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By Mark Batterson

Sheila Morris Sherry Burton Ways

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Sherry Burton Ways

Health and Lifestyle Coach, T.V. Host

Author, trainer, Cert Coach

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Danielle Cendejas VP The Strategy Group

President Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

Tracy Repchuk

Social Media Expert

Author, Luxury Travel Exp

Daniel Djouder

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I am the one that makes the bread, weaves the fabric, creates the peace, negotiates the smiles, shuts it down and wakes it all back up. I am the Swiss Army Knife of mankind. I am the one that gives birth and keeps life goingwhether I have to nudge it with my heart, my mind, my blood or my foot! I keep the bass rhythm of life moving. I am that female that executes the needed, the necessary and the fantastic. I am THAT female executive.

-Althea Ledford

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From the Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Welcome to this Special Edition of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. This month’s theme is:

ENGAGE! Moving From Protest to Policy. Since the recent elections women have been more vocal, marching, demonstrating and making their voices heard through out the nation. Hopefully, this is only the beginning. We need to be more visible in the political realm, activism, community involvement and where ever we need to bring truth to power. E magazine has hit a land mark with this issue. Bringing the global issues of women to the forefront, incredible new collaborations, multi media platform expansion and a host of wonderful opportunities for all those involved with E Magazine. During this new season look for more engaging topics, action items, television features, radio appearances, conference speaking engagements and business opportunities. We expect to expand our spirits followed by financial breakthroughs. We have entered a new era of expansion and we are glad you can join us on the journey.

I hope you enjoy this issue. -Althea Ledford

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NATO Page 18 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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NATO is a crisis management organisation having over 18,000 troops and personnel around the world who undertake a wide range of military operations and missions, including peace building and peacekeeping. I had the privilege of sitting down with NATO’s Jamie Shea who agreed to offer his insight as to NATO’s importance for sustainable global security and stability and how NATO’s role positively impacts the United States. Mr. Shea has had a distinguished career with NATO. Mr. Shea started with NATO in 1980. He now holds the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges. In that role he assists in advising the Secretary General on the evolution of emerging security challenges, their potential impact on NATO’s security, and the development of relevant policies and action plans. He also facilitates the Emerging Security Challenges Division and coordinates NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme. Good morning Jamie. What a pleasure it is to sit down and have this conversation with you. Mrs. Lardner: Former United States Director of National Intelligence Brigadier General James L. Clapper recently

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described the current international security environment as “the most complex and diverse array of global threats” he has faced in his 53 year career. From NATO’s perspective what are the greatest global threats? Are these the same threats that America is facing? Dr. Shea: Certainly, we face one of the most uncertain outlooks for many decades. Challenges seem to be coming at us from all directions, and all the domains that NATO has traditionally operated in – such as sea, land, air, space and cyberspace – are now contested. For much of my NATO career, we have had the luxury of being able to focus all our Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

difficult to make this claim. So today, NATO has to be able, in the words of Lyndon B. Johnson “to walk and to chew gum at the same time”. We have to address simultaneously the return of a rather traditional threat from Russian military power in eastern Europe and go back to collective defence like we did during the Cold War, while concentrating at the same time on how we pacify and stabilize this vast area of turbulence to the south, which extends all the way from Maghreb in Northern Africa to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

efforts on one big issue in one place and at a time. For instance, we dealt with Bosnia in the early 1990s and then in the late 1990s with Kosovo. Then in the first decade of the 21st century, we focused for ten years on Afghanistan. Then, after 2011, on Libya. We probably thought back then that if we could solve these particular cases, the world as a whole would be much more secure; but I think we understand now that this is not the case. For example, just a few years ago, then then-Director of the CIA General David Petraeus said that if we could solve the ArabIsraeli dispute, the Middle East would be much more stable. Today when we look at what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Libya, it would be very Page 21 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The problem here is that there is whole series of failed or failing states and most are fragile, with only a few islands of democracy and decent governance. At the same time, the instability is not only coming from large groups like ISIL or Al Qaeda, but from literally thousands of proxies and sub-state actors. In this environment, sorting out who is a friend and who is a foe is not easy and the contours can change very quickly as well. Apart from terrorism, the turmoil in the south may not present an immediate security threat to Europe as many of the forces in the region are currently focusing on fighting each other. Yet we increasingly also understand that we can not stand idly by and watch the wars burn, as chaos in a place like Syria or Libya can produce hundreds of thousands of

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refugees heading towards Europe and this can soon produce a migration crisis that could de-stabilize the European Union. So the greatest threat to NATO is all of this uncertainty and instability which looks as if it could get worse before becoming better. We have to deal with traditional military threats which are coming back with more countries around the world acquiring sophisticated technology and ballistic missiles, such as Iran, and the fact that those states as well as terrorist organizations or proxy groups can also inflict disruption on us by resorting to other instruments, such as disabling cyber attacks. Even ISIL, while not being a state, has developed chemical weapons, driverless suicide cars and drones capable of dropping bombs. So the old difference between the strong and the weak is fading. Simply put, the bad Page 22 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

actors have more capabilities to do us harm than in the past, because if they can not defeat our military forces (at the moment) they can still de-stabilize us and do us harm by attacking our societies, undermining our election campaigns, sabotaging our infrastructure or stopping our societies moving through paralyzing cyber attacks. Certainly when I think of the main worries, such as terrorism, cyber and ballistic missile and nuclear proliferation, I don’t see that there is any difference in the threat level between Europe and the United States. Ms. Lardner: You were with NATO on 9.11, a date etched in the minds of all Americans. While the attack occurred on American soil, how and why did NATO become involved? Dr. Shea: 9/11 was just a big a shock to Europeans as it was to Americans. The day after, the French newspaper Le Monde even ran a headline saying “we are all Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Americans now”. Citizens of over 60 countries were killed in the World Trade Center and we in Europe really felt that this was not just an attack on the United States, but on western civilization and our liberal democratic values. There was a real sense that it could so easily have happened here, for instance to the London Stock Exchange or to the Louvre museum in Paris with an equal number of nationalities being involved. So it was immediately clear that this was not just a one-off attack but the hallmark of a new form of terrorism against NATO countries by a group – Al Qaeda – that would be far more extreme and difficult to overcome that what we had seen before. What hit America on 9/11 would hit Europe soon afterwards and indeed it has with mass killings in Paris, Brussels, Nice and most recently Berlin.As a result, NATO wanted very much on 9/11 to demonstrate its solidarity with the United States and its Page 23 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

sense that the attack was against all of us. The best way to do this was by invoking Article 5 of the Washington Treaty which says that an armed attack on one could be considered as an attack on all and that we would respond together. Now it is certainly true that when NATO’s founding fathers devised Article 5, they were thinking of an attack on Europe by the Soviet Union and the United States coming to the rescue of Europe, as in the two World Wars. Yet by invoking Article 5 to help the United States, I think the Europeans were also showing that they realized the world has changed and that Collective Defence can not only apply to traditional scenarios of Russian tanks crossing NATO’s borders. We have to think more creatively and use Article 5 to respond to other types of aggression. At our Wales Summit in 2014, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

we went a step in this direction by declaring that cyber attacks could be considered also as an Article 5 instance of Collective Defence, if they inflict enough damage on one of our Allies. So in this sense, 9/11 was an important transformational step for NATO. It also led to NATO Allies joining the United States in Afghanistan to bring an end to the Taliban regime and help stabilize the country thereafter. The fact that all the Allies sent troops to this mission and kept them there for the best part of a decade, shows this sense of solidarity with the United States. To my mind it also shows that NATO is not a one-way Alliance, in which the United States does everything for Europe and nothing in return. By fighting in Afghanistan, sending forces to Iraq and now joining the Anti-ISIL Coalition, European and Canadian Allies have shown the United States that NATO is a two-way street. Mrs. Lardner: Is this the reason for NATO’s presence in the Middle East and North Africa or MENA? Would it be fair to say that NATO’s activities support the global war on terrorism? Was this a new role for NATO? Did NATO change after 9.11? Dr. Shea: Certainly, and as I said in reply to the previous question, NATO solidarity is an important reason why the Allies are

Page 24 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

engaged in the Middle East and North Africa and 9/11 was an important turning point when we realized that threats from the south could be as dangerous and urgent as dealing with a resurgent Russia in eastern Europe. Yet the Allies also realize that it is not just NATO solidarity or a spirit of generosity towards each other. They also facereal threats from the south and they have a vital security interest in responding to them. That is why France has deployed significant forces in Mali and the Central African Republic. Or Turkey has deployed forces on its southern border to counter Kurdish extremism as well as ISIL. It is also why the European Union is running a number of training and capacity-building programmes in North Africa and has also deployed ships to the Central Mediterranean to cope with the flow of migrants out of Libya into Italy.

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NATO is also helping the EU with this mission and NATO has also deployed ships in the Eastern Aegean to help the EU’s border management agency, Frontex, deal with the migrant flow into Greece from Turkey. So if your image of the global war on terrorism is one of drone strikes and Special Forces operations against remote Al Qaeda units in Yemen or Somalia, then this is not the NATO role. However if, as I do, you can see the global war on terrorism as requiring a broad spectrum of activities, not just to kill individual terrorists, but to quash terrorism itself in the long run, then NATO is indeed a key player.I mentioned already the presence of over 100,000 NATO forces in Afghanistan for ten years as part of the international security assistance force. Today, NATO has over 10,000 personnel in Afghanistan training the Afghan Army so that it can handle security by itself. Many Europeans, as well as Americans and Canadians lost their lives in this effort. NATO has also recently established a training programme in Bagdad to help Iraqi forces deal with explosive devices. We have training programmes also in Jordan and Tunisia and we have offered to assist Libya with training and restructuring its militias and armed forces. A stable Libya will obviously be a key facet in the long run of any

Page 25 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

successful effort to curtail terrorism given that is where ISIL is seeking to relocate after Raqqa and Mosul. NATO is also using its AWACS aircraft as part of the US-led AntiISIL Coalition, in which all Allies are participating. So it may not be possible to defeat terrorism only with NATO but I would argue that it would be equally impossible wholly without NATO. Mrs. Lardner: Americans, perhaps as many as 79%, fear terrorist attacks. Would you agree that one of the key ways to eradicate terrorism is to provide sustainable peace by fostering democracy, security sector reform, education, a justice system, and even water justice? Let me rephrase that - by creating greater equality does the global community decrease the number of people who can be recruited by ISIL? What role does NATO play in this process? Dr. Shea: I understand that the long-term solution to terrorism is to create more jobs and better living standards throughout the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in other parts of the world, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, where terrorism has also taken root. The British Prime-Minister Tony Blair used to say that we must be tough on crime, but also tough on the causes of crime. I would say the same of terrorism.

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About The Author Cynthia Lardner. J.D., M.A. Cynthia M. Lardner is a journalist, holding degrees in journalism, law, and counseling psychology. Her blogs are read in over 37 countries. As a thought leader in the area of foreign policy, her philosophy is to collectively influence conscious global thinking. Living in Den Hague or The Hague, she is currently looking for a challenging position in foreign policy, journalism, or social justice.



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At an event last night two like -minded retired senior Navy Officers - one in his late 70's and another in his 50's could not stop speaking when they found out about my upcoming leadership book, The

Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader, (Sept. 13th). It

was as if a door was unlocked and they could speak freely without being judged.

recognizing that they are powerful messages. Instead of running away you run towards them, incorporate needed insights to complement the facts. Both sides are critical to solid decision making. Leaders throughout history refer to working with intuition to lead wholly and completely. Yes, it's time to get this message out and liberate those amazing leaders who already use these tools, and are too scared to admit it, because of the fear of being judged and labeled "not all there. " In fact, they are the ones who are all there .... so exciting!

You see, in the book, I dispel the mystery of merging the practical, tactical and logical with the intuitive, emotional, spiritual and physical sides of ourselves to provide whole leadership. It's about listening to those images, those disembodied words one hears, and those goosebumps and innate knowing and and work with the messages that come because they give you

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Part of a New Series by Lily Sanders Author, Life Coach and Women’s Advocate. Page 28 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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It seems that we are always looking for love. To find something, we must first determine what exactly it is that we are seeking. It took me decades to find love, because I had no clear picture or understanding of what it was. I only knew what was taught about love in this world, and none of it seemed deep enough to me. In my view, what I found was that most of what the world says and teaches about love causes confusion, frustration, and depression. When I discovered the truth about love, I had no more questions about life. It was a feeling and a knowing of completion. So, what is love? How does it look, feel, smell and taste? What might it sound like? Where would it hide? Love is the essence of all consciousness. Love is the stimulus for everything in life. It is the yeast that develops and gives rise in our daily bread. “Give us our daily bread…” It brings answers and wisdom that stretches far beyond human logic. When we give up

Page 30 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

the constant struggle and conflict going on in the mind, love enters in. Because our very essence at its core, is love. When we came into this world we were taught survival. Everything we do, eat, see and breathe is all about our need to survive on this planet in this human costume. The focus is on how to get this, and where to get that. The world teaches children to stress about the grades they need to accomplish, and the college they need to get into. Then we stress about how and who is going to pay for it. We long for that special wedding Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

that is supposed to resolve our search for endless love, and then we grieve after loss and fight during divorce. It is all a continuous race we are on, up one hill and down the next, and yet the finish line changes all the time. It never ends. It is as if there is no finish line. The only glimpses of love you experience in this race are transient cups of water that you get on the side lines. The water replenishes you for the moment, and then you continue in the race until you reach the next check point. The result is a cluttered mind of unrest and disillusion. Page 31 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

This constant static in the mind that you have become accustomed to is the very thing that shields you from love. If you can surrender to everything you thought was supposed to happen and everything you think is going to work, love will enter. Stop sitting in the dark trying to figure out your life problems, and overthink how to do something that you do not know. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is a statement I have heard many times in the past, and up until recently I finally understood it. Once we can disengage with the logic of our minds and drop the fear barriers, the solutions to life problems and answers that we seek not only begin to surface, but become crystal clear. Stop overthinking the how do I’s, and simply allow yourself to not know what you don’t know. Just allow it to happen. “Be still and know”. Listen to that intuitive voice. It has been said that intuition is the voice of God. When you go inward, you can hear it. There is great dimensional wisdom in that stillness and listening. That knowing and that voice, does not come from logic. It is the non-linear wisdom that comes from a deeper force that is far greater than the

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human costume you are wearing. There is a sense of trust in the giver of this wisdom, even though you cannot see it. But you need to stop, look, and listen in order to hear it. Shut off the mental noise in the mind that obscures love from entering. Because truly, fear comes from the mind, not the heart. The heart houses love. Embrace it. Hear it. Share it. It is why we are here. Love has no agenda. Love needs no introduction. It requires no initiation and need not be activated. Love is. It is the greatest energy on the planet. Love is the key ingredient of human consciousness. After all, God is love.

And if we are created in God’s image then it would be safe to suggest that our very essence is love. Love is the catalyst to everything in life. If we can fuse our hearts with the love of God, we understand true agape love. Love is not prejudice, and is for all of humanity waiting to be found under every stone unturned. Don’t let life situations keep you from love. If you find yourself amongst the rubble, keep turning those stones. There you will find love. Embrace it, because this agape love is an unconditional and universal love that transcends, no matter what your life situation is. It is the one thing you can count on. Trust it. Let the walls down and let the light in. The light will get brighter and shine on all of mother earth as you exercise

Page 32 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

your muscle of intuition. Trust in it. Let the light triumph over the darkness in your life and in others. Be the light. The light has always been with you. Let it shine. Let it shine on your city, your country, and all of mother earth.

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14 We experience love in various ways. Each of us feels, expresses, and experiences love in our own unique way. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

For some it is a tender touch, or a caring act, while for others it is a verbal need. It seems that we are always on this quest for love. We are taught that love is found in a relationship between two people or with things. Love can be experienced within a friendship, or an intimate relationship, or between a dog and its human companion for instance. But this is not where absolute love is found. Love is found in everything, in pure consciousness. Love needs no partner to be felt. It only requires your recognition and acceptance. When we recognize love as the infinite energy that fuels us, we can begin to love our self. Page 33 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Once we experience self-love, which is essential for inner peace, we can connect that with the love of God. When you accept and love yourself, just as you are, a true partnership emerges between you and your heart. Between body and spirit. Between you and God. There is a connected-ness that is experienced that can only be described as oneness. And in that oneness you can begin to experience love in all things. You can see love in a beautiful landscape. You can feel love for a cat. You can smell love in a fragrant red rose. You can touch love when you hold your child’s hand. You can taste love when the salt from the oceans breeze touches your lips. You can hear love in the happy birds that are chirping outside your window in the morning. Love is as it is. It is a conscious state where all senses can feel, and no judgement arises. It is the gift that hides in your heart center and holds boundless grace, infinite wisdom, and natural perfection. “Be ye perfect just as your heavenly father in heaven is perfect.” Once you have found this true love of self, it connects you with oneness. This is where we can connect our pure consciousness, with the love of God. Everything else we experience as love is transient. Love of a human relationship, love of a pet, love of a place or object…they all come and go. They are fleeting. We can certainly enjoy these love experiences and it is wonderful. But know that these external experiences are transient. But the love

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of God is everlasting. Love and oneness never ends. This is our happily ever after. This is our once upon a time in the fable of all fables, that goes on and on, as the vibration of quantum energy called love. This is your truth. Never let go of your heart in any situation in life. Let your heart be your safety net. Let it be that hand that nudges or squeezes you every time you forget that you are pure consciousness. The love of a mother for her child is eminent. Some of the greatest love that any one human being encounters toward another, is that of a mother’s love for her child. And yet, it is dwarfed compare to the love of God. It is unsurpassable. Let it enter. In the end, this is all that will matter. Wishing you all the love and light in this very moment, because this moment is all there ever is. As always, I welcome you to contact me for ongoing support in helping you bridge the gap between where you are today, and where the purpose in your life awaits. http://ueslifecoach.com Love and Light, Lily Sanders

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Support the American Heart Association www.heart.org Page 35 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Part of a new series Itiah Thomas, Travel Connoisseur Page 36 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 37 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Itiah Thomas gets a private tour of iconic 5-Star Beverly Hills, California Hotels. One of my favorite hobbies, whether in my own city or while traveling abroad, is touring luxury hotels. It is one of the ways that I get to combine my passions for travel and real estate, and feel transported just by walking through doors. My latest round of tours was of the five 5 star Beverly Hills, California hotels, given by the respective Sales and Marketing teams at the Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel), The Peninsula, Montage Beverly Hills, the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Beverly Hills. The aspects that I like to see and compare when I visit hotels are approach, lobby, guestrooms, pool, dinning, spa, gym, outdoor space, meeting rooms, and what I call the “transported factor”.

Beverly Wilshire,

managed by The Four Seasons since 1992, actually consists of two separate wings. Page 38 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The 10 storey Wilshire wing is the original building, opened in 1928 and the 14 storey Beverly wing was opened in the early 1970’s. Though I did not have the grand entrance experience of arriving in style via El Caminothe driveway between the two wings featuring Italian imported cobblestone, gaslight lanterns from Edinburgh & a Buckingham Palace inspired gate - the secondary entrance through the Wilshire wing on Wilshire Boulevard at the foot of Rodeo Drive was still Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Designed in a Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style, there is a sense of grandeur not only about the building, but also the manicured grounds.

The Peninsula celebrates its 25th year anniversary this year. Guests have an option to start their stay at The Peninsula with a greeting at their airplane gate, with an escort to baggage claim and then a transfer to the hotel. My car door was opened upon arrival down the lush extended driveway by white gloved doormen and subsequently the hotel front door in the same fashion. Guests are often met at the driveway and shown through the lobby to their room. The hotel operates on “Peninsula Time”, allowing guests to check in and out at whatever time they want during the day of their arrival or departure without an additional cost.

impressive to say the least. White and yellow awnings adorned the façade of the hotel, with its Italian Renaissance design aesthetic and French neo-classic influences. Head around the corner from the Beverly Wilshire and you come to The Montage Beverly Hills. There is no mistake to be made when arriving to the driveway of The Montage Beverly Hills, lined with parked Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, Mercedes and Lamborghinis, that this is where high rollers stay. Page 39 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Jumping in a car and heading to the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills I am met with yet another bustling driveway of luxury cars with valets busily maintaining the flow. The portico ceiling is bejeweled with four white curly Chihuly style glass chandeliers, and the iconic Marilyn Monroe statue with her flared white dress greets you with a naughty hello.

While there is not a private drive at The Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, guests will be greeted at the entrance by attentive doormen. It is a short walk from the

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heart of Beverly Hills, situated in a pleasant neighborhood. Nestled between two condo buildings, the façade is understated and blends in well with the surroundings. The Peninsula gets my vote in the approach category as it felt more personalized and less hectic. Though I looked from the pedestrian bridge right over the drive aisle of the Beverly Wilshire and it did look pretty regal.

(SFA Design). The lobby and the sitting area that it opens onto on the right have modern feel to them with a bronze, beige, and grey color pallet, reflective ceilings, plush seating, curated artwork, clean lines and boxy shapes. The design team’s goal was to create a sophisticated residential hideaway with the modern luxury guest in mind.


The Peninsula’s lobby is narrow, which motivates some of their pre-arrival check in process as to maintain an open passageway. The foyer and lobby seamlessly open onto a light filled sitting area that oozes southern charm. The “living room” was full of tufted printed couches and coffee tables, some set for the 12pm, 2:30pm, and 5pm afternoon tea service.

Viceroy Hotel Group acquired the former L’Ermitage Beverly Hills and in May 2016 announced the completion of the 10 month aesthetics transformation of their guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, lounges and lobby by Smith/Firestone Associates

Page 40 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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I immediately felt like I was surrounded by southern opulence, as if I was in a mansion that would belong in Charleston, South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia. A private home feel is what they are going for and they nailed it. Not only did I get a sense of feeling transported from the west coast to the southeast, The Peninsula even thought of transportation for guests, offering complimentary car service within Beverly Hills or Century City. The lobby of the Beverly Wilshire felt quite formal and timelessly classic. The atrium is two stories high with polished wooden reception and concierge desks opposite each other, glossy black, beige & burgundy marble floors, and four central square columns with a large floral arrangement & chandelier in the Page 41 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

middle. It is slightly imposing and has more of a corporate, well-oiled, highstatus machine feel to it, as opposed to a homey & relaxed vibe. Ornate golden metal and glass double doors are propped open, welcoming guests into The Montage Beverly Hills’ open lobby of polished marble floors, furnished with four red patterned armchairs and a long table with floral arrangements situated in the middle. The reception and concierge desks are located opposite of each other in the lobby to the left and right, and the halls leading to the rest of the hotel are straight ahead. The lobby gives the impression of it being a smaller Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

hotel than it really is, and the jewels of the property are slowly revealed as you progress down its halls and up the elevator. The aspect that caught my attention most about the quite beige lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills were the multiple flower arrangements everywhere I turned, that gave it pops of color. The tight bundles of orange, purple and pink flowers in vases of various heights & types and hanging callalilies adorned the lobby. I learned property co-owners, residents and brothers Robert and Joseph Cohen & their wives used to be in the flower business and carry that passion into having the interior and exterior grounds decked out with flowers & plants. These spectacular Page 42 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

creations are the work of renowned floral artist Jeff Leatham. The hotel celebrates its 30th anniversary next year. I’m torn between the floral wonderland of The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and the southern charm feel of The Peninsula.

Guestrooms Beverly Wilshire has 395 rooms total- 141 of which are suites- 155 in the Wilshire wing and 240 in the Beverly wing. There are 4 types of standard guest rooms, 5 classes of suites, and 6 varieties of specialty suites. I got to visit two suites during my tour. The One-Bedroom Beverly Suite is 725 sqft with a foyer, living area, sliding wooden doors that close off the bedroom Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

and a large terrace accessed from the bedroom and living room that overlooked Century City. Furnishes include beige textured carpet, dark wood drawer units and tables, beige lamps, and purple and beige seating & drapes. The bathroom is black and white marble, with bathtubs and a stand-alone shower. The 4,000 sqft Wilshire Presidential Suite (second largest suite type on the property) made my jaw drop upon opening the door. This $25,000 a night 8th floor specialty suite has an entry hallway fit for a king, two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, large deluxe living room, library, 8 person dining room, kitchen and offers 270 degree views. The master bedroom and its amenities takes up one side of the suite, complete with its own sitting area, his and hers walk-in closets, Page 43 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

canopied king bed and oversized marble bathroom. The 3 bedroom, 5,000 sqft Penthouse Suite located on the privately keyaccessed 14th floor of the Beverly Wing was unavailable for viewing that day. The 195 guest room Peninsula Beverly Hills includes 38 luxury suites and 17 private garden villas detached from the main building, accessed either via winding lush walkways from the hotel or a private entrance from the property’s back gate. There are 6 types of standard guest rooms, 8 classes of suites, and 5 varieties of villas. The décor is antique furniture and a lot of floral prints, especially for couches and draperies. The Peninsula sets up rooms for the particular guest that has been assigned to that room prior to their arrival, leaving hand written notes from the manager, welcoming them by name on the touch Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

pad that controls functions of the room, providing flowers & fruit, and those staying in suites, villas, or have stayed 5 times or more in a standard room or are VIP receive monogramed pillow cases. Pretty thoughtful. Montage Beverly Hills has 201 wellappointed guestrooms, including 55 suites and 20 private residences. There are 11 suite types (3 are presidential) and 5 styles of guestrooms. Even their standard rooms are quite spacious with the smallest being 480 sqft and the largest being the 2,025 sqft Montage and California suites. What’s cool is that the Montage Beverly Hills Suite can be combined with two Garden Terrace Guestrooms and the Hollywood Suite to create a 5,000 sqft, 4-bedroom accommodation. Page 44 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is comprised of 285 guestrooms over 16 floors. There are 4 standard room types, and 9 suite types. What’s wild is the Suite Drive program. If you book one of their renovated suites at the regular room rate you can choose from a selection of their 17 luxury cars with no rental fee. The décor of the suites do vary, and the largest is the Presidential Suite East at 3,235 sqft on the 16th floor with 2 king bedrooms, 2 full marble bathrooms and a guest powder room with shower, a custom built kitchen and 8 walk-out balconies offering panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills and downtown Los Angeles. The Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills is an all-suite property, with roughly 30% of them being residential suites with 1,200 – 4,400 Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

sq. ft of space, 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2 -3 balconies, separate living room & dining table, kitchen, fireplaces, dressing room and business desk. The largest is The Presidential Suite, boasting up to 4,400 sqft, a formal 12-seat dining room, 5 balconies, a private home theater, study/ games-room, and a full kitchen. Standard studio suites range from 650-725 sq. ft. and feature a king-sized bed, business desk, sitting areas, dressing room, marble bathroom with tubs & stand-alone showers, and French door balconies. The décor of the lobby and lounge carries over to the guestrooms and hallways with textured wall coverings, bespoke artwork, and a beige, blue, grey, gold and bronze color palette, square motifs and leather & velvet seating. One of the room features Page 45 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

that I got to see in action which was near & dear to my heart was the vanity mirror in the suite’s dressing room that has lighting settings for indoor, outdoor & evening to aid in applying makeup. So helpful. I didn’t get to personally see rooms at the Four Seasons and the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills because they were fully booked during my tours, so it’s unfair to cast a vote, so I’ll just say that I’m leaning towards the Beverly Wilshire and Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills for modernity of room décor, The Peninsula for personal touch and the Four Seasons because who doesn’t love a luxury car being thrown in?!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 in our next issue!

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Page 47 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 48 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 49 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The cornerstone of our firm’s philosophy is that direct mail isn’t something that you can just purchase “off the rack.” That’s why we’ve developed a thorough, sequential process, designed to match the right mail with the right message, to the right targets, to win your unique race. Our approach has been honed through two decades of campaign experience in nearly every state across the country.


It starts by developing a plan. The hallmark of our approach is the development of a detailed mail plan. The mail plan is an analysis of your political environment based on current poling.

The plan presents our theory of the race by bringing together targeting data, election history. polling and a candidate’s personal profile to lay our messaging, targeting and our proposed mail pieces.


Through our work on the Obama campaigns, we redefined how to test the creative content of political mail. Designing the most detailed and rigorous history. Amongst competitor, our mail scored more top-testing pieces in every category tested– Medicare, Economy, Women's Health, and Education.And even though most campaigns will nto have the benefit o a roust internet testing program, we take the lessons learned and apply them to your race, improving the quality an effectiveness of mail for your campaign. Page 50 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E Magazine interviews Danielle Cendejas of The Strategy Group.

Who is Danielle Cendejas?

Tell us about The Strategy Group What is a Campaign Strategy? Page 51 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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By Jacqueline Cassel Page 52 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 53 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Love is such a powerful word. What is love really? And what does it mean to love? We often think of love as a euphoric feeling or intense affection for another that overtakes our entire being. Love extends far beyond romantic ardor and takes many forms. It is the essence of life. We enter this world as tiny bundles of love with so much creative energy and the innate knowledge that life is limitless. This fuels our dreams about who we want to become, what we want to do in life, or how we want to change the world. Then the construct of filters through which we perceive life begins. Parents, teachers and other role models tell us who we can be (or can’t be), what we can achieve (or not achieve). Most people fall into the trap of seeing themselves through the eyes of others. Our experiences change who we are and how we interact with others. We may learn, for example, that the universe is kind and loving, or we may be taught that it’s cold and lonely.

Page 54 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Throughout our personal experiences, we may begin to build walls around our heart for protection in order to avoid heartache or pain. We begin to live up to others’ expectations about what relationships look like. Many of us fear experiencing the deepest levels of unconditional love and avoid meaningful intimacy altogether. Many of us live a life filled with conditional love; requiring that it be earned. In order to release the shackles of conditional love and acceptance, we must first identify and then modify our belief systems. We must no longer normalize the very Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

without the need for anyone else’s approval. Achieving self -acceptance and love is the first step to attracting unconditional love into your own life. Choose to release negative emotions and preconceived notions about being alone. And once you learn to truly embrace your authentic self, you may just discover how much you enjoy the solitude of your own company. I cherish my personal time by investing it in activities such as running, writing, and meditating. Love is the most powerful manifesting energy in the universe. We sometimes forget that we are such amazingly powerful beings. It’s up to each of us to choose how and where we invest our energy every single day. feelings or emotions that leave us feeling empty, sad, or inadequate.

Steps to Achieving Unconditional Love Love Yourself Love is not something you pursue or find. Love is what you become. The journey to unconditional love and living fearlessly are two of humanity’s shared lessons. As long as you continue to seek someone else to make you feel loved or happy, you will continue to give your power away. You must feel whole and complete by yourself, Page 55 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Release Fear Choose to release fear and the desire to control others. Seriously, it’s all an illusion. The only control you have is over your own thoughts, emotions and choices. The most powerful work you can do now is to focus on your own enlightenment and ascension. You breathe life into whatever you focus your energies on, so I highly recommend you choose to invest in the outcomes you desire.

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Connect With Others

Discover new ways to connect with family and friends by putting your technology aside. Actively listen to what’s going on in their lives. Seek to understand their journey. Accept that the universe brings others into your life as lessons or blessings. Be open to connecting with new people with diverse backgrounds, outside of your current social circles. Enjoy the opportunity to explore your shared commonalities and learn from your differences. Serve as an advocate for inclusion and as a voice for the weak, lonely, and those cast aside. We each have a unique gift to share with the world. All lives matter in the greater web of consciousness.


Life is messy and is far from perfect. Mistakes are inevitable if we’re truly exploring the human experience. If you’re not making any mistakes, then you’re not truly living. Carrying anger, resentment, shame, and other low-vibrating emotions becomes quite heavy and burdensome. Observe how all this additional energetic baggage impacts your overall health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s time to let go of it all. This doesn’t mean forget that it happened, but releasing the toxic emotions and perhaps even the people or situations from your life will allow you to move forward in life.

Page 56 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

And, yes, you must even forgive yourself for choices you’ve made or for walking a path of indifference when you feel you should have done more. Every day is a fresh start to change your life.

Openness and Tolerance

Communication and an openness to observe a situation from someone else’s perspective are crucial to manifesting a world of peace and love. Last month I recommended hosting an event with an iconic female athlete to a leadership team I counsel. My proposal was met with a Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Upon re-reading his note, I was met with an immediate request to further discuss. We approached the conversation as two people seeking to understand one another. I pointed out the male dominance within the organization’s leadership team and how this sort of thinking was influencing their current strategy and customer base. We invested our energy into a productive and collaborative discussion regarding stereotypes, gender communication styles, and the importance of female leadership development within an organization. In situations ripe with unfamiliarity or misunderstanding, seek knowledge and embrace tolerance. Pushing beyond our comfort zone is where we experience our most growth.

Be Empathetic, Kind and Humble

lukewarm response thanking me for my creative ideas. It was suggested that such an event would only attract girls, whereas a group of male athletes has proven to be a return on investment. Several days earlier I listened to many of these same men ponder why the organization was experiencing such a declination in female enrollment. Hmm…I couldn’t possibly imagine why. Of course, I had to respond to the seemingly sexist email and call someone I’ve known and respected for a decade on the carpet for his remarks. So male athletes will attract girls and boys while female athletes will only attract girls? I went on to share the entire sports history and business acumen of this well-achieved woman. Page 57 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

When people disagree or argue, each person believes he or she is “right.” Embrace conscious leadership and learn about how your choices impact those around you and the broader world in which you live. Seek to understand another’s perspective or even concepts that you do not understand. Remember that whatever you give, you get in this life. Whether you refer to it as karma or the law of attraction, the energy you put out there comes back to you in some form. So, if you demonstrate empathy, kindness, and humility, the universe .

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

will manifest these types of people in your life. However, if you choose the side of opposing forces and demonstrate apathy, egoism, hate, or even indifference, you will continue to surround yourself with others who vibrate at the same frequency. This past week a parent approached me after our boys’ basketball game wanting me to know that one of the player’s family members had been asking for my name. During a game earlier in the week, he yelled something at the referee as my son was coming off the court. He was distraught when I turned around and looked at him. He wanted to apologize for any confusion and to clarify that his comment was solely directed at the referee. As we began to depart the event, an older gentleman stopped me and asked my name. Although I sensed his anxiety, he introduced himself and found the courage to personally apologize. He had been holding onto this guilt for nearly a week. I let him know it was okay and that I didn’t even recall the incident that had him so deeply troubled.

This story is a reminder of how we all perceive situations differently, which lead to misinterpretation, stress and anxiety. We are all human. The more we can

Page 58 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

demonstrate kindness and humility to others, the more we allow our inner light to illuminate the darkness.

Be Vulnerable Even though people are more “connected” than ever with technology and social media, most people feel lonelier than ever before. I observe when couples and friends are at dinner or an event. Usually one or more people are texting or are on social media posting status updates. I even had to put a stop to my own teenagers who can be sitting next to each other messaging and gaming instead of talking. This alternate reality of pre-scripted (or edited) messaging and a mirage of photoshop apps are not reflective of real life. Communicating through a technology Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

for help with something that impacts my entire life. I had to make myself vulnerable in a way that I had never experienced before. It literally brought me to tears when my ex-husband was there for me. When we change, the world changes. Life is limitless and you have to believe in the power of love. Whatever you do, keep moving forward on the path to vibrational ascension. You are a being of love and light.

Be the Light that Illuminates the Darkness

Enlightenment is the only path to unconditional love and healing humanity. Invest your energy into self-discovery and seeking answers from within. How can we build a life filled with unconditional love in the current global state of affairs?

filter literally shields people from being truly vulnerable. Open your heart to giving and receiving authentic love. Putting up your emotional walls may block the bad from coming in, but it also blocks the good. It only leaves you further isolated.Being vulnerable and understanding that we are all connected is what life is all about. And for those of us who think we can do it alone, the universe will continue to send life lessons that require us to ask for help. I am an extremely independent and selfsufficient woman. For years, I felt that asking for help was as sign of weakness. Or perhaps worse, I feared I would ask and no one would answer. This past week, I had to ask Page 59 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

ď Ź

As you illuminate the darkness by sharing your own inner light, you unconsciously give permission to others to do the same.

ď Ź

Remember to set boundaries delineating what you accept into your life and what you choose to walk away from. This may mean sharing your convictions. This may mean walking away from friends or family who attempt to shame you for your values. Or this may simply translate into taking the high road, allowing the universe to deal with the matter. Remember, karma never loses an address. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Women continue to have tremendous spending power even with the gender wage gap in the United States. Although sources vary, most reveal that women influence up to 80% of purchases. So for all of us women, this means you have the choice to purchase from companies who possess your shared values.

Be true to yourself and the humanity within you by making moral and conscience-based choices. Consciously avert fear or anger. If we expect the best in people, they will give us their best. If we expect the worst, they will show us their worst.

Speak your truth in a peaceful and co demeanor in order for others to l

Speak your truth in a peaceful and compassionate demeanor in order for others to listen to you. Think of when you and a significant partner have a heated argument, do either of you truly listen to the other’s perspective when emotions run high? What we resist, persists. So invest your energy into building the new and

Page 60 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

releasing the past. Manifest venues that support authenticity, love, compassion, dance and equality rather than fight an illusion. 

Lead by example not by opinion. Energy is attached to every expressed emotion; even written communications. Argumentative posts on social media fall short of convincing others to change their perspective or position. As an empath, I actually feel an overwhelming variety of low-vibrating Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

meditate and release all that keeps you shackled to lowvibrating emotions and blocking love from your life. If every person focuses on his or her own successful journey to unconditional love, we will truly change the world; one soul at a time. Perhaps the universe is preparing us for a much larger event. What could bring a divided humanity together in one fell swoop? Natural disasters? Verifiable truth for all to see that we are not alone in this universe? We are far more alike than we are different. We are all in this together no matter our race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or age.

ompassionate to you. emotions, such as anger, fear, frustration, and hate, in all of the political rhetoric. It simply breeds more of the same.

Fear breeds more fear. Anger breeds more anger. Hate breeds more hate. Only love manifests love Only unconditional love destroys fear, anger, and hate.  Your

life (or outer world) is a direct reflection of your inner world. The most powerful choice you can do is to turn inward. Pray,

Page 61 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

So, what is love and what does it mean to love? Love is seeing beyond this world’s illusions to embrace the sacredness of life. It is the essence of every living being. In order to manifest a life filled with unconditional love, you must first become love.

Whether your are interested in learning more about why we journey, the concept of vibrational ascension or about how to manifest a life filled with love…I can help.

Jacqueline Cassel

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Page 62 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 63 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 64 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 65 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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If you’re wondering what the right answer is, well, money ranks right up there with oxygen. If you have no oxygen, you cannot survive. If you have no money, you cannot survive either, because most everything we need to sustain life besides oxygen, requires money. So why is it that such an important subject such as Financial Literacy not taught in school? Well, I cannot speak for the individuals who create the school’s curriculum but as a financial expert, I would like to share with you the 10 simple secrets to financial literacy regardless of your age or economic status.

Pay Yourself First. As long as you have income, regardless of how much it is, you should always save at least 10% of your net income. You should first build up your liquid savings account to cover at least 8 months of expenses. Then once that is built up, then start funding your retirement account. As a realist, I know that 10% may not be possible for some people, but you must set aside at least a small portion and make a commitment to never to use this money saved up, unless it’s a real emergency. If you keep making excuses as to why you cannot save, then you can go on

Page 66 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

for decades without ever saving a dime. Then if you ever lose your job or get into a financial bind, there will not be an emergency fund to hold you over until you recover from your financial set-back.

Spend less than you make (Budgeting) it may sound like I’m preaching common sense, but this is the main reason why people get into debt that they find difficult to get out of. First, you need to write down exactly how much your monthly net income is, then deduct your fixed expenses such as: your 10% savings, rent, mortgage, insurance, utility bills, loan payments, food, gas, etc. You should also set aside a fixed amount of money each month for entertainment and discretionary Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

spending and stick to that same amount every month. Then, what you have left over can be used to increase the contribution in your retirement account or to save for a long-term goal such as purchasing your first home, an investment property or business you’ve always dreamed of having.

Avoid paying unnecessary fees such as overdraft fees One of the main mistakes consumers make with today’s technology is to rely solely on your online banking to check your most up to date balance. The problem with that is, your pending charges may not always immediately register which will distort the

Page 67 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

amount of the available balance. Hence, if you did not write down what you had spent over the course of the day, you may think you have more money than you actually have. So, if you swipe that debit card again, it will overdraw your account, triggering a hefty overdraft fee or fees depending on how many times you attempt to use your card after you were already overdrawn. The only way to avoid this type of confusion is to always keep a manual running log of how much money you spent and therefore, you will know exactly how much money you have left over in your account at any given moment. Make sure you also keep track of those automatic monthly debit transactions to ensure you’ll have enough funds on the day it is scheduled to be debited.

Eliminate the habit of eating out Brown Bag your lunch instead of eating out every day, just because you have a habit of doing so. With today’s high cost of eating out, one meal at a restaurant can equal 3 days’ worth of groceries. On the other hand, when shopping for groceries or household necessities, try going to the store once a week. Not only are you going to save yourself some time and gasoline, but you’re less likely to spontaneously spend money on merchandise that catch your attention at the store, but don’t really need.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Use Cash Only instead of Credit Cards One of the best ways to better understand the value of your money is to go back to putting cash in separate envelopes allocated for each category of expenses. This strategy will help you spend less because once you run out of cash, then you’ll either have to go with less expensive alternatives or get creative in order for you to stay on budget. On the other hand, when you’re armed with a credit card, you’ll most likely spend above your allocated budget thinking you’ll just pay for it later.

Be practical when shopping When shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, etc., be more practical and don’t just settle for the name brand or the more expensive item because you think it must be better quality given that it’s more expensive. Regardless of how much you spend, you may get tired of wearing the same thing or carrying the same purse for years. Therefore, it’s not really practical for you to spend 5X’s the amount of money when you can purchase something similar for less, if you’re going to end up donating it to charity in 3 months anyways. For the ladies, I’m sure there are stuff in your closet you spent quite a lot of money for that you probably only wore once or twice and haven’t touched in years ever since.

Page 68 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Maintain your health by eating healthy and exercising Doctor and Hospital Bills are one of the biggest reasons why people go bankrupt. It doesn’t matter how much those bills end up to be, the billing department still expects you to pay it off in a timely manner. Otherwise, it will end up in the collections department which will adversely affect your credit which you’ve spent your entire life trying to keep clean. The best way to avoid going to the doctor or hospital for illnesses is to be diligent in getting your regular checkups, eating healthy and staying physically fit.

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By focusing on the one with the lowest balance first will give you that sense of accomplishment much sooner when you do pay it off. It will then motivate you even more to get the others paid off by allocating the money you used to pay off the first one towards the second one, which will help you pay off the second one faster, creating a snowball effect. For each of the credit cards you pay off, you can continue to build up the amount you used to pay off the other credit cards towards the remaining ones. By using this strategy, you will clear off all of your debt much faster.

Make the most of your credit score

Maintain Proper Insurance Always make sure your payments are made on time for your home, auto and health insurance or life insurance. There is nothing worse than realizing your insurance lapsed when you actually need it. Of course, you may not need your insurance for long periods of time but having them in effect will give you the peace of mind you need to live a relaxed and stress-free life.

Pay off your credit card with the lowest balance If you do have balances on multiple credit cards, I suggest you first pay off the one with the lowest balance first. Page 69 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Achieving the best credit score can help you save a great deal of money on interest when shopping for a major purchase such as a car or home. In order to maximize your fico score, there are five different areas with different weightings that you can collectively work on to improve your score. Payment History – 35% of your score is calculated based on whether or not you pay your bills on time. Getting those bills paid on time is extremely crucial in maintaining good credit Ratio of balances to your credit limit – 30% of your credit is based on the ratio of the amount of money you owe to the actual credit limit. With installment loans, it is the ratio of the loan balance to what the original principal is. The most important aspect is to make sure

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

you try to keep your credit utilization to 30% or less for each revolving credit account. 

Length of credit history – 15% of your score is based on the length of time you’ve had the credit. The longer the trade line has been in existence, the better your score will be. Therefore, if you want to close a credit card account, close the one you’ve had the least amount of time. Types of credit – 10% of your score is based on the types of trade lines you have. The more diversified your credit mix, the better. For example, the three main types of loans are: mortgages, installment loans credit such as a (i.e. auto and student loans) and revolving credit cards. If you only have an installment loan, then it’s a good idea to go get yourself a credit card as

Page 70 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

well. You can avoid paying any interest on the credit card by just paying off your balance when you receive the bill. Keep in mind, if you have a credit card that gives you rewards, you’ll reap an extra benefit. Avoid too many inquiries – 10% of your score is based on the amount of new credit you have. Avoid applying for new credit unless you have to. If in the case you’ve been turned down a couple of times for credit, do not keep applying because the more inquiries on the report, the lower your score will become. Instead, get yourself a free credit report and see Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

what’s on it that’s affecting your credit by going to www.annualcreditreport.com . You are entitled to receive a free credit report once a year. If you find out about some debts you still owe from long ago, contact the creditor to negotiate a settlement. By removing the negatives on the report will significantly increase your score.

Make a commitment in 2017 to follow these simple steps towards financial literacy and you’ll be surprised how much better you will feel by eliminating your financial stress.

Page 71 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Now Airing on WBTVN.TV

Contact Katie Katie O’s Food Carnival, 108 W. Germania Place, Chicago, IL 60610 Email Katie@ktofoodcarnival.com* Phone 312 787 01490 Website: ww Page 72 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

About Katie Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is famous for her over the top culinary designs, complex and layered flavor profiles, global range, and creativity. Katie’s weekly TV show “Katie O’s Food Carnival” features inspired living and culinary adventures. Her variety show like segments keep viewers constantly entertained, with interesting guests, exciting food, and insider culinary tips.

ww.ktofoodcarnival.com Page 73 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Follow your passion, focus on your goals, and ignore the critics

AxoGen’s CEO Karen Zaderej divulges her secre

Page 74 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

ets to success

Page 75 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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With only about 4 percent of healthcare companies headed by women, AxoGen’s President and CEO Karen Zaderej knows that leadership in the sector can require some special skills and resources. She has spearheaded the growth of this rapidly emerging life science company through a reverse merger, several follow-on equity and debt financings and multiple product launches, and the company’s stock price has tripled in over the past two years. But building a platform for success at AxoGen was not easy. She worked tirelessly to keep the company afloat during the recession and made some tough decisions to build a successful future. Meanwhile her support for innovation has positioned AxoGen’s products to play lead roles in historic advances in the repair of injured nerves.

Born to Lead Given that AxoGen is based out of Alachua, FL, just outside of Gainesville and the University of Florida, I am often asked by students what classes they should take to help prepare to be CEO someday. This question always amuses me; there really is no one class or concentration that can prepare someone for this role. No one could have prepared me for the many challenges I have encountered in the corporate world. But one thing has been clear: success in business is a direct result of hard work, delivering solid results, creating a vision people want to

Page 76 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

follow, and recognizing the talent necessary to pull it off. There are also some inherent characteristics in my personality that I believe have contributed to my success: I’m extremely goal oriented and driven, I have conviction in my decisions, and I don’t always listen to critics. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a leader, but I never expected to become a CEO. I wanted a career that would allow me to help people and contribute to society in a way that would make a positive difference in people’s lives. I have always been passionate about healthcare and medical technology. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Most surgeons repair severed or damaged nerves by harvesting and transplanting part of a healthy nerve from another part of the patient’s body. This requires patients to have a second surgery to harvest the nerve tissue, presenting additional risks as well as pain and trauma for patients. AxoGen provides surgeons and their patients with a different option for nerve repair using specially processed tissue that can be implanted to repair the nerve.

Secrets to Success

I followed these passions throughout my career, and ended up at AxoGen about a decade ago. Working at AxoGen is a great fit for me because every day I feel that I am doing something worthwhile. We provide surgeons with solutions to repair and protect peripheral nerves during surgery. More than 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral nerve injuries caused by aging or trauma in their hands, arms, legs and feet. These injuries often occur from car accidents or incidents with tools or knives, in agriculture and industrial settings. These can also occur in our military personnel who are injured in combat. These injuries continue to represent a very large area of unmet need in healthcare. Page 77 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

When I first became CEO of AxoGen, I met with a group of investors in one of our financing rounds. They refused to invest with us because they did not feel comfortable investing in a company led by a woman. It was an example of the reaction I have heard other women CEOs in healthcare say they have experienced, and another example of the unique challenges that women CEOs can face. I have always tried to ignore unwarranted criticism and move forward. And I worked aggressively to put together a senior team that would work shoulder to shoulder with me to achieve our goals for AxoGen. Without a supportive team and courage in my convictions, I would not be CEO of a successful healthcare company. My success can also be attributed to my mentors, who over the years have provided me with invaluable professional advice. It has been extremely beneficial to have people I could turn to as a sounding

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board and resource for guidance in my career. And while I have been CEO at AxoGen for several years, I am still learning from my mentors. I met one of my mentors, a seasoned industry leader who has launched several healthcare companies, when he decided early in his career to start collecting talent, the best and brightest in the industry. Little did I realize at that time that I was one of those people. We would meet for lunch every few months, and he provided me with many great insights that helped to shape my career trajectory. Any time I made a professional decision I would seek out his expertise, and I still reach out to him regularly. Not enough young people either find or are lucky to be found by a good mentor. While it is important to seek advice, it is also essential to develop good instincts and then follow them. Early in my career I took a major risk and left a large healthcare company where I had worked for several years. I left behind great opportunities for job growth to pursue my dream to create a business and do something new and interesting in healthcare. But when I told my mentor my plans, he warned me that it would be a mistake. He suggested that it might be very challenging to find a leadership position at a good company or to attract the capital we would need to succeed,

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because I had only worked in larger companies. And while I had no experience being a CEO, nor even a clear path to accomplish my goal, my instincts told me that this was the right decision. I knew I wanted to run a company and did not let anything stop me. In 2004 I launched my own company, and began doing consulting work with small companies to prove I had the capability to be successful. That’s how I met Jamie M. Grooms, the founder of AxoGen. I thought he had contacted me to discuss consulting work, but our meeting turned out to be a job interview. We hit it off, and the rest is history. In hindsight, I now recognize that my efforts to build my skills in management and Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

and have often been in position to provide them with helpful advice and support. Above all else, it is most important to be passionate about your job. My time is valuable and I want to spend it doing something I feel is worthwhile. Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by peripheral nerve injury, but not everyone knows that there are products, such as ours, that can help. I wake up every day and know that our work at AxoGen is improving the lives of thousands of people affected by nerve damage every year.

The Bigger the Risk, the Bigger the Reward business planning at the start of my career were important steps. My first few jobs out of college provided me with a diverse, crossfunctional foundation that gave me a broad perspective on how an organization should function to be successful. Networking is also essential, yet largely undervalued. It can be a challenge to leave your comfort zone and take the steps necessary to make new connections. But these contacts play a critical role in providing guidance and additional contacts that can be essential to your own and your company’s growth. Over the years, I have maintained a great group of professional contacts who have all helped me to succeed—and I’m proud to say I now call these people friends Page 79 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Risks are a necessary evil in business. Without taking risks, it’s easy to remain stagnant. You can lose your competitive edge and fall behind. It is always a good idea to proceed with caution, but once you weigh your options and make a decision, it’s important to take action. The economic recession that began in 2008 was a bleak time for most of us, but it was especially so for many small life science companies. Many of us were forced to make difficult decisions to stay afloat, including slimming our workforce and keeping only our essential talent on board. At one point during this period, AxoGen was down to only three sales representatives and we had to put our entire product

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development program into hibernation. Although these decisions were tough, they were essential to safeguard our future. Today I’m proud to say that our actions have positioned us for new levels of growth and success. We are now up to 51 sales representatives and are continuing to expand our product portfolio. In November 2016 we announced the launch of a new product: the first clinical implant of Avive™ Soft Tissue Membrane, which is made of minimally processed human umbilical cord membrane. This product helps to reduce inflammation and scar tissue, a common issue that can occur during surgery. Moving AxoGen into the public market was also a considerable risk. But I had trust in the company and in the quality of our products, and felt confident that the market would recognize our value. We needed the financial strength from a stock offering to continue to expand our portfolio. Our stock price has tripled over the past two years, we were added to the Russell 2000 index in

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June of this year, and we were recently included on Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500 for the third year in a row. We expect total revenue for 2016 to exceed $40 million.

Looking Ahead My goal for the years ahead is to continue to expand the company’s focus on market development and innovation. We are investing in new technology applications and new products for peripheral nerve repair to reach this goal. And once again, the resources that have guided our success thus far – from my mentors and network of industry contacts to our outstanding leadership team at AxoGen – will be essential elements in our progress. We will always keep our eyes on the ultimate goal – to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients affected by peripheral nerve damage around the world. i

D. Grinsell and C. P. Keating, “Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction after Injury: A Review of Clinical and Experimental Therapies,” BioMed Research International, vol. 2014;1-13

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By Karen Zaderej President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, AxoGen

Ms. Zaderej joined AxoGen in May 2006. She has served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of AxoGen, Inc. since September 2011. Karen has served as Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of Directors of AxoGen Corporation since May 2010. Prior to her current role, she served as Chief Operating Officer from October 2007 to May 2010 and as Vice President of Marketing and Sales from May 2006 to October 2007. From October 2004 to May 2006, Karen worked for Zaderej Medical Consulting, a consulting firm she founded, which assisted medical device companies build and execute successful commercialization plans. From 1987 to 2004, Karen worked at Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, where she held senior positions in marketing, business development, research & development, and manufacturing. Karen is a Director of SEBio, a non-profit supporting the life science industry in the southeastern United States. Karen has a MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.

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Speaker, Author, Radio and Television Show Host. Page 82 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Why is it important for women to understand the Process of Advocacy and policy creation?

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What Does it mean to move from Protest to Policy? Page 83 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Part of a Health and Wellness series by Page 86 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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y Dr. Joanny Lui Page 87 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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You got a dream. You went as far as creating a goal out of it. You learnt long ago that dreams die on the table unless you go out and do something about it. That’s one giant step to take. You’re obsessed with the goal as thoughts about it wind and unwind in your mind. You can’t shake it. You know this is the real thing. You want it bad. But how bad do you really want it?

Write It Down! There’s something energetic or spiritual – I don’t know better words to use. But writing makes things real. Getting whatever it is, out of your mind, and onto paper seems to make it more real. You can hold the sheet of paper or notebook. You can look at it. You can read it aloud. The more you look at it and the more you repeat your goal, the more real it becomes and the more YOU BELIEVE in it!

It’s all psychological. Anything that was ever created was created because someone thought of it. Now I believe that different people will get the same idea, maybe not simultaneously, but the same thought will occur to more than one person. The question is who was brave enough to FOLLOW through with the idea? Merely having the idea isn’t enough, right?

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You still have to bring the idea into creation, into reality. Could that person be you?

You! Yes, you! You were born and put on this world for a reason. Napoleon Hill says we’re all here to be successful, yet so many don’t or won’t be successful. Why? Because the majority of people are failures.Yes, failures. They’re failures because they fail to act or they act but they QUIT too soon. Holding onto your Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

that keep us going. “So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” ~ Matthew 17:20 (NKJV) "It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes life worth living." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes (18091894) So that we’re on the same page, I’d like to give you some definitions.

Here are the first two ingredients

dream and trying one way to get there is a good thing. When the first obstacle comes along, what do you do? Do you try to overcome it? Go through it? Go around it? Or do you admit defeat (so soon!) and quit?

Five Ingredients Again being a quitter, a loser, a failure, is psychological. You don’t become a failure unless you quit. And plenty people do. They become failures because they lack five things Page 89 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. \You faith in a lot of things. You have faith that when the sun will rise in the morning. You have faith that it will set in the evening. You have faith that you will arrive at work or school safely. You just don’t question it. Now do you have that same kind of faith in yourself? Belief is defined as an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Belief is a bit trickier than faith. Faith, as I see it, is an unshakeable belief in something or someone. But where did you get your beliefs? You can question your

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beliefs. It’s a good idea to question your beliefs about yourself. Namely the ones that make you feel small and insignificant. We all have them, to some degree, in many cases, to a large degree. Did they come from your parents or your teachers? Are they really experts of you? Actually, faith is unshakeable belief. "People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success." ~ Norman Vincent Peale If you want something, you must believe that it can happen.

The third ingredient is hope. Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. In order to achieve, you must have hope. People who lose hope will give up. People who are sick and give up will die. Deaths do not happen out of the blue. They happen on purpose.

Hope is required for success because pessimists will only see the problems and the obstacles. They will see them as

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insurmountable and they will give up hope. They quit. Yes, you’ll see the obstacles too, but you’ll be much more resilient. You’ll see ways around the obstacles and get beyond them.

The fourth ingredient is trust. Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Trusting yourself is very important. You develop trust in yourself when you gain confidence in something and you see yourself being successful doing it. You become more emboldened to try other new things. You may not be good at it, but you’ve added some variety in Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

There is no reason to stay down for long, as long as there is hope, faith, trust and belief in oneself.

There you have it: faith, belief, hope, trust, and enthusiasm. Many people quit because they lack not just one of these but several of these, at the same time. Any of these can be hard to sustain. How to sustain them must start with the right goal. And how do you know if it’s the right goal? It’s the enthusiasm that it creates when you think about it. In fact, if you’re obsessed with it, you know this is the right idea for you. Now, to keep momentum going you must have faith in what you’re doing.

your routine and by the way, your brain loves learning and doing new things. You follow your intuition. The more you do, the more you trust your intuition – and therefore yourself. And lastly, the fifth ingredient is enthusiasm, which is defined as intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. Enthusiasm is a form of happiness. Enthusiasm is infectious. It gives you energy. Any truly good feeling will give you energy. So many people walk around slouched, head down. They lack energy. But energy is everywhere. Page 91 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Success in anything is psychological but you must be ready to do whatever it takes (without breaking the laws of the land!) In order to never allow pessimism to darken your mind, you must be very aware of the things you’re thinking. You know this by how you feel: tiredness, fatigue, discouraged, sadness, etc. Then you know your mind is straying over to the negative. You must remember why this goal is so important to you. If it’s the right goal, you’ll be influenced by it and be inspired again.

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This is the ONLY way to maintain your vision and your focus.

Just Do It! Here are the steps to follow: Dare to dream. Dare to set a goal for that dream. Write down the goal.  Write it down in the present tense like you have it already. The reason for doing this really comes down to this. You can act only in the present. You can’t act in the past or in the future. But you can act on it right now, today. 

Say it out loud to yourself and try different ways to say it until it sounds right to you.

Write down a plan with the steps to achieve that goal. Know that plans are living things and the “how” is going to change because new information will arrive. New people and resources will come into your life.

If you are of two minds, that is, one minute you’re enthusiastic and believing and the next minute, you’re afraid and doubtful, then unfortunately the NEGATIVE mind will dominate. So, you must absolutely guard against the negativity and nip it in the bud. To nip the negativity, you must become much more aware of your

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feelings As soon as you feel yourself feeling unhappy, nervous, angry, etc, you must turn your thoughts to the goal. You must remind yourself of your ultimate goal and get excited about it. It’s natural to feel some fear about doing something special. After all you’ve never done it before! But you’ve done big new things before and you got through to the end with what you wanted! Now you’re just that much more aware of what you’re doing. I encourage you to know yourself well. Go for whatever it is you want. It’ll require courage, but the right resources and people will come along to help you on your path. They surely will! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Know someone suffering from a concussion or Post Concussion Syndrome? Skeptical about the passive total rest “treatment?” Pick up Dr. Joanny’s best seller, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game at http://bit.do/ HealYourConcussion.

An international best selling author of the book, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game, speaker, physician and brain expert, Dr. Joanny Liu is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine and Chinese Sports Psychology. She has appeared on FOX TV, NBC, CTV and Global TV and has been quoted by ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The Boston Globe and the Miami Herald. One of Dr. Joanny’s major strengths is her deep understanding of the connection between one’s psychology and physiology, the defining criteria for successful living. She is well known for comprehensive solutions that create the expected results. Page 93 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A New Entertainment Series by ToraN Page 94 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Nado, Owner: StormVibes Radio-DJ/Live Show Host. Page 95 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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For me, there are two, rather than 3 guiding principles to my action plan: to instill hope, and bring about reform. Now of course, in practical terms, how do we achieve that? The key to instilling hope, particularly in Liberia lies in education. Literacy rates are shockingly low, what naturally follows from that is being chained to the status quo; lack of progress, opportunity, and one’s ability to help oneself. The economy works for only a handful of the total population, which then puts in to jeopardy the human right of access - access to welfare, healthcare, industry, and even what would be considered elsewhere as a rudimentary basic; electricity. When one considers all those factors, any worthwhile action plan MUST include Education, healthcare, electricity, landownership reform and decentralization of government.

2. Those with the honor and responsibility of being a Government official, not just in Liberia but further afield too, often don't naturally connect the idea that not doing the right thing in terms of policy and economically can lead to clear human rights violations. Poverty, lack of infrastructure, poor economy as well as inadequately or inefficiently appropriated government funds can lead to failures in basic rights. That's why my mandate will be to tackle these key issues. I believe in protecting the life and liberty of each citizen. Not simply in the key and critical areas of healthcare and education, but also in upholding the idea that my personal jurisdiction stops at the door of everyone's home. As a Christian, I do believe in the human rights of the LBGT community, Muslims and any other groups whose lifestyles I do not personally practice. I believe in human rights FOR all and IN all.

3. My vision for women is to turn around what is today the norm of marginalization. My vision is empowerment of women. I want to help bring more and more examples of what women can aspire to, change the perception of what is possible for them. This all comes back to the principle of hope, and how important this ideal is for all Liberians, particularly women, and young children coming of age in this new era. My vision is for them to become an active part of this change, paving the way for generations to come. Page 97 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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. Page 99 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Campochiarenti winery is situated just east of San Gimignano in the Chianti Colli Senesi district, i.e. very close to Siena, which is a district facing the Chianti Classico district. I first tasted their wines a couple of years ago, at a wine event, and since then I have gotten to know the owner Daniele Rosti better. He was a guest at my WinesOfItaly LiveStream a year ago, and last autumn I also visited his winery.

A bit of history The Campochiarenti estate dates back to the end of the 10th century when the estate church, Saint Nicholas, was built. This church was mentioned in an official document with the Pope’s signature, a socalled bulla pontificalis, already in the 11th century. The importance of the Campochiarenti estate and its church increased during the coming centuries. Due to its location, in between San Gimignano and Poggibonsi it was, however, affected by the fights between Guelphs and Ghibellines. During the 14th and 15th centuries, San Gimignano entered a period of problems and decline with the occurrence of the black plague and famine. These events forced San Gimignano to turn itself over to Florence and becoming dependent on their financial aid. They furthermore had to hand over their political autonomy. The area around San Gimignano has had a turbulent history, also being bombarded much further on

Page 102 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

during World War II. It is in the middle of this interesting past, that the Campochiarenti estate is located. Today, the family of Daniele Rosti are the owners. Daniele runs the winery together with his brother

Emanuele.Chianti vs Chianti Classico Chianti and Chianti Classico are two very different wine denominations and areas in Tuscany. Chianti Classico is well-known for its by now classical trademark, namely the Black Rooster. The Chianti district that we will focus Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Chianti wines can still be produced with the addition of white grapes up to a limit of 10%. The only exception here is Chianti Colli Senesi, where after 2015 white grapes such as Trebbiano and Malvasia no longer can be used. According to the regulation, Chianti Colli Senesi wines need to be produced with at least 75% Sangiovese grapes. Other native grapes in Tuscany such as Colorino, Canaiolo Nero, and Ciliegiolo can be used for the remaining 25%. International grapes can be used up to a limit of 10%.

The Campochiarenti estate

on here, is divided into 7 different sub-zones: Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colli Senesi, Colline Pisane, Montalbano, Rufina, and Montespertoli. The Consorzio Vino Chianti was founded in 1927 and has since then been safeguarding and regulating the processes for the production of Vino Chianti. One of the noteworthy differences between Chianti and Chianti Classico wines is that Chianti Classico wines since 1996 no longer can contain white grapes, but instead up to 15% of red international grapes. Page 103 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The entire estate comprises 123 acres though only about 34 acres are vineyards. It is, as I mentioned above, situated in the middle of the Chianti Colli Senesi district. On the other side of the hill, facing the estate vineyards, lies the Chianti Classico area and its sub-zone Castellina in Chianti. The peculiar thing, that Daniele told us about here, is that the soil in his vineyards consists of clay and fossil shells as this part more than 3 million years ago, was the bottom of the sea. On the other side of the hill, in the Chianti Classico area, they have a mountain landscape where the soil is completely different. They both cultivate Sangiovese, but with very different results.

The wines They produce the following winers: Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, Dorato IGT Toscana, Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG, Chianti Colli Senesi

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Riserva DOCG, Vivi IGT Toscana Rosso, and Vin Santo del Chianti. The Vivi IGT Toscana Rosso is a very dear wine to Daniele and his brother Emanuele, as they have named it after their mother. It is a Super Tuscan style wine, with a blend of 50% Sangiovese, 35% Merlot, and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. It was awarded for its excellence in New York in 2012. Their Vin Santo del Chianti is just fantastic. We tasted a bottle from 2003 which had notes of almonds, dry apricots, dry melon, a bit acidlike honey, and it was very mineral. Here I will talk more in detail about their Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti Colli Senesi wines.

Vernaccia - The Chablis di San Gimignano The Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a white wine with a long history that can be dated back to the 12th century. The first mention of the Vernaccia in a document seems to have been in 1276, though, in the Ordinamento della Gabella in the San Gimignano municipality. The Vernaccia wine was already by then a profitable commerce. It was a wine treasured by kings, popes, as well as the rich merchants. It has been mentioned in literature by famous authors and poets such as Cecco Angiolieri, Dante, Boccaccio,

Page 104 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Franco Sacchetti, Deschamps, and Chaucer. Furthermore, it was the favorite wine of wellknown families such as the Medici and Guicciardini Strozzi. The name Vernaccia is believed to stem from the word Vernazza, which means embarcation or loading area. The Vernaccia was the first white wine to be awarded the DOC denomination in Italy in 1966. However, the Consortium of the Vernaccia was founded only in 1972 and later on it Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Vernaccia produced by Campochiarenti At Campochiarenti, the Vernaccia vines are around 25-30 years old and the grapes are always handpicked. The grapes are soft pressed in the winery into a juice that then undergoes a slow fermentation process at a low temperature. The Vernaccia has a very good aging potential even though the wine is often released to the market as fast as possible to be profitable. At Campochiarenti they try to age their Vernaccia wine a bit longer thus only commercializing it after one year. They do not produce any Riserva as they do not want to age the wine in oak. They only use steel vats to better enhance the flavors and the characteristics of the terroir. They want to enhance the aromas of ripe, dry fruit and smoked notes that come with the aging. We noted these changes when tasting the three vintages 2014, 2011, and 2009. At the palate, you could feel hints of minerality and saltiness. This is an enjoyable wine that you can pair with a wide range of dishes, such as cold cuts, fish, white meat, or even Asian or fusion changed name to Consorzio della Denominazione San Gimignano. In 1993, it gained the DOCG denomination. The Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG should, according to the regulation, contain a minimum of 85% of Vernaccia grapes and max 15% of other, non-aromatic, white grapes cultivated in Tuscany. It can contain a max of 10% of the grape varieties Sauvignon and Riesling. Page 105 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive


Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG If we start by talking a bit about the winemaking process, the grapes for the Chianti Colli Senesi wines are fermented in cement at Campochiarenti winery. Daniele explained that cement tanks transmit a lower coefficient of heat and are, therefore, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Anteprima of the Consorzio Vino Chianti a couple of weeks ago, see here. Some concluding words Campochiarenti winery is situated beautifully in the Tuscan countryside close to San Gimignano. You have a stunning view of the surrounding hills standing in front of the small church on their property. Would you want to visit the winery, you can contact Daniele Rosti via Twitter @Campochiarenti or via their website.

My Wine Story

suitable for the fermentation process. In that way, you can have a longer maceration on the grape skins. After fermentation and maceration, the wine is aged in oak barrels for 69 months. The Riserva is aged in large oak barrels for 36-40 months. The Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG 2011 has the typical red fruits and slightly floral notes, as well as tertiary notes of ripe figs and persimmon. The tannins are elegant and smooth. In the Riserva 2008, you can feel the longer aging in oak barrels making it into a fullbodied wine and much more smooth and elegant. The notes of fruit tend more towards marmalade or fruit liqueur. I talked with Daniele about the 2016 vintage at the Page 106 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

My interest in wine has always been there throughout my years in Italy, however it was only roughly 5 years ago that I decided to try out a sommelier course. I had seen an advertisement on Facebook about the local Fisar course in the center of Florence, and I thought it sounded very exciting. (Fisar is one of the Italian sommelier associations and they organize courses where you get accredited as a sommelier.) Therefore, I convinced a friend to come with me, even though she actually didn’t drink much and still does not. This turned out to be one of the best ideas I have had in recent years, as it brought us to discover a new and fascinating world of oenology, wine history, wine tastings, and much more. It all lead us to continue the course, attending all three levels in one sweep. For about three years now, I have been a sommelier and it is a genuinely fulfilling passion where you learn something new and meet interesting people in the Italian wine world almost every day.Fresh as a sommelier, I started elaborating my idea about combining wine and translation. Together with some fellow sommeliers from Fisar and a British translator colleague, we developed the concept Words & Wine. This one-day seminar on wine terminology in Italian and English was held in Florence nearly 3 years ago. I continued to develop this wine and terminology concept to

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better fit a translator-dominated audience together with a couple of translator colleagues, changing the course name to Words at the Winery. The first of these seminars was held at the wine estate Il Borro (near Arezzo) in June 2014. In the autumn of 2014, we organized another Words at the Winery seminar at the winery Feudi di San Gregorio, near Avellino. During last year, I held smaller informal mini-courses about wine in Tuscany and a wine tasting every now and then together with my fellow sommelier, Nadia Padrin, and for Fisar Firenze. At the moment, I am working on putting together a new seminar on wine terminology in English for translators and people in the wine and tourism sector. Page 107 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Connect with Katarina Blog: Grapevine Adventures

http://www.grapevineadventures.com/ Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/ricasoli99 Handle: ricasoli99 Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/ thekatarinaandersson/ Name handle: thekatarinaandersson Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ KatarinaAnderssonTranslations/ LinkedIn https://it.linkedin.com/in/katarinaandersson-54345233 Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/ +KatarinaAndersson Pinterest https://it.pinterest.com/andersson1377/ Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Lobster, Crab and Shrimp 7 to 10 oz. Lobster 10 oz. Crab 8 Lrg Shrimp 1/2 cup dice Onions 1/3 cup slice Celery 1/3 cup Red Bell Pepper, small dice 4 cloves Garlic 2/3 cup cut Okra 2 cup Rice, long grain 2 tbs Gumbo Filet Salt & Pepper to taste A lil heat is necessary so I prefer habanero it has a nice pic-up and adds a delightful flavor. Cooking Time: 45 mins to 1 hour

Page 111 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Cooking Preparations:

Clean all seafood, place skewers through shrimp to prevent curling, season and pan seared just to turn color, remove from heat and rest to the set aside, peel and slice lengthwise in half. Sauté onions, celery, then add red bell peppers, garlic and habaneros Add Gumbo Filet into 6 quarts of fresh water placed on med-hi heat with sauté veggies boil till reduced stirring as sauce is reducing to about 4 qt. Add okra and continue to simmer Slowly incorporated Seafoods Simmer just to marry flavors Cook rice to finish Let's Plate" Bon Appetite -Chef Mitch Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Feng Shui

By Sherry Burton Ways, IFDA,IFSG, Interior Environ Page 112 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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nment Consultant

Page 113 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Usually, where is money made? Office or rather, your workspace of course! Your workspace is no doubt significant. In the event you are working an eight-hour workday, fortunately, that’s one-third of your life and making it count should definitely be a YES! Whether you believe it or not, how well you arrange your office furniture and more so, ornamentations you choose have a deep impact on your business and workspace wellbeing. Listed below are five Feng Shui theories to improve your power mojo:

1. Ensure you have the right desk A rickety desk equates to a rickety company. The same goes for something sturdy and solid. Think about this: How much work do you do at your desk? This symbolizes the Page 114 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

basis of your company. Ensure it is practical, with the appropriate number of storage and drawers.

2. Develop an organizational theory Being 100% neat and tidy all the time is not ideal. People with creative mind want a bit of disorderliness to get the juices flowing, and do not always work that way. Yet, there shouldn’t be any reason for enormous loads of paperwork, files which are way too old and random pieces that do not appear to have a house. No matter how creative you are, those things are only going to empty your energy. Prioritize; evaluate those items in your working environment. They need to be within reach of your seat, if they are of high priority. When they are of lesser Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

priority, they may be kept in a far more out -of-the-way location. To put it differently, have the materials you are using now in your present space, as well as the other things correctly put away. You will see your mental facilities lighten and clear up, making you a lot more productive.

3. Check your desk location Think in regards to the films where the character goes to visit the huge powerplayer CEO type. How is the desk placed? Every time, at all time, the power-player has a view of the doorway. Never is the man's back to the individuals who are visiting him in his office. That is known as the "command position." The point is the fact that we are still cavePage 115 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

people deep inside our brains, and we love knowing beforehand what’s coming at us. It makes us the commander of our situation. So in case your office allows you to get a view of the entry, situate your desk that way, or better still, set a mirror where you can at least get a perspective of it.

4. Consider your light Natural light is not dispensable. Peradventure you can use LED in your workspace, preferably those that can mimic natural light, go for it! Fluorescent lights flicker does nothing better than exhaust you; hence, ensure you stroll outside regularly throughout the day.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

5. Add personal and visuals items These are needed by everyone. In case you'd like to feel like those things you are working on is essential, add your own touch to your office! Ensure the pictures are uplifting, and a quick tip to this is opting for pictures that support your career path for some reason, however symbolic they can be. Remember, everything is energy, such as the items in your space. They possess the ability to change you positively or negatively. Furniture organization and representational power symbols can make all the difference in boosting your workspace productivity. Pick wisely! Page 116 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Visit The Getty... Page 117 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Part of series by Coach Allison, bestselling author and professional speaker ww Page 118 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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ww.HealthCoachAllison.com Page 119 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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With breast cancer now being the most common cancer in the US, it is very likely that you or others in your life have experienced it on some level. I beat a very aggressive Stage 2B breast cancer myself. I am now a thriving breast cancer survivor – a.k.a. Breast Cancer Thriver. As a health coach, I guide those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to take charge of their health and live cancer-free. Why do I do this? Because this is exactly the guidance that I wish I had when I received my breast cancer diagnosis. But there was none at the time. After claiming my victory over the disease, I became a health coach to offer this guidance to those searching for answers to figure out how to move forward on this breast cancer journey.

Health Coaching for the Diagnosed Everyone on this journey needs some guidance and support. There are plenty of opportunities to talk to other cancer patients and survivors and share stories. And vent. But you don't gain truly educational knowledge from those interactions. What is this breast cancer all about anyway? You may only know it as a potentially deadly disease. Your doctors can give you a list of drugs to treat it, and even longer list of side effects. What else do you know about breast cancer? Are you aware of how it affects the health of the rest of you, outside of your breast? Cancer diagnosis is a serious matter – Page 120 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

a devastating news that definitely puts your life in a different pace and place. Overwhelming emotions abound. How will your family life and professional life change? What is the next step when the future seems so uncertain? Much fear can develop, and this fear can paralyze your reasoning and logic. But this is the worst time to be unreasonable or illogical, because you must pull yourself together and make some life-altering choices. What is truly the best treatment option for you? Who is the best specialist to administer the treatments on you? What else should you do in ?

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I was living the life in the fast lane and pursuing a corporate career. Life was good, and cancer was the furthest thing from my mind. Then one day, everything came to a screeching halt with one phone call with these exact words that I will never forget. “Unfortunately, we found some cancer in your biopsy.” My medical team was my only resource. I had so many questions, but most of the answers were quite unsatisfactory. “You don’t have any of the major risk factors for breast cancer. Therefore, the cause is unknown.” “It doesn’t matter what you eat or do. Just take the meds and you’ll be fine.” “Possible side effects include but are not limited to… leukemia, uterine cancer, and death.”

Medical doctors did what they knew, but…. order to make the journey victorious? And how will you learn enough about each of these questions so you can feel good about what you end up choosing There are so many dots to connect. Wouldn't it be nice to have some help in figuring all this out? Yes, definitely. This is what I do as a health coach. I help the diagnosed to navigate, make informed decisions, and implement selfcare so they can live free of breast cancer just like I am. I felt so clueless and lost when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t know anything about breast cancer or healthy lifestyle when I was diagnosed. Page 121 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Don’t get me wrong, I had excellent doctors who really knew their stuff. I very much appreciate everything they did for me. I’m still here! I’m definitely not antidoctor. But it was very clear to me from the beginning that medicine, by itself, was not enough to beat this cancer. Doctors treat cancer with chemicals, which always causes other massive problems in the process. There are so many things that medicine cannot fix, so many questions that it cannot resolve.

I had bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. I was very very sick with lots of complications, but my doctors had no answers for me. All they could

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

say to me was, “We’ve never seen these side effects before. Just get through it.” Through most of the medical treatments, I was often shocked and outraged how little ownership I had over my own body. I was poked, cut, drugged, and burned whenever/wherever the people in scrubs thought was necessary. My desperate that-hurtsdon't-do-that cry always fell on deaf ears. Their consistent response was "this is what you do on cancer treatments," which never settled well with me.

My Coaching on Selfcare for Breast Cancer Thrivers I reach out to those diagnosed with breast

Page 122 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

cancer – who must ask the right questions, navigate their options, make informed decisions, and practice selfcare to be cancerfree. If you or others in your life are on a breast cancer journey, I can help. For starters, download a free report “10 Things to Do after Breast Cancer Diagnosis” and subscribe to my blog. Watch for the confirmation email and click the link so you can have access to the report. Add Support@HealthCoachAllison.com to your address book so that my messages do not end up in the spam folder. I look forward to having you in my tribe. Be well!


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Is there a message deep inside you waiting to be heard? Is your inner voice trying to speak to you? Can you hear her, let alone listen to her? Today, so many of us feel a calling deep inside to change the world significantly. We feel it in our hearts, our souls and all the way down to our bones, even into our DNA. Frequently, we run away from this calling because we are scared of its enormity. Oftentimes, we are scared to reveal ourselves as being too ambitious to stand in the spotlight, to be visible, and most of all, afraid to be the one who rocks the boat. Most of us have grown up in a maledominated culture and taught that our voices don’t matter. In our culture we are taught to Page 126 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

be quiet, polite, and assume the role of the “good girl.” In this position, our opinions were not valued nor were our emotions invited. If we expressed our emotions, we were often ridiculed. Subsequently, we learned to shut down our self-expression, abandon our true feelings, and silence our truth. This is how our authentic voices get suppressed or even lost inside us. Tabby Biddle is a celebrated women’s leadership coach, journalist, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and Leadership Ambassador with Take The Lead who has supported thousands of women on their path to leadership. In her new book, “Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action,” she inspires and Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

empowers women to get on the path to find or rediscover their voice and be the leader they were born to be, provides five reasons why it is so important to find your voice. “1. Women’s knowledge, wisdom and opinions are woefully underrepresented around the world. In every country and in every industry, women are undervalued, underpaid and often completely missing from positions of power and authority. Since women’s voices are missing or underepresented in most leadership circles, the truth of our lives is also missing. This translates into laws, public policy and resource distribution that does not accurately reflect our values, beliefs and life experiences. Page 127 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

2. When women’s wisdom is absent, war, poverty and violence are the name of the game. Aggression, competition, and power over, rather than power with, are the norm. But we, as women, know that this is not a natural way of living. 3. If you don’t express yourself fully, there can be mental and emotional health repercussions, later leading to physical disease. Women’s health specialist and author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,” Christiane Northrup, M.D., says that many illnesses are quite simply the end result of emotions that have been stuffed, unacknowledged and unexperienced for years. “Unexpressed emotions tend to ‘stay’ in the body like small ticking bombs,” she says. “They are illnesses in incubation.”

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

3. If you don’t express yourself fully, there can be mental and emotional health repercussions, later leading to physical disease. Women’s health specialist and author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,” Christiane Northrup, M.D., says that many illnesses are quite simply the end result of emotions that have been stuffed, unacknowledged and unexperienced for years. “Unexpressed emotions tend to ‘stay’ in the body like small ticking bombs,” she says. “They are illnesses in incubation.” 4. You will shift the balance of power and improve the human rights of women and girls. When you use your voice to speak about your values, beliefs, opinions and

vision for the future, you assume a position of authority, and thereby help shift the balance of power from a patriarchal paradigm to a partnership model, where women and men create the public dialogue, public policies and laws together. The atrocities that women and girls are currently experiencing every day around the world, including rape, sexual slavery, domestic abuse, forced child marriage, genital mutilation, infanticide and outright murder, will start to dissipate as the power over model transforms to power with. Furthermore, shining your light on these issues will make them more difficult to sustain. 5. Your voice and leadership matter. When you begin to speak out for what

Page 128 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

you believe in and use your voice without apology, you not only empower yourself, you empower all women and girls. You become a role model, and girls everywhere can begin to see themselves as leaders. As Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote in her controversial article in The Atlantic in 2012, ‘Why Women Still Can’t Have it All’: “Only when women wield power in sufficient numbers will we create a society that genuinely works for all women. That will be a society that works for everyone.” The moment you stop believing that your voice doesn’t matter, everything changes.” According to the Center for American Progress, in the United States, women represent less than 20 percent of our Congress, just 16 percent of corporate boards, and 16 percent of all directors, executive producers, writers, cinematographers and editors in Hollywood, just three percent of top decision-making positions in the media; and in religious leadership, we are practically invisible. Globally, women represent just one in every five parliamentarians. In addition, the United States, ranks 60th in women’s political empowerment.

As Dr. Marcy Cole, Ph.D., a licensed clinical social worker in Los Angeles, is quoted as

Page 129 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

saying: “Women are natural nurturers, healers, intuitives, creators, visionaries and peacemakers. When we dis-empower ourselves by withholding our voices, we ignore the call for feminine leadership that is absolutely crucial for this planet at this time.” In an interview in November 2016 with Tabby Biddle from; When Women Speak Up: A Conversation About Women Speakers; “Women don’t value their voices enough–and they’ve been taught that by society. Women, for the ages, have been persecuted for speaking their truth and this is held in their psyches. We often consider our ideas second rate to men’s ideas. Fortunately, this is changing with great feminist thought and conversation.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

But it goes so deep into our consciousness. Men are the assumed leaders and the ones assumed to have the superior ideas. I know this sounds archaic–and it should be–but it’s still very present. There’s an undervaluing, not just by men but by women themselves.” She goes on to say, “I think there are many ways for women to express their political voice, depending on their inclinations, gifts and talents. With that said, I think becoming a blogger is one of the quickest and most accessible ways to get off the sidelines and create change. While male voices dominate mainstream media and key thought leader forums, blogging is a whole different story. This is where because there is no gatekeeper, women can challenge the status quo, shift the conversation, and move the needle on most any social issue. Having a political voice does not mean you need to run for office, however if this is the route you choose, go for it. On the other hand, if running for office is not for you, there is still a lot you can do.” Having a political voice means using your voice anywhere you are in a way that represents what you believe in, what you value, and what you stand for. The personal is political, is a catchphrase of the women’s movement of the late 1960s and early 70s, which means the changes you want in your personal life are political. Your relationships, your role in the

Page 130 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

workplace, your income, your role in marriage, your feelings on motherhood, your sexuality, and your personal safety are inseparable from the larger social and political structures that exist. ”Having a political voice means using your voice anywhere you are in a way that represents what you believe in, what you value, and what you stand for,” says Tabby Biddle. Right now, so many women’s political voices are silenced because too many of us don’t think we even have one. Since the prevailing voices in the public spotlight are predominantly men, stepping into the spotlight with the truth of who you are and Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

express their truth; one is Mare Cromwell of The 1000 Goddesses Gathering and the other is Nancy Mills of The Spirited Woman. Please hyperlink the two organizations with the following links respectively…. http://www.1000goddesses.net and http:// www.thespiritedwoman.com.

what you stand for as a woman is political change. A woman can express her political voice through writing, speaking, blogging, dance, movement, song, music, spoken word, painting, poetry, storytelling, videos, filmmaking, mothering, a leadership position and much more. However you express your truth as a woman, you not only liberate yourself, you open the door for other women to express their truth as well. As this happens, we start shifting the tides of change throughout society by setting a ripple effect in motion, slowly changing the public consciousness. Iwas recently introduced to two women who are opening the door for other women to Page 131 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Nancy Mills is the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life and the founder of Spirited Woman. She is also a selfinspirational writer for women. In fact, the Spirited Woman Approach to Life is based upon an original manuscript written by Nancy entitled, “Spirited Woman.” In 2012, Nancy created the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves, honoring women of the world through scarf and ceremony. A portion of all scarf sales is donated by Spirited Woman to the Spirited Woman Foundation, which helps to heal and support women through actions of empowerment. She speaks across the country to inspire women in a broad array of topics - from empowerment to embracing your voice to being an every woman visionary. Presently, she focuses much of her attention on raising funds for the Spirited Woman Foundation through the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves Project. To date, over 2,000 Spirited Prayer Scarves have been sold to approximately 1,000 women internationally, and more than $10,000 has been

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

distributed to 13 non-profits, including The 1000 Goddesses Gathering. The 1000 Goddesses Gathering is a wisdom and compassion gathering to invoke the divine feminine deeply throughout the earth and bring healing and sacred balance back. The Gathering is based on a Tibetan prophecy that states when 1000 Goddesses or Taras gather, the divine feminine will rebirth through their combined energies and the tone of the planet will shift from one of fear to compassion. Mare Cromwell, Gaia Mystic and award-winning author, believes this is the time to gather to bring deep healing and sacred balance back to Earth.

Initially, Mare Cromwell received the Spiritual Call from Mother Gaia to organize this event late in the fall of 2015. The original plan was for a large event to take place in 2017

Page 132 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

at a rural retreat center in Maryland. However, Mother Gaia woke Mare up at 5 am in late July 2016, and informed her that the event needed to happen in Washington. D.C., before the elections in November 2016. Mare immediately made the necessary arrangements for the inaugural event to take place October 22, 2016 right before the election. Women came from all over the country to participate. According to Mare Cromwell, “The overarching purpose of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering is to bring forth the Divine Feminine (feminine spiritual energies, wisdom, compassion, and innocence) to help us heal our beleaguered world. This year the Gathering is scheduled for June 24, 2017, 11 am – 7 pm in Constitution Gardens on the Washington Mall.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

These two women have stepped up and are sharing their political voices to make a difference in the world. Please visit their websites and gain the inspiration to find and express your voice in the world. Together, let’s take action. Together, let’s make a difference sharing our voice.

Need help? Book Your Complimentary Accelerated Book Creation Consultation Session by calling the number below.

Dr. Shira Bush, CEO, "The Book Creator" drshira@thebookcreator.com Wishing you continued success. . . Dr. Shira Bush, “The Book Creator” Creator of: The Effortless Book Creation Program The Effortless Book Creation Blueprint

Page 133 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The NEW Broad Museum 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 232-6200 Call for Tickets


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Page 136 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 137 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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I was born during the years of communism in Hungary, and also, was the first child of a lowincome family, living in Eastern Hungary. Therefore, I didn’t have any chance to learn any other foreign languages that Russian. Only in the high school, could I start studying German and French, but you can guess I don’t really speak any of them (maybe German a little bit). Due to my family’s financial background, I had to start working during my first year at the university. When I went to my first job interview, I got a onepage English text to test how much I can understand it. I tried to read it at least, then said: “Sorry, I don’t speak English.” I supposed I wouldn’t get the job. I was wrong. I got it. However, I felt ashamed for not speaking “the” language. I decided to start studying English at the university, but I had only one class a week which was hardly more than nothing. When I could afford later, I got private English classes, to start really learning the language.

In 2008, I was invited to speak at the “SharePoint Best Practices” Conference in Washington DC. In English, of course.

By the time I finished my studies at the university, I also passed a B2 language exam.

To get prepared, I hired a private teacher to teach me to present in English. Well, first of all, to teach me speaking English.

But this still didn’t mean I considered myself to speak English.

I had some very hard moments and wanted to cancel my speaker agreement several times. But the challenge was more motivating than

Page 138 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I did my presentation. It was not perfect, but you know what? – I enjoyed it! People were listening to me. And despite my imperfect English, they understood me – and this was the best feeling about it. This conference was the beginning of my speaker career. I got more and more invites, from around the world. Since this event in September 2008, I traveled to twelve US states and more than thirty other countries around the globe to speak at countless events and workshops. It’s been a long journey to consider myself speaking English. On this journey, I had many ups and downs. I had feedbacks like “Agnes Molnar is still a terrible presenter” as well as “Agnes speaks unacceptable poor English.” I had much more moments when I wanted to give up than I could even count now. frightening. So in the end, I traveled to the conference. To be honest, doing my presentation there did magic to me. An unexpected (and unbelievable) transformation. Right before my session, I was nervous like never before. I had severe self-doubt. Am I really good enough to be here? I cannot even speak English! I wanted to scream; I wanted to fly home immediately.

Why didn’t I give up then? Because this is what I love to do. Public speaking gives the experience of travel, having good friends around the world, meeting new people, eating amazing foods, etc. The list is never-ending. There are no words to express the experience. And because I get dozens of positive feedbacks to each negative one. And event organizers still keep inviting me. ;-)

But I didn’t. Page 139 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Keeping these positive things in focus always helps, but I also have some practical tips I’ve been using these years to stay motivated public speaking in a foreign language, despite the frightening experiences: 1) Read a lot. No matter what. Read anything that you enjoy in English: novels, poems, nonfiction, blogs, white papers, news, etc. The more genres, the better. I bought a Kindle a few years ago, and it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Accessing English books in my country is not easy. And they’re expensive, too. With my Kindle, there are no borders anymore. 2) Watch movies and/or listen to podcasts in English. It’s a good practice while commuting or exercising. I don’t watch TV at all (movies with my kids only), but subscribed to several podcasts. These have been helping me more than anything – one of my biggest fear has always been that I won’t understand what someone says (due to their accent or speed of speaking). It was a horrible feeling, you can imagine. Talking to people from Jersey or Scotland made me instantly

Page 140 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

nervous (sorry if you’re from there!). The more thing I’ve listened in English, the better I became in listening and my nerves started to calm down. Slowly but surely. 3) Speak, speak, speak. If you want to public speak, you have to practice. I am not the one who practices my sessions slide-by-slide, sentence-by-sentence in front of a mirror. I’ve never done that. But speaking English in any situation I can is a great way to practice. 4) Look for opportunities when you can speak English “as if” that would be your primary language. There are so many options. My children were in a bilingual (EnglishHungarian) kindergarten for 3-4 years before starting the school. I spoke to their English

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

speaking teachers as much as possible. They have a native English speaking teacher from the US now, and I like giving her a drive home whenever I can. She’s an amazing person, we always have fun, but also, I can make conversations with her about anything, sometimes very unexpected topics. I’ve also just joined to an international coworking place in Hungary. While I’m sitting here in downtown Budapest, writing this blog post I hear people speaking English in the lobby, in the kitchenette, even in the office hall around me.

Simply motivated by the fear of what they’d think if I start speaking A skype chat? Coffee in the conference lobby? Dinner at the end of the day? – It really doesn’t matter. Whenever you have a chance, talk to and/or go out with you foreign friends. Today it makes me euphoric knowing that I can discuss any topic with my friends who live in the US or Singapore or Australia. I can express myself and can understand them – and this is the most beautiful reward ever! Bonus: make friends from various cultures.

5) Have foreign friends and don’t be afraid of talking to them. I know, it’s obvious. But believe me, I found myself trying to figure out excuses before a call and write an e-mail instead more than I want to admit. .

Page 141 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

6) Never mind if your English is not perfect. Mine is not perfect either. But I don’t care anymore. – I mean, I keep learning and continuously improving it, but it doesn’t frustrate me anymore, and more importantly: it doesn’t block me from speaking. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

When you’re on the stage, enjoy it! Don’t think about it as something you “have to” do, rather as a challenge you accepted. It’s fun.

7) Never mind having an accent. You know what? Someone told me a while ago that having an accent means you speak at least one other language (except if you’re from Jersey or Scotland ). I keep reminding myself to this. I don’t mind my accent anymore.

During my session, I use NLP techniques to keep my nerves calm and stay focused. I make eye contact with my attendees (still learning to make it the right way though). These rituals make you a better speaker, and also, they make you feel you are a better speaker.

8) Let (and ask) your friends to correct you. Some of them will some not. Let them do whatever they feel comfortable with. I always appreciate when they correct me because I want to learn. Sometimes it’s my accent only, at other times it’s the wording. Lifetime learning is my primary motivation!

10) When you’re on the stage, enjoy it! Don’t think about it as something you “have to” do, rather as a challenge you accepted. It’s fun. It’s an experience that is unique every time you’re facing the audience. You cannot have the same feeling, the same experience twice. And this is the most beautiful thing about it. Enjoy! Ps. Yes, I still get negative feedbacks once in a while. Maybe I’ll get some for this blog post as well. While I especially appreciate the helpful ones with willing to help, the negative ones also help me to improve myself.

9) Have your own “rituals” before your presentation and while on the stage. I like getting on stage 10-15 min before the session starts, set up my laptop and projector, mic, etc., and silently observe as the attendees arrive. I always have still water with me.

Page 142 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A New Series Coming This Spring! Page 143 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Support the Arts

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 145

Ready Ready Set Set Brand! Brand! The First in the new series ‘The Heart of the Matter” By Sheila Morris. Today’s job search can be bewildering, whether re-entering the job market after many years with one company, changing your stay-at-home-mom status to working mom, or penetrating the market for the first time as a recent college graduate. If you happen to be in the first two categories, there is work to be done before you get invited to the dance, the interview. It begins with personal branding which is more than a smile and a resume. Say hello to LinkedIn and PhotoFeeler, your friends on this journey. Get ready to embrace LinkedIn to promote your brand. It’s the social networking tool most used by business professionals to connect, and used with savvy, can create a wonderful networking base for you. PhotoFeeler to helps to identify which picture of you captures the accomplished profile look needed to create that brand. Think of PhotoFeeler as an unbiased online focus group that gives you feedback on the profile photos you submit to be critiqued. As soon as you have identified ‘the one’, the snapshot that will launch you to attention on social media, you are ready to upload it to the LinkedIn account you have created/updated. Are you familiar with the expression, “All roads lead to Rome?” Well, here we will use it as an analogy, as in: All roads lead back to your resume. Before you delve

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into more involved self-branding, which involves a personalized marketing plan and a nailed down elevator pitch, your resume must be on point to capture the attention of people in charge of talent acquisition (HR, recruiters, headhunters, hiring managers). In this day and age, resumes focus on quantifiable accomplishments. You are no longer ‘responsible for’ current or past activities. Employers want to know what you have specifically done. Quantifying your accomplishments will capture the eyes of talent people, who by the way, may spend no more than 7-10 seconds screening your resume, so it is vital to include information that pops. What percentage did you increase sales by? Were you successful in saving your company time through proven efficiencies? Time is money. Did you expand business development? Expound on it. Where you the employee of the month more than a handful of times, or the recipient of consistently high (exceeds standards) performance appraisals? Did you build domestic and international relationships with clients that were essential to your company’s growth? Applying metrics to your role makes it known that you are a desirable commodity (recall that 10 second rule!), and paint a picture on paper of achievements that will sell YOU. Welcome to Branding 101. Page 147 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Say hello to high fashion, luxury cars, dogs wearing shoes and yachts that will run you over one hundred million dollars. Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale International Yacht show! This PR expected to find herself in awe inspiring territory but jaw dropping is a much better way to describe it. From gorgeous beaches to mansions owned by Jay Leno and shopping malls with valet parking Fort Lauderdale is a rich man’s paradise. It is also the “Yachting Capital of the World” which is exactly why I was there. On opening day, I took an Uber from my hotel to the Double Tree Resort where I was going to meet up with PR expert and business owner Laurie Hart of Think Hart Solutions and Yacht Lead Management from New Bern North Carolina. One thing you should know about Uber and Lyft drivers in this area is that they speak little to no English. They are very friendly but don’t expect much conversation. Upon arrival I was greeted by Laurie and we boarded the water taxi that would take us to the main dock. While aboard a water taxi in this area you can expect two things. The first is that the captain and his mates

Page 150 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

will amuse and inform you of what mansion belongs to who and any funny scandals involved with it. The second is that you will find yourself in shock at how massive and exquisite these waterfront homes are. As we neared our drop off we passed an area where the homes were even larger. At this point the first mate informs us that here thebank accounts are larger, the houses are much bigger and the wives are much younger. Another thing you will notice is all the toys and accessories attached to these homes. Naturally there are yachts but there are also landing pads for helicopters, enormous garages and even mini submarines. The best joke I heard during the whole adventure is that the captains finally figured out why these men need a helicopter, yacht and a

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submarine. The joke is that while the wife is spying on the husband from the helicopter he can relax on the yacht knowing his girlfriend is hidden and waiting in the submarine below! Las Olas Marina is buzzing with people when we arrive. There are booths set up, ticket vendors and yachts as far as the eye can see. Now I will admit that I am in no way a yacht expert. In fact, all I know is that they are big, beautiful and expensive. However, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the show. These magnificent vessels attract enormous crowds of curious onlookers anxious to get an exclusive peak of the inside. Add in the buyers and the businessmen and its estimated that nearly 100,000 people attended the event. A wide variety of boats were on display including runabouts, sport fishers, high performance boats, center Page 151 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

consoles, cabin cruisers, flats boats, skiffs, express cruisers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, bow riders, catamarans, ski boats, jet boats, trawlers, inflatables, canoes, and extraordinary superyachts. While the yachts were the main attraction there was of course other means of

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entertainment. Hundreds of show exhibits ranging from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts were set up as well. I really enjoyed the art exhibits and getting to meet Florida artist Carly Mejeur. Carly paints sea creatures on maps. Although she is not the first artist to come up with the idea she has a brilliant technique. Finding great food wasn’t a problem either. However, it was during the lunch break that I really started to feel like an outsider. While enjoying a grilled swiss burger and sweet potato fries I took notice of the people around me, particularly the women. Suddenly, I felt like the only royal blue crayon at an all teal party. I was in a sea of hundred dollar haircuts and Louis Vuitton handbags. Ok, I did see a Fendi or two as well but you get the picture. At one point, I noticed a woman look at my lovely Michael Kors handbag and smirk. I was insulted. Not for me, but for my handbag. Believe it or not I actually patted my handbag and

Page 152 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

said “its ok little one. Who’s a pretty handbag.” Yes, I went there! Then I smiled and finished my lunch. All in all, I must say that getting to experience this event was a fantastic adventure. Working alongside Laurie meeting yacht brokers, vendors, other marketing professionals and people from around the world gave me a whole new experience that I can learn from professionally and personally. Not to mention, getting to see in person hundred million dollar yachts complete with their own submarines (yes, the big yachts had mini subs too) car garages and indoor pools was incredible. The sunsets were amazing too. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these events I greatly encourage you to do so. You can find more information on showmanagement.com. Until the next adventure…………………

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Magic!- “RUDE” Parody-corporate Version http://youtu.be/j4WvsJQhJxQ

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Stay on the path towards your goal. Obstacles are tests to your resolve. Don’t get upset by them, just navigate through them, over them, under them. Don’t let them get in your way for long.

Do you know WHY you want this goal? What meaning does it hold for you? Explore that! Be aware about how you feel about this goal. The meaning you put on something is the reason why you feel enthusiastic! This is the burning desire part that is so important!

Be flexible. You have a goal. You have a plan to get there. But be sure of this. The path to it is NOT going to be smooth and straight. Quite the opposite. You’re going to meet with obstacles, challenges and objections. Your plans WILL change. Different things will come your way to try to STOP you. Or better ideas and resources will pop up! But there will also be signs that you’re doing the right thing.

Lastly, have faith! Stay on the path towards your goal. Obstacles are tests to your resolve. Don’t get upset by them, just navigate through them, over

Page 156 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

them, under them. Don’t let them get in your way for long. An international best selling author of the book, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game, speaker, physician and brain expert, Dr. Joanny Liu is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine and Chinese Sports Psychology. She has appeared on FOX TV, NBC, CTV and Global TV and has been quoted by ABC, CBS, The Boston Globe and the Miami Herald. One of Dr. Joanny’s major strengths is her deep understanding of the connection between one’s psychology and physiology, the defining criteria for successful living. She is well known for comprehensive solutions that create expected results. Know someone suffering from a concussion or Post Concussion Syndrome? Skeptical about the passive total rest “treatment?” Pick up Dr. Joanny’s best seller, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game at http://bit.do/HealYourConcussion.

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Work with virtual teams Great Training An Awesome New Experience

Click here to find out what positions are available or visit this site directly http://www.female-exec.com/etm-interns.html

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  

Work with virtual teams Great Training An Awesome New Experience

Click here to find out what positions are available or visit this site directly http://www.female-exec.com/etm-interns.html

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betterment of ourselves, our communities, and the world. We have the opportunity to have a global relationship not just with others globally but The WGC Internation- also to network amongst ourselves al Adventure Summit to create projects was created to bring individuals together for far beyond anything any of us the

could do as individuals. There are members attending from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and more. We will be doing our own business expansion with other global experts, sharing our knowledge

and brainstorming with each other. We will serve as global citizens as the lives of the children you will meet during the WGC Humanitarian Aid project, whose lives will be changed forever as will ours.

The WGC Gateway Training Program provides service to women of all race, creed, religion and circumstance to support them in becoming part-time or full time business owners and entrepreneurs. We assist women in becoming active participants and leaders for themselves, their communities, and the world. The Program helps them uncover their talents and discover ways that they can contribute to society and the workforce. It engages all aspects from self-esteem, image, communication, business strategy, product development, to marketing and exposure. This unique 90 day program also provides them with opportunity, tangible skills and techniques from opening their own LLC to creating their business plans and all the way to customer sales. Page 159 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Founder/CEO of The Women of Global Change Female Executives joining together to lead the new economy. The Year of the Woman is 2016 and female executives are on the rise in America and beyond. Many organizations and publications are ushering in the new wave. It is not too long ago that women received the right to vote, coming so far, and still there is a long way to go for equal rights. Such organizations and top companies that are known for having higher percentages of women employed includes Bright Horizons, Nordstrom, Mayo Clinic, and Starbucks. Many other organizations offering women in training in business have appeared on the horizon as well, such as The Women of Global Change Summit and WGC Gateway Program, STEM, LeTIP, NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) and also publications of additional support can be found in E Magazine (Female-Executive), Ms. Magazine, Avant Garde, and Entrepreneur Magazine. With the majority of the workforce currently being women, and with women being 80% of the consumers in the US, this gives incredible power for standing up and stepping in for the year of the women: 2016. Ladies, it is time for us to lead united... YOU are the change the world is waiting for.

More about Dame Shellie Hunt can be found at

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Michal Mael Michal’s worldly experience and exotic background makes her the perfect ambassador for Nature’s gems.

From international businessmen and women, to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed giving them what they desire in both home and work environments. She designs pieces specifically based on what’s missing, giving them access to it, and energizing their lives, and has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement ™. Michal travels from continent to continent several times a year to hand pick the best gems from mines in China, Viet Nam, Brazil , Peru, Morocco, to Timbuktu for our clients.

Elle febbo From Foster Homes to Harvard Law, Elle Febbo, now a best selling, award winning author, is also the CEO of Febbo Media, Associate Producer of the Emmy acknowledged, “Project: Forgive”, keynote speaker, globally published journalist and child advocate. Last year, Elle was acknowledged by Jane Seymour and the Open Hearts Foundation for her work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, receiving high honors with an award for service and a check for $10,000. in support of her efforts, which she donated to Big Brother’s Big Sisters of Ventura County. Elle serves as a Contract Adviser for the National Writers Union and was recently elected as the Southern California Chapter Chair in recognition for her efforts to reach the masses and open doors for the voices of writers from around the globe in association with the International Authors Coalition.

Her company, Febbo Media is designed to make books, products and business matter, through collaborative cause marketing, and her workshops, seminars and lectures are designed to take business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs to the next level through service and collaborative affiliation, with the message that anything is possible when the like-minded and likehearted come together to make it happen.

Munni Irone

Founder of Peace 4 Arts Awards

Munni Irone has received numerous civic and global awards such as The Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills, Adame Commander Award by the royal family of Europe, and teacher of the year award along with several philanthropist awards. Even though, she much prefers to be know as “Munni the Philantropist”. She is CEO of MJD Film Productions and is associated with multiple charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide. Munni conducts workshops to help leaders find their purpose, defining self-images, getting deep into their core with honesty in their lives. She believes that this is the only way that they can attain balance within themselves.

OAKWOOD Occasions

Full Service Planning & Management for Professional & Personal Events! Expos, Festivals, Parades, Workshops, Weddings and Corporate Events coordination, budgets, vendor management, rentals, music and entertainment, floral, design, photography, photo booths, candy favor stations, tents, tables, chairs, linens, servers, bartenders, transportation and so much more!

visit: www.OakWoodOccasions.com www.OakWoodOccasions.organogold.com

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We Are C www.womenofglobalchange.com


Click Here Page 162 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Changing Lives Shellie Hunt Founder & President


Click Here

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If Your Dr

Available on

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ream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too Quit playing it safe and start running toward the roar!


When the image of a man-eating beast travels through the optic nerve and into the visual cortex, the brain sends the body a simple but urgent message: run away! That’s what normal people do, but not lion chasers. Rather than seeing a five-hundred -pound problem, they see an opportunity for God to show up and show His power.

In this highly anticipated sequel to his bestselling In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Mark Batterson invites lion chasers everywhere to chase dreams so impossible that victory demands we face our fears, defy the odds, and hold tight to God.

Chase the Lion is more than a catch phrase; it’s a radically different approach to life. It’s only when we stop fearing failure that we can fully seize opportunity by the mane. With grit and gusto, New York Times best-selling author Mark Batterson delivers a bold message to everyone with a big dream. This is a wake-up call to stop living as if the purpose of life was to simply arrive safely at death. Our dreams should scare us. They should be so big that without God they would be impossible to achieve. Quit running away from what you’re afraid of. Chase the lion! Change the world!

Page 165 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

is your five-hundred-pound dream?

These are the kind of dreams that will make you a bigger person and the world a better place. Based upon 2 Samuel 23, Chase the Lion tells the true story of an ancient warrior named Benaiah who chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day—and then killed it. For most people, that situation wouldn’t just be a problem…it would be the last problem they ever faced. For Benaiah, it was an opportunity to step into his destiny. After defeating the lion, he landed his dream job as King David’s bodyguard and eventually became commander-in-chief of Israel’s army under King Solomon.

Written in a way that both challenges and encourages, this revolutionary book will help unleash the faith and courage you need to identify, chase, and catch the five-hundred-pound dreams in your life.

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Available on

A New Series Coming This Spring! Page 166 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Dr. Alexandra Rose has everything a woman could want. She’s the wife of a renowned cardiologist, the mother of three adorable sons, and a successful chiropractor. But on their twentieth anniversary, her husband shocks her with his affair. Her life spins out of control, and she faces the other side of marriage where dreams implode and people are not who they seem. Alexandra wants custody of her children, but so does her husband, and he’ll stop at nothing. Thrust

Page 167 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

into a nightmare spawned by chilling deception, a custody battle erupts that’s so poisonous it threatens to become murderous. In this stay-up-all-night portrait of a contemporary family, Alexandra’s bittersweet journey of love, loss, and sexuality leads her to a miraculous discovery of self and power. Sex Happens explores the very essence of all we value as women—marriage, motherhood, sex—and what we’ll do for each.

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About NAFE

Nafe is the largest global network for women with thousands of members. They recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary, headquartered in New York they have many affiliate networks across the country. Would a group of women sharing their dreams… supporting, encouraging and mentoring you, be beneficial at this time of your life. Nafe offers great benefits to members, and the annual membership is only $39.00 go to www.nafe.com and check out all the wonderful benefits, Information on the Southern CA networks can be found at www.wrnafe.com The network meeting fees are $10.00 for Nafe Members and $15.00 for guests then you pay the restaurant direct for your meal.like eating right now? Using this simple technique, my choices changed to a healthier fare. Instead of a cheese tuna melt, coke, and french fries, I’d glance through WWW.NAFE.COM

Page 168 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The NAFE Success Up conference tickets are selling and all the vendor slots are sold out, you can go towww.wrnafe.com and see all the bios of the speakers and the entertainers all whom are amazing, we also set up a nafe facebook page where we post items on the conference as well that link isLink for conference page https://www.facebook.com/ NAFECONFERENCE2017/?fref=ts Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The cost for the tickets are $90.00 and include continental breakfast, lunch, snacks all the speakers and entertainers and shopping with the vendors, opportunity drawings and door prizes. If you are using a credit card you can purchase your ticket on thewww.wrnafe.com website if you are using a check make it payable to Robbie Motter dba SuccessUp Conferences and mail to Robbie Motter 27701 Murrieta Road #216 Menifee, CA 92586 that wrnafe.com website has all the speakers and entertainers bios for you to view as well they are all amazing. We also have a nafe facebook page where nafe members can go and introduce themselves as well as tell us what you do and if you have some specials to share let us

know that as well here is that link https:// www.facebook.com/ groups/197601170355640/

Congratulations to Tiffany Tremont the Director of nafe San Antonio, Texas and her company, check this out Governor Abbott's State of the State address

Please visit the link 85th Session Chamber Archived Broadcast for January 31, 2017 @10am, Duration 02h 31min below. http://tlchouse.granicus.com/ MediaPlayer.php? view_id=39&clip_id=12511 Page 169 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

If you advance to mark 1:23 of the Governor’s State of the State Address, you will see that Governor Abbott honored Silotech and Tiffany Tremont on the House floor. As a Service Disabled Veteran, Woman, Minority Owned Small Business, she was honored and humbled to represent San Antonio (Military City) in Advanced Cyber, Enterprise IT, and most importantly job growth in Texas. These are some of the other awards she and her company Silotech have received 2016 Inc. 5000 Ranked #1065 2015 Inc. 5000 Ranked #2178 2016 San Antonio Business Journal Best Places to Work – Small Business 2016 AFCEA International Women in AFCEA Appreciation Award 2015 San Antonio Business Journal – Tech Flash Titans Award – Cybersecurity 2015 San Antonio Business Journal CEO - C-Suite Award – Small/Medium Business 2015 San Antonio MED Week – IT Firm of the Year 2015 San Antonio Business Journal Best Places to Work – Small Business 2014 San Antonio Business Opportunity Council’s (SABOC) MED Week Award for Excellence in Contract Support 2014 San Antonio Business Journal Women’s Leadership - Business Leader of the Year & Entrepreneurial Leader TO contach Tiffany Tremont Silotech Group, Inc. 10100 Reunion Place, Ste 250 San Antonio, TX 78216 O 210.569.0950 M 210.748.0707 ttremont@SilotechGroup.co m Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Congratulations to Murrieta nafe member Reatha Reedus who with her daughter Dr. Desiree Reedus recently help to put together with the GFWC Riverside Women’s Club a very successful GO RED Event at the Riverside Women’s Club. Also congratulations to NAFE/Women In Networking in Indiana who has become partner with the National Women’s History Project (NWHP), which recognizes and celebrates the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing informational services and educational and promotional materials. The network President said “One of the benefits of being a partner with the NWHP is we can post our events with them, and they have the capability to publish them on a broader scale for us, e.g., in Indy and other states! NAFE/WIN is currently in their Women’s History Newspaper “The Gazette”. We are looking for different avenues to expand knowledge about our 501 ( c ) (3) organization and to grow. This along with other venues hopefully will put us further on the “map”. Our website is currently under construction and being updated by NAFE/WIN’s Webmaster Jay Fitzsimonds” Robbie Motter, nafe global coordinator is putting together a quote book and is looking for your favorite quote, here is the information that is needed and who to send it too, you can send up to three quotes, the quotes should cover Business, Fun or Health. Here is where you send them and you have until March 1at to get them in.This book is a nafe Western Region Conference Fundraiser As a nafe member I would like you to be a part of “Heartfelt Sayings” a spiral-bound book that includes your favorite quote about business, health or just plain fun. Simply submit your quote (it can be your own or someone else’s) in 50 words or less by March 1st . Also include your name, business name, e-mail and Website. Page 170 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

E-mail the info to JoLynn Vensel at jmv9465@gmail.com. The book will be available for purchase at the April 22, 2017, Success Up nafe Women’s Conference. Please take this free opportunity to share your tidbits of wisdom with like-minded professional women! Don't delay get them to JoLynn today and in subject of the email add Quotes for nafe book. The deadline is firm so take time today and get your quote in. You may send two or three quotes. If you have any questions on this please don;t hesitate to give me a call 951-255-9200 You know what my two quotes will be: It's All About "SHOWING UP" as showing up is like a treasure map, you never know what treasure you will find. My second one is "The POWER IS IN THE ASKING" Magichappens when you ask and opens doors you never even imagined. So Members SHOWING UP in this book is a great opportunity for YOU! So don't delay do it today. A large group of nafe members are off to Catalina and Mexico on a cruise so watch for photos in next months From the Desk of Article and March 8th I am on the way to Hawaii to celebrate my 81st birthday and also to meet our Hawaii active and inactive nafe members. My birthday also falls on International Women’s Day and I always knew I was an International Women. Until next issue I wish you Health, Happiness and continued success. And please know you can call me anytime at 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com, as I am always here for our nafe members across the globe. Robbie Motter, nafe Global Coordinator

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Angel believes we should never stop educating ourselves. For her first leg of education at the beginning of college she chose psychology once she had satisfied that education she pursued business and law. Currently she is in pursuit of a marketing education when that education is satisfied she is sure she will find a new education interest to pursue.


Angel Toussant I first met Angel through my Riverside nafe director Joan E. Wakeland and was very impressed as to what a dynamic women she is. She also recently joined our Riverside nafe network. I also had the opportunity to hear her speak at several locations and she is amazing. I asked her to speak for some upcoming nafe meetings, which are in Menifee, Murrieta and Temecula and I am looking forward to those presentations. Angel Toussant was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and at age 37 moved from Anchorage to Northern California. She remained in Northern California until April, 2016 at which time she found her new home in Murrieta,California. She said “my proudest life accomplishment is raising two phenomenal daughters. I love to say I can die a happy person if I accomplish nothing else in life because of the relationship I have with my girls. I am confident my relationship with my daughters is well above average and I am confident they feel the same way, despite the many parenting mistakes I made along the way”. Page 171 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Her career choices are as varied as her education choices She has held positions from teachers aid to police officer and many careers in between. Currently, she is providing monitoring services for parents who are required by the courts to have supervised visits. She consider myself a serial entrepreneur, because she continually invests in endeavors that provide her the opportunity for her to grow a healthy income while doing what she loves to do, which is to always find new ways to help others around her, be it family, friend, or stranger. She has written and published two journal books. The first was for recovering addicts (out of print) and the second one is for goal‑setting. She is currently writing a personal growth book which she plans to publish by year end. She owns an online store (LifesPowerStore.Com) thttp:// lifespowerstore.com/ hat sells, educational/ personal growth books, and other educational, inspirational, motivational tools and products. Her hobbies, like her education and careers are varied. She enjoys golf, horseback riding, photography (nature and wildlife), snow skiing, boating, jet skiing, jewelry making, hiking, bike riding, and graphic design. Angel can be reached by email angel@atsmartdecisions.com Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Come and join us at one of these monthly Nafe affiliate meetings: Please contact the Director of the network below. Any Nafe questions you may contact me Robbie Motter Nafe Global Coordinator at 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com. As a member you will join one of the networks but you may attend any of the network meetings each month as they all offer great networking opportunities. ARIZONA Phoenix Impact for Enterprising Women – A Nafe affiliate network contact director Joan Howard 602725-3246 email joanhoward@cox.net website www.impactforenterprisingwomen.com CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Nafe meets the 2nd Thursday starting in January 2016 at Mimi’s Café 4025 California Avenue, Bakersfield, Director Cheryl Hughley Phone 661-421-5861 Email Cheryl_hughley@yahoo.com U Tube Video coming soon Bel Air (coming soon) Director LaDonna Roberts 323-806-3433 email ladonnaroberts@gmail.com U Tube Video coming soon

Coastal Nafe Network Meets 3rd Thursday at 11:00 am at, Ramano's Macaroni Grill 12380 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, CA 90740 Director Lynne Martin, 714-357-4159 email lynneCmartin@gmail.com http://www.meetup.com/wwwnafecoastal-com/ U Tube Video coming soon Los Angeles Nafe Network Meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 pm at Marie Callendar’s 5773 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232 . website is www.nafelosangeles.com Director Althea Ledford, 310-990-9496, email allyledo@aol.comPlease check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/RkSuoZaGrJc Menifee Nafe Network meets the 2nd Wed 11:30 am, Merna’s Café & Grill (formerly Boston Billie’s Restaurant ) 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City, Ca. Contact Director Robbie Motter, NAFE Global Coordinator 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page http://tinyurl.com/ cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/ HspfWnbAI4w

Central Orange County Nafe meets the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm, at Coco’s Restaurant 14971 Holt Avenue, Tustin, CA, Director, Sheila A Caruso, 949 -330-0927 email sheilaacaruso@gmail.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/fj2iy3x5i9E

Murrieta Nafe Network meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at R J’s Sizzling Steak House 41401 Kalima Street, Murrieta, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter,951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page http://tinyurl.com/cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=WmClfV9VcMA

Page 172 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

North San Diego County Nafe Network (Carlsbad/Vista/San Marcos) Coming in January 2016 contact Director Luz Paez 951-966-8277 email marketingwithluzpaez@gmail.com U Tube Video coming soon Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm Mimi's Cafe 10909 Foothill Boulevard Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730. Contact Director Vivian Haire, Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector Phone 951-229-8343 or email vvnhaire@yahoo.com U Tube Video coming soon Riverside Nafe Connector meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm Canyon Crest Winery 5225 Canyon Crest Drive #7a Riverside, CA 92507 contact Joan Wakeland Director 909-7217648 or email joanewakeland@gmail.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/vQT80UAUm-k San Fernando Valley, starting in January , contact Director Carol Pilkington 661-3134578 or email carol@carolpilkington.com for more information U Tube Video coming soon San Francisco/Bay Area Network 4th Thursday 6:15 PM Call Director for meeting location. Director Stone Love Cell 510 565 4425Home office 510 972 0528 or emailStonelove@stoneologys.com Meet up Page http://www.meetup.com/SAN-FRANCISCO-BAYAREA-NAFE/events/225941823/ U Tube Video coming soon South Bay Nafe Network, meets 4th Tuesday 6:30 pm @ Double Tree 1985 E Grand Ave El Segunda, CA 90245 contact CO-Directors Alina Estrada 562-313-1190 or emailinfo@nafesouthbay.com or Eleanor Oliver Co-Director email Eleanor.oliver12@gmail.comjoin us on Meetup.com/southbay-nafenetwork www.nafesouthbay.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/UY9kHIy1o34

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South Orange County Nafe Network Morning Coffee meeting, 2nd Wednesday of each month, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Microsoft Store, 578 The Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA (Upstairs in mall) For information and/or to RSVP Contact Director Mikki St Germain, 949-429-3438 or St.Germain.Mikki@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/nafe.soc U Tube Video Coming soon Ventura County Nafe Network, meets 3rd Wednesday 11:45 AM at Mimi’s Café, 400 N Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 Contact Director Sheryl Tash 805-794-4005 or email sheryldtash@gmail.com Meet up page: http:// www.meetup.com/members/159937202/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/OZqKdhKUf5o Wildomar Nafe Network meets 4th Thursday 6:00 PM D’Canters Restaurant 32100 Clinton Keith Road, Wildomar, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter Nafe Regional Coordinator 951-255-920 or email rmotter@aol.com http://www.meetup.com/MenifeeMurrieta-Wildomar-Nafe-networks/ events/224726252/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/ okj-UzaTbM4 COLORADO Denver Coming soon contact Director Nancy.i.gaines@gmail.com 314) 378-1611

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DC Washington DC Greater Washington DC Women’s Network, Mary Greene, Executive Director 202=5808884, email gwwenet@gwwn.org Website www.gwwwn.org meets Sept thru June

GEORGIA Atlanta Nafe Atlanta Network, Executive Director, Lisadouglas 404-913nafe email contactus@nafeatlanta.com ILLINOIS Chicago Coming soon Zsyke Tusa Director, 331-212 -0585 email ztusa@ecologicsolutions.com INDIANA Indianapolis Nafe Women in Networking (WIN) Mary Aurtrey, Director 317-894-9421 or 317-4137197 email m.aurtrey@sbcglobal.net Co Director Lotti McCallistor 317-905-3666 e,ail bes10@iquest.net meets 1st Wednesday each month at 11:30- 12:30 at Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) Center 8899 E 56th Street Indianapolis. IN 46249 Check out their Utube Video

Page 174 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

LOUISIANA Gretna Women on the Go, Director Rose Mary Ceasar, 504-366-6889 email rosemarycadam@bellsouth,net, regular meetings 1st Monday of the month 7:00 pm

MARYLAND Baltimore Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com, meetings at 1300 Mercantile Lane Ste 100 Largo Maryland 20774 Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net Facebook page www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Howard County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com contact director for meeting location

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Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Pikesville Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network , Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com Denise Laws, Co-Director 443-527-7403 contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Prince George’s County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/ Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com

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MICHIGAN Detroit Women Empowering Leadership & Legacy (WELL) Director Donna Stallings 313-999-2211 email donna@syncfoundation.com. Contact Director for meeting location and time. MISSOURI St Louis The Professional Women’s Alliance STL, Director Ninoska Clarkin 314-991-6144 NEW JERSEY Northern New Jersey Professional Women New Jersey, Dee Marshall, Director 862-218-0076 email nafenewjersey@gmail.com NEW YORK New York City, Roxanne Natale, Director 917 -952-0681 cell, 646-647-2148 work, email rnatale@ewsnyc.com

North Carolina Nafe North Carolina, Director Michele Rogers, 919-621-3310 Email nafenorthcarolina@gmail.com website is www.nafenc.com Utube video https://youtu.be/snLmjMtGS7A PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh Women Interactive Network WINN< Director Dawn Pomaybo 412-963-6311 email info@Winpitt.org SOUTH CAROLINA Coming Soon, contact Director Jayne Jordan 843-532-1123, email ladyjj2u@gmail.com

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ttremont@silotechgroup.com VP of Events: Jacqueline Jackson, Jacqueline.jackson@utsa.org 210-458-2483 VP of Communications: Chris Slowey, sloweyrcpoa@yahoo.com, 210-569-0953 VP of Finance: Natasha Robles, nrobles@silotechgroup.com, 210-5690959 Our website address is www.nafesa.org.

TEXAS Dallas

P-31 Women Inc, Contact Connie Mitchell 214-404-6462 Midland Successful Women’s Alliance, Diector Mary Elena Duron 432-978-2009 San Antonio NAFE San Antonio Network (Formerly We Lead) Meets at Norris Conference Center @ North Park 618 NW Loop 410, San Antonio TX 78216 2nd Wednesday of every month 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM President: Tiffany Tremont, ttremont@silotechgroup.com, 210-569-0953

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Women’s Information Network, Max Nolen Director 254-717-5188 max_nolan@us.aflac.com E The Magazine for Today's Female Executives edited by Althea Ledo who runs the LA Nafe Nework has 4 pages dedicated to Nafe so be sure and send her your news. allyledo@aol.com and mark in subject News or even stories for Nafe section. Here is the website for the Magazine www..FemaleExecutivweMagazine.com Also send news to Paula Damiano for the Nafe E Newsletter her email is pauladamiano@hotmail.com We are always looking for more individuals to step to the plate to start additional Nafe networks contact Robbie Motter, Nafe Global Coordinator, rmotter@aol.com or 951-255-9200

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