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Prinicpals’ Comments NAENAE COLLEGE


Principal’s Comments When I was a university student a number of decades ago, I used to have a big poster on my wall which said, “Two men looked out prison bars. One saw mud, the other saw stars”. Over recent years there is another saying that I find myself regularly reflecting on. It says, “When you think the problem is out there, that thought is the problem”. I guess the theme is, ‘Get positive and take some responsibility for your own destiny’ . 2010 has been a significantly positive year for Naenae College and we are increasingly reaping the benefits of the shifts in attitude and changes we have made in recent years. There is a good feeling of being in charge of our own destiny. In September, the Education Review Office spent six days in the College completing their triennial review. The report was so positive that one parent offered to take out a full page advertisement in the local paper and publish it in its entirety. We accepted the offer. Mr Winter, the Board Chair, will comment in his report on the details of the review findings. For me what was most telling was the response of staff when we went through the report. The overall consensus was, “Well we are not as good as we want to be; there’s a lot more to do. What difference are we really making to the future lives of our students? We need to dig deeper because they can get better and better and we can help them do this.” This response stems from a deep desire to draw out the potential of all our students. We have the privilege of being a very diverse multi-ethnic community. Make no mistake, it is a privilege. It is not a burden. It is not an inconvenience. It is a celebration of life, providing a special opportunity to enrich our own lives. Of course there will be values clashes. Of course things are more complicated. Of course the standard New

Zealand Curriculum is very Eurocentric and it is not an even playing field. We have to work hard at learning to view the world through different lenses. This requires more than just empathy and understanding. It is about respecting the values and humanity of each. It’s about changing the way we do things so that it works for everyone. That is what many of the staff are committed to doing. This year there has been lots of talk nationally about the need to raise the achievement levels of Maori and Pasifika students. For us, that is nearly 60% of our school. We are embracing this challenge and understand that it requires an open spirit and willingness for us all to learn some new ways of being. This is the key theme for our next step on our journey. I am looking forward to the Senior Prize Giving and graduation ceremony next week. It is the time when I can pause and reflect on the personal achievement of students, the performance of teams, the dedication of staff, parents and community and celebrate these things with the wider school community. It is a time of thankfulness and of hope for things to come for students graduating and moving out into the wider world. At the same time, I will still be anxious about how well prepared students are for their approaching external exams. I will still be thinking about what needs to be done to ensure our juniors finish the year well and we will be working hard to get everything in place to ensure that 2011 is an even better year. Thank you to the editorial team who have committed time and energy into capturing the highlights of 2010 in this yearbook and of course congratulations to everyone whose success is noted in the pages that follow. A special thanks to staff colleagues, board members and student leaders who have worked so enthusiastically to make 2010 a memorable year. John Russell

Board of Trustees

It was good to see two candidates standing for the student representative elections and well done to Thomas Bird for holding on to his role as student rep for another term. Thank you, Thomas, for your positive input to the Board from a student perspective. As our focus for the last three years has been on improving the school tone and climate in order to raise student achievement, the latest report from the Education Review Office was very well received. The September findings were positive ones and it showed that we are well and truly on track to achieving our goal. It noted some of our improvements: a range of initiatives support student engagement in learning, effective leadership has raised student aspirations and improved attendance rates. Student achievement is improving and able students are well catered for. In summary, both the students and staff are happy in their environment, and take pride in their College. While we are well aware that there is always room for more improvement this does give the Board members, as well as every member of our school, an excellent indication that we are all doing a good job. Well done and long may it continue!

“Your attitude is your reaction to what life hands you, and only YOU can choose that reaction”. While looking through last year’s school magazine, it became very apparent how much our senior students have enjoyed their years at Naenae College. We have some very inspirational leaders and it’s great that we can look to each other for guidance, should we need it. As hard as it is to stay positive in some situations (particularly in our teenage years!), there is always something you can take from the negative and turn it to positive, even if only to learn from the situation so you know better next time. I find it remarkable to see that our head students react so positively to what life hands them. I hope this attribute is something they share with every student within our school, and also that they continue to share it ‘in the real world’ beyond our school gates. As the year comes to a close I would like to thank, on behalf of the Board, the teachers and support staff for their continuing energy and support of the students. I would also like to thank students for the efforts they have shown and my fellow Board members for all their hard work during this year. Have a very well deserved break, and be ready for another top year next year. Mr Barry Winter

Board of Trustees

In April this year, we held our Board elections which saw two board members, Mr Andy Soper and Mr Shane Tapara, retiring and two new trustee members, Mr John Manuel and Mr Keith Vaughan, elected. Mrs Eseta Ioane, representing our Pacific Island community, was subsequently co-opted onto the Board. Welcome to new members and a big thank you to Shane and Andy for their valued input to the Board over the past three years.

This year saw the completion of building upgrades and planning for the next round of physical improvements to the school. In 2011 a new Special Needs unit will be built, the art rooms will be converted back to science labs and art will move over to the technology block. This will allow for the demolition of the science block. Other upgrades will also occur.


2010 has been yet another memorable school year for the Board and the College.


Student Leaders NAENAE COLLEGE


Student Leaders Head Boy

Head Girl

It’s hard to believe it’s almost over. College life for me and my fellow year thirteens is about to end, with a new chapter in our lives about to open. I am honoured to have been part of Naenae College and this year especially, having the privilege to serve the school as Head Boy. It has been an amazing five years for me, and I really do feel like I am set up for the future. For all those students still at college or about to start, this time in your lives is vital. Take advantage of the opportunities, work hard, and give yourself the greatest possible chance of life success. Listen to the people who are working for you; they know what they are talking about. Naenae College will give you the tools, and as long as you stay focussed and strive for greatness, then you will achieve your potential. It has been a privilege to be your Head Boy this year and I look forward to seeing many of you succeed in the future. Although it is sad to be leaving after five years, I know that my time at Naenae College has set me up in the best possible way. Thanks to the teachers, students and most of all my mates. Good luck for the future! Once a Naenae boy, always a Naenae boy! Joshua Krakosky

It has been an honour and great privilege being your Head girl for the year of 2010. When someone asks me what my high school years were like, I would say a little something like this… High School has taught me a lot about love, life and how to be a person of substance. It’s been a bumpy road filled with the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve learnt a lot along the way, not just in the classroom or on the sports field but in representing the school in sport visits and being a school ambassador. Seeing the same people day after day has taught me about what friendship is and isn’t. The big realisation was life is not always fair. When I look back on these five long enjoyable years I remember coming into NNC with my fellow, back then, year 9s, with a mixture of nervousness, enthusiasm and trepidation for this was an entirely new world for us. Sure we may have been scared by the size of the buildings, the really tall people or we might have got lost on our first days but by the end of our five years we had it all figured out. It’s easy summarizing the years here: Year 9: Adjusting to this huge new world, checking out the cute seniors. Year 10: Walking around thinking we owned this school because we weren’t the youngest ones anymore. Year 11: The Do or die year. Year 12: Wishing you were year 13. Year 13: Wishing you could do it all over again Before I end my little trip down memory lane I have a few thanks to mention. Firstly my family and all my friends. Huge thanks to Cole, Ari and Tanah, there’s no me without you. All the teachers at NNC especially, ‘my mums within school, Ona Ofamo’oni and Cath Forster – you made life for me at school more delightful. NNC itself. I’m proud to say I spent my High School years at the best school in town. I wish Love and Luck go with you wherever you go. Kia Ihi, Kia Maru. Nothing Much, Shoulder Brush, Chur Chur, Peace! Patricia Cherry

Deputy Head Girl

This year has gone quickly, to say the least. But it has been filled with great things. As cochair of the student council I have enjoyed working with seniors on the planning and execution of the major events of the school calendar; thank you to all those who have helped with these events. The highlights for me were the School Athletics, Cultural day and the Senior Formal. These events could not have gone ahead and been so enjoyable without the co-operation of teachers, the prefect team and the wider student council. On a more personal note, my education and sporting experience at Naenae College has been amazing. We are lucky at this school that we have teachers that care so much for our education and well-being. I have been involved in a wide range of sports including golf, cricket, water polo and snowboarding. All these sports require commitment from teachers and parents and I think that all these people deserve our sincere thanks. In summary, I feel that Naenae College is a great place to mature and grow into young adults, be it in the classroom or on the sports field. I hope that my contribution as a student leader has made this school a better place. Thank you, Theodore Wordsworth

I have been at Naenae College for five years and I can honestly say that without a doubt that these have been the most rewarding years of my life. Naenae College has been like a home to me, and I have enjoyed coming here and making new friends, as well as learning valuable skills from teachers which will help me in the future. Looking back to the time when I was a Year 9, I would never have dreamed that I would be where I am today. Naenae College has opened up a wide range of opportunities for me and has opportunities readily available for everyone. This year, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Girls’ Senior Tennis team, and also Co-Captain of the Girls’ Soccer team. It’s been heaps of fun to represent the school in these sports, and it’s been loads of fun making new friends. I have really enjoyed being a part of Naenae College. It has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and prepared me for the ‘real’ world. One of the best things about going to this school is that it feels like your ‘safety blanket’, as in, you go here knowing that you’re safe and that there is support all around the school, from both students and teachers. The thing that I have loved the most about coming to Naenae is all the amazing and wonderful people I have met on my five year journey from a immature Year 9, to a (slightly more) mature Year 13. And I don’t just mean the students, but also the teachers. Thank you so much to all the teachers who have had to put up with me through the years, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and wisdom that you have given me. Also thanks for being patient when I didn’t get what you were on about; I got there in the end though! For all the year 13s of 2010, I wish you the best of luck for all future endeavours that you wish to follow. Each and every one of you are lovely and amazing people, and it has been a privilege getting to know you. I couldn’t have picked a better group of people to spend the last five years with if my life depended on it. I will cherish my time at Naenae College. It has been such an honour to represent the school as Deputy Head Girl, and I wish you all the best for 2011. Shayna Taua

Student Leaders

Deputy Head Boy



Student Prefects NAENAE COLLEGE


Student Prefects It has been an honour and privilege to serve Naenae College as a prefect and mentor and assist Mr Russell and the staff with the successful running of the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Russell, Deputy Principals and staff members for their neverending support, my fellow prefects and mentors for their hard work, the Samoan Parents Association who run the Homework Centre which helps a lot of the students, my friends and all the students for their cooperation. A big thank you goes to my family for their encouragement and support especially my parents - you guys are my role models.

My years in Naenae College were an amazing journey for me. I started off unsure about what my path was and now, I can proudly say that I know what I want and that Naenae College has helped me realise that. I would like to thank all my teachers who have helped and supported me throughout these years because it has never been easy.

The 80 credits may seem easy or a long way to go for some; but if you have the determination and knowing that you want to make a great living for yourself by having a great job, a new car etc for the future. I suggest next year is the real deal for you guys. Work hard and get those 80 credits so that in the end, you wouldn’t be saying this as a start off line for your final year of college, ‘If only...’

Working along with the students was hugely rewarding for me, I love helping anyone in need of assistance and as a Poly Club leader, it was quite a challenge. But with the help of my co-leaders and the collaboration of the students, everything worked out in the end, as we represented our school and performed at the Pacific Extravaganza Festival in August. It was an incredible and memorable experience for our Polynesian group. 2010 has been a hectic year for the prefects and mentors as well. First, was Valentine’s Day, then Athletics Day where students enjoyed themselves and a range of sports, wearing costumes in their house colours. This was followed by Multicultural Day, the school Formal and preparing for each of the term assemblies. Even though each event demanded a lot of work, we did manage to get it done as we worked together as a team and enjoyed every moment of it.

Have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year :) Talele Levaula Faalogo

very pleasant night and a great success, which is a credit to the many hours that were put into organising it by the people on the Formal Committee. It has also been great to be a part of the Prefect Team and doing things such as helping run the Cultural Day Flagbearers’ Ceremony, the mufti days we’ve organised for great causes and to be able to recognise everyone’s achievements in our assemblies. As Prefects, we are in the unique position of being able to see so much of what goes on within our school. We get to see those students doing fantastically at school, those who aren’t and the issues the school faces. To those of you who have worked hard: well done, keep it up and you will find the rewards you seek. To those of you struggling at school: think very carefully about what it is you want in life and how you can get there – nothing great is ever achieved without hard work. And don’t forget, Naenae College is your school; it is only what you make of it. Ross Jordan

Wow, how fast time can fly! It’s so hard to believe my final year in college is almost at an end. Naenae College has given me a lot in my five years here though, and I’ve really enjoyed facing the extra challenges I’ve been lucky enough to accept as one of the Prefects for 2010. My main mission for this year was to take charge of the Formal Committee and get the Formal organised. I’m very pleased to be able to say that by all the accounts I’ve received, the Formal was a

Talofa Lava E muamua ona ave le mua ma le faasao ile tama oi le lagi, ona ua iu ma le manuia lenei tausaga. Ua tau lau ole faamoemoe; faamalo le tauivi, faamalo le taumafai. Faamalo le tau. Naenae College – what can I say? My name is Tala Chapman, I am a Year 13 student and I just want to say a few words before I leave this amazing school. WOW. Five years of fun, pain, sweat, enjoyment and hard work has come to an end.

I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and would like to thank all my teachers that have helped me through to reach my goals. I’ve gained and lost a lot of friendship BUT if it wasn’t for the friends I have now, I wouldn’t have made it to where I stand now, without their support and words of encouragement to strive for what I was aiming towards. For a school that looks small (in my own point of view), I’ve never seen so much heart and pride to show how big it really is. And I AM SO PROUD to be part of it. My last words before I leave this battle-field are to “Fight your way through here in Naenae College for five long years”. Here in Naenae College you will find Talent, Experience the Unexpected and Skills that will help you find the key to a better future and succeed a better life. I’ll leave you with a poem. I fought my way through Naenae College, I fought my way through 5 years. I filled myself with happiness from the beginning but now I feel so sad, As it finally comes to an end But that’s just part of the trend. It is time to move forward to the next generation and also to say goodbye to your friend. Wherever there’s an ending, There’s a new door to a new beginning. Peace Out. Tofa Soifua ma ia manuia. PS - ‘Once a Naenae always a Naenae. You can take me out of Naenae but you can’t take Naenae out of me’ Talalelei Chapman

Ariana Kohai

Student Prefects





Editorial Something is happening in our school. Last week, a large number of our teachers had a hui at Te Whanau Tahi, our school marae, about what we want for our students. There were a lot of strong feelings expressed: frustration, anger, sadness, passion and hope. We all want our students to achieve and we have a special concern for our Maori and Pasifika students who seem to struggle despite our best efforts. We know something has to change. We have to change, our school has to change. I used to believe this: you can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. I have taught my children this; that they should aim to make a difference in this world. I don’t think this any more. Let me tell you a story.

Before I came to Naenae I worked in a rural area where there was one primary school. The school was putting up some signs in Maori for the first time. The chairperson of the Board of Trustees asked me what I thought about it. I said, “I think it’s good. If my kids were Maori I would be worried about them going to a school that didn’t show anything about their culture.” He said, “But schools aren’t Maori or Pakeha. They are neutral.” This man wanted to be part of the solution but he was also part of the problem. He just didn’t know it. At the hui about Te Whanau Tahi I learned this new saying. Unless you are part of the problem you can’t be part of the solution.

The Editorial team for 2010. Top; Valerie Andrews. Bottom; Yvonne Manuel. Left to right; Judy Waenga, Shana Muaiava, Ariti Ransfield, Martin Laing, Tamsin Davies-Colley.

At Naenae College we are all part of the problem of the underachievement of Maori and Pasifika students. Join us. Help us. We can all be part of the solution. Tamsin Davies-Colley “The message of the Maori race to you is: we want to retain our individuality as a race. If judged by your standards, we fall short, try and look at it from the Maori standpoint, ...does it matter very much whether we square up with the Pakeha standards or not? Are they so very good that we should square up to them?” Sir Apirana Ngata Leader and Member of Parliament Waitangi, 6 February 1940

Year 13 Prize Winners



Patricia Cherry

DUX. Deputy Head Boy. I.H. Johnson Trophy and Parents’ Association Prize. Julia Tohiariki Memorial Award: Libertas Sententiae - Freedom of Thought. Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council (jointly). 1st in Physics and Chemistry. Massey University College of Business Leadership Scholarship.

PROXIME ACCESSIT- Brenda Wallis Cup for Academic Excellence and Parents’ Association Prize. Eileen Bone Memorial Scholarship C.F. Gardiner Cup for Service to School. Mourne Pearson Shield (jointly) for English. Senior German Cup.

Head Boy. Derek Wood Trophy and Parents’ Association Prize for outstanding achievement and service. W.K. Smiler Memorial Award for Senior Public Speaking. Kathy Brabin Trophy. Naenae Old Boys Football Cup. Naenae Old Boys Cricket Club Cup for Best Male Player.

Head Girl. Butterworth Cup and Prize for Loyal Service to the School. Mason Trophy for Contribution to Drama. 1st in Business Studies.

Shayna Taua


Arahia Fowell

L.a. Moemai

IVAN vaisagote

HANNAH McLaughlan

Deputy Head Girl. Foundation Staff and Pupils Cup for Girls. Bruce Cup for Senior Council leadership (jointly). Kathy Cross Trophy for Most Deserving Female Footballer.

Samoan Parents’ Association Cup for Top Academic Samoan Student. Te Whanau Tahi Award (silver cup) for service to Polynesian Culture.

Naenae College Sportswoman of the Year. Hutt Valley Junior Player of the Year. Saints Premier Womens Softball Most Outstanding Player. NZ U19 and NZ Secondary Schools Tournament teams. Junior White Sox Squad. Naomi Shaw Trophy for Most Oustandanding Female Softballer.

Naenae College Sportsman of the Year (W.E. Martlew Cup), Parents’ Association Cup for Senior Boys Athletics Champion. Avalon Rugby Football Club Player of the Year. John Clentworth Cup for Technology.

Mark Walton Memorial Award for teamwork and fairplay. Valued contribution to Senior Choir, Barbershop, Pacifica Beats and Polynesian Group. Best contribution to Naenae College Volleyball.

Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt Scholarship. Dalton Cup for 1st in History.

Heather HansEn-Woller

SamantHa Irons


Upu Nofoaiga


Karen Chen

Girls’ Friendly Society Study Bursary.

Reunion Committee Scholarship. Mourne Pearson Shield (jointly) for English. 1st in Statistics & Modelling.

Art Cup for 1st in Art. Valued Service as House Captain.

Gateway Cup for 1st in the Gateway Programme.

Benny Luke Memorial Trophy for Citizenship in Senior School.

Julie Stockdale Cup for Original work in Senior English, Alan McDiarmid Prize for 1st in Chemistry.



Year 13 Prize Winners 2010



Staff Farewells NAENAE COLLEGE


Staff Farewells Andrea Williams Feb 2004-September 2009 Andrea was appointed to the staff in 2004, having lived her professional life in the context of multicultural education in Ngaruawahia and Tokoroa, with a particular focus on tikanga Maori. She also taught at Sacred Heart College. Her first challenge at Naenae was to inject some energy and structure into the Learning Support Services of the College to ensure that those students most at risk of academic failure got the personal support and foundational skills they needed for success. Her professional acumen was self evident and in 2005 Andrea was appointed as Assistant Principal and then in 2006 her job description was expanded and she became a Deputy Principal. In September 2009, Andrea took up a new challenge with her husband Rob Mill, the Principal of Wainuiomata College, coaching and mentoring new principals in the United Arab Emirates. She is admirably suitable for this work, helping a nation build a new education system. Andrea is an impactful leader who approached her roles at Naenae with professional integrity, high personal expectations and a commitment to quality outcomes for all. Students appreciated her warmth and genuine concern for their total wellbeing as well as her capacity to transcend cultural boundaries. As the DP with overall responsibility for the guidance network Andrea worked hard to ensure that all students and families were treated with dignity and got the support required in often difficult circumstances. Andrea is a very competent classroom teacher and leader of learning. She is very well informed and made an invaluable contribution to the LEAP Cluster Literacy

Project, the professional development of staff and the overhaul of assessment and reporting, data management and assurance systems. We are very grateful for Andrea’s generous contribution of time and talent to this community and know that she will continue to make a valuable contribution in whatever educational environment she works in. We wish Andrea athe very best and trust she will return safely to New Zealand and continue to contribute her educational leadership skills here. John Russell

Mari Cribb May 2003–July 2010 When I came back to Naenae College in 2007 I was delighted to be able to work once again with Mari who had been the guidance counsellor at Mana College with me. Mari has many endearing qualities, including her humanity and reticence to be publically recognised. She has an absolute heart of gold and operates from a deep conviction that everyone on this planet matters so that her time is everyone else’s time. It is very easy in a school to take guidance counsellors for granted. Their job is both deeply connected to everyone and yet quite isolated because they carry the burden of the confidential stories of many students and staff. They deal with people at the sharp end of living; the students who are suicidal, being abused by others, engaging in very risky behaviours, out of sorts with their teachers, facing crisis of various forms as well as the staff who are facing domestic or professional hurdles. A lot of this cannot be shared, so it requires a very special person to be able to support people through their issues and maintain your own sense of balance and engagement in life. Mari is such a person.

As well as doing all the personal stuff Mari has played a number of other critical roles in the school. She has been very involved in student leadership training and mentoring and supporting the Marae Committee, Kapa Haka and Poly club. When an extra pair of hands has been required for any purpose Mari will have been there. She has supported and mentored the deans, worked closely with the school nurse, careers guidance staff, truancy officer and senior management. She has also had responsibility for liaising with the Hutt Valley Activity Centre and Lyriks Alternative School to ensure staff in these centres are supported in their work and students are well supported in their learning and transitions in and out of school. Mari has supervised the training of other guidance counsellors and contributed in numerous other ways. We shall all remember Mari’s positive good humour, sensibility, compassion and willingness to carry other people’s burdens. Her poroporoaki from the College and welcoming powhiri at Upper Hutt College were fitting tributes to the place Mari holds in our hearts. We wish Mari every blessing as she takes on the challenge of ensuring that the students and community of Upper Hutt College get the very best support a guidance counsellor can offer. John Russell

Alan Olliver 1980–2010 Alan Olliver is departing our shores for the tropical Islands of Rarotonga, to establish and teach a Tourism course over there. Jealous much? He is the second longest serving staff member and is now part of the furniture (probably as a data show because of his constant use of power point presentations and he refers to the data show as his ‘baby’). He is an excellent HOD who cares for and looks after his staff not only within school but in our daily lives as well. You

If you had to best describe Alan you would say he is a sincere, reliable, supportive person, with a wicked sense of humour. The students would say he likes to dress up especially in his Samurai gear (complete with sword) and utter the infamous words, “Make my Day!” Alan has organised awesome field trips to Tongariro, Rotorua and the Kapiti Coast. He does this because he loves the outdoors and wants to share his passion with students who may never have had the opportunity to trek over the Tongariro crossing, relax in a thermal bath in Rotorua or conduct field activities on the Kapiti Coast. Our next field trip is to study tourism on the island of Rarotonga. Yeah right! Alan has a great rapport with his students and often he has gone the extra mile to support them in their achievement. His professionalism, organisational skills, attention to detail and caring nature make him the consummate practitioner. We wish him all the best and hope he gets a good tan on those spindly legs and we are slightly delighted because we now have the key to his stash of resources and order book which he has guarded with his life. “Ka puta e ruha, ka hao te rangatahi” (It’s time for a change)

Kathy Anso During the last thirteen years Kathy has established her reputation as a

Kathy was originally appointed to create a NCEA Level 1 science course that would improve engagement in Science and this was always her passion. Kathy went on to teach Chemistry at Level 2 and 3 and also work as a dean for the class of 2007 and finally as HOD of Science. Kathy also held responsibility for allocating staff parking at the college, running fire drills and picking up a million pieces of litter between the science block and the staff room. Kathy initially took leave to nurse her mother through illness and finally made a choice to leave Naenae College after her mother’s death. Kathy will continue to teach in Waikato and we are glad the profession will not lose her compassion and commitment.

Emma-Joy English Emma-Joy joined the Art Department in Term 1 of 2009 as a relief teacher, a position which became a more permanent role by Term 3. She quickly became one of the family, well-liked and respected by staff and students alike. Emma’s enthusiasm and commitment to both her students and her own teaching practice is fantastic. Her can-do attitude, willingness to lead and superb organisational skills have been an absolute blessing in a busy department and will be greatly missed. Her spontaneous renditions of Fergie songs will be less so. One of Emma’s strengths is her caring, supportive nature and along with her Art students, her Form class 10EH, have been the lucky recipients of this aspect of her personality. She created a lovely classroom atmosphere,

encouraging students to strive for their best and supporting them in that journey. It is with great sadness we farewell Emma, but we wish her every success in her role as Head of Art at St Patrick’s, Wellington. We know they will love you as much as we do Emma!

Hayley Robinson Hayley arrived at Naenae College in January 2009 with a strong sense of fun and a wide range of skills. Hayley joined the school as a general science teacher with a special responsibility for NCEA Level 3 Biology and NCEA Level 2 Vocational Science. Hayley has a particular passion for Junior Science and improving literacy in the school, and she set about these areas with considerable determination and ingenuity. Along with many of our students Hayley has a passion for computers and in particular the Internet and this was evident when she created a website which facilitated the learning of students from year 9 to year 13. The demands of a young family and the promotion of her partner led to Hayley deciding to take a break from teaching and it was with sadness that we said goodbye to her at the end of Term 2.

Leath Powell Leath Powell worked in the ESOL and English departments between the years 2008 to 2010. He always carried a desire to do everything possible for his students in order for them to improve in their ability. With a background in linguistics Leath was able to incorporate his understanding and work in ESOL into his English programme to help build a strong foundation for his

11 Staff Farewells

He has experienced many areas in teaching here, from Economics, Geography, Tourism and Social Studies moving to an assistant Head of Department and then onto Head of Department. He has dabbled in Careers Advice and Special Education but most of his time has been spent in Social Sciences.

distinctive teacher and leader of the Science Department. Kathy confidently promoted inclusion as the foundation of her teaching practice and was instrumental in the development of many young men and women who came under her guidance. Kathy treated the students as family and always demonstrated warmth and support for these ‘nieces and nephews’.


will be able to view this by the collegial environment he has created in the Social Sciences department, aka the SWAMP.

Staff Farewells NAENAE COLLEGE


John Puka

students. As a colleague I could see his passion for teaching each time he shared his ideas and resources that he had tried in the classroom.

The Oracle... the all seeing... all knowing...

Leath has a great sense of humour that he also shares. It was always enjoyable to sit and chat with him during a break and hear what stories he had. Leath could see the funny side in every situation and was able to sit back and laugh at himself when he needed to.

John made his presence felt here at Naenae College from day one. As a Faculty Head and leader he has worked with determination and integrity.

Throughout the difficult and challenging times that all teachers are confronted with at Naenae College, Leath managed to conduct himself with professionalism and integrity. We will all miss the impact he has had on the students and his charming wit. Martin Laing, Assistant HOD English

Ona Ofamo’oni Ona, or Ms O to many of her students, has been the drama teacher at Naenae College for the last four years. She now leaves Naenae College with her first ever junior class of year 10 students. Ona is one of the most loving and committed people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. No matter what the reason or situation, she is always there to offer a listening ear, advice or just a shoulder to cry on. As a teacher, she pushes her students to their full potential and has consistently worked her butt off. She’s given her free time to help her students deliver phenomenal performances in productions over the years. Few people understand how difficult it is to juggle the roles of director, stage designer, stage manager, mother and teacher, but Ona did it with a smile on her face even through the roughest of times. A true champion, Ona’s influence, passion and great big smile will be missed by teachers and students alike at Naenae College. Ona, we wish you the best in whatever you pursue in the future and remember that you will always be fabulous and gorgeous and you know it! Tom Coppell

In the short time I have worked with John I have found him to be a man with strong values promoting students family, community and people as his priority. He has a calm, considered personality and relates to all people with ease. Some people are afraid of his exterior presence but don’t believe the hype – he’s a giant marshmallow inside. The quality from John I have most admired is his ability to debate issues with fervour and rigour and leave the conversation with people’s mana intact. Not an easy achievement in a place like Naenae College where staff are passionate about driving the school forward. John is committed to delivering quality education for all students and finding better internal and external processes for this to happen. All that is left to be said is Wainuiomata’s gain is Naenae College’s loss. We wish him every success in his new role as Deputy Principal. Wha¯ia te iti kahurangi Ki te tu¯ohu koe, me he maunga teitei Naku Noa Te Whanau Tahi

Judith Bergman Judith arrived at Naenae College in 1991 after returning from her big OE. Little did she know what was ahead for her here teaching Mathematics, Physics and junior Science. Enjoying the outdoors, she was heavily involved in EOTC including taking trips up to the Outdoor Pursuit Centre. Judith

had a six year break to have and look after her three children, before returning to Naenae in 2003 as a part time Mathematics teacher. Judith has not only seen many changes of staff in the Mathematics department during her time here, but also big changes in the delivery of the curriculum and assessment tasks. Judith, being a true professional, kept up with all the changes and has been instrumental in setting up the Junior programme in the Mathematics department, as well as being in charge of the Year 13 Calculus course and streamlining any other course she was involved with. Judith is a highly effective teacher and students have appreciated her dedication to ensure that they would reach their full potential. She leaves us to take up the role of Assistant Head of Department at Sacred Heart College where her knowledge and organisational skills will be truly valued. She will be missed by many students and staff but we wish her well on her new journey.

Richard Rhoades We were really fortunate to have Richard join our staff in 2007 teaching Mathematics as a short term reliever for Star Ah Kuoi when he injured his neck playing rugby. Richard came out of retirement and was extremely valuable as he knew exactly what to do and got on with the job. This was not Richard’s first time at Naenae College as he had worked here previously before being Head of Mathematics at Heretaunga College. Due to another staff member leaving Richard then agreed to stay on till the end of the year. But retirement still eluded Richard as the Mathematics department needed a part time teacher and Richard once again stepped in and saved the day. Richard is now looking forward to his well deserved retirement, continuing his home renovations, spending time with his grandchildren and booking more overseas trips. Thanks Richard staff and students have really appreciated everything you have done.

The Victoria University Outreach Programme 2010 was awesome.

Russell McVeagh is a large, national law firm and we are lucky to have a Mentoring programme for Year 12 and 13 students with them. Thirty students took part this year in the six events.

This programme funds our two mentors – Fa’afoi Senili and Leah Taratu to come to Naenae College for an hour a week with the aim of raising the achievement of Maori and Pacific students and encouraging them into tertiary education. Our meetings are at 8.40am on Thursday so only very keen students made the commitment to attend and give up their extra sleeping time. 2010 was the first time Year 11 students had been invited to join the programme and a keen group met with Leah every week. We had sessions learning academic skills such as time management, note taking, goal setting, study tips and career planning. As a reward for our commitment Fa’afoi and Leah surprised us with excellent breakfasts. We also went bowling at Strike at the end of Term 2.

In Term 2 we started the year with a crazy game of ‘Survivor’ around Wellington City. Other highlights were Bowling with some bad and embarrassing scores and lots of hot chips and Sports Night at Naenae College. The serious events were CV presentation and Interview Skills, a Careers Evening and Know Your Rights. The mentors were friendly, supportive and encouraging so even these sessions were heaps of fun. At this moment I can imagine fellow mentoring students thinking, “But there is no mention about Russell McVeagh’s food”!! Fear not! The food at Russell McVeagh was definitely a highlight for everyone. They have their own personal chef and so at every session we had top notch food.

The highlight of the year was camp held at Palm Grove in Paraparaumu. We met up with students from all the other schools in their Wellington region. Had an amazing time and heaps of fun playing games such as archery, pool, table tennis, basketball, soccer and watching movies.

Overall Russell McVeagh was a truly awesome and valuable experience where you have fun learning, eating and broadening your horizons.

I encourage all Maori and Pacific students in Year 11, 12, and 13 to come along next year as you never know how good it is until you try it out. Leah and Fa’afoi have had a tremendous effect on our learning this year.

It was with a mixture of sadness and joy that the Samoan Parents’ Association, friends and families met, towards the end of the third term, in the School Café to farewell the Rev and Mrs Siolofo Lemalu as they move to a new church appointment in Samoa. Mr Lemalu gave wonderful leadership to the community and guidance to the school in his five years as Chair of the Association. The Rev Iese Tomanogi has taken over the Chairman’s role and Eseta Ioane is the new Secretary.

Thanks to Ms Burton and Ms Wilton for their organisation and encouragement and thanks to Ms Waenga for letting us use the Library. Most of all thanks to Fa’afoi and Leah – YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE Talele Levaula Faalogo, Year 13

Nisha Mistry and Samantha Baker Year 12

Samoan Parents’ Association

Mrs Eseta Ioane has been elected to the Board as the representative of the Samoan Parents’ Association

13 Student Mentoring

Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme


Student Mentoring

Victoria University Outreach Programme

Student Mentoring NAENAE COLLEGE


Year 9 Girls’ Programme In the third term a group of year 9 students met once a week with Mrs Bowbyes (Guidance Counsellor) and Mrs Manuel (sports coordinator). During this time we baked cup cakes in the student café, used up some energy playing badminton, decorated wine glasses and did a lot of talking about what it means to be ‘He Wahine Toa – a strong woman’. We looked at the behaviours that get in the way of being our best and set some goals for how we could do things differently in the coming weeks. The highlight of the programme was a half day trip into Wellington on the East By West Ferry, preceded by lunch at McDonald’s and followed by an hour at Fergie’s Rock Climbing Wall. The trip on the ferry was pretty rough so the girls were promised an ice-cream when they got back to Day’s Bay. Interestingly, no one took up the offer!

Student Café and Breakfast Club The Senior Council has put an enormous amount of energy into getting the student café up and running. Theo Wordsworth, Deputy Head Boy, Josh Krakosky Head Boy and Prefects Hannah MacDonald and Trent Fortune have led a team of senior students who have come in early on Thursday mornings to cook breakfast. They have planned and budgeted, met with a dietician from Regional Public Health and mastered the art of preparing spaghetti or baked beans on toast with two hash browns and selling this feast at the cost price of $2.50. The Student Café is a cool place to hang out when we have our late start on a Thursday morning. In Term 4, we signed Naenae College up to the Kickstart Breakfast Programme. This programme is sponsored by Fonterra and Sanitarium providing us with free Weetbix and milk. We have secured some funding for bowls and spoons as well as for Milo and sugar. Again, students run this programme with the help of our Guidance Counsellor, Mrs Bowbyes. It has proved to be very popular with upwards of 45 students coming to school early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to take advantage of the free breakfast. The other push this year from the Senior Council, on the health and nutrition front,

has been to promote the drinking of water throughout the day. Our health nurses have become increasingly concerned about the number of students who become dehydrated during the school day. The Senior Council took the initiative and surveyed students about their use of the water fountains and then checked out each of the fountains with the Property Manager Kevin Lunn. They then spoke to students in the assemblies about the importance of drinking water throughout the school day.

Homework Centre The Homework Centre has been the focal point of the Samoan Parents Association this year. It ran from February until November and was on every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-6pm in the library. The Homework Centre assisted the students who needed extra help from the teachers with their assignments and assessments or using the computers for their research, and essays. For some of us, this is the only place we can complete our tests or homework as we have other commitments to attend to. There were biscuits and coffee/milo/tea which were provided before it started off, that helped with our learning. On the last day, we had a delicious cooked meal where everyone had a great time. Last, but not least, I would like to thank our school principal, Mr John Russell, Deputy Principals, Deans and staff members for giving up their time and helping out the students. Faafetai and fa’amalo to the Samoan Parents Association for their support and hard work and to the students who came in and used this service wisely. A special thanks to Mr and Mrs Filiki for being with us throughout this whole year – Fa’afetai tele lava. Soifua ma ia Manuia Talele Levaula Faalogo


Year 9s to Kaitoke 2009

15 TE REO KURA 2010




Year 10s to Days Bay 2009


On Friday 4th of June, four Year 13 students along with Ms Muaiava went to the Samoan Speech Competition that was held at the Akapuanga Hall in Cannons Creek in Porirua. Christine Ioane (13ST) was one of the competitors and although she did not win, she spoke with confidence and gave an incredible speech.

Samoan week E muamua pea ona si’i le viiga ma le fa’amanu ile Tama oi le Lagi, ona o lona alofa ma lona agalelei aua olea ua tatou feiloai i nu’uao ae le’o nu’upo, fa’afetai foi aua o lea fo’i ua i’u manuia faamoemoe sa alofaiva ai nisi o alo ma fanau a le laumua nei. Celebrating Samoan week (Sunday 30 May – Friday 4 June) was an enormous opportunity for the Samoan class to experience and honour the importance of this week. The Year 11 and Year 12 Samoan classes and I had the privilege of representing our school at the Samoan Day held at Hutt Valley High School on Monday 31st May 2010 with Ms Muaiava. The programme started off with a powhiri by Hutt Valley’s Kapa Haka. After lunch, we then listened to representatives from each school who all spoke about either ‘Samoa’s Independence’

In addition, there was also a Radio Samoan Competition called ‘Faasao lo ta Gagana mo a taeao’ meaning ‘Treasure our Language for tomorrow’. Lilly (Year 9), Lalofutu (Year 10), Ta’amilo (Year 12), Agalelei, Faaeaina, Christine and I of Year 13 competed in this competition. Although it was Christine and I that got to the Final Round, where she came 6th and I in 5th, I would like to congratulate everyone who participated, “Fa’amalo le tauivi ia te outou uma.” Last, but not least, I would like to say thank you to the Principal Mr Russell and staff for their never ending support and also to Ms Muaiava for her encouragement, support and hard work, “Se ua malie mata ole vai.” I would also like to extend a special thanks to the Samoan Language Committee (FAGASA) for their continuous support and commitment in improving the Samoan Language here in Aotearoa New Zealand. “Samoa e, tautuana ma oe la taua Gagana Samoa, aua o lo ta measina lea mo a taeao” Faafetai Talele Levaula Faalogo, Year 13

Shave for Cancer On Friday April 23 this year in a bid to raise awareness of Leukaemia and money for the cause, several Naenae College staff and student leaders put their heads on the line. The ‘Shave for a Cure – a kina for cancer’ event was held in the school hall and in front of a large audience of students and teachers the shaving began. The shavees included Naenae College staff Mr Puka, Mr Laing, Mr Dopson and Mr Muirhead, Head Boy Josh Krakosky, student representative to the board Thomas Bird and fellow students Isaac Garton, Trent Fortune and the notable lopping of female student Denique Igasia’s hair. The event raised over $700 for the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation. Thank you to those who put their lids on the line and all those that sponsored such a worthy cause.


or ‘The Importance of the Samoan Language’. Ula Valasi of Year 11 (who was Naenae College’s representative) talked about Samoa’s Independence and how difficult it was for the Samoan people to fight for their freedom. Nevertheless we thank God that Samoa has finally gained their independence in 1962.



Future Problem Solving NAENAE COLLEGE


Future Problem Solving Future Problem Solving is a year long programme where students, working in teams, learn and apply a six-step problem-solving process which provides them with the tools to tackle problems on a local, national and global level which they may meet throughout their life. Throughout the year, students apply the process to consider the challenges and issues contained within complex social and scientific problems to be faced in the future, or tackle existing problems in their own communities. The programme encourages students to use creative, critical and analytical thinking skills, work cooperatively as a team and above all, take the reigns of their own education, learning and future.

Under the guidance and watchful eye of Ms Balfour, students set themselves their own goals and with a little coaxing along the way, adapt their own unique learning plan, looking in depth at ideas, issues and problems specific to the future scene (topic) and to themselves personally. It is a programme full of insight for students into other people’s worlds, bird’s-eye views to the world and its problems and what we face as a global community and a journey of self discovery into their own world. Some of the students have decided to spend Term 4 learning about inquiry research. We all have to pick a topic that we are interested in. This includes deciding what the topic is going to be and what we need to know. Second, we need to find where the information will be for the topic. This includes recording the sources correctly in a bibliography. Next, we need to find out if we have the correct answers from the questions we formed when we

P+A’s in the Library

Naenae Intermediate pay a visit

started the topic. Then we need to evaluate and see if we have found all the right information. If we haven’t, then we need to go back to our original question and work on it. We may have to do this a few times. Next, when we have gathered all our information, we need to put it in our own words and order it. When we come to presenting, we will need to present it in a legible, readable and interesting way. For example: a poster, power point, video or even an essay. Our last task will be the final evaluation. This is where we find out how well we have done and how to improve for next time. Andrew Mclaughlan, Tom Basire and Thomas Bird

Senior Formal

The Overseas Terminal looked very lovely; dinner was eaten by candlelight, and for those lucky enough to be sitting in the right places, against a beautiful view of the lights out on the harbour. The Prefect Team then awarded ribbons to those who looked particularly outstanding; though deciding on the awards was a very difficult matter! Following that, the venue’s DJ provided some great music, both new hits and old classics, for everyone to groove along to as they wished.

Thank you to everyone for coming along, and for looking as great as you did! Also to everyone on the Formal Committee who helped organise such a fantastic night, and the teachers and staff who supported us – in particular those who understood us sometimes being a little distracted in class in the build up to the Formal! Ross Jordan Formal Committee

Senior Formal

The Formal has traditionally been one of the highlights of the year for seniors, and 2010 was no different. This year it was held on the 14th August at the Overseas Terminal in Chaffers Marina, Wellington – the last year before the venue is turned into apartments. It was a fantastic night, the weather might not have been quite perfect, but it was never going to dampen our spirits when everyone looked so amazing! And to the girls’ relief, the weather was decent enough to let them enter without worrying too much about ruining their hair.





I got to hold the England flag up high in my hands and when I was up there everyone clapped for me. But it was kind of embarrassing because when I got to the microphone I couldn’t reach and I had to get the mic pulled down for me by the MC. So even though I got embarrassed in front of the whole school it was really fun and if I could do it again I would. Michael Ladd, Year 9

Multicultural Day

Being a flag bearer for my country was a really great experience.

21 TE REO KURA 2010

Multicultural Day

Multi-cultiural Day NAENAE COLLEGE

22 HUTT NEWS, JULY 6, 2010


The united nations of Naenae By NICHOLAS BOYACK

The changing face of New Zealand society was on display at Naenae College recently with its annual multi-cultural day and concert. The school has pupils from 38 different ethnic groups, ranging from Chinese, Brazilian and Sudanese to Libyan, Cook

Islanders and Cambodian. An afternoon concert celebrating this diversity opened with flag bearers representing 32 nations. In the evening the school hosted the concert for parents. The MC for the event, NZ Idol finalist Luke Whaanga, told the pupils he was a proud past

student and still a Naenae boy. Principal John Russell says that having so many different cultures ‘‘adds to the challenge’’, and English is a second language for many of the pupils. ‘‘The concert went down really well,’’ he said. ‘‘The kids were really appreciative of each others’ contribution.’’

Celebrating diversity: Peta Tangiwai and Marlene Peniata, Vicky Taloaina, Jessmine Aiomata and Selesa Alataua and Julia Ufiufi-Finau linked up as part of the Naenae College Multicultural Day.

Hot stuff: One of the biggest cheers was for this dancer from Libya, who put on an energetic performance.

African culture: The Acholi Dance Group from Sudan.

No.1 in TT HU R E W LO

In tune: Special needs performers Patasina Mau’u and Tima Tominiko.

Multicultural Day


Multicultural Day Performances 23



Kapa Haka Te Wa¯nanga o Waikato Te¯na¯ koutou katoa Ko Taupiri te maunga Ko Waikato te awa Ko Waikato te iwi Ko Tainui te waka Ko Waahi Pa te marae Ko Ngati Mahuta te hapu Ko Potatau Te Wherowhero te tangata Tihei mauri ora He pu¯rakau te¯nei e pa¯ ana ki aku mahi ki te Whare Wa¯nanga o Waikato. I te¯nei tau i uru atu ai ma¯ua ko te¯tahi atu tauira i te Whare Wa¯nanga o Waikato hei ako i te taumata tuatahi mo¯ te reo Ma¯ori ki reira, ara¯ te taumata tuawha¯ mo¯ NCEA kei te kura tuarua. Maha nga¯ momo mahi ia wa¯hanga o te tau, e rua nga¯ whakamatautau mo¯ te ko¯rero-a-waha, e rua nga¯ whakamatautau ¯a tuhi, ¯a he mahi kainga hoki. He huarahi pai te¯nei me¯na kei te pi¯rangi koe ki te haere ki te wa¯nanga whai muri i te kura. Na¯ Ngaperahurihuri Ulutuki

Kapa Haka Nationals 2010 Te Wha¯nau Tahi kapa haka group earned the opportunity to attend the secondary schools kapa haka nationals in Rotorua. Over the last year we have been fundraising for our trip by holding concerts, and selling lotto tickets and hangi. On the Monday 26th of July Te Wha¯nau Tahi journeyed to Te Hurunga o te Rangi Marae where we were welcomed by the tangata whenua with a po¯whiri. For the next three days we watched and enjoyed the performances by the other kapa haka groups. Every afternoon and evening was filled with practice to perfect our performance. Thursday arrived and it was our turn to perform. Being on the stage was an awesome experience and after our performance, there was a strong sense of pride, as we had shown all the other groups what Te Wha¯nau Tahi and Naenae College were made of. We as a family had come closer together, built strong relationships with each other and we had truly become Te Wha¯nau Tahi. This experience would not have been possible without the support of our wha¯nau, extended wha¯nau, tutors and fellow students. “Na¯u te rourou, na¯ku te rourou, ka ora te iwi” Na¯ Makiroa, Nga Peita and Makareta

Nga ¯ Manu Ko ¯ rero Regional and National Competitions 2010 Kia ora koutou This year two other students and I entered into the Nga¯ Manu Ko¯rero Regional Ma¯ori speech competition at Taita College. Ngaperahurihuri Ulutuki entered into the Senior Ma¯ori Division, Te Wharekotua Davis entered into the Junior Ma¯ori Division and I entered into the Senior English Division. As proud Ma¯ori students of Naenae College, we stood on stage and spoke with confidence even though we were all very nervous. We all did really well, with Ngapera finishing 2nd in her division and Te Wharekotua coming 1st and qualifying for the Nationals in Dunedin. Wow!! Having the opportunity to attend the Manu Ko¯rero Nationals in Dunedin was a tremendous experience for me and everyone else who came on the trip. 15 selected members from Te Wha¯nau Tahi travelled down to Dunedin together with a group of Wainui-o-mata High School students. Through our time together, we were able to build strong relationships and a sense of wha¯naungatanga. Together with St Bernard’s and Hutt Valley High School we represented the Te Awa Kairangi region. Te Wharekotua did all of our school proud, finishing in 6th place overall against the best of the best from around Aotearoa. Na¯ reira he mihi te¯nei ki a Te Wharekotua. He rangatira mo¯ apo¯po¯ koe. Na¯ Peta Tangiwai

Polynesian Group

On Wed 23rd of June this year, we had our school Multicultural Day and later in the evening, was the Concert Night. What made it so special was that our poly group had great feedback from the audience and kapa haka after our performance. It has strengthened our abilities as leaders and gave us the determination of accepting the challenge that we were going to perform at the Pacific Extravaganza Festival at the TSB Arena on the 18th of

The pressure was on and even though there were times where we sometimes doubted our capabilities, our hard work did pay off in the end when we heard cheers from the audience after our performance. Our new uniform made us look fantastic and I am thankful for all the Poly group members for getting them sorted on time. With your help guys, everything is possible. On behalf of all the leaders in the Polynesian Group, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Principal Mr Russell and the staff for their never ending

Leaders: Jessmine Aiomata, Selesa Alataua, Talele Levaula Faalogo, Julia Finau, Vicky Taloaina, Ivan Vaisagote, Wesley Faifai and Reupena Leota. Teacher: Star Ah Kuoi

support, Mr Ah Kuoi for organising our stuff and preparing a feed and not forgetting our families and friends who have supported and assisted us along the way. Big ups to the leaders for their encouragement, assistance and dedication for the Poly Club but especially to all the students who became members from the beginning till the end. You guys have made us proud and for that we are truly grateful for all your hard work and commitment throughout this whole year. Faafetai and God Bless. Talele Levaula Faalogo

Polynesian Group

August. We only had five weeks of practice (three times a week) to put together some new items for that very night. This included the Cook Island dance, Ma’ulu’ulu, Tongan dance, some additions in the boys item and our last song (Akuna Matata).


The Polynesian Group provides an opportunity for any student who is willing to be part of our group and be able to give up his or her time for after school practices as we all have to strive for our 2010 goal – Make Naenae College proud by giving it all we’ve got when performing.





Senior Choir After auditions in early February we had 45 choir members entering for ‘Big Sing’ in June. This was a marked improvement from last year with 26 students. Unfortunately we were down on numbers for male voices but they still held their own! We practised hard with help from our new Deputy Principal, Mr Robinson, who accompanied us on the piano. Having an accompanist on the school premises was definitely a bonus! Our three songs were: Pese Pese, Proud – a song used for the opening of the 2010 Commonwealth Games and a pre-1900s song, ‘Ave Verum Corpus’.

With only one hour a week of practice for four months and practice performances at Senior and Junior assembly, we took off to ‘Big Sing 2010’ with excitement and enthusiasm. We were fortunate to have the help of accompanist, Mrs Jo Pegler, again this year for ‘Big Sing’, making the most of her expertise in arranging. Mrs Pegler arranged two of our songs; ‘Pese Pese’ and ‘Proud’. At ‘Big Sing’ Naenae College Choir did us proud this year and looked fabulous in their full uniform on stage. We listened during the morning to other groups. It was inspirational hearing the polished performances of the choirs, especially the open section and the creativity that had gone into composing and creating some of these. Then it was our turn in the green room. The room was buzzing with excited students who had finally realised their

efforts had paid off. We warmed up, rehearsed and prayed together before we went on the stage. Nervousness, smiles, worries were under control as we walked onto the stage under the spotlights. In ten minutes it was all over! We all enjoyed our time in Wellington, performing and exploring the city eateries in our breaks. After the dinner break we came back to perform ‘Proud’ in the Gala concert. Even though we didn’t receive a special award this year, we all had so much fun. Here’s looking forward to next year and what it may bring! Sherrilyn van Asch Choir Director

Junior Choir

Chamber Groups

Junior Choir began with a hiss and a roar in Term 3 this year. After auditions, we now have 32 wonderful singers, 11 of whom are male. Our first performance of ‘Oh Happy Day’ in Term 3 for the Senior Soiree was full of energy and excitement and accompanied by Mr Robinson on the piano.

This year we have had two groups of female voices, Senior and Junior. Both groups practised on Tuesdays for half an hour. Even so, with that little amount of time we had wonderful performances; Joyful, Joyful’ from Sister Act from the juniors and ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and ‘Choose You’ by Stan Walker.

The second performance was across the road at Naenae Intermediate, which again, was received well.

Next year we are looking at entering into the Barbershop competition with both female and male groups.

Currently we are working on a Spiritual number for both Junior Soiree and Prize giving.

Barbershop Boys 2010

It’s great to see so many enthusiastic singers who will only enhance Senior Choir in 2011. Sherrilyn van Asch

This year we began with four excited Year 13 students. They practised two songs; ‘Yes Sir, That’s My Baby’ and an African number accompanied with Congo drums. In Term 3 we began a second group of eager male voices, 9 in all, this time juniors. Their performance of ‘My Girl’ was received with enthusiasm at Naenae Intermediate in the beginning of Term 4. Currently we are working towards a performance at Junior Prize giving and Junior Soiree.




International Language NAENAE COLLEGE


International Language My name is Daniel Fischer and I am an exchange student from Germany. I visited Naenae College for one term to improve my English and to gain experience how schools in another country are. Already after a short period of time I were positive impressed about the school, because many people were nice and helpful. A really special thing for me as a German student was also the school system. Back in Germany you do not choose your subjects, but get them allocated. Here in New Zealand you choose you’re subjects relative freely. What is also different is the fact, that in Germany we get a huge crowd of different subjects. Here in New Zealand you just have to take five. So next time you complain you complain about to much school, remember me and that I have to take 14 subjects and that I have school from 7.45am to 3.35pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday 7.45am to 12.15am. I chose for myself the subjects: Samoan, Biology, English, and History and instead of a fifth subject a free study period. I took those, because they are my favourite subjects and I’m half Samoan. At the beginning I was confused, because of the New Zealand grading system. In Germany we get Numbers between 1 (the best possible) and 6 (the worst possible) as grades. Here you have Not Achieved, Achieved, Merit and Excellence. I really like the school uniforms. They look really precious. But they were far too expensive to buy one for myself for just one term. In Germany we are dressed as we like, but of course nice and clean. But even if there are so many differences, are these differences not the exciting thing about being an exchange student? One thing I was surprised about was that one subject here is German. The New Zealand accent sounded really funny when they spoke German, but I’m sure it was the same when they heard me speaking English. Te Atatu Tapara Year 13

While I was here in Naenae College, I was witness of many impressive Events like the Samoan Language Week and the Culture Day. I really enjoyed the dancing and the singing. I’m sure my English is now a lot better and I learned actually a bit Samoan as well. This exchange was a great experience for me. I can just advise other people to c ome here to New Zealand. I enjoyed my time in Naenae College and living in New Zealand and it’s a pity that I was just here for one term, but I think I learned very much here, not just for school, but also for my life. For now I have to go back to Germany, but who knows? Maybe I will study here in New Zealand. Finally I want to thank you all. All Teacher and Students were really kind and helpful. I am glad that I came here and could meet you. Thank you for everything! Daniel Fischer


2010 was an exciting and challenging year for the Senior German Class. This year we have had two separate NCEA levels being taught in the one class. However, the students have worked hard and it has been a successful year for all. The year 11s in particular have enjoyed getting into character to help develop their German further – as shown by these weird and wacky photos! The year 13s have enjoyed having a smaller group of people learning in their level, and the opportunity to talk a lot. Huge thanks to Frau Watts for the many enjoyable years learning German. They have been very interesting years – many games, a lot of talking, and a bit of work! Ross Jordan, Vanisha Pullan, Daniel Franklin and Rachael Basire

This year I applied for an award that enables me to travel to Germany and live as a German for six months with fees paid for by the Ministry of Education. Open to any senior student, at any school in NZ, learning any language. Over 90 applied, and 15 were selected. I, of course, was one of them.

their meaning – but how can we possibly understand the definition of a word until we have experienced it?

February next year I’ll put into practice all these words I have been learning over my time taking NNC German. It has made me think, these words we learn, these prepositions and such like only are just words until we put them in context. Suddenly when I am in Germany, the words I learn won’t simply be another point on Language Perfect, or something to help me get more credits. They will be my gateway to power, emotion, they will be my second soul. We learn all these words and we memorize

Jessie Algar

Look at us, this just doesn’t happen in any other class. Learning a language really does open new worlds of opportunity. There is a quote on our German wall that says “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” Look at us, we have soul.






Science It has been a dynamic and exciting year for the Science department at Naenae College. Some familiar faces have left and the department continues its migration to the main block into its new purpose-built classrooms and extensive technicians’ area. Students at Naenae continue to be inspired by science and eager to explore and understand the world around them. Students in the junior school study units on food, forces, life, acids, electricity, genetics, geology and matter. Senior student study for NCEA Level 1 Science and for Level 2 and 3 they study Chemistry, Biology and Physics. We have chosen two highlights from the year to share with you.

Naenae goes wild at Zoo Year 13 Biology class, one Year 12 Biology student, along with Ms Bowbyes and Mr Henderson had a sleepover at Wellington Zoo. Our fantastic safari started with a guided walk around the zoo at night. You’d think that the animals would be all asleep but this is the time to see the nocturnal animals. The Porcupines were showing off their quills and the Giraffes who only sleep for 2–3 hours, were ready for us to feed them. We went behind the scenes and saw how the zoo organises the food to feed all the animals. The food was fresher and healthier than the food we get from the supermarket– some of it especially produced just for the Zoo. No pesticides or herbicides go into this food.

After cake and juice we slept in a heated room only to wake at 5am to eerie howls and siren-like crescendos. A few startled students thought that we were about to be attacked by wild animals but it was just the Gibbons marking their territory. A cooked breakfast of poached eggs with tomato sauce fed the tired students, along with strong coffee for the teachers, before we were escorted around the Zoo as the animals woke up. This is the time when the animals are most active and the zoo keepers were busy feeding the animals and cleaning the animal enclosures. For the rest of the day, the students completed their primate assignment and returned to school very tired and even a little sunburnt. A great trip set to be repeated next year. Mr Henderson

Science Fair The NIWA Science Fair is a fixture of the Naenae Science department calendar and the college has always been well represented. This year there were exceptional entries from two teams; Thomas Bird and Aaron Dale with Titration Frustration and Polly Pesheva and Megan Park with Mouse Intelligence. Both groups attended the finals at Vic Uni and were grilled by a series of judges over two hours. Thomas and Aaron were placed 2nd over all in year 10 winning $150. Thomas and Aaron were also awarded the prestigious Otago University prize which includes a week long expenses paid trip to the week long Otago University Summer Science School, where they will get to work with researchers from the University at the cutting edge of science. The girls didn’t get a prize this year but the department now has two pet mice and a very well constructed maze to test them in.

Social Sciences

We met at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday 8th of August, and travelled in two vans. To say that it was the most epic trip ever is an understatement. During the trip up, we were pretty much buying energy drinks at every possible stop. Us boys spent most of the time in the back of the van serenading each other to Savage Garden, and at Taupo Mr Luke got annoyed at us because Pizza Hutt took over 45 minutes just to make our pizzas. When we were in Rotorua, we were just acting like tourists. We visited the Luge, the Agrodome, Agro adventures (Isaac dropped his phone in the jetsprint lake track), and Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley. We learnt about the history of Tourism in Rotorua, and this, accompanied with the amazing teachings of both Mr Luke and Ms Harman, gave us great knowledge to take into the exams. Overall, the trip was mean. We learnt heaps for our Tourism topic, but also had an amazing time with our mates, and it was definitely a highlight of our final year. Josh Krakosky

Going down the luge, swooping, relaxing in hot pools, bungying, simulated sky diving, jet boat riding, climbing Mt Maunganui, and visiting Te Kooti’s redoubt were only some of the things in store for the Year 13 Geography/ History and Tourism students as we set off on our annual excursion to learn about Te Kooti’s battles, tourism development and spatial variations in Rotorua. The students enjoyed interacting with tourists, analysing how the tourism industry operates and studying its impact on the surrounding environment. This experience helped solidify their understanding of the theoretical concepts taught in class and they had a ball doing it. I will never forget the energy drink boys with their big stash of goodies, the hard out game of soccer we had and the beautiful singing from the girls who thanked our cook as we departed safely back to Naenae College. Mr M. Luke

Social Sciences

This year our Year 13 Geography class travelled to Rotorua for our Tourism Cultural Process topic. Our aim was to experience first hand how Tourism operates in Rotorua, as this was a case study for our exam.





Technology Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineering this year has been one big project. We got to make steam powered engines. I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to modify the initial design from a single cylinder engine to a horizontally opposed two cylinder engine. This meant that instead of a single piston moving up and down, there were two pistons moving in opposite directions which powered the crankshaft. It then produced more power and was able to spin at slower speeds which gave it less chance of stalling. Throughout the year we did lots of related studies to help us understand the principles of mechanical engineering. This gave us a good grasp of what engineering is all about. I have really enjoyed my time in this class and look forward to studying Automotive Engineering at Weltec next year. Andrew Hillman

This year in Mechanical Engineering we made model internal combustion motors. They are a big step up from the steam engines from last year as the parts need very close tolerances to make them work properly. They are a two stroke glow plug motor but don’t have the complicated valve components of car motors. They run on methanol fuel and need battery power to get them going. They look really cool, are easy to start and run smoothly. While making the motor we did a lot of related studies, earning credits in the process. We learnt about different materials, how internal combustion motors work and how best to machine the parts of the engine. Overall it was a fun subject to do. Next year, I hope to attend Weltec in Petone to study mechanical engineering. Zac Douglas

Robotics In the learning centre, every Thursday for the past three and a half terms, six people have been learning about robots and creating them. We are here from 3:10 until 4:20, under the supervision of Miss Balfour, who is giving up an hour of her time to help us. In the mid-year holidays, four of us competed in a regional robotics competition. We created and programmed a robot to compete in a challenge devised by the VEX robotics team. We came first in the entire competition with 16 teams‌ Actually, we didn’t. But saying it makes us look good. We have purchased a small robotics kit from VEX robotics, containing many parts with which to create and adapt robots. This cost us quite a large sum of money and it is barely enough to compete in the competitions that we do. Hopefully, the fundraising events that we are organizing will earn us enough money to purchase and use further kits. Bob Campbell

The Year of the Pirate It’s been a busy year in the Special Needs Unit. We have gained four new students and all of our staff has remained the same. In terms two and three we had a pirate theme in our English programme. The highlight was our play, ‘Granny and the Pirates’, which we performed for parents, some staff and the assessor from Speech New Zealand. We had some great reviews for our acting, singing and dancing, and also for our speeches. Another highlight for us was performing in the Multicultural Day concert in front of the whole school. The audience was very supportive as we sang ‘Turn on the Sun’. We then signed the song in New Zealand Sign Language and also played the music on recorders and percussion instruments. The experience was so positive for our students that we look forward to performing again at next year’s concert. In sport we have had an especially successful soccer season, with one of our teams coming first in the second grade, and the other team coming second in the third grade. Our students have also participated in special athletics at local and regional levels. We also took part in ten-pin bowling. In December we will be saying goodbye to seven students who have been part of our SNU family for quite a few years. Ben O’Regan, Nadia Poona, Tima Tominiko, Jackie Bryce, Daniel Goodman, Angelina Pavai-Moeau and Andrew McMillan will be moving on. We will miss them and we will them all the best for their future. Have a great holiday everyone!


33 TE REO KURA 2010




Commerce Junior Business Studies Year 10 Business Studies have just completed their Business Plans for Market Day. This year Market Day was in the last week of Term 3. Many students created successful businesses with innovative products and made good profits. Each team was responsible for developing a food product and a non-food product, appropriately packaged and presented. The Business plans are looking impressive as they go forward for marking with personnel responsibilities reports, product descriptions, business name choices, marketing plans, surveys, logos, jingles, slogans, budgets, cash-flow statements, poster designs, photographs and conclusions. There was face painting, personalised cards, bracelets, lolly leis, cup cakes, friendship bracelets, pet rocks, sweet and sour pork with customised chop-sticks, gift boxes, skubee bracelets and fruit drinks in customised cups, and boom-bead bracelets with fudge brownies. The food technology course joined with us, making a wonderful range of biscuits as part of an internal assessment. Year 10 Business Studies have also embarked on a number of team trips to interview a range of businesses in the Hutt Valley area. These have included florists, kindergartens, accountants, sports shops, trucking companies, and cafĂŠs. The students filmed their interviews and these films now form part of a valuable database of business advice and experience which we are building up for the Year 10 Business Studies programme.

The Senior Business Studies students used the SPCA Cupcake Day to not only raise money for a worthwhile cause but also to gain credits towards NCEA and the National Certificate in Business and Retail. These students put into practice the lessons they had learnt about the good New Zealand’s philanthropists do in unpaid work for countries and our local communities.

Auckland University Economics Competition This year seven students from Year 12 Economics entered the Auckland University Economics competition. Five out of the seven students were successful in the assessment. The event is a challenge in that it covers both the year 12 and Year 13 curriculum. We congratulate Nisha Mistry for achieving a Distinction.


Senior Business Studies





ESOL I joined Naenae College ESOL Department in Term 3, 2009 as an ESOL administrator and tutor. I must say that I belong to a department where people belong to different religions, speak different languages, have different cultures and live together in harmony. After joining the ESOL department I realised what ‘unity in diversity’ is. I got this fantastic opportunity to explore various cultures which I knew nothing about. Moreover, being a person from science background, I could utilize my scientific knowledge and skills for ESOL students. Over a period of time, I was able to programme multi-lingual resources or bilingual word lists for vocabulary development. I would like to thank the MoE for providing funding support to our students for their specific needs. In 2010 we were able to get funding support for 56 migrants and 22 refugees. Huma Alam Te¯na¯ koe – Talofa lava – Malo lelei – Nıˇ haˇo I joined the ESOL Department at Naenae College at the start of this year as HOD after leaving Sacred Heart School in Petone. I had relieved here in 2009 for six months so I was excited to be returning to teach here again. The first few weeks were a little daunting with getting my head around how to use the new Kamar system (still learning even now!!) and following new time schedules. Coming to ESOL, I have enjoyed working with the diverse cultures we have here at Naenae. I have been amazed at how so many ethnic groups (thirty-five to be exact) can interact so well in our school with each culture maintaining their own unique way of doing things, but also adding to Naenae College’s Multicultural character. This year we have welcomed several new students from around the globe – Vito Leatuavao and Shalom Savea from Samoa, Bethalihem Asnaki from Eritrea, David Ni from Myanmar, Emma Poni Atim from Sudan, Marcela

Rodriegas, Matthew and Stephania Riano from Colombia and Adelaide and Sarah Tsui from Hong Kong. In Term 3, the Junior ESOL class visited Te Papa for the New Settlers Education Programme. The students enjoyed the Mixing Rooms where they could read about their own ethnic group’s experiences of coming to New Zealand. Some even recognised people in the clips who had arrived with them. Learning about NZ native flora and fauna proved to be a hit too. The trip walking back to the station was a little nerve-wracking with some deciding to do a tight-rope act along the harbour wall. All in all, it was a good day. My thanks go to our small team who continue to support and care for our students in lifting their basic communication skills and developing their confidence as learners. We will continue to keep trying new ideas and strategies to engage our students. Vicki Stewart

An ESOL department changes from one year to the next. In my eight and a half years in the department it must be noted that it is the students themselves, from their various rich backgrounds, who colour our life and work in ESOL. Each year we start out with our returning students, those who come back to classes here in February. Then begins the steady immigration of new students, mostly those beginning new lives in this country. New students arrive steadily throughout the year. Language attainment is vital if students are to move into mainstream classes and achieve within the New Zealand education system. We always wish for more teachers and smaller classes – the latter being an important element in steady language attainment. It is gratifying to see past ESOL students, as well as current ones, tackling NCEA units, and winning credits. In this area, where refugees and new migrants settle, we view our department as essential. Next year we look forward to having some voluntary help – for student support, learning assistance and friendship, and also a good quota of teaching staff, without whom our migrant students would be less well equipped in the reading , writing and speaking of English. Liz Robinson ESOL Teacher

Students’ Voice “ESOL is a good class. It teaches us about some other countries. Students find it easy to learn English. The teachers are nice and kind. I like to learn the vocabulary. It helps me to improve my English skills. “ Adelaide Tsui, fluent in Mandarin/Cantonese “I like my teachers! I like learning English! I like ESOL! I like learning English on the computers.” Matthew Riano, fluent in Spanish Afnan Alabadey – Year 11






Careers Naenae College Careers Expo

Student Hospitality Experience Programme 2010

Naenae College held its first Career Expo in a long time on 16 June. It was great to see such a large group of parents and students waiting to come in the door at 6pm.

In Term 2 I had the chance to apply for a ten day work experience through Accor hotels. First I had to apply for a position. 48 students around the Wellington region were being interviewed and only twelve were chosen to take part in the programme and l was lucky enough to be one of them.

the chef would throw some pots and pans at me! Some of the things we did were baking brownies which sound a bit girly for me but they tasted awesome, cleaned ovens and fridges and of course washing dishes. For me the best part during the programme was having the chance to meet new people and receiving a prize for Top Student.

The ten days were split into theory and practical (four days theory and six days practical). The part I enjoyed the most about it was having the chance to be in an actual hotel. In the six days of practical, the twelve of us had to partner up and were spread over three Accor hotels in three different departments of each hotel which were Food and Beverage, Kitchen and Housekeeping. Having the chance to work in the kitchen was an awesome experience although I was quite nervous at the start that if I did something wrong -

In hospitality you can have the chance to expand your knowledge in all areas of a hotel, restaurant, bar and even a café so don’t be scared to take up the challenge of having the chance to experience new things. This opportunity of doing the SHE programme wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t have the help of the Careers Advisors, Ms Burton and Ms Wilton. Thanks for your support and the train tickets.

Parents and students had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of providers and get valuable information for course selection and career decision making.

Angelo Brown, Year 13

This has been a great year for Gateway. We had 40 students all going to work with a range of employers in the Hutt Valley and Wellington. Students in the Gateway programme go out to work one day a week. It is about ‘hands on’ learning and the students are assessed in the workplace and earn credits towards their NCEA. Some of our students have been offered jobs by their employers and some may get apprenticeships when they have finished their work experience.





Performing Arr=ts NAENAE COLLEGE


Performing Arts Jazz Band The Jazz Band has been working hard. A wide range of pieces include ‘Shake Everything You’ve Got’ (Marcio Parker), ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ (Moussorgsky) and Howard Shore’s ‘In Dreams’ from ‘Lord of the Rings’. Keep ‘The Hobbit’ in New Zealand! We also used Jamaican Steel Drums to accompany our rendition of ‘Christmas Concerto #3’ (Robert W Smith). The band performed at Term 1 Soiree, Celebration Assemblies, the Multicultural Concert and Prizegivings. Special thanks to Andre Paris for transcribing, arranging and conducting much of this music. Also worthy of note is Chris Wordsworth’s (Year 11) arrangement of ‘Angel’ for the whole band. Real cool.

The Mall Production

A big thanks to Mr Mark Robinson (Saxophone), Mrs Davies-Colley (Flute) and Mr Pegler (HOD, Clarinet, Saxophone). In 2011 we look forward to building on the progress we have made this year. How about more playouts, a roadshow and our own CD or DVD?



� Easin on m

Depression, Death, Drama. These are only a few words to describe one of the most thrilling, heart-stopping productions Naenae College has ever seen. The determination between cast crew and Miss ‘Ofamo’oni to ensure the production went successfully, was right on target. Hours of rehearsals, commitment from all involved, and a laugh here and there brought this thrilling eyecatching, even spooky production, to life. Kayla Hutchison The play was really intense with a lot of deep social messages; however I found the production really fun and felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment once it was done. It was a great experience I will never forget and felt we well and truly went out with a BANG!!! Thanks so much for all the support from our peers, teachers and most of all, Miss Ofamo’oni. Vomish Poppell

We appreciate the support of our itinerant music teachers, Mrs Caryl Stannard (Conductor, Librarian, French Horn), Mr Wade Reeve (Guitar, Bass, occasional drums), Mr Andre Paris (Conductor, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute} and Tom Scraese (Kit, Percussion, Recording).

Stacey Te Kuru Year 11

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Smokefree Rockquest 2010 The Velvet Regime came second in the Smokefree TUESDAY, MAY 25,Finals 2010 Rockquest Regional in the Wellington Town Hall. The band, drummer Jacob Galloway, bassist Joel Averes, and singer/guitarist Nigel Martinez who won the MAINZ Musicianship Award of the night, played their set of original songs to a panel of judges.


The band qualified to the next round, and put together a DVD to be assessed by another panel of judges. They were chosen as one of the top 20 bands that competed nationwide.

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Band Bio Formed late 2009, the band started playing their original songs at school assemblies and soirees, but it wasn’t until joining the Smokefree Rockquest this year that they took their music a step further. They won 2nd Place at Wellington Regionals and opened up for Die!Die!Die, and got into the top 20, nationwide, out of over 800 bands.

Rockquest rocks on Rockers descended on Zeal over the weekend as dozens of high school bands rocked the youth venue aiming to gain a place as Wellington/Hutt Valley finalists of Smokefree Rockquest. Among them were Mantra’s

Soviet (HIBS), The Velvet Regime (Naenae College), Sublux (HVHS), Samaori (Taita College) and Urban Legends (HIBS) will show off their stuff against 12 other Wellington region bands on July 2 at Wellington Town Hall.

With a new drummer, Jason Reder, after Jacob’s decision to quit after Rockquest, and another guitarist, Stefan Poad, they wrote more songs, performed more, and finished working up on their first EP which is to be released late 2010.

Performing Arts

The Velvet Regime






It has been another fruitful year in the library, again many students volunteered their services to the library, and this was gratefully accepted. The student librarians have put together some wonderful displays as part of their Librarian certificates. To ensure Year 9 students get to see our wide range of books, we have been doing an activity called ‘speed dating’ during their library period. This activity is run the same way as ‘speed dating’, but instead of talking to each other, students look at a variety of books which have been spread out over five different tables. If they find a book they like the look of they hold on to it and after the two minute bell they move on to the next table until they have visited each one. By the end of the activity they will have looked at about 80 different books. It is a fun way to promote books and reading.

This year we have been developing our audio book range. We have brought several Playaways with popular stories e.g. ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’. Next year we will work on the use of e-books in the library. This year we have been able to improve students’ access to information and books. Students now have access to the library catalogue from every computer in the library. We have also streamlined the process of logging into EPIC, an awesome resource. We have added a new link to the Naenae College website, “Library catalogue”. This means students can search the library catalogue from home when looking for good reads or books for their research. The Christmas holidays will be here soon and it is vital students read at least four books during these holidays. Research shows their literacy levels will fall over the break if they do not read. The consequences are that they start

Term 1 of the following year on the back foot. Please encourage your children to read over the holidays, Years 9 and 10 will be allowed to take books out of the school library over the Christmas as long as they are returning to Naenae College the following year. The Naenae Community Library is free to join and to take books from. They also run a Summer Reading programme over the Christmas holidays. To encourage your children to read, let them see you reading, be a role model.

Junior Classes Students in Year 9 Food Technology always enjoy the practical component of their course. They are now expert muffin makers and can put together a healthy and sustaining breakfast. They are also learning the importance of good nutrition by making healthy fast food meals for the family, avoiding the high fat content of takeaway foods. Year 10 worked with enthusiasm on their Burger technology unit and one student Priyanka Wilson represented the class in the Regional Schools’ NZ Beef and Lamb Burger Competition at WELTEC on 25 June. Year 10 also produced a range of biscuits for sale on Market Day and made a small profit for their efforts. They had spent six weeks in class perfecting their biscuit recipes, then baking and packaging them for sale. The most popular biscuits were Peanut Chocolate Chip. They sold out in five minutes!

Food Technology

The Home Economics Department has enjoyed another busy and productive year. Students have enjoyed participating in a variety of activities, assisted with school catering events, competed successfully in competitions and completed a large number of credits towards national qualifications.

43 TE REO KURA 2010

Food Technology

Food Technology NAENAE COLLEGE


Senior Classes Year 11 have worked diligently on their NCEA programme with Mrs Davis. They enjoyed working with student teacher Mr Nicholas Darling in Term 3 when they were completing their Bread and Cereals unit and learnt to make some wonderful bread. Year 12 Catering and Hospitality This is a very popular subject at this level with 42 students at the start of the year. This class has worked on a variety of topics from Food Safety to Hot Finger Food and this year had the opportunity to participate in the Junior Hospitality Challenge competitions at WELTEC on 4 June with some Year 13 students. They were successful in several active and static classes and came home with eight medals. The successful competitors were: Darcel Carr

Afternoon Tea


Rebecca Fraser

Pasta Main


Team Challenge


Oshiarne Gray

Pasta Main


Team Challenge


Ula Rongotaua

Afternoon Tea


Elham Shahid

Blueberry Muffins


Florence Thomas-Remijo Blueberry Muffins


Darcel Carr and Rebecca Fraser were also selected to participate in the SHOW Hospitality training programme at the WESTPAC Stadium during the September holidays.

Year 13 Advanced Catering This year our Year 13 students have enjoyed their practical classes in Food and Beverage and the very popular Mocktails unit where they were ably assisted to produce some colourful drinks by Mr Nicholas Darling. In Term 3 they prepared a delicious baked morning tea for staff and served hot beverages and food items to staff in a simulated cafÊ situation. They are now working on their table service skills in preparation for Restaurant Day in November which is the highlight of the year’s work in Catering.

Programming Challenge for Girls Noella, Megan, Polly, Lily, Evelyn and Sandra-Lana participated in the Programming Challenge for Year 10 girls held at Victoria University in Term 4. This competition is held to help girls become more confident in using computer software for programming such as ‘Alice’ and ‘Scratch’. We were the only school from the Hutt Valley out of 25 teams from 10 Secondary schools. Congratulations to Polly and Megan who received a Bronze Medal.


45 TE REO KURA 2010


Art and Literature NAENAE COLLEGE


Art and Literature Old Building The sun feels thick and hazy, streaming down from where it sits in the sky, a pale blue on a fresh summer morning, with only the absence of wind, allowing a treacherous heat to strangle me there. Oblivious to what is standing in front of me. Big concrete blocks of emotion, to this retiring old abandoned building. Standing in the middle of the busy moving town, like a soldier of war forgotten, but still proud of the great battles it has faced, with fading yellow paint so gone, it’s almost a shade of a very dirty white, hinged to creaky doors covered in cracked red paint, with an appearance as if they might fall out and blow away with the wind. I don’t want to open its doors. Opening up the pain of remembering inside me, of seeing and no longer hiding, awakening dams of distilled quiet tears. Remembering by rewinding back a few years, when this place had a heart and a home. I didn’t notice this building when I stepped in for the first time, moving through old disintegrating doors that screeched with the sound of a thousand tortured souls. All I noticed was the sky wondering why it was so blue, the colour of fresh forgetme-nots, on a day where everything was wrong. When it felt like my life was churning round and round, inside the eye of a vicious washing machine cycle.

unnaturally white and uncared for. But her worst feature was her smile; unnaturally white teeth gleamed at me, like many blinding suns sub-consciously making my eyes squint. That overshadowed her little eagle eyes, like the smile was giving her pain.

I stood there just wondering how this could ever end, how I was beyond repair of ever being the same again, after this was over. It was like after breaking a window, I could tape up the evidence, but never erase the scars.

Thinking back all I ever was doing in the building, was waiting. Waiting for the summer to come, waiting for the spring to grow the green leaves kidnapped by winter and, robbed by autumn’s hands. But most of all waiting until I could give those sad red doors with the rusty hinges, one last serenade and leave.

Suddenly everything went quiet. I could not hear the tension of the cars revving behind me, their loud horns blaring like an unofficial orchestra, of screeching tyres and insults, along with midday traffic. I didn’t even notice that it had started to rain, just a small dampness settling on me, then slowly getting heavier and heavier, until it started thundering down from the black sky like tears.

I stepped in and stared at the walls, I had only been there for a few seconds, and already knew they held many memories. Old posters of acrostic poems, of people who also like me, once had to walk through the sad hinges of the old red doors. Feeling both mixed emotions of curiosity and fear, wondering why they were bought here.

As I opened the doors with the sad hinges they are no longer red, all the red cracked and blew away like dust a long time ago. As I stepped in I was surprised that the hinges no longer complained, after barely a screech I was inside the eye, the mind of every painful memory inside me. The sound of my foot steps echoing on hard

Pieces of this place are flying at me in strands of confetti images, ripped and in no sense of chronological order. The expression of the solemn boy’s face as he opened the door for me, remembering the place’s secret. The place for young people with problems and all the days I had stared out the little window, overlooking the busy town outside, just wishing and hoping I was away from here. I didn’t like the lady who greeted me, her skin stretched across her face like a tired old leather bag and her hair looked like an overused and unloved Barbie doll’s, Davine Hune, Year 12.

There were many times in my life, where my mouth would just sub-consciously fall open, to a sight which my mind could not comprehend. To say this was one of those moments was like saying learning how to walk was the hardest thing I’d ever done. My mouth didn’t just fall open, so did my mind, my eyes and every part of me disintegrated and fell to the floor. Every wall was stripped. Bare cream dirty white walls stared back at me, without posters, without stories, without memories. They looked naked and sad, like taking away what was on them took away all their worth. Remembering the large old pool table, that nearly filled up the whole room. Giving it a heart and a life was packed up and gone. No more posters, no more sayings like, ‘if you’re not looking for a solution then you’re half the problem.’ Every article that ever made up this place was gone, apart from the walls. Who would’ve known all the misery these walls had seen, pain and frustrated tears, left all without a trace. I step out and remember again. It no longer rains, but a sun gleams down like a candle light in a lake of foggy clouds, a watchful eye in the sky, no longer shedding its tears. I walk away, just me and my memories, leaving behind the disintegrating old abandoned building the proud soldier stripped of its stories. Its memories forgotten, only I carry them with me. The sky now has finally cleared. The sun streams down again like warm syrup that is no longer sweet. All it ever does is remind me of the long gaps in between the last time I stood here, how so much has changed. I give the building a last final serenade, to its new ‘abandoned sign’ and advertisements covering up its scars, pasted along its peeling yellow walls. But I will always remember and carry the old building’s forgotten secrets with me. Joanna Hooper

Magic Tricks Bright orange leaves lay on the ground, their final resting place, signalling my last chance to play here before the wind of winter forbids me to be here. My little body surges to the swing set and takes a seat. I imagine the poles holding it up, patches of silver breaking through the old red paint, transforming into the outside of a rocket ship, now a bright, never-been-touched white. “3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!” I yell as I start pumping my legs. It’ll take me to the moon one day and I’ll play with the stars and stay up all night even though my bed time is 7:30pm. Just as I’m about to refuel my rocket with dull green, slippery stalks of grass, something Quintessa Peniata, Year 12.

Art and Literature

linoleum floor, like the silent clomp of a tired horse returning home after long hard weeks of no rest.



Art and Literature NAENAE COLLEGE


catches my eye and I creep down low and crawl to it. I don’t feel the cool steel of the ladder but some loose earth from a cliff. As I slide down the sleek slope, it’s a body of water rushing me down a clear blue waterfall where the pool at the bottom reflects the sparkling sun. The sandpit I run to next morphs into a desert and I can feel it in my bones that there’s treasure somewhere hidden. There’s a big hot sun beating down on my back and never-ending sand dunes stretching out to the horizons in all different directions. I’m happy here; never mind that all I find are dead leaves. I get a happy quiver down my spine as I think about going back there. The first thing I go to is the slide. But the hips that puberty graciously gave me don’t fit through the badly chipped green painted barriers. I walk to the swing set and hear the autumn leaves crinkle under my feet. I cringe. My new shoes are probably all dirty now. Ew. The once so

appealing swing doesn’t look so inviting now. I can see the rust engulfing the metal chains, a death trap, just waiting to tangle my hair. I don’t even sit down but walk across the lumpy field to the sandpit. It’s a pathetic 2x2 metre box filled with slimy grey slop, rotting leaves and what I can only imagine, not that I want to, is cat faeces. I can’t get my head around how I expanded this to a desert of golden sand, but somehow I did. Sobhanya Kim

Man of the House An excited bark meets me at the gate. I quickly accept my mission and tiptoe my way through front yard cricket’s championship game. The door is shut quickly to retain Strider who had been hot on my heels. The noise is tremendous. People have been stuffed in to every nook and cranny they can find and talk passionately about Top left; Stacey Te Kuru Year 11. Above; Peta Tangiwai Year 12.

There he is. He is the man of the house and the life of the party. He is a strong man, thoughtful and sensitive. He towers tall over the charring meat. I am greeted by his warm smile and I am no longer just another face in the crowd. His eyes are dominating but his heart is in control. Love radiates from him and leaves us all with a sun kissed tan. He has a way of knitting us all together, a sturdy form of defence against what is yet to come.

Tiara Rameka, Year 13.

The horrid screech of the front gate echoes through the liveliness of the party as it signals the arrival of a new, unexpected guest. It is dark. It clambers its way to the door, suffocating the foliage with its pungent stench. Everyone stops to inspect this visitor and the baggage it has brought. This creature is unknown. Its scrawny arms and legs aid it to inch itself along the hardwood floor. Finally it finds its target, the strong man. Its slimy body is greeted in the normal fashion and the creature grabs its chance. Cancer infiltrates his body. His insides are marinated, ready to be devoured like the steak we had just been eating. A rush of wind forces me to make my way to the house. Could it only have been eight months? I take my time to navigate the longest route and finally find my feet at the door. It is quiet. The yellow is dull and reflects the gloom, the fear and the lifelessness on the faces of the

Art and Literature

the day’s hot topics. The vivid yellow on the lounge walls reflect the excitement within the room. Cackling laughter brings me to “The Ladies’ Room” where they are busy as bees preparing food for the large swarm that has gathered at their house. A beefy smell lingers at my nose. I am entranced, floating out the door like a hot air balloon caught in the wind. It is there I find them crowding around the “Hubby Hob”.



Art and Literature NAENAE COLLEGE


troops who have been left to soldier on. Their eyes just gaze at me. The roaring fire seems to be the only sign of life. Its heat invites me in. In the kitchen various colours and shapes fight for my attention in a failed attempt to brighten the place up. Their fragrance is strong and overwhelming. I force a deep breath. Not because of the smell, but to prepare for what I am yet to face. There he is. He is the man of the house and the life of the party. We had all come here for him, but it just wasn’t the same. I struggle over to wish him well, my ball and chain lagging behind me. His body is thin and frail. The colour in his face had been drained as if someone had pulled the plug out. I place his warm smile back on his lips and chuckle as if he would, remembering the vibrant man that he was. But his yearning for life he had so eagerly lived for had now burnt into cinders. All that was left was the package, wrapped and sealed in a sheet of peace. I could

Far left; Gabbie Pritchard, Year 12.

no longer see those eyes with so much strength but I knew for sure, this strong man would now party forever. Anna Forster

The Blazing Country Closing my eyes and listening to the song makes the blazing hot country of Vietnam seem so close. The song is like a plane, it flies me back to the streets of the blazing country. The sun burns brightly in the grey dusty sky as people walk in the scorching heat. Motorbikes make a loud roar as they race through the street. The sound of honking horns and people selling food and other items fill the street. The smell of smoke and food merge and roam the city as school children on bikes ride around looking for some where to eat for their lunch break. Stray thin animals roam the city looking for food while some lay on the ground in

Middle and far right; Jessica Parkes, Year 11.

the desert heat, too tired and hungry to walk. In the distance tall buildings are hidden in a mist of dust. Inside the buildings the scorching heat from the bright sun warms the floor. The sound of fans fills the room as small lizards hang from the ceiling looking for insects to feed on. Flies fly around the room as ants scurry around on the ground in search for food as the sun sets. The light from the silver moon in the black sky shines down on the city and reveals the night life of the city as buildings light up. Rats scurry out of their hiding places to find food in unclosed rubbish bins and stalls that were selling food in the morning and giving a fright to unsuspecting tourists who walk past them. Cockroaches the size of a big toe wander the streets. Stray cats and dogs explore the city looking for leftover food and a place to get some rest. Dangerous people roam the streets mugging and pick pocketing unaware travellers. As the night goes on in the city, houses fill with a cool breeze. The ground is still warm from the afternoon sun. Flies crawl around the ceiling getting eaten by lizards. Families gather around the dinner table eating, watching TV, laughing and talking as other families sit in the gutter of the city streets begging for money. Night in the sleepless city is never quiet. There are always noises going on throughout the night until the sun lights up the night sky like a bright giant light bulb lighting up a dark room. The song slowly comes to an end, as it does the noises; smell and scenery of the city slowly fade and drift away. When the song completely comes to a stop the blazing hot country of Vietnam seem so far away. Above; Stacey Te Kuru, Year 11. Top right; Te Atatu Tapara, Year 13.

Brian Leng

Art and Literature



Art and Literature NAENAE COLLEGE


Saphire Martin, Year 11.

Sobhanya Kim, Year 11.

Sidewalk Bleeding

Gilbert Grape

“I just wanna be Andy” Is what the young boy said As he lay in the alleyway Bleeding and left for dead Stabbed through the heart With an enemy knife He sacrificed his freedom At the expense of his life He chose to roll with Royals Who he thought was his family Now? As he lays dying He says no one understands me And can only lay there With his thoughts to himself Cold metal through his heart And blood gushing out his mouth He tries to speak to a man Too intoxicated to understand Is this really my life purpose? Is this really what God planned? I’m still young, I love Laura And planned a future together Hope-full-y to get married And be together forever But I guess that’s all down the drain Because of stupid choices That I made with my brain I caved in to peer pressure Let it affect my decisions Now I’ve been stabbed Through my soul With cold hearted precision So before, I, Andy, go on my way out The lesson is always to stay true to yourself.

I’m the picture of greatness have you trembling in fear, Listen to my flow and my gangster flair, Check dis flow I’m rhyming on the go, To tell you all what you need to know, About Gilbert Grape character descriptions Imprinting on your mind like Egyptian inscriptions.

Stacey Te Kuru

Yo’ so first we have Gilbert Grape, A character subjected to so much hate, He was forced to look after his handicapped brother, with feelings of anger towards his mother, With no direction just a lost soul, Trying to find where he needs to go, Too much pressure he’s caving in, Everything he does seems to be a sin. With a job at an empty grocery store, Barely surviving cause his family is too poor. To Arnie he’s like a dad, Try’n’ to make up for what he never had, His feelings for Becky are so strong, Been waiting for someone like this for so long, Making decisions without a care, Sneaking off to Betty’s to have an affair. Next we have Bonnie, she’s depressed and obese, Sitting on the couch eating feast after feast. She’s so sad rotting to the core, Barely able to leave the front door. She’s lost all self esteem and confidence, Because she feels she has no competence, Never seen in public, too ashamed to go to town, Because she fears they’ll laugh like she’s some sort of clown. So she stays in her house gaining pound after pound, Looking for a happiness that can not be found. The death of her husband scarred her so deep Leaving her in an emotional heap.

Actually I’ve come to the end,

Stacey Te Kuru

In conclusion, Hope I’ve cleared the confusion, And you’ve learnt something about each person. Rikihana Ward

Last Spin “You spin,” “I spin” Then carry on A conversation that ended so horribly wrong 2 club members in a basement soon 1 will be gone Cos he was too eager too spin that he spun for too long And both of these fellows did it all for their crews cos neither one of them had a courage to choose

Top right; Sujeeta Singh, Year 11. Bottom right; Brant Foesther, Year 13. Below; Christina Fale, Year 11

Art and Literature

Third we have Arnie, thinks he’s Todd Carney, Running around town Like a little clown, Can’t leave him alone for just an hour, If you do he’ll climb the water tower, He thinks he’s a magician, He thinks he’s got powers, But he’s fast enough to burn off Sherwin Stowers. His sister Ellen is so ashamed That little Arnie is barely potty trained. Let’s move off the subject and on to Becky…

Now some woman’s living there’ll be no husband because he went and decided against his better judgement A lesson from this IN-DIV-ID-U-A-LI-TY listen to your heart like it plays a sweet melody cos staring down the barrel of a gun seeing your life explode in your face ain’t fun This was the story of Danny and Tigo Now there’s only 1 left he’s the lonely amigo.

She depends on her children every day to survive, If it weren’t for them she wouldn’t be alive. With her family out of control and her husband deceased, She changed from town beauty, to town beast.





Sports Athletics Day Athletics The following students competed at the North Island Championship held in March. The overall placings were – Peleiupu Fa’alogo, 3rd Javelin Junior Girls; LA Moemai, 2nd in the 100 metre final Intermediate Boys and 3rd in the 200 metre final; Amelia Feki, 2nd in the shotput Intermediate Girls and 4th in the discus; Arahia Fowell, 9th Senior Girls Javelin and Telesia Fa’alogo, 6th Junior Girls Javelin. Top three placings are eligible to compete at the Nationals being held in Hastings in December. Peleiupu is entered in the Javelin event and thanks to Trevor Colling for his support with coaching our athletes. We wish her all the best!

Kayne Tagle, the only Year 10, was also outstanding despite his age, but had the skill to overcome this factor. Kayne will be better for the experience and could be an outstanding player in years to come. Bashar Adam and Te Aka Hamilton were also a good offensive threat to complement the Senior Boys’ team. The team Cheerleader who didn’t get much court time, but gave ‘everything’ he had when he did was Kereama Boult.

Basketball Senior Boys’ Basketball This year’s Senior Boys’ Basketball team’s main goal was to ‘do better’ then last year’s team. With a most of last year’s team back and three new players in, Kevin and Kayne Tagle fresh from the Phillipines, the feeling was that we could try to win more than the one game the 2009 version won. Overall the record this year was seven wins, eight losses in Division 4, which was leaps and bounds better than we expected. The weekly trainings were a ‘run and sprint fest’ as getting fitter and making sure the basic fundamentals were a key factor in the improvement. This showed in the increased wins and the boys were more confident with every game. The drawback was consistency and this was an aspect that we continued to try and work on every week. The three outstanding players for this year from a coach’s point of view were Kevin Tagle who scored (20 points per game), along with Kale Noanoa (15 points per game) under the basket doing the real physical hard work (getting rebounds and playing some good defence). James Pullan came along late in the competition and was an excellent

Round 1


Round 2




Christian Sturm, Coach Junior Girls’ basketball Season highlights for me were the tenacity of the players, their willingness to keep going when often we were too small and much younger than the opposition. Some of the players are really talented and could go further, players such as Savannah P and Mayar T. We started in grade 4 and progressed to grade 3 where we ended up middle to lower part of the competition. Mark Stewart, Coach Senior Girls’ Basketball The Senior Girls’ basketball team for 2010 had an up and down season of ‘what could have been’. With a few disruptions from Kapa Haka Nationals among other things, the team could have finished as high as 2nd in their grade if the games in which they defaulted were games that they had won. With a greater commitment to training the girls could have easily won the grade. The highlight of the season was the girls’ game against Wellington Girls’ College in which two juniors played up in the senior team

and the girls ended up playing the last 40 seconds of the game with three players on court versus WGC’s five. Naenae defended their lead and won the game by 8 points. A really gutsy effort from those that played and a positive sign for the future of the team. Hamish Muirhead, Coach


addition putting in some hard trainings and played some really staunch defence.




Badminton, Croquet and Handball


Badminton This year four teams entered the CSW competition. Defending champions of the Senior 1st Division 2009, the Senior 1 Boys’ team led by Hai Tran placed 4th overall this year. Playing team included Ross, Darryn, Hai and Shaun. This team coached themselves and managed their own transport – a sports coordinator’s dream team! They entered in the doubles and singles grade at the CSW annual regional tournament. It provides players with an opportunity to put their skills up against the best in the region. Senior 2 Boys’ team captained by Rahul Naidu placed 9th overall in the Senior Division 2 grade. Team members Ryan, Brian and Garming always attended practices and took care of transport arrangements. Thanks to Mrs Wolstenholm for helping with transport.

Our Junior Boys’ team enjoyed a strong competition in Division 1 finishing a respectable 4th place. Led by team captain Thomas Bird, the team of Malu, Hamish, Tyrone, Martin and with the help of Jarrod had a busy season. It also included the CSW annual regional tournament. Although the team did not place at this event, it was a good experience for these eager young men. The Junior Girls’ team won the Division 4 grade. At the start of the year the team of 4 were a late entry into Division 4, the only grade with an available spot. Congratulations to Lisa, Jessica, Danielle, Nga Peita and Floronna for a successful season. Thank you to Mr Li for helping with team selections at the start of the season. Congratulations to all of the badminton teams for organising practices and managing your games. Well Done! Mrs Manuel



Blood, sweat and tears. Yes, it is possible to injure yourself in croquet.

Handball is a fun fast game which is played by passing a ball around, getting it up the court and into a position to shoot at a goal (a bit like a hockey goal).

Every Wednesday after school a group of Naenae College students made their way down to the lush green lawns of croquet. There the students were treated to afternoon tea which was kindly provided to us by the golden oldies of croquet. Soon the excitement began, collecting our mallets (thing used to hit ball) the game commenced. Players hit their allocated ball (this being either red, yellow, blue or black) with accurate precision through the hoops, in which you score points. Even though a member of the team took a tumble down the stairs in her excitement to get to the lawns, a replacement was called in and spirits remained high throughout the games. Overall Naenae College students enjoyed playing this different sport and hope that others will be curious to try it out. Emily Bathgate and Ellice Walker

In Term 1 handball boys played in a competition at Nairnville Recreation Centre each Friday afternoon. Following grading games we were placed in Division 1 Senior Boys – the toughest grade. We finished third – which was a great result as most of our team are new to the sport. We were very lucky to have Ben Potaka, a member of the NZ Handball Federation come along and take our trainings each week and coach us for our games. Thanks Ben. Thanks also to Ms Shaw for driving the van and for supporting our team. If you enjoy throwing, catching and running around – give handball a go next year. It’s loads of fun!


Water Polo Table Tennis There were four teams entered in the inaugural Table Tennis Competition held at The Empire Stadium. Premier boys team; Division 1 and 2 teams; and a mixed team. Initially, Ellice Walker was the only girl represented in the four school teams. She was joined with Kale Noanoa and Troy Broad to form the mixed team. Following an impressive 7–nil victory for two weeks running, the team were put into Boys’ Grade Division 2. Not at all phased by this grade, Ellice practices with her dad and brothers and would be better prepared for competition than most of our boys. Results at the end of Term 2 three boys’ teams Premier 1 – Leslie, Justin, Ian (4th); Division 1 – Dylan, Jitesh, Brandon (5th), Division 3 – Rikihana, Cody, Luke (3rd) and 1 mixed team – Ellice, Kale and Troy (1st). In Term 3 a girls’ team joined the competition Kristina, Shannon and Khazmin. Many Thanks for Liz Thomas who organised transport each week and assisted the teams on the night. Mrs Manuel

In Terms 2 and 3 Naenae College had two teams in the local water polo competition held at Naenae pool on Wednesday nights. Senior Team We finished the season 5th equal. Unfortunately we drew our 5th and 6th place playoff game with Sacred Heart College (who we had beaten in the earlier round robin game). It was the first season in a few years that we had not made the semi finals – however all four semi-final teams were boys only teams and we were a mixed team so the overall season result was pretty pleasing. We won 7 of our 11 round robin games. We were easily the winners in the end of game cheer department, which was enthusiastically led by Elliot Burr. There were a few sad faces at the end of our last game as a number of the team have played together since year 9 and this was their last game together. Our senior team was made up of the following players: Rachael Basire, Anna Forster, Lydia Hamer, Samantha Irons, Sean Bryant, Elliot Burr, Trent Fortune, Isaac Garton, Joshua Krakosky, Zach Reilly, Hai Tran, Theo Wordsworth.

Junior Team 2010 was a learning season for our Junior team. It is a big jump from playing Intermediate water polo in a half pool to a full sized pool. We started the season with a 6–nil loss to Onslow. It was a display of our teams’ improvement over the season to beat them in our final game in the 9th and 10th play off, 6–3. A special mention must be made to Thomas Bird who didn’t really want to play goalie but ended up in that position most weeks (as no-one else would do it) and pulled off some amazing saves. Our junior team was made up of the following players: Jess Bond, Danielle Courtney, Alicia Hart, Sarah McNaughton, Shontika Orr, Tom Basire, Thomas Bird, James Forster, David Jack, Brock Stobbs. Trainings were on Sunday afternoons this year which proved slightly more popular than the 7.30am Monday mornings of the previous few seasons. Hopefully everyone is going to keep up their swimming over the summer and be all keen and set to play again next year. A big thank you is needed to Sean Bryant and ex pupils Matt Bryant and Olivia Krakosky for between them taking trainings and the teams for their games on Wednesday nights. Kathy Bryant

Table Tennis and Water Polo


Cricket and Football NAENAE COLLEGE


Cricket The last game of the season and it would encapsulate the unique character of the school. The Junior Boys’ game was called off because of inclement weather, although most of the opposition (St Pat’s Silverstream) turned up because their school couldn’t get hold of them. Some of our 2nd X1 turned up too. 1st X1 got together, opposition, or some of them from Wellington College turned up and didn’t want to play because of the conditions, our boys were desperate to play, and it wasn’t that bad. Wgtn Coll defaulted. So with the Intermediate kids from St. Pats, they were Year 10, a couple of our Year 9 and 10s plus a couple of younger brothers and the rest of the 1st X1, a friendly 20/20 was arranged between the students, two mixed teams (from both schools) of all ages were quickly put together and the next three hours was highly entertaining. Full credit to our students from Naenae College, their maturity stood out and once again I was reminded what it is about our school that is so special. Renee Fortune and I managed to throw together a quick feed for all students and everyone went home happy. Jennifer Feek

Football Well this season was a mixed bag to say the least. Over the last few years football has really started to develop with a good foundation to work with in the future. Naenae College has a wealth of raw talent, and this year the same group of players were back, with a few new additions. Both the 1sts and 2nds train as a group, and although there are many differences within the guys which lends to listening problems, short attention spans etc. This year the hard work was put in and most of the guys started

to appreciate what good work ethic was. For both teams the results were mixed, the 1sts finished mid-table and the 2nds missed out on the final by one point. However, we have managed to get new goal posts with the help of a grant from the Infinity Foundation, and although a significant number of the core players won’t be there next year, the boys who remain have the potential, if they work like they did this year, to become quality football players. I personally hope to be able to continue coaching next year with the assistance of Woody (Mr Wood) and continue the development that is already underway. A huge thanks to all the boys, Mr Wood, Renee Fortune and to Jennifer Feek for all her managerial work (we couldn’t have done it without her; getting pegs for the nets, filling water bottles, washing two sets of uniform every week etc. etc.) Football at Naenae College is on the rise, and next year will be one to look forward to. It’s been a pleasure to be part of through my College life, and hopefully football at Naenae College can continue to flourish. Josh Krakosky, Coach/Player Football at Naenae College continues to go from strength to strength in terms of both the number of participants and the skills and ability levels displayed this season. The core of the 1st XI remained intact from the previous year and it was clear that we would be able to build on the progress that had been made during that successful season. Virtually the entire team had played 1st XI football before and were experienced senior students. Godfrey Okot from Year 10 was the sole junior student in the team, who proved to be a regular starter and one of the top goal scorers over the season. We were faced with a tricky decision at the start of the season once the winter sports registration date had passed. Twenty two students had registered for football, which meant we could field either a large 1st XI squad

Shortly after the registration deadline had passed, a targeted recruitment drive secured the services of a further ten students registered to play football. The difficult decision was avoided and we were able to commence training, and the season, with what turned out to be two very stable 1st and 2nd XI squads. The 2nd XI provided a great mix with students from each College year level making up the squad. We anticipated some initial disappointment over the amount of game time players would receive due to the large squad of 18 players. Team selections required some careful juggling in order to balance the need of winning games with providing meaningful playing opportunities for all players. As a consequence of this balancing act, the coaching staff also anticipated a reduction in the number of players fully committed to training and playing as the season progressed. A combination of factors however, ensured that the predicted dwindling numbers never occurred. It is to the immense credit of all the boys attached to the 2nd XI squad that they started and finished the season with 18 players, and maintained their energy and commitment to both training and playing throughout. There developed high levels of competitiveness amongst the group, which balanced well with a fantastic feeling of camaraderie. This environment was due, in no small part to the team coach, Josh Krakosky. It was he who was initially behind the prompting and pushing of players to register to ensure a 2nd XI team was possible. His expertise, energy and commitment to his role of coach were the driving force behind the excellent attitude and positive feeling amongst the quad. The role demanded a great deal of patience as well as time. Training sessions took place twice a week,

Despite both teams beginning their respective seasons in great form, the grading process placed them in very competitive divisions. Matches were very tight but neither team managed to secure enough points to make the finals. Sean Bryant 1st XI GOALSCORERS


Godfrey Okot 11 Richard Lomoro 10 Hieu Cu 9 Josh Krakosky 8 Trent Fortune 6 Puia San 2 Isaac Garton 1 Ciaran Hargreaves 1 Van Chuntei 1

Sanjay Patel Soapi Lupi Ryan Smith Mahamuud Adam Vannak Khan Basil Remijo Mohamed Kalif Joshua Munezero Waleed Ayoub Theo Wordsworth

11 6 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 1


and Joshua would be at school at 8am on game days to coach the team, before he himself played and captained the 1st XI later in the morning. The team expressed their gratitude and respect for Josh at the end of the season and very much hope that he can continue in his role next season.



or two teams with the bare number of 11 players each. Either option presented problems; a large squad resulting in many boys having little game time or two teams that would potentially face the prospect of too few players as a result of injury or illness.



Hockey This year saw the introduction of the 4th hockey team to Naenae College. Two boys’ and two girls’ teams! And so trials were also introduced. Each team was comprised of students ranging from Year 9 through to Year 13. Mrs Watts coached the 2nd XI girls, Eddie Forster coached the 1st XI girls and the 2nd XI boys and Colin Sheridan coached the 1st XI boys. Mr Murden umpired the 1st XI boys’ games while Courtney Stobbs umpired the 2nd XI boys’ and Jessica Bond and Matie Whitman umpired the 2nd XI girls’ games. All teams had great seasons and we looked great in our new uniforms! The 2nd XI girls worked hard to win the R2 grade. With only one loss during the season there was lots of laughter

as well as high scores. Khazmin became great at putting away penalty corners, while Dhrashti learnt how to ‘get to the post’ and put the ball in the goal. Nisi and Sofai – aka ‘the aunties’ played hard while Yasmin was in goal working hard to keep the ball out (if it ever got close to her). Trish, Nicole, Courtney, Arahia, Fay and Tuna worked hard both mid field and forward showing that NNC girls were not afraid of the hockey ball. Jessie and Jessica joined us and played hard while Anna supported and fed the ball making her the Wellington Hockey MVP for this grade. St Cath’s said they liked playing against us ‘because even though it was a hard game, it would always be a clean game’. Thank you, Mrs Watts. The 2nd XI boys worked hard to introduce Wellington hockey to our 2nd boys’ team. Sanjay and Alex lead the team while Liam showed everybody how to play goalie. We finished 5th in R3 at the end of the season, showing

this was the right grade to play in. Our beginners showed some amazing development with their hockey skills. We look forward to seeing our team develop further next season. It has been great to see a large number of Year 9 boys who contributed with a lot of enthusiasm and learnt a large number of skills as the season progressed. Roll on 2011! Thanks Eddie for your time and expertise. The 1st XI boys worked well together and as the season progressed we began to gain larger scores against our opponents. We finished 5th in R1 grade, losing only two games in our last round. Teamwork grew along with friendships. As a team we were either young or still gaining experience. We had no choice but to grow in personal skills and team play. Our thanks to Colin Sheridan for sharing his wealth of knowledge and setting high expectations for us all. We know we are capable of achieving higher honours next year.

This year the 1st XI Girls Hockey team went to Auckland to compete in the Rosemary O’Brien Cup. Attached to the team were Eddie Forster, Mrs Watts and Mrs Forster. We came home with Silver medals after having spent a week gaining 22 goals to our name and only 4 against. We finished unexpectedly at the top of our pool after winning against Botany College 7–0, Birkenhead College 4–0 and 4th seeded Long Bay 2–1. The quarter finals was against the tournament favourites Whakatane High School and this was won 4–0. The semi-final was played against North Harbour’s Glenfield College and won 3–0. This saw us finish higher than even we expected and facing North Harbour’s Pinehurst College in the final. After being up 1–0 at half time the team succumbed to a long week losing 2–1. We were given a lot of acclaim by spectators and officials for our play and tenacity, having only taken one reserve while facing other teams who had up to five reserves.

Some firsts were achieved during the week, including some travelling past the middle of the North Island for the first time, travelling by air, and being on national television. We enjoyed a $10 Dressmart challenge and dinner on Queen St in Auckland. The home season for the 1st XI girls began well, although at the end of the first round the team gained injuries and illness to lead us down a grade to P2 for the remainder of the season. The final placing was 6th in P2 with six draws during the last round. Of note for the season are our Hockey representatives: Matie Whitman and Anna Forster U18A Wellington Girls Hockey, Danielle Deans U21 and U18 Dev Wellington Girls Hockey, Jessica Bond U15 Dev Captain Wellington Girls Hockey and James Forster U15 Hutt Valley Boys.






Netball J1 TEAM Congratulations to Cindy Aramoana and the J1 team, winners of the Collegiate 5 grade. Unbeaten all year, the team played against a gutsy Chilton team in the semi-final winning 26-20. They won their final 29-25. It was a true final with the first quarter goal for goal. Evens at the break, the team fell away with a four goal deficit. Two goals down at half time, and an ankle injury to the GS, it would be a test of character. In the 4th quarter, the girls’ confidence was growing, with accurate passing and finished off with some great shooting by Alicia Hart and Michaella Aramoana. Mrs Manuel, Netball Convenor

J2 Team The J2 team, Naenae 4 were a gutsy bunch with heaps of determination. I would like to say a big thank you to Gaye McCabe and Meena Waikato who donated their own time early on to coach the girls even though none of their own children attend Naenae college. A huge “thank-you” to Amber Igiasia for her coaching and positive motivation of the team - without Amber we would have been lost. Finally a big thanks to the girls on the team – you honestly gave it your best and no one can ask for more – well done. Bronwyne Rozier, Manager

J3 team This season for netball my team was J3 (yayy yayy) . I enjoyed getting to know my team mates and hanging out with them before our games. It was real cool. Our grading games were the worst because we only won two of them. However, when grading games were over we got better and better. The team were getting really good, practices were “mean as” because we learnt all of these new moves and they were like spinning around and it was “bad”. During our grading games we played Sacred Heart team and they were (for me) the worst team we played. Honestly, if we got too close to them they would literally scream in our faces. We did the mature thing and didn’t do anything we would’ve regretted. We lost that game. We gained a new player to our team and lost two players that left the team. In the semi-finals we played that same Sacred Heart team and this time we thrashed them. They were trying to distract us but we just stayed focussed on our game and won 22-16 and made the finals. For the finals we were supposed to play Hutt Valley High School but Miss Manuel got the times mixed up and eventually having to forfeit that game because it was too late to go. But Miss made it up to us. It was still a great season. Thanks to Anne Cropp our manager, Miss Manuel our coach and for all the girls Hana, Savannah, Emma (Captain and MVP), Anne-Maree, Myra, Kahu Edwena and me. Kiri Manuel 9JE J4 Team Oh, how netball coloured our Saturdays! We started out in our netball team with a mixture of abilities. Each of us wanted to play social netball and be competitive – and we did that! Each game we all entered with full focus and high energy levels, always having fun. We greatly enjoyed our season, especially with all our wins. Courtney Brown 11SH

The team finished 4th overall in Division 3. Thank you to Mitch Fowell, Head Coach; Te Teira Davis and Manu Luke (Assistant Coaches) for your support this season. Representative Players – Wellington U16A team LA Moemai, Ivan Vaisagote John Manuel, Rugby Convenor 2nd XV

Rugby 1st XV Our 1st XV missed out on securing their regular spot in Division 2 this year. This is a reflection of 80% of players from last season leaving school and a restricted pool of players coming through eg. there was no 2nd XV. This is a new season for the school and encouraging that the school has teams represented in all the open divisions U14s’, U15s’, 2nd XV and 1st XV. The annual Hope Tournament brings together 1st XV teams from the various Hutt Valley schools. As defending champions’ expectations were high. The team put up a brave effort and played off with Taita College for 6th place. As it is a pre-season fixture, some much needed fitness and time together would see them right for the season. During the season the boys played the Police Team as a promotional game on a Wednesday afternoon. It was

2nd XV won their semi-final with Wellington High School in Division 5. It was a nail-biting match with the team down at half-time, 7–nil. However, with Tufi Tufi, the team captain leading the charge and some smooth footwork from Fereti Soloa converting both tries, the final score was 14–12. The team stayed at the Marae on Friday night in preparation for their final with Rongotai College. The team was fortunate to have Lima Sopoaga (Ex Wellington College 1st XV Captain; NZ Secondary School Representative; Member of the 2010 Wellington Lions) and brother Tupou, speak to the boys about playing in a final. The finals were played at Silverstream and with, what appeared to be a one-sided match by half time, the outcome seemed inevitable. However, excitement grew as the team started scoring 1, 2 and then 3 tries. The team left the kicking tee behind and our kicker was unable to convert any of the tries. Final score 15-19. Representative Players – Hutt Valley U15s William Tufui, Dylan Manuel, Fereti Soloa John Manuel, Coach


a close fought match and our boys were competitive even though some of their players compete in the men’s premier competition. I had to giggle when I’d heard a concerned neighbour phoned the school to enquire if “everything was ok” when she saw the paddy wagon and two police cars driving into the school.




U14 Talofa lava, my name is Phil Roache. I am one of the coaches for the Naenae College under 14s rugby team, the other being Timo Crichton. On behalf of Timo and I, we would like to first and foremost extend our thanks and gratitude to Yvonne and John Manuel and the parents, supporters and families of our team, for their tireless support throughout the season. The boys started the season without a coach and the team was on the verge of being pulled from the under 14 competition. With all of that happening, this group of boys still turned up to train together (no coach) after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to try and keep their team alive. So it was through the pure determination of these boys that there was a team at all, and what a team it was!! U15 This grade hosts the most teams of any other grade in the CSW competition. It was an exciting start to the year for our U15 team promoted to Division 2 (Division 3, 2009). The team experienced more than its fair share of challenges, with player movement between teams at the start. It was hard work for Darren Ward (Coach) and Steve Coppell (Assistant coach) to build cohesion. Their commitment would be further tested after the school van got a flat tyre on its way to play St Pat’s, at Prince of Wales Park in Wellington. Unfortunately, the team arrived late and lost the match by default. Despite the setback, this resilient and talented team of boys kept going and earned themselves a semi-final placing with Mana College, who went on to win the grade. The team finished the season in 4th position. Thank you to Darren Ward and Steve Coppell and also Mel for providing sausages on a Friday after school. John Manuel, Rugby Convenor

Having suffered pretty big losses in the first two games, our boys, led by captain Denzel Roache bounced back to beat a very big (in size, not numbers...Lol...) Porirua College squad. From there the boys kept lifting and started to hit their straps by the 4th game, beating the very rugby orientated Rongotai College, then following up by beating Taita College in the much awaited local derby. Unfortunately, due to some bad weather, a lot of games and trainings had to be cancelled, and we lost a bit of momentum, missing out on a semi-final spot after losing narrowly by 19–15 to Wellington College. Our boys finished the season on a high by beating Rongotai College again, 26–10 in their last game and ending up 5th on the table and proving that their first win against Rongotai was no fluke. Although the entire team played well, there are a few players that I would like to mention for their huge contribution to our team this year, our loose forward trio Ale Peni, Hamish Nixon and PJ Atonio, also solid midfielders and twin brothers Jaleil and Denzel Roache, along with clever halves combination Sonny Oloapu

and Daniel Poko, and the ever present fullback David Saumolia, I also can’t go without mentioning players Taiamai Amohau and Hinckley Peivi for holding up our front row and doing the grunt work week in and week out. We would like to congratulate PJ Atonio for making the 2010 Hutt Valley under 14s representative squad. We would like to make special mention to one of our parents John Nixon, who was a huge help in our season this year, transporting our boys to and from games and also filling our water bottles and running them onto the field. John also became the touch judge at most games, and if he had to, I’m pretty sure he would’ve even refereed the games for us too. We would like to thank our manager Melissa Stemp for getting the uniforms laundered week in and week out, and making sure that our boys were ready and had all the information they needed for every game, which with our boys, was no easy feat. Huge thanks to Wellington captain and All Blacks prop Neemia Tialata for coming out and spending time with our boys and sharing his experiences with us at our rugby camp, his input was invaluable and I’m sure that our boys will remember what he said about the “Hard Work” that needs to be put in if you really want to make it. So our biggest thanks are to our boys, for the amazing attitude you each have towards the game of rugby and also towards your team mates, It has been great to see the leadership skills come out in all of you. It has been awesome to see these boys develop, not only into competent rugby players but also into competent young men. It has been a real pleasure to coach this group of young men and see those young men set personal challenges and goals for themselves and then watch them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Well done guys! Soifua ma Ia manuia Phil Roache

Worthy of a place in the Premier division, the team just missed out on gaining entry through a point’s differentiation with neighbouring school Taita College. The team ended their season 4th in Division one. The girls hosted a presentation evening to acknowledge their coaches and supporters. It was held in the school marae and followed by a light supper in the wharekai. The girls then went out afterwards to Lazer Strike. Many thanks to Sam and Alex Tupuse for you’re unyielding commitment. Also thanks to Mr Murden for driving the team to their games. Representative Players – Wellington Team Sofai Atanoa, Lucy Tupuse, Faye Masoe Mrs Manuel

A new cup (which was sponsored by Te Hua Rangatahi Trust) and with new silverware on show, both teams wanted to be the first names on the cup. The game was played with plenty of passion and given the weather conditions, the skill level of the teams was at a very high standard. The cold conditions, strong winds and rain could not keep away a very supportive and boisterous crowd, with whanau, friends, teachers and BOTH Principals on hand to watch their teams do battle, the teams did not disappoint. It all concluded back at the Avalon club rooms with whanau and coaches for presentations. The Man of the Match Cup (an old Avalon Cup) was given to Benson and Avalon Cup to Shawn Arnst, Taita College Captain. Special thanks to a number of people without whom the day would not have been possible, Taita and Naenae College 1st XV players, coaches, and management for their support, sports co-ordinators and rugby administrators of both colleges. Thanks to Steven Kirk and Shane McGrath for funding the meal for the players, WRFU for the referee Hiko DaviesRais at Naenae College, had a HUGE role in getting fixtures sorted, grounds booked, seeking funds for cup, constant communicator between the colleges, coaches and players. All in all a great day for both colleges, spectators, players and coaches.


Unfamiliar with the 10-a-side game, the girls quickly adjusted from 15-a-side game to the new 10-a-side competition. The pre-season game with St Catherine’s was welcomed with enthusiasm and for a number of players, it would be their first (and some their last) experience of the contact sport.

RUGBY Avalon Cup 2010 Congratulations to the Taita College 1st XV who are the holders of the Avalon Cup for the 2nd consecutive year.



Girls Rugby


go, they scored and converted a try to win 14–12. Sorby Savea was named in the tournament team. The day was not without its casualties. Denzel (team captain) was taken to the hospital during the 2nd game with a tear to his medial ligament and Ale was nursing a shoulder injury on Monday. HUGE THANK YOU to Phil Roache who travelled from Porirua twice a week to train the boys. He made a significant impact into preparing these young players for this competition.

Touch Rugby The Term 3 competition kicked off on the 2nd of November.

Rugby League 1ST XV vs teachers and old boys This annual fixture required me to dust off the old boots and gather up the reluctantly willing staff members of Mr Muirhead and Mr Ah Kuoi and proceed to send out the bat call via facebook to all of the ex Naenae College 1st XV players. We had a team of 33 players which was much appreciated due to the amount of subs needed. Half of the Naenae community turned out to watch the game and as LA Moemai stepped around me and out sprinted Mr Ah Kuoi to score in the corner for the first try. It was good to see ex Naenae students pointing, jeering and laughing at me. With steely resolve we managed to comfortably take the lead by half time but the second half was a different story. During the second half break ‘Mitch’ recruited our best players to play for the 1st XV and from then on it was a close and torrid affair. But the result was never in doubt and we managed to score the winning try right on full time. I would like to thank everyone that was involved and look forward to next year. Apparently Mr Puka might be making a cameo so that will be good to watch. Yours in rugby, Mr Luke

SENIOR Boys RUGBY LEAGUE TEAM These are a good group of boys with a true desire to succeed at game time. Having Rugby League players and quick learning athletes making the change from the 15a-side game really helped with limited preparation. A big Thank you to Fea Feagiaga for his expertise and coaching showing the lads new skills and techniques to help with their rugby league futures. Junior Boys Rugby League team Winners of the Wellington Rugby League Orca Cup and Randwick Shield. Junior Boys Rugby League team entered in the inaugural Wellington Rugby League Orca Cup, 9-a-side tournament. The teams were divided into geographic pools so that the Hutt Teams compete for the ‘Battle of the Hutt – Randwick Shield’ – Western Bays play for Western Bays supremacy. Both winners battle for the WRL Orca Cup. Our boys earned the top spot in the Hutt Pool beating HVHS and HIBS and played off with Taita College for the Randwick Shield, winning 22–4. They then played the final with Mana College in a nail biter and with less than one minute to

Not a great start for our Junior Girls’ team on opening night. Four girls took the field for their match with HVHS 1. Five minutes into the game and two more players arrived. By half time they had a full team of six plus three subs. Needless to say the score reflected this with a 8–1 loss. Each team plays two games per night. With a full complement the team won their 2nd game 4–2 against Sacred Heart College 2. Mayar Tearaitoa, team captain, is the team’s top try scorer. The girls are currently in 4th equal place with semi-finals to be played at the end of the month. Our Junior Boys’ team looked very tidy on the field all in their PE tops and blue shorts. Coached by Dylan Manuel, he had his work cut out for him trying to contain the four eager senior players (including himself) from taking the field. However, once it was realised that Taita College lost their championship points for playing senior students, they soon got the message. Our Junior Boys are sitting in 1st place with 16 points with semis and finals to come. The senior touch team were entered in a 1-day tournament during Term 1. James Sopoaga was selected in the U15 Wellington Mixed Touch team and Daniel Jones U18 Wellington Boys’ team! Congratulations James and Daniel!

Snowboarding Snowboarding is alive and kicking at Naenae College. This year we had our largest number of season pass holders, with Theo Wordsworth, Issac Garton, Hai Tran, Manuel Robinson, Thomas Bird, Leslie Xie, Danielle Deans and Shaniqua Iorangi making up the Naenae College Snowboarding team. The aim for the winter season was to get up to the mountain at least four times before the North Island champs in September. Unfortunately, due to various commitments and bad weather we only managed two weekends. Despite this, we had primo weather both weekends which allowed the students to ‘recapture’ their boarding skills. Plenty of fun and adventure was had off the mountain on our travels to and fro, and our overnight stays ...ask around about

the stolen trailer?! Plenty of injuries too, a dislocated finger and shoulder and a stitched eye, with Hai being a common factor in two of those injuries, nice one Hai! But don’t get me wrong, SNOWBOARDING IS FUN!!!! The North Island champs came in September. This is a four day trip where three of our students compete against the best the North Island has to offer. Along with Theo, Issac and Hai were competing for the first time. The rest of the group, and Alicia Hart who came away with us last year, got to fine tune their snowboarding for the four days …COOL!... We also welcomed our rookies, Lucas Ryan, Lily Wright, Michael Ladd, and James Forster, experiencing snowboarding for the first time. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come when we got re-routed on our way up having to go via Wanganui due to a huge land slip …but in the 14 years the champs have been running, 2010 is the first year the entire competition

has had to have been cancelled due to bad weather, BUGGER!!!!! (They still got throught the event the year Mt Ruapehu erupted!... GROAN!!!) Despite the CRAPPY weather we managed to get five hours snowboarding on the Monday which allowed our rookies to ‘give it a go’ ...if they can board in that weather, they can board in anything! (We were kind of fortunate we got that time in as the mountain was closed for the rest of the week!) With no intention of getting cabin fever, we made use of the local attractions, the rock climbing centre, the hot pools, the movies and basically played tourists for the remaining days, BUMMER. I would like to thank my helpers for the trip… or those who know they’re on to a good thing, Mum, Tony, Tama, Robyn, and Luke …who provided plenty of help and lots of laughs. Bring on 2011 ...and BETTER WEATHER! Ms Shaw






Volleyball In the carry over competition from Term 1, the Junior Boys are leading Division 1 on 12 points; the Year 10 Junior Girls’ team 2nd with 8 points and the Year 9 Girls’ team 1st equal on 12 points. Thanks to all the senior students, including Poly Seleni, Dalice Perry, Ivan Vaisagote, Katini Vole, Ta’amilo Va’a, Faye Masoe and Lucy Tupuse who are involved with the coaching and management of these teams. SENIOR TEAM Thanks to John Mau’u who coached our Senior Boys’ team at the start of the year. The team finished 2nd equal on the table with Taita College. The team will be without Tala Chapman, going into round 2. Tala suffered a nasty injury - broken knee cap in a Rugby League match. However, they will still have key players including Ta’amilo Va’a and Ivan Vaisagote. The boys are well on their way to take out the Division 1 competition sitting in the number 1 spot at 12 points. The girls’ team struggled in the first round of competition finishing at the bottom of the table. Unscathed by this earlier placing, the team led by Esther Sola, confidently moves into the 2nd round with expectation.

Junior REGIONAL TOURNAMENT This was a two-day competition on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October, at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua. There were 13 girls’ teams and 8 boys’ teams from around the Wellington area, including Otaki College. Both teams finished in the top two of their pool at the end of day one and earned a placing in the semifinal. Sacred Heart College was too strong for our girls’ team, going down 2 sets to nil. Likewise, Mana College won by the same margin against our boys’ team. Both teams continued on their winning streak to take out 1st placing in their respective grades. Overall the girls’ team was placed 3rd and boys’ team 4th. It was an amazing event to be a part of and to see the talent of these 13 and 14 year olds. There was lots of energy with plenty of cheering from spectators and chanting from the teams. Congratulations to Va’a Peseta, William Tufui and Vanice Schuster for making the tournament team. Thanks to our senior students Ivan, Katini, Wesley, Lucy, Faye and Ta’amilo who helped with preparing the teams for this competition.

Senior Prize List DANNICA PAU’U John Robinson Achievement Award Jamien Pay 1st in Sports Development and Merit in Life

Skills 102

11MO Peti Asiata 1st= in Life Skills 102

TELESIA FAALOGO Atheletics – Individual Champion Senior Girls Parents’ Association Cup

Elliot Burr 1st= in Mathematics 101 and Merit in Economics and Science 101 and Technology – Mechanical Engineering 102

Feto Fetoai 1st in Technology (Building) 102

Michaela Burrow 1st in Mathematics 102

Samoan 101

COURTNEY BROWN 1st in Drama 101 and Merit in English

Asonei Levaula Faalogo 1st in Science 102 and Merit

101; Service Award for valued contribution to Football, Hockey and Netball

in Mathematics 102 and English 102

ANNA FORSTER Hockey – Agar Cup for Outstanding Female

La Boeurn 1st= in Life Skills 102 and Merit in Mathematics 102

Player 1st in History 101,1st= in English 101 and Merit in Art 101 and Mathematics 101

L A MOEMAI Parents’ Association Cup; Naenae College

JACOB GALLOWAY Music – Best Senior Music Performance

Sportsman of the Year; 1st in Technology – Mechanical Engineering 102 (John Clentworth Cup); Rugby – Player of the Year Award presented by Avalon Rugby Football Club TUFI TUFI 1st= in English 102; Rugby – 2nd XV Best and Fairest

Award; Service Award for valued contribution to Cricket, Rugby and Rugby League

LYDIA HAMER Top Academic Honours For Year 11; 1st in Art

101 and Merit in English, 101, German 101, Science 101 and Mathematics 101; Service Award for excellent commitment to Football, Hockey, Water Polo and the Wellington German Oral competition Sobhanya Kim 1st in German 101 and Mathematics 101

(Year 11 Mathematics Cup) and Merit in English 101

11PA Tracey Holmes 1st in Drama 101 and Merit in SPEC 102 DYLAN MANUEL Service Award for valued contribution to

Rugby, Table Tennis and Touch Feiloaiga Mataafa 1st in Foundation Information

Communication Technology 101 POLYNESIA SELENI Service Award for valued contribution to

Rugby, Touch and Senior Choir

FAY MASOE 1st in Art 102 and Merit in Physical Education

102; Service Award for valued contribution to Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Touch, Volleyball, Senior Choir and Polynesian Group NIGEL MARTINEZ Music – Best Senior Music Performance;

1st in Music 101 and Merit in Economics 101 Stacey Te Kuru 1st in Physical Education 102 and Merit

in Art 101

Netball, Senior Choir and Wellington German Oral Competition; Year 11 Armstrong Cup for Public Speaking; 1st= in English 101 and Merit in History 101

Carving) initiated by Mrs T Taramai, carved by the late Mr J. McEwen SARAH PRENTICE Most Improved Musician Valoula Valasi 1st= in Samoan 101 and Merit in

Geography 101

12AS STACEE STURM Basketball – Girls: Jennifer Baird Trophy –

outstanding senior girl player; Swimming – Senior Girls Champion; Water Polo – Patrick Baker Memorial Cup & Barbara Watson Cup JOSHUA NGAPUHI Service Award for valued contribution to

Rugby and Rugby League CAITLIN VANEY Jesson Cup for all round excellence in the

Learning Centre

12CP Monique Barthelemy 1st= in Art 201 Jason Chen 1st in Foundation Information Communication

11SH JESSIE ALGAR Service Award for contribution to Hockey,

KEANU McCORKINDALE Te Whanau Tahi Award (Wood

Philip Martelli 1st in Accounting 101 and Science 101

NIKISHA TURAHUI Andrea Mudgway Plate


Heather Leota 1st in Geography 101 and 1st= in

Justin Cho 1st in Foundation Information Communication

Technology (ICT Cup) and Merit in Accounting 101 Aroha Ellison 1st in Food & Nutrition 102 and Merit in

Drama 101

Technology 212 and Merit in Mathematics 201 MOOCHING FILIKI Service Award for valued contribution to the Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme, Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme, service as a House Captain and Junior Year Class Mentor

Senior Prize List

Viola Alataua 1st= in English 102

JOEL AVERES Music – Best Senior Music Performance 1st in Economics 101 and Merit in Mathematics 101




Senior Prize List NAENAE COLLEGE


Rebecca Fraser 1st in Catering & Hospitality 212 (Hulse Cup and book prize donated by Mrs Coup) and Merit in Science 212 Elizabeth Gibbons 1st in History 201 and Merit in English

and Geography 201 and Tourism 322 LUCY TUPUSE Service Award for excellent commitment to

Rugby, Senior Choir, Polynesian Group and service as a House Captain and Junior Year Class Mentor CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH Service Award for excellent

commitment to the Jazz Band, PAT Production team and Robotics 1st in Drama 201

12JI Alexander Hart Top Academic Honours For Year 12; 1st

HAI TRAN Badminton – Waiwhetu Badminton Club Trophy:

Best Singles Player – Senior Boy; 1st= in Design 201 and Merit in Graphics 201; Service Award for excellent contribution to Badminton, Handball, Rugby, Snowboarding and Water Polo IVAN VAISAGOTE Rugby – The Mark Walton Memorial Award for exhibiting a high level of determination with a positive attitude and commitment towards teamwork and fairplay; Volleyball – Service Award for best contribution to Naenae College Volleyball; Service Award for valued contribution to Rugby, Volleyball, Senior Choir, Barbershop, Pacifica Beats and Polynesian Group

Ryan Wolstenholme 1st in Mathematics 201 and Merit

in Statistics & Modelling 301 (Year 12 Mathematics Cup); Australian Mathematics Competition Distinction Award; Casio Senior Mathematics Competitor

12LE Hiyam Ali Okud 1st in Mathematics 202 and Merit in

Tourism 212 ELLIE BIRD Service Award for valued commitment to Croquet

and service as a Librarian and Junior Year Class Mentor BRANDON HARRISON Service Award for excellent

contribution to Hockey, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme and service as a Junior Year Class Mentor BRIAN LENG Service Award for contribution to Badminton, Hockey and the Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme

Catering & Hospitality 212 and Mathematics 202 Andrew Hillman 1st in English 212 and Technology

(Engineering) 212 (Total Trade Supplies prize) EMILY NIXON Year 12 Diligence Cup; 1st in Biology 201 and

Garming Sam Public Speaking – Senior; Randwick Rugby

Alexander Campbell 1st in Information Communication

Jamie Trolove 1st= in Art 201 and Design 201

Oshiarne Gray 1st in Science 212 and Merit in Art 201,

SEAN BRYANT Water Polo – Patrick Baker Memorial Cup &

Ngametua Matenga 1st in Sports Development 202 and

ANDREW TAWA Hockey – Naenae Old Boys’ Hockey Club Award – Most Valuable Male Player



in Geography 201, Chemistry 201, Physics 201 and Merit in English and Mathematics 201

Madeline Taura 1st= in English 202

Michelle Zhou 1st= in Business Studies 212

Merit in Mathematics and Physics 201; Service Award for valued contribution to Croquet, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme, service as a House Captain and Junior Year Class Mentor

CSW Sportsperson of the Year for Water Polo; Service Award for his valued contribution to Handball, Rugby, Water Polo, service as a House Captain and Junior Year Class Mentor

Merit in Mathematics 202

TA’AMILO VA’A Service Award for valued contribution to Rugby, Rugby League, Volleyball and Polynesian Group

Technology 202 and Merit in Mathematics with Calculus 301 and Physics 201; Australian Mathematics Competition High Distinction Award; Casio Senior Mathematics Competitor DARRYN KOUOI Best All Round Performance of a Year 12

Student NISHA MISTRY Service Award for excellent contribution to

the Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme and service as a Librarian; 1st in Economics 201 and Graphics 201 (John Haynes Cup) and Merit in English and Mathematics 201

League Cup; 1st in Mathematics with Calculus 301 (BNZ Mathematics Cup and prize) and English 201, and Merit in Chemistry 201, Information Communication Technology 202 and Physics 201; Australian Mathematics Competition Distinction Award; Casio Senior Mathematics Competitor ESTHER SOLA Music – Contribution to School Music: Diane Wilson Cup; Service Award for contribution to Volleyball, Senior Choir, Pacifica Beats and the Polynesian Group; 1st in Music 202 and Merit in Sports Development 202 SERA TELEA Service Award for contribution to the Senior Choir,

Pacifica Beats and Polynesian Group

KALE NOANOA Basketball – Boys: 1976 Old Boys Trophy –


outstanding senior boy player

Daniel Cho 1st in Information Communication Technology 302

SANJAY PATEL Service Award for contribution to Football,

Tom Coppell 1st in Design 301 and Merit in Drama 301

Handball, and Hockey Jayson Park John Hendren Memorial Award; 1st in

Accounting 201 and Merit in Economics 201 COURTNEY STOBBS Hockey – Jill Willis Stick for enthusiasm

and Sportsmanship ELLICE WALKER Service Award for excellent commitment to Croquet, Table Tennis and as a Junior Year Class Mentor; 1st in Tourism 212 MATIE WHITMAN Service Award for contribution to Hockey,

Rugby and Softball

ANGELO BROWN Service Award for valued contribution to Volleyball, Senior Choir, Barbershop, Pacifica Beats and Polynesian Group JACKIE BRYCE Special Needs – Barclay Cup for an excellent attitude in Special Education Physical Education Zac Douglas 1st in Technology (Mechanical Engineering) 322 (Total Trade Supplies prize)

– Derek Wood Trophy and Parents’ Association Prize; Head Boy Prefect (Principal’s Cup and Prize); 1st in Geography 301 and Merit in English 301 W.K. Smiler Memorial Award for Senior Public Speaking; Kathy Brabin Trophy – for contribution to Naenae College Sport; Cricket – Naenae Old Boys Cricket Club Most Promising Player (Best Male Player); Soccer – Naenae Old Boys Football Cup for the most deserving male player; Service Award for excellent contribution to Cricket (as player and coach), Football, Water Polo and service to the College as Head Boy

ISAAC GARTON Service Award for valued commitment to

Hockey, Football, Snowboarding, Water Polo, Percussion, PAT production team and Smokefree Rockquest UPU NOFOAIGA 1st in the Gateway Programme 212

(Gateway Cup); Service Award for valued contribution to the Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme, Polynesian Group and as a Junior Year Class Mentor Lula Siraj 1st= in English 202 JULIA UFIUFI FINAU 1st in Music 302; Service Award for

excellent commitment to Volleyball, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme and Polynesian Group

13DW ARAHIA FOWELL Naenae College Sportswoman of the Year;

Softball – Naomi Shaw Trophy for most outstanding female softballer; Service Award for valued contribution to Basketball, Hockey, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee team and Kapa Haka

THEODORE WORDSWORTH Dux – I.H. Johnson Trophy;

Julia Tohiariki – Memorial Award; Leadership of Senior Council Bruce Cup; 1st in Physics 301 and Merit in Chemistry 301 and Mathematics with Calculus 301; Casio Senior Mathematics competitor; Massey University College of Business Captains Club Leadership Scholarship; Service Award for valued contribution to Cricket, Football, Snowboarding and Water Polo and service to the College as co-leader of the School Council and Deputy Head Boy VICKY TALOAINA Service Award for valued contribution to

Football, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme, Polynesian Group, Kapa Haka and as a House Captain SHAYNA TAUA Leadership of Senior Council Bruce Cup;

Worthy Contribution to School Life: Foundation staff and pupils cup for girls; Soccer – Kathy Cross Trophy – Most deserving female player; Service Award for valued contribution to Football and Tennis and service as co-leader of the School Council and Deputy Head Girl JADE THOMPSON Service Award for valued contribution to

13MD SELESA ALATAUA Service Award for excellent participation in

the Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme, Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme, Senior Choir, Polynesian Group, Kapa Haka and service as a Junior Year Class Mentor DARCEL CARR 1st in Advanced Catering 322 (Book Prize donated by Mrs Coup); Service Award for valued contribution to Rugby and Kapa Haka DANIELLE DEANS Service Award for commitment to Hockey

and Softball and service as a Sports Prefect (Student overseas) TRENT FORTUNE Service Award for contribution to Cricket,

Football and Water Polo

SOFAI ATANOA Rugby – Naenae College Girls’ Rugby Cup Girls’ Player of the Year; Service Award for valued contribution to Hockey, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee team, Senior Choir and Polynesian Group TALALELEI CHAPMAN 1st in Art 301 (Art Cup); Service Award for excellent commitment to Rugby, Volleyball, Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme, Polynesian Group and service as a House Captain and Prefect PATRICIA CHERRY 1st= in Business Studies 312; Service Award for valued commitment to Hockey and service to the College as Head Girl DANIEL JONES Service Award for valued contribution to

Handball, Rugby and Touch HANNAH McLAUGHLAN Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt Scholarship; Service Award for excellent commitment to Football, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme and as a Junior Year Class Mentor PATRICIA CHERRY Drama – Mason Trophy for contribution to drama; Loyal Service to the School Head Girl Prefect (Butterworth Cup and Prize) Nicole Ballantyne 1st= in Business Studies 312 Karen Heredia Santamaria Excellence in Senior English for Speakers of Other Languages Hannah McLaughlan 1st in History 301 (Dalton Cup) and Excellence in Correspondence Mathematics with Statistics Rebecca Rae 1st= in Business Studies 212

Rugby, Rugby League and Kapa Haka IUNISI TUKULA Service Award for contribution to Hockey,

Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee team and Polynesian Group


PRASHEEL WILSON Service Award for valued contribution to Football, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme and as a House Captain

JESSMINE AIOMATA Service Award for valued contribution

to Volleyball, Senior Choir, Kapa Haka, Polynesian Group, and service as a House Captain and Junior Year Class Mentor Karen Chen English – Julie Stockdale Cup for Original work


in Senior English; 1st in Chemistry 301 (Alan MacDiarmid Prize) and Merit in Biology and Physics 301

ROSS JORDAN Proxime Accessit – Brenda Wallis Cup for

JAYSHRI DAYAL 1st in Photography 301; Service Award for

Academic Excellence and Parents’ Association Prize; Eileen Bone Memorial Scholarship; C.F. Gardiner Cup for Boys; 1st=in English 301 (Mourne Pearson Shield jointly) and 1st in German 301 (Senior German Cup); Casio Senior Mathematics Competitor; Service Award for valued contribution to Badminton and service to the College as a Cultural Leader and Prefect

excellent contribution to Cricket, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee team, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme, and service as a Junior Year Class Mentor DANIEL FRANKLIN Debra Anne Bergman Cup for perseverance, application and reliability in vocational courses

71 Senior Prize List

JOSHUA KRAKOSKY Outstanding Achievement and Service

cup) for service to Polynesian Culture at Naenae College; 1st= in Accounting 301, 1st in Samoan 301 (Samoan Parents’ Association Cup) and Tourism 322 and Merit in Information Communication Technology 302; Service Award for valued contribution to the Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme, Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme, Polynesian Group, as a cultural leader and service as a Prefect


TALELE LEVAULA FAALOGO Te Whanau Tahi Award (silver

Senior Prize List NAENAE COLLEGE


KHAZMIN GOUGH Benny Luke Memorial Trophy: citizenship, Senior School, Naenae College; Service Award for valued contribution to Hockey, Rugby, Table Tennis, and service as a House Captain and Junior Year Class Mentor HEATHER HANSEN-WOLLER Girls’ Friendly Society Study Bursary Samantha Irons Reunion Committee Scholarship; 1st= in English 301, (Mourne Pearson

Shield jointly) 1st in Statistics & Modelling 301 and Merit In Geography 301; Casio Senior Mathematics Competitor REBECCA MACKIE 1st in Biology 301, Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Award for Best Creative

Writing in Senior School and Merit in Chemistry 301; Service Award for valued contribution to Football, Russell McVeagh Mentoring Programme and service as a Junior Year Class Mentor Vanisha Pullan 1st in Drama 301 AGALELEI TUUINA Service Award for valued commitment to the Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme and the Polynesian Group KATINI VOLE Rugby League – Randwick Rugby League Club Award for Rugby League Sportsperson of the Year; Service Award for excellent commitment to Rugby League, Volleyball, Senior Choir, Polynesian Group and service as a Junior Year Class Mentor FAAEAINA WRIGHT Service Award for contribution to Rugby, Senior Choir, Victoria University Outreach Mentoring Programme and the Polynesian Group Mandy Zhou 1st= in Accounting 301 and Merit in Business Studies 312 and Geography 301

Junior Prize List Kendall Bailey Excellence in English, Mathematics and

Science, and Merit in Social Studies and Year 9 German Daniella Burns Excellence in Social Studies and Year 9

Graphics; Merit in English, Mathematics, Science and Health Natasha Leota-Sione Excellence in Health and Year 9

Performance Music; Merit in Social Studies and Year 9 Samoan and Food Technology DANIEL MIIMETUAPOKO Service Award for his valued

contribution to Rugby, Rugby League and the Polynesian Group

10AN STEPHEN THORPE Service Award for his outstanding

contribution to Kapahaka STEPHEN YEE-HUGHES Service Award for his valued

contribution to Hockey, Wellington German Oral Competition; Australian Mathematics Competition (Credit); Year 9 Mathswell 2010 and Modern School of Music Certificate


YASMIN GOLDING Best Junior Music Performer Excellence

in English, Physical Education and Health; Merit in Mathematics, Science and Year 10 Art and Music; Service Award for her valued contribution to Hockey, Tennis and the Junior and Senior Choirs Denique Igasia Excellence in Social Studies and Year 10 Performing Arts Technology; Merit in English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Year 10 Art Liam Sheridan Excellence in Mathematics and Science; Merit in Year 10 Graphics

PAUL MOSE Service Award for his valued contribution to

Rugby, Junior Choir and Polynesian Group

9KB Robert Campbell Overall Excellence in Year 9; Excellence

in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Health; Service Award for his excellent contribution to Robotics; the Merit in Year 9 German Wellington German Oral Competition, Australian Mathematics Competition (Distinction); Year 9 Mathswell 2010 and Modern School of Music Certificate

Regina Lee Excellence in Health and Physical Education;

Merit in Social Studies HAMISH NIXON Excellence in English, Science, Social

Studies, Physical Education and Year 9 Art; Merit in Mathematics and Health Service Award for his excellent commitment to Badminton, Cricket, Croquet Hockey, Rugby and the Australian Mathematics Competition

SHANNON KHAN Service Award for her valued contribution to Cricket, Football, Table Tennis and Volleyball

VANICE SCHUSTER Service Award for her valued contribution

ALE PENI Service Award in recognition of his participation in

JORDANA ZHU Best Public Speaking Year 9

Rugby, Rugby League and the Junior Choir

to Volleyball, Junior Choir and Polynesian Group

SAVANNAH PENIATA Most Valuable Junior Girl Team

Basketball Player Service Award for her valued contribution to Basketball and Rugby

9LG Morgan Chan Excellence in English and Health; Merit in

Social Studies MARTIN CHAU Excellence in Mathematics, Science and

Social Studies and Year 9 Workshop Technology; Merit in English and Year 9 Music Service Award in recognition of his contribution to Badminton, Hockey, Tai Chi, Tennis, Australian Mathematics Competition (Distinction); Year 9 Mathswell 2010 and Modern School of Music Certificate

9JE TOM BASIRE Most Improved Member of the Jazz Band (jointly)

9PL Phoenix Fetoai Excellence in English and Health; Merit in

Science and Social Studies and Year 9 Art MICHAEL LADD Excellence in Mathematics, Science and

Social Studies; Merit in English, Physical Education and Health Service Award for his excellent contribution to Snowboarding, Robotics, Australian Mathematics Competition, Assembly Band and Modern School of Music Certificate

10CW THOMAS BIRD The Beverley Jensen Trophy Overall Excellence

In Year 10 English Brewerton Cup for Excellence in Public Speaking Junior Mathematics Cup (Burns Cup); Howey Cup for Student Representative on Board of Trustees; Excellence in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Year 10 Business Studies and ICT; Merit in Science; Service Award for his outstanding contribution to Badminton and Cricket (as Captain), Snowboarding, Tai Chi, Tennis, Waterpolo, Australian Mathematics Competition (Credit) and Year 10 Mathswell 2010; Future Problem Solving NZ Achievement Award JESSICA BOND Most Improved Female Junior Hockey Player (Hockey Cup); Service award for her excellent commitment to Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Softball, Tennis and Touch DANIELLE COURTNEY C & J Neill Cup for Junior Girl Tennis

Champion; Service Awards for her valued contribution to Badminton, Snowboarding, Tennis, Waterpolo and Jazz Band JAMES FORSTER Riddle Cup for Contribution to Junior Boys

Tennis; MATHEW DRYDEN JUNIOR FAIRPLAY AWARD across all sports; Service Award for his outstanding contribution to Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Snowboarding, Tennis, Waterpolo, Australian Mathematics Competition (Credit), Junior Choir and service as a Librarian DHRASHTI GANDHI Naenae College Girls’ 2nd XI

Most Improved Hockey Player

Junior Prize List




Junior Prize List NAENAE COLLEGE


ALICIA HART Excellence in Year 10 German (Junior German Cup); Merit in English, Mathematics and Physical Education; Service Award for her valued contribution to Hockey, Netball, Snowboarding, Waterpolo and Australian Mathematics Competition (Credit) TUNA IOELU NAENAE COLLEGE JUNIOR SPORTSWOMAN OF

10EH Angelique Araiza Excellence in Mathematics, Science

and Social Studies; Merit in Health and Year 10 Graphics Kayla Hutchison Excellence in English and Health; Merit

in Mathematics

THE YEAR for her valued commitment to Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Touch, Volleyball, Australian Mathematics Competition and Polynesian Group


SHANIQUA IORANGI in recognition of her commitment to

BENAZEER ALI Service Award for her valued contribution to

Netball, Snowboarding, Softball, Touch, Volleyball and Junior Choir

Netball, Tennis, Touch, Junior Choir and PAT Production Team

MALU LEVAULA-FAALOGO Michael Henson Trophy for

PJ ATONIO Service Award in recognition of his contribution to

Best Junior Boy Badminton Player

Rugby, Rugby League and the Polynesian Group

Rebecca McHugh Excellence in Health and Year 10 Art

ISIKELI CAWANIKAWAI for his commitment to Rugby, Rugby

GODFREY OKOT Year 9/10 Footballer of the Year Award MEGAN PARK Most Improved Member of the Jazz Band


Memorial Award for Excellence in Technical Subjects HYCENTA UWIKUNDA for her valued contribution to Hockey,

Senior and Junior Choirs, Wellington German Oral Competition and Australian Mathematics Competition

10DN MISIMASELUSI SAVEA Service Award in recognition of his

contribution to Rugby, Rugby League,Touch and Volleyball

League, Junior Choir and Polynesian Group APRIL HUNIA Service Award for her valued contribution to

Netball, Volleyball, Junior Choir and PAT Production Team Antonina Malinao Excellence in English, Mathematics,

Science and Social Studies BRAEDON PEIA CRICKET Naenae Old Boys Cricket Club/ Trophy House Cup for Most Promising Junior Boy Cricketer WILLIAM TUFUI RUGBY Neville Luke Memorial Trophy for the

Player with the Best Attitude in NaeNae College Junior Rugby Service Award in recognition of his commitment to Rugby, Rugby League, Touch, Volleyball and Junior Choir DAVID SAUMOLIA for his valued contribution to Rugby, Rugby League, Junior Choir and Polynesian Group

FERETI SOLOA Service Award for his valued contribution to

Rugby, Senior and Junior Rugby League, Touch and Junior Choir JAMES SOPOAGA Service Award for his valued contribution

to Rugby, Junior and Senior Rugby League, Touch and Volleyball Tandia Vaughan Excellence in Health and Year 10 Drama

and Music; Merit in English and Mathematics

10MN PELEIUPU FAALOGO Sheryl Fisk Award for Individual

Athletics Junior Girls Champion Duncan De Jager Excellence in English, Science and Physical

Education; Merit in Social Studies and Year 10 ICT

Leslie Xie Excellence in Mathematics and Social Studies; Merit

in Science and Year 10 Business Studies and ICT

Top; Quintessa Peniata, Year 12. Bottom; Davine Hune, Year 12.

Tala Chapman, Year 13 Junior Prize List





Roll Call



Back Row: Brendon Ngapuhi, John Hamer, Todd Whitaker, Aiden Ryan, Daniel Miimetuapoko, Levi Taylor. Third Row:

Kane Bridewell, Joshua Munezero, Mycool-Dude Royal-Williams, Jonathan O’Kane, Hinckley Peivi Nanai, Aaron Davis, Shyrone Blake. Second Row: Miss Kathy Anso (Teacher), Rebecca Mackie (Mentor), Natasha Leota-Sione, Alexander Hart (Mentor), Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean). Front Row: Diamond Martin, Tynesha Thomas-Sefesi, Narissa George, Alana Findlay, Hana Makiri, Kendall Bailey, Daniella Burns, Emma Cropp. Absent: Zion Hulbert, Brooklyn Maniapoto.

Back Row: Ben Te Taite, Denzel Roache, Christian Timmins, Taiamai Amohau, Tala Matini. Third Row: Brandon Harrison (Mentor), Pita Komissarov, Tom Basire, Vito Leatuavao, Andrew McLaughlan, David Leng. Second Row: Ms Sue Vanini

(Teacher Aide), Ellie Bird (Mentor), Rhyannon Hectors, Limapoa Tomanogi, Kamaia King, Tahi Lomana-Lemisio, Breeze Haley-Potangaroa, Mr John Paul Jaurigue (Teacher), Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean). Front Row: Etelei Nofoaiga, Lilly Tiai, Ursula Walker, Miracle Peseta, Kiriana Manuel, Kaylee Griggs, Bethalihem Abraha Asnaki, Shimran Champaneri. Absent: Jarred Duncan, Jordan Graham.



Back Row: Tamati Te Puke, Emelio Tavite, Ty Biczo, Ale Peni, Michael Lafou, Sam Trolove. Third Row: Jayden Quinn, Lukas Grootelaar, James Lynch, Kieran Brown, Robert Campbell, Bjorn Van Beusekom, Regan Steer. Second Row: Miss Karla Balfour (Teacher), Maneesh Prasad (Mentor), Lucy Tupuse (Mentor), Savannah Peniata, Edwena Vailalo, Karuhi Kepa, Ellice Walker (Mentor), Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean). Front Row: Maria Araiza, Eden Karena, Taysharne Campbell, Penelope Pule, Aroha Beach, Ricki-Lee Noble, Shannon Khan, Nasro Egal Ali. Absent: Nancy Thompson.

Back Row: Stephen Yee-Hughes, David Jack, Martin Chau, Stephen Thorpe, Ahmed Egal Ali. Third Row: Katrina Te Kuru (Mentor), Jake Richardson, David Ni, Vaa Peseta, Zane Check, Tom Coppell (Mentor). Second Row: Mrs Darlene McLaughlan (Teacher Aide), Mr Martin Laing (Teacher), Regina Hadfield, Natasha Paul, Selina Alefosio, Sokuntheary Khan, Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean). Front Row: Hawo Ali, Morgan Chan, Myra Allan, Destinee Brown, Tiria Tapara, Eseta Alataua, Colleen Moffat, Huda Shahid. Absent: Matthew Algar, Harry Cargill, Maveni Kaufononga, Dylan Welsh-Martin.

Back Row: Malaki Peseta, Andrew Harris, Hamish Nixon, Paul Mose, Brock Stobbs. Third Row: Jayshri Dayal (Mentor), Thomas Pritchard, Rasharn Collier, Drew Carpenter, Steven Callaghan, Jacob Rogers, Emily Nixon (Mentor). Second Row: Mrs Darlene McLaughlan (Teacher Aide), Mr Victor Li (Teacher), Shivani Pande, Vanice Schuster, Sarah McNaughton, Jamie Dawson, Tabitha Rennie, Mrs Hayley Robinson (Teacher), Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean). Front Row: Penny Calder, Shyan Masina, Ann-Maree Sims-Laws, Bailey Price-Clarke, Kahu Te Paki-Huaki, Kataraina Brook, Jordana Zhu, Regina Lee.

Back Row: Akima Tawa, Tanielu Sa’o, Felipe Batista, Jaleil Roache, Chevy Hauwaho, Wiki JR Kohai. Third Row: Alan Yarrall, Kaine Strickland, Paora Kemp, Baylee Rameka, John Hune, Joel Thompson, Michael Ladd. Second Row: Mr


Leath Powell (Teacher), Mooching Filiki (Mentor), Rachael Basire (Mentor), Lydia Wolstenholme, Hannah McLaughlan (Mentor), Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean). Front Row: Kawather Shahid, Aysia Te Patu, Rina Little, Phoenix Fetoai, Samantha Toner, Ann Muiaa, Shontika Orr-McGowan, Monica Dinh.



Back Row: Jordan Weavers, Warren Weti, Kalib Tufele, Samal Chetty, Joseph Hamilton. Third Row: Sean Bryant (Mentor), Liam Sheridan, Joshua O’Halloran, Koshiv Kumar, Shane Leelo, Leslie Baleikasavu, James O’Grady. Second Row: Mrs

Back Row: Tyrone Kereopa, Aaron Dale, James Forster, Maluolefale Levaula-Faalogo, Andrew Young, Lucas Ryan, Jarrod Coppell. Third Row: Evelyn Tuhakaraina, Polly Pesheva, Ravneel Lal, Thomas Bird, Godfrey Okot, Megan Park, Shade Haley-Potangaroa, Samantha Irons (Mentor). Second Row: Mr Philip Carew (Teacher), Prasheel Wilson (Mentor), Joselle

Marilyn Aiken (Teacher), Djana Crichton (Mentor), Vannia Lauama, Te Rina Kirk, Rita Fruean, Joshanaye Baker, Litia Waqairawai, Lily Wright, Mr Star Ah Kuoi (Dean). Front Row: Yasmin Golding, Daniela Clavijo Restrepo, Elreatia-Jane Swartz, Esther Collins, Denique Igasia, Ricki-Louise Gray, Grace Hira, Naomi Atonio. Absent: Lisa Hooper.

De Leon, Tuna Ioelu, Shanice Bohte, Michaella Aramoana, Alicia Hart, Lisa Budny, Noella Dushime, Dhrashti Gandhi, Mr Star Ah Kuoi (Dean). Front Row: Julie Ung, Hycenta Uwikunda, Alice Barthelemy, Rachelle Sutton, Sandra-Lana Rupapera, Shaniqua Iorangi, Rebecca McHugh, Danielle Courtney, Jessica Bond. Absent: Katie Pasanen.

Roll Call






Back Row: Fiusati Feki, Matt Sims-Laws, James Munro, James Sopoaga, Troy Broad. Third Row: Royal Vole, Jackson Anderson, Billy Matheson, Sorby Sovea, Malanyon Te Moananui, Leslie Xie. Second Row: Katini Vole (Mentor), Selesa Alataua (Mentor), Sinead Reilly, Katalina Faauga, Terie Eruera, Jessmine Aiomata (Mentor), Mr Star Ah Kuoi (Dean). Front Row: Saffron Reade, Maylin Lim, Siaun Lintern, Tandia Vaughan, Floronna Aiavao, Kodchawan Sanso, Rea George. Absent: Mrs Diploma Duncan (Teacher), Siitia Naisali.

Back Row: Sonny Oloapu, Siai Vaiau, Jitesh Patel, Rikki Tarau. Third Row: Zhikara McDonald, Marcus Kosega, Epine Taloaina, Paul Tangiwai-Scott, Sam Brun. Second Row: Ms Jill Glensor (Teacher Aide), Kim Dinh (Mentor), Mayar Tearaitoa, Patosina Mau’u, Cheyenne Karaitiana, Mrs Emma English (Teacher), Mr Star Ah Kuoi (Dean). Front Row: Lisa Gestro, Ashley Te Puni, Angelique Araiza, Mikaela Matthews, Kayla Hutchison, Jemma Ballantyne, Heather Drummond. Absent: Martin Levi, Aikido Humphreys, Cassidy Maunsell, Priyanka Wilson.



Back Row: Atawhai Wharepapa, Sam Siitia, Isikeli Cawanikawai, Kereama Tupuola, Pj Atonio, Anas Said. Third Row: Kevin Zhu (Mentor), Faalalo Wright, David Saumolia, Braedon Peia, Fabian Montgomery/Williams, Zachary Dawson, Kale Galloway. Second Row: Mrs Shana Muaiava (Teacher), Khazmin Gough (Mentor), Upu Nofoaiga (Mentor), Antonina Malinao, Siliua Atatai, Samantha Edney, Tiana Monu, Talele Levaula Fa´alogo (Mentor), Mr Star Ah Kuoi (Dean) Front Row: Benazeer Ali, April Hunia, Marlene Peniata, Lalofutu Tanu, Rupi Tanuvasa-Lui, Lei Olive, Sinofo Suena Muiaa, Akika De-gaia. Absent: Phoenix Tua, Daniel Levi.

Back Row: Mr David Murden (Teacher), Mike Roque, Sam Davy, Kash Amohau Simmonds, Matthew Chong-Nee, Vallance Papuni, Rajiv Reddy, Kaynne Tagle. Middle Row: Nicole Ballantyne (Mentor), Umal Aden, Angel Niyigenda,



Dyani Kennedy, Duncan De Jager, Sohail Shaheed, Malia Sola, Brydon Soutar (Mentor), Mr Star Ah Kuoi (Dean). Front Row: Nimo Ahmed Abdirhman, Priyanka Wilson, Connie Crosby, Beverly Clarke, Harmony Stockman, Peleiupu Faalogo, Kelsey Carlsson-Little.

Back Row: Mohamed Kalif, Jade Mekii, Christopher Richards, Waleed Ayoub, Jamien Pay. Third Row: Quincy Moana, Meron Abraha Asnaki, Michael Saunders, Merhawey Gebreamlakh Gebre, Ethan Mills, Mahamuud Adam. Second Row: Mrs Patsy Billows (Teacher Aide), Miss Fiona Ofamo’oni (Teacher), Faiva Tuielu, Matthew McLaughlan, Gregory Ioane, Saint Renata, Ms Ariti Ransfield (Dean). Front Row: Richard Bentley, Damien Cotter, Enatha Musabe, Viola Alataua, Anahera Kepa, Malcolm Tangitutu, Jordyn Steer. Absent: Alice Akiyo, Kurtis Carroll, Jardin Elliott, Dannica Pau’u.

Back Row: L.A. Moemai, Mino Anae, Abdiwahid Hassan, Shaun Finlay-Lintern, Oka Ula. Third Row: Manuel Robinson, Peti Asiata, Vishal Kumar, Malifa Chapman, Shivneel Chandra, Basil Thomas - Remijo, Muntather Shahid. Second Row:

Mr Ian Munro (Teacher), Garmay Zhu, Tineil Haua, Jewelissa Mackay, Leah Rewita, Shayla Jones, Frances Bognot, Ms Ariti Ransfield (Dean). Front Row: La Boeurn, Kasey Maniapoto, Annitta Walker, Heba Shahid, Rosemarie Kaa, Nelly Chawech, Nicole Araiza. Absent: Tufi Tufi, Kairo Tobin-Kaiwahia.



Back Row: Polynesia Seleni, Dylan Manuel, Carlos Lewis, Andrew Schuster, Rere Wichman, Aino Faauga, Isaiah Tourell. Middle Row: Mr John Puka (Teacher), Stefan Poad, Jonty Ward, Mena Sakalia, Christina Fale, Sharesse Porter-Samuel, Christopher Field, Liam Boyd, Ms Ariti Ransfield (Dean). Front Row: Vicky Zhou, Nikisha Turahui, Davinia Lemi, Tracey Holmes, Sharana Shaheed, Destiny Campbell, Feiloaiga Mataafa. Absent: Jasmine Perez, Sabah Suleiman, Albert Peniata.

Back Row: David Pett, Elliot Burr, Robert Hopkirk, Stacey Te Kuru, Philip Martelli, Bryce Irons. Third Row: Nikhil Chand, Smith Ryan, Nigel Martinez, Jeffrey Dorresteyn, Joel Averes, Connor Boyd, Codi Perry. Second Row: Mr Patrick Silva (Teacher), Rikihana Ward, Jessie Algar, Alysha Franklin, Jessica Parkes, Lydia Hamer, Fay Masoe, Ms Ariti Ransfield (Dean). Front Row: Shayna Thomas-Sefesi, Michaela Burrow, Dipashna Rominshal, Krysta O’Brien, Sobhanya Kim, Anna Forster, Samantha Burns, Courtney Brown. Absent: Stephen Aigaga, Laurel-Jean Dennison, Fono Fepulea’i, Jacob Galloway, Jordan Haftka-Schatilo.

79 Roll Call






Back Row: AJ Vainepoto, Manaaki Tapara, Charles Vailalo, Hapi Puketapu Te Kani, Feto Fetoai, Asonei Levaula Faalogo, Ian Thomas. Third Row: Brandon Thompson, Luke Hawkins, Garvey Rutherford-Heraud, Soapi Lupi, Dagem Moges, Prashnil Chand, Justin Cho. Second Row: Ms Kiri Shaw (Teacher), Telesia Faalogo, Sarah Prentice, Kathy Toese, Merriliz

Back Row: Troy Houston, Bashar Adam, Magan Taualapiu, Sam McHugh, Jason Chen. Middle Row: Mrs Bernadette



Back Row: Alexander Hart, Ryan Wolstenholme, Taniela Koloa, Rahul Naidu, Siaosi Laukau. Middle Row: Ms Jo Igasia (Teacher), Destiny Te Moananui, Madeline Taura, Jayden Ward, Jaydin King, Andrew Tawa, Dalice Perry, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Quintessa Peniata, Ngametua Matenga, Tiana Foesther, Jamie Trolove, Faith Va’a, Jessica Roulston, Djana Crichton. Absent: Shaun Hawkins, Layton Mahara, Kaylyb Singh, Shevylia Tuariki, Unaloto Tuiano, Jamie Worsfold.

Back Row: Shane Phipps, Stephen Harris, Thomas Maxwell, Brandon Harrison, Brian Leng. Middle Row: Mr Len Lea (Teacher), Andrew Te’o, Anna Tearaitoa, Ellie Bird, Nigel Prince, Hai Tran, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Salena Lee, Krystal Eruera, Rosa Pule, Sarah Lauv, Monisha Sharma, Chelsie Offord, Terianne Tarau. Absent: Cedric Monu, Naomi Filipe, Hiyam Ali Okud, Marama Amopiu-Pihama, Jesse Soderholm, Ivan Vaisagote.



Tuuina, Xayeda Retikaukau, Aroha Ellison, Louisa Rongotaua, Ms Ariti Ransfield (Dean). Front Row: Tufaina Taanoa, Faauiaootupu Tomanogi, Heather Leota, Afnan Alabadey, Sujeeta Singh, Valoula Valasi, Glory Finau, Saphire Martin. Absent: Sage Karaitiana.

Coup (Teacher), Mooching Filiki, Christopher Wordsworth, Mareena Te-Au, Hieu Cu, Keenan McGregor, Jackson Do, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Lizzie Gibbons, Joanna Hooper, Frances Mase-Afualo, Lesley Afoa, Lucy Tupuse, Samantha Baker, Rebecca Fraser. Absent: Te Aroha Herewini-Hatton, Kristen Fuller, Monique Barthelemy, Juma Siraj, Aroha Tua.

Back Row: Kereama Boult, Zachary Reilly, Omaha Vaiau, Vishnu Kalainesan, Todd Neal, Angus Swartz. Middle Row: Mr Alan Olliver (Teacher), Miss Kerri Powell (Teacher Aide), Te Rina Tokona-Tapara, Taylor Woodham-Hearst, Joshua Ngapuhi, Baha Shahid, Shannon Judkins, Caitlin Vaney, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Davine Hune, Tayla Adams, Holly Heraud, Tayla Hunt, Stacee Sturm, Peta Tangiwai, Lilly Tomanogi. Absent: Katie McHugh, Piripi Taitua.

Back Row: Darryn Kouoi, Sharn Crossling, Kale Noanoa, Ta’amilo Va’a, Brandon Coubrough, Jayson Park, Alexander Campbell. Middle Row: Mrs Hayley Robinson (Teacher), Courtney Stobbs, Ellice Walker, Rosie Sa’o, Sean Bryant, Ashley Mau, Lien Doan, Manino Nofoaiga, Sanjay Patel, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Nisha Mistry, Michelle Zhou, Kirsty Nixon, Matie Whitman, Hayley Sutton, Rachael Basire, Kritika Pillay. Absent: Vagia Heka, Scott Charleton.



Back Row: Vannak Khan, Maneesh Prasad, Andrew Hillman, Sevuloni Cawanikawai, Garming Sam, Kelvin Stone. Middle Row: Mr Anthony Yeo (Teacher), Diana Lua’ai, Peleka Sa’o, Emily Nixon, Ellen Bridge, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Hermelina Walker, Gabbie Pritchard, Emily Bathgate, Sumaya Al-Janabi, Rissa Navera, Esther Sola, Oshiarne. Gray. Absent: Van Chuntei, Jade Devine, Damien Burns McDonald, Asma Ege, Christopher Vickers, Puia San,

Back Row: Wesley Faifai, Daniel Cho, Angelo Brown, Leslie Gunn, Bobby Ritchie, Zac Douglas. Middle Row: Mr Ian


Sera Telea.

Dopson (Teacher), Mrs Jackie Hillman (Teacher Aide), Vaifou Toese, Tom Coppell, Sumit Narayan, Nadia Poona, Florence Thomas-Remijo, Mr Gareth Johnson (Dean). Front Row: Tima Tominiko, Emma Poko, Upu Nofoaiga, Talele Levaula Faalogo, Angel Metuarii, Julia Ufiufi Finau, Jackie Bryce. Absent: Anisa Ali, Hamdi Kalif, Faafeu Faalogo, Sarath Boeurn, Lula Siraj, Brant Foesther, Rabab Ali Okud, Marta Gebreamlakh Gebre, Mathew Ford.

Roll Call






Back Row: Veti Samoa, Henry Weston, Tama Ale Samoa, Mr Gareth Johnson (Dean), Shay Giles, Te Aka HamiltonKatene, Te Wharekotua Davis. Middle Row: Whaea Renee Downes (Teacher), Ms Ariti Ransfield (Dean), Justine

Back Row: James Kopu, Arnold Kopu, Theo Wordsworth, Adrian Etimani, Brydon Soutar, Ciaran Hargreaves, Elly Aloro. Middle Row: Mr Hamish Muirhead (Teacher), Trent Fortune, Rakau Ratahi, Manu-ula Rongotaua, Tiara Rameka, Michelle



Rangimarie-Ruru, Jordana Turahui, Sarah Giles, Ngaperahurihuri Ulutuki, Manangaro Ulutuki, Mrs Catherine Forster (Dean), Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row: Nga Peita Hamilton-Katene, Makiroa Ulutuki, Regan Tapa, Tanisha Turahui, Toni Tapu, Arahia Fowell, Makereta Amopiu-Pihama. Absent: Huriata Kingi-Ranui.

Hapi Hawkins, Prasheel Wilson, Te Atatu Tapara, Joshua Krakosky, Mr Gareth Johnson (Dean).

Front Row: Shayna Taua, Darcel Carr, Agalelei Tuuina, Ariana Kohai, Selesa Vaalele, Angelique Fawcet, Danielle Dean. Absent: Jade Rivers, Elham Shahid, Ibtihal Shahid, Jade Thompson, Tiffany Jenner, Vicky Taloaina, Iunisi Tukula.



Back Row: Reupena Sione, Simon Pett, James Pullan, Andrew Martin. Third Row: Kevin Tagle, Chevy Russell, Ross Jordan (Mentor), Shaun Dorresteyn, Mo Taanoa. Second Row: Mrs Elizabeth Robinson (Teacher), Kirstin Paget, Hannah McLaughlan, Talalelei Chapman (Mentor), Winnie Isaya, Patricia Cherry, Mr Gareth Johnson (Dean). Front Row: Fatuma Suleiman, Sofai Atanoa, Nicole Ballantyne, Tara Noble, Comfort Miller, Kim Dinh, Santana Grace. Absent: Karen Heredia

Back Row: Ben O’Regan, Isaac Vailepa, Logan Borlase, Daniel Franklin. Third Row: Daniel Goodman, Katini Vole, Faaeaina Wright, Kevin Zhu, Sioeli Koloa. Second Row: Ms Rosemary Scott (Teacher), Mrs Jackie Hillman (Teacher Aide), Danielle Pori, Amber Stanton, Katrina Te Kuru, Khazmin Gough, Samantha Irons, Jessmine Aiomata, Mr Gareth Johnson (Dean). Front Row: Rebecca MacKie, Mandy Zhou, Karen Chen, Christine Ioane, Vanisha Pullan, Jayshri Dayal, Aroha Leqakowailutu. Absent: Heather Hansen-Woller, Tyler Williams, Charnelle Campbell, Matt Chen.

Santamaria, Richard Lomoro, Agnes Isaya, Tatiana Acosta Pena, Angus Gough, Daniel Jones, Bona Khan, Rebecca Rae, Marah Roque, Samson Abraha Asnake, Linh Thach.


STAFF Back Row: Mr I. Dopson, Mr I. Munro, Mr P. Carew, Mr R. Rhoades, Mr L. Powell, Mr D. Murden, Mr R. Schofield, Mr G. Johnson, Mr L. Lea, Mr J.P. Jaurigue, Ms K. Powell. Fifth Row: Mr S. Ah Kuoi, Mr V. Li, Mr C. Ulutupu, Mrs K. Spencer, Ms

M. Cribb, Mr M. Laing, Mrs J. Hillman, Ms C.Powell, Mr H. Muirhead, Mrs S. Muaiava, Mrs K. Weber Swain, Ms S. Burton.

Fourth Row: Mrs V. Stewart, Mrs B. Little, Mr M. Wood, Mrs J. Watts, Mrs E. English, Mrs H. Robinson, Miss F. ´Ofamo’oni, Ms J. Igasia, Mr P. Pegler, Mrs J. Bergman, Mrs Y. Harris. Third Row: Mrs D. McLaughlan, Mrs T.Jennings, Mrs P. Billows, Mrs

T. Davies-Colley, Ms N. Hirini, Ms R. Harman, Mrs C. Forster, Ms T. Campbell, Mrs D. Duncan, Mr P. Silva, Mrs M. Wilton, Mrs S. Van Asch, Ms K. Balfour. Second Row: Mrs E. Robinson, Mrs S. Vannini, Mrs S. Lantsbery, Mrs M. Marsh, Ms J. Cullen, Mrs J. Waenga, Mrs A. Carter, Mrs M. Aiken, Mr A. Yeo, Mrs B. Coup, Ms R. Downes, Mrs C. Ahuja, Mrs K. Haywood, Ms J. Glensor, Mrs P. Ranchod. Front Row: Ms K. Shaw, Mrs J. O’Connor, Ms K. Anso, Mr J. Puka, Mrs J. Lee, Mr M. Robinson (Deputy Principal), Mr J. Russell (Principal), Mrs G. Thompson (Deputy Principal), Ms A. Ransfield, Ms R. Scott, Mr A. Olliver, Mrs J. Stephen, Mr P. Wells. Absent: Mr L. Elliott, Mr M. Luke, Mrs H. O’Brien, Mrs S. Stratton, Mr M. Stewart, Mrs W. Davis, Ms V. Andrews, Ms Vy Phuong Luong, Mr K. Lunn, Mrs J. Holmwood, Mrs J. Agalawatta, Mrs H. Alam, Mr G. Edmonds, Mrs D. Rameka-Shaw, Mr D. Sharma, Ms J. Shaw, Mr T. Davis.

Roll Call

Tominiko, Damien Cotter, Zhikara McDonald, Nadia Poona, Caitlin Vaney, Jordyn Steer, Pita Komissarov, Vaifou Toese. Second Row: Ms Jill Glensor, Mrs Patsy Billows, Mrs Jackie Hillman, Ms Christine Powell, Miss Kerri Powell, Mrs Susan Vannini. Front Row: Andrew McMillan, Lisa Gestro, Jackie Bryce, Mrs Heather O’Brien, Mrs Julia Lee, Mrs Tamsin DaviesColley, Kurtis Larkin, Angelina Pavai-Moeau. Absent: Faizan Ahmed.



Back Row: Ben O’Regan, Todd Neal, Chris Richards, Quincy Moana, Patosina Mau’u, Daniel Goodman. Third Row: Tima





Our Staff Principal Mr J Russell, BE (Hons),Dip Ed Deputy Principal Mrs G Thompson, BA, Dip Tchg Deputy Princaipal Mr M Robinson BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH, LTCL Teaching staff Mrs A Ahuja, MSc, Dip Tchg Mr S Ah Kuoi, BSc, Dip Tchg (Year 10 Dean) Mrs M Aiken, BEd, Dip Tchg Ms V Andrews, BA, Dip Tchg, NZLA Cert, RLIANZA Miss K Anso*, BSc, BSocSci, Dip Tchg (HOF Science) Miss K Balfour, BEd, Dip Tchg Mrs J Bergman, BTech(Hons), Dip Tchg Mrs S Burton, BSc, Dip TESL, Dip Tchg Ms T Campbell, BSc, Dip Tchg (Year 12 Dean) Mr P Carew, MA, Dip Arts (Post grad), CA, ATCL, Dip Teaching. Mrs B Coup, MA, Dip Tchg, DipEd. Stud, Dip TESOL, Cert Cordon Bleu (HOD Home Ec) Mrs J Cullen, BSc, Dip Tchg Mrs T Davies-Colley, BA, Dip Ed (Special Ed), Dip Tchg Mr I Dopson, NZCE, Adv TC, Dip Tchg Ms R Downes, BA, Dip Tchg Mrs D Duncan, MA, Dip Tchg Mr L Elliot, BA, Dip Tchg Mrs E English, BFA, Dip Tchg Mrs C Forster, BA, Dip Tchg (Year 9 Dean) Mrs R Harman-Luke, BA, Dip Tchg

Mr S Henderson, BSc, Dip Tchg Ms N Herath, BSc, Dip Tchg Ms J Igasia, BFA (Dist), Dip Tchg (HOD Visual Arts) Mr J Jaurigue, BSc, Dip Tchg Mr G Johnson, BSc (Hons), PGCE (Year 13 Dean) Mr M Laing, BA, Dip Tchg, Dip B.S., Cert Bus Comp. Ms K Lautusi, BA, Dip Tchg Mr L Lea, C & G Adv TC, Reg T (HOD Tech) Mrs J Lee, TTC Mr V Li, BSc, Grad Dip Arts (English), Grad Dip Computer, Grad Dip Teaching M Luke, BA, Grad Dip Com, Dip Tchg Mrs S Muaiava, BA, Dip Tchg Mr H Muirhead, BTchg (Secondary), BPhEd Mr I Munro, NZCB, Dip Tchg Mr D Murden, BEd, Mrs H O’Brien TTC, BEd Mrs J O’Connor, BA, H.Dip Tchg, PG. Dip. (Spec ed.) RLIANZA, Reg t (HOD Learning Support) Miss F Ofamo’oni, BPA, Grad Dip Arts, Dip Tchg Mr A Olliver, BA, Dip Tchg Mr P Pegler, MEd, Dip Tchg, (HOD Performing Arts) Mr L Powell*, BA, Dip Tchg, Grad Dip Applied Linguistics Mr J Puka, BSc, Dip Tchg (HOF Mathematics) Mrs P Ranchod, BBS, Com T Dip, Dip Tchg Ms A Ransfield, Bdes, BMVA, Dip Tchg (Year 11 Dean) Mr R Rhoades, BSc (Hons), Dip Tchg Mrs E Robinson, BA, TTC, Dip TESOL Mrs H Robinson, MSc, Dip Tchg* Mr R Schofield, BSc, Dip Ed

Ms R Scott, MA (Hons), Dip TESL (HOF Languages, HOD English) Ms K Shaw, BA, Dip Tchg Mr P Silva, BAgSc Mrs J Stephen, BA, Com T Dip, Dip Tchg, (HOF PAACT, HOD Commerce) Mrs V Stewart, Cert Maori Studies, Dip Tchg, BEd (Teaching) Mrs S Stratton, BSc, Dip Tchg Mrs J Watts, MA (Hons), Dip Tchg (HOD International Languages) Mrs K Webber Swain, BA, Dip Tchg Mr M Wood, BEd (Hons), RTLB Mr A Yeo, BSc (Hons), Dip Tchg

Support Staff


Mr A Paris, BMus, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Jazz Band Mr W Reeve, BMus, BA, Dip Tchg (Guitar, Bass) Tom Scraese, Drums, Percussion Mrs C Stannard, BMus, BA, (Brass, Piano) Mrs S Van Asch, BEd, Vocal, Senior/Junior choir, Barbershop, Chamber groups

Mrs H Bowbyes, BA, Dip Tchg, MGuid Couns, MNZAC Ms M Cribb*, Dip D&A, BEd, Dip Tchg, MGuid Couns, MNZAC Mr M Stewart, HTC, PG Dip Guid and Couns, Dip Special Needs Mrs M Wilton, Careers Administration and Gateway Manager Library Mrs J Waenga, RLIANZA, BA Mrs N Hirini, Library Assistant Learning Centre Teacher Aides Mrs Y Harris, NZDipBus, TA cert. Mrs D McLaughlan Mrs D Rameka Shaw, BA Special Education Teacher aides Mrs P Billows Mrs J Hillman Ms J Glensor Mrs K Powell Ms C Powell Mrs S Vanini

Huma Alam, Administration/Tutor, BSc, MSc (Zoology), MPhil (Physiology), PhD (Biotechnology), BEd Julie Gregory, Ancillary assistant Home economics Brenda Little*, School Nurse, BScN, NZAC Yvonne Manuel, Sport Co-ordinator, Dip Rec and Sport, Adv Cert Tertiary Tchg, NZIM Dip Bus Vy Phuong Luong, Science technician, BSc Dip Sharma, IT technician Chris Ulatupu*, Arts co-ordinator Music Tutors

Staff Administration Principal’s Secretary, Mrs S Lantsbery Receptionist, Mrs T Jennings Resource Manager, Mr P Wells Accounts, Mrs A Carter, Mrs K Haywood Student Centre, Mrs K Spencer, Mrs M Marsh School Based Alternative Education Programme Manager, Mr J Wilson Teacher, Ms J Maunder, BEd Tchg, Matauranga Maori Cert in Tchg Tutors, Afale Tolai, Malifa Maiava, Noel Faifai *Left during 2010

Kirsty Nixon, Year 12

Jayshri Dayal, Year 13

Te Reo Kura 2010  

Naenae College Magazine 2010