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H October 2015

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Yang Lan, Media Mogul, TV host. Yamg Lan is ofter called “the Oprah of China.” The chair of a multiplatform business empire, Yang is pioneering more-open means of communication in the communist nation. Full bio



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Changing The World Together. An interview with Shellie Hunt t.

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Protect Your Intellectual Property Abroad Part 2:


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A Leader is Sustainable Infrastructure By Cynthia Lardner


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What is a Female Executive? I am the one that makes the bread, weaves the fabric, creates the peace, negotiates the smiles, shuts it down and wakes it all back up. I am the Swiss Army Knife of mankind. I am the one that gives birth and keeps life goingwhether I have to nudge it with my heart, my mind, my blood or my foot! I keep the bass rhythm of life moving. I am that female that executes the needed, the necessary and the fantastic. I am THAT female executive.

-Althea Ledford

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From the Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Welcome to this Issue of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. Our theme is Harvesting that Limitless Power featuring Karen Abercrombie from the hit movie War Room. Before we get into this month’s issue, I want to share a simple experience that taught me to harvest joy and be positive with intention. One day I had to pick up an older relative to take them somewhere. Based on past experience, I decided to count how many times they would either complain or compliment something before we reached the next block. I knew this particular person could stand to be a bit more cheerful, but I was still surprised when I counted 6 complaints from the time they entered the car and we reached the end of the block. This is a text book scenario on how we plant and harvest our realities everyday. If you start your day complaining, you’re actually repelling anything positive from happening to you. If you start and continue your day being grateful for even the small things, you’ve changed the weight and heaviness in the very air around you. When you make a decision to “be happy” , then follow through and be happy. And for those times when you can’t be happy, make the decision to start walking in the direction of happiness. Be the planter and the harvester of hope, joy and gratitude. I hope you enjoy this issue. -Althea Ledford

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Protect Your Intellectual Property Abroad

Part 2: Brazil By Anna Corsaro and Daniel Djouder

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“No good case exists for the inequality of real and intellectual property, because no good case can exist for treating with special disfavor the work of the spirit and the mind.” Mark Helprin This is part 2 of a series of articles to help you protect your intellectual property when doing business abroad, a hot topic for any company running international operations. Each part will focus on an attracting country for foreign investors. Brazil is not only a marvelous and exotic land, but it also possess a lively and pulsating economy that makes it a very attractive place for investments. Even if its growth has slowed down a little bit in the last four years, the opportunities are still there and the proximity to the United States are an added benefit, especially for those companies that look forward to moving their first steps abroad. So, if you're ready to roll – on samba notes, of course – then follow us in our journey through the Brazilian intellectual property (IP) system, and we'll make sure your intellectual assets will stay protected in all your endeavors in the Terra do Brasil . The Patentes Brazil is a member of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the Page 16 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Paris Convention, and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). This puts the Brazilian legal frame on an advanced standard for what concerns IP rights. Patent applications can be submitted by either an individual or a legal person for inventions, utility models, and designs. Here it is already a special case, though. Ownership on inventions created by an employee of a company are shared between the inventor and the company, if the employee was not being paid to carry out creative activity, but nevertheless realized the invention making use of the company's means. Subscription link

It is noteworthy that the application must be filed within a year of disclosure of the invention you wish to patent, otherwise it won't be eligible anymore past that deadline. The average time to complete the procedure, from the submission to issuing the patent, takes about nine years. Yes, it is not a typo, it meant to read exactly 9 years. It is indeed an awful lot time, especially considering that patents are granted for 20 years starting from the moment you send your application – for what concerns inventions – and 15 years for utility models. Nevertheless, not all is lost, as the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) Page 17 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

has already undertaken the commitment to reduce the procedural time to four years before 2020. Moreover, that is not simply a vague engagement, but a really tangible one, as the Brazilian Patent Office has hired a large number of specialized personnel in recent years, and as of the beginning of 2014 it launched a fully operational online service to fill out and submit patent applications. To be patentable, an invention must comply with the usual requirements, i.e. novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness. The criteria to assess those requirements are substantially similar those employed in Subscription link

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the United States and most parts of the world. It is essential that a separate request is filed within 36 months from the original submission to ask the responsible committee to proceed to the assessments, otherwise the whole application will be discarded.

The cases are examined in state courts and the average time to deliver a first degree ruling is between two and four years, depending on the state. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have specialized courts for IP and treat cases faster than the national average. An appeal requires an additional year or two.

That Patent is Mine Alone

PRO TIP: the INPI hosts a WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, if you seek relief there, your case could be resolved resolved much quicker – in about 6 months – and with less expenses than in a court of law..

If your invention falls prey of counterfeiting you have to know that the protective system in Brazil is very articulated. You have the option to pursue an infringer either in a civil or criminal case. Whichever path you choose it is important to mark the difference of when you have already secured your patent from the circumstance where your patent is still pending. The former is the situation where things are simpler and more expedited. You can immediately sue the perpetrators and obtain restrictive orders, confiscation of counterfeited products, and damages. In the latter situation, instead, you have to be more cautious. When your patent is still pending approval, which can easily be the situation you find yourself in considering we saw it takes several years to complete the procedure, you cannot immediately bring your case to the court. The first thing you need to do is to write an intimation letter to the other party asking to cease their misconduct. On the same token, you can request an accelerated procedure for your patent application. Only when the patent is granted you can start legal proceedings in court. Page 20 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

...And the Marcas As it was stressed in the chapter about patents, Brazil is a signatory to many international treaties concerning the protection of IP. For what concerns trademarks, though, it should be noted that Brazil does not adhere to the Madrid system, that allows to file a single centralized application through the WIPO in Geneva to register a trademark in all the signatory countries in a single occasion. Therefore, if you wish to register your trademark in Brazil, you have no choice but to go through the INPI. By statute, only graphic signs that are perceptible to the eye can be registered as trademarks. Pictures, verbal representations, 3D elements, and mixed compositions are all legitimate candidates.

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Individuals and legal entities are eligible to file a request. Since collective trademarks are allowed, if you decide to register one of those, remember that in this case the law requires that the application be presented by a legal person that represents all those who wish to collectively register the trademark. Brazilian legislation requires a direct link between the business line of who is registering a brand and the product classes to which that brand relates. So, to make things clearer, a restaurant chain could not register a trademark for cars and motorbikes. This requirement is easily fulfilled by presenting a sworn statement – an affidavit – at the same time when you file your registration application. This peculiarity makes it so that trademarks are protected only in relations to the product classes they are registered for, barring the cases of notorious trademarks in Brazil, which enjoy protection across the whole spectrum, and notorious trademarks abroad, which are protected even if they are not registered in Brazil. The good news is that, once it is registered, a brand is protected in the whole country. The registration procedure is rather cumbersome. For each product class you want to register a brand for you need to file a separate application. PRO TIP: besides the product classes of your choice, always submit a request also for product class 35 “Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.” It is a common trick for Page 21 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

malicious individuals to re-register an already registered brand by submitting an application for class 35 alone, which is rather generic thus allowing a loophole to circumvent the impossibility to register in more specific classes. By always registering your brand in class 35 too you prevent illintentioned competitors to abuse this exploit. When you file an application, the trademark is published on the Journal of Industrial Property (RPI) and within 60 days from the date publication third parties may present opposition to your request. In turn, the original submitter has additional 60 days to present their defense. In the absence of any opposition the Patent office proceeds with the novelty assessment after 60 days from the publication have passed. If the result is favorable they issue a registration certificate upon payment of final registration fees. You can expect your trademark to be fully registered in 24 months, if there are no objections and it also passes the novelty assessment without any accident, but be warned that the procedure can be dragged to up to 5 years if on the other hand something does not go according to plans. Trademark registration lasts for 10 years and can be renewed for the same length an unlimited number of times. Be careful though, a trademark must be used for real withing five years from the registration to avoid being susceptible of revocation at the request of interested parties.

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How to Keep Your Brand New Brand Remember, Brazil strictly applies the principle that the protection for trademarks is granted with their registration. Only a few exceptions are tolerated. The first one is for widely known brands. The other one is in the form of prior user rights that allow any person – who has used a brand in good faith in the 6 months before a third party files a registration application – to register the trademark the first. So, if you want protection then registration is a must, even though the bureaucracy may be a hassle. Yet, always less trouble than seeing your hard-earned reputation stolen with impunity by people using your name to do business.

courts. First degree cases last from one to two years on average, and are examined by Low Courts. Appeals are brought before Higher Courts and need about the same time to be concluded. Preliminary injunctions are not uncommon and allow to stop the infringement and avoid irreparable damages. DISCLAIMER: this article contains general information about legal matters. The information is not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information on this article as an alternative to legal advice from your attorney or other professional legal services provider. You should never delay seeking legal advice, disregard legal advice, or commence or discontinue any legal action because of information in this article.

Branding is optional, but a wise idea. If you already have your registration certificate, then you can use signs such as Marca Registrada, M. R. or ®. On the other hand, if your brand is still registration -pending, then your go-to symbol will be TM. Similarly to patents, protection can be sought in civil or criminal cases. There are also administrative actions available before the Customs to ascertain counterfeiting. Infringement cases are dealt by competent

Page 22 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If you still have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Anna Corsaro She is a Multilingual Senior Crisis and Homeland Security Advisor, with several years at the service of Governments and Corporations. Her Consultant Group and she provide Advice and Training in: Crisis Prevention | Intelligence Analysis | Counter-Espionage | Counter-Terrorism | Criminal Organizations | Man-Made Disasters | Corporate Crime | Union Strike and Negotiation | Crisis Communication | Crisis of Malevolence | Post-Conflict Recovery | Seminars | Workshops | Conference | Keynote Speeches Keep in touch with Anna: E-mail: LinkedIn: AnnaCorsaro Twitter: @AnnaCorsaroAdv

Daniel Djouder He is a Multilingual Economic and Geopolitical Analyst who works as team-member for Anna Corsaro’s Consultant Group. He holds an MA in Law and Economics with honors, an MA in International Relations and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence. He writes articles for Geopolitical Monitor Intelligence Corp., The Daily Journalist, and Forbes. Keep in touch with Daniel: Email: LinkedIn: Daniel Djouder Twitter: @DanielDjouder

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Source Working Mother see

Meet the 2015 NAFE Women of Excellence These 14 diverse leaders, groundbreakers all, exemplify the strength, energy and humanity of top executive women. Posted September 16, 2015

As the National Association for Female Executives celebrates the 17th year of its Women of Excellence Awards, the diverse backgrounds, accomplishments and altruistic work of the winners dazzle us. Our honorees inspire by breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, achieving heights and helping others succeed. They are changing things for women in their companies and in the greater—often global—community. It is a privilege to recognize them. Please join us in honoring them on December 11, 2015, at our gala NAFE Women of Excellence Awards breakfast in New York City.

WOMAN OF ACHIEVEMENT Lynne Doughtie was named U.S. Chairman & CEO of KPMG in July, 2015. She joined in the firm in the Audit practice in 1985 and has served in a number of national, regional and global leadership roles, including as the lead engagement partner for some of the firm’s major clients. She is a member of the U.S. firm’s Management Committee and KPMG International’s Global Advisory Leadership Team. Since 2011, she has led KPMG’s Advisory business in the U.S., and during this period of growth, Page 26 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

she established market-leading positions in business and risk consulting and transaction advisory services. She has also overseen the expansion of KPMG’s capabilities in innovative services and solutions, including information security, strategy, digital/ mobile and transformation. Lynne was named one of Consulting Magazine’s “Top 25 Consultants” and “Top Women Leaders in Consulting.” She was also featured inProfiles in Diversity Journal’s “Women Worth Watching” and recognized in Accounting Today’s “Women in Accounting.” She holds a BS in accounting from Virginia Tech and is an active alumnus, including as past president of the Advisory Board of the school’s Pamplin College of Business and a member of the Accounting and Information Systems Advisory Board. In 2007, she was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award for outstanding career accomplishments and contributions to the college. Lynn has CPA certification in Virginia and New York and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

NAFE LEGACY AWARD Sharon Orlopp earned this award for her vital work as Global Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Human Resources at Walmart, where she was responsible for advancing the diverse 2.1 million associates. Sharon joined Walmart in Subscription link

2003 as Vice President, People, and a year later was promoted to Senior Vice President, People – Sam’s Club. Prior to Walmart, she served as Vice President of Human Resources for The Sports Authority, and also spent 17 years with Foot Locker, where she held various leadership positions in operations and HR. A lifelong advocate for inclusion, education and opportunity, Sharon has worked tirelessly for women’s advancement. While at Walmart, she and her colleagues oversaw a marked increase in women’s promotions in management in U.S. locations. In 2014, 54 percent of promotions went to women, while women in officer roles increased to 31 percent from 15 percent in less than a decade (double the Fortune 500 average). Sharon oversaw the global rollout of the “Women in Retail” program where each facility has a champion associate to promote the development and advancement of women. She challenged senior leaders to develop customized D&I plans linked to business strategies, and also is known for the mentoring circles she fostered. Sharon recently moved to Phoenix to be near her mom and is finishing her Masters in Educational Technology. She is a board member of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation and on the advisory board of the College of Arts and Humanities at her alma mater, the University of Denver. She and her husband of 32 years are now empty nesters with their two children off at college, but their dogs, Buddy and Molly, create plenty of noise in the house.

ACTIVIST Betty Thompson is Executive Vice President with Booz Allen Hamilton, serving as Chief Personnel Officer and a member of the leadership team. She joined the company in 2008 with more than 20 years of HR experience, including at Fannie Mae and IBM, where she also held line positions. We honor Betty for her activism in conceiving the Women’s Agenda. She says that on coming to the firm, she was often the only woman executive in the room. She brought the unconscious biases she was experiencing to Page 27 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

the attention of her male peers, which started the conversation that led to her creating a gender-based organizational diagnostic to garner male and female perspectives on issues, Programs, and experiences at Booz Allen. That led to her designing a firm-wide strategy to build a culture where women succeed. Today she continues to call out biases, particularly when it comes to promoting senior leaders. She was instrumental in the appointment of the first two women on the board and the first woman general counsel. The Women’s Agenda – of which she is cochair – includes programs for leadership skillbuilding, increasing exposure, and landing stretch assignments. Today, women are 25 percent of executives, up from 20 percent in 2012, and the leadership team increased from zero to three women during that period. Betty also has launched mentoring circles for senior talent, often hosts informal networking and mentoring at her home for partner and vice president women, and has championed the Leadership Excellence Program to prepare senior associates and principals for senior roles. She has an MS in HR and Personnel Management, is married to her high school sweetheart, has four grown children and one grandson, and lives in Vienna, VA.

COMMUNITY SERVICE Shannon Schuyler is a Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers where she is the Chief Purpose Officer, Corporate Responsibility Leader and President of the PwC Charitable Foundation. Joining PwC almost 20 years ago, Shannon also continues client-facing work in the Sustainability Business Solutions practice. In 2007, after presenting a white paper proclaiming the strategic business need for corporate responsibility, she assumed charge of CR and immediately shifted the company’s giving from thousands of organizations to a handful of strategic investment areas. One of these is a $190 million signature youth education commitment that she spearheaded called “Earn Your Future.” Initially a 5-year, $160 million investment to reach 2.5 million students and educators and advance financial literacy and youth education, its commitment was recently increased by $30 million, Subscription link

making it one of thebroadest commitments to financial literacy in the U.S. Shannon has rallied partner and staff involvement, attaining 88 percent involvement of PwC people as volunteers. With nearly 80 percent of PwC employees as Millennials, Shannon orchestrated the first Purpose Summit, bringing together 500-plus employees to learn how to incorporate purpose into their roles. She was a guiding force behind the launch of a new HuffPost section called “What’s Working: Purpose + Profit.” Shannon earned a BA in English, is married to Stephen Beard and has a 3year old son, Billy. They live in Old Town in Chicago.

CORPORATE WOMEN’S CHAMPION Debra Palermino is Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company with more than 40 year of HR experience in financial services. Deb worked in international positions in Argentina, Chile, Malaysia and Hong Kong—where she was not always appreciated as a serious leader—and the strengths she developed during those years led to her growth as an advocate for women and diversity. Since joining MassMutual in 2006, she has championed women via the creation and development of the company’s Women’s Leadership Network for women at AVP level and above, now known as the Women’s Leadership Employee Resource Group. She also has overseen the growth of eight additional ERGs sponsored by senior executives. She oversaw the implementation of formal mentoring, manager training in the influence of gender differences on work and collaboration, expanded family leave and on-and-off ramping for new mothers. She hosts “coffee/tea breaks” that are informal mentoring sessions with over a dozen women at various levels at the company. Deb served for many years on the board of the YWCA in Greater Hartford, CT, mentoring women there as a way to grow their future board Page 28 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

opportunities. She’s also an advocate for women in golf. She holds an MBA in organizational effectiveness, lives in Connecticut and is actively coaching her 12 nieces and nephews.

DIGITAL TRAILBLAZER Kim Stevenson is Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Intel, a role she assumed nearly four years ago, leading over 6000 IT professionals worldwide. She professes that as a CIO “you are the business” not simply charged with keeping it running or partnering with the business units. She took on the challenge of building a structure to align each general manager on her leadership team to an Intel Business Unit, embedding with those businesses to achieve their objectives. Prior to Intel, Kim was vice president of EDS (an HP company) Worldwide Communications, Media and Entertainment Industry practice. She also had an 18-year career at IBM, including serving as Vice President of Marketing and Operations for the eServer iSeries division. Last year, she was named Best CIO by Silicon Valley Business Journal, and she earned the CIO 100 award from for four years. One of her passions is engaging girls and women in STEM, and she leads the Intel Network of Executive Women as the subcommittee chair for external thought leadership and outreach in the field. She was recognized by STEMconnector as Diverse Corporate Leader and 100 CIO/CTO Leader, actively working to incorporate more diverse STEM professionals and changing the pipeline based on strong STEM education. Kim earned an MBA and serves on the board of Cloudera.

NAFE ACE Althea Ledford is Founder, Editor and chief Creative Officer of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive, which she designed to “help women find their inner voice and power” and which covers business, technology, global issues, lifestyle, fashion, food and wine. She is also a public speaker and author of the terrific Subscription link

2013 book The Playground Dynamic, subtitled Getting Rid of Bullying and Other Toxic Behavior While Building a New Era of Social Skills and Power Thinkers Starting on the Playground. She founded the Gatebook Company, a publishing and social media company, and wrote the Kids GateBook series, guides for personal development for children. She also wrote 10 Minute Hero. A Guide to Helping Busy Ordinary People change their part of the world for just 10 Minutes a Day. Althea worked for more than 20 years in financial markets and strategic business development and worked with nonprofits, small businesses, startups and foundations. NAFE particularly honors her for her work as Director of the NAFE Los Angeles network. Althea holds an MS in Management of Information Systems and an MBA from the Drucker Graduate School of Management. She is married with two children, 31 and 29, and lives in Redondo Beach, CA.

OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUR Jody Vandergriff is the CEO of WebDAM, the first cloud-based digital asset management solution, a company she cofounded in 2005. With only three percent of venture capital going to women, she and her co-founder bootstrapped the business, then amazingly grew it to profitability at 100 percent year-over-year until its acquisition last year by Shutterstock. WebDAM helps brands centralize, manage and find all their creative content, and customers include Salesforce, Kawasaki, Vodaphone and Juniper Networks. WebDAM also has been deployed by global nonprofits and has proven valuable to relief efforts for natural disasters. Jody is an engineer at heart, with a BS in molecular Page 29 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

genetics and a MS in computer science, and her career began in software development and bioinformatics at Celera Genomics, Applied Biosystems and Genentech. Jody’s talent extends to writing, and she co-authored the book* Biological Database Modeling,* an area in which she holds a patent. This year Jody was named one of the Top Women in Digital by Cynopsis Media and one of 50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley by Tech Co. She’s known for mentoring women at her company—which is 42 percent women, twice the average in Silicon Valley—and also at Shutterstock and in the technology community. She lives in Redwood Shores, CA, with her husband, who also works in technology, and they have two children, 5 and 2

GENDER EQUITY LEADER Kathryn Wengel is Vice President, Supply Chain (Chief Supply Chain Officer) at Johnson & Johnson, where she serves on the Management Committee of the company. She also participates on two committees of the J&J board of directors: the Regulatory Compliance and Government Affairs Committee and the Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee. Her team is responsible for planning, manufacturing, distribution, quality, engineering and real estate for J&J’s entire global business. In her 27 years at the company, she’s lived and worked in three regions of the globe, holding positions in quality, operations, new products, engineering/technical and business roles. NAFE honors Kathy for her unrelenting focus on fostering women’s advancement, with her stated goal as creating teams as close to 50/50 gender balance as possible. Every leadership team she has led for the last 15 years has seen a substantial increase in the number of women: in her previous position as Chief Quality Officer, she brought the percentage of women managers up to 50% and 49% for executives, about double market availability for women in quality and compliance. Since assuming her current Subscription link

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role in March, 2014, she’s increased women leaders on her team from 20% to 35%. Kathy is part of the five percent of the Fortune 500 female chief supply chain officers, and she is vigorously working externally to raise these numbers as a board member of AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management & Education), an organization dedicated to raising the profile and participation of women in senior executive supply chain roles. She holds a BSE degree in civil engineering and operations research from Princeton, and she and her husband live in Skillman, NJ.

GLOBAL WOMEN’S CHAMPION Jacqueline Glenn has served as Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer at EMC Corporation for eight years, having joined the company in 2000 as Director of HR Operations for the sales division. She is now responsible for I&D teams in 86 countries and for 33 global affinity chapters. NAFE honors Jackie for her work to develop the potential of women and ethnic minorities on a global scale. For example, the global Fastlane program for high potentials is a three-day course that includes interaction with senior leaders. More than 150 senior high-potential women have experienced the new leadership development programs she has overseen, with 55 percent receiving promotions and with retention at 92 percent. Jackie works passionately for women and men of color, GLBT, working mothers, veterans and people with disabilities globally. She succeeded in gaining middle management support and ensuring global scalability by garnering top down support to embed D&I in all processes. Personally, Jackie mentors girls to stimulate interest in STEM. She has an undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration and a Masters in Human Resource Management. She’s on the board of the Children’s Services of Roxbury, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, African-American Museum of Boston and the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Anemia. She practices hot yoga and lives in Milton, MA, with her husband and two daughters. Page 31 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

HEALTHCARE CHAMPION Candice Saunders Candice Saunders is President & CEO of WellStar Health System. She joined WellStar in 2007 as Chief Operating Officer of Kennestone Regional Medical Center, became COO of the entire system in 2013, and assumed her current position this year. Candice has made women’s health a priority and recently oversaw completion of a renovation of the Women’s Center at one hospital that provides comprehensive care to women in all life stages. The company is expanding its breast cancer nurse navigator program in which a nurse walks cancer patients through the entire process. They also provide free mammograms to many women in the community and donate nursing care for sexual assault survivors. Two new comprehensive outpatient facilities called health parks provide services from primary care and pharmacy to surgery and urgent care. Candice blends strong leadership with compassion and during a crisis, can be spotted rolling up her sleeves, putting on scrubs, and working alongside her fellow RNs. Women who work there laud her mentoring, as for example, the SVP & COO, who says she “fosters potential that you don’t see in yourself..” Nearly 70% of the 600 leaders at WellStar are women, and Candice regularly coaches women inside and outside the company. She has a Bachelor’s in Nursing and an MBA/MHA, is married with two adult sons, and lives in Cobb County, GA.

MENTORSHIP/SPONSORSHIP MAVEN Valerie Mauriello is Vice President, Risk Management at Prudential Financial, responsible for enterprisewide risk corporate governance. She began her career in the Private Placement Group and has worked in operations, administration, accounting, systems and investment performance, as well as serving as Chief of Staff to the Vice Chairman. NAFE recognizes her as a mentoring maven for her role in created the Women in Finance network for junior to midlevel executives at the company and encouraging senior women to mentor and sponsor other Subscription link

women. She also led in the creation of the group Networking Enhances Women’s Success, or NEWS, for senior executive women. She garnered funding for these through the Office of the Vice Chairman. Valerie has sponsored women’s ERGs that focus on leadership skills and networking. She also connected Pru women with external networking opportunities. Another thing we love: She created a video interview series, Voice of our Daughters, with advice and testimonials from senior men and women to their daughters. Valerie is known at the company as an outspoken advocate for women, including career mobility, work life balance, sponsorship and mentorship. She holds a BS, an MA in Special Ed and an MMS in Management Science and Operations Research. She is married with a grown daughter, whom she describes as her most important success.

RISING STAR Sheetal Chawla is a Principal leading the North American Life Sciences Digital and Commercial Strategy practice at Capgemini and has worked for 12 years in the life sciences industry, with a background in management consulting, business strategy and industry. As an exciting up-and-comer, Sheetal generated the lead relationship with one of the largest accounts for her business unit. She recently joined the top 40 high potential leaders (of 4000) identified to drive growth and contribute to shaping strategy and transformation at the firm globally. Recognized as top mentor by Rutgers University Women in Business for two years, Sheetal also initiated the Women of Roche Leadership Development, obtaining C-level sponsorship. She’s known as an intellectual powerhouse at Capgemini, whose Vice President Tony Fross, has said, “I wish we could clone Sheetal.” She always finds time to coach other women in the office and mentors a Page 32 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

half dozen women outside her business unit. She also works with the company’s Women LEAD program motivating men and women to work together to bridge the gender gap. She holds a BA in Economics and an Executive MBA from Johns Hopkins. She is married, and with husband Vishal, manages to make time to hear all the iterations of “The Wheels on the Bus” by their 2-year old son, Zarias.

STEM INFLUENCER Kim Smith is Senior Director, Globalization and Company Level Digital Marketing at Texas Instruments, where she has worked for 27 years leading teams ranging from the chip factory to IT. She holds three patents. For five years, she has chaired the TI Women’s Diversity Network, leading a team of women from each of the company’s business units to focus on professional growth, excellence and community involvement. NAFE is in awe of her outstanding achievements in building the force of women in STEM. She helped develop a Girl Scouts engineering curriculum and patch, resulting in 5000+ STEM literate girls. This is part of the program for underserved girls who experience Girl Scouts through the “Gift of Girl Scouting.” Kim also inspired TI women to volunteer with 200 high school students during summer STEM exploration camps. She is passionate about mentoring girls in grave situations—in gangs and orphanages, rape victims who are suicidal and/or pregnant. She steered one girl out of a gang into managing student volleyball. She has mentored more than 100 women and girls thru Big Brothers and Sisters, Girls Inc and a Women’s Crisis Shelter. TI awarded her the Founders Community Service Award. Kim earned both a Bachelors and Masters in mathematics. She is married and lives in Plano, TX. Subscription link

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War room

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The Amazing Story behind the making of

WAR ROOM. An Interview with

Karen Abercrombie (Miss Clara) Clara).. Althea Ledford

Page 37 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Click to Watch War Room-The Making Trailer 2015

Karen Abercrombie has amassed quite a repertoire of experience both in plays, workshops and character roles. But it wasn’t until she landed the role of Ms. Clara in the block buster hit WAR ROOM that a lot of other parts of her life path started to make sense. We had a chance to catch up with Karen for an interview about her experience in making the movie WAR ROOM. It soon became obvious that the story behind the movie was just as interesting and miraculous as the movie itself. Here’s what she has to say. She starts by discussing how after relocating North Carolina, She and her family found their new church home.

Page 38 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Karen: We found this church in a little tiny town north of Charlotte. And we searched for a while for a church to go to and when we stepped into the doors of this church, It’s called Grace Covenant, I just knew. I felt it. I felt welcome, I felt that this was what we needed right now in our lives, this is what we were looking for. I plugged right in- I began doing skits. I would direct pieces and I would write pieces. And one day almost 2 years ago now, a gentle man had seen me do some stuff over the years said listen Karen the Kindrick brothers are doing a movie, you need to send in some pictures and your resume. He gave me the information and I sent in a picture and a resume. I never heard from them. So later on he said did you hear from them? I said no I haven’t heard anything. He said well it just so happens that they are going to be at our church holding auditions. Subscription link

More information as the Kindred Brothers talk about the making of the War Room– The m\Movie. wrapping a project in prayer in this interview . I’m going to send you some dialogue to look over and get dressed up like the character and just come in and do what you do. Interviewer: “ Wow so these two guys that were doing the movie just showed up at your tiny church?” Karen “ Yes, this was set up. God set this up. This was a divine appointment. So anyway I got dressed up. I found an old wig and found a funny little skirt and went into the audition. But I have to tell you that as sooooon as I started reading the dialogue (the script), I could hear Ms Clara’s voice. And I felt something, I just felt something. So anyway I went into the audition and I was really looking old. The kindred brothers were there and Gary Wiler, who Page 39 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

ended up being one of the producers was there as well. And there was another casting director there as well. So I introduced myself, while I was already in character. And then I proceeded to do the dialogue and in a matter of minutes, they were giving God praise. So they talked to me about my faith walk and I told them about it. When I left the room, I had the role. They had been auditioning people for months and months. They had auditioned people who were well known in the industry. But every time they auditioned them, they would pray and they said that God kept telling them No. Now check this out, they were 2 weeks away from starting the film. This was divine intervention. Because I have done some great theatre in New York with Sam Jackson and other well known people.

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The making

The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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War Room Continued... And I would, over the years say well God they are getting breaks, why not me, why not me? And I understand now. For such a time as this. Interviewer: So what were all of you expecting when you made the movie? Did they expect it to be this big? Karen: No they were hoping t o just have it out there. To go beyond where they had gone before. Nobody had any clue that this would be the little movie that could. Karen: I only worked on the film 9 days. I liked the story, I like the message and it was really wonderful working with the Kindrick brothers and everybody. It was pretty awesome. I had been on a few sets before but this was different. Every day we started in prayer. Everybody was there together, the camera man, the scrip tee, the gaffer –everybody. We ate together and started every day with prayer. And people would take turns reading a scripture. We’d have a short discussion of it and then off we went. And they had assembled a group of people that would pray for us ALL DAY LONG. It might be the catholic church here, It might be the Baptist church there, it might be the Page 41 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

protestants on another day. All day we were covered in prayer all the while. So anyway the little movie that could is doing it. God is moving, people are connecting with me from all over the world telling me how the moving has impacted their lives. The wife , the husband, the children and the family. People are telling me and sending me little videos with their little babies saying Raise them up lord! Raise them up! Subscription link

Karen: I actually say the movie at a screening right before the movie came out. I didn’t want to see it early I said I would wait. Interviewer: So what did you think when you saw the final movie? Interviewer: So have you seen it now and what do you think? Karen: Oh yes I’ve seen it a couple of times and I’m humbled and I just say look at God- look at God. And oh how he loves us. HE IS SO gracious that he would reach down again and try and get some sense into us? People use prayer as a last resort but you can build a hedge of protection with prayer. Go ahead of the event and cover everything in prayer. Interviewer: And what would you say to women and families in general? Knowing how we are the hub in our families being Page 42 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

pulled in 10 different directions. What would you say to women? Karen: I would say take your time to get before God. Draw close to God and like the word says He will draw close to you. I would encourage every women and go through that bible and see what he says about you. See how he loves you. Once you have a better understanding of how he loves you and what he says about you , you’re more equipped to go boldly before the throne. Once you understand who you are in him , you better understand who he is. He is who he says he is and he can do what he says he will do. He loves you more than you could ever know. He loved you into existence with God’s purpose in mind. And nothing can stop you. You can lay it down, you can walk away from it. You have more power than you realize. Oh You’re con-

nected to limitless power. Subscription link

Interviewer: While you were making the movie. Did anything unusual happen? Did the script ever hit home while you were making the movie? Karen: Oh my goodness yes. Now I had considered myself a prayer warrior before, but after I experienced everything that made up this movie. Like I said starting with prayer with everybody praying in the morning, people praying for you 24/7, taking in that dialogue, taking in that story. I realized that I had only been scratching the surface. So my prayer life is deeper than deep. Deeper than I every could have imagine. When they talk about that mountain moving and yoke destroying prayer, it is all that and more. I am not who I was. Page 43 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Interview: After doing the movie, did you know to create a WAR Room for yourself? Karen: I always had a little purple prayer room in my house that I would go in and commune with God cry and fight or whatever. But there some other things going on in there now. It just got real real. Interview: Did you feel as if you had angels on the set? Karen: All the time, all the time. And there wasn’t even a curse word. He (Kindrick) had laid down rules. He would say “guys” if you stomped your foot if you whatever we must be respectful at all times. Kindness, always, always, God was all over , through and around this set. It’s like you wanted to go there even you weren’t working.

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S U A Bonus Segment l P

LifeWay Presents A Kendrick Brothers Bible Study

The Battle Plan of Prayer PrayerSession 1 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

PrayerSession 2 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

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Continued Bonus Segment LifeWay Presents A Kendrick Brothers Bible Study PrayerSession 3 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

PrayerSession 4 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

PrayerSession 5 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

Right click and open in another tab if your computer seems slow. Page 46 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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PrayerSession 6 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

PrayerSession 7 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

Prayer-Session 8 Kendrick BrothersWar Room

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The Netherlands A Leader in Sustainable Infrastructure By: Cynthia M. Lardner

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Sustainable infrastructure must be made available on a more equal basis though-out the world. It is the solution for many of the world’s most pressing problems, ranging from climate change to even the eradication of terrorism [i]. Our global community, especially those nations seeking to develop sustainable infrastructures, could learn much from the Netherlands. Despite being Europe’s leading oil producer[ii], the Netherlands ranks as one of the world’s six greenest of countries and is by far the most sophisticated I have visited [iii]. Mass Transportation The Netherlands has one of best-organized and the cleanest mass transportation systems in the world. Page 51 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The tram system operating in The Hague [iv] There are no rush hour traffic jams like those experienced in other developed countries, such as, China, Italy, Japan and the United States. Automobile traffic is lessened not only by the presence of excellent mass transit but by the absence of open roads in city centers and, if you find a place to drive, better luck finding a parking place. As a result, the majority of residents walk, bike or use the mass transit system. Biking is facilitated by smoothlypaved asphalt bike paths running parallel to the sidewalks. It is true that you more likely to be run over by a bicyclist that an automobile. Walking and biking result in less obesity and, ultimately, in lessened health care costs. The Dutch’s reliance on walking and biking must be attributed as factors to its residents having some the longest life expectancy in the developed world. The Netherlands promotes the use of clean energy and electric vehicles.

Owners of electrically powered vehicles can find recharging stations where parking is available. Even the tourist boats traversing its beautiful canals sport signs that they are powered by clean energy. The reduced use of vehicles powered by fossil fuels results in less C02 being emitted into the atmosphere, the soil, and our oceans, other waterways and water tables. In turn, this lessens the impact of the Greenhouse Effect whereby pollution has eroded atmospheric barriers resulting in more solar energy penetrating the earth’s surface ultimately creating global warming. The Netherlands accomplished this while still being a leader in the production of fossil fuels[v]. Elder Care This leads into the most unlikely subtopic – better elder care and healthier elders. In many countries, the elderly are left homebound. This is not the case in the Netherlands. On every bike path, you can find elderly residents tooling around on motorized two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles. Even those elderly who can no longer climb the steps to their homes or flats, have access

Page 52 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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to motorized lifts to carry them up and

items, as well as remodeling, 30 kilome-

down their staircases. It goes without

ters away.

needing a reference, that when the elderly are connected to the outside world, they

When you go to many grocery markets,

are also more mentally active and agile

you are offered the option of purchasing

and less prone to illness leading to re-

a bag if you have failed to bring your

duced health care costs.

own. Even those stores with gratuitous bags, first ask if you need one.

Health and Health Care health care system, even without health

Less packaging materials are used in the Netherlands. A great ex-

insurance, medical care and prescription

ample is cheese. At the grocers, sliced

drugs are less expensive than for a United

cheese comes in a material with en-

States citizen having above-average

hanced biodegradable properties[vi]. The

health insurance coverage.

packages are designed to be easily re-

While the Netherlands has a national

sealed whereas in the United States, if Consumerism

your cheese slices are not individually

The Netherlands has facially obvious less

wrapped, as is the practice with some

consumer spending than in many other

products, the packaging is such that the

nations. This could only have come about

seal does not lock after opening.

as a result of cultural conditioning and not as a result of a now-past but recent eco-

Another example are prescription and

nomic downturn the Netherlands experi-

over the counter drugs. In the United


States and Canada, all medications come in plastic bottles, often topped with

Consumer dollars spent on everyday

a thick foil or plastic seal, some even

items tend to spent in small business. De-

with cotton packed inside to disguise the

spite my best efforts to find a superstore

fact that the bottle is only fractionally

resembling Target, Meijer’s or Carrefour, I

filled. In the Netherlands, medication

have been unable to do so. At best, I am

comes in a thin paper box with pills or

told that there is an IKEA for household

capsules in thin foil packs inside.

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Page 55 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A further example can be found in the use of bottled water. Almost everywhere in the

turbines, which are more ecofriendly[xi], and using advanced solar panel technology in hydroponic greenhouses[xii].

world I have visited, people have come to depend on bottled bottle even when pota-

Other Observations

ble. In the Netherlands, the tap water

What follows are some other observations I

tastes as good as or better than the bottled

have made during my five weeks in the

water. It is rare to see someone in public


with bottled water. This is not function of cost as bottled water is no more expensive

 Unlike the United States, where energy

in the Netherlands than elsewhere. This is

efficiency is equated with the dreaded

great news as plastic bottles can take up to

“low flush toilet”, creating the necessity

600 years to naturally decompose.

for a plunger to always be nearby, modern toilets in the Netherlands have a

Other Sustainability Initiatives While popularly known for its historical use

high and low flush option.  There is a greater commitment to gifted

of harnessing the wind via windmills that

education than in North America. The

was only the beginning of innovation in the

Netherlands takes pride in cultivating its

Netherlands[vii]. By way of example, the

brightest students and their teachers.

Netherlands is seeking to power its train

 Public

Wi-Fi access is available in the

system with wind[viii], wind is being harvested off-shore[ix], tidal power plants are being built[x], it is researching and developing bladeless wind

Page 56 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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 most heavily visited areas.There is

less litter on the streets and in other public areas. I have yet to spot a public building or residence defaced by graffiti. The Dutch take pride in their homeland.  Homelessness, while it exists, does

not exist in proportion to other developed countries I have visited, including Canada, Taiwan, France, Italy and Spain.  There is a greater tolerance of the

GLBT community with political asylum available to those individuals needing a safe haven.  At the opening of Parliament this

year, I had the privilege of witnessing King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima traverse a traditional route in

Page 57 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

a golden carriage. As they passed, the crowd was subdued, politely waving orange flags. The one or two protestors carrying signs were silent as the carriage passed. Even where there is disagreement, there is respect. A critical part of any sustainable infrastructure is governance that is respected.

References [i] While tangential to this particular paper, the root cause of terrorism is inequality. By creating greater equality across all stratums, we reduce and ultimately eliminate the disenfranchised and un-empowered who comprise IS army. See gen Lardner, Cynthia, “ISIS Gone Corporate”, June 21, 2015, as found on the www at isis-gone-corporate-cynthia-lardnerdeverouxcleary-1?trk=mp-reader-card. [ii] “Towards a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the Netherlands”, Holland, as found on the

Subscription link

www at

courageous vision: by 2050, the country


will have a sustainable, reliable and af-

bstnum=4913 (“The Netherlands has

fordable energy system. As part of this,

established itself as a pivotal player in

the Dutch aim to cut CO2 emissions by

the European gas market. The country

half to generate some 40 percent of our

is not only a major natural gas producer

electricity from sustainable sources like

and the source of advanced gas tech-

wind at sea and biomass by that time.

nology, it is also Europe’s leading gas

Carbon emissions will be reduced by a

broker. Fifty years of experience in or-

combination which involves increasing

ganising public-private partnerships to

the portion of renewable energy, energy

manage the gas business turned the

saving, nuclear energy and Carbon Cap-

country into a European gas hub. The

ture and Storage. By 2020, the Euro-

Dutch have unmatched capacity to

pean Renewable Energy Directive sets

cope with seasonal fluctuations in gas

the target of 14% renewable energy. Re-

demand, providing north-western

newable resources will play an important

Europe with much-needed flexibility.

role in the bio based economy. To stimu-

Renowned institutes such as the Gron-

late renewable energy production, the

ingen Energy Delta Institute train peo-

government has earmarked an annual

ple from all across the globe. In addi-

sum of € 1.4 billion from 2015, which

tion, the Netherlands is establishing it-

represents a major step towards achiev-

self as leader in green gas.”)

ing the 2020 target.).

[iii] Id. (“The (energy) sector contributes substantially to Dutch national in-


come, exports and employment. The


government has therefore opted for a


modern industry policy aimed at making better use of the economic opportu-

v] Energy innovation in the Netherlands

nities for both green and grey energy.

continues into the private sector. See

The Netherlands has embraced a

“Shaping the energy future through

Page 58 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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innovation” Shell Global, as found on the

vii] “Wind Energy in Holland, Holland, as

www at

found on the www at

energy/shaping-future.html (“Shell contin-


ues to invest in developing innovative

holland.htm “Wind power in Holland is seen

technologies to support new energy pro-

as a renewable energy source. From the

duction. We are entering more challenging

early windmills that provided an alternative to

environments to unlock new resources

the water-powered mills of the time to the

and boosting production from existing

modern era where wind power is being har-

fields. At the same time, we are using new

nessed both on and off shore, Holland is a

technologies and an innovative approach

leader in the field. Onshore wind turbines in

to limit our impact on the environment and

Holland, especially in the north, were gener-

find effective ways to engage with commu-

ating almost 2000 megawatts in 2009. Off-

nities near to our operations.

shore, two windfarms have been generating

We are developing cleaner energy

about 250 megawatts. To compare, a typical

sources, such as natural gas, the cleanest

coal power station can produce between 600

burning fossil fuel. From the extraction of

and 700 megawatts.”).

the fuel to the generation of electricity,

[viii] “Dutch Project Aims to Build a Wind

natural gas power plants emit around half

Powered Rail Network”, September 28, 2015,

the CO2 of coal power plants. Natural gas

The Horizons Tracker, as found on the www

complements wind and solar power, which


need a highly flexible backup supply when


the wind stops or the sun goes down.”).

network/ (“The project is part of a wider plan to make transport in the Netherlands much

[vi] Based on observation, the packaging

greener than it currently is.

on the cheese I purchase in the Nether-

“Mobility is responsible for 20 percent of CO2

lands may well be oxy-degradable.

emissions in the Netherlands, and if we want to keep travelling, it is important that we do


this without burdening the environment with CO2 and particulate matter,” the Eneco team say.

Page 59 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The railway will be 95% powered by green energy by 2017, and 100% by 2018. The project is notable both because it involves no government subsidies, so hopefully goes some way to showing that green energy can be economical, but it also shows that it can be a reliable source of power. The network is responsible for roughly 1.2 million journeys a day, and they have a long history of making their operations carbon neutral. They have already reduced the energy consumption for each passenger/kilometer by 30% since 2005 through energy efficiency techniques.”). [ix] Steringa, Hendrik, "Large Energy Companies Taking Control Of Dutch Wind Energy Association NWEA", Clean Technica, September 4, 2015, as found on the www at http:// (““Offshore wind energy has gradually become more important compared to onshore wind, not in the least because of the national energy agreement. Offshore wind is the playground of the big power companies. Only the larger members of NWEA (a private energy association in the Netherlands) are able to do offshore wind.

Page 60 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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It is therefore dominated by big money and

The plant has been engineered and devel-

big interests.”).

oped in a record time of nine months. It consists of a structure 50 metres in length

[x] Whitlock, Robin, "The Netherlands: To-

and 20 metres wide and was transported

cardo and Huisman install tidal energy plant

over water to its designated location on the

in Dutch Eastern Scheldt", September 25,

island of Neeltje Jans. The Eastern Scheldt

2015, Renewable Energy Magazine, as

storm surge barrier is the largest of the

found on the www at http://

world-renowned Delta Works series of

dams and storm surge barriers, designed to


protect the Netherlands from flooding from


the North Sea. The location will now be a

20150925 ("Tocardo Tidal Turbines designs

combination of water defences and hydroe-

and produces tidal and free-flow water tur-

lectric power.”

bines while Huisman is operating as a de-

“This project marks an important step in the

signer, builder and financial sponsor of the

development of tidal energy” said Tocardo

turbine’s suspension structure. The installa-

CEO Hans van Breugel. “Tidal technology

tion is the largest tidal energy project in the

is innovative and could grow into a signifi-

Netherlands as well as the world’s largest

cant Dutch export product. The export ex-

commercial tidal installation of five turbines

pectation of tidal energy is more than 200

Page 61 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Gigawatts. With our turbines in the Eastern

("Growing high-wire cucumbers in a glass-

Scheldt storm surge barrier, we can now show

house with four thermal screens reduced

the world what tidal energy is all about: provid-

energy use by 44 per cent during the

ing a clean and reliable source of energy that

January to May period, while maintaining

could fulfil 10-20 percent of the world’s elec-

yield and quality comparable to conven-

tricity needs.”).

tional production with a single screen...").

[xi] Grover, Sami, "Are bladeless turbines the future of wind energy?" October 2, 2015, as found on the www at green-tech/research-innovations/stories/arebladeless-turbines-future-wind-energy (""Bladed turbines kill kill kill birds, eagles and other raptors as well as small birds. They are the worst thing this country could do... ESPECIALLY when there are two kinds of blade less turbines available. The vibrational tower and the other one from the Dutch....

About The Author

In prototype form, the turbine consists of a fi-

Cynthia M. Lardner holds a journalism degree,

berglass carbon fiber cone that vibrates when

she is a licensed attorney and trained as a clinical

wind hits it. At the base are rings of repelling magnets that pull in the opposite direction to which the wind is pushing. Electricity is then produced via an alternator that harnesses the kinetic energy of the vibrations.

therapist. Her philosophy is to collectively influence conscious global thinking understanding that everything and everyone is subject to change given the right circumstances; Standard Theory or Theory of Everything. Ms. Lardner has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, as well as accounts

"[xii] "Thermal screens slash energy use, says

under the pseudonym of Deveroux Cleary, and is

Dutch trial", September 4, 2015, Horticulture

globally ranked in the top 1% of all account hold-

Week, as found on the www at http://

ers for her outreach and influence.

Having just relocated to Den Hague or The


Hague, she is currently looking for a challenging


position that will fully utilize her collective skill set.

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Are You Speaking for Your Business

OR In the Business Of Speak-

By Tracy Repchuk

Amazon International Bestseller

I remember the first time I saw someone speaking from the stage and actually realized I could do that too. In fact, mine came out of a burning necessity level to change the course of an industry. I was absolutely new to internet marketing, and I was attending my first event called the World Internet Summit - where I saw for the first time people on a big stage, having fun, speaking for 90 minutes and making money. I watched as speaker after speaker came and went off that stage and in one boundless leap of energy I declared as I sat there “I am going to be on that stage in 1 year.” This came from 2 emerging impulses:  I could not believe that at an event called the World Internet Summit there was no women on the planet capable of being on that stage Page 66 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

and I was determined to change that.  They were having fun, making money, and getting treated like rock stars - and I wanted me some of that! Little did I know the enormity of the task I had just set in motion, and the learning curve that would come with it - but at the same time - the sheer joy speaking from the stage supplies. I discovered quickly there are 3 Different Types of Speaking Categories1. Keynote - your purpose is to set the tone for the event 2. Public - you are educating on something, making a point - often done at a chamber meeting or luncheon. This is used to raise your profile in a community and lead generation. Subscription link

3. Platform - you are educating on a topic to sell them an opportunity to continue their relationship with you at the end.

customization to specific group, high energy, motivation, content and very little if no selling time. If that is the case ask the meeting planner if it is alright to .

I have done all three types of speaking, my favorite is platform. I’m going to address 2 specifically because this is where you can make a career of it, or add it as a marketing tool for what you do.

If you are brand new to the industry, you may opt to provide a talk for free and use this as a lead generation for your business.

Keynote: Keynote speakers are there to set the tone for an event, motivate, transform and educate on a topic. Pros:  You are paid to speak - usually a flat fee plus hotel and travel  You can make a living being a keynote speaker if you are good  You are guaranteed to make money when you book a speaking gig  If you get in with a corporation, there is a chance for many consecutive workshops and trainings for contract work Cons:  The competition is enormous and speaker fees have plummeted over the years.  Many companies have had their budgets cut and the top speakers are cutting their fees to adapt  Fees are set and that is as much as you can make while you are there  Once you speak for an association or event, that is usually it for you. It is rare to have keynote speakers have a repeat appearance. They are about variety. Paid speaking engagements require more Page 67 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

If you can make an offer at the end of your talk - such as go to a website and get a free gift from me or the notes from your presentation or even a free strategy session depending on the number in the audience. Explain the offer and guarantee that the offer will be short. Some agencies and associations may even allow 3 minutes to 5 minutes if it fits the theme of the event - for example you have a book that you will autograph at the end and offer it for sale at the end of your presentation. In your contract negotiations clients or meeting planners may be able to purchase your training materials in bulk as part of the paid program to avoid any selling, such as when you have a book available. This way all participants get product and you get paid up front. Negotiate this as part of your contract if you have a book that works well for the group.

The biggest issue right now is the speaking industry was hit hard over the last few years and many speakers couldn’t survive so needed to turn to alternative forms of speaking. This is where I have the most experience - selling from the stage, often referred to as platform speaking. Subscription link

Platform speaking: This is when you educate and enlighten on a topic, and then sell additional services to continue the education with you.

Pros: 

You can offer to speak for free which gives a wider pool of opportunities to speak Your earnings are unlimited for each speaking gig - if you sell well - you can make 10x more than you could ever make from a keynote fee. I have made 6 figures in 90 minutes. My max keynote fee was $12,000 Massive lead source

Page 68 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Cons: You take on all the risk. If you don’t sell - it costs you time and money  Platform selling is a dog eat dog world if you are speaking at a multi-speaker event because there is only so much money in the room, and you are all battling for a piece of it You constantly have to hone and work your presentation and your audience needs to specifically match your message so you have to be selective 

So what do I recommend? 

The answer is both. If you can get a keynote - take it. If you can speak somewhere Subscription link

for free with the offer to sell something additionally, take it. Especially when you are just beginning, take every speaking opportunity you can for practice and to raise your profile in the market. So if I had to do it all over again as I sat in that audience saying I was going to change the face of an industry would I? Not in a million years. Within 5 short months of casting that wish to the universe, I won new internet marketing success, was flown all expenses paid from California to Singapore to appear on my very first stage in front of 3400 people and I paved the way for women to appear on Page 69 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

the worlds largest stages as I traveled to 35 countries and became one of the top female speakers in the world for internet marketing.

Still not sure whether speaking is for you? Here are some of the general benefits: 1. Raises your professional credibility and differentiates you from others 2. Great for lead generation 3. Learn how to effectively communicate, persuade and motivate 4. Increases your ability to impact many at a single time Subscription link

So whether you are speaking for your business, connecting with a client one on one, one to many, on the phone, in person, at a meeting, or in the business of speaking where you make your income based on you speaking from the stage, the bottom line for me is speaking is one of the greatest joys I have experienced, and an integral part of the lifeblood of your business. I feel privileged to be a part of it and I love the adrenaline rush I get, the feeling of connecting with an audience and helping them to understand how their brand, websites and social media work together, and most of all - if you want to travel the world and get paid to do it - then speaking is for you!

About: Tracy Repchuk, is a 5-Time International Bestselling Author and Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist and speaker. As an award-winning entrepreneur since the age of 19 with over 30 years of business, internet, SEO, and marketing she has helped thousands of clients develop your brand, and launch your message online fast and effectively. In addition she has appeared as a technology specialist in National TV segments with ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, HGTV San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, CNBC, Report on Business TV, Vegas Inc, USA Today, Forbes, MSN, and over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, 3 motivational movies, plus hundreds of speaking appearances in over 35 countries. For more information like the above get a copy of her #1 book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles at: Get Tracy’s gift Instant Online Impact for free at: Page 70 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We have the BEST most comprehensive social media marketing plan for your business.

To fine out more visit Click Here! Or copy and paste advertsmallbiz1.html

For Customized Quote Contact Page 71 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Changing The World Together. An interview with Shellie Hunt.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Shellie Hunt and ask her what was her vision for The Women of Global Change and this is what she had to say. My vision for Women of Global Change is to be able to unite national and international networks of all women’s organization worldwide. To Provide women with resources and key support in all areas all over the world.

I have a saying One women with a cause is a MISSIONa group of womem with a cause is a MOVEMENT. In order to really support a movement, it’s imperative for women to learn about business. Women should support each other in business. Currently we need more women in business, leadership, politics and community issues. Empowering women doesn’t mean we hate men. I love men and we Page 72 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

have to work in unison to accomplish this. Also, I don’t have to imitate a man’s masculinity to feel empowered. As women, we can be empowered and be our authentic selves. Being authentic, not only as a women but as a human being. Shellie went on to say 70% of workers are women and at the same time 70% of those in poverty are women and children. How do we make an impact and cause change in this and other concerning statistics over the next 2 generations? If we start working with just the children they are still going back to a possibly dysfunctional environment. If we just work with parents, that still leaves the children out. We have to address this movement of empowerment and equality at all levels and in unison. I want to make an impact on the planet and we need to do it together. Subscription link

Shellie has shared the stage with some of the top human potential and business speakers in the world and served as a lead mentor in the Billionaire Adventure Club. She has also appeared on national talk and radio shows with audiences in the millions and has been mentioned in Her other appearances are numerous and include CBS, ABC, USA Today, CBS MoneyWatch, Beyond the Dow, HLN and many others. Shellie has been described in the international press as “One of the best orators and coaches of human potential available for public speaking and a master of business structure and multiple sources of income.” Her speaking skills and courses cover the full spectrum. She has focused her life’s work in the realm of human potential and business success. Shellie has presented to and coached well over ten thousand individuals from all walks of life. These include CEO’s, business owners, inventors, authors, managers, Supreme Court judge, blue-collar industries, teen trainings, as well as the general public.

More on Shellie Hunt Founder of The Women Of Global Change Shellie Hunt is Founder and CEO of The Women Of Global Change, Success is by Design LLC, ReMake MY Life LLC, and other multiple companies. A Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Speaker, and author of the “Success is by Design” Series, and TV executive producer. She is recipient of 2013 Humanitarian Award in Congress. As the First Lady of Entrepreneurs, she has served well over tens of thousands of women and children worldwide in communities and outreach programs. Shellie served on the national board ofNWPC, and hosted the 2014 EMMA Awards. Page 73 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

For over 25 years, Shellie Hunt has specialized in personal improvement and corporate leadership trainings. She has worked with major corporations to include Time Warner, M3, The Young Entrepreneurs Society, VH1, Pacific Electric, and Kimberly Clark to name a few. In 2014, the special honor of knighthood was bestowed upon Dame Shellie Ann Hunt by the Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitallers of St. John, now known as The Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory, is the oldest historical charitable order, which started the world’s first hospitals to serve humanity, regardless of caste, creed or ability to pay. Shellie is a proud member of the Alliance of Women and Media, which promotes positive progress and change for women and sits as a judge for the last five years for nationally televised Gracie awards. She is also on the advisory board for the California Women’s Conference. Subscription link


We Are C


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Changing Lives Shellie Hunt Founder & President

Here Page 75 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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d n ra b r ity u o qu y g de r n i e s n a d a e ue a e r l Inc val as a


Business and Branding Expert

do brands survive and thrive in today’s new A brand is absolutely not a How economy… where it is consumer driven, not company, not a logo, not ad- production driven? Customers don't only buy vertising, not marketing, not products and services. They buy promises that can be deeven a product or livered and demonservice.

strated, time and time again.

Although these Touch points can impact and drive a brand image, they alone, are not a Trust and clear communication is brand. Products are manufactured in factories and brands are manufactured in the customer’s the ultimate shortcut to a buying decision.

A brand is a symbolic Here are the 5 top ingredients to build the value of your brand and equity: embodiment of all the 1. What is skillfulness and emotional your Brand visual, auditoria, and textural communica- Vision? mind.

tions and experience connected to a company, product or service. Without branding, businesses will find it more and more difficult to survive and thrive in today’s overcrowded market place. Page 76 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

One of the most critical ingredients needed for sustainability for any company is a brand vision. As a CEO, ask yourself: do you have a Brand Vision that inspires all of your stakeholders? Subscription link

A brand vision should provide guidance and inspiration in the process of critical decisionmaking. All decisions should lead and channel to the brand vision, the big picture of why you are a business in the first place. It must be grander than a dollar amount. That is a common mistake, made often, because it isn’t big enough to inspire the

The brand vision should be based on what change and legacy you want to leave behind on this planet. The vision needs to be inspiring customer and other stakeholders.

and radical; aspire to cause breakthroughs with your brand to globally shift paradigms. This drive will cause your brand to be remembered as a leader and innovator with true value.

2. What is your Brand Philosophy?

Another important ingredient is the brand philosophy. The philosophy reflects the CEO’s values that will guide the business and shareholders and define the culture. The philosophy will build trust between employees and long lasting customers. Some questions to ask - what is your passion in life and why, what do you feel is your gift, what guides you to decide between what is right and wrong.

You will find that the brand philosophy will keep like-minded and hearted team members and strategic alliances on the same page. This will create a

culture that can be felt from the employees to the customers. People want to feel they can do business with brands that are authentic. Page 77 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

3. Are you clear on your brand position?

A brand position is the promise you can deliver from a Unique Selling Proposition and a Unique Buying Proposition. The Unique Buying Proposition is more important in today’s economy. Here again, people don’t want to be sold to, as much as they want to buy. How can you deliver in the market with your product or service in a way it has never been

How do you stack up amongst your top 3 competitors? Go beyond the probserved before?

lem and solution. Look at the aspiration of your customers. Who is your ideal client; baby boomer, generation X and/or Y? What psycho-graphics (emotions and lifestyle) do they share and why?

4. Are your Touchpoints integrated?

Touchpoints are needed to communicate and express the company’s brand identity to the customers mind to form the brand image. Touchpoints are a set of links to the most important brand’s core identity; the brand’s name, mark, tagline, colors and font. The Touchpoints are lead generators for sales. They are opportunities to strengthen the brand from its competition, build trust and loyalty with customers.

HOWARD LIM Office: 310.455.0389 Cell: 310.804.4251 Fax: 310.455.0489

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Touchpoints include: brand icons, website, tradeshow booth, advertising, receptionist, signage, brochures, voicemails, emails, etc. Are all the

Touchpoints integrated in telling one consistent story or are they fragmented telling different stories and giving off different identities? Make sure all medias are integrated for power and strength.

5. What is your brand personality?

A brand personality is a set of human characteristics such as gender, sex, age, values, attitude, emotions, lifestyle, habits, and economic class. It is used to build a relationship and bond between the brand’s personality and the customer. Aim to personify; it is the link to the customer’s experience. It builds brand loyalty by creating a relationship. A cigarette is a cigarette until it is associated to brand like the ruggedness of Marlboro, or the sexy and provocative look of Virginia Slims.

A Crayon is a stick of colored wax until paired with the happiness and entertainment of a child for hours on end. Complete the following; if the brand spoke what would it say and what would it wear and why? What music would it listen to and why?

Page 78 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Support the American Heart Association

Page 79 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Chef, Author & Culin About Aida, My Mother March 7th

would have been my mother’s 96th birthday . She was an exceptional woman and I would like to share a little bit from a book I’ve been working on about the lessons i learned from different people that got me to this point in my life. A few weeks before she passed away my mother began telephoning long

Page 80 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

time friends, distant relatives, favorite nieces and nephews, and her immediate family to announce that she would be dying soon. No one believed her. Hadn’t she just taken a long car trip to Phoenix, with my son, Rodrigo, chatting all the way, to attend a family wedding where she looked radiantly beautiful and was her usual grande-dame-self? But I knew she meant it. She didn’t like what was happening to her mind and body. At 88 years old, she’d had it and was ready to depart with her dignity, elegance and pride intact. It reminded me of what Henry Miller wrote in The Tropic of Capricorn: The frantic desire to live, to live at any cost, is not Subscription link


the result of the life rhythm in us, but of the death rhythm. There is not only no need to keep alive at any price. But, if life is undesirable, it is absolutely wrong. Though she thought of herself as the ugly duckling of her family, even in old age mother was a strikingly beautiful woman with sparkling, penetrating green eyes, silky alabaster skin, a lush head of shining silver hair and hands that spoke of hard work but were always perfectly manicured. She took great care and pride in her grooming and was disdainful of anyone who didn’t. She had what we call porte, (a regal carriage), a brilliant, sharp and curious mind, and a captivating personality. She was irresistible. People fell under her spell. To me, she was invincible and immortal, so it was heartbreaking to see her gradually deteriorate. The feet were the first to go. Mother had a distinctive way of walking: head held high, shoulders thrown back, spine perfectly straight, fast, clipped purposeful steps, almost as if she was marching. But in her 70s, she’d taken a bad fall and sprained her foot. It never healed correctly and now arthritis had set in, causing her immense pain. Worst of all, mother could never wear pretty shoes again. She hated her orthopedic lace-up shoes, those zapatones from SAS, but that didn’t stop her. Every afternoon she’d take off in her car to call on friends, roam the malls to window shop, buy groceries,

nary Celebrity.


Page 81 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

and her almost daily trips to Barnes and Noble where she’d sit by herself for hours looking through large-print romance novels until she found the steamiest one to take home. Oh, how she loved her light blue Subaru station wagon! She had a long-lived and passionate anthropomorphic relationship with this machine. Fiercely independent, she seldom called for help for anything for herself but if the axle broke or the ignition went out in her beloved automobile she’d call in all chits. But when she had a minor fender bender, followed by a traffic violation for driving too slowly on the freeway she grew afraid and reluctantly gave up driving, which to her meant freedom. She felt as if her wings had been clipped. The odometer read 145,000 harddriven miles. She had always emphatically said that she would rather die if she developed two common conditions of old age: incontinence and dementia. She was terrified of smelling like an old lady and lived on TicTacs and other breath mints. She needn’t have worried on this count; she had a most compelling natural smell and every perfume took on a seductive aroma on her skin. I still remember the scent of Prince Machiavelli that she favored when I was a child and the Red Door of her last years still lingers in my mind. When the “accidents” became daily occurrences, she bathed constantly, doused herself with talcum powder, and changed pajamas, becoming more despondent with each incident.

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Alone one cannot share life"


We were all alarmed when we realized she was forgetting things and asking the same questions over and over. Both of her sisters have Alzheimer’s and she was deeply frightened of plunging into that abyss. She would make lists, do memory exercises, and write down conversations so as to not repeat herself. It was heart wrenching to watch her valiant efforts. She was somewhat relieved but not totally convinced when my doctor reassured her that her memory loss was normal for a woman 88 years old and that if she had dementia she would not be able to sing or play the piano which was her greatest pleasure. Mother loved to entertain. It was a way of life for her. We always had company at our family Page 82 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

ranch—cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends—who’d stay for a weekend or a month. And people would often drop by for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our city home and sit for hours after the meal haciendo sobremesa (the interlude after a meal when people sit and chat for hours). Mother had stayed in close contact with her high school friends and in her latter years they’d get together and reminisce at her monthly ladies’ luncheons that she’d plan for in great detail, setting her tables seasonally. But socializing became a chore instead of a favorite past time when her hearing began to fade. Gatherings often turned into screaming matches because none of her contemporaries would wear their Subscription link

restaurants. A soughtafter speaker andconsultant for major corporations, she also wrote the pioneering cookbooks Food from My Heart, The Food and Life of Oaxaca, and Zarela’s Veracruz, the last published in conjunction with her public television series ¡Zarela! La Cocina Veracruzana. This website and blog are an invaluable resource for lovers of Mexican food and culture and her how -to videos on basic Mexican cooking techniques and flavor principles are fun and informative. Zarela Martinez is one of America’s top culinary professionals and a 2013 inductee into the James Beard Foundation Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. Her achievements as a chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, food television host, and product developer and merchandiser place her as a pioneering woman in the world of the multiplatform food personality. In today’s celebrity saturated culinary world, it’s not

hearing aids. Mother at least wore one some of the time and could carry on her entertaining, provocative conversations in small groups, and still charm any person one on one. She was a master at this art.

uncommon to find the roles of chef, cookbook author, television host, product line developer, and brand representative combined in one food personality. But Martinez wove these fields into a single career when it was uncommon in the profession, and a truly remarkable feat for an Hispanic woman.

About Zarela, me Born in the Sonoran border town of Agua Prieta, Zarela Martinez is a renowned cultural interpreter between Mexico and the United States through the medium of food. Since 1987 her eponymous “Zarela” set standards of authenticity among New York Mexican Page 83 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Martinez was born in the Mexican town of Agua Prieta in Sonora State. Her family had been significant landholders in Chihuahua, and she was raised in a privileged and educated atmosphere. She learned to cook from her mother, Aida Gabilondo, who was herself a cookbook author. Subscription link

Out of necessity, she started a small catering business in Texas, and was later discovered by Chef Paul Prudhomme while attending cooking school in New Orleans. Arriving in New York City in 1983, she established Zarela Catering and participated in some of the founding events of the modern American food resurgence, working alongside figures including Paul Prudhomme, Alice Waters, Leo Steiner, Wolfgang Puck, Craig Claiborne, and others. Soon she was Consulting Chef and limited partner, and later Executive Chef, in the new Café Marimba, the first restaurant in New York to feature dishes “from a fin Mexican home with local ingredients.” In 1987, she opened the eponymous Zarela, serving a changing menu of various Mexican regional cuisines. The restaurant remained a New York favorite for twenty -three years. In 2001, she opened Danzon, where the menu was based on the foods of Veracruz. Martinez’ three cookbooks, Food from my Heart (1992), The Food and Life of Oaxaca (1997), and Zarela’s Veracruz (2001), have been praised as significant contributions to the literature of Mexican cuisine. Her third cookbook, Zarela’s Veracruz, was also the companion to a 13-part PBS series, Zarela! La Cucina Veracruzana.She has consulted with clients such as Unilever Best Foods, Nestlé, Marriott and Taco Bell.

:beyond the “slop and glop” that characterized most Americans’ understanding of Mexican food. She insisted that to master a dish one had to situate it in a cultural context and understand the regions, their specific ingredients, techniques, and cultures. This led her to numerous research trips throughout Mexico, where she conducted interviews, took notes and photographs, and generally documented the wide context of the recipes that she presented in her books and at her restaurants. For her efforts to introduce a vision of Mexico’s food and culture, she has been recognized by the Mexican Cultural Institute . She has made numerous presentations to the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the James Beard House, The Smithsonian, The American Museum of the American Indian in New York, the American Institute of Wine & Food, and been invited to cook for presidents and royalty.

Zarela has also been honored for her entrepreneurship and business accomplishments by Hispanic Magazine, the New York State Restaurant Association, the Women’s Venture Fund, the Women’s Leadership Exchange, and the Orgullo Award from the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services. She is a memShe has made many guest appearances on ber of the Board of Directors of The television, including shows such as Julia Mexican Cultural Institute, and is active Child Cooking with Master Chefs and Martha in other organizations including Mano a Stewart. Mano, MexEd Foundation, Women’s VenBut Martinez had a goal beyond success in these fields. She sought to bring a more authentic, cultur- ture Fund, City Meals on Wheels, and the ally aware Mexican cuisine to the U.S., Hispanic Children’s Fund. Page 84 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Featured Chiles Rellenos Nortenos By Zarela

Chef Zarela Pat dry with paper towels and insert an 1/6 -inch thick by 3-inch slice of white cheddar, Chihuahua or Monterrey Jack cheese. Combine 1 cup of flour with salt and roll the chiles to coat lightly. Heat the vegetable oil over medium-low heat in a 2-inch deep pan.(watch the video link above) Separate the whites from the yolks (reserving the yolks) and beat the whites until stiff but not dry. Dip each chile in the egg mixture and fry two at a time. Transfer to a pan lined with pap eels and serve with salsa ranchera.

 6 fresh Anaheim chiles  2 cups vegetable oil for frying  1/2-pound white cheddar, Chihua-

hua or Monterrey Jack cheese  1 cup flour  Salt and Pepper to taste

Pour vegetable oil into large heavy skillet to a depth of about l/2 inch and heat until very hot but not quite smoking. Make a small (about l- to l l/1-inch) lengthwise slit in each chile. Fry on both sides, 3 at a time, until beige-colored and puffed; remove as they are done and drain on paper towels. Peel chiles and gently remove the seeds through the incision, being careful not to tear the flesh Set aside. Page 85 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The NEW Broad Museum 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 232-6200 Call for Tickets

Page 86 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 87 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Del Dotto Vineyards A Family Dynasty

About Del Dotto Vineyards Located in historic Napa Valley, Del Dotto Vineyards in St. Helena, is a family-owned winery which has been making estate grown, cave-aged, premium Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast wines for 20 years. Founder Dave Del Dotto is joined in the running of the winery by wife Yolanda, daughter Desiree and son Giovanni. Del Dotto Vineyards’ two properties are the Napa Historic Winery & Cave on Atlas Peak in Napa and the Venetian Estate on Highway 29 in St. Helena. The Venetian Estate opened in 2007 and hosts barrel tastings in the caves and food and wine pairing experiences for the public and wine club members.

The Napa Historic Winery & Cave offers hosts barrel tastings in the caves for the public and wine club members. In 1885, Chinese laborers dug a 350-foot wine cave, using only picks and shovels. This hand-dug cave and winery was one of the first wineries to appear in the Napa Valley, and is currently one of only six still in existence. In 1997, Dave and Yolanda Del Dotto restored the original winery, and continue to age their red wines in the caves.

Del Dotto Wines

The Del Dotto winemaking talents are Gerard Zanzonico, winemaker for an array of 96-100 point Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvingnons, and Robbie Meyer, the for the Coast Wines. Page 88 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive consulting winemaker Subscription link Sonoma

The winery team oversees Del Dotto estate vineyards in some of the top American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) including Rutherford, Oakville, St. Helena, Pritchard Hill, Howell Mountain, and Sonoma Coast. Vintner Dave Del Dotto spent 20 years to find and acquire the ideal sites to cultivate each individually selected grape clones and to maximize the terroir flavors in the wine. Del Dotto Vineyards owns 437 acres with 121 acres planted with varietals including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Sangiovese. Each vineyard is organically farmed and meticulously tended by hand in order to maintain the quality of crop. Page 89 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The Del Dotto Family Executive Team Subscription link

Del Dotto Vineyards Taste Something New While Experiencing Something Old

Executive Chef Joshua Schwartz leads the culinary program, and is inspired by the 5-acre culinary garden on the property. Schwartz has been Del Dotto’s Executive Chef for seven years, and is an alumnus of The French Laundry, Per Se and Bouley. Find him on Instagram at BeardedWarrior.

The Setting The Estate winery celebrates classical Italian architecture and was built in honor of the family’s Venetian roots, which traces back to 1150 Venice. The elegant underground tasting room features a glass ceiling spreading natural light throughout, and was built by Italian master craftsmen. 90 Stunning Florentine Page E The Magazine forMedici Today’smarble FemaleisExecutive

set throughout, complemented by hand-painted goldinlaid ceilings and mosaic tiles depicting the history of wine. Adjoining the tasting room is the estates’ wine barrel cave, with 300 year old terracotta tile ceilings, and 130 year old cut Varreggio marble walls, and a collection of imported Venetian Murano glass chandeliers which were hand assembled on site. A highlight for food lovers is the artisan salumi aging room with a signature boars head at the entrance.

Social Media Links:

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Del Dotto Winery and Tasting Rooms Venetian Estate and Caves, 1445 St. Helena Hwy South, St. Helena, CA 94574 Tasting appointments may be made online ( DelDottoVineyards. com) or by calling (707) 963-2134. Hours: The winery is open 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm, every day of the year Page 91 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 92 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Which Wine is

Witch? Laurie Forster

The Wine Coach is one of the country’s leading wine experts whose mission is to demystify wine one glass at a time. The queen of wine edutainment, she is also the author of the award-winning book, The Sipping Point and a regular guest on TV and radio shows across the country. Laurie’s specialty is delivering unique corporate keynotes, teambuilding events and group tasting seminars for corporate leaders such as MetLife, LG, Microsoft and the US Chamber of Commerce. Laurie’s radio show The Sipping Point can be heard every week on WBAL or in her free App The Wine Coach which was rated one of the Top 8 Wine Apps by Wine Enthusiast magazine. She partners with her better half Chef Michael Forster to create The Wine Coach Club. For More Information: Page 93 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Start by concealing your wines, cover the bottles your guests bring with paper bags or aluminum foil. The task for you and your guests is to guess the identity of the wine or Which

Wine is Witch.

Think Halloween is just about trick or treating for kids?

Think Again! Why not consider gathering some friends for a blind wine tasting party or what I call the Which

Wine is Witch? Tasting.

A blind tasting means that everyone tastes a series of wines without knowing their identity. Tasting blind makes it easier to fo-

You can try to guess the varietal, the least or most expensive and, of course, vote on a favorite. It’s easier than you think, not to mention fun. You and your guests are certain to learn more about wine and each other. Costumes are optional.

cus on the wine without having preconceived notions. Many times when we know the wine or the price of the wine our brain will fast forward with observations that may or may not be there. Sommeliers regularly taste wine this way to develop their sensory skills and are even tested on their blind tasting skills.

Page 94 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Here’s what you need to know to create your Which Wine is Witch? Halloween Tasting:

Pick A Party theme. Your theme might be to try wines from specific countries (Spanish wines), certain grape varietals (Chardonnay or Petit Syrah), price range (reds under $20), or, perhaps, unusual or spooky labels. Anything works so just be creative! Looking for inspiration? Search the Internet to see what wine professionals are doing. There are websites like that list wine events all over the country with great ideas for you to model. Page 95 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Don’t forget to ask the salesperson at your local wine store, they might have great ideas, too.

Choose a Format This can be done as a sit down tasting, with each person tasting wines side-by-side, or you can place the wines around the room and taste them one by one. The sit down format requires a significant amount of glassware, depending on the number of friends you invite. If you need additional glassware catering companies often rent them at reasonable rates.

Invite Friends Invitations are as easy as sending an email or using an online invitation services like Evite. Ask guests to bring wines appropriate to the theme. Remember to make sure you have adequate room and glassware for your guests. Subscription link

Eight to twelve people is an optimal size for a home wine tasting party—enough people to be interesting, yet still manageable. Wine tasting parties are also great for making new friends. A great old proverb says “Over a bottle of wine many a friend is made.” You are guaranteed to prove the truth of this the night of your tasting!

Think About Food Pairings An easy way to handle the food issue is to ask guests to bring a light dish or appetizer to go with their wine, such as cheeses, olives and meats (like salami, pepperoni, etc.). This way there is a variety of foods for testing with different wines. Page 96 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Chardonnay, can match nicely with a chicken or pork dish whereas a light red, like Pinot Noir, is a natural with a fabulous piece of salmon. As a general rule: light fare goes best with lighter bodied, more delicate wines; fuller bodied, more intense wines go best with bigger foods. For instance, white wines are a natural with salads and seafood whereas hearty reds match the fuller fat content of meatier dishes. Don’t be constrained by the old adage white wines with fish and red wines with meat. This is just a general rule and is, of course, meant to be broken. Fuller whites, like a buttery Subscription link

To test how the various foods go with each wine, you want to make what I call a wine sandwich™. Take a sip of the wine alone. Next, take a bite of food, followed by a second sip of the same wine. pairings work and which do not. The second sip will demonstrate the effect the food has on the wine. It’s a tasty method to learn what

Taste The Wine Have water and bread or crackers available for palate cleansing in between tastings. Pour about an ounce or two of wine in the glasses (one ounce is approximately the width of one finger). Guests may not finish the entire sample, so have empty ice buckets or pitchers to discard the wine. Provide tasting sheets for guests to take notes, guess the identity of each wine and score their favorites. Be sure to give folks enough time to taste and discuss each sample before moving to the next wine. You’ll quickly find that people have different opinions about the same wine. Once tasting is completed, unveil Which Wine is Witch and see who guessed correctly.

Happy Halloween! Page 97 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive


Laurie for your next corporate, client or fundraising event! More Info: For more info on The Wine Coach: The Wine Coach club

Laurie was Just on Fox News WATCH

The Sipping Point

With over 125 pages of wine essentials along with stunning photos, The Sipping Point is the perfect book for you or any wine lover on your list!

Subscription link Page 98 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Serious Women With Serious Results Paths to a Healthy Lifestyle

A Series By Alina Estrada & Coralean Chavis

Page 99 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We are so excited to have an opportunity to network with “Women of the

We are hopeful that the information that we share will allow you to keep your "Super Women Cape” in excellent condition. Just recently, I World”

was reminded while listening to the flight attendant as she reviewed the safety instructions. In the event of an emergency put your mask on first. As women we do exactly the opposite. We make sure that the children, husband and other loved ones are taken care of and we get whatever is left. Let's make a pack to change that NOW. We discovered the most amazing part is when you put yourself first everyone else benefits. We're talking about Serious Nutrition for Serious Results. We look forward to the journey. A funny thing happens every year about this time, weight loss programs start appearing as television commercials ( as a matter of fact, I saw one just the other day). The weight loss business is a multibillion dollar business in America. In most case celebrities are paid to be spokespersons to share how successful they have been. it is not often mentioned that they have

Page 100 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

someone to prepare their food, personal trainer, and assistance with their families. As we learn more about how important nutrition is ~ that old saying "You Are What You Eat" definitely comes into play. Overt time what you put into your body will determine how you look, feel, and perform. We hear about the weight loss but very rarely hear about the quality of the food/products we are asked to consume. The facts are the facts, when we reduce are caloric intake we lose weight. Have you ever wondered if it matters how you lost the weight or if there were different kinds of weight loss (fat vs muscle)? Are these products beneficial to the body? Can these programs reset the metabolism? Are they Family friendly ( can your children safely consume these product)? In most cases the answer is NO. But what if there was a product that focused on "Lifestyle". A Healthy Lifestyle for the Family. A program that was originally formulated for celebrities with over 25 years of knowledge and experience. A company that has been on forefront of the non-GMO movement! That has a purity commitment ~ no artificial colors, no artificial flavor, no artificial sweeteners, no synthetic vitamins, no binders, no fillers, no GMO, no pesticides, no irradiated ingredients and certified organic whenever possible. A program that can stand in the gap of the nutritional crisis in our country. Subscription link

A program that starts with a simple 10 day vacation from process food. A step by step; day by day program that you simply follow. A program that has a daily support system for any questions or concerns you may have as well as a Naturopath Doctor on board. During those 10 days you consume superfoods, foods that are certified organic, verified Non GMO. Superfoods that within the 10 days could begin the body's healing process, reset your metabolism, and just by following this simple plan lose between 5 - 20 pounds. 10 days to begin the journey to a Health Lifestyle. The definition of Insanity is doing the SAME thing and expecting a different result. Take ACTION NOW! ~ Be FABULOUS NOW (look good, feel good) and SPREAD THE LOVE! As SUPERWOMEN we owe it to ourselves

www.yourbodywellnesscenter. com 888-976-4777. Just for visiting our site you will receive a $50 Gift Card Code: YBWC Page 101 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

“Tips on Drinking Water” Some people know they don’t drink enough water, but others protest “I drink water all day long!” But if what you drink runs right through you, you are not getting the benefits, and are not, in fact, being hydrated. Here are the three elements to consider: 1.

Input. Drink approximately half

your weight in ounces of water each day. Coffee, tea (unless herbal), alcohol and soda don’t count! 2. Quality. Tap water isn’t always healthy, and I usually recommend Alkaline if possible. An inexpensive charcoal filter often works well, or there are more comprehensive systems, such as Reverse Osmosis, that can be installed under the sink or for the whole home for a few hundred dollars. With RO, you’ll need to add electrolytes back in, as it takes out everything. 3. Uptake. As with nutrients, we can become less capable of absorbing and utilizing water. You’ve probably heard of “insulin resistance” as a diabetes marker. We can become “resistant” to other hormones and nutrients as well. If you can’t increase hydration by increasing water intake, it can indicate impaired resistance in general. Subscription link

Don’t increase your water by downing quarts at a time! Our kidneys have a remarkable ability to adjust output, but too much at once can actually dehydrate you, as it will take a lot of electrolytes with it. Instead, sip regularly in-between meals. (Drinking too much during meals dilutes your digestive enzymes, another no-no.) For heart health, it is important to maintain hydration at night, when we normally lose some, and to rehydrate again first thing in the morning. Is your Bladder waking you up? That may be more a sleep issue. If you’re getting deep, sound sleep, it’s normal to simply wake in the morning with a full bladder.

Drink up! And let us know if you feel better!

Farm Fresh Video

Page 102 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

WHAT DOES GMO MEAN? If you've shopped in a natural foods store in recent months, you've no doubt seen products bearing the label "GMO-free" or "contains only non-GMO ingredients." The acronym GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. Genetically modified foods are also frequently described as "genetically engineered", "genetically altered" or "genetically manipulated." It can be said that modification of plants is not a new phenomenon. For centuries, gardeners and farmers have been crossbreeding different species of plants to create plants that produce heartier, better tasting, or more beautiful crops. However, the type of genetic engineering of foods that has caused a groundswell of concern around the world is vastly different from these traditional plant breeding practices. With modern genetic engineering, genes from an animal, plant, bacterium, or virus are inserted into a different organism (most often a plant), thereby irreversibly altering the genetic code, the "blueprint" that determines all of an organism's physical characteristics, of the organism that received the gene. Through this technology, scientists have created tomatoes with a longer shelf life by adding flounder genes, soybeans that are resistant to weed killers, potatoes that produce their own pesticides, and potatoes with jellyfish genes that glow in the dark when they need water. Genetic engineers are also working to develop fruits, vegetables, and grains with higher levels of vitamins and foods that contain vaccines against diseases like malaria, cholera and hepatitis. While proponents of genetic engineering believe that this technology will make it possible to produce enough food to ensure that everyone in the world has enough Subscription link

to eat, farmers, scientists, en- you will likely bring home foods that contain gevironmentalists, health netically modified ingredients, especially if you professionals and purchase foods that contain soybeans, corn, or consumers their derivatives (soy oil, soy flour, soy prothroughout the tein isolates, corn oil, corn starch, corn world are outflour, and high fructose corn syrup). raged by the At this point in time, the health risks of growing consuming genetically altered foods number of have not been clearly identified, since genetifew studies have been conducted to cally alevaluate impact of these foods on tered human health. However, many scifoods in entists have speculated that it is our food likely that these foods will trigger alsupply and lergic reactions in some people, create new are very skeptitoxins that produce disease, and lead to antibical about the otic resistance and a subsequent resurgence purported beneof infectious disease. The impact on the envifits of this techronment may be even more devastating. Many nology. Since farmers are concerned that it will be impossible 1996, when the to prevent genetically engineered crops from first large-scale "polluting" organic farms, as the wind and bees commercial harwill naturally carry pollen from the genetically vest of genetiengineered crops to nearby organic farms. In cally engineered addition, farmers and environmentalists fear that crops occurred in foods that are genetically engineered to be rethe United sistant to herbicides, such as Roundup Ready States, the persoybeans, will result in heavier herbicide use, centage of gefurther polluting the groundwater, lakes and rivnetically engiers. Heavy use of herbicides may also encourneered crops age the development of "superweeds" that are grown in the resistant to herbicides, which could threaten United States crops throughout the country. The results of a has increased to 1999 study conducted by researchers at Cornell 25%, including University suggest that genetically engineered 35% of all corn, 55% of crops also endanger wildlife, specifically the all soybeans, and nearly Monarch butterfly. These researchers found that half of all the cotton. In nearly half of the Monarch caterpillars that ate addition, much of the milkweed leaves dusted with pollen from geneticanola oil produced in cally engineered corn died within four days. A Canada comes from gestudy conducted one year later at Iowa State netically manipulated University found that plants that neighbor farms rape seed. It has been estimated that as of genetically engineered corn are dusted with many as two-thirds of all food products in enough corn pollen to kill Monarch caterpillars. grocery stores contain genetically engiFor more information watch neered ingredients. In fact, unless you buy exclusively Page 103 organic, E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Subscription link

Certified Natural Healthcare Professional (C.N. H..P.) Colon Hygienist, Detoxification Coach.

Health and Wellness Advocate Purium Distributor 1(888)976-4777. Just for visiting our site

www.yourbodywellness Click Here for


Gift Certificate Page 104 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 105

Is a Franchise Right for You? And three Monster Sized Opportunities for October. Written By David Goodman Founder and CEO of Franchise Biz Consulting, LLC Page 106 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 107 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The # 1 Reason We Kill Our Entrepreneur Instinct Welcome to Franchise Forum. The Halloween Season is upon us! And the excitement is to see all the kids dressed in their Halloween Costumes. I remember I was so happy to strut around in my superman mask and cape. And as I got older I learned that this time of year is traditionally the season when getting scared is considered entertainment. That one I really could never quite figure out. But many people enjoy being scared out of their wits! But one thing I know for sure, when it comes down to running a business that is the last thing you want to take place. We go to extraordinarily lengths to be sure there are no surprises when we go into a new business enterprise. That is exactly why many of us shy away from starting their own business, the fear of the unknown; it is, too, overwhelming. That fear is eliminated when you buy a franchise as you will see in the next few paragraphs a dead giveaway answer.

Is An Employer And A Vampire The Same? You know over the years I have met hundreds of people who simply do not like working for someone else and spending their entire working career making their boss’s dreams come true to the detriment of their own personal goals. It never ceases to amaze me that wherever I go, as soon as I tell someone what I do for a living, invariably, the next thing out of their mouth is, “What is the hottest franchise out there today?”. Subliminally they are really searching for some way out of the mundane existence of putting in time for a paycheck instead of building a real career for themselves and their family. Remember the definition of a vampire is: A person who preys ruthlessly upon others –

Page 108 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Slayer Of Success Government studies have shown that 72% of the working population would rather own their own business in lieu of working for someone else. Of course that begs the question, “So, why doesn’t those individuals start a new business and become an entrepreneur? The answer is simple. Although most people would do well owning and running their own enterprise most people do not have all the combined skills needed to make a business successful. They might have the drive and management capabilities but don’t possess the skill set to perceive what business would be best for them or where to open it or negotiate the lease or hire the right people, etc. Now the “opportunity” trap is set for -The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is the fear of the unknown. - H. P. Lovecraft

How To Conquer Your Fear You could resort to a witch’s brew. Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. – Shakespeare “Macbeth”. However if you fit into that fear category, instead of relying on a witch’s rendition of Love Potion #9 to exhume you, you might want to take a more realistic approach and look at franchising. Because that is exactly what a franchise does. They virtually hand

Page 109 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

you a business in a box. They find the right location by using their experience of finding other previously new franchisees the perfect location. They train you and help you hire and train those new employees. They stock your business shelves with the correct product mix for that location. They teach you how to buy in the future. They also give you marketing assistance, web based advertising, a recognizable brand name, massive buying power via the sheer number of stores that are buying from the same source. The most important thing they offer is a system that has been working over the years which has made others just like you a successful businessman/businesswoman. Let’s call it a blueprint that has guided others down the road of successful business ownership. In addition they offer ongoing support and guidance. You are virtually in business for yourself but never by yourself.

A True Account Of How To Employ a Ghost Buster! Just to add additional emphasis to this concept, I would like to relate a true short story to you. Last week I had the pleasure of a franchisor owner come down to Los Angeles for the purpose of visiting all the top rated shopping malls in the LA area to see which one’s would work for their particular franchise. I was totally amazed at the knowledge this individual had regarding what location would work and what would not. Also, not only which malls Subscription link

would work best but where in the mall the owner could achieve maximum success. I experienced his excitement when he hit on what he felt was a sure winner. There is a science to choosing the best location and this individual had the criteria down cold! I was really impressed because he showed me just how easy it is to find a great money making location as opposed to choosing a mediocre or even a losing location. One might ask, “Why was he so excited to find a great location?” He was not finding something for him? Or was he? Every franchisor looks at the franchisee as a means for growing their core business. That is why they choose their franchisees so carefully. A franchisee does not buy a franchise; they are awarded a franchise from the franchisor. Every successful franchisee makes the franchise core business successful. It is a very useful symbiotic relationship which is the heart of every successful franchise. As I had stated before, “You are in business for yourself but never by yourself”! This aura of support is a great Ghost Buster.

3 Spooktacular Franchises, That Won’t Leave Your Bank Account, Skeleton Bone Dry! This October I have three very special franchises to recommend. I look for return on investment and life style. I remember when I owned a Dunkin’ Donuts Shop in Philadelphia. I was the number one shop in the entire country. However, the 24/7 operation got to me and I alienated my wife who never saw me at home. I was always at the shop and that lead to a divorce which is never good for any of the parties concerned, especially the children. So, I always take into consideration that Life Style Factor. Page 110 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is one of the world's leading networks for cost, purchase and supply management. ERA holds a powerful position within a very compelling market segment of the consulting industry. For more than 20 years, ERA has been offering individuals the opportunity to build their own businesses and achieve a rewarding work/life balance. Our franchisees save their clients money in more than 40 cost categories including freight, telecommunications, office supplies, fleet management, insurance and more.  Low investment.  No inventory or overhead.  No employees required.  Customer service business, not a transactional business.  Lifestyle Benefits.  Home office based business (or small office if preferred)  Operate during normal business hours.  Able to put work-life balance into your business.  Work with high level professionals (clients and consultants).  Our Franchisees do not need industry specific experience. For additional information, please call or email David Goodman: 818 578 8706 Subscription link

Starting a dog training franchise with Sit Means Sit allows you to capitalize on the largest and most successful U.S. Based dog training company in the history of the United States. Sit Means Sit is a national company ( close to 100 Franchises since 2009) providing a unique top-notch service in a recession-proof multi-billion dollar industry. This is the “next great business opportunity” and you won't want to miss it. SMS can make you a leader in the industry and help you make your dreams a reality! You receive a lot more than just learning how to effectively train dogs; you learn hoe to make a living in the dog training business. There is a BIG difference. As a SMS franchisee you receive all the protocols, business and knowledge developed over years of success. In addition to becoming a SMS dog trainer, the franchise system includes branding, advertising and marketing assistance, sales training, add-on products and more. For additional information, please call or email David Goodman: 818 578 8706 Over 80,000 satisfied clients. Simple and easy to follow programs. Synergistic effect of combining our products with right foods and healthy foods. Safe and effective, low cost and Page 111 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

affordable. Exclusive – nothing else like it! Able to ramp up business quickly and make significant profits! Up to a 300% margin. LOW INITIAL COST! Recession Proof, Huge profits, professional environment, sold in professional offices. 68 Billion Dollar Per Year Industry. Helping people weigh less and live better for a long and productive & healthy life. For additional information, please call or email David Goodman: 818 578 8706

Ultimate Business Opportunity… Absolutely No Investment Required!! I am Dead Serious! Of course there are some individuals who simply cannot even put together 10 K to get their business aspirations off the ground. And to those individuals or anyone looking to supplement their income, I have a special bonus program specifically designed for all my “E” magazine readers. I will personally send you a check for up to $2,000 for anyone who sends me contact information (name, address, phone number and email address) of anyone who is interested in a franchise and through my efforts becomes a franchisee. Of course there are certain restrictions. Please call for further details. GOOD FRANCHISE HUNTING!

Franchise Biz Consulting, LLC Professionally Find A Fabulous Franchise...Free! David Goodman Office 818 578 8706 Cell 856 287 0303 Email Address: Website: If you are truly serious about taking the control of your life out of the hands of others and finally seizing your own destiny, please call me. Subscription link

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization's Baby Elephant Rescue – Elephant Whisperer Legend Lives On

Here is a thrilling and heartwarming story just published in the New Zealand Herald by Jamie Joseph-a loyal friend of the Elephant Whisperer and founder of Saving the Wild. Her report covers a chilling account of a baby elephant rescue at our Thula Thula game preserve. Lawrence Anthony’s elephant family urgently reached out to his trusted game rangers for help to free their dying baby from a poachers snare. What is behind these daily tragic incidents? Page 112 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Many problems in the world stem from scarcity of water and natural resources combined with non-existent economies. This results in people reacting with desperate measures in order to survive. The ivory black market supplied by poachers is a ‘destructive economy’ fueled by hopelessness. A reality of ‘we have no other choice‘. This is a reflec-

tion of the battle for survival of displaced Zulu village communities seeking a better life for their families and people. Subscription link

A message from the International President: Barbara Wiseman Hello! Welcome to our on-going environmental news column in EMag! We are going to utilize this wonderful opportunity to present interesting educational information so that you can play an even bigger part in preserving and protecting Earth’s waters and all life through the daily choices you make. We want to bring practical information to you. We are not about spreading bad or scary news, but about spreading constructive news and information. Yes, we talk about the problems, but, also, about technologically sound and easy-to-implement remedies and answers. We want to actively engage with you, and other likeminded groups and organizations, to multiply those who are beneficially influencing the direction of our society’s culture, and to promote practical and realistic environmental solutions. When I co-founded The Earth Organization with Dr. Lawrence Anthony, we wanted to bring a new brand of environmentalism to the world described under a term we coined: Cooperative Ecology ™.

Order Now

Page 113 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Women Thrive Worldwide advocates for change at the U.S. and global levels so that women and men can share equally in the enjoyment of opportunities, economic prosperity, voice, and freedom from fear and violence.

Page 114 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We ground our work in the realities of women living in poverty, partner with locally based organizations, and create powerful coalitions to advance the interests of the women and girls we serve.

Page 115 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Gift Horse Part 2 Leslie Silton

Page 116 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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"Maggie and Parker have abandoned their ongoing discussion of knowing how to recognize good vs bad intentions as infinitely more pressing, current problems become their focus."

Page 117 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Part Two A pause. “God knows you’ve had my back for years …” Suddenly there was a different inflection in Parker’s voice which Maggie recognized all too well. Parker was no longer talking about the Russian Revolution. “… I mean, your parents are more like real parents to me than … Richard should be paying Evan for foster child support, for god’s sake …” Maggie fumed. Richard. Of course. The royal stinker himself. No hump. Not much of a kingdom, but still … a stinker ... and of course there was no use looking for help from The Adored Emily (as her mother was disrespectfully referred to by Parker). Obviously Richard, the paternal rat, had committed some new sin. “What did he do this time?” Parker’s face crumpled. “Oh, god,” Maggie demanded. “What! Tell me right now!” “They’re closing the apartment …” “But we’re supposed to be moving in there in June!” “Tell me about it. I am so seriously disgusted … Richard says they don’t Page 118 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

need the apartment anymore, now that I’m graduating. I’m sorry, Maggs. This is just the shits. We had everything planned …”“Not to mention that’s your home, for god’s sake. What’s the matter with that man? Is he totally devoid of human feeling?!” Maggie growled. But Parker didn’t notice. “He says—get this—they are going to stay in a hotel when they’re in town. Right. Some hotel. It’s The Pierre. He makes it sound as though they’re staying in a log cabin with an outhouse. Subscription link

Anyway, he says it’s more convenient and cost-efficient. Oh, sure. Like the man knows anything about economic restraint. He knew we were counting on living there. The creep. Do you understand? My father is a freakin’ creep. That’s what.” She sat down on a wide marble step. “Well, we technically have ten months. Until Christmas. We were going to get place of our own anyway … …” She closed her eyes. “Hey,” Maggie said, tapping her on the shoulder.… ” She closed her eyes. Page 119 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

“Hey,” Maggie said, tapping her on the shoulder. Parker opened her eyes. “See these?” Maggie asked as she held up her hands. “These are not broken. Plus, I’ve got a little money saved. Plus Gramma Nonie is going to give me some graduation moola. I can cash in the Certificates of Deposit that Grandpa Brendan left me … you know Evan and Barbara will help us. Besides, it’s not like Richard and Emily can actually leave you high and dry ...” The truth was Richard could— legally speaking. Her list of resources had dried up. She looked at Parker, whose eyes were now closed. Right then Maggie wanted to strangle Richard. Really strangle him. Really. Really. “Yeah, I guess … anyway, Emily did tell me that she’s been siphoning off money that Richard doesn’t know anything about … oh, sure. Like that’s possible. He knows. He just likes making her sneak … I’d feel sorry for her if I wasn’t her daughter.” Unlikely starvation was never the point. Of course they were welcome to live with Evan and Barbara—actually it was a really nice room—but what kind of life would that be? What was the good of graduating from college, only to go on living with your parents? “I think Evan and Richard should duel! Meet up at 5 a.m. in the meadow over in Central Park. Barbara and Subscription link

Emily can be their seconds. I can see it now. Rolled-up New York Times Financial Section for weapons. Well?” Maggie really was angry. Parker smiled wanly. “No. It wouldn’t work. Richard would die clueless. A total waste of a good newspaper. I’m sorry I got you all riled up.” She was feeling contrite. “We’ve still got ten months officially. Okay? Right?” She nudged Maggie. “Right?” Maggie nodded. “Sure.” She was still focused on Richard. Richard The Detestable. Her own father would never do anything so low. She was so lucky, it was disgusting. “I had to tell you,” Parker said. “I thought I would explode. He called this morning … oh, never mind. I’m not starting again.” She held up her hands. “See, I’m done.” Maggie grabbed her by the shoulders. “Of course you have to tell me. That goes without saying.” Holding up her index finger for the ‘one minute time out’, “I say we get a place of our own as soon as we graduate. Serve Richard right. I say we stuff his apartment.” Parker stood up. “Yes!” and she punched the air. “Serfs of Russia arise! What’s the Russian National Anthem? Allons enfants de la patrie … oh, that’s Le Marseillaise. Well, never mind. Page 120 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

But that reminds me. Back to business: The Trojans versus the Greeks …” She looked around. Below her, the foyer was still busy with foot traffic. “So listen, Maggs. You can argue that Nicholas was clueless. And I do mean Nicholas. Just a big warm, fuzzy, benevolent dear of a king but …” Here her voice softened to a whisper, “Oh, who knows what he knew.” Back to Richard again. Maggie jiggled Parker’s coat sleeve. “The way I look at it … this trouble is mainly your fault.” Subscription link

Maggie savored the exultation that temporarily banishing Richard always provided. Having reached the top landing, they walked through the Catalog Room into the main reading room. Fortunately their favorite spot was unoccupied. Dumping her things on a corner chair, Maggie sat down. “Oh, no, you don’t. Come along, Rembrandt,” ordered Parker. “Get up. Go … research. Remember?” She had finally calmed down and was back in control. Conversation lapsed while the end of the long table was covered with pens, notebooks, laptops and other paraphernalia. Maggie walked down to the Reference Desk. “I need a little help,” she said to a familiar face focused at a computer terminal. “This time it’s Paul Gauguin.” The face replied with a show of mild amusement. Ms. Browning was a very good Reference Librarian. Over the last couple of years Maggie had discovered that the woman was more than capable of sussing out especially good material when it came to the subjects of art history and artists.

Parker gasped. “Me!?” Maggie continued: “Of course. You’ve spoiled us. Richard and Emily are fools to waste a great person like you … so I say phooey on them. I always think we’re getting the best end of this deal.” The affinity card. Maggie could play it like a master at these moments, when Parker thought she just might succumb to her father’s tyranny. There was no discounting the fact that the affinity of the Malone Family was a powerful force. Take that King Richard. The only thing missing is your hump, you rat!Parker looked at Maggie. “You win. The Chair recognizes the Malone Family.” Sweeping her arm up the stairs, she said, “Onward, Noble Artist.” Page 121 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

“I need to explain why an artist who didn’t care about being famous, who kept trying to leave civilization behind, was also almost completely obsessed with what people thought about him.” The librarian’s eyes glittered with interest. “I’ll see what I’ve got. You’ve read his letters, if memory serves me?” “Yes, last fall. It was a good start. But I want to do more about this. If I can.” Ms. Browning turned to her computer terminal again, ran competent fingers rapidly over the keys. She scanned the results. “I’ll be back,” she said and hurried away. From her seat Parker watched the librarian. She noted as a colleague stopped her to exchange a few words. From this distance she Subscription link

Support the Arts

Page 122 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 123

couldn’t hear what they were saying, only the librarian’s surprising laugh—silvery and clever. Probably a Wellesley grad, Parker thought ungraciously as she aimed a frown in that direction. That charm is strictly manufactured. I can practically guarantee it. Parker knew a phony when she met one. Maggie, she reminded herself, did not. That was the main difference between them. Parker really did not like Ms. Browning. She added to her disapproval: probably rents romance movies and eats unbuttered popcorn to keep her figure. She flicked an eye at the clock, reminding herself that she had a paper to finish so she quelled her disapproval. What she really needed was to write one more mind-blowing paper. Either she would stagger her instructors with her scholarly brilliance or she could kiss a long goodbye to any hope of winning the one remaining full-year scholarship to study abroad. Parker wanted to go to Italy so badly she ached. What Richard would not provide, Parker would get anyway—somehow! Poor little rich girl. The joke was on her. No one would Page 124 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

believe it. No one ever does. But eat your heart out, Richard Feldman. The Malones love me. She opened her laptop and got busy. Maggie walked back to their table, sat down and got to work. At four o’clock she was ready to wrap up for the day. Her search had rewarded her with some useful tidbits, the sort that always earned extra points from instructors. She looked up to see Ms. Browning standing there. Subscription link

“May I?” she asked. Turning Maggie’s laptop around, she tapped the keys in quick succession, bringing up a web page. “Take a look at that … also I have a couple of books from the stacks coming up shortly. Here’s a list—some resources you might want to check out.” She left the handwritten list on the table and walked away. “Thanks,” Maggie called out while peering at the monitor. “She’s right. Look, Parker. We all forget that Gauguin lived in Peru as a young child …” her voice drifting into silence as she read the contents of the screen, tapped into the search box, following to a link. Page 125 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Parker nodded and went back to work on her own report. Maggie’s attention re-surfaced. She checked the clock on the wall. “As long as we’ve got five minutes, why not take a quick peek,” she muttered to herself, reading down the hand-written list left by Ms. Browning. Finding an interesting item, she tapped it into the search box. “Oh, this is pretty good …” as she lapsed into silence again, absorbed. After scanning the home page, she started following various links again, now ignoring stomach growls, pushing on. Parker heard Maggie’s stomach gurgling and laughed a couple of times. “Okay. That’s it. I’m so hungry. Parker?” She bookmarked the page and exiting the internet, looked up. “How’s it going?” It was Ms. Browning. In her hands were three books. “It’s good. I’m done. I’ve been to this site already,” she replied pointing to the list, “and I bookmarked that one.” “I’ll do the rest at home. Thanks. It’s very interesting. Too bad they had to close everything down ...” Ms. Browning looked at her with curiosity for a few seconds. “Oh, you found that artist colony I told you about …”

“Right,” Maggie replied. Ms. Browning nodded. Maggie continued, “But hey, who wants their DNA nuked. Spoils the spermatozoa.” Ms. Browning didn’t smile back. Okay, so they weren’t all that close. Obviously didn’t share the same sense of humor. Subscription link

Magic!- “RUDE” Parody-corporate Version

Page 126 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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“So, let’s see what else is on this list … um … I read that one. It’s already part of my bibliography. This one— about the Salons des Refuses—and this one about the Salon des Independents … yup. I have that covered. But this one about Caillebotte looks good. “That’ll work. Thanks for your help,” Maggie said. closing the lid on her laptop. When she looked up, the librarian had left. Where was Parker? Okay. On the other side of the table, as it turned out, sitting down but ready to go, waiting for Maggie. What was she doing? Maggie looked where Parker was looking. Having followed Ms. Browning’s line of progress back to her station as she returned to her work diligently addressing her computer terminal, Parker was glaring warily in the librarian’s direction. The rather elegant librarian was wearing a trim navy blue suit consisting of a short pencil skirt, a jacket with a pert little peplum, her slender neck adorned with a single strand of very small pearls. The fine ash blonde hair was sleeked back in a tiny bun like a ballerina. On her it looks good, Maggie thought to herself. With my curls, it would look like I was wearing a fur pompom on the back of my head. Maybe Parker should try her hair that way … I’ll bet Emily would really like it. It’s very fashionable … er … or not. Maggie remembered that Parker did not like the librarian and made no bones about it. Besides, pleasing Emily was not Parker’s favorite pastime, either. Page 127 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Better skip the hairstyling suggestions altogether. We’ve had as much drama as we can take for one day. Parker looked at Maggie. “Done?” “Yup,” but Maggie procrastinated by looking up intently at the murals filling the ceiling. Just one more quick gander. Parker looked up, too. “Boy, that sure is one hell of a ceiling.” “Yup,” Maggie agreed. She stood up and hoisted her backpack with a grunt. “It’s time to giddy-up out of Dodge.” “Yup,” Parker mimicked. With that they headed out of the room towards the long staircase leading back down to the foyer.

The Gift Horse

Available on Amazon

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Focus By Bruce Wiseman

I am a fan of Al Ries.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding.

Those of you that read these articles likely know that.

Pretty damn cool. I highly recommend both of these books. I don’t always agree with the perspective of team Ries. In their book, War in the Boardroom, they posit that people think with their brains. With all due respect, human tissue didn’t compose Beethoven’s fifth, write the Declaration of Independence or create Star Wars. But lest we get too philosophical about it all, as marketing strategists, you’ve got to love these guys.

Al Ries is the Godfather of the marketing strategy called Positioning. Along with then partner, Jack Trout, Al wrote three articles introducing positioning to the advertising world in 1972. Then in 1981, they wrote what the subscribers to Advertising Age (the industry bible) later voted to be the best Media and Marketing book of all time – Positioning: the Battle for your Mind. Whoa! And as a not-so-minor side note, the #3 book on that list, was one he co-wrote with his daughter and partner for the last two decades, Laura Ries: Page 128 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

In 1996, Al wrote a book called Focus. The name says it all. And to this day, Ries & Ries refer to themselves as Focusing Consultants. Let me give you a great example of focusing your brand. David Brier is a branding pro. Subscription link

We call on each other’s services from time to time when needed. David calls on On Target when he needs to understand the minds of his client’s prospects, and I call on David when one of our corporate clients needs the creative and design services of a branding expert. David recently wrote, produced and directed a commercial for a new brand that is so focused it will make you sweat. Take a look. Focusing a brand doesn’t get any better than that. How do you focus your brand? There is a point in the Ries and Ries book, The 22 immutable Laws of Branding that most businesses don’t really grasp. It is this: A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus. Ruth’s Chris = steaks; Toys R Us = kids toys; Office Depot…you get the idea. David’s commercial above narrows the focus of his client’s sport’s beverage to Page 129 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

athletes – but not just any athletes, those who Defy Limitations, Crush it…the Last One Standing. The ultimate tool for focusing your brand is surveys. Surveys enable you to get into the mind of your public to see what they are focused on. Surveys are what we do. If your marketing isn’t driving traffic to your sales staff or your website in the volume you’d like, we can help you narrow the focus and strengthen your brand. Sometimes an external look at your marketing can provide you with a whole new perspective. For more than a quarter of a century, we’ve helped companies – hundreds of them – focus their brands and increase sales and income. We can help you, too. “After we had your company do our market research and surveys…our response ratio went up 10 times!!!” CEO gift industry client Bruce Wiseman, President & CEO On Target Research Subscription link

Think Big Your Purpose is Out There...

E The Magazine For Today’s Female Executive Subscribe Here E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Give a gift -Free Subscription to someone special! Page 130 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Kepler 186f

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 131

Page 132 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 133 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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"We have the power to help change the wo for people who have mental ill ness and addic tion...I have be my life on it."

-Patrick J. Kennedy Page 134 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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orld o lcet


A Common Struggle weaves together Kennedy’s private and professional narratives, echoing Kennedy’s philosophy that for him, the personal is political and the political personal. Focusing on the years from his ‘coming out’ about suffering from bipolar disorder and addiction to the present day, the book examines Kennedy’s journey toward recovery and reflects on Americans’ propensity to treat mental illnesses as “family secrets.” Beyond his own story, though, Kennedy creates a roadmap for equality in the mental health community, and outlines a bold plan for the future of mental health policy. Written with awardwinning healthcare journalist and best-selling author Stephen Fried, A Common Struggle is both a cry for empathy and a call to action.

Page 135 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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About Barbara Barbara Corcoran’s credentials include straight D’s in high school and college and twenty jobs by the time she turned twenty-three. It was her next job that would make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country when she took a $1000 loan to start The Corcoran Group. As one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, SHARK TANK, Barbara has ponied up her own money and invested in twenty-two businesses, competing to make those deals for all to see, then shepherding them to success.

Her newest book, SHARK TALES, takes you behind the scenes of her life and business and her ‘seen on TV’ venture capitalism. Barbara is famously brash and blunt, bold and courageous, and a brilliant identifier of opportunity and talent (often invisible to others).

Available on Amazon Page 136 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Barbara's Other Publications

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 137

We’ve Got it All Here at


National Association of Female Executive

Nafe is the largest global network for women with thousands of members. They recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary, headquartered in New York they have many affiliate networks across the country.

About NAFE

Would a group of women sharing their dreams…supporting, encouraging and Page 138 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

mentoring you, be beneficial at this time of your life. Nafe offers great benefits to members, and the annual membership is only $39.00 go to and check out all the wonderful benefits, Information on the Southern CA networks can be found at The network meeting Subscription link

From the Desk of Robbie Motter.,NAFE Global Coordinator I am so thrilled that starting this month Nafe will have a presence in this wonderful magazine, who was put together by Althea Ledford who is an amazing publisher, writer, speaker and also one of our dynamic Nafe Directors for the Los Angeles Nafe network.


I have been serving the Western Region of Nafe for over 18 years and this past year I was asked by Dr Betty Spence the Nafe President to become the global coordinator and to interact with all our Nafe networks across the country. This has been a wonderful experience as I am also able to connect women with each other and also have had women step to the plate to start new Nafe networks across the country. Our Western Region has a Nafe Award winner for this years Nafe’s Annual Women's awards in New York and that is Althea Ledford who is the winner of the Nafe Ace Award. She was contacted by the President of Nafe to tell her about the award and Althea is most deserving of this award. For the last 8 years our Nafe Western Region has had a winner for the Nafe awards which shows you what dynamic women we have in the Western Region.

fees are $10.00 for Nafe Members and $15.00 for guests then you pay the restaurant direct for your meal. like eating right now? Using this simple technique, my choices changed to a healthier fare. Instead of a cheese tuna melt, coke, and french fries, I’d glance through

WWW.NAFE.COM Page 139 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Be sure an subscribe to this great magazine and tell your friends about it here is the link, also remember as a Nafe member you can visit any of our Nafe networks which is a great way to continue to meet other dynamic women,go to and click on the PDF Button and you will see a list of all our Nafe networks across the country and on the front page you can also see photos of all our CA Nafe Directors. Until next month, keep SHOWING UP at Nafe it’s the right place to be, as you will meet women with heart who care about each other, you will grow from the dynamic speakers and you will make solid long time relationships. Subscription link

Meet one of our

NAFE Women

Ardice is a former creative consultant and executive producer developed leading edge and award winning educational and entertainment products for kids for companies like Disney, Apple, the Smithsonian Institute and McGraw-Hill.

Ardice has lived in Phnom Penh for almost two years serving as the Leadership Development Manager for a major Non-Profit Organization. Her up-close and very personal experience with women and children in Cambodia has inspired her to create the social enterprise - BK-One Design. She found the ideal design and production partner with Y.E.K. Design. BK-One Design brings uniquely stylish bags to contemporary consumers while helping to generate life changing business, success and opportunities for the women of Cambodia. Ardice is the recipient of the US President’s Call to Service Award and has also received the certificate of recognition from California Senator Mike Morrell for her work with women and children.

Her commitment to women inspired her to develop leadership seminars for women entrepreneurs and executives and to speak nationally for organizations such as NAFE, EWomen Network, WITI and Barclays Bank. In 2008 she co-

founded Wake Up Women and co-published a bestselling book featuring over 40 outstanding women entrepreneurs and authors. Click here to seed more products. Page 140 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link

Stylish, Contemporary and Fun Memorable and Meaningful BK-One Bags are the perfect give away gift that tells your clients, customers, VIP members, participants or executive sales staff that you and your company are committed to inspiring change in the world. Why not give a signature gift, souvenir or swag bag that they will love to use, one that will always remind them of the positive contribution your company is making and at the same time includes them in the inspiring global commitment to enrich the lives of women?

The Heart of Who We Are As the everyday headlines continually report stories about the abuse, neglect and transgressions against young girls and women – stories that shock our minds and break our hearts – we (here in Cambodia) are committed to do what we can to make a difference. In a country devastated by the worst kind if war – genocide, in a country where the ravages of polio, landmines and the cycle of generational poverty takes its toll on women and families, there is hope. In 2004, Yek Hong Tang, a young woman who escaped the vicious Khmer Rouge and was educated and found success in the fashion industry in Australia returned to her homeland -Cambodia. Seeing the hopelessness of women and the disenfranchised in her own country, she was determined to share her skills with those less fortunate. Yek built Y.E.K. Design a socially conscious business transforming at-risk women into artisans with talent, pride, dignity and bright sustainable futures. Now, Ardice Farrow and BK-One Design bridge the continents and bring high end specialty swag and gift bags to you so you can be a part of this positive transformation of life. Page 141 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

“Women aren't the problem but the solution. The plight of women is no more a tragedy than an opportunity.” ― Nicholas D. Kristof, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide ”The new consumer wants profit with purpose: you must do well and good. The most successful business in the future will be those that are the most socially responsible.” ― Who Care Wins, Why Good Business is Better Business, David Jones

What’s New at NAFE

NAFE has formed a new Alliance with

The Women’s Global Change Community. Click and Watch the Video

Subscription link

Join NAFE at any of these WestCoast Networks

Come and join us at one of these monthly Nafe affiliate meetings: Please contact the Director of the network below. Any Nafe questions you may contact me Robbie Motter Nafe Global Coordinator at 951-255-9200 or email As a member you will join one of the networks but you may attend any of the network meetings each month as they all offer great networking opportunities. ARIZONA Phoenix Impact for Enterprising Women – A Nafe affiliate network contact director Joan Howard 602725-3246 email website CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Nafe meets the 2nd Thursday starting in January 2016 at Mimi’s Café 4025 California Avenue, Bakersfield, Director Cheryl Hughley Phone 661-421-5861 Email U Tube Video coming soon Bel Air (coming soon) Director LaDonna Roberts 323-806-3433 email U Tube Video coming soon

Coastal Nafe Network Meets 3rd Thursday at 11:00 am at, Ramano's Macaroni Grill 12380 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, CA 90740 Director Lynne Martin, 714-357-4159 email U Tube Video coming soon Los Angeles Nafe Network Meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 pm at Marie Callendar’s 5773 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232 . website is Director Althea Ledford, 310-990-9496, email allyledo@aol.comPlease check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network Menifee Nafe Network meets the 2nd Wed 11:30 am, Merna’s Café & Grill (formerly Boston Billie’s Restaurant ) 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City, Ca. Contact Director Robbie Motter, NAFE Global Coordinator 951-255-9200 or email Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network HspfWnbAI4w

Central Orange County Nafe meets the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm, at Coco’s Restaurant 14971 Holt Avenue, Tustin, CA, Director, Sheila A Caruso, 949 -330-0927 email Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network

Murrieta Nafe Network meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at R J’s Sizzling Steak House 41401 Kalima Street, Murrieta, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter,951-255-9200 or email Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network v=WmClfV9VcMA

Page 142 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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North San Diego County Nafe Network (Carlsbad/Vista/San Marcos) Coming in January 2016 contact Director Luz Paez 951-966-8277 email U Tube Video coming soon Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm Mimi's Cafe 10909 Foothill Boulevard Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730. Contact Director Vivian Haire, Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector Phone 951-380-0211 or email U Tube Video coming soon Riverside Nafe Connector meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm Canyon Crest Winery 5225 Canyon Crest Drive #7a Riverside, CA 92507 contact Joan Wakeland Director 909-7217648 or email Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network San Fernando Valley, starting in January , contact Director Carol Pilkington 661-3134578 or email for more information U Tube Video coming soon San Francisco/Bay Area Network 4th Thursday 6:15 PM Call Director for meeting location. Director Stone Love Cell 510 565 4425Home office 510 972 0528 or Meet up Page U Tube Video coming soon South Bay Nafe Network, meets 4th Tuesday 6:30 pm @ Cozymel’s Mexican Restaurant 2171 Rosecrans Ave Manhattan Beach, Ca 90245 contact Director Alina Estrada 562-313-1190 or email join us on Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network

Page 143 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

South Orange County Nafe Network Morning Coffee meeting, 2nd Wednesday of each month, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Microsoft Store, 578 The Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA (Upstairs in mall) For information and/or to RSVP Contact Director Mikki St Germain, 949-429-3438 or U Tube Video Coming soon Ventura County Nafe Network, meets 3rd Wednesday 11:45 AM at Mimi’s Café, 400 N Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 Contact Director Sheryl Tash 805-794-4005 or email Meet up page: http:// Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network Wildomar Nafe Network meets 4th Thursday 6:00 PM D’Canters Restaurant 32100 Clinton Keith Road, Wildomar, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter Nafe Regional Coordinator 951-255-920 or email events/224726252/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network okj-UzaTbM4 COLORADO Denver Coming soon contact Director 314) 378-1611

Subscription link

Join NAFE at any of these East Coast Networks

DC Washington DC Greater Washington DC Women’s Network, Mary Greene, Executive Director 202=5808884, email Website meets Sept thru June GEORGIA Atlanta Nafe Atlanta Network, Executive Director, Lisadouglas 404-913nafe email ILLINOIS Chicago Coming soon Zsyke Tusa Director, 331-212 -0585 email INDIANA Indianapolis Nafe Women in Networking (WIN) Mary Aurtrey, Director 317-894-942` or 317413-719 email Co Director Lotti McCallistor 317-905-3666 e,ail meets 1st Wednesday each month at 11:30-12:30 at Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) Center 8899 E 56th Street Indianapolis. IN 46249 Check out their Utube Video Page 144 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

LOUISIANA Gretna Women on the Go, Director Rose Mary Ceasar, 504-366-6889 email rosemarycadam@bellsouth,net, regular meetings 1st Monday of the month 7:00 pm MARYLAND Baltimore Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email, meetings at 1300 Mercantile Lane Ste 100 Largo Maryland 20774 Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator Facebook page celebrategreatnessnow, Howard County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email contact director for meeting location Subscription link

Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator celebrategreatnessnow, Pikesville Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network , Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email Denise Laws, Co-Director 443-527-7403 contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator celebrategreatnessnow, Prince George’s County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/ Coordinator celebrategreatnessnow,

Page 145 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

MICHIGAN Detroit Women Empowering Leadership & Legacy (WELL) Director Donna Stallings 313-999-2211 email Contact Director for meeting location and time. MISSOURI St Louis The Professional Women’s Alliance STL, Director Ninoska Clarkin 314-991-6144 NEW JERSEY Northern New Jersey Professional Women New Jersey, Dee Marshall, Director 862-218-0076 email NEW YORK New York City, Roxanne Natale, Director 917 -952-0681 cell, 646-647-2148 work, email North Carolina Nafe North Carolina, Director Michele Rogers, 919-621-3310 Email website is Utube video PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh Women Interactive Network WINN< Director Dawn Pomaybo 412-963-6311 email SOUTH CAROLINA Coming Soon, contact Director Jayne Jordan 843-532-1123, email

Subscription link President-elect: Tracy Cifone, VP of Events: Jacqueline Jackson, 210-458-2483 VP of Membership: Brooke Lanie,, 210-458-4288 VP of Sponsorship, Aaron Sams,, 210-788-1034 VP of Marketing, Chris Slowey,, 210-569-0953 VP of Finance, Natasha Robles,, 210-5690953 Secretary, Trudy Pape,, 210-396-1879 TEXAS Dallas P-31 Women Inc, Contact Connie Mitchell 214-404-6462 Midland Successful Women’s Alliance, Diector Mary Elena Duron 432-978-2009 San Antonio WELEAD (Women Executives Leading Empowering And Developing) Meets at Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar 2nd Wednesday of every month 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM Alamo Quarry Market, 255 E Basse Rd. San Antonio, TX 78209 President: Tiffany Tremont,, 210-569-0953 Page 146 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Waco Women’s Information Network, Max Nolen Director 254-717-5188 E The Magazine for Today's Female Executives edited by Althea Ledo who runs the LA Nafe Nework has 4 pages dedicated to Nafe so be sure and send her your news. and mark in subject News or even stories for Nafe section. Here is the website for the Magazine Also send news to Paula Damiano for the Nafe E Newsletter her email is We are always looking for more individuals to step to the plate to start additional Nafe networks contact Robbie Motter, Nafe Global Coordinator, or 951-255-9200

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This could Be You!

Advertise with E The Magazine For Today’s Female Executive. Page 147 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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2015 Summer Conferences Women Business Technology Social Media

SEAT Consortium

July 19-22, 2015

International Start-up Festival Montreal ,Canada

July 9-12, 2015


Blogher Conference

July 24-26, 2015

B2B Marketing Forum

Oct 21-23, 2015

Virtual Conference Series

Aug 14, 2015 strategy0815/

Mozcon Seattle, WA

July 14-16, 2015

Page 148 E The Magazine for Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Female Executive

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This list is updated monthly

WSJ.D Oct 19-21, 2015

Content Marketing World September 8-11, 2015

Incite Summit September 18-19, 2015 Techweek Sept 14-20, 2015 Nov 9-15, 2015 INBOUND Tech and Marketing September 9-11, 2015 Inspired

Oct 18-21, 2015

Fortune The Most Powerful Women

Oct 12-14, 2015 most-powerful-women-summit-2015/

Grace Hopper

Oct 14-16, 2015

Business innovation Factory

Sept 16-17, 2015

World Business Conf

Oct 7-8, 2015

Sustainable Brand

Nov 16-18, 2015

POP Tech

Oct 22-24, 2015

Celebration of Women in Computing.

Page 149 E The Magazine for Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Female Executive

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Page 150 E The Magazine for Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today's Female Executive October 2015 issue  

This month's theme is Harvest that Limitless Power featuring Karen Abernathie from the Hit Movie War Room. Each Month E Magazine brings bus...

E The Magazine for Today's Female Executive October 2015 issue  

This month's theme is Harvest that Limitless Power featuring Karen Abernathie from the Hit Movie War Room. Each Month E Magazine brings bus...