Detection of this infection is easily done, however. A simple x-ray will show it. Unfortunately, your dentist may not bring it up unless: 1) you specifically ask if it’s infected, or 2) you complain of a toothache. So be proactive.

Finding a Good Dentist The root canal toxin problems are treatable, but only by a competent dentist who understands the physiology of the jaw and treats the dental issues as a part of the entire body. It is absolutely paramount that the dentist uses non-toxic methods in all procedures performed. All newly diagnosed patients of cancer, Page 91 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and all conditions with which root canal toxins are closely associated, should get their root canal properly removed before beginning any treatment for the diseases. They won’t heal from the disease until there is no more infection challenging their immune system. Finding this good dentist can be difficult, however. I recommend two websites, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) and International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). They have listings of certified dentists, but I should warn you that not all dentists are created equal. Always do your homework to find out who these people are, and choose one who has relevant experience in non-toxic systemic dentistry. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Meet Coach Allison, CHC Coach Allison is a health and lifestyle

coach certified in integrative nutrition and corporate wellness. She’s also a T.V. host, bestselling author, public speaker, and cancer survivor. www.HealthCoachAllison.com Because these dentists are not considered “fully medical” by the traditional dentistry, you may see some quackery accusations or even lawsuits. Don’t be too alarmed by this, but definitely use caution.

Join my Life-Work Balance M6 program and start taking action for your health and wellbeing.

Recommendation for Stronger Immune System

mentor and guide who has been trained in holistic health to help attain sustainable lifestyle changes. Coach Allison is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional, and that any advice given in this article is not meant to take the place of advice by these professionals.

Implementing your dental health goal, or any goal to strengthen your immune system, can be a challenge. Always doing the right things to take care of yourself is the hardest thing you’ll ever do! My health and lifestyle coaching can help. Page 92 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

DISCLAIMER: A Health/lifestyle Coach is a

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Coach Allison accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the information and recommendation she shares. Each reader of this article understands that the information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice. Implementation must be personalized as the reader sees fit.

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NEWS from a Balanced P Page 94 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Perspective Page 95 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin By: Cynthia M. Lardner

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Introduction The Russian Federation, when examined as the antagonist, views itself as having been left disconnected from post-World War Two Europe. Russia believes itself to be irrevocably tied to Europe dating back to the Byzantine Era. When the Cold War ended Russia expected to be accepted by the West. This never fully materialized, leaving Russian President Vladimir Putin feeling dismembered. With heightening geopolitical tensions, especially in the European Union, it is critical to understand Mr. Putin’s long term strategy. When events over the last three years are examined together, not only does there exists a threat of conflict on European soil and Page 98 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

cyberwar but, there also exists a very real threat to the Western world of another new genre of warfare: economic warfare. The Lavrov Statement Understanding what Mr. Putin was and is thinking can now be best understood in the context of a March 3, 2016 statement by Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: “While the rapidly developing Moscow state naturally played an increasing role in European affairs, the European countries had apprehensions about the nascent giant in the East and tried to isolate it whenever possible and prevent it from taking part in Europe’s most important affairs. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

During at least the past two centuries any attempts to unite Europe without Russia and against it have inevitably led to grim tragedies, the consequences of which were always overcome with the decisive participation of our country (Emphasis Added).” Emphasizing Russia’s growing relationship with China and its other partners, including the BRICS, Lavrov stated that globalisation has led to the United States and the European Union’s demise as the leading global economic powers and political influencers, and to the emergence of “new and large centres of power”. This was followed by the assertion that, “A reliable solution to the problems of the modern world can only be achieved through serious and honest cooperation Page 99 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

between the leading states and their associations in order to address common challenges.” Lavrov concluded that, “[W]e are not seeking confrontation with the United States, or the European Union, or NATO. On the contrary, Russia is open to the widest possible cooperation with its Western partners. We continue to believe that the best way to ensure the interests of the peoples living in Europe is to form a common economic and humanitarian space from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so that the newly formed Eurasian Economic Union could be an integrating link between Europe and Asia Pacific.”

Sino-Russian Partnership Perhaps then it is ultimately not just what Mr. Putin is thinking but, also what the Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

aspirations are of Chinese President Xi Jinping, with respect, not as to the Middle East, but as to Europe. When events are read together, the two countries share expansionist and extremist policies, each with their own set of alliances, under which both countries aspire to wield greater global leadership. A contemporary starting place for analyzing the Sino-Russian relationship is July 17, 2014, when a number of seemingly unrelated events occurred. The day prior, the European Union imposed economic sanctions against the Russia Federation for its annexation of Crimea in violation of international law and the 1994 Budapest Agreement, followed by President Barack Obama announcing that the United States was also imposing sanctions; ultimately toppling the ruble. Hours later, a Malaysian plane was shot down over the Ukraine by Russian mercenaries. This was quickly followed by a statement released by China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa, representing 40% of the world’s population, that they were implementing the New Development Bank or The BRICS, to provide funding to those countries previously unable to secure financing for essential sustainable infrastructures from the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Six months later, on February 2, 2015, obscured by an international community divided over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, China struck a potentially deadly blow to Page 100 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

global financial stability when it announced that it was not only moving ahead in launching its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) but that it was expanding to welcome founding members from the West, of which all 28 NATO members, save the United States, joined within months. There are now 56 AIIB member nations and another 30 countries awaiting approval. “The founding and opening of the AIIB also means a great deal to the reform of the global economic governance system,” stated Mr. Jinping at the January 16, 2016 AIIB inauguration. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

In addition, China and Russia, two of the five permanent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) members, along with India, issued a statement supporting India’s bid for one of the five permanent UNSC seats.

The statement declared that the three nations, with China at the helm, would “build a more just, fair and stable international political and economic order” and a ““multi-polar” world”. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi proclaimed, “We advocate the principle of partnership rather than alliance." In late 2015 Mr. Jinping made a state visit to Great Britain. India Prime Minister Naranda Modi made state visits to 28 countries. In Great Britain and beyond, China and India secured many private and public sector contracts. India’s state visits were partially motivated by its previous lack of cordial diplomatic relations with North African and the Middle East; regions India needs to to support its claim that it is a global leader meriting a permanent UNSC seat. The AIIB and its ‘junior partner’, The BRICS, were set up to compete with the WB and IMF, intending to ultimately issue its own currency to devalue the Euro and the dollar. “The BRICS is expected to usher in a pair of institutions, a development bank and a currency reserve fund, that they hope will diminish Western control of the global financial system,” stated Stewart M. Patrick, director of CFR's International Institutions and Global Governance Program. "The AIIB is a challenge to the existing global economic order,” stated Robert Kahn, Steven A. Tananbaum Senior Fellow for International Economics. Such would be the case if China and its partners called in their portion of the United States National Debt; $17.6 trillion dollars or 15.9%. Page 101 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Inception of The BRICS and AIIB has raised global concerns. The Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights is investigating whether projected project financing by The BRICS and the AIIB would include safeguards to preclude human rights violations, such as slave or child labor, underpayment of wages, forced evictions, and detentions. Further concern exists over a lack of articulated environmental and anticorruption standards. These concerns were manifest in previous projects funded by the Chinese government.

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Page 103 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Syria As time went on, the events of 2014 and 2015 fell off the front pages, replaced by news story about the Syrian War and the related terrorist attacks in California, Paris and Brussels. Russia’s September 2015 entry into the Syrian War was reported to insure that Mr. Putin’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al -Assad, remained in power. It is questionable whether Mr. Putin’s move was a smokescreen allowing him to achieve another objective: destabilizing the European Union. Russian bombing in Syria was targeted in and around Aleppo, near the Turkish border. NATO and other leaders asserted that Russia had weaponized Syrians; escalating the number of refugee seekers. The refugee crisis has created widespread dissension within Europe, which has been struggling to cope with the staggering numbers of refugees. There are 4,883,643 Syrian refugees registered by the United Nations; making it the largest humanitarian crisis the world has faced since World War II.

Munich Security Conference At the February 12-14, 2016 Munich Security Conference (MSC), Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s echoed Lavrov’s statements; calling the state of diplomacy between Russia and the West a new Cold War. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and NATO's Supreme Allied Commander General Philip Breedlove disagreed. A Syrian ceasefire was negotiated at the MSC to allow participants time to reconvene in March to further discuss a nonmilitary resolution, and so that humanitarian aid could be delivered to Syria. Page 104 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

At the MSC conference, the issue of Russia’s failure to honor the Minsk Protocol, intended to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was raised. On March 14, 2016, as the parties reconvened in Geneva, Russia only announced that it was pulling out of Syria at the same time Russian-backed separatists staged one their biggest Ukrainian offenses, fueling speculation as to Mr. Putin’s long range motives.

Europe and the United States Mr. Putin’s goal is to undermine the European Union by causing destabilization as the European Union represents democracy, is based on Rule of Law, and is ideologically different from Russia, stated Anne Applebaum, Pulitzer Prize Russian Scholar, Director of the Transitions Forum at the Legatum Institute, and an adjunct fellow of the Center for European Policy Analysis. European and United States’ domestic and foreign policy has caused dissension Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

in EU foreign relations,” states the European Union’s website. Meanwhile, Russia has strengthened its relationships with Western Europe and Germany. In 2014 Mr. Putin stated, “I expect that the citizens of Germany will also support the aspiration of the Russians, of historical Russia, to restore unity.” Presently, an estimated 10-15% of all Germans support Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin’s authoritarian leadership is also admired by Czech Republic President Miloš Zeman, Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Serbian Prime Minister Alexander within and between nations. Natalie Nougayrède, a foreign affairs commentator for The Guardian, explained: This year is one that arguably offers Russia an unprecedented window of opportunity to push that demand. The refugee crisis threatens key EU institutions, a referendum looms on the UK’s relationship to Europe, the Franco-German couple is in dire straits, Angela Merkel is politically weakened, Ukraine is unstable, populist movements are spreading throughout the continent, the Balkans are experiencing new tensions, and the US is busy with an election campaign imbued with isolationism. “Europe when united is a problem for them [the Russians]. It doesn't work when the whole of Europe joins together,” stated Applebaum. “Closer cooperation between the EU and its eastern European partners – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine – is a key element Page 105 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Vucic. Then there is Poland; with Russia and Ukraine on its east and Germany and the Baltics on its west, it is a natural target for Russia. The United States is building a missile defense shield in Poland due to be operational in 2018; stating it was to protect against Iranian aggressions. Russia objected, stating that the shield is being built to protect the West from an attack by Russia. Russia, having the world’s largest nuclear arsenal supported by a sprawling military and civilian nuclear industry, boycotted the March 31-April 1 Nuclear Security Summit, sparking concern as to whether Russia has or might sell nuclear weapons or weapon making materials to a terrorist organization. Igor Ivanov, former Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that, "The risk of confrontation with the use of nuclear weapons in Europe is higher than in the 1980s." Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Ukraine and the European Union The conflict between Rule of Law and the Russian plutocracy is playing out in Ukraine and the Baltic region. In 2012 Ukraine requested member state status in the European Union. While there is no indication that Ukraine will be accepted as a European Union member, as part of the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, the European Union is removing trade barriers with Ukraine.

simply close neighbours but, as I have said many times already, we are one people… Millions of Russians and Russian-speaking people live in Ukraine and will continue to do so. Russia will always defend their interests using political, diplomatic and legal means.” Rebutting Mr. Putin’s assertion, Rabbi Bleich stated that 60% of Ukraine’s fighters are native Russian speakers.

“We can express our identity in the framework of the European Union,” reflected Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine.

Mr. Putin additionally stated that, “Russia has its legitimate concerns in the framework of trilateral negotiations initiated by Russia, EU and Ukraine on gas issues and trade and economic implications of the EUUkraine Association Agreement implementation” as Ukraine is the trade route by which oil is exported by Russia to Western Europe.

Mr. Putin disagreed, stating, “Our concerns are understandable because we are not

“We should recognize that the Ukraine is within the Russian sphere of influence,”

“Ukraine has tied into mainstream European culture and life,” stated Applebaum.

Page 106 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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stated Vaidotas Verba, the Lithuanian Ambassador to the Netherlands. Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and NATO Since 1994 Ukraine has been a NATO alliance partner. In 2010 Ukraine unsuccessfully sought to accede to NATO. The request was denied due to the Ukrainian government’s failure to adhere to Rule of Law. Olena Sotnyk, a newly elected Ukrainian Parliament member and Head of the Subcommittee on the Approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU Law, stated "... that new parliament is striving to adhere to Rule of Law via implementation of a good number of legislative initiatives in the fields of human rights protection and anticorruption, initiatives that only two years ago seemed unrealistic in the Ukrainian realities.”

sworn to uphold this principle. Since 2015 NATO has increased its presence in Ukraine and throughout the Baltic States; Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. “The reason why NATO is adapting its military posture, especially in the eastern part of the Alliance, is Russia’s military buildup over several years… In the Barents Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and now also in the Mediterranean. That’s one of the reasons why we are adapting both by increasing the readiness of our forces but also by increasing our presence in the Eastern part of our Alliance,” stated Stoltenberg. Russia interpreted NATO’s eastern expansion as a sign of open hostility and warned that it will retaliate. “We believe that NATO’s policy towards Russia remains unfriendly and generally obdurate,” stated Medvedev at the MSC.

In 2014, following a change in governance, Ukraine renewed its request to accede to NATO. While Ukraine has not been invited to participate in accession talks, it is a partner nation of NATO. In addition, of the 21 other countries belonging to NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, several have also expressed interest in acceding to NATO member nation status. Presently, only Montenegro has been invited by NATO to participate in accession talks. Every country has the right "to belong or not to belong to international organizations, to be or not to be a party to bilateral or multilateral treaties including the right to be or not to be a party to treaties of alliance," according to Article I of the Helsinki Final Act, which established the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). All the OSCE member states, including Russia, have Page 107 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Medvedev’s statement conflicts with Stoltenberg’s contemporaneous statement that, “This illustrates there are some challenges in the relationship between NATO and Russia. It is exactly these challenges that make it important to keep channels of political dialogue with Russia. They are open, we meet in different formats, on different levels, we meet at the ambassadors’ level in Brussels, and the NATO Russia Council meeting we are exploring to convene is at the ambassadors’ level. I met several times with Minister Lavrov. So we meet and we discuss. But so far we have not been able to agree on how to convene a NRC [the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission] meeting.” "I’m afraid that Putin will create a really big crisis, like pick a fight with NATO,” stated Applebaum. Such a crisis could include offensive action in the Baltic States, where there is a heavy concentration of ethnic Russians. Ethnic Russians represent 14.3% of the Lithuanian population; 27.6% of Latvia’s population; and 24% of Estonia’s population. Mr. Putin has previously stated that Russia has the right to intervene to protect the rights of ethnic Russians in neighbouring countries. The United States is preparing for a Russian invasion in Ukraine or elsewhere in the Baltic region, as evidenced by a Pentagon statement that the United States was deploying an armored brigade to the Baltic region, with two more brigades to follow in 2017. Considering such potentialities, NATO and Russia have agreed to meet. "[T]here will be no return to business as usual until Russia again respects international law," stated Stoltenberg.

The Game of Thrones Irrespective of ideological differences, after the Cold War Era, Russia and the West Page 108 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

shifted from the Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction to that of Mutual Assured Security (MAS); where neither party has the intention or capability to exercise a unilateral advantage over the other. It is now uncertain whether Russia intends to abide by MAS. Conditions never favored full adaptation of MAS. Celeste A. Wallander, an associate professor in the American University School of International Service, a fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia, explained: The problem with the U.S. position is that Russia is not confident that conditions for strategic stability are met, and therefore they Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

are not. Since strategic stability is a condition in which both parties are confident that each retains a secure retaliatory capability, if either is not confident, the equation is at risk. To put it another way, it does not help in a crisis. If the United States is confident that no military strike could put Russia’s ability to retaliate at risk if Russia believes that it would have to preempt for survival. Because Russian analysts take this seriously, U.S. policy needs to take this seriously. “What we are dealing with is a conflict between a western philosophy in which international relations should be based on the Rule of Law, and the Russian one which tends to think in terms of power and zones of influence. The view that the world order should be based on the rule of law, is very much the view of a militarily impotent Europe and more in particular that of small countries dependent on international trade such as the Netherlands. The realistic school of American foreign policy on the other hand entertains no such illusions and views diplomacy as the application of power by nonmilitary means,” stated Joost Dirkzwager, a retired Kingdom of the Netherlands career diplomat. That same analysis as to “zones of influence” can be applied to China, and to a lesser degree, India. Although Russian and Chinese foreign and military policies differ radically, they operate under a similar ideology. While China is a superpower, Russia, due to its economic decline, is not. Yet, the two countries are working together, with Beijing wielding the greater influence. When read as a whole, not only does there exist the threat of conflict on European or even on United States soil and cyberwar with China and Russia but, there also exists a very real threat to the West of a new genre of warfare: economic warfare. Page 109 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

About The Author Cynthia Lardner. J.D., M.A. Cynthia M. Lardner is a journalist, holding degrees in journalism, law, and counseling psychology. Her blogs are read in over 37 countries. As a thought leader in the area of foreign policy, her philosophy is to collectively influence conscious global thinking. Living in Den Hague or The Hague, she is currently looking for a challenging position in foreign policy, journalism, or social justice.


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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 111

Perception of Profe

Business Image, Phone Etiquette, Email Addres

Part of A New Series by Terry Wildemann, CEC, CP

Speaker | Professional Development Trainer | Certified Executive and Stress R Page 112 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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essionalism essionalism:

sses, Business Cards and more...


Relief Coach | International Bestselling Author Page 113 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We all have our perceptions and certain mindsets about what is and isn't professional based on our environment, social circles, experiences and what is important to us personally. First impressions are made within 3 seconds and are based on many things that enter our energy field in a blink of an eye such as one's energy, attitude and mindset, wardrobe style and color, grooming, body language, words and more. When done well, all of these things signal confidence, competence, credibility and congruence. When done poorly, learn from it, improve, shift and move on. The following example illustrates the power of image. Think about walking an expo floor. What booths attract you based on color, layout and design and how the workers present themselves? What booths make you run right past them based on the same elements? All it takes is 3 seconds to catch, or not catch, the eye of an expo attendee. Similarly, our energy and packaging Page 114 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

influence the perceptions of the folks we interact with. Personal image says so much about a person. Whether interviewing, networking, on a sales call, or in a video chat. Your attire, hair, makeup, and jewelry send signals about your frame of mind and... profession-

your audience and ensure that you dress as well alism. When dressing, think of

or better than they. Are there exceptions? Yes. Recently, I attended a speech where the business audience was better dressed than the business speaker. It bugged me. Why? Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

To me, (your perception may be different) it just signaled laziness in learning about their audience. Unless you are Richard Branson, who makes it clear that ties have no place in his presence (he uses scissors to cut the tie off the wearer then adds the tie it to his collection!) take this into account; package yourself well, bring the energy of confidence, competence and credibility throughout everything you offer and that includes YOU because the audience is buying YOU.

Because it signaled to me that the speaker homework, and that connecting with me wasn't important. Their chosen attire came across as beachwear, and had no connection with the topic. If beachwear had something to do with the content, it would have worked. It was more about their comfort and their selfimportance than wanting to connect with the audience who was there to listen and learn from them. What was really amusing was that the speaker's products and books did not do their were brilliantly and beautifully packaged! What did this create?...a disconnect. Why is it more important to spend time on product packaging instead of oneself? Page 115 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Technology has birthed its own level of professional and unprofessional image in regards to phone etiquette, email, texting, video, and photo selfies. Professional perceptions in all of these areas are influenced by culture, the way one was raised, expectations of the specific business community, and the part of world in which one is located. There are certain do's and don'ts with technology, and at the speed with which it is growing, it can be a minefield that works for you or leave the folks you want to connect with running in the opposite direction. In 1998 I wrote my first book "1-800Courtesy: Connecting With a Winning Telephone Image." Looks like it's time to resurrect it and start beating the drum of phone etiquette again! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

How about simple things such as a leaving a short phone message with the caller’s name and a return phone number said slowly and clearly so it can be understood and written down without having to listen to the message 5 times. Ever had that happen to you? What a time-waster, and so aggravating to boot! If a person can't leave a decent message that I understand why do I want to do business with them? Hint: When leaving a message imagine yourself writing your name and phone number as you say it. This easy technique slows you down allowing the person to understand the number and your name. Leaders play a big role in the existence of poor phone etiquette in their companies. Page 116 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Time after time I have sat in meetings and listened to leaders answer phones, leave messages, interact with employees on speakerphone, and I just want to throttle them! No wonder their people have such poor manners. It starts at the top! If the leader does not model how they want their employees to act, why should employees bother? Oh, I know, hire a trainer to teach the employees how to answer phones and deliver great service. They all have great etiquette and the leader still goes along their merry way doing what they have always done. NOT! The training becomes a joke when the leader follows different rules. And let's look at cell phone use. Why, when I go to the store, park or sit on a Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

train, must I listen to the soap opera of another's life because they are speaking so loudly? They truly don't care about the noise invasion they are creating for others! Here's an example of being careful about phone use in public. Several years ago I was a keynote speaker at an event for 600 nurses. The event had a lovely expo attached to it and the organizers set up my table at the inside entrance of the room. There was a lull in traffic and only a few folks were manning their tables. Imagine my shock when a woman, at the table across from me who was a healthcare provider, started a conversation on her cell phone with what seemed to be another medical Page 117 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

professional. Intimate details of a patient's health were shared in that discussion that I had no business knowing about. Afterwards, I approached her and shared word for word what was said about that person. Her shocked expression spoke loudly especially with HIPPA regulations in place to protect patients. My goal was to help her understand to be mindful of her surroundings and who is listening to the phone conversation. I'm in awe of the professionally dressed men and women in grocery stores, going up and down the aisle shopping with a phone the size of a waffle plastered on their ear, talking about cases, proposals, etc. It's about personal boundaries and again, being mindful of others! Or better yet, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

keep talking if you are in the same industry as me. If you are discussing a proposal for speaking, training or coaching, I want to hear all about it and you won't even know I'm eavesdropping, taking notes, and putting together my own proposal for that RFP. Would I actually do that? No, but you get where I'm going with this. You never know who is listening in to your conversation. We live in a stressed society and much of it is self-imposed. If you are shopping for yourself or family, take this idea to heart. Be fully present in the moment, put your phone away and get your shopping done. Only answer the phone if it's from one of your kids, honey or parent, and make it short and sweet. Tell them you will call them back in 30 minutes. Let business stuff go to voice Page 118 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

mail. Answer the message from the privacy of your car afterwards. This is YOUR time. YOU are in control of how to use that time and please don't even think to tell me "I have to do this because I don't have time." We all have the same amount of time, and it's OUR choice what we do with it. Give yourself breathing room to focus on the task at hand instead of multi-tasking which sucks the life out of you. Multi-tasking is a habit, and a challenging one to break. By the way, neuroscience tells us that “multi-tasking” is actually impossible for the human brain. We may think we are doing many things at once, but our brains are actually doing them in a very rapid sequence…too rapid a sequence to get everything done or processed correctly! Again, the point is to slow down, give every task the time it deserves, and get it right the first time! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Self-care boundaries protect your energy and help you feel in control. The lack of boundaries caused me to burn out several times. When I learned to chill, and understand the world needed to work around me, not the other way around, my life shifted. My health, relationships and business shifted, and I got more done! Boundaries are magical, and the key to making them a success is to break the go, go, go, have to, have to, have to habit. Learn how to give yourself oxygen by creating boundaries that will make your life so much easier! If you need help to do it, and many of us do, hire a success coach who specializes in stress resiliency. Having a coach changed my life. One never knows what professional triggers some folks have. One of mine is business cards. Page 119 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

At a networking event where I was engaged and having a great chat with someone, a man came up to us, and without introducing himself, shoved his card into our hands. It was startling at first, then I read his card. He was a lawyer. I told him that unless I have a conversation with the person first I don't accept cards. His response was that handing out business cards that way always worked for him. Hmmmm... not in this case. He was rude, it was all about him, and in less than 30 second he pushed me and the person I was speaking with away. Next! When networking, my intention is to meet folks and get to know them. Note that networking is not about sales, it's about creating connections. Having a card shoved at me by someone who's in a rush at an event, without them having made an energetic connection with me, lands that card right in the round file. I don't care how Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

pretty the card is, connect with me first. Why am I so adamant about this? Because if you are too busy at the event to speak with me, then what will be different in the future? However, after having a meaningful chat, exchanging business cards becomes part of the relationship process and the natural next step of a virtual or in-person coffee chat. Now for the next step, the card better be easy to read without my needing reading glasses or a magnifying glass, contain all essential info such as email address and website and ...drumroll... it can be written on. I once made a huge mistake of coating both sides of my "lovely card" with clear coating. It was a disaster and I had ordered 2000 of them! Folks always commented positively on my "lovely card" with the round corners and then they really commented when they couldn't write on it! Lessons learned! I now am the proud owner of a new "lovely card" where the back can be easily written on. Page 120 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Recently, I was in a great group discussion about Gmail and company email addresses having to match the company website. To some folks having a company email address is a big deal! First of all, being in business today requires having a website presence. I have had a site since 1995 and have had email addresses matching both my company name and Gmail. To me, others having an email address with a business name, is very low on the totem pole of professional requirements. However, having an AOL or Yahoo address may signal that they could be stuck in the last decade, and if I were coaching them, they would be highly encouraged to at least get a Gmail account. Personally, I love connecting with others who have Gmail addresses because so much of my business is set up with Google products. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

It makes connecting with them on hangouts, and using Google business tools easier and quicker, and in my mind, professional. My website name is TerryWildemann.com and IntuitiveLeadership.com. At the moment, both addresses go to the same site. My email address compliments my name, TerryWildemann@gmail.com, and is easy to remember. Bottom line, is all of this stuff really necessary to be professional? With over 40 years in business, many amazing folks have crossed my path who own successful businesses with no card or website. How do they do that, especially with my focus of carrying business cards with me everywhere? My favorite coach is a marketing guru originally from the UK. She pulled in $100k in 3 months by networking, meeting, and connecting with folks in-person and on Skype. There were no business cards or a website. Her online Mastermind groups included people from around the world, and were always full because of referrals. Yes, she is rare in mind, body, spirit and business. One of the most professional folks I have ever met, she taught me how we often get caught up in the trappings of business and so-called professionalism and how to let go of much it. Though we are no longer working together, when I think of my coach, I don't think of her amazing professionalism. Instead, I remember how she helped me, how she made me feel, what she did for me, and I smile with love for a very special woman. That's what I hope happens when my clients think of me.

Page 121 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

About Terry Wildemann Breakthrough Creator, Inspirational Motivator, Intuitive Leadership, Positive Communication, Team Trainer and Coach, Law of Attraction Junkie, Stress Relief Master Socially conscious entrepreneurs & intuitive leaders internationally turn to Attractionpreneur™ business coach, trainer, and international bestselling author, Terry Wildemann, for inspirational guidance to reduce stress & improve their “Inner Game of Business” to create positive outward results.

Terry Wildemann, CEC, CPCC, CPBA IIntuitive Leadership; Awaken the Possibilities.

Success Coach, Professional Speaker, Amazon International Bestselling Author Phone: 401.849.5900 Website: www.AwakenThePossibilities.com Twitter: @TerryWildemann @Attractpreneur Facebook: AwakenPossibilities Linkedin: TerryWildemann Pinterest: TerryWildemann Youtube: Attractionpreneur Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Next United States Supreme C

This Seat Matters Page 122 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Court Justice.

Page 123 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A Series by Lily Sanders Author, Life Coach and www.ueslifecoach.com www.reiki.ueslifecoach.com Page 124 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Power and Control How to Take Yours Back

A woman’s guide to freedom from Domestic Violence

d Women’s Advocate. Page 125 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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“your abuser will not only hurt you, but will take stabs at your heart by hurting your pets, and ultimately will escalate onto your children” It’s a snowy cold day in New York, and I am reminded of the time my ex-husband texted me while I was at work, running one of the three franchises in which I owned and operated at the time. It was 4pm. The message read: You better come home because I just threw your bird outside in the snow. I immediately became physically upset. He had thrown his indoor cat out once as well, for crying at the bedroom door too much. The difference in concern here, was that parrots cannot survive in cold weather. Any readers that have lived as a battered wife knows that your abuser will not only hurt you, but will take stabs at your heart by hurting your pets, and ultimately will escalate onto your children, if not stopped in time. I immediately called him. I asked him what was going on. He said, “I told you that bringing him home was a mistake. Now you’ll learn.” He hung up. I called an employee and asked her if she could come in a little earlier, as I continued to tell her that I had an emergency I needed to tend to at home. Within an hour I was on my way home, Page 126 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

in the snow, praying that my little parrot Pippy, was still alive. He was a Green Cheeked Conure, approximately six inches in length and his tail added another three inches. He couldn’t be more than nine inches total, including his bright red and blue feathered tail. When I pulled into the garage, I didn’t see Pippy or his large cage anywhere outside. I let out a brief sigh of relief. I opened the garage door which leads into the hallway beyond the kitchen entrance. As I walked into the kitchen, my nine year old son was on the stool at the counter doing his homework while his step father was making him a snack. I kissed my son on the head, and asked him how his day in school was. Ignoring the question, he tattled excitedly, “Daddy threw Pippy into the dishwasher and he bounced off and fell down.” Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I looked at his stepfather. He said, “He bit me.” I went into the other room where we kept Pippy. He was in his cage in a complete frenzy. The top of this huge iron cage was bashed in. When I went to console Pippy, he was attacking me and pecking at his cage. He was traumatized. Although coming out to play with us was typical, I could not take Pippy out of his cage after this event for quite a while. He would hover up top in the rear of the cage, and if you tried to be kind to him and talk sweet to him, he would advance forward to attack, in attempt to defend himself from future abuse. In its avian response to keep himself protected, he became detached and unapproachable for weeks. I had to regain his trust after that. I understood him, and even honored him for protecting himself. Pippy is still alive till this day and resides with me, Page 127 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

after the years. Pippy has built trust with me, and I understand how abuse affects animals. With all that our cat, who just passed at twenty one years of age, and the parrot, who was hatched twelve years ago this month, have endured and observed in their environment, I honor them for the lessons I’ve learned by observing them. I always considered my cat to be that of a master. Observing how he coped and behaved, taught me plenty. In fact, my son will confirm if asked, that I used to call him my God cat. My son always laughed at that analogy, however, he understood it. There was no animal that could compare to our cat K.C.’s profound intelligence and wisdom as to how to walk through the battle trenches and return back to grace and dignity and love. We can learn a lot from certain animals that have been put in our path. The point of this story is to confirm how abusers will always use intimidation on their victims. They will make their victims afraid by using phone texts and threats, looks, actions, and gestures. They will smash things, destroy your property and abuse your pets. It is all part of the power and control that is at the very core of domestic violence. Power and control is the very nucleus, the heartbeat of the abuser. Another example of their power and control is using coercion and threats. One morning after I put my son on the school bus, his step father was on a war path. He yelled to me “I want a divorce. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

You better put my name on this house or I will burn this house down with you in it!” This is the edited version without the cursing. Another time he said, “I am going to get a younger girl pregnant and you will raise the baby. That’s how you’ll make up for ruining my life.” An abuser thinks nothing of sending out emotional abuse. They will put their victim down, make her feel bad about herself, and call her names. What’s worse is that they work overtime trying to convince you that you are crazy. They do this by playing mind games. Abusers are masters at humiliating you. After they’ve been violent, and have battered you to the point of losing mobility of a shoulder, neck or arm, they will blame you. “You did this. You did this to yourself”, he would say. I never heard my husband tell me that he was sorry. I never had “make-up” sex. I only see this in the movies. It is not reality, however. At least it was not my reality. His way of trying to make things right with me and himself, was in trying to help me cope. As a matter of fact, he helped me shower for weeks by washing Page 128 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

me, as I held my one arm that was attached to my injured shoulder up over my head, with my other good arm. This may sound romantic to you, but believe me when I tell you that there is a profound difference between your husbands caring for you because you had a ski accident, or helping because he nearly killed you. There is nothing romantic about the latter. One November morning, after being hurt by him badly days prior, I was sitting in the kitchen sipping hot coffee with a collapsed shoulder contemplating where my life has brought me, and where I need to get it to. He walked into the kitchen and looked at me. He knew I was in serious pain. He actually made me feel guilty for my suffering by saying, “It makes me sick to see you like this.” He was attempting to make me feel guilty for reminding him of his behavior days prior, and the result it had on me. Sadly, he only can see my physical pain and suffering. This is pure insanity. This is unconscious living. What’s worse, was the pure insanity of me, after Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you need an EXIT PLAN being battered, withholding the truth from the doctor when I was in need of medical assistance. I remember being threatened by him before going to the doctor, “What are you going to say? You can’t tell him what happened. Are you crazy?” So, in turn, I told the doctor I fell off of a ladder. One day, the doctor replied, “You sure do have a lot of accidents.” Abusers will force you to lie because you just can’t see clear anymore. Truth had been clouded over, and only the falsehood of the relationship, the marriage, had prevailed independent of me as the observer. It was as if my spirit was no longer alive in the body I was carrying around. It was a very dark place. When the violence was at its worst, where it was more frequent than not, I experienced the beating of my lifetime in which I will never forget. It doesn’t haunt me at all anymore. I have completely let it go, used it for good, and have beautifully transformed into the person I am today. I only mention this to point out that when it becomes so frequent, the abuser is so conditioned to this behavior that they make light of the abuse. They not only dismiss your concerns or take it seriously, but they actually say that the abuse didn’t happen. They lie, and believe their own lies. They are completely out of their mind. No one in a conscious state of mind would behave in such a manner. It’s impossible. Understanding this, however, does not free you. Page 129 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

It allows you to forgive, but you will need to take action toward your freedom. Sometimes you will need to tell an unconscious person to back off, under no uncertain terms, and run for your life. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you need an exit plan. You need it now. First, you need to know that there is no end of the tunnel. The time is now. The light awaits you now. There is no promise of tomorrow. Trust in today. Tomorrow, you or your loved one may be dead. It took me nine years to pick up the phone and call someone. That was the day I took my power and control back. I celebrate that experience which almost took my life, as a day of triumph. The date is highlighted in the calendar of my mind as the day I chose freedom, and love for myself. I used that final beating as a gateway, an opening back toward grace and dignity. May I encourage you today to take the power and control back into your own life? I am here to assist you and others in your overall needs, rather than wants. As a life coach, public speaker, and author, I bring assurance to those who have been drawn into the whirlwinds of misleading information generated by traditional institutions, and offer to remove the falsities and mistruths in your life. Contact me. Reach out so I can pull you through the gap of where you are today, and where the beautiful and triumphant possibilities for your life awaits. I trust that your reach and my purpose meet today, as you listen to your inner voice, which is the grace that lays on the other side of disaster.

In Unconditional Love, Lily Sanders Lily Sanders Life Coach

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Wine, Olive Oil, and Agriculture


Presented by Katarina Host of Grapevine Adventures Page 132 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 133 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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and the care for the vine is indeed central in this winery’s philosophy. ’A Vita winery is owned by Francesco Maria De Franco and he manages it together with his wife, Laura Violino. Francesco

In the last article, Cirò Marina and Strongoli in Calabria were very much in focus. This will also be the case here, where I will start out in Cirò Marina at ’A Vita winery and then head towards Strongoli and Fattoria San Sebastiano that produces olive oil and has an agritourism. Last, but not least, I will talk about Gal Kroton, which is a consortium giving support to local agricultural projects in the rural area around Crotone. The idea was to write a series of three articles about wineries in this area of Calabria, but the third and last article I will only publish at the end of the summer after, hopefully, having visited there again.

´A Vita Winery in Cirò Marina ´A Vita in the Calabrian dialect means vine Page 134 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

started out less than 10 years ago when he took over the family vineyard and began focusing on an organic method and approach. His aim is to re-evaluate the local territory, the soil, and the cultivation of the Gaglioppo. Sergio Arcuri, who I talked about last month, only cultivates Gaglioppo, while Francesco produces both Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco in his vineyards. Francesco has four different vineyards to a total of 20 acres, namely Vigna Muzzunetto, Vigna Sant’Anastasia, Vigna Feudo Terreno, and Vigna Frassá (Greco Bianco). The oldest one, Muzzunetto, dates back to 1967 and the others were planted in 2003.

A bit of history... Francesco has not always been making wine in Calabria, in fact, as mentioned above, he only recently returned to take over the family winery. He studied to become an architect in Florence and then worked as such in San Marino for several years. At a certain point, he decided to change the direction of his life and go back to his roots in Calabria to start making wine. However, he first returned to the school bench studying oenology for four years in Conegliano in Veneto, and thereafter got hands-on practice in wine making in Chile and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Just as many other small Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

wine producers in Calabria, Francesco is against the new rules that were implemented recently that allow the use of up to 10% of international grapes in Cirò Doc wines. He believes that it is important to valorize the Gaglioppo grape, which is known for being typical of Calabria, and further stresses that the addition of international grapes makes the Cirò Doc wine into something unnatural. Furthermore, he is convinced about the importance of an organic cultivation process and that the strength of the small wine makers is to produce a wine that tells a story about the soil and the territory. Thus, a Cirò Doc made with 100% Gaglioppo is a must. (See further, Luciano Ferraro’s article in Corriere Della Sera, January 31, 2014.)

the model of a group of innovative producers in Piemonte in the 1980s who were defined as the Barolo Boys.

My visit to ’A Vita winery

The above mentioned article in Corriere Della Sera in early 2014, was published after the mention of ’A Vita’s wine earlier that year, on January 8th, by The New York Times wine critic, Erik Asimov. He had tasted the ’A Vita Ciró Rosso Classico Superiore 2010 and described it more or less as a new and fresh interpretation of Cirò with elegant tannins. Of course, several other mostly Italian wine writers have written about ’A Vita’s new version of Ciró wines before, as well as after, the above mentioned articles, but perhaps the international recognition helped put Francesco’s wines even more on the general wine map. Francesco is a part of those dynamic Cirò Doc producers who have been nominated Cirò Boys, on

Almost two years ago, a dear friend of mine from Lamezia Terme brought me to meet some friends of hers in Strongoli, a part of Calabria where I had never been before. Apart from Francesco De Franco, I was presented to Piero Romano (the owner of Fattoria San Sebastiano), Martino Barretta (a pivotal person in Gal Kroton), and Gianfranco Blandino. During the 2-3 days in Strongoli, I think I nagged all of them incessantly, my friend included, whether it would be possible to visit the ’A Vita winery, of which I had already read a lot. The last day we were in Strongoli, they took me to meet Francesco and his wife, Laura, in their winery. The feeling was a bit the same as entering the ’workshop’ winery of Sergio Arcuri, as ’A Vita’s socalled ’workshop’ is also small and every angle is

Page 135 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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used in an optimal manner. Francesco showed us around and talked about his production. We then had the opportunity to taste two of his Rosso Classico wines, still not ready, and another, the 2014 that still had to do the malolactic fermentation. Francesco and Laura produce a Calabria IGP Rosato, a Ciró Rosso Classico, a Ciró DOC Rosso Classico Superiore, and a Ciró DOC Rosso Classico Superiore Riserva. The Ciró DOC Rosso Classico Superiore is a mineral and slightly sapid wine, with elegant notes of flowers and red fruit. The tannins are present but with an elegant touch. Erik Asimov also described hints of hazelnut and rose in the Cirò Doc Superiore wine. Just a few weeks ago, at Vinitaly in Verona, I tasted ’A Vita’s wines again and liked them just as much as two years ago. Fattoria San Sebastiano

with my friend. The first stop there was in the late afternoon at his restaurant, where we chatted while waiting for other people to drop in. At a certain point, he asked us if we wanted a light snack. This snack in the end turned into a whole dinner with lots of typical dishes for this area and they were paired with wine from local producers. The following evening, we enjoyed a dinner with different fish courses that was even more elaborate and tasty. This is just a small example of his generosity and kindness, as well as all the other people I met there. Also last year when I visited that part of Calabria, we went to Piero’s agritourism and enjoyed a very nice evening with lots of delicious food with a pugliese theme accompanied to a musical group from Puglia playing traditional music.

A bit of background… Piero Romano belongs to a family that started out as a mail coach business in the early 20th century, which then over time has developed to the Page 136 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

largest private bus and coach company in Calabria, namely Gruppo Romano (consisting of F.lli Romano S.p.A. and Romano Autolinee S.p.A.). Returning to talk about the farm estate, it dates back to the mid-18th century and since then it has changed owners a couple of times before being bought by the Romano family in the early 20th century. Cereals, oil, and wine were produced here for most of the 20th century, turning the farm into a key place in the local economy. Since the 1990s, Piero Romano has been managing the farm estate where he has also turned the old farmhouse into an agritourism. Here, he and his wife Nadia together manages he restaurant all year round. It is a lovely place with a

tview of the countryside from the terrace and in the summer, it offers a cool breeze from the oftenpressing heat. They also have a separate hall being both a sort of agricultural museum with, for example, an olive press from the 1920s, and functioning also as a conference space.

The olive oil production They produce olive oil, as mentioned, since around 100 years back and for 20 years they have also been certified for organic and biodynamic farming. Their olive tree grove comprises of 86 acres where around 60% of the olive trees are more than a hundred years old. Tonda di Strongoli, Carolea, Nocellara del Belice, Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla, Leccino, Frantoio, and Coratina are different cultivars growing in their grove. Their three main Extra Vergine Olive Oils are Monocultivar ( with olives handpicked from the Tonda di Strongoli cultivar), Blend, and Tre Cime. In addition to these, they also produce a series of aromatized olive oils where the Tre Cime is used as the base olive oil. Page 137 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Gal Kroton The Gal Kroton is a limited liability consortium, which was founded in 2002 as a part of the European Union program, Leader II. Public and private actors joined together with the aim of promoting the development of rural areas in Alto Crotonese and Presila Crotonese. An important factor is that the local territory, its culture and traditions, is at the heart of every incentive and initiative promoted by the Gal Kroton. These initiatives include support to local farmers, entrepreneurs, artisans, and the valorization of the local cultural heritage, Gal Kroton The Gal Kroton is a limited liability consortium, which was founded in 2002 as a part of the European Union program, Leader II. Public and private actors joined together with the aim of promoting the development of rural areas in Alto Crotonese and Presila Crotonese. An important factor is that the local territory, its culture and traditions, is at the heart of every incentive and initiative promoted by the Gal Kroton. These initiatives include support to local farmers, entrepreneurs, artisans, and the valorization of the local cultural heritage, as well as offering education and training where needed, and much more.

Page 138 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Some of the people I have talked about in these articles, such as ´A Vita, Birrificio Blandino, and Piero Romano are an integral part of the Gal network. The president of the Gal Kroton is Natale Carvello, however Martino Barretta is the person I got to know two years ago together with the others and who seems to be a key figure in the daily work of Gal Kroton. Martino brought us to other different local realities supported by the Gal Kroton, such as the small towns of Caccuri, with its fairly new nature area, Serra Grande, and Santa Severina with its beautiful castle that can be traced back to a prehistorical era. The work of the Gal Kroton is dynamic and important for the development of the local area, which is quite isolated at times from other parts of the country. If you will be in this part of Calabria and want to visit any of these local activities, you can either write to me or contact them directly. When I go there, I have often stayed in the vacation flats offered by PR Immobiliare. This part of Calabria and the beaches are very beautiful and still quite “untouched”, so it is definitely worth a visit if you have the occasion to do so. English revision by Susie Holman.

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translator. My interest in wine has been running as a connective thought all through these years, leading me to become a sommelier.

My Wine Story

From Sweden to Chianti From a small town in southern Sweden to the heart of Chianti and Florence in Italy, my journey started in Ystad, which used to be known as a smugglers nest during the Hanseatic Era, while today it is the place where the police inspector Wallander solves crimes. It is an idyllic small town by the seaside. My journey thus started in Sweden, bringing me to Florence a bit more than 15 years ago to do a Ph.D in history at the research institute of the European Union. After receiving my Ph.D. and teaching Modern History at the university for a couple of years, I decided to stay in Florence, changing my career path by using my second degree in languages and becoming a freelance Page 139 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

My interest in wine has always been there throughout my years in Italy, however it was only roughly 5 years ago that I decided to try out a sommelier course. I had seen an advertisement on Facebook about the local Fisar course in the center of Florence, and I thought it sounded very exciting. (Fisar is one of the Italian sommelier associations and they organize courses where you get accredited as a sommelier.) Therefore, I convinced a friend to come with me, even though she actually didn’t drink much and still does not. This turned out to be one of the best ideas I have had in recent years, as it brought us to discover a new and fascinating world of oenology, wine history, wine tastings, and much more. It all lead us to continue the course, attending all three levels in one sweep. For about three years now, I have been a sommelier and it is a genuinely fulfilling passion where you learn something new and meet interesting people in the Italian wine world almost every day.Fresh as a sommelier, I started elaborating my idea about combining wine and translation. Together with some fellow sommeliers from Fisar and a British translator colleague, we developed the concept Words & Wine. This one-day seminar on wine terminology in Italian and English was held in Florence nearly 3 years ago. I continued to develop this wine and terminology concept to better fit a translator-

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dominated audience together with a couple of translator colleagues, changing the course name to Words at the Winery. The first of these seminars was held at the wine estate Il Borro (near Arezzo) in June 2014. In the autumn of 2014, we organized another Words at the Winery seminar at the winery Feudi di San Gregorio, near Avellino. During last year, I held smaller informal minicourses about wine in Tuscany and a wine tasting every now and then together with my fellow sommelier, Nadia Padrin, and for Fisar Firenze. At the moment, I am working on putting together a new seminar on wine terminology in English for translators and people in the wine and tourism sector. Page 140 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Karla Hall -Co Host Page 142 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Picture Perfect Tomato Soup Watch Now Procedure: Ingredients  3-4 cloves garlic (whole, with the skin on)  3 pounds beefsteak tomatoes (cores removed, cut into quarters)  2 tablespoons olive oil  3 tablespoons butter (plus 1 tablespoon)  1 yellow onion (roughly chopped)  1 leek (cleaned well, cut in half lengthwise, thinly sliced)  2 medium-sized carrots (peeled, cut in half lengthwise, thinly sliced)  2 teaspoons thyme leaves  2 tablespoons tomato paste  3 cups vegetable stock  1 teaspoon sugar  1 teaspoon white vinegar  pinch chili flakes (to taste)  1/4 cup heavy cream kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (to taste)



4. 5.

Garnish  1 avocado (pitted and thinly sliced)  1 lemon (juice only)  1 cup fresh corn kernels  1 cup bacon (cooked and chopped)  1 cup small basil leaves  1 cup Mexican crema (thinned out with a little cream or milk) kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (to taste)



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1. Preheat oven to 400ºF. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Add the tomatoes and garlic cloves, coat with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and toss to evenly coat. Roast tomatoes until tender and slightly caramelized, about 30 minutes. In a large heavy-bottomed pot, add butter and place over medium-high heat. Add the onion, leeks and carrots and season with a pinch of chili flakes, salt and pepper. Sauté until vegetables are translucent and tender, about 5 minutes. Add the thyme and tomato paste. Stir to coat vegetables and cook for 1 minute. Add the roasted tomatoes, peeled roasted garlic, vegetable stock, vinegar, sugar and season with salt and pepper. Stir to combine. Bring to a simmer. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Remove from heat. Blend the soup and return to pot to keep warm. Add cream and stir to combine. Season to taste. To serve, place a few slices of avocado in the bottom of a shallow bowl. Squeeze a little lemon juice over the avocado and season with salt. Top with a pretty composition of corn kernels, crumbled bacon and petite basil leaves. Transfer hot tomato soup to a carafe. Pour some soup around the garnish. Top with a drizzle of crema. For theEP014092901022 Corn Kernels: place a medium sauté pan over medium heat and add butter. Once melted, add the corn kernels, season with salt and pepper, and sauté for 3 minutes. Tips: - Take a picture while someone begins to pour the tomato soup around the garnish.- Put the crema in a squeeze bottle and use to make a beautiful design. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Visit The

Nethercutt Collecti One of the best private classic car collections in Californ Free Admission www.nethercuttcollection.org

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ion nia.

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The 11 Suc

Stoppers Part of a Series by Kim Kasparian Success/Growth Coach, Speaker, Creator of Success Genie LLC. Page 146 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If you have ever found yourself working really hard and not enjoying the fruit of your labor you may be falling victim to one of these common mistakes. I have fallen victim to all 11 at one time or another and found myself very frustrated until I realized the antidote or what I call the right success step. In this article I share the 11 success stoppers and the simple steps to remove it from your path. Whether you are a successful corporate leader looking for life balance or a stressed out entrepreneur tackling your next level of success you will enjoy the exercises in this article. Success is Your Birthright and you deserve to enjoy your success no matter what life throws at you. Avoid the 11 success stoppers and enjoy the ride. Take the time to review each stopper and take the success step to receive your success right now!

#1 Failure Identify Your True Desires “Desires of the heart are always granted” Spiritual Life Law. c

Attaining your goals doesn’t mean you will necessarily FEEL successful. For your attained goals to grant success, they must be in alignment with what you TRULY desire, not just what you think you want – or those things that adhere to other people’s perceptions of how success looks.

Success Step: Take a moment and start a list of 101 wishes. Tell the universe your dreams on paper and watch what happens by doing this simple step. Page 148 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

#2 Confusing Want with Desire Life Law: “Ask and You Shall Receive.” c

Example: An excellent illustration of this point happened during an exercise in one of my seminars to a group of entrepreneurs. I told them the Universe works like this: You can have ANYTHING you desire, but you need to ask for it specifically – because whatever you ask for you will get. One of the attendees, a woman who had been married for 50 years, had an amazing A-ha moment. When I asked her to choose her desire from the Abundance Tray, she picked love. She explained, “When I was younger, I desperately wanted to be married, so I asked for a husband. But the ironic thing is that, in all the 50 years, I’ve never felt really loved by my husband.” She didn’t ask for a loving relationship; she asked for a husband – and she got precisely what she asked for. A husband was her goal… but love was her desire. Interesting huh?

Success step: Take out a piece of paper and fold it in half the long way. Fold it so that you have two columns and on the left side write down everything you say you want. Money, New Car, Bigger Home, More Clients….everything you can think of… Now for each item that you list, next to in on the other column write down what you think that item will bring you. Security, Well being, Joy, Peace of mind….you get the idea. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Once you are down look at the column on the right. That is what you need to ask for…that is your TRUE desire…what you wrote on the left is what you think it should look like. Focus on the right column and ask for it daily. You will start to experience it all around you... In ways that you could never expect or imagine…

#3 Confusing Expectation with Intentions c

Example: You may have a day high paying job and would like to be a full time entrepreneur. You may desire to create passive income and quit your job. You may be resenting that job and feeling that it is in the away of what you desire most. That is your expectation… what you think the journey to entrepreneurialism and financial freedom should look like. The Laws of the Universe cannot bring you something that you do not already have. So what that means is… if you don’t have a source of income then the universe cannot bring you another or different one. This job allows you to step out on faith and build a bridge from where you are to where you desire to be. Sometimes you need to build a bridge where a road is not available.

Success Step: Write about what is happening in your life right now…the good, the bad and the ugly. Ask yourself and answer on the piece of paper how this could be leading you to what you desire. Where can you see what you are asking for is already present in your life? List at least 5 things that you could be grateful for right now.

#4 Not Having the Proper Beliefs to Support your Goals c

Example: Here is a computer analogy I use to help people understand this important concept. Ask yourself this question, “Would I expect the best PC program to work on a Macbased computer? Of course not! Why? Because almost everybody knows that PC programs are not compatible with Macbased computers. You know that – or you quickly find out when you try to install the wrong software. It may be frustrating; but once you figure it out, you go back out and get compatible software. The same is true for your goals and beliefs. Think of your life as the computer… and your goals as the software program.

Even when you feel like you have been detoured or denied access to the road you THINK you need to be on you are actually being taken a better way that you never could have expected in a vehicle that fits you better than you could possibly imagine. Page 149 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The same is true with goals. If they are not designed or thought out properly, they simply will not work. They can even cause a crash in your life.

Think about Elvis… Elizabeth Taylor… John Belushi. Loved by the world, they were all immensely talented. Some of us dreamed of being like them. But on the inside, where it counts most, they felt undeserving of what they truly desired. They didn’t think they were good enough.

The answer is simple: Before you set a goal for your life, make sure it is S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time –lined)

Your ability to look in the mirror and say “I like me” will be the foundation and magnet for your success – even when the talent falters.

Action Step: Take one of your wishes from your 101 wish list. See if you can format the wish into a S.M.A.R.T goal. Rewrite the wish into a sentence that is specific, has a measurement component, is action-oriented and has a time-line to be completed by. Once it is in S.M.A.R.T format it is ready to have some thought and strategy aligned to it and it is able to be achieved.

Success Step: List at least 10 reasons why you are capable and worthy of receiving what you desire. Turn them into declarations and shout them out loud in front of a mirror every morning and evening. Tell the universe and yourself that you are building a strong foundation for success to reside on in your life.

#5 Lacking The Self Esteem #6 Failing To Plan a Proper To Achieve Or Sustain Success. When you think of low self esteem, you think of people who are victims of circumstance… abused spouses, disabled people, the poor or people in bad situations… but the truth is, a lot of the people we think are so accomplished are suffering from low self esteem.

Page 150 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive



Okay, you have a S.M.A.R.T. goal, you’ve got plenty of self esteem… but do you have a sound strategy?

Example: Suppose you need to be in Orlando, Florida at noon on the 15th of August for

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meetings and you will be leaving from San Francisco, California. Today is August 14th and at the last minute you decide to drive because it’s the least expensive way to go. What are your chances of success? Slim, fat and none. Nevertheless, you throw some clothes in a suitcase, leap into your trusty car and head out at 6:30 in the morning. Needless to say, You are bleary eyed from driving; You are dizzy from inhaling diesel fumes at that last truck stop where you stopped to gas up… and your credit card is begging for mercy because of the price of gas. Your tummy is rumbling because you forgot to pack healthy snacks to bring with you and you don’t have time to stop anywhere to eat something nutritious. Furthermore, now you’ve missed your appointments! Your strategy wasn’t sound, considering your timeline and needs. Had you stopped to consider your personal situation, you would have realized that, no matter the cost, your only realistic option was to fly. Success Step: Look at the desires you wrote down. Are your current strategies leading you in the direction of what you desire? More importantly are they allowing you to feel those intended desires right now? If not, you need to rework your strategies so that they do.

Page 151 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Your strategies must be incomplete alignment with your intended outcome…Joy, happiness, freedom, etc.

#7 Setting Goals That Are Not Attainable c

Example: A man who desires to go back to school for a degree but works full time, has a mortgage and three children will have different challenges to finish his degree than a 19-year-old who can put everything else aside and do the curriculum in three years. Their circumstances will be different, based on their personal realities and timelines. What is an attainable goal for you may be an unrealistic one for me. Setting goals is tremendously personal and should be treated as such. So, when setting goals, it’s important to keep in mind the three Ps: be Prepared… be Persistent… but also be Pragmatic.

Success Step: Write down the list of your current responsibilities. Make a list of all the things that would have to be taken care of while you are in pursuit of your goals.

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Stay open and present for an opportunity that allows all your needs to be met in a way that fits better than you can imagine. It will appear and fit like a glove.

#8 Failing To Align Your Integrity with Your Goals c

Only recently have corporations begun to realize that happy employees are more productive than unhappy ones. Too many people are sacrificing family time because they need to stay late at work to prove they are “part of the team.” Others are sacrificing their career ambitions because they have responsibilities to their family.

Example: Take a manager who is highly social and has an inherent love of people. Now, tell him the only way to get further ahead is to push his staff really hard, make no allowances for personal issues and lay people off without shedding a tear. He is going to have a painful – perhaps impossible – climb up the “corporate ladder” because it goes against what he loves most: People. On the other hand, someone who is highly utilitarian, who values money for the security it brings, would be stressed in a job that requires a lot of effort for little to no

pay. Success comes Page 152 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

quickly and joyously to those who know how to align their goals with their values and desires.

Success Step: Write down the 5 things that you value most and journal how you can align these things with your goals.

#9 Not Taking Sufficient Action c

I love this one. I can’t count how many people I have coached who come to me all disappointed or worried that they have set unrealistic goals. They are convinced the world doesn’t want what they have to give – for any number of reasons. When I ask them how many action steps they have taken, they generally reply with a very small number… like 2 – or even fewer. Or they’ll say they tried for a couple of days and nothing happened. Has this ever happened to you? You take one step and think to yourself, “I am not there yet so this doesn’t work”? Don’t worry, we all have. The bottom line is this: Success comes to those who accept it; but accepting requires action. You can’t sit idly and expect to receive.

Example: Jerry Rice is arguably the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. Among other feats, he’s the all-time leader in touchdown receptions. If Rice weren’t willing to run down the field, elude defensive backs, hurl his body into the air and endure ferocious hits, he would never once have experienced the elation of catching a pass, crossing the goal line and spiking the football. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

you give it a try. And try and try and try again if necessary. Mary Kay Ash had a great saying that I always loved… “A big shot is just a little shot that kept on shooting.” Remember, the person who fails to receive the success is the person who just stopped showing up. And 90% of success is in just showing up. Are you showing up where your success hangs out?

Success Step:

Success Step:

I hope you think enough of yourself to be accountable to you because you deserve what you desire.

Write down where you would be going and what you would be doing if you were playing full out with success and showing up. Who would you be calling? What steps would you be taking? Write them down now as an expression of commitment.

#10 Losing Focus c

Our lives are so busy that today’s best-laid plans are tomorrow’s ruins. Remember this saying, for it is completely true. What you focus on is what you get; so if you don’t like what you’re getting, then change your focus. Setting a goal is great; but not looking at it every day and implementing the plan you created for it is a waste. It’s like spending hours researching a car, buying it, putting it in the driveway but never filling the tank with gas and then complaining that you never go anywhere.

Example: Do you know anyone who has bought a premium membership to a gym, and who has never gone and wondered why they haven’t lost weight? I guess the gyms don’t work? Remember, if a goal was worth setting, it is worth focusing on. Page 153 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

When you are not happy with the outcome of a particular situation, step back and refocus yourself on what you desire – and not the obstacles in front of you at the time.

#11 Not Being



Example: People are like water that flows down the path of least resistance. We all need to be accountable – to someone or something. That is why coaching has become such an important element in so many people’s success. Because everyone needs to be accountable to someone – and a coach is someone who is objective, nonjudgmental and cares about you and your goals. When the going gets tough, a coach helps you escape your box and build a strategy that is realistic and attainable, while helping you stretch beyond your comfort zone. A coach will call you on things when you give in or create excuses, and encourage you to be (and do) your very best. Bottom line, a coach will help you discover the strength that’s always been inside of you.

Success Step: Design your success and build it, and be accountable… find a coach — someone you trust and has faith in you — to give you a kick in the fanny when it’s warranted. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Briya inspires compassion through fashion by making fun, fashionable purses and bags that allow adventurous spirits, concerned global citizens and dedicated change-makers to travel in style while also helping women and children reach their full potential in underprivileged regions around the world.

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With the purchase of each Briya bag, you will be providing school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, vocational training, employment and other essential resources needed to empower women or children living in poverty-stricken communities across the

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Internships and Employment for Female Veterans: A National Issue By Annie Mann Hundreds of thousands of veterans return home looking for something more out of their career. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for female veterans is about 9.3%, which is even higher than that of male veterans. There have even been times (October 2014, as an example) when the unemployment rate is double that of male veterans. Countless others are underemployed. Even overqualified women find themselves in positions like security guards that offer no room for advancement, and a mediocre salary. On top of that, there is a recent rise in homeless female veterans, and unfortunate trend. The last recession hit veterans the hardest, and while things have picked back up economically, the effect still lingers. Up to 20% of women in the military are married to someone who is also in the armed forces. This poses problems for women when their husbands are transferred and they are forced to find new employment.

clear issue when it comes to results. Some women even neglect to put their military service on their resumes, because of the issues that arise during the employment process. Many women also face the problem of not feeling like a ‘true veteran.’

A BRIEF HISTORY OF WOMEN IN THE MILITARY While there were women who saw combat in the Revolutionary, Mexican and Civil Wars, they were all disguised as men in order to enlist. The Navy and Marine Corps allowed women to enlist during WWI, and ever since, female presence in the military has been growing. However, until troops were integrated by gender in the Gulf War, women were mostly in medical, administrative and communication

These women fought to protect our country; we should be able to offer them something more. There are several resources set up to help these Women find employment, but there is still a Page 156 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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jobs. The exception to this was WASP forces (Women Air Service Pilots), civilians that flew domestically during WWII. As of 2013, the ban against placing women in combat roles, a rule implemented in 1994, has been lifted. Despite this, there are still many bans within the branches of the military, but recent 2015 efforts are putting a stop to this unnecessary gender discrimination.

SO HERE WE ARE More women than ever in the military means more female veterans than ever. Women now make up about 15% of the armed forces. They may not even realize what an advantage their military background is. It is a huge leg up over other candidates. Many people also have a bias that former military persons can only do things like physical labor. This couldn’t be more false. Veterans can apply their skills to most civilian jobs, depending on their background. Most Americans don’t know about the diverse network of jobs that are available in the military,

Page 157 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

so most people assume that all veterans have seen combat or are in strictly combat roles. Women also face unique issues during the recruitment process. After wearing a uniform everyday during their service, man women find it hard to piece together a professional outfit for an interview or a day at the office. Little things like business style are often not thought about by civilians, but greatly affect veterans.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? This is an American issue that every citizen should take issue with. So what’s your role in all this?

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To be on the receiving end of course! Even LinkedIn is pitching in, helping female veterans build their online portfolios. So what can you do, in your unique position of power, to help these women? Many companies and educational institutes have begun targeting female veterans due to their natural assets and untapped potential. Your company can form partnerships with worthy causes like Corporate America Supports You (CASY) to find employable veterans and their spouses. They can even help you develop your own programs specifically for veterans! Even if you can’t help by creating a veteran targeted program, there are other things you can do. Becoming a mentor to a female veteran is extremely helpful to her employment process, and it’s fun to share your knowledge with an up-and-comer. The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is a great way to do just that, look into it if you’re interested, it could change a life.

WHY INTERNSHIPS? Internships are the perfect way to employ veterans while still allowing them to gain corporate experience, which many companies like to see on an résumé. They can test drive a civilian job while adjusting to life outside the military. The benefits for companies to have interns is well known and well documented. Not only do they get an extra set of hands, but also they get to see if the person would be a good fit for the company in the future. This is a two way street. Internships often end in stable employment, which these female veterans so desperately need. An internship gives them a chance to showcase their skills and prove themselves invaluable. Page 158 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF HIRING FEMALE VETERANS? 1. What better way to do your part than to target female veterans while hiring? 2. Veterans are known for being a dedicated and focused demographic. These women are used to working in a professional environment and therefore have excellent workplace etiquette. 3. Many veterans have acquired high-level training from the government and have unique skills as a result. This means that they are also accustomed to learning new things and are comfortable with developing and using new skills. 4. The average female veteran is a spouse or mother, so employing her means more than just a job; it means the ability to support her family, which is even more important for single moms. 5. Work ethic: former military personnel are some of the hardest workers in the job market. Veterans also have a certain level of adaptability that most people do not, and can roll with situations as they arise. 6. Teamwork and leadership, not only do these veterans know how to be part of an effective and efficient team, but they are comfortable with leading and delegating. 7. A vast majority (92%) of military staff uses computers on the job, so women veterans have computer literacy that is so valued in today’s workplace. 8. This is something businesses from all industries can get involved in, follow the example of high profile companies like Uber in creating a veteran-targeted hiring program. 9. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden both support this amazing cause; join their fight for employment access for all female veterans!

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www.womenandtransition.com Page 159 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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She’s A Vet A New Series Featuring Female Vets, Opportunities and Resources. Hosted By Marylyn Harris. Page 161 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Featuring Female Vets, Opportunities and Resources.

Business Resources for Women Veterans The Women Veterans Business Center www.WomenVeteransBusinessCenter.org Twitter - @WomenVetsBiz Facebook and Linkedin Groups – Women Veterans Business Center https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3262839 https://www.facebook.com/WVBC.org/? fref=ts The Women Veterans Business Center was created in 2010 to meet the unmet needs of Women Veterans Business Owners. The Center hosts outreach events (online and at locations throughout the US) to educate and empower Women Veterans and Military Families to start and grow Veteran-Owned Businesses.

TUCK School of Business Minority Business Programs at DARTMOUTH COLLEGE http://exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu/programs/ minority-programs The TUCK School of Business is the oldest US Business School, driving minority business education for over 35 years. Tuck’s minority business education programs are committed to help you adjust your business strategy and refine your operations if you are to survive, prosper, and grow to scale.

National Veteran Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) Woman VETREPRENEUR of the Year Program http://www.navoba.com/ NaVOBA unites the nation’s 3 million businesses owned by military veterans by providing a single voice to advocate for important issues. Buy Veteran is a national campaign Page 162 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

spearheaded by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) to bring the success and momentum of the National Veteran Business Movement to all of America’s 3 million veteran-owned businesses. In 1999, the federal government passed Public Law 106-50 that set a mandate to award 3 percent of all federal contract and subcontract dollars to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

U.S. Small Business Administration - Office of Veterans Business Development https://www.sba.gov/offices/headquarters/ovbd The Office of Veterans Business Development's mission is to maximize the availability, applicability and usability of all administration small business programs for Veterans, Service -Disabled Veterans, Reserve Component Members, and their Dependents or Survivors.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University: Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) Program Entreprenurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities Program Boots to Business (with U.S. Small Business Administration) http://vets.syr.edu/ The IVMF is the first interdisciplinary national institute in higher education focused on the social, economic, education and policy issues impacting veterans and their families post-service. Through our focus on veteran-facing programming, research and policy, employment and employer support, and community engagement, the institute provides in-depth analysis of the challenges facing the veteran community, captures best practices and serves as a forum to facilitate new Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

She’s A Vet partnerships and strong relationships between the individuals and organizations committed to making a difference for veterans and military families. Read more at http://vets.syr.edu/ #dPbg47Ih1h10B6Uc.99

INC Military Entrepreneurs Program

Patriot Bootcamps

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce National Center for Veterans Institute for Procurement

www.patriotbootcamp.org Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to equip active duty military members, Veterans, and their spouses with the education, resources, and community needed to be successful technology entrepreneurs. The objective of PBC is to provide military members, Veterans, and spouses with access to mentors and training to help them innovate and build the next generation of high-growth, scaleable and impactful companies. Patriot Boot Camp leverages a nationwide network of business and startup community thought leaders to more effectively guide entrepreneurs in bridging the gap between military service and entrepreneurial life.

American Corporate Partners (ACP) Mentorship Program for Veterans http://www.acp-usa.org/mission-history American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans in their transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce. With the help of business professionals nationwide, ACP offers veterans tools for long-term career development through mentoring, career counseling, and networking opportunities.

Page 163 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.inc.com/military-entreprenuers A resource for veterans, service members, and military spouses to start, run, and grow their own businesses.

http://www.montgomerycountychamber.com/ foundation/veteran-institute-procurement VIP is a 3-day, 27-hour comprehensive certification program for veteran businesses to increase their ability to win government contracts by establishing best business practices. An initiative of the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation (MCCCF), VIP is designed by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Oklahoma State University Veterans Entrepreneurship Program http://riata.okstate.edu/veterans The VEP is designed around two central elements: a) focused, practical training in the tools and skills of new venture creation and growth, reflecting issues unique to disability and public benefits programs; and b) the establishment of a support structure for graduates of the program.

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s id


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Kitchen Space 10 101

Intentional Design to Change your Health and Food

Feel Page 166 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Good Spaces A new series by Sherry Burton Ways, Author and Design Psychology Coach Page 167 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If you cook at home, then your kitchen may be your personal space where you let loose your creative skills and create striking blends of flavors. Moreover, your kitchen may also be a place for you to unwind after a long day at work or relax and blend into the aroma of flavors bursting out of your stove. So today, I welcome you to Kitchen Space 101. Here we’ll discuss design tips for your kitchen so that it not only energizes your life, but makes you want to stay in your flavor heaven as long as you want with food that is not only delicious, but smart - - prepared to maximize your health.

Tip One: Open Up The best kitchens are the ones that are open and give you easy movement. You should start by finding ways to make that happen. Clear your countertops with unnecessary utensils and crockery. Make a list of all the utensils and crockery Page 168 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

that you use daily for cooking; just keep those around and put the remainder of them stocked in closed door shelves. You can buy utensil hangers to hang knives and ladles. If you are one of those who like to display your cooking ammunition, then you can buy open rack stands for displaying your crockery and save space in a smart way. Make your kitchen as de-cluttered as possible so that you can have space to keep fruits, nuts, and other nutrient-filled go-to foods on the kitchen table so that your children or you may have easy access to them. Also, colorful fruits on the table are a visual delight to your eyes. Cleaning up and making room in your kitchen can also help you keep important things visible. It also adds to reducing prep time and keeping you from stressing when you are short of time or space such as when your cooking space becomes a social hangout during family dinners and parties. Also, if you are Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

like me and you don’t do dishes right after a meal, you can fit in deep sinks where you can “hide” the dirty dishes - - so the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space does not look tainted by a pile of visible dirty dishes.

Tip Two: Light Up Experts say natural sunlight helps you connect with nature and inspire your food choices. It makes your space well-lit and saves electricity. A healthy dose of sunlight also aids to enhance the overall feel and mood of your kitchen space. For exposure, you can start with opening your windows and blinds. Let the light inside and brighten your cooking experience. You can also install a skylight – it will improve the light effect when it’s sunny and give you a cozy, comfortable feeling when it’s raining outside. Since the idea is to light up your mood and help you ease into character, you can also set up a docking station or put in a radio stand so that you can listen and enjoy your favorite songs, podcast, or just catch up on news. A soft distraction, in the form of music, also adds to the ambience of your cooking space.

Tip Three: Fill Up This one is all about your food choices and how you can make the most of your kitchen space by presenting easily accessible healthy foods and having an indoor herb garden and the flavorful aroma it produces. The ffirst step is to decide how you can reorganize your pantry. Start by cleaning the shelfs and sorting the food into groups. You can separate Page 169 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

them into four different categories such as items you use daily, items that you use less frequently, items that are about to expire, and unopened stocks that you do not think should be part of your healthy lifestyle. The latter food items, you can even donate. The second step is to smartly restock your pantry. I suggest you use containers like glass bottles and mason jars for storing spices, nuts, grains, and other ingredients. You can easily see their contents and they will also help you make your pantry look more colorful. Experts suggests that when you are to restock your pantry you should start by placing all your healthy ingredients in the center shelf followed by low calorie foods so that they are easy to grab. Chocolates and other fatty foods should be kept on the top shelves that are not so easy to grab. This is a good psychological step that can help you keep a check on your weight. Also you should create an order in your pantry with baking items at one side, pasta on the other, and so forth. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Moving on to herbs. They are an important plus in your healthy diet for they add savory and flavor and help you cut down on unhealthy choices like salt and butter. You can hang a vertical garden on any of the kitchen walls that have access to sunlight for plants will need adequate sunlight to grow. There are many variants of vertical gardens available in the market that are designed in a smart way to save space and make your kitchen look more vibrant – - also, growing plants indoors have tendency to lift your mood and are very soothing to the eyes. You can grow parsley and other fresh herbs or maybe even grow vegetables that are easy to manage. However, if you find it a hassle to manage a vertical garden, you can again use glass bottles and mason jars to keep on your window ceiling or in a cabinet next to a stovetop – a low maintenance version of keeping an herb garden.

To Conclude These three tips are your first lesson in making your kitchen another feel good space in your home. You can start with these, and then go from there to explore other ways to make your life better. Be as creative as you like. Be simple and Page 170 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

enjoy deliciously healthy food in your new, more relaxing kitchen.

About Sherry Burton Ways: Sherry trained as a Certified Interior Color Consultant by nationally known Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, Leatrice Eiseman and a Certified Design Psychology Coach by popular TV personality and celebrity designer Kelly Ellis. Sherry provides wellness seminars on decluttering, organization, and Feng Shui to corporations, nonprofits and government agencies. Her past corporate clientele includes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Washington, DC; Southern New Hampshire University, Hooksett, NH; and the Washington Post Headquarters, Washington, DC to name a few. Her interior design practice has produced several outstanding projects including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Award Winning affordable multifamily housing project 4800 at Nannie Helen in Washington, DC; The DC Dentist Office, the first eco-friendly dentist practice in Washington, DC and Yael’s Cake Poppery, the first cake pop and bagel bakery also in Washington, DC. Sherry Burton Ways resides in the Washington, DC suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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www.womenandtransition.com Page 171 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization


Nana and Nick Brandt

With 10 years of experience under her belt as top executive of a small but powerful organization, Nana had made more right choices than wrong. And her group had survived because of it. They had bested some of their rivals for resources and survived the elements and even full-on attacks by their natural and unnatural enemies. Nana carved out a place for themselves in an adversarial and competitive environment, one as unforgiving and harsh as an oppressive government regime. While on the surface all looked in harmony, she was fully aware that Frankie, a younger female exec, was next in line to take over and alert to any weakness Page 172 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Nana might have. She knew full well if she faltered, Frankie would happily step in to take her place and, in a moment, she would lose all control and command of the team she had worked so hard to build and protect. Her team had come to trust her implicitly. She held full sway over all important decisions made and almost minute to minute kept herself on high alert in order to continuously move her team into the best strategic positions for forward progress. When a windfall opportunity presented itself to consolidate and secure a position for the group in the relative safety of a wildlife preserve run by Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

world-renowned conservationist, Lawrence Anthony, she seized it. Footnote: (The full story can be found in an engaging book entitled: The Elephant Whisper. ) The elephant herd over which Nana was matriarch was finally in relative safety and could thrive Conversely, Qumquat and her family did not fare as well. While internationally renowned fine art photographer Nick Brandt memorialized her in a stunning photographic portrait, this magnificent elephant and two of her children were killed by a fierce enemy -– a poacher. We all need to be competent executives managing our day-to-day lives, whether you are leading a herd of elephants, or running a family, a job, a department or a company. And survival is what it is fundamentally about. Not the crude definition of survival – barely eking out an existence – but rather, how to obtain real survival, which includes thriving with abundance in all areas of your life and for all that are connected with you – from your mate, to your children, your extended family, friends, business associates, other life forms and every aspect of the world around you. This is a Life Assisting Life approach to living – a method for better survival taught by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO). “Whether we are working with industry leaders or children, indigenous tribes or government regulators, LAEO helps people understand that no life survives alone. This better connects everyone with the natural world, resulting in more constructive decision-making and workable solutions. We take an educational approach that brings about life assisting life instead of life clashing with life. Page 173 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

We named this field of environmental science, Cooperative Ecology , and it guides every choice, decision, and strategic plan we make,” said LAEO’s Senior VP & Science and Tech Committee Coordinator Diane Wagenbrenner. Some of LAEO’s “Co Eco” lessons prompt selfexamination: How does each of us survive better? The answer? Start by simply looking! Look around yourself and decide to be more aware of the condition of people and things around you. Then find something you can do to make it a little better; to bring things into a little better harmony with the rest of the world; to help life co-operate a bit better with the rest of life. “Co Ecoing” some area of a person’s existence, whether that part of their life is relatively insignificant to them or is vitally important to their survival, is a fulfilling endeavor. A truly stellar example of this on a grand scale is Nick Brandt's extraordinary undertaking to stop the poaching of elephants in the Amboseli eco system in Kenya and Tanzania, and to bring the local villagers into better harmony with the natural world around them. Since 2001, Brandt has been documenting the vanishing natural world and animals of East Africa through his haunting, majestic photographic portraits of elephants, giraffes, lions, gorillas, rhinos, and other large mammals. Returning to Africa to continue his work, he repeatedly found that magnificent wildlife he had photographed in earlier trips had since been poached or needlessly killed. He became painfully aware of the urgent crisis facing wildlife conservation in East Africa.

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Deciding to do something about it, he joined forces with world-renowned conservationist Richard Bonham. Together, they formed Big Life Foundation, raising the necessary funds to hire and train rangers and provide the needed outfitting for stable outposts including buildings, uniforms, tents, food, Jeeps, and weapons. Big Life has empowered over 350 Masaai rangers from nearby villages. As a result, poaching has been dramatically reduced to almost zero in an area covering over 2 million acres.

But the story does not end there. Three years after the conclusion of his African photographic book trilogy, On This Earth (2005), A Shadow Falls (2009), and Across the Ravaged Land (2013), Brandt returned to East Africa to photograph the escalating devastation to the continent’s natural world. In a series of epic panoramas, he recorded the impact of mankind in places where animals used to roam, but no longer do. In each location, Brandt erected a life size panel of one of his animal portrait photographs, setting the panels within a world of explosive urban development and toxic wasteland. The arduous months of production to create each work resulted in stunning panoramas published in an oversized volume entitled Inherit The Dust in March 2016 that includes two incisive essays by the artist. Accompanying exhibitions featuring large-scale prints are being held at prestigious galleries in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin, among other cities. Page 174 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

On April 20th of this year, the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) held a celebratory Earth Day event at the Fahey/Klein Gallery showing of the Inherit the Dust Exhibit in Los Angeles. Brandt was presented LAEO’s Elephant Whisperer Award for his extraordinary accomplishments as an artist, humanitarian and conservationist. Local LAEO members were able to meet Brandt, view his exhibition, and participate in a Q & A about his work to discuss solutions for bringing better cooperation between all life. Brandt’s Big Life Foundation story is worth connecting to at BigLife.org. Co-founded in 2010, this nonprofit has proven to be one of the most successful conservation programs in the world, dealing with conflict issues between man and elephant. While Earth Day seems to bring mostly bad news pushing negative messages about the many things wrong with our planet, we encourage people to focus on what is working, what is going right, and what can be done to make it better. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Female Executives like Nana serve to set an elephant example for Cooperative Ecology Living. It is time more people Co Eco-ed their lives! Author’s note: In 2012, Qumquat fell to a poacher’s bullet. Nana still lives in peace with her herd at Thula Thula private wildlife reserve and can be seen there on the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s extraordinary Eco Safaris to South Africa. In 2009, she got a cataract, and Frankie promoted herself to Matriarch of the herd. Barbara Wiseman is the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s International President. She can be contacted at info@TheEarthOrganization.org

For more information Links to: http://www.theearthorganization.org Big Life Foundation http://www.inheritthedust.com

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A message from the International President: Barbara Wiseman Hello! Welcome to our on-going environmental news column in E-Mag! We are going to utilize this wonderful opportunity to present interesting educational information so that you can play an even bigger part in preserving and protecting Earth’s waters and all life through the daily choices you make. We want to bring practical information to you. We are not about spreading bad or scary news, but about spreading constructive news and information. Yes, we talk about the problems, but, also, about technologically sound and easy-to-implement remedies and answers. We want to actively engage with you, and other like-minded groups and organizations, to multiply those who are beneficially influencing the direction of our society’s culture, and to promote practical and realistic environmental solutions. When I co-founded The Earth Organization with Dr. Lawrence Anthony, we wanted to bring a new brand of environmentalism to the world described under a term we coined: Cooperative Ecology ™ .

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Women Thrive Worldwide advocates for change at the U.S. and global levels so that women and men can share equally in the enjoyment of opportunities, economic prosperity, voice, and freedom from fear and violence.

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We ground our work in the realities of women living in poverty, partner with locally based organizations, and create powerful coalitions to advance the interests of the women and girls we serve.


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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.womenandtransition.com Page 178 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The WGC International Adventure Summit was created to bring individuals together for the

betterment of ourselves, our communities, and the world. We have the opportunity to have a global relationship not just with others globally but also to network amongst ourselves to create projects far beyond anything any of us

could do as individuals. There are members attending from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and more. We will be doing our own business expansion with other global experts, sharing our knowledge

and brainstorming with each other. We will serve as global citizens as the lives of the children you will meet during the WGC Humanitarian Aid project, whose lives will be changed forever as will ours.

The WGC Gateway Training Program provides service to women of all race, creed, religion and circumstance to support them in becoming part-time or full time business owners and entrepreneurs. We assist women in becoming active participants and leaders for themselves, their communities, and the world. The Program helps them uncover their talents and discover ways that they can contribute to society and the workforce. It engages all aspects from self-esteem, image, communication, business strategy, product development, to marketing and exposure. This unique 90 day program also provides them with opportunity, tangible skills and techniques from opening their own LLC to creating their business plans and all the way to customer sales. Page 179 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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SHELLIE HUNT Founder/CEO of The Women of Global Change Female Executives joining together to lead the new economy. The Year of the Woman is 2016 and female executives are on the rise in America and beyond. Many organizations and publications are ushering in the new wave. It is not too long ago that women received the right to vote, coming so far, and still there is a long way to go for equal rights. Such organizations and top companies that are known for having higher percentages of women employed includes Bright Horizons, Nordstrom, Mayo Clinic, and Starbucks. Many other organizations offering women in training in business have appeared on the horizon as well, such as The Women of Global Change Summit and WGC Gateway Program, STEM, LeTIP, NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) and also publications of additional support can be found in E Magazine (Female-Executive), Ms. Magazine, Avant Garde, and Entrepreneur Magazine. With the majority of the workforce currently being women, and with women being 80% of the consumers in the US, this gives incredible power for standing up and stepping in for the year of the women: 2016. Ladies, it is time for us to lead united... YOU are the change the world is waiting for.

More about Dame Shellie Hunt can be found at www.SuccessisbyDesign.com & www.TheWomenofGlobalChange.com Page 180 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Michal Mael Michal’s worldly experience and exotic background makes her the perfect ambassador for Nature’s gems. From international businessmen and women, to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed giving them what they desire in both home and work environments. She designs pieces specifically based on what’s missing, giving them access to it, and energizing their lives, and has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement ™. Michal travels from continent to continent several times a year to hand pick the best gems from mines in China, Viet Nam, Brazil , Peru, Morocco, to Timbuktu for our clients.

michalandcompany.com Elle febbo From Foster Homes to Harvard Law, Elle Febbo, now a best selling, award winning author, is also the CEO of Febbo Media, Associate Producer of the Emmy acknowledged, “Project: Forgive”, keynote speaker, globally published journalist and child advocate. Last year, Elle was acknowledged by Jane Seymour and the Open Hearts Foundation for her work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, receiving high honors with an award for service and a check for $10,000. in support of her efforts, which she donated to Big Brother’s Big Sisters of Ventura County. Elle serves as a Contract Adviser for the National Writers Union and was recently elected as the Southern California Chapter Chair in recognition for her efforts to reach the masses and open doors for the voices of writers from around the globe in association with the International Authors Coalition. Her company, Febbo Media is designed to make books, products and business matter, through collaborative cause marketing, and her workshops, seminars and lectures are designed to take business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs to the next level through service and collaborative affiliation, with the message that anything is possible when the like-minded and likehearted come together to make it happen.

www.ellefebbo.com Munni Irone Founder of Peace 4 Arts Awards

Munni Irone has received numerous civic and global awards such as The Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills, Adame Commander Award by the royal family of Europe, and teacher of the year award along with several philanthropist awards. Even though, she much prefers to be know as “Munni the Philantropist”. She is CEO of MJD Film Productions and is associated with multiple charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide. Munni conducts workshops to help leaders find their purpose, defining self-images, getting deep into their core with honesty in their lives. She believes that this is the only way that they can attain balance within themselves.

www.munniirone.com OAKWOOD Occasions Full Service Planning & Management for Professional & Personal Events! Expos, Festivals, Parades, Workshops, Weddings and Corporate Events coordination, budgets, vendor management, rentals, music and entertainment, floral, design, photography, photo booths, candy favor stations, tents, tables, chairs, linens, servers, bartenders, transportation and so much more!

visit: www.OakWoodOccasions.com www.OakWoodOccasions.organogold.com Page 181 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We Are C www.womenofglobalchange.com


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Changing Lives Shellie Hunt Founder & President


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Let’s Talk About EPIGENETICS

By Dr. Cherilyn Lee Page 184 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If you put into your search engine, “What is epigenetics,” the first thing shown is how to pronounce it. Then, the fact that it’s a noun related to biology, and that it’s “the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.” Sounds simple enough, but

what does that mean?

Page 185 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Conrad H. Waddington coined the term epigenetics in 1942, making epigenetics is a relatively new concept in our quest for better health. When Waddington coined the term, the physical nature of genes and their role in heredity was not yet known;

how genes might interact with their surroundings to produce a phenotype. he was ahead of his time in postulating

Bruce Lipton, PhD, is a pioneer in epigenetics – the concept that our genes are not fixed, that they turn

Epigenetics refers to changing phenotype (outward manifestation) without on and off.

changing genotype, and it doesn’t necessarily require any fancy surgical intervention or complicated medical treatments. Page 186 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Epigenetic modifications don’t change the DNA sequence; they affect how cells "read" genes (Epigenetics: Definition & Examples by Rachael Rettner. http://www.livescience.com/37703epigenetics.html). The Greek prefix epi- in epigenetics implies features that are “on top of” or “in addition to” genetics; thus epigenetic traits exist on top of or in addition to the traditional molecular basis for inheritance. (http://pharmacistben.com/video/ben-fuchsdr-joel-wallach-interview/) Research is demystifying epigenetics as it relates to our health. For holistic health practitioners, “epigenetics” is basically giving a name to the type of care and guidance we’ve been giving their clients virtually all along. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

There’s a lot of complicated scientific information explaining epigenetics, but I’ll keep it simple in this article. We all have genetic codes. What we now know is that there are epigenetic codes that influence genetic codes more active or inactive. It’s difficult to alter genes themselves, but we can alter epigenes to control the activeness of genes. “What Is Epigenetics” (http:// www.whatisepigenetics.com/fundamentals/) discusses clinical applications of epigenetics as relates to various cancers, mental retardation disorders, immune processes and disorders such as lupus-like autoimmunity and arthritis, neuropsychiatric disorders, and pediatric syndromes. Examples of epigenetics at work in people are found in the topic overview “Special Topic: Epigenetics: 20 Years and Rising” by Jeremy Cherfas (http:// sciencewatch.com/articles/special-topic-epigenetics). Page 187 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

We need epigenetics to explain, for example, that of two genetically identical twins, one may suffer autism or schizophrenia while the other does not. Much of epigenetic research has focused on cancer, but in recent years this research has expanded to behavioral or psychiatric manifestations of epigenetic influence passing through generations. For example, children of malnourished mothers faced with limited food in later life seem to do okay. Those who have an abundance of food develop cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Epigenetic control is thus adaptive. (P.D. Gluckman, et al., “Epigenetic mechanisms that underpin metabolic and cardiovascular diseases,” Nature Reviews Endocrinology, 5(7): 401-8, 2009.) A review by Anura Hewagama and Bruce Richardson, of the University of Michigan, investigates the ways in which environmental factors Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

interact with specific predisposing genetic elements to trigger diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis (A. Hewagama, et al., “The genetics and epigenetics of autoimmune diseases,” Journal of Autoimmunity, 33[1]: 3–11, 2009; 92 citations.) The November 2006 issue of Discover Magazine ran the article “DNA Is Not Destiny: The New Science of Epigenetics” by Ethan Watters in which an experiment was discussed involving laboratory agouti mice that, with no more than a change in diet, were prompted to give birth to young that were strikingly different in appearance and susceptibility to disease. Usually when agouti mice breed, most of the offspring are identical to the parents. The parent mice in Jirtle and Waterland's experiment—yellow, fat, and susceptible to life-shortening disease—produced a majority of offspring that looked altogether different. These young mice were slender and mousy brown, and they did not display their parents' susceptibility to cancer and diabetes, living to a spry old age. The effects of the agouti gene had been virtually erased. Remarkably, this transformation was achieved without altering a single letter of the mouse's DNA. They merely changed the moms' diet. Starting just before conception, Jirtle and Waterland fed a test group of mother mice a diet rich in methyl donors, small chemical clusters that can attach to a gene and turn it off. These molecules are common in the environment and are found in many foods, including onions, garlic, beets, and in the food supplements often given to pregnant women Page 188 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

After being consumed by the mothers, the methyl donors worked their way into the developing embryos' chromosomes and onto the critical agouti gene. The mothers passed along the agouti gene to their children . intact, but thanks to their methylrich pregnancy diet, they had added to the gene a chemical switch that dimmed the gene's deleterious effects. "It was a little eerie and a little scary to see how something as subtle as a nutritional change in the pregnant mother rat could have such a dramatic impact on the gene expression of the baby," Jirtle says. "The results showed how important epigenetic changes could be." What's eye-opening is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the epigenetic changes wrought by one's diet, behavior, or surroundings can Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

According to Jirtle, "Before, genes predetermined outcomes. Now everything we do— everything we eat or smoke—can affect our gene expression and that of future generations. Epigenetics introduces the concept of free will into our idea of genetics."

work their way into the germ line and echo far into the future. Put simply, and as bizarre as it may sound, what you eat or smoke today could affect the health and behavior of your greatgrandchildren. Recent research has made it increasingly clear that for all the popular attention devoted to genomesequencing projects, the epigenome is just as critical as DNA to the healthy development of organisms, humans included.Jirtle and Waterland's experiment was a benchmark demonstration that the epigenome is sensitive to cues from the environment. More and more, researchers are finding that an extra bit of a vitamin, a brief exposure to a toxin, even an added dose of mothering can tweak the epigenome—and thereby alter the software of our genes—in ways that affect an individual's body and brain for life. Page 189 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Nu Wellness Healthcare has been using state-of-the-art screenings to help patients assess their health conditions and take appropriate holistic measures to improve their situations. Now we have the “Epigenetics Cell Wellbeing Bio-Profiler” that checks your Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, EFA’s (Omega Oils), appropriate Food, Microbiology, Toxins and EMF profile, as expressed real time in your hair follicles in a quick and easy process onsite (in our office). You can have your results in a printed comprehensive report in just 20 minutes, followed by a 20 to 30-minute consultation to ensure that you understand what it means, and to give you recommendations for making the right dietary and supplementation changes to address your unique health concerns by promoting better gene expression. Acting on this information can help you improve your own health and even the health of your children and grandchildren. Just a very basic awareness of epigenetics is valuable to helping us understand the importance of making good choices about what we consume and how we minimize stress in our lives. Are research results like the Jirtle and Waterland mice results relevant to human health? Well, mice are mammals, humans are mammals, so—yes. The good news is that what you do that’s healthy for yourself, you’re doing for your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren, and maybe even generations beyond. Isn’t it great to know that genetics does not have to be your destiny. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

NHTRC 1 888 373 7888

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For information go to www.traffickingresourcecenter.org Page 191 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Jo R

Available on

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ohnathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach

This is a story for people who follow their hearts and make their own rules...people who get special pleasure out of doing something well, even if only for themselves...people who know there's more to this living than meets the eye: they’ll be right there with Jonathan, flying higher and faster than ever they dreamed.

Amazon.com Review "Most gulls don't bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight--how to get from shore to food and back again," writes author Richard Bach in this allegory about a unique bird named Jonathan Livingston Seagull. "For most gulls it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight." Flight is indeed the metaphor that makes the story soar. Ultimately this is a fable about the importance of seeking a higher purpose in life, even if your flock, tribe, or neighborhood finds your ambition threatening. (At one point our beloved gull is even banished from his flock.) By not compromising his higher vision, Jonathan gets the ultimate payoff: transcendence. Ultimately, he learns the meaning of love and kindness. The dreamy seagull photographs by Russell Munson Page 193 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

provide just the right illustrations--although the overall packaging does seem a bit dated (keep in mind that it was first published in 1970). Nonetheless, this is a spirituality classic, and an especially engaging parable for adolescents. --Gail Hudson

About the Author Richard Bach, a former USAF pilot, gypsy barnstormer, and airplane mechanic, is the author of fifteen books. This, his fourth book, spent two years on the New York Times bestseller list and has continued to inspire millions for decades. His website is RichardBach.com. Russell Munson began photographing airplanes as a young boy in Denver, Colorado. Photography and flying have been his passions ever since. He is the author and photographer of the book Skyward: Why Fliers Fly and authored and produced the DVD Flying Route 66. He photographs from his Piper Super Cub. His website is RussellMunson.com.

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Available Now

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CHESLER “Man’s inhumanity to man”--the phrase is all too familiar. But until Phyllis Chesler's nowclassic book, a profound silence prevailed about woman’s inhumanity to woman. Women's aggression may not take the same form as men's, but girls and women are indeed aggressive, often indirectly and mainly toward one another. They judge harshly, hold grudges, gossip, exclude, and disconnect from other women. Like men, women are exposed to the messages of misogyny and sexism that permeate cultures worldwide. Like men, women unconsciously buy into negative images that can trigger abuse and mistreatment of other women. But like other social victims, many do not realize stereotyping affects members within the victimized group as well as those outside the group. They do not realize their behavior reflects society's biases. How women view and treat other women matters. Are women oppressed? Yes. Do oppressed people internalize their oppressors' attitudes? Without a doubt. Prejudice must first be acknowledged before it can be resisted or overcome. Page 195 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

More than men, women depend upon one another for emotional intimacy and bonding, and exclusionary and sexist behavior enforces female conformity and discourages independence and psychological growth. Continuing the pioneering work begun in Women and Madness—Chesler's bestselling book that broke the story on double standards in psychology— Woman's Inhumanity to Womandraws on important studies, revolutionary theories, literature, and hundreds of original interviews. Chesler urges us to look within, to treat other women realistically, ethically, and kindly, and to forge bold and compassionate alliances. This is a necessary next step for women, without which they will never be liberated.

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We’ve Got it All Here at


National Association of Female Executive

Nafe is the largest global network for women with thousands of members. They recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary, headquartered in New York they have many affiliate networks across the country.

About NAFE

Would a group of women sharing their dreams… supporting, encouraging and mentoring you, be beneficial at this time of your life. Nafe offers great benefits to members, and the annual membership is only $39.00 go to www.nafe.com and check out all the wonderful Page 196 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

benefits, Information on the Southern CA networks can be found at www.wrnafe.com The network meeting fees are $10.00 for Nafe Members and $15.00 for guests then you pay the restaurant direct for your meal. like eating right now? Using this simple technique, my choices changed to a healthier fare. Instead of a cheese tuna melt, coke, and french fries, I’d glance through

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Our next project is a fundraiser with Robert Hollywood productions (he is always our MC for the conferences) for the “5th Annual Mane Event” fundraiser which will raise funds for Villa Chardonnay which is the largest Equine & Animal Sanctuary in Southern California. The event takes place at Callaway Winery Barrel Room in Temecula, CA; we are providing baskets and entertainment for the event. Go to www.villachardonnay.org for more information. One of our Nafe Orange County Nafe members, Dr Iris Rosenfeld will be celebrating her 30th anniversary in practice on Thursday June 9, from 5 – 8 pm and invites everyone to attend she has a fantastic fun event planned her office is Rosenfeld Wellness Center 25255 CABOT Road Ste 110, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 call to rsvp or for more information 949-380-7215. Had a communication this week from our Waco Texas Nafe


network which meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at Rosita’s Pizza 824 Hewitt Drive, Woodway, TX 76712 contact Treasurer Heaven Epperson , phone 254-412-9489 or Dena Bridgewater at dena.bridgewater@gmail.com. So if you know anyone in the Waco Texas area let them know about our Nafe network there. Our Indianapolis, Indiana network does so much great work and currently they are working on a fashion show. If you have any friends or business associates in Indiana let them know about the network, contact Mary Aurtrey email m.aurtrey@sbcglobal.net

From the Desk of Robbie Motter. NAFE

Global Coordinator Our 2016 Nafe Conference at Menifee Lakes Country Club was a big success, the speakers, entertainers, vendors, food and the women attending were amazing. We have been receiving rave reviews on it. We were also thrilled that we could give a portion of the proceeds to 6 local non profits. Nafe is about giving back and helping their communities. Page 197 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Nafe Southern California will have a booth again this year at the LA Largest Mixer on July 19 from 5pm to 9pm at the Pasadena Convention Center, we invite you if you are in the Southern CA area to come by our booth and visit with us. Each year we get to meet so many fantastic individuals and many of them then SHOW UP at one of our Nafe networks and become members. I wish you all continued great success, until next month, also tell your friends about this great magazine it is amazing and Althea Ledford the CEO/ Editor who also is the director of the Los Angeles Nafe network does an amazing job and it is viewed all over the world, and you can subscribe on line FREE, so tell your friends and business associates about this opportunity.. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Meet one of our

NAFE Women and one who knows just how to make everything perfect! Well I recently had that gift given to me.Meet GIGI the Coco Channel of Organizing who in edition to being a great Nafe member is also an organizer extraordinaire. This dynamic woman can organize anything and the end result is whatever is being organized looks amazing.

Jean Olexa GIGI: The Coco Channel of Organizing and a Menifee Nafe member I first met Jean Olexa a few years ago when she came to an event at the Menifee Lakes Country Club. She walked in and the place was pretty full for an event and I invited her to sit with me. I learned that she was from back East and had then just recently moved to Menifee. I also learned that she had lived in Virginia and so had I so that started us talking about things back East and it was amazing how many places we both had been. I invited her to come and visit one of our Nafe meetings which she did, and has been active ever since. She has a talent for decorating and organizing and has volunteered to help me with so many of the projects that I have been involved with and always does a fantastic job. Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to get a gift to have someone come and organize your office or your home is a treasure, especially if that person is gifted in organizing

Jean lives in Sun City and since moving here she has helped many in the Riverside County area have beautiful organized offices and homes. Her talent does not stop there, she can decorate any event and she has a knack on how to make baskets beautiful with her designs and wrappings. I recently hired her to organize my office as I was getting overrun with paper, does that sound familiar? I could not believe it but we got rid of 9 bags of stuff and she reorganized everything even down to labeling the drawers and files and so much more and my office today looks amazing and is so much more functional for all the work that I do for Nafe and other projects and because she made things easy I can find what I need quickly. She also recently did 23 Opportunity baskets for our recent Nafe Success Up Women’s Conference that was held at Menifee Lakes Country Club. They looked so amazing and the end result because of that our Conference made some great money for the charities we were supporting and was able to give donations from the proceeds to 6 local charities.. Another task she undertook was the design of the table decorations for the conference and since Nafe colors are red she made the table decorations have fresh red carnations and white baby breath in a silver glitter high heel shoe on a square mirror and they were fantastic, in fact when the women started arriving as they walked

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into the door they said “wow the decorations are amazing”. Another great talent of this talented woman is that I recently had my 80th birthday and she created a fantastic scrapbook with the writings from people who sent them in ahead of time and the book was so beautifully laid out and each page was a masterpiece. Then after the event she took all the cards that were given as over 300+ came to the party and created another book with the cards in it which is another masterpiece. Jean as I said is original from New Jersey and she is the mother of two beautiful daughters who live in Hemet and one in Murrieta and her son lives in Virginia. She also has 8 grandchildren and she said” being a mother and grandmother is one of her most precious joys”. This talented woman has a knack of looking at anything that needs to be done in the organizing world and immediately has a picture of the end result in her mind and it always turns out amazing for her clients. She also is a magnificent dresser and has helped many clients pick the right clothes and colors to wear and many times when she is organizing a closet she is able to give ideas of other things that her clients might consider to wear with outfits they have to look fabulous. So think about it, giving a gift of organizing to someone or even to yourself is a gift they or you will be thrilled as the results will be amazing. I am so happy that Jean Olexa is one of our Nafe members as she is also a woman who helps other women, and is a person of high integrity and a person you can count on. You can reach Jean Olexa at 858357-7295 and her email is gigi8247@gmail.com. Page 199 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

What Does NAFE Mean to Me By Joan E Wakeland, Riverside Nafe Director

This is an organization of Female Executives, Women Business Owners that dedicated for the advancement of women. We believe that this can be done through Education, Mentoring, Training Skills, personal development and public advocacy. I enjoy being a NAFE Member! Although not a Social Club the organization can be described as a Sisterhood or Sorority! You are able to help & support others by providing needed resources. I am able to associate with women who are caring individuals, women who are committed to serving rather than being served! We need business women and professionals to get involved with helping each other to grow, I have seen this happening in NAFE! It is great to see the transformation that occurs in individuals because of exchanging ideas, the sharing of best practices and mentoring. Individuals are empowered by the lessons they learn from Life Coaches. These coaches are dynamic individuals who make an impact on the lives of others! I have had the pleasure of seeing metamorphosis occurring in people who exhibited fear, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge make a big change! I have also been taught many lessons ! I was taught how to be a social Butterfly because of NAFE,I created the hashtag "free to fly" after encouraged to tell my story. I have become more bold yet not ever wanting to hurt or abuse anyone. I have met some individuals that are influential that I don't think our paths have crossed if it were not for NAFE! I earned awards for Volunteering, NAFE gave me exposure! Humans like to belong, NAFE is the Community that provides that environment of a Tribe doing teamwork so that everyone wins!

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Join NAFE at any of these WestCoast Networks

Come and join us at one of these monthly Nafe affiliate meetings: Please contact the Director of the network below. Any Nafe questions you may contact me Robbie Motter Nafe Global Coordinator at 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com. As a member you will join one of the networks but you may attend any of the network meetings each month as they all offer great networking opportunities. ARIZONA Phoenix Impact for Enterprising Women – A Nafe affiliate network contact director Joan Howard 602725-3246 email joanhoward@cox.net website www.impactforenterprisingwomen.com CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Nafe meets the 2nd Thursday starting in January 2016 at Mimi’s Café 4025 California Avenue, Bakersfield, Director Cheryl Hughley Phone 661-421-5861 Email Cheryl_hughley@yahoo.com U Tube Video coming soon Bel Air (coming soon) Director LaDonna Roberts 323-806-3433 email ladonnaroberts@gmail.com U Tube Video coming soon

Coastal Nafe Network Meets 3rd Thursday at 11:00 am at, Ramano's Macaroni Grill 12380 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, CA 90740 Director Lynne Martin, 714-357-4159 email lynneCmartin@gmail.com http://www.meetup.com/wwwnafecoastal-com/ U Tube Video coming soon Los Angeles Nafe Network Meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 pm at Marie Callendar’s 5773 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232 . website is www.nafelosangeles.com Director Althea Ledford, 310-990-9496, email allyledo@aol.comPlease check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/RkSuoZaGrJc Menifee Nafe Network meets the 2nd Wed 11:30 am, Merna’s Café & Grill (formerly Boston Billie’s Restaurant ) 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City, Ca. Contact Director Robbie Motter, NAFE Global Coordinator 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page http://tinyurl.com/ cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/ HspfWnbAI4w

Central Orange County Nafe meets the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm, at Coco’s Restaurant 14971 Holt Avenue, Tustin, CA, Director, Sheila A Caruso, 949 -330-0927 email sheilaacaruso@gmail.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/fj2iy3x5i9E

Murrieta Nafe Network meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at R J’s Sizzling Steak House 41401 Kalima Street, Murrieta, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter,951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page http://tinyurl.com/cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=WmClfV9VcMA

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North San Diego County Nafe Network (Carlsbad/Vista/San Marcos) Coming in January 2016 contact Director Luz Paez 951-966-8277 email marketingwithluzpaez@gmail.com U Tube Video coming soon Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm Mimi's Cafe 10909 Foothill Boulevard Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730. Contact Director Vivian Haire, Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector Phone 951-229-8343 or email vvnhaire@yahoo.com U Tube Video coming soon Riverside Nafe Connector meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm Canyon Crest Winery 5225 Canyon Crest Drive #7a Riverside, CA 92507 contact Joan Wakeland Director 909-7217648 or email joanewakeland@gmail.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/vQT80UAUm-k San Fernando Valley, starting in January , contact Director Carol Pilkington 661-3134578 or email carol@carolpilkington.com for more information U Tube Video coming soon San Francisco/Bay Area Network 4th Thursday 6:15 PM Call Director for meeting location. Director Stone Love Cell 510 565 4425Home office 510 972 0528 or emailStonelove@stoneologys.com Meet up Page http://www.meetup.com/SAN-FRANCISCO-BAYAREA-NAFE/events/225941823/ U Tube Video coming soon South Bay Nafe Network, meets 4th Tuesday 6:30 pm @ Double Tree 1985 E Grand Ave El Segunda, CA 90245 contact CO-Directors Alina Estrada 562-313-1190 or emailinfo@nafesouthbay.com or Eleanor Oliver Co-Director email Eleanor.oliver12@gmail.comjoin us on Meetup.com/southbay-nafenetwork www.nafesouthbay.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/UY9kHIy1o34

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South Orange County Nafe Network Morning Coffee meeting, 2nd Wednesday of each month, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Microsoft Store, 578 The Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA (Upstairs in mall) For information and/or to RSVP Contact Director Mikki St Germain, 949-429-3438 or St.Germain.Mikki@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/nafe.soc U Tube Video Coming soon Ventura County Nafe Network, meets 3rd Wednesday 11:45 AM at Mimi’s Café, 400 N Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 Contact Director Sheryl Tash 805-794-4005 or email sheryldtash@gmail.com Meet up page: http:// www.meetup.com/members/159937202/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/OZqKdhKUf5o Wildomar Nafe Network meets 4th Thursday 6:00 PM D’Canters Restaurant 32100 Clinton Keith Road, Wildomar, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter Nafe Regional Coordinator 951-255-920 or email rmotter@aol.com http://www.meetup.com/MenifeeMurrieta-Wildomar-Nafe-networks/ events/224726252/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/ okj-UzaTbM4 COLORADO Denver Coming soon contact Director Nancy.i.gaines@gmail.com 314) 378-1611

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Join NAFE at any of these East Coast Networks

DC Washington DC Greater Washington DC Women’s Network, Mary Greene, Executive Director 202=5808884, email gwwenet@gwwn.org Website www.gwwwn.org meets Sept thru June GEORGIA Atlanta Nafe Atlanta Network, Executive Director, Lisadouglas 404-913nafe email contactus@nafeatlanta.com ILLINOIS Chicago Coming soon Zsyke Tusa Director, 331-212 -0585 email ztusa@ecologicsolutions.com INDIANA Indianapolis Nafe Women in Networking (WIN) Mary Aurtrey, Director 317-894-9421 or 317-4137197 email m.aurtrey@sbcglobal.net Co Director Lotti McCallistor 317-905-3666 e,ail bes10@iquest.net meets 1st Wednesday each month at 11:30- 12:30 at Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) Center 8899 E 56th Street Indianapolis. IN 46249 Check out their Utube Video Page 202 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

LOUISIANA Gretna Women on the Go, Director Rose Mary Ceasar, 504-366-6889 email rosemarycadam@bellsouth,net, regular meetings 1st Monday of the month 7:00 pm MARYLAND Baltimore Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com, meetings at 1300 Mercantile Lane Ste 100 Largo Maryland 20774 Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net Facebook page www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Howard County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com contact director for meeting location Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Pikesville Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network , Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com Denise Laws, Co-Director 443-527-7403 contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Prince George’s County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/ Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com

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MICHIGAN Detroit Women Empowering Leadership & Legacy (WELL) Director Donna Stallings 313-999-2211 email donna@syncfoundation.com. Contact Director for meeting location and time. MISSOURI St Louis The Professional Women’s Alliance STL, Director Ninoska Clarkin 314-991-6144 NEW JERSEY Northern New Jersey Professional Women New Jersey, Dee Marshall, Director 862-218-0076 email nafenewjersey@gmail.com NEW YORK New York City, Roxanne Natale, Director 917 -952-0681 cell, 646-647-2148 work, email rnatale@ewsnyc.com North Carolina Nafe North Carolina, Director Michele Rogers, 919-621-3310 Email nafenorthcarolina@gmail.com website is www.nafenc.com Utube video https://youtu.be/snLmjMtGS7A PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh Women Interactive Network WINN< Director Dawn Pomaybo 412-963-6311 email info@Winpitt.org SOUTH CAROLINA Coming Soon, contact Director Jayne Jordan 843-532-1123, email ladyjj2u@gmail.com

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ttremont@silotechgroup.com VP of Events: Jacqueline Jackson, Jacqueline.jackson@utsa.org 210-458-2483 VP of Communications: Chris Slowey, sloweyrcpoa@yahoo.com, 210-569-0953 VP of Finance: Natasha Robles, nrobles@silotechgroup.com, 210-5690959 Our website address is www.nafesa.org.

TEXAS Dallas P-31 Women Inc, Contact Connie Mitchell 214-404-6462 Midland Successful Women’s Alliance, Diector Mary Elena Duron 432-978-2009 San Antonio NAFE San Antonio Network (Formerly We Lead) Meets at Norris Conference Center @ North Park 618 NW Loop 410, San Antonio TX 78216 2nd Wednesday of every month 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM President: Tiffany Tremont, ttremont@silotechgroup.com, 210-569-0953 Page 204 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Waco Women’s Information Network, Max Nolen Director 254-717-5188 max_nolan@us.aflac.com E The Magazine for Today's Female Executives edited by Althea Ledo who runs the LA Nafe Nework has 4 pages dedicated to Nafe so be sure and send her your news. allyledo@aol.com and mark in subject News or even stories for Nafe section. Here is the website for the Magazine www.female-exec.com Also send news to Paula Damiano for the Nafe E Newsletter her email is pauladamiano@hotmail.com We are always looking for more individuals to step to the plate to start additional Nafe networks contact Robbie Motter, Nafe Global Coordinator, rmotter@aol.com or 951-255-9200 Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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2016 Spring/Summer Conferences Women Business Technology Social Media

Source CIO.com

Social Media Marketing Apr 17-19, 2016

Women Deliver

Ma7 16-19, 2016

Copenhagen, Denmark

New Media Expo

Digital Summit Charlotte

May 4-5, 2016

2016 The Clute Institute Apr 24-28, 2016 Washington D.C.

Social Media Camp

May 5-7, 2016

The LA Ultimate Women’s Expo

May 21-22, 2016

SMX London

May 18-19, 2016

FORBES Summit Group

May 11-12, 2016

World Business Forum

May 25-26, 2016

Apr 18-21, 2016

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Social Media Strategies Summit Jun 1-3, 2016

Web Effectiveness Conference Jun 16-17, 2016

Forbes Women’s Summit May 11-12, 2016

GIANT Conference 2016 Jun 27-29,2016

The Lead Developer 2016 Jun 23-24,2016

The San Diego Ultimate Women’s Expo Sept 17-18, 2016

TED Summit

Jun 26-30, 2016

The Mobile Innovation Apr 13-14, 2016 2016 The Clute Institute Apr 24-28, 2016 Washington D.C. Ad World Bologna, It

Apr 14-16, 2016

World Business Forum

May 31-June 1, 2016

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TED Women 2016 Oct 26-28,2016 The San Francisco Ultimate Women’s Expo Oct 1-2, 2016

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