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Who is Bernie Sanders? 20&30 Year olds Are listening.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Bold Color for Summer Chloe Emilio Pucci

Miranda Miranda-Konstantinidou

Imagining Something Better when

Kids Innovate. July 2015

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Page 1 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Through Your Soul

Reaching Greatness Despite Formidable odds. -Misty Copeland

Taste of Pace

a new trend in food experience

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Breath , Focus and Press Reset Page 2 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Meet Alexa Meade Her Living Canvases

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Meet Pace Webb of a Taste of Pace

Message From the Editor’s Desk




Tracy Rupchuk

Best Porches For Summer


Creativity Brightens The Spirit

By Bruce Wiseman

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


Bold Color for Summer

Chloe Emilio Pucci Miranda Miranda-Konstantinidou


If Your Online Presence Isn’t Working For You, It’s working


Business & Life

46 Living Through Your Soul Misty Copeland

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A MacKenzie– Childs Summer

A Stitch in Time.


Haitian Flavors Chef Ron Duprat Cooks On

The View

Protect Yourself during Travel.

By Anna Corsaro & Daniel Djouder E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 5

Look Who’s Talking



Ideas worth spreading*

1700+ talks to stir your curiosity Page 6 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Del Dotto Vineyards


A Family Tradition

Cool Wines for the Hot Weather

88 The Wine Coach Laurie Forster



By David Goodman Business Card


D. Wagenbrenner

When Kids Innovate

Take the Dating Quiz



Ali Wentworth

Dr. Barbara Young

Alexa Meade


Summer Conferences Schedules 2015

Her Living Canvas

Suzanne Casamento

Schramberg Vineyards


Success4U Foundation

Happily Ali After

Imagining Something Better



Food Franchising and Fun For The Summer!

130 Who is

Bernie Sanders

146 Meeting Calendar

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What is a Female Executive? I am the one that makes the bread, weaves the fabric, creates the peace, negotiates the smiles, shuts it down and wakes it all back up. I am the Swiss Army Knife of mankind. I am the one that gives birth and keeps life goingwhether I have to nudge it with my heart, my mind, my blood or my foot! I keep the bass rhythm of life moving. I am that female that executes the needed, the necessary and the fantastic. I am THAT female executive.

-Althea Ledford

Page 8 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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From the Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Welcome to the July issue of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. This month’s theme is Living Through Your Soul featuring the incomparable Misty Copeland. Misty will discuss her difficult but rewarding journey from her family living in a hotel room to becoming the Principal Lead Dancer of the American Ballet Theatre. Before you start this month’s issue, I want to share an amazing story about marketing persistence from one of my marketing professors at Claremont Graduate University. While teaching class, he mentioned a marketing scenario that happened with his mom. There was a young man they all knew, and he was going door to door asking people to invest in his business. She didn't know what the business was, didn’t really care. This was in a neighborhood somewhere in the Midwest. But she knew the young man (kid) and he was very persistent. So one day she tells her son (the marketing professor) “I think I will just buy a few shares.” Her reasoning was-he kept coming around and he was very persistent. She called him that Buffet Kid. Who happened to be Warren Buffet and the company was Berkshire Hathaway. Little did anyone know then, what he and his company would become. I hope she held on to her shares his stock is currently trading at $215k per share. The amazing fact was she only bought the stock because he was so persistent with his basics marketing techniques. I hope you enjoy this issue. -Althea Ledford

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Laurie Forster Althea Ledford

The Wine Coach

By Tracy Repchuk Author &Social Media Expert

Pace Webb

Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Owner of Taste of Pace

Diane Wagenbrenner VP Operations Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

Alana Tessman

Chef Ron Dupre

Suzanne Casamento

Jr. Scientist

Pres: Fantasy Dating

Aldeme Mitchell Kirsten Berman The Glutton Gal

Daniel Djouder

“Economic and Geopolitical Analyst”

Bruce Wiseman

Creative Director

Dr. Barbara Young


Anna Corsaro Crisis Expert

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Radio Show Host, Author

Tadia Rice Global Social Issues Expert

David Goodman Franchise Expert

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Mercedes Benz

Fashion Week Summer 2015 Chloe, Emilio Pucci &____________ Page 12 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Chloe Summ

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mer 2015

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Emilio Pucci

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Summer 2015

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NIDOU Summer 2015 www.

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Congratulations!! W

USA USA Women’s Women’s So So

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World Champions

occer occer Team Team

Page 21 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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M&M’s,Business and Life By Tadia Rice

When I talk about leadership, corporate culture, management style, and diversity I can’t help but think about M&M candies. Page 22 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Everyone loves these brown, yellow, red, green, orange, and blue crunchy chocolate pods. So many people tell me they have a favorite color, and some claim that each one tastes different. Well, if I were an M&M I would be yellow because those are my favorite – and I think they do taste different. But despite that I still enjoy each one! Subscription link

What is your favorite color? Do you think it tastes better than the other colors?

Many do not know the story behind M&Ms, it’s fascinating and inspiring. Do you know what the letters M&M stand for? The first “M” is for candy maker Forrest Mars, Sr., who invented the recipe after witnessing soldiers from the Spanish Civil War "eating little round pieces of chocolate encased in a hard sugary coating." He received a patent for his manufacturing process in 1941 and took his concoction to Bruce Murrie at the Hershey Corporation. That’s where the other “M” comes from. As partners, these savvy businessmen made a deal to provide chocolate to the troops during World War II - even though chocolate was rationed for the public. They were packaged in small, cylindrical cardboard tubes we wouldn’t recognize today. By 1948 the packaging changed to the brown plastic pouch we know and love today, but the candies then were violet, red, yellow, brown, and green. Eventually violet was replaced with tan, and tan was replaced with blue. The imprinted letter “M” was once black and now it’s white. We also have more colors, flavors and sizes too: Peanut Butter, Almond, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate peanut, coconut, Wildly Cherry, Mint Crisp, pretzel, minis, baking bits, and customized colored and flavored M&Ms with seasonal colors added for holidays. M&M candies represent a great story about the power of a small family company with only one product of one color and flavor is now the Mars Corporation, one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. They had a global vision that responded to a growing and changing market. The Mars Corporation learned about new cultures and new markets, adapted to new technologies, demonstrated flexibly and adapted to new conditions while finding ways to remain true to their fundamental Page 23 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

beliefs. They faced many new challenges, but never forgot the importance of corporate culture. The fundamental part of the corporate culture of Mars is based on business principles handed down from generations before, and the knowledge and wisdom clarified priorities and working practices for the company. It helped Mars behave correctly in the some very complex situations. In 1983 Mars corporation released the Five Principles, a success model based on Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom. The principles bridge the Mars family traditions to their future. The evolution of Mars corporation has reflected growth and learning, a new understanding of knowledge and human capital, and the increasing importance of corporate responsibility to the global environment. Mars emphasizes the need for employees to find the balance of work within life – balance that is most appropriate to the diverse community in which they are a part. The Five Principles are demanding, and they run deeply throughout the company. It has guided them since its beginning, and te Mars firmly believes they have helped the company come this far and will take them well into the future. In an era when almost every corporation has its statement of values, I find Mars Five Principles a great reminder of good judgement. The emphasis is on behaviors for success in the modern world - embracing greater diversity, giving employees greater freedom to act and focus more on the quality of life of all. The first principle is that the consumer is their boss, so Mars tirelessly seeks to understand their needs and build lifelong relationships through products and brands that bring joy to changing cultures and lifestyles. More than that, this family-owned Subscription link

company recognized that change is constant, and in business that means you have to evolve.

Secondly, quality is Mars uncompromising standard toward excellent products, and delivering them with minimum impact on the environment. By combining the best quality with the best value, Mars continues to dominate the competition. I am very impressed by the third principle Mars adopted, which is a demand for total responsibility from every level of management. All associates are asked to take direct responsibility for results, to exercise initiative and judgment, and to make decisions as required. By recruiting ethical people well suited to their jobs and trusting them, they are accountable to their own high standards. Teamwork drives their common goals, and although divisions are fully responsible for achieving its own mission, they are interdependent and ready to respond to others. Active communication powers company objectives, plans, activities and needs, and active communication also resolves differences equitably. A fourth principle is that mutual benefit is a shared benefit. Shared benefits endure, and this has been proven with successful enterprises in geographies Page 24 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

and cultures new to Mars products. This attitude enables them to act as good corporate citizens, to minimize our impact on the environment, and to use the natural resources of our planet wisely and efficiently. When a company depends completely on the strength of their relationships with employees, suppliers, distributors and communities in which they live and work, their unselfishness achieves best result and garner fair returns. Something that Mars does that I find absolutely wonderful is that all employees are valued as individuals for their talent and resourcefulness. They are rewarded fairly for their results. Because Mars recognizes the different needs of their employees who are in different stages of life, they accept that employees may choose a work style or career option that represents their the most appropriate balance of work within life. The Mars concept of mutuality imposes a special obligation to respect the environment and develop the most sustainable methods for achieving success for all involved, whether it is employees, suppliers, communities, and consumers. This commitment underpins core ethics of the company. With corporate governance like this it’s no wonder that this Mutuality Principle is at the heart of the bond of trust, respect and honesty they share with consumers. The fourth principle has seen the Mars Corporation determined to use resources to the full, and waste nothing, including assets physical, financial, or human. Mars has a different business philosophy to other corporations and this is a key reason for their success. Mars efficiency Return on Total Assets serves not only as the prime financial measure but also as a driver of growth. By minimizing assets, they offer their Subscription link

consumers excellent value for money while delivering healthy returns at lower levels of profit than competitors. This releases more cash to drive growth, increase productivity and reduce cost. Offices are open spaces where communication, experience and knowledge can be shared quickly. Manufacturing plants are orderly, clean and designed for simplicity, continually innovating and seeking new processes, technologies and ways of working to improve output, reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and make the best use of Mars global knowledge.

Lastly, Mars believes in freedom – freedom to shape their future and profit to remain free.

Mars is one of the world’s largest privately owned corporations – private ownership was a deliberate choice. Had Mars sold out to a larger company the family would certainly lose control over their affairs. Freedom means wellbeing to the Mars corporation, and every employee’s commitment to Mars must be the same as the family’s commitment: to see their principles work for everyone’s benefit inside and outside of the business. In this way a substantial portion of operating profits is reinvested each year; profit then provides the cash to build and upgrade plants, enter new markets, invest in R&D, innovate and implement new ways of doing things, acquire new businesses and create strategic alliances. And all of that really does maintains Mars competitive position. Page 25 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

It is this private ownership that allows Mars to remain free, and the nature of freedom demands that it be used responsibly. Mars treats their employees as individuals, and gives them the freedom to innovate, act and grow while achieving common goals. This environment of private ownership, unanimity of purpose, unity and diversity, and high ethical standards allow Mars to move quickly in exploring new ground; act boldly in the face of competition; and take risks wherever they are justified. Private ownership gives Mars the freedom to take a long-term perspective on making investments, building businesses and providing for the well-being of their employees. This spirit has driven Mars in the past, and I believe it make it the guiding force for their future.

So that’s the complex story of a simple candy that has changed the world. I find it fascinating, and a real lesson about American business, leadership, corporate culture, management style, and diversity. For an international corporation to take ethics seriously, to respect and value its workers, to have an environmental commitment as well as high food standards – well, that is pretty impressive to me. Next time you eat an M&M you’ll remember this Mars story – its’ a good one… just about as good as the little yellow M&Ms I’m chewing right now!

Thanks for being with me. I’m Tadia Rice. For more inspiring 10 -minute mentor topics and products visit on the web.

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Page 26 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 27 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Place Where Artistry and Food Meet... Page 28 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Taste Of PACE Page 29 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Reimagining the elevated farm to table experience, Taste of Pace catering is offering only the best and freshest of what is seasonally available. With ideals rooted in providing only top notch local and sustainable ingredients we treat our food with love and respect. From intimate dinners to events large and small, let us share what's cooking in our kitchen. Love people and cook them tasty food.

OUR STORY At Taste of Pace, it's not just about the food, it's about the people. we come from a long line of entertainers with a history and passion that shows in our food. Love people + cook them tasty food — it's not just what we do, it's who we are. Page 30 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

About t

PACE WEBB Founding Chef/Owner Executive Chef and Lifestyle Expert Pace Webb is one of the most sought after chefs on the Los Angeles food scene. Her catering company, Taste of Pace, is renowned for their monthly underground, invite-only Supper Club as well as being tapped to cater high-end celebrity and charity events for clients like the Breast Cancer Fund, Charlie Sheen, Shepard Fairey, and Acura. After studying abroad in Rome, she became classically trained in Western European cuisine. With a passion for traveling and living in over seven cities around the globe, Pace created her company to focus on new creative food combinations and most Subscription link


importantly, rich joie de vivre! Pace's sparkle, and performance-like art for feeding people comes naturally as a fourth-generation entertainer. Her unique view on food and general panache for incredible flavor pairings has caught the eye of major brands such as Yahoo, Jell-O and Acura, hiring her to create recipes and host web series. She pens her own blog, and contributes to various food and lifestyle magazines, including C Magazine, Angeleno, Utterly Engaged and Chalkboard Magazine. Pace currently lives the fabulous life in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District with her dog, Willie Nelson. "For as far back as I can remember I would listen with wonder as my grandmother would tell Page 31 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

me stories of hermother throwing lavish dinner parties in a hotel ballroom with jewel colored glassware dotting the table. That same grandmother showed me pictures from when she raised my mother and her brother (my uncle) on a farm in Loredo, Texas. She would hand write every invitation and cooked everything from scratch. Birthday parties were imaginative scenes of circuses and theatrical performances. Not surprisingly my mother became an actress and our house was always the stage for opening night parties. It was at one of these opening night parties that I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the party. I wanted to be the one filling an empty glass so that a conversation could continue uninterrupted. So, it was only natural that my passion for food combined my love of hospitality." Subscription link


CATERING SERVICES We cater to just about any need. Our services are perfect for weddings, corporate events, or even an upcoming lunch meeting. from easy to elegant, we've got you covered.

FULL SERVICE CATERING Our full service catering is our premier service. We prepare the meal on-site and serve your guests. We'll work with you to customize the menu and make sure we cover all your needs. Full service is ideal for everything from intimate gatherings to large corporate events, or just whenever you want to have someone else attend to all the details.

Page 32 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

WEDDING PACKAGES The Taste of Pace team provides restaurant-style food and service for your special day. Let us guide you through menu selection and any aspect of planning you may need to make your day better than you could have imagined. We have customized several packages for varied levels of food and service. Want something different? Contact us for a customized quote.

DROP-OFF CATERING Need to feed a large group, but don't need our full-service catering? Our drop-offs are a great alternative. We'll deliver the meal from our kitchen to your door, ready to serve. Drop-off catering is perfect for casual corporate events or large get-togethers.

Subscription link


LUNCH BOX COOKING PARTIES You don't need a large event to get a Taste of Pace. Our lunch boxes are perfect for groups looking for a fresh take on ordering in, for an upcoming business meeting or having friends over for a weekend lunch. 

All lunches are $15 each plus tax

Delivery is included for locations within a 25 mile radius of Downtown LA

Taste of Pace offers private cooking parties for groups of 10-20. Guests arrive and mingle for about 30 minutes. Then, the chef will start a demonstration for about one hour of all the recipes with light hands-on interaction from the group. The group will then sit and enjoy their meal together. Perfect for corporate gatherings, bachelorette parties, and foodies alike!

Minimum order of 10 lunch boxes Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance  Page 33 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Left to Right

MERINELLE GUTIERREZ ,PACE WEBB, Gonzi Merchan (standing), AIMEE WEST (sitting left), POLLY CHO (sitting right)

Page 34 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Vegan isn’t just for Vegans Podcast@plasyit (CBS Local)

Meet Our Team

TOP TALK PODCAST Drawing on her experiences in the L.A. food industry and world travel, Pace examines the world of food the only way she can: from every angle and every side. Subscribe or check out past episodes. Page 35 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Briya inspires compassion through fashion by making fun, fa

concerned global citizens and dedicated change-makers to t their full potential in underprivileg

With the purchase of each Briya bag, you will be providing employment and other essential resources needed stricken communities

Page 36 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link

ashionable purses and bags that allow adventurous spirits, travel in style while also helping women and children reach ged regions around the world.

school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, vocational training, d to empower women or children living in povertys across the globe.

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 37

The Best Porches This Summer A Place to Slow Down

Page 38 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 39 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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When most of us think of our front porches, there’s a grandmother, a friend or a pet. There’s a breeze and maybe a few birds. There is the sound of life slightly removed.

The porch is the place to practice the art of sitting, reflecting and silence. Page 40 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Sometimes it’s even the place to have those serious talks. Where rather than make eye contact we make hearts connect..

It’s especially the place where our elders slowly spill the bits of family history that reflectively pop into their heads. When they and reach back and with moments of clarity and great detail they tell you about your history, your family and even stories of times long past.

Page 41 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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In the south or places with dark nights, bright stars and an even brighter moon. With fire flies that dance around the trees. A porch at night is where friend regather after dinner and escape the residual heat from the house. The Summer Hammock Once while driving through the older part of Los Angeles, I passed a corner home with a big front porch. The porch stood under a massive tree. Under the tree was a hammock and in the hammock was a little boy. Sound asleep. He couldn’t have been more the 6 or 7 years old. The leaves freakled his face with sun light and he dreamed the dreams of a kid in summer.

Wash your hands before you come inside.

Page 42 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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5 across A place that combines the outdoors with indoors, A place to sit, talk and watch the world Porch Therapy. Sit on the porch and do something mundane. Snap fresh green beans, arrange your flowers or drink a fresh glass of lemonade or cucumber water. Be caught doing nothing very important and that will be one of those really great days.

Would you like to have dinner outside?

Page 43 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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He starred in some of the most iconic films in history. His face, his expressions and his art of phrasing contributed to making those films legendary. E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive pays tribute and honor to the legendary

Omar Sharif April 10, 1932 - July 10, 2015

Page 44 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 45 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Living Through Your Soul How Misty Copeland Reached Greatness Despite Formidable Odds.

Page 46 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 47 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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In her own words ... “I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me”

“We both just cried because it meant so much more than just my face of the side of the MET” Misty Copeland mentions the team of supporters that all contributed to her success. She’s breaking new ground and laying

Page 48 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

the foundation to create a broader forums for others like her.

The world is now watching. Misty is the product of her own determination and a village of supporters, nurturers and encouragement. The American Ballet Theatre made the step and made history by naming Misty Copeland the Principal Ballerina in July 2015. People of all nationalities will flock to see her at first because they know they are watching history being made. They will go again because there was something so spiritual and special about her interpretation and translation of the choreography.

Subscription link

And as the world witnesses the bright light they will go again to have gotten in every possible opportunity to see her before she stops dancing (retires). People will come and they always do when they know they are witnessing something extremely special.

Watch 60 Minutes features Misty Copeland.

Upcoming Performances at American Ballet Theatre September 1-3, 2015 Hollywood Bowl Hollywood, Caliifornia 323 850-2000 Watch Misty’s interview titled

“Life in Motion”. Hear her difficult and unlikely story in her own words.

October 9-11 Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

David H. Koch Theater New York, New York Oct 21 - Nov 1

Project Plie Watch as Misty Copeland on the View

Page 49 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive projectplie/ Subscription link

Misty Copeland’s Biography Source: American Ballet Theatre Born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in San Pedro, California, Misty Copeland began her ballet studies at the age of 13 at the San Pedro City Ballet. At the age of fifteen she won first place in the Music Center Spotlight Awards. She then began her studies at the Lauridsen Ballet Center. Copeland has studied at the San Francisco Ballet School and American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive on full scholarship and was declared ABT’s National CocaCola Scholar in 2000. Copeland joined ABT’s Studio Company in September 2000, then joined American Ballet Theatre as a member of the corps de ballet in April 2001 and was appointed a Soloist in August 2007. Her roles with the Company include Gamzatti, a Shade and the Lead D’Jampe in La Bayadère, a leading role in Birthday Offering, Milkmaid in The Bright Stream, the Fairy Autumn in Frederick Ashton’s Cinderella, Blossom in James Kudelka’sCinderella, Swanilda and the Mazurka Lady in Coppélia, Gulnare and an Odalisque in Le Corsaire, Mercedes, Driad Queen, the lead gypsy and a flower girl in Don Quixote, Duo Concertant, the Masks in Christopher Wheeldon’s VIII, the Firebird in Alexei Ratmansky’s Firebird, Flower Girl in Gaîté Parisienne, the peasant pas de deux in Giselle, Lescaut’s Mistress in Manon, Clara the Princess, Columbine and one of The Nutcracker’s Sisters in Alexei Ratmansky’s The Nutcracker, a Gypsy in Petrouchka, the Lead Page 50 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Polovtsian Girl in thePolovtsian Dances from Prince Igor, the Saracen Dancer in Raymonda, Cowgirl in Rodeo, a Harlot in Romeo and Juliet, Princess Florine in The Sleeping Beauty, Odette-Odile, the pas de trios, a cygnet and the Hungarian Princess in Swan Lake, the Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, a leading role in Bach Partita, and roles inAirs, Amazed in Burning Dreams, Baker’s Dozen, Ballo della Regina, Birthday Offering, Black Tuesday, The Brahms-Haydn Variations, Brief Fling, Company , Désir, Gong, Hereafter, I n the Upper Room, Overgrown Path, Pretty Good Year, Private Light, Raymonda Divertissements, Sechs Tänze, Sinatra Suite, Sinfonietta,Thirteen Diversions, Within You Without You: A Tribute to George Harrison and workwithinwork. Copeland created the Page 51 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Spanish Dance in Ratmansky’s The Nutcracker, the Fairy Fleur de farine (Wheat flower) in Ratmansky's The Sleeping Beauty and leading roles in C. to C. (Close to Chuck), Dumbarton, Glow – Stop, One of Three and With a Chance of Rain. Copeland received the 2008 Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the Arts and was named National Youth of the Year Ambassador for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 2013. In 2014, President Obama appointed Copeland to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. She is the winner of a 2014 Dance Magazine Award. Copeland is the author of the best-selling memoir, Life in Motion and the children’s bookFirebird. Ms. Copeland's performances with American Ballet Theatre are sponsored by Valentino D. Carlotti. Subscription link

www.woundedwarr Page 52 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link Page 53 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Protect Yourself During Travels By Anna Corsaro & Daniel Djouder Page 54 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 55 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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"There's a saying in the martial arts world that the best form of self-defense is not putting yourself in a position where you

author of Your Weapon Within: “How to Lower the Risk of Sexual Assault”. Thanks to my work I have always traveled and lived abroad by myself all around the world for a considerable length of time. My destinations are often high-risk countries, including those that in-

have to defend yourself"

volved in conflicts, dictatorships, or areas were

Bill Nelson, a sixth-degree black belt mas-

conditions. Since I am still alive and well, I can con-

ter instructor in Soo Bahk Do Karate, and

fidently say that I successfully learned how to de-

women don’t have many rights due to particular

fend myself, to prevent dangers, and to face the Page 56 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link

unexpected. I survived many unforeseen situations

If you have decided to go on a business trip

and I hope to save you from the trouble of under-

abroad it will be necessary to plan ahead to face

going the same ordeals by passing on my own ex-

the new environment, especially if it is a

perience to you. It is of no importance the actual

country where you have never been to

destination of your next trip, what it really matters is

before and where your company

that you are safe. To achieve that, it’s better to

doesn’t have a local branch. Bear in

count on your own resources rather than to rely on

mind that your safety is a priority, if you

someone else’s help. Nowadays, it is common

want your trip to be a success. Even though

knowledge that there are no countries which are

total safety is unattainable, there is still

inherently “safe”, and even the ones we are familiar

plenty of basic precautions that will mitigate

with require us to be vigilant.

risks all-around.

Page 57 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Country Risk Information Your first step should be to check out the government’s sites to collect all the necessary intelligence about the main risks of the country where you are going to. I suggest to do so a few months in advance. http:// english.html Page 58 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

There are also companies which specialize in country-risk assessment and that can help you in the event of medical emergencies, repatriation under exceptional circumstances or in the most extreme cases, such as natural disasters, armed conflicts, or criminal acts. One of the most reputable companies, and also one of my favorites, is

I suggest to make arrangements with them, or another trustworthy entity, to Subscription link

ensure your safety or that of your employees during trips.

For starters, bring with you your habitual medical prescriptions and those to

My Bag of Tricks When abroad, every time you are in need of something that you don’t carry with you, you will automatically have a new problem at hand to solve, and the solution might be more complicated that you had ever imagined. That’s why I have in my baggage a comprehensive list of items of the wise trav-

overcome common travel -related health problems, but make sure also that there aren’t


Page 59 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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August Advance for Ladies “RELATIONSHIPS: CAN THEY WORK?” Join Dr. Young and dynamic workshop speakers for a two-day RETREAT for LADIES at Marriott Desert Springs, August 28, 29, and 30. You will have the opportunity for self-reflection, learning, laughter, inspiration and relaxation. CASUAL ATTIRE. Topics in the workshops include: What is MY romance language?,* Internet Dating – Is it for me? * Successful Relationships: Myth or Reality? * How to make a Relationship Stick? Page 60 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link

* Is your significant other entitled to your social media passwords in a committed relationship? * Is Faithful Really Hard? * Is arguing a natural part of every relationship? * Why you never moved on from your Ex? * Nine men to avoid and why?

Reflect and refine your path to more successful relationships and personal success. It’s your time! Take Time for YOU! Come and bring a sister friend. Spaces available for only 40 participants. Online Registration is available at!transformation-empowerment-advance/c1woh Page 61 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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any bans both on exportation from your departure point and importation at your destination. It is advisable to put them in your handbaggage. Before leaving purchasing excellent medical insurance coverage is a must. Be advised that in several countries health facilities are in terri-

Spectrum Action | Antidiarrhoeals | Lactic | Men-

ble shape.

strual Pain Relievers | Antihistaminics in Pills | Anti-

When that’s the case I prefer not to use hospitals

histaminic Eye Drops | Antispasmodic | Aspirin or

and clinics where I know conditions are unaccept-

Paracetamol | Allergic Dermatoses | Melatonin for

able, thus risking to make a bad situation worse.

Jet Lag |

The insurance will make it possible for you to go back home quickly, but be careful since some of

| Spare Glasses | Gel Hand Sanitizer | Hot and

them cover medical expenses only at your destina-

Cold Patches | Patches | Net Tubular elastic | Ban-

tion and not in your home country.

dages | Disinfectant | Cotton | Hemostatic Cotton | Sterile Gloves | Syringes | Thermometer without

Drugs and Medical Devices

any mercury |

Antacids | Air / Sea Sickness Pills | Foot-and-


Mouth Disease| Antiemetics | Antinauseants | Anti-

- Passport and Passport Copies

biotics for: Cystitis, Gastrointestinal Infections,

- Driver License

Lung Infections, Eye Infections and Wide Page 62 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The "Sleeping Sheets Bag" deserve a mention of its own. Unfortunately, I often found myself sleeping in 5-star hotels in particular countries where the sheets had not been changed. Since you will have to sleep somewhere in the room, and if even the sheets are dirty you can only imagine about the rest, your only salvation will be this (check if you need the international format) - Vaccinations Record and Travel Insurance - 4 Passport Photos (check which type is commonly used in the country of destination) - Phone Numbers of: Consulate, Embassy including numbers those active during public holidays (note: they may differ from those for working days) - Phone Numbers of: Local Police, Ambulance Service ď Ź

Phone Number of Local Office of your Airline

Miscellaneous | Plug Adapters | Maps | Spare Mobile (possibly with GPS) | Small Video Camera (if needed) | Watch (cheap model) | A Pair of Comfortable Closed Shoes Page 63 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

beautifully simple and portable invention. Put it in your suitcase, and if you are off to a counlaria or dengue risk

try where mais present

then don't forget to take also a mosquito net for bed with you.

Last but not Least Make a copy of all your documents and credit cards before you leave, they can turn out to be handy in case of loss or theft. Alert your bank of your departure so not to witness your credit card stop working all of a sudden. Subscription link

When in Rome Do As the Romans Do The first rule when traveling is to respect the local culture and laws. You are no longer at home and you must adapt to the rules of the country you are a guest of if you care about avoiding troubles. I recommend, if possible, to dress in a moderate way and to behave discreetly if you do not want to attract unwanted attention. The less you'll look like a foreigner, the safer you will be. Do not flaunt your gadgets and your accessories, avoid being flashy and it's probably a good idea to strain away from sensitive topics like religion and politics in discussions. Educating yourself about the local etiquette is a good idea. There may be gestures and actions that appear totally inno-

making purchases of products that may be illegal

cent to you, but that may be highly negative in the

during your return trip. On site, it is sometimes

local culture. You will want to make sure that your

dangerous to rent and drive a car alone. On the

listeners won’t misunderstand your message, or

other hand it also risky to rely completely on a

worse mistake it for an insult.

local guide in certain situations. Before leaving try

As for local laws, never give it for granted that

to plan for the best solution. Remember that in

what is legal in your home country is also auto-

some countries public transports are not always

matically legal in the area of your destination. Of

suitable for foreigners, both for the risk of pick-

course, it is not possible to study the legal books

pockets and sometimes just because the vehicles

of each country you visit, or to have lawyers

are not maintained properly. Lastly, since it’s im-

available when needed. Therefore, my advise is

possible to write everything in one article, I can

to be cautious and to make sure that everything

only advise you to use your common sense, not

that you bring with you is legal in the countries of

to give confidence to anyone and not to assume

transit and destination. Inform yourself before

that your native culture is superior.

Page 64 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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market, because after all "Two is better than One". Personally, I prefer one device that blocks the door lock and another that triggers an alarm if someone tries to force the entry. Beware of windows, if possible do not make reservations in hotels where there is no air conditioning



have to leave the window open. Keep the windows of your room always locked,

Hotels Aren’t Always Friendly If you haven’t already noticed, hotels are not the same quality across the world even when they have the same stars rating, this is due to the fact that the standards for certification are not uniform from place to place. So if you feel safe in hotel rooms in your own country, that doesn't mean that you will be safe in hotel rooms abroad. Firstly, as soon as you will be assigned a room check to see if it is clean and secure. Do not rely on door locks, rather you should buy one or possibly two portable lock systems among those currently on the Page 65 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

even if you are on the upper floors. Do not forget that in addition to human beings there are dangerous animals, and many of those have no problems to climb even skyscrapers. If possible, do not leave any valuables in the room, but try to bring everything with you. Putting them in your closed suitcases is a mild deterrent. If you have to bring a video camera then it’s best to purchase a small one, there are excellent models of the size of a cell phone. If you have your computer with you and you are Subscription link

forced to leave it in the room, bring a laptop secu-

that at your departure your wardrobe is well-

rity cable and bind it around the toilet bowl. I do not

organized for all your valuables to be comfortably

guarantee 100% it will still be there on your return,

on you at all times. Make also sure to make

it will depend on the country where you are, but it is

things as difficult as possible for pickpockets, who

the only system that guarantees a minimum of se-

are just looking for any small weakness. So I rec-


ommend using bags with double security system, and not putting valuables into open or easy-to-

I imagine you're wondering why we haven’t spoken

open pockets. Try to always wear clothes with

yet of the “legendary safes” provided in many ho-

inner pockets to put your precious passport,

tels, even of higher categories. I’ll be very blunt

credit cards, money, and return ticket.Here it is a

about it, in most hotels one of the acquisitions that

site where you can find useful items for your

some in the staff try to get their hands on is a copy

safety during travels and when staying at the ho-

of the passepartout of the safes. If you report to the


management that you were robbed of your belong-


ings you had left in the safe, but that it was not cracked or damaged, you'll have the additional bur-


den to give evidence of the theft. Do not waste time

There’s no need to prove to yourself and to the

on thinking about the hotel insurance, because, as

world that you are generous when you are travel-

you may have already imagined by now, I have

ing, and in all fairness I do not recommend that at

more bad news about that. Even though every

all. In many places in the world the numbers of

country has different rules for this situation, in most

the poor on the streets have risen enormously.

places of the world the law doesn't

Many foreign visitors also feel compelled to be


hotels to subscribe an insurance for their clients.

"more" generous when abroad. DON’T GIVE SOMEONE MONEY DIRECTLY. Do not give them anything, even a candy or a cookie to




children. There

make so

Page 66 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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might very well be your life at stakes. You can still be generous with the poor who are in need. If you really seek to help them there, then look for a church or an orphanage and make a donation. Your conscience will be well and the money will be spent as you hoped without risk for you.

Do not try to be a hero, the only thing that really matters is your safety, everything can be replaced except a life. Even if you can fight or you have a weapon to defend yourself, you must do everything not to put yourself in the situation of having to take extreme measures. A stitch in

Daniel Djouder He is a Multilingual Economic and Geopolitical Analyst who works as team-member for Anna Corsaro’s Consultant Group. He holds an MA in Law and Economics with honors, an MA in International Relations and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence. He writes articles for Geopolitical Monitor Intelligence Corp., The Daily Journalist, and Forbes. Keep in touch with Daniel: Email: LinkedIn: Daniel Djouder Twitter: @DanielDjouder

time saves nine.

Anna Corsaro She is a Multilingual Senior Crisis and Homeland Security Advisor, with several years at the service of Governments and Corporations. Her Consultant Group and she provide Advice and Training in:Crisis Prevention | Intelligence Analysis | Counter-Espionage | Counter-Terrorism | Criminal Organizations | Man-Made Disasters | Corporate Crime | Union Strike and Negotiation | Crisis Communication | Crisis of Malevolence | Post-Conflict Recovery | Seminars | Workshops | Conference | Keynote Speeches Keep in touch with Anna: E-mail: LinkedIn: AnnaCorsaro Twitter: @AnnaCorsaroAdv

Page 67 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The Most Powerful Voice. Is the one in your own head. Subscribe to E Magazine Today Feed Your Dreams Subscription link

Page 68 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If Your Online Presence Isn’t Working For You, It’s Working Against You Here’s How

To be successful online you need to know the Internet is the greatest marketing tool of all time but the industry is filled with wrong data, confusing steps, and hype that mislead what you should be doing for your business to attract more leads , get more clients and make more sales. Social Media has transformed the landscape, SEO is even more vital, and brand management is at a premium. Page 69 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

If your online presence isn't working for you, it’s working against you, One of the biggest changes

for a business was the loss of the Yellow Pages and the introduction of social media. Social media is a critical element to incorporate - but only if you have a plan. Random posting about your cat or favorite coffee joint is not productive use of your time. Subscription link

1. Build a relationship 2. Push your followers into your funnel by driving them to your landing page Sell them something (only rarely though) Then you need to understand which social media platforms you need to be on, as hundreds are cropping up every month, what you should be doing on them and then branding yourself consistently across each of them. There are 4 I focus on: 1. Linkedin 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Google+

Linkedin: If you are in a profession at all, you need to be on Linkedin. Currently I have over 11,000 followers here, and they are incredibly responsive. There are tons of benefits to Linkedin - but the two that people may not be aware of is there are specific groups you can join that can make you money. For example, I have gotten many speaking engagements from there by being part of groups such as Need a Speaker. Groups exists for almost every niche, field, product or service. The second benefit is there is often research in there by an organization or group that you can use for your own target marketing. For example carpet cleaners have a group up there that assists people in that industry to understand what is happening, and what they need to focus on. Social media is different than other online marketing activities because the purpose of it is to engage an audience - not necessarily sell to them. That comes later when you create a community of people that know you, like you, trust from you and ultimately buy from you.

Page 70 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Facebook: This is the platform for relationship building. It’s structure makes it easy to connect, engage, participate, and follow a conversation. You can create personal pages, groups, a company site, and where I spend most of my time is in my private Facebook group for upper level clients. It’s a great way to remain accessible, and connected to your followers.

Twitter: The other way I use social media is to drive traffic to my landing pages, so that I fill my own funnel. You have to remember that a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, any followers you have, aren’t yours so you need to get them in your own database. If Twitter wanted to close your account today, they could. So if you became dependent just on those for leads or your marketing, it is a fragile structure. It’s like building your house out of straw. Twitter is a tool that asks one question - What Are You Doing? and you answer that and anything else in 140 characters or less. I am not sure is serving much purpose unless you are a celebrity, however I use it to drive traffic/subscribers to a landing page. It is how I list build. I have never seen a greater or faster way to specifically locate and target your audience for free, engage them, and pull them into your own funnel - which is why it can’t be ignored as a business practice. Subscription link

Google+ Google+ is a relative newcomer to the game of social media but with a name like Google it doesn’t take much to change the game. They have combined the power of other platforms, and created an environment that is ideal for businesses. Make sure you add this to your portfolio and get familiar with these features:

Circles: one of Google Plus's key innova-

tions, allowing you to separate your customers and suppliers into different groups, which is perfect if you market to multiple niches.

Ripples: a cutting edge analytical tool that helps you understand how your business is being viewed by your customers and potential customers.

Hangouts: the teleconferencing facility allowing you to hold meetings, meet with customers and even host online seminars.

Translate: this is the world wide web. So, if you've limited yourself to English so far, here's an instant way to widen your reach - massively. Research each of these - and I'm sure there is a YouTube video demonstrating the power of what these are - the key is you need to start familiarizing and using these now. But the big difference and the real why you need Google+ is it’s the only social media platform that indexes your post to Google, giving you the SEO power you want for free. With its plan for internet domination, and with $200 billion in it’s pockets, it will probably succeed and you want to be at the forefront of this wave.

Page 71 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

About: Tracy Repchuk, is a 5-Time International Bestselling Author and Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist and speaker. As an award-winning entrepreneur since the age of 19 with over 30 years of business, internet, SEO, and marketing background she has helped thousands of clients get their message online fast and effectively. In addition she has appeared as a technology specialist in National TV segments with ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, HGTV San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, CNBC, Report on Business TV, Vegas Inc, USA Today, Forbes, MSN, and over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, 3 motivational movies, plus hundreds of speaking appearances in over 35 countries. Get Tracy's ebook Instant Online Impact How Your Brand, Websites and Social Media Work Together for free at: Subscription link

Creativity Brightens The Spirit By Bruce Wiseman

Listen to Bach or the lyrics of Lennon and McCartney; watch Meryl Steep in The Devil Wears Prada, Michael Jackson moon-walk or Baryshnikov soar; read a great novel or write one. What a joy. I love good books, am a voracious reader and never more jazzed than when I am writing a novel – how does my private eye protagonist bring the evil bastard to justice while the love of his life isn’t aware that the guy she is working with is trying to jump her bones?

I have another passion that could more accurately be classified as a fetish: I am a ceaseless observer of advertising and marketing campaigns – print ads, radio and television commercials, websites, marketing pieces, packaging and PR offerings. I relish great ad campaigns. They make me smile. Drives me crazy to see corporations spend millions on production and advertising costs for sophomoric commercials that appeal only to the drug addled minds of college freshman.

Somehow he’ll work it out.

Page 72 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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An advertisement, in whatever form, should deliver a communication that prompts a reach for the advertiser’s products or services. Those of you who read these articles know that I have long held that the 2011 Eminem Chrysler Super Bowl commercial is the best commercial of all time.

to stumble onto a great ad last night. A real piece of creativity.

But I happened

The dialogue is fresh and clever. The story line is marvelously original. The branding is subtle but impactful. Give it a watch. It’s not short but I was intrigued from the start to finish. And the setting…well you’ll see. What did you think? Drop me a line and let me know at And if you need a professional eye on your advertising marketing materials or your website, we are but a mouse click away. Best, Bruce Bruce Wiseman, President & CEO On Target Research We live, as you know better than most, in a world where information is the rising currency of value. Your information, provided by solid, yet unique and innovative research technologies, thus becomes great wealth. C. Jackson Bain, President Bain and Associates, Inc. Copyright © 2014 Concentric Order, All rights reserved. Subscription link

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 73

A MacKenzie MacKenzie--Childs Summer Page 74 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link Page 75 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A MacKenzie MacKenzie--Childs Summer Page 76 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link Page 77 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 78 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Support the American Heart Association

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 79

Special Thanks To Gillian Larson, and the Reality Rally Chefs For Event Tickets and More information Visit

Page 80 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Chef Ron Duprat Features Haitian Recipes for Summer on The View

Ingredients    

  

 

 

2 cups of black mushrooms water as needed 1 cup of oil 1 (14 oz.) bag of fresh lima beans 1/2 tsp of rosemary 1/2 tsp of black pepper 2 Maggi® chicken bouillon cubes 1 tsp of parseley 1 tsp of Adobo® seasoning salt 1 tablespoon of garlic powder 6 cups of rice

Watch Chef Ron cook this Live!

Description In a large pot, add water and dried mushrooms. Bring to a rolling boil, then let cool for a few minutes. Pour the liquid into a separate bowl using a strainer lined with a cheesecloth or paper towel. (This method is to remove any excess particles.) Discard the mushrooms. Reserve the liquid. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Combine the beans, spices, and seasonings. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Pour in the reserved liquid and rice over high heat, uncovered. Add butter and stir occasionally until water has evaporated. Cover over low heat for 30 mins.

Page 81 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Del Dotto Vineyards A Family Dynasty

About Del Dotto Vineyards Located in historic Napa Valley, Del Dotto Vineyards in St. Helena, is a family-owned winery which has been making estate grown, cave-aged, premium Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast wines for 20 years. Founder Dave Del Dotto is joined in the running of the winery by wife Yolanda, daughter Desiree and son Giovanni. Del Dotto Vineyards’ two properties are the Napa Historic Winery & Cave on Atlas Peak in Napa and the Venetian Estate on Highway 29 in St. Helena. The Venetian Estate opened in 2007 and hosts barrel tastings in the caves and food and wine pairing experiences for the public and wine club members.

The Napa Historic Winery & Cave offers hosts barrel tastings in the caves for the public and wine club members. In 1885, Chinese laborers dug a 350-foot wine cave, using only picks and shovels. This hand-dug cave and winery was one of the first wineries to appear in the Napa Valley, and is currently one of only six still in existence. In 1997, Dave and Yolanda Del Dotto restored the original winery, and continue to age their red wines in the caves.

Del Dotto Wines

The Del Dotto winemaking talents are Gerard Zanzonico, winemaker for an array of 96-100 point Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvingnons, and Robbie Meyer, the for the Coast Wines. Page 82 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive consulting winemaker Subscription link Sonoma

The winery team oversees Del Dotto estate vineyards in some of the top American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) including Rutherford, Oakville, St. Helena, Pritchard Hill, Howell Mountain, and Sonoma Coast. Vintner Dave Del Dotto spent 20 years to find and acquire the ideal sites to cultivate each individually selected grape clones and to maximize the terroir flavors in the wine. Del Dotto Vineyards owns 437 acres with 121 acres planted with varietals including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Sangiovese. Each vineyard is organically farmed and meticulously tended by hand in order to maintain the quality of crop. Page 83 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The Del Dotto Family Executive Team Subscription link

Del Dotto Vineyards Taste Something New While Experiencing Something Old

Executive Chef Joshua Schwartz leads the culinary program, and is inspired by the 5-acre culinary garden on the property. Schwartz has been Del Dotto’s Executive Chef for seven years, and is an alumnus of The French Laundry, Per Se and Bouley. Find him on Instagram at BeardedWarrior.

The Setting The Estate winery celebrates classical Italian architecture and was built in honor of the family’s Venetian roots, which traces back to 1150 Venice. The elegant underground tasting room features a glass ceiling spreading natural light throughout, and was built by Italian master craftsmen. 84 Stunning Florentine Page E The Magazine forMedici Today’smarble FemaleisExecutive

set throughout, complemented by hand-painted goldinlaid ceilings and mosaic tiles depicting the history of wine. Adjoining the tasting room is the estates’ wine barrel cave, with 300 year old terracotta tile ceilings, and 130 year old cut Varreggio marble walls, and a collection of imported Venetian Murano glass chandeliers which were hand assembled on site. A highlight for food lovers is the artisan salumi aging room with a signature boars head at the entrance.

Social Media Links:

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Del Dotto Winery and Tasting Rooms Venetian Estate and Caves, 1445 St. Helena Hwy South, St. Helena, CA 94574 Tasting appointments may be made online ( DelDottoVineyards. com) or by calling (707) 963-2134. Hours: The winery is open 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm, every day of the year Page 85 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Visit The Getty...

Page 86 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 87

Laurie Forster

The Wine Coach Cool Wines for the Hot Weather Cookouts are one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Casual get-togethers with close friends that start in the afternoon and end whenever the mosquitoes become intolerable are part of the summer tradition. These gatherings may not require elaborate plans but pairing wines with the standard cookout fare can be a challenge. Ranging from burgers to cucumber salad and anything in between, it is difficult to find one wine that goes with a little bit of everything. The good news? There are some delicious (and affordable) wines that will taste great with the traditional backyard menu. Sweltering hot weather seems to make cold carbonated beverages even more satisfying. Rather than grabbing a diet soda or an icy cold brew consider having a sparkling wine on hand. One of my absolute favorite affordable

Named after the underground caves where these wines are produced, Cava is a blend of three native grapes: Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo. Cava has been made since the 1800s, using the same tried and true process developed in Champagne, France. Sparkling Cava is typically dry and crisp with flavors of apple, pear and citrus and a touch of earthiness. The crisp acidity and palate cleansing bubbles make Cava a great pairing for seafood, especially clams, mussels and a variety of fish.

bubblies is Spanish Cava. Page 88 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Another one of my “go to” wines in the summer is Spanish Albariño which originates in Galicia, a region on the northwest coast of Spain. The specific region best known for quality Albariño is Rias-Baixas. Galicia, settled by descendents of the Celts, resembles Ireland more than Spain. Much of Spain is hot and dry; in contrast Galicia is lush and green. The wet conditions can be a challenge for wine makers but their persistence has paid off. Albariño is now the darling of sommeliers around the country for its ability to match well with a variety of dishes. Classic pairings include summertime favorites like steamed mussels, shrimp, scallops and lobster. Spicy dishes like paella, Cajun spices or sausage pizza also match nicely with this wine. What can you expect when you taste an Albariño? This medium bodied white has aromas of peach, apricot and orange blossom that are balanced by food friendly acidity. Even though we instinctively gravitate toward whites, there are times when we still want the comfort of a red. Lightly chilled fruity reds like Beaujolais are always an option, but if you want something bigger I suggest a Malbec. Argentina has made Malbec a star. While its’ supporting role in Bordeaux has a long history, it became somewhat lost in the blend. Made as a single varietal and grown in the warm sunny climate of Argentina, Malbec has flourished. Full bodied and rich, these reds have aromas of plums, cherry, blackberry and a hint of dried flowers. Argentinean Malbec has a firm tannic finish that is a perfect match for heartier summer foods like grilled burgers, steaks or other red meat barbeque fare. So go ahead, enjoy the dog days of summer with a backyard barbeque and some of these suggestions. Grill the burgers. Subscription link

Invite your neighbors. As things heat up in the summer sun, you may break a sweat, but it won’t be from trying to find the perfect wines for your cookout! So,

stock up on these wines for your next party or long weekend at the beach:

Mont Marçal Brut Reserva, Spain: Cava and Champagne have many things in common. They are both a blend of three grape varieties and both use the traditional Méthode Champenoise to create their bubbles. Basically that mean the bubbles are created in the bottle using an age old process rather than in a tank like Prosecco. Cava (literally translated as “cave”) comes from the Penedès region of northeastern Spain. Costing only a fraction of what most French Champagnes sell for, this is one sparkler you won’t feel guilty uncorking at any cookout.

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 89

Pazo de Senorans Albariño, Rias-Baixas, Spain If there were a Grand Cru designation for Albariño, the wines of Pazo de Senorans would be on the list. Marisol Bueno not only won Pazo de Senorans, but she also helped Rias-Baixas achieve recognition as one of the top wine regions in Spain. This is a serious Albariño with a richness that is full of peach, apricot with a sense of minerality. Classically crisp, this wine is a perfect partner for treats from the sea. Shuck some oysters, grill some shrimp and prepare yourself for an amazing experience! Page 90 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Terrazas de los Andes Malbec Reserva, Mendoza, Argentina Deep in color, this Malbec is brimming with fruit flavors of cherry, plums and violets with hints of vanilla. Full bodied, with structured tannins, this is a meat eater’s red. Terrazas is a subsidiary of Moët Chandon, one of the most famous producers of Champagne. In the fifties they sent one of their winemakers to scout the area of Mendoza—he was immediately impressed. Recognizing the potential of the area, Moët Chandon decided to create the first subsidiary vineyards ever outside of France in Mendoza. This Malbec shows what can happen when you blend a perfect climate with a wealth of winemaking history.

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Laurie Forster

The Sipping Point

The Wine Coach is one of the country’s leading wine experts whose mission is to demystify wine one glass at a time. The queen of wine edutainment, she is also the author of the award-winning book, The Sipping Point and a regular guest on TV and radio shows across the country. Laurie’s specialty is delivering unique corporate keynotes, teambuilding events and group tasting seminars for corporate leaders such as MetLife, LG, Microsoft and the US Chamber of Commerce. Laurie’s radio show The Sipping Point can be heard every week on WBAL or in her free App The Wine Coach which was rated one of the Top 8 Wine Apps by Wine Enthusiast magazine. She partners with her better half Chef Michael Forster to create The Wine Coach Club.

For FREE secrets to make wine easy and FUN!: sommeliersecrets.html Join The Wine Coach® Wine Club:

With over 125 pages of wine essentials along with stunning photos, The Sipping Point is the perfect book for you or any wine lover on your list!

WATCH as Laurie talks to Dr. Oz

discussing the best wines to enjoy or avoid depending on your health ailments. Got allergies, headaches or want to lose weight--

Watch here:


Laurie for your next corporate, client or fundraising event! More Info:

Laurie was Just on Fox News WATCH

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 91

How Approachable Are You? Take the dating Quiz By Suzanne Casamento Sometimes your biggest manblocker is YOU. Answer the following questions to find out how approachable you are: 1. You're meeting someone at a local coffee shop. You arrive on time and the person you're meeting is not there yet. You: a. Curse under your breath. Then you sit at a table andmake good use of your time by returning some calls. b. Text the person you're supposed to meet and ask for an ETA. Then you stand by the door, where you have a view of the parking lot, and check your emails on your phone. c. Take a moment to relax, order a coffee, sit on the patio, and do some people watching. . 2. At the supermarket, a man asks you if you know how to prepare broccolini. You: a. Tell him you're in a rush and that he should Google it. b. Shrug and suggest he ask the person who works in the produce department. Page 92 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link


Laugh, tell him you didn't even know such a thing exists, and ask him to point it out. 3. You're in a rush. You need to pick up your suit for a morning meeting and the line at the dry cleaners is 10 deep. You: a. Ask the person in front of you how long they've been waiting. Then you yell, "Why don't you have more people working here?" b. Think it figures - you're already late. Of course something else had to happen. You cross your arms and wait. c. Take a deep breath, smile at the guy next to you, and ask, "So, how's your day been?"

Page 93 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Answers on next page Subscription link

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The Dating Quiz Solutions: If you answered all A's, you might want to ease up on your A game. Yes, you're busy, and your time is important, but so are relationships. And if you keep up the curt vibe, you may not have any left. If you scored all B's, check your energy. Remember, like attracts like. Sending out positive vibes will attract positive people. If you scored all C's, you've got some good vibrations! Your friendly, easy energy will attract friendly people. Keep it up! Page 94 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Subscription link

Magic!- “RUDE” Parody-corporate Version

Page 95 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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An Enchanting Mystery became a Riddle that could never be spoken ...only tasted

Page 96 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 97 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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About Schramsberg Schramsberg Vineyards is America’s House of Sparkling Wine. Producing world-class sparkling wine since 1965, Schramsberg Vineyards sources from over 115 diverse cool-climate vineyards from across 120 miles of coastline. This vineyard variety provides Schramsberg with the perfect Page 98 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

balance of fruitful aromas and flavors, along with a delightful crisp acid backbone, all of which is required to produce these stunning sparkling wines. Crafted under the time-tested Méthode Traditionnelle process, with each bottle going through

secondary fermentation within Schramsberg’s historic caves, each bottle of sparkling wine produced is a testament to the quality and dedication that has come to be Subscription link

The Wines: Schramsberg uses the Méthode Traditionnelle technique to create its nine distributed sparkling wines: the signature vintage dated Reserve, J. Schram and J. Schram Rosé; the classic vintage dated Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Brut Rosé and Crémant; and the multi-vintage Mirabelle and Mirabelle Rosé. Since the 2001 vintage, the winery also produces the J. Davies Cabernet Sauvignon, made exclusively from grapes grown in the Schramsberg estate vineyards on Diamond Mountain.

Focused on quality: Producing just 60,000 cases annually, Schramsberg Vineyards is focused on the finest and most complex handcrafted sparkling wines in California. Schramsberg’s premium wines are crafted in very limited quantities: an average of 1,500 cases of J. Schram and 1,000 cases of Schramsberg Reserve are made each year. Rivaling the best of Champagne, Schramsberg wines are clear favorites amongst wine professionals in blind tastings conducted annually.

Handcrafted: Most of Schramsberg’s viticultural and winemaking practices are carried out by hand: grapes are hand-harvested, the wines are handcrafted, the bottles are stacked and riddled in underground caves. The J. Schram, Schramsberg's top Chardonnay offering is even hand-labeled.

Cool climate diversity: expected by sparkling wine lovers. Located on Diamond Mountain in the famous Napa Valley, the winery’s history dates back to its founding in 1862. Founded by Jacob Schram, Schramsberg is the second oldest bonded winery in Napa, and is home to the oldest hillside vineyards and oldest hand-dug wine caves in Napa. Restored by Jack & Jamie Davies in 1965, the winery has never looked back as it defined itself as a true American icon. Page 99 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Schramsberg Vineyards blends Pinot Noir and Chardonnay harvested from a broad array of cool-climate vineyard sources, including NapaCarneros, Sonoma-Carneros, Anderson Valley, Sonoma Coast and the Marin Coastal area. The winemakers draw from over 90 individual vineyards to create over 200 base wines each year. These wines are then used to create Schramsberg’s distinctive sparkling wines. Subscription link

2006 J.Schram From the inception of Schramsberg’s efforts in 1965, the winery has sought to achieve the greatest elegance and individuality possible in our sparkling wines. J. Schram epitomizes Schramsberg’s philosophy to create a wine in which no effort has been spared and no care has been omitted. Representing only 3% of the winery’s annual production, the Chardonnayfocused J. Schram blend is assembled from the very best base wine lots of the approximately 250 produced each year. This special bottlingis dedicated to Schramsberg’s founder, Jacob Schram, and has been a great success since its premier 1987 vintage was released in 1992.Cluster samples from over 100 cool-climate vineyard sources are pulled several times before the optimal pick date for each block is selected. Complexity within the wine is gained through both oak barrel and stainless steel tank fermentation. Additional layers are provided through small lots that undergo malolactic fermentation, enriching aromas and

Page 100 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

infusing creaminess on the palate. Our J. Schram is aged for over six years on the yeast in Schramsberg’s historic Diamond Mountain caves; each bottle is then riddled by hand, and finished with an exceptional brut dosage. J. Schram is quite appealing on its own as an apéritif or enjoyed with fresh shellfish, caviar on toast point, smoked salmon, tangy and sharp cheeses, seafood brochettes, cedar-planked lobster, mesquite-grilled quail, or Serrano ham & porcini risotto.

2012 Blanc De Blancs Blanc de Blancs (white from white), made from Chardonnay, is the counterpart to the Blanc de Noirs (white from black), made from Pinot Noir. Blanc de Blancs was the first wine Schramsberg produced in 1965 and was America’s first commercially produced Chardonnay-based brut sparkling wine. Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs gained international recognition in 1972 when then President Nixon served the wine at the historic “Toast to Peace” in Beijing, China.The Schramsberg style of Blanc de Blancs is dry and crisp. Small lots of Subscription link

malolactic- and barrel-fermented wines are added for complexity. The wine is aged on the yeast lees in the bottle for two years prior to disgorgement. With its vibrant, fruitful and crisp nature, this sparkling wine will maintain its freshness, structure and refined finish for many years, even decades following its initial release. While this wine can be enjoyed by itself as an apéritif, it is also perfect with fresh oysters and other shellfish, crab cakes, ceviche and grilled sea bass. It is also delicious with lemon chicken and Thai curries. Serve with aged Gouda or other hard cheeses, and as a counterpoint to soft triple creams.

Location 1400 Schramsberg Road, Calistoga, CA 94515 Phone: Visitor’s Center: 707-942-4558

Phone Business Office: 707-942-6668 Fax: 707-942-5943

E-mail: Website:

Tasting Notes “The 2012 Blanc de Blancs has bright and fresh aromas of grapefruit, lime, green apple and white apricot. The fragrance of fruit is complemented with hints of yeast, white flowers, spicy ginger and fresh honeycomb. The lime, tangerine and pear flavors are tart and refreshing on entry. The palate is crisp with long lingering acidity.” – Winemakers Keith Hock and Hugh Davies Page 101 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Food Franchising and Fun For The Summer! Written by: David Goodman Founder of Franchise Biz Consulting, LLC *

Welcome to Franchise Forum. July is upon us! Happy 4th of July. I don’t know what this month conjures up in your mind’s eye but to me many wonderful things flood into my psyche. Things such as fireworks, fun, hot-dogs and mustard, barbecues, charred on the outside and moist on the inside porterhouse steaks, chicken with gobs of barbeque sauce, corn on the cob, marsh mellows melted between a stick of Hershey Bars and then sandwiched between Honey Gram Crackers! Actually, I could fill another 500 words to this paragraph but I believe you, my readers, have received the message. July is the month that really kicks off summer and the main ingredient of having fun in July is cooking outdoors and enjoying eating all that FOOD!

Invest In A Consumable Franchise.

Food is the theme of this month’s list of three best franchises. The one thing that I love about food and beverage franchises is that they fall into that moneymaking category called consumables. What is a consumable one might ask? A consumable is a produce that once used, it is gone. And the only way to, again, capture that product or service is to purchase it again. There are other categories of products or services that, in your quest to find the best matched franchise for you, a person may wish to evaluate. Convenience products like house hold cleaning items and personal cleansing products; Or, Shopping products such as clothing, electronic and personal services;

Page 104 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Specialty products such as luxury vehicles, expensive liquid libation products and products used by celebrities; Emergency products like, fire prevention extinguishers, smoke detectors and flashlights. Lastly there are the Unsought products, like the impulse purchasing items we just cannot do without until you buy it and take it home. Then you say, “Why did I ever think that I wanted that in my house?” Those are the items that invariably end up in the garage sales throughout America! So, when looking for a franchise one strong component to your quest for finding the perfect franchise, is to be cognizant of the best category for you.

I like Food! Once again, I like food. Well of course I like food, we all do. However, in this context I mean category of product sold… and food is the King and Queen of consumable products. Why one might ask? In Economics 101, we are taught the three basics of life, food, clothing, and shelter. In actuality, through my 68 years of

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life on this blue marble we call Earth, I have found a number of additional necessities: Such as, a vacation twice a year, and a car with air-conditioning, fruit trees in the yard, country club membership, etc. For the kids, horseback riding lessons, dance lessons, overnight camp, their own ipad, etc. The list is actually endless. However, for the sake of sanity let’s just go with, food, clothing and shelter. Why food is the monarch of the three? Food is the only component of the three that needs to be ingested. In addition it needs to be consumed over and over again. According to most schools of thought, well portioned meals, 3 times a day is the standard. However, I have found that 5 or 6 well portioned meals seem to be my comfortable quota. (I am still a growing boy!) Be that as it may, if you have a business that revolves around food which is delicious, with adequate portions, varied selection and priced correctly, you have an inherently good percentage opportunity of being successful. That is what franchises do. They have taken the guess work out of the business. Just follow the system and your odds of being successful are generously enhanced.

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 105

Who Doesn’t Like Pizza? The first selection for July is a pizza franchise. This one is special:

Kono Pizza is an entirely new way to make and enjoy authentic Italian pizza, in a delicious single serve cone shaped pizza dough. Cones are assembled with high quality ingredients, including authentic Italian tomato sauce, meats, and cheeses then heated in front of the customer in only 3 minutes. Meeting customer demands for portability, customization, authenticity of product, and fast service. They offer a flexible store model: carts, kiosks, inline stores to adapt to any environment. The next is coffee, soft drinks and smoothies. This is the real thing. What could be better that a cool and festive drink to quench one’s thirst on a hot July summer day?

franchise “Ohana,” or family. Maui Wowi Hawaiian is the only franchise that offers authentic, natural Hawaiian products, fresh-fruit smoothies, blended Hawaiian coffee beverages, and genuine Hawaiian lifestyle merchandise. We celebrate our Aloha Spirit by embracing the values of family, harmony, balanced living and abiding by the principles of sustainable living.


Maui Wowi Fresh Fruit Blends Founded in 1982, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has experienced impressive growth to include nearly 450 franchised units in our worldwide Page 106 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

#83 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Low Cost Franchise (2012) Included in Top 500 Franchises in America by Entrepreneur Magazine (2013) #3 by Denver Business Journal that ranked Colorado Based Franchisors (2012) Military Friendly Franchise by G.I. Jobs Magazine (2012) Member of: International Franchise Association, SBA, and Vet Fran Featured on CNN, Bloomberg TV, Fortune Business News, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Nations' Restaurant News, and many others! I always save the best for last. My personal favorite from the stand point of enjoyment of product and the smartest type of investment regarding profits and life style:

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Ultimate Business Opportunity… Absolutely No Investment Required!! Menchies Frozen Yogurt Menchie’s creates lasting memories through its mission statement to make every guest smile. Whether you’re a kid, or a kid at heart, Menchie’s stores provide an unparalleled experience that is warm, welcoming, tasty and fun. Guests enjoy interactive elements such as chalkboards for kids, party rooms, music, arts & crafts, and relaxing indoor/ outdoor seating areas to gather with family and friends. Under its own proprietary frozen yogurt label made with the highest-quality ingredients, Menchie’s guests create their own unique mix masterpiece from over 100 rotating yogurt flavors (such as cake batter, cookies n’ cream and pomegranate raspberry tart), and 70 rotating toppings (such as fresh fruits, hot fudges, candies and granola). Menchie’s offers nonfat, gluten -free, vegan, dairy-free, no sugar added, kosher and low carb swirl options. Subscription link

Of course there are some individuals who simply cannot even put together 10 K to get their business aspirations off the ground. And to those individuals or anyone looking to supplement their income, I have a special bonus program specifically designed for all my “E” magazine readers. I will personally send you a check for up to $2,000 for anyone who sends me contact information (name, address, phone number and email address) of anyone who is interested in a franchise and through my efforts becomes a franchisee. Of course there are certain restrictions. Please call for further details. GOOD FRANCHISE HUNTING!

Franchise Biz Consulting, LLC Professionally Find A Fabulous Franchise...Free!

David Goodman Office 818 578 8706 Cell 856 287 0303 Email Address: Website: If you are truly serious about taking the control of your life out of the hands of others and finally seizing your own destiny, please call me.

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Support the Arts

Page 108 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 109

Page 110 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Imagining Something Better KIDS Innovating A Better Tomorrow By Diane Wagenbrenner

Page 111 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Alana is

conducting toxicity tests at her home in the Kern River Valley

Alana Tessman of the Kern River Valley is no stranger to oil spills. Alana lived in New Orleans during the BP Gulf oil spill disaster and saw first hand the devastating effects the oil had on the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), the marine life, as well as the surrounding communities. For the past two years she has been doing something about it. Last year Alana started testing a very specific type of biological agent used to clean up oil spills on bird feathers. An Enzyme Additive type of bioremediation, as it’s called by oil spill response scientists, she found it not only cleaned the oiled feathers but also the effluent, or waste water, produced by the cleaning process. Page 112 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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She compared the agent to Dawn Dish Soap -- the leading product used in the cleaning of oiled birds for the past 20 years. Surprisingly,

Alana found that the bioremediation agent not only cleaned the feathers more effectively, but it also had the ability to immediately reduce the toxic properties of the oil, making it safer for both the responders and the birds, and also caused the oil to lose its adhesive properties so that it lifts off the feathers, both within the first 5 to 30 minutes of application. This was a groundbreaking discovery in light of the fact that most oiled birds brought in for cleaning have to wait 12 to 24 hours in order to make sure they are stabilized and hydrated before undergoing the rigorous decontamination process. Alana knew that a bird's natural instinct is to preen and attempt to clean it's feathers, thus, during this waiting period, they’re likely to be ingesting the toxic oil and/or inhaling the poisonous hydrocarbon fumes. As careful as the trained personal are, some birds don't survive this critical period while those that do often suffer long term consequences. By applying the nontoxic Enzyme Additive bioremediation product immediately upon capturing the birds, the toxic and adhesive properties of the oil are greatly diminished thus protecting the birds during this critical time. This experiment proved that oiled birds could be quickly freed of the petroleum sludge more effectively and with far less stress, while at the same time not creating a toxic

Page 113 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

wastewater that would otherwise have to be dealt with as hazardous material. With less trauma, the birds would be able to be returned to the wild more quickly to take care of themselves.

Science fairs further set the stage for Alana's groundbreaking work After taking first place in the Kern County Science Fair, third in the California State Science Fair and finishing as a semi-finalist in the national BROADCOM MASTERS competition, Alana went on to develop a new protocol for cleaning oiled wildlife with this same agent. Not only would the animals benefit, the whole system of dealing with the toxic wastewater (it takes an average of 200 gallons of water to clean one bird) was successfully refined as well. With now more than 192 oiled birds and 103 marine mammals that have perished, what does Alana think about the Santa Barbara oil spill cleanup? “It's crazy to have such a big spill just a few hours away on the California coast. It seems a lot different from the BP spill because it looks like there's not a lot going on to clean it up. I'm really glad though that they're not dumping dispersants on it, but it's just really frustrating that there is a bioremediation solution and they're not using it. It's made me realize the urgency of doing this work and proving the effectiveness of this particular EA oil spill agent. What's great about it is that it doesn't introduce non-native microbes, it's not just a nutrient that will wash away, it's an enzyme that can attach itself to the oil molecules and break it down for the native microbes to digest. All that's left afterward is CO2 and water - it's just a great meal for the microbes and everything is left clean and protected.” — Alana Tessman

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Technical write-ups of her new bird and wildlife cleaning protocol include immediate onsite application of the EA agent by handlers with the use of spray bottles and aerosol mists. The oil cleaning agent used in her science project, manufactured under the name Oil Spill Eater II, can be applied in the bird and wildlife holding areas. Such a measure ensures that, once the oil spill victims reach the cleaning facility, a more thorough and exactly timed application blankets the animals while awaiting treatment. This new procedure also includes aerated holding tanks with water quality meters which measure toxicity levels as the bioremediation agent treats the effluent.

Alana advances her experiments to validate EA Oil Spill Technology as 'First Response Tool'

Alana conducting adhesion tests to Watson Bros. Precision Balances in Burbank

But Alana didn't stop there -she continued her study and experiments conducting toxicity and adhesion tests on the three types of bioremediation agents listed on the EPA NCP (National Contingency Plan) listings. Her goal this year was to determine if bioremediationbased protocols would be an effective 'First Response' tool. In her study of oil spill cleanup issues, Alana found out that the current Bioremediation Fact Sheet, which Page 114 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

government agencies use to determine when and how these agents are used, is 14 years behind the times. It is also missing current science on the more advanced applications currently available and uses of this oil spill technique. Alana learned from the BP Gulf oil spill that applying chemical dispersants broke up the oil into smaller droplets, sinking them into the water column. This process was utilized over the course of the spill with the incorrect understanding that the oil would become more available for microbes to digest. In actuality, subsequent studies showed that the dispersant used -- COREXIT -- created an oil droplet many times more toxic than the Subscription link

Alana has conducted rigorous experimentation using the highest quality equipment and meters Likewise, Watson Bros. Precision Balances in Burbank, CA allowed her to use one of their analytical scales, which weighed to the 10,000th of a gram, in order to test oil adhesion to the feathers. Not satisfied with her experimental procedure after the first round, Alana upped the test medium from four 1000 ml beakers to four 10 gallon fish tanks, adjusted a few other parameters, and retested everything finishing the night before the California State Science Fair. Having skipped a grade in middle school, Alana ended up taking one of three honorable mentions in the Senior Division of Toxicology out of 36 participants during her first year competing at the high school level. Right on the heels of the Science Fair, the Santa Barbara oil spill took place on May 19, 2015 bringing home the importance of her work. already toxic oil (one study showed as much as 52 times more toxic than untreated oil). She also found that there were many gaps in the research which have not proven the effectiveness of dispersant technology. More importantly, research studies neglected to reveal the damage that dispersants could do to our oceans, as well as the harm to wildlife and especially to people. For her second round of toxicity and adhesion experiments, Alana was fortunate enough to enlist the support of local businesses. GeoTech Engineering in Orange County allowed Alana to use their sophisticated mini Rae3000 meter and their Horiba meter to test the toxic VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds*) and parameters such as pH, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and total dissolve solids. Page 115 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

It has been difficult for her to watch as the days go by, knowing that nothing but fairly ineffective mechanical clean up has been used on this spill while these much more effective bioremediation agents, which could have immediately reduced the toxicity and adhesion of the oil, Subscription link

Alana conducting toxicity tests at GeoTech And, I would have known that by now the natural miEngineering in Orange County crobes would have already been breaking down the oil and cleaning it up. Honestly, I think it's really sad that they aren't doing anything like that and that they are instead just trying to have people pick it up, put it in orange plastic buckets and haul it away to pollute another site or wipe rocks down by hand. It’s like they’re using cave man technology at a time when current proven methods are sitting right there waiting to be used.” — Alana Tessman

LAEO and Alana Tessman working on parallel tracks have joined forces How does a 13 year old young

remain unused. Nevertheless, Alana remains unfazed by the questionable response to the Santa Barbara spill; she knows the time is coming for a more enlightened approach to the oil spills which constantly occur throughout the USA. When Alana was pointedly asked the following question, her response was quick and sure.

What would you do differently if you were in charge of the Santa Barbara clean-up? “I would have immediately sprayed the (Enzyme Additive) bioremediation agent on the spill which would have immediately lessened the toxicity and adhesive properties of the oil, which in turn would have protected the wildlife, shoreline, rocks, etc. ... Page 116 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive


scientist, knowing what she knows about truly effective oil spill response, get the attention of the authorities who are supposed to know better? Luckily she's gained the attention of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO), which has been leading the way to more effective and nontoxic oil spill clean up solutions. In fact the LAEO had independently made some of the very same important observations which Alana has made over the course of her research. During the BP spill the LAEO was one of the very first on the GOM coastline assessing the damage and looking for better ways to remediate the worst oil spill in U.S. history. That historic environmental disaster further compelled the LAEO to seek out every organization, as well as individual scientist, in the country Subscription link

which was committed to a developing safe and effective oil spill response plans. This endeavor went even further as the LAEO looked at every possible process and procedure, material and product which might offer a better way than the inferior protocols routinely used today. LAEO and Alana have formed a unique partnership. The LAEO Environmental Solutions Institute Division is currently in the process of having her various tests and conclusions peer reviewed for publication. In this way the results, along with other testing they have been conducting, can be shared with policymakers and government agency scientists. “Our research has irrefutably concluded that the U.S. is way behind the curve on oil spill clean up technology. Industry with its space -age drilling and excavation technology use stone-age methods for cleaning up their hazardous chemical spills. We are working independently to change that since the U.S. EPA and other responsible agencies have not gotten the job done”, said Diane Wagenbrenner, Vice President LAEO. “Our Science and Technology Committee will collaborate with young scientists like Alana along with industry and regulators to force advancement to take place in this field”, she continued. With deepwater drilling expanding in the Arctic, Gulf of Mexico and U.S. Atlantic waters, LAEO has expressed deep concern over deficient spill countermeasure plans, that despite lessons learned during the BP spill, are readily signed off as okay by U.S. officials who are supposed to be acting as our environmental protection trustees. According to their research paper, Page 117 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

A Call for a Twenty-First-Century Solution in Oil Spill Response, the U.S. National Contingency Plan in its current state guarentees harmful impacts to our oceans and shorelines. Alana's next step will be learning how to navigate the tricky (some might say oily) waters of policy and bureaucracy. Government agencies would do well to enlist the skills of these next generation scientists who seem to already be filling in the gaps in the relevant areas of research. Doing so will assist in the formulation of methodologies and materials necessary for a considerably more effective response to oil spills in the future. Endnotes *Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are toxic petrochemical gases emitted by crude petroleum and therefore present at all oil spill sites. The specific VOCs which are associated with oil spills include the following harmful inhalants: • Benzene • Toluene • Ethylbenzene • Xylene For more Information Contact: Diane Wagenbrenner Vice President Operations Science and Technology Coordinator Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization Ph: 858-531-6200 Subscription link

Page 118 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 119 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Alexa Meade Canvas will never Be the Same

Page 120 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 121 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 122 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Alexa Meade is nothing short of brilliant. Her pieces would be wonderful if they were really only a two dimensional canvas. They have that stare quality. You can’t turn away from themyour drawn in. But when that object blinks or that art/person give s you eye contact ,you will get the chills. She has broken through to a new form of expression and forever changed the world of canvas and brush. she will be immortalized as the first and possibly the only one of her kind. A style the world should be honored to witness. Just imagine if the Mona Lisa blinked or Van Gogh’s sunflowers occasionally swayed in the wind?

Alexa Meade is a Los Angelesbased artist who is known for her portraits painted on the human body, making people into seemingly 2-D works of art. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and received critical acclaim from CNN, Wired, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and more. She has lectured at the California Institute of the Arts, UCBerkeley, Apple, Adobe, and National Geographic London. Her TED Global talk “Your

Body is my Canvas,” has been viewed over 2 million times. Page 123 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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All of these pieces are featured in this video. Watch and be AMAZED.

Page 124 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 125 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Growing up in Washington D.C., Alexa originally carved out a neat path in the life of politics. She interned on Capitol Hill and worked for the 2008 Obama campaign in Colorado as a press staffer. After graduating from Vassar College with Honors in Political Science, Alexa decided that what she really wanted to be was an artist. She had a simple idea to put black paint over natural shadows, which evolved into something much larger. By painting the mapping of light directly on top of a 3D space, Alexa was able to create the illusion that the world was a 2D painting. Alexa travels the world creating art installations and commissioned portraits.


Alexa plays with a lot of projects on the side. She is collaborating with scientists researching spacetime at the Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics. Alexa is making a series of magical paintings with David Blaine. She is transforming her home into a "Fun House" with Chris Hughes, developing a line of toys, and volunteering in the art program at the Braille Institute. Page 126 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

2015 Le Pressionnisme 1970 - 1990, les chefs-d’œuvre du graffiti sur toile de Basquiat à Bando, Pinacothèque de Paris, France After Dark: Illusions, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA Alexa Meade: Your Body Is My Canvas (Solo), Galerie Sisso, Paris, France Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris France 12.6.15-12.6.14, Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Munich, Germany The Bridges Organization: Mathematics and Art, Baltimore, MD 2014 Alexa Meade: Surfaces & Depths (Solo), Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Munich, Germany Project Warehouse, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Santa Monica, CA Madrid, Spain Toronto, Canada

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Open meetings anyone can attend! Of course we want you to join NAFE! .

To Pre Register for the Summer Speakers Page 128 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Click Now to Pre-register Subscription link

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 129

Who is

& Why a

Page 130 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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s Bernie Sanders?

are 20 and 30 year olds listening to him? With a generation gap of 50 years plus, Bernie Sanders has created interest and momentum from an unlikely group that was marginally interested in politics. Background Source: Bernie Sanders is a Democratic candidate for President of the United States. In 2006, he was elected to the U.S. Senate after 16 years as Vermont’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives. Bernie is now serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning reelection in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he attended James Madison High School, Brooklyn College, and the University of Chicago. After graduating, he moved to Vermont where he worked as a carpenter and documentary filmmaker. In 1981, he was elected as mayor of Burlington, the state’s largest city, by a mere 10 votes. As mayor, Bernie’s leadership helped transform Burlington into one of the most exciting and livable Page 131 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

small cities in America. Under his administration, the city made major strides in affordable housing, progressive taxation, environmental protection, child care, women’s rights, youth programs and the arts. In Congress, Bernie has fought tirelessly for working families, focusing on the shrinking middle class and growing gap between the rich and everyone else. Bernie has been called a “practical and successful legislator” and he was dubbed the “amendment king” in the House of Representatives for passing more amendments than any other member of Congress. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Bernie worked across the aisle to “bridge Washington’s toxic partisan divide and cut one of the most significant deals in years.” In 2015, Democratic leadership tapped Bernie to serve as the caucus’ ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee. Bernie lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife Jane. He has four children and seven grandchildren.

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In a democracy one of the best things you can have is an agitent . Someone that comes along and asks the difficult questions and sticks it to the status quo. They have the effect of keeping the system more accountable and bringing attention to important issues. Better yet, if what they are saying makes so much sense that it broadens the base of voters and people taking more interest in the country, all the better. Bernie Sanders is one of those guys. Recently, a reporter commented that Bernie Sanders’ momentum was only due to a high concentration of white liberals living in Iowa and New Hampshire. The problem with that analysis is young voters all over the country are talking about Bernie, My son commented years ago that Bernie Sanders was “the man”. and kept saying mom check out Bernie Sanders. And finally I did because his name flashed across the television. One important thing I noticed was the types of people he was attracting.

Bernie is attracting the youth, the voters of tomorrow that can actually vote now. That tells me, everyone else is missing a lot of the issues that are important to this emerging group. Seasonal politicians have done everything short of ignoring them. Page 132 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

There a a couple of great things coming out of his campaign above and beyond the campaign itself. 1) he’s igniting a new base of voters. 2) He’s bringing up issues that need to be addressed. 3) He’s setting a president for acknowledgement of these issues. 4) Democracy is becoming popular. Subscription link

And all that means as long as people are engaged, things will change. And with social media, things will change faster. The takeaways to what we’re witnessing with Bernie is that: a) if your able to engage people to the point that they’re packing in to hear you speak, b) If your able to connect to a broad base of Page 133 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

demographics totally out of your age range, c) If your able to make people believe in a process that they’ve previously lose faith in, than you’ve set the country on a better path by waking it up an igniting interest. Beyond the campaign, people will use this as a base of reference on how things can change. Democracy works best when people are passionate and fully engaged. Subscription link


Make A

Contribution Today Page 134 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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to Doctors Without Borders

If you would like assistance with your donation, please contact Donor Services at (212) 763-5779, MondayFriday from 9am - 5pm EST or email us at

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 135

Page 136 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Success 4 U Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 not for profit charitable organization was founded in 2011 by Dr. Barbara Young, a former higher education administrator. The Success 4 U Foundation organization recognizes the importance of preparing teens to lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling successful lives. As such, it created the Teen Leadership and Empowerment Academy to support these efforts. The Foundation’s mission is to enrich, educate, empower, and prepare at-risk teen AfricanAmerican and Hispanic girls through a Leadership and Empowerment Academy.

To date, two successful programs have been implemented with a total of 47 participants and their parents with the Perris Union Valley High School District. However, the need to include more teen girls is critical. Due to demand for a program of this caliber to be implemented in other high school districts, the program has been expanded to include teen girls in one targeted high school in the Moreno Valley Unified School District. The program is unique in that it is youth-driven and centered on leadership and empowerment.

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It recognizes the importance of nurturing the Inland Empire’s young female leaders as they begin to understand their own power in creating “positive’ change through leadership, community engagement and advocacy. Overall, the Success 4 U Teen Leadership and Empowerment Academy (TLEA) provides a comprehensive leadership program targeted towards at-risk teen girls. A parental component is included in the program to achieve positive and greater program success and sustainability. The primary outcomes of the Teen Leadership and Empowerment Academy are: 1) to develop the leadership and life skills of teen girls, 2) to help them navigate adolescence, 3) to reduce teen pregnancy rates, 4) to prepare them with the essential mathematic skills that will assure them of success in high school and college, 5) to increase high school graduation rates, 6) to increase their exposure to role models, mentors, and their knowledge of future career options, 7) to develop financial awareness and skills, and 8) increase their communication skills to develop healthy relationships among peers, counselors, teachers and parents. Subscription link

These outcomes are achieved through leadership institutes, life/growth empowerment and experiential learning workshops, field trips, special seminars and programming for parents. The program’s approach is to impact teen girls’ lives through holistic programming delivered by trained practitioners and experts from various disciplines (academia, medical/health sciences, business, financial entities, faith-based and other nonprofits). The concept of incorporating the participation of the parents in this youth programs set this initial teen program apart from others in that it was proven that mandatory parental involvement resulted in greater program success and sustainability. Your investment in the expansion of the Teen Leadership and Empowerment Academy funding will enable us to reach out to serve more at-risk teen girls in these impoverished communities. We envision building upon our collaborative success by counting on you as one of our partners in this endeavor to make a difference. Comprehensively, the Teen Leadership and Empowerment Academy will initially impact the lives of many more at-risk students we hope to serve, and over time, we envision this program to reach more schools and impact the entire Inland Empire. FOR MORE INFORMATION & DONATIONS: CONTACT: Dr. Barbara Young, President/Founder/CEO – 951.244.4700 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 139

5th Annual Empowerment Networking Luncheon at the spectacular Wilson Creek Winery

"Dr. Barbara Young founder/CEO of Young Enterprises, hosted her 5th Annual Empowerment Networking Luncheon on Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the spectacular Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, CA. Each year, visionary leaders, corporate men and women, technology gurus, educators, politicians, and non profit groups and women from all professions attend this extraordinary day of personal development, inspiration and networking. Featured this year were Mr. David Richman, motivational speaker, who shared excerpts from his book, "Winning in the Middle of the Pack," and Page 140 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Dr. Young who gave a powerful message entitled, "Can You See Your Open Door?" Each year, outstanding women are honored, and this year, honorees were women from the Los Angeles Women's Public Policy Institute (LAAAWPPI) class of 2015. Hostesses for the event were young teen girls participating in the Teen Leadership and Empowerment Academy of the Success 4 U Foundation founded by Dr. Young. These young ladies were from the Vista Del Largo High School in the Moreno Valley High School District in partnership with the Success 4 U (S4U) Foundation. � Subscription link

This could Be You!

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Setting All Pretence Aside… She’s funny, brilliant & telling it like it really is. Author Ali Wentworth “Ali Wentworth brings to our social senses what peppers bring to a bowl of chili.” -Althea Ledford ,Editor

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Ali Wentworth resolves to live by the pithy maxims she discovers in her feeds. What begins as a sort of self-help project quickly turns into something far grander—and increasingly funnier—as the tweets she once viewed with irony become filled with increasing metaphysical importance. And thus begins her “Unhappiness Project.” It’s not long before Ali expands her selfimprovement quest to include parenting, relationship, fitness (or lack thereof), and dieting advice. The results are painfully (at times literally) clear: when it comes to self-help, sometimes you should leave it to the professionals.

The actress, comedian, media darling, and New York Times bestselling author picks up where she left off in Ali in Wonderland, dissecting modern life—and this time, on a mission of self-improvement—in a series of laugh-out-loud comic vignettes.

At once endearing and hilarious, thoughtful and absurd, Happily Ali After is a thoroughly entertaining collection from “the girlfriend you want to have a glass of wine with, the one who makes you laugh because she sees the funny and the absurd in everything” (Huffington Post).

Moved by a particularly inspirational tweet one day,

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2015 Summer Conferences Women Business Technology Social Media

SEAT Consortium

July 19-22, 2015

International Start-up Festival Montreal ,Canada

July 9-12, 2015


Blogher Conference

July 24-26, 2015

B2B Marketing Forum

Oct 21-23, 2015

Virtual Conference Series

Aug 14, 2015 strategy0815/

Mozcon Seattle, WA

July 14-16, 2015

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This list is updated monthly

WSJ.D Oct 19-21, 2015

Content Marketing World September 8-11, 2015

Incite Summit September 18-19, 2015 Techweek Sept 14-20, 2015 Nov 9-15, 2015 INBOUND Tech and Marketing September 9-11, 2015 Inspired

Oct 18-21, 2015

Fortune The Most Powerful Women

Oct 12-14, 2015 most-powerful-women-summit-2015/

Grace Hopper

Oct 14-16, 2015

Business innovation Factory

Sept 16-17, 2015

World Business Conf

Oct 7-8, 2015

Sustainable Brand

Nov 16-18, 2015

POP Tech

Oct 22-24, 2015

Celebration of Women in Computing.

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Join NAFE at any of these Southern California Networks Nafe is the largest global network for women with thousands of members. They recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary, headquartered in New York they have many affiliate networks across the country. Would a group of women sharing their dreams…supporting, encouraging and mentoring you, be beneficial at this time of your life. Nafe offers great benefits to members, and the annual membership is only $39.00 go to and check out all the wonderful benefits, Information on the Southern CA networks can be found at The network meeting fees are $10.00 for Nafe Members and $15.00 for guests then you pay the restaurant direct for your meal. As the Nafe Global Coordinator I invite YOU to join us at one of our monthly NAFE meetings, we also have several new networks soon to start, so get on the list so you can be invited to the kickoff meetings. It’s made up of entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives and women working for companies or even women starting a business. Come and join us at one of these monthly Nafe affiliate meetings: Please contact the Director of the network below. Any Nafe questions you may contact me Robbie Motter Nafe Global Coordinator at 951-255-9200 or email Also another opportunity is to sign up on the network you are interested in joining meetup page, this gives you added exposure Nafe also has a Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter page and the Western Region Nafe also has a facebook page so those locations are also added benefits for our Global Nafe members. As a member you will join one of the networks but you may attend any of the network meetings each month as they all offer great networking opportunities. Los Angeles Nafe Network Meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:00 pm at Marie Callender’s 5773 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232 . website Director Althea Ledford, 310-9909496, email also check out this amazing magazine that many Nafe members have written for and some even had their photos on the cover.

Menifee Nafe Network meets the 2nd Wed 11:30 am, Merna’s Café & Grill (formerly Boston Billie’s Restaurant ) 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City, Ca. Contact Robbie Motter, NAFE Coordinator & Director of this network 951-255-9200 or email Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page Page 146 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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What’s New at NAFE

NAFE has formed a new Alliance with

The Women’s Global Change Community.

Click and Watch the Video

Murrieta Nafe Network meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at R J’s Sizzling Steak House 41401 Kalima Street, Murrieta, CA Contact Robbie Motter, Director 951-255-9200 or Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page

Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Network meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at The Wine Tailor 8916 Foothill Blvd Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730. contact Joan E Wakeland,Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Network 909-721-7648 me or email

Riverside Nafe meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Canyon Crest Winery 5225 Canyon Crest Drive #7a Riverside, CA 92507 contact Joan Wakeland Director 909-721-7648 or

South Orange County Nafe network meets the 1st Thursday 6:30 pm at Sarducci’s 26701 Verdugo, San Juan Capistrano, CA Contact Mikki St Germain, Director 949-429-3438 SOC Meetup page

Ventura County Nafe Network, meets 3rd Wednesday 12:00 noon at Mimi’s Café, 400 N Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, Ca 91320, Contact Director Sheryl Tash 805-794-4005 or Coming soon San

Francisco Nafe Director will be Stone ove email

Please contact the Director of the Network you are interested in, and also please RSVP for meetings. We are always looking for more individuals to step to the plate to start additional Nafe networks in the Southern CA area, contact Robbie Motter, Nafe Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator, or 951-255-9200 Subscription link

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E The Magazine for Today's Female Executive July 2015 Issue  

The Theme this month is Living Through Your Spirit featuring Misty Copeland.

E The Magazine for Today's Female Executive July 2015 Issue  

The Theme this month is Living Through Your Spirit featuring Misty Copeland.