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Te Reo KuR a 2012

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P r i n c i pa l s comments MR John Russell

Over recent years I have talked a lot about the importance of getting the foundations right, and the processes we have been going through to build a vibrant learning community where everyone is valued. This remains our driving moral purpose. It is fair to say we have now got pretty good foundations. Our 2011 NCEA results at all three levels were a matter of pride for students, the staff, the board and I hope for each one of you. It has certainly generated a lot of interest from the wider educational community and we were even selected to share our story by hosting the Minister of Education from Thailand and his party of officials. They were in the country to learn about how our New Zealand educational system meets the diverse needs of students, and how schoolcommunity partnerships work. All this is very fine, but we have not arrived. The building is not complete. There is so much more to learn and the rules of the game keep changing all the time. For instance it has suddenly got a whole lot harder to pass NCEA Level 1 because students are now required to provide on-going evidence of their ability to apply skills, not just pass a one off test for core literacy and numeracy. It’s a bit like life really. Nothing is really learnt until it is applied, practiced and has become an imbedded habit. The Greek philosopher Aristotle had a great saying. Sow a thought and reap an action. Sow an action and reap a habit. Sow a habit and reap a character. Sow a character and reap a destiny. We want our students to not only gain smart learning habits, but to develop character and reap destinies!


I was on sabbatical leave for the second school term. I spent the time researching what makes the most difference in raising student achievement, especially for Maori and Pasifika students who make up 55% of our College. I delved into lots of schools’ NCEA results to see who was making the most difference. I visited a number of those schools and, with some other staff, looked really carefully at exactly what they were doing. Building on this work we are making significant changes to our school systems next year. They are consistent with an approach to education that is called Big Picture Learning. It is all about connecting the heart, the head and the hands. It is about strong patterns of belonging, deep relationships and working to students’ passions, connecting to the world beyond school. We are creating more opportunities for student leadership, engagement and stronger connections with families. This will lead to stronger engagement in learning and better outcomes over time. Next year will be both challenging and exciting for us all. There is going to be a whole lot of new learning for staff as well as students, and I am so proud of the way the staff has committed to this next step. It has been an exciting year, with a wide range of personal student achievements at a regional and national level. These were celebrated at

Prizegiving and are captured within the pages of this magazine; either in slim-line hard copy or in the full electronic version which will be published on the school website. A chapter of the school’s history closes with Mrs Gloria Thompson stepping down after 28 years of service in the senior management team. Gloria has forged deep connections in this community and is much loved. She assures us she is not retiring. She has more to give to education and will continue to serve in new ways beyond the school. This is indicative of the spirit of Gloria. Thank you to the editorial team who have committed time and care into capturing the highlights of 2012 and of course congratulations to everyone whose achievement is noted. A special thanks to all staff, board members and student leaders who have worked so enthusiastically to make 2012 a memorable year. We have taken another step forward. Well done everyone!

B OT R e p o r t M R D e a n B y r a n t : B o a rd o f Tr u s t e e s C h a i rm a n

The class of 2012 has graduated and it was enjoyable to celebrate the outstanding achievements within the senior school. It was wonderful to recognise those among them who have made the most of their opportunities this past year, along with those who have made noteworthy contributions to our school community. By the time NCEA examinations will have been sat; results will be awaited with some anticipation, for these will influence some life choices. We hope that their experiences at Naenae College will serve them well through their adult lives and the spirit of Te Whanau Tahi remain with them always. As a Board we are very satisfied with how the school has re-emerged as a place of learning that our community can believe and trust in. Learning is a lot about the relationship between student and teacher, but the support of the community – and more immediately the support that a student receives from home also play a very important part – the school and our young people need that support and encouragement from their whanau. It is no secret that a proportion of our students start their college years facing significant challenges in terms of their reading and numeracy skills. We feel the teachers in this school are very motivated to help all our pupils achieve their potential. Over the past few years a lot of effort has gone into changing the approach to learning within the school. The teaching staff and the senior management team, under the leadership of our principal, have made tremendous strides. We were all excited by last year’s exam results which we saw as tangible evidence of the positive change happening here at Naenae College –

we even had a letter from the Minister of Education congratulating the school for the results achieved! It did not go unnoticed either, that our highest achieving students meant that Naenae College attained better scholarship results than some colleges who charge parents a lot of money for children to attend their schools. This was further confirmation that our best students compare with the best students nationally. The focus on the learning will continue next year; the way in which the school day is organised is being changed to further add to the learning opportunities. Over past months, more work has been done to improve the buildings on this campus. Science classrooms have been upgraded and art and graphics rooms have been moved into refurbished classrooms in the technology suite. Designs have been finalised for a new Special Needs Unit to be built on the Walters Street side; that work, as well as demolishing the old science block, will start over the summer holidays. The Main Quad will be revitalised and will incorporate netball, basketball and volleyball courts into that area. The school also has a new gym floor which is the same sort of surface being used in other new indoor gymnasiums around the country.

Each year we have a year group of students which ends their direct relationship with Naenae College. Gloria Thomson, our Deputy Principal has witnessed 28 year groups’ graduate and has decided it is her time to make the next step in her life. Gloria is well known and well loved by so many members of Te Whanau Tahi because of her ability to relate to all and her caring. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank Gloria very much for her service to the school and this community. The education of children is a partnership that we are in together; we want the best for your children. To help us do that it is important to us that you find a way to pay your school fees – without that commitment, it does make it harder for the school to achieve all that we want to for our kids – the simple fact is that not all costs of education are met by the government of the day. Lastly, I would like to thank all the families who support their children and this school by taking an active interest. Keep it up!




Anna Forster: Head girl

E l l i o t b u rr : H e a d b o y

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”

Naenae College has been my home for the past 5 years. My time here has been a period of tremendous personal growth.

These were the words of Desmond Tutu, an Anglican Bishop who fought against apartheid in South Africa. Being welcomed on our first day here in 2008 we were not only entering a new building on a different property, we were accepted into a wider family. In this way I have been blessed with the great privilege of being part of the Naenae college family, our Te Whanau Tahi.

The opportunities given to me here have seen me transition from a naive young boy to a well-grounded and respectable young man. I look back very fondly at the time I spent in sports and also over the relationships I have formed in my classes. I honestly believe this place has just as much to offer, if not more, than many of the ‘top’ schools in the country.

Naenae College is more than an educational institution; it is an education in itself. With the diversity of cultures and the different ways that people do things. One of the things we collectively know how to do well here is share. We share in our stories, we share in our lives, we share and accept our cultures and practices, and we share and accept food!

From the intensity of our sports teams, to the positive approach to learning in our classrooms, Naenae College has provided my fellow pupils and I with every opportunity to flourish as individuals. I appreciate how Naenae has a unique range of classes to encourage students of all abilities to do their best. Classes such as extension, project, trades and service academy which let students work towards a future best suited to them.

Naenae teaches us there is more to life than being book smart. Pumanawatanga, Whanaungatanga, Manaakitanga, Rangatiratanga and Kotahitanga; are all aspects of our te Whanau Tahi. Each of these working together to help us achieve success in many different ways. This has caused us to grow, mould and shape and every now and again shift our goalposts. In turn, this has reflected in the community’s perception of our school, gaining us one of respect. We continue to develop our reputation as a school / Whanau with heart, soul, and a whole lot of spirit. We haven’t all been dealt the best hand in life, but Naenae has filled us with knowledge, friendships and skills that we wouldn’t have found anywhere else. Like many of you I’m sure, I stood at the front gates looking back at these bigger, more muscly, hairier things and thought whoa. 5 years later now I’m one of them, and those timid, innocent little people that stood alongside me have long gone. Sobhanya’s discovered makeup, Rikihana’s voice has deepened considerably and Stacey has grown enough facial hair to make a doormat! And we’re all a little smarter too. Pope John Paul the 2nd said “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” So whatever path you embark on next year, whether it is to university or a full time job, whether it is taking part in the new direction the school is heading, or just sitting on your mother’s couch, I urge you; remember the family name.


I have come to understand that the college years are a journey of self-discovery; it’s when we learn who we are, and what we stand for. This deeper learning comes from interacting with others, and here at Naenae, because there is such a range of cultures to learn from, it helps us to develop tolerance and to value difference. From this, I feel I have not only gained an education, but also integrity and mana. We are a diverse group and we celebrate this diversity. There is acceptance of others, which can be felt throughout the school, and it provides us with a strong head start in an increasingly diverse world. The degree of care and love, which is typical of teachers at Naenae, has affected my journey considerably for the better. I would like to thank them for being in the business of changing lives and for the personal touches many of them bring to the job. Some great things are happening here, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.

Ly d i a h a m e r : D e p u t y h e a d g i r l

Sobh anya kim: BOT student representati ve

Being the Deputy Head Girl and Co-chair of the student council has been such an experience and much more then I could have anticipated.

During my first four years at Naenae College I never thought about what goes on behind the scenes at school, I just assumed everything happened magically.

As the Deputy Head, I was able to represent our school at many events and take insight from Leaders, Region and School wide, whilst also being a part of school-wide decision making, as a part of the Prefect team. The role as Deputy Head also meant my appointment as the Co-chair of the Student Council, along with Stacey.

After being elected the Student Representative for the Board of Trustees, I discovered there are no fairies, wizards or super unicorns hiding in a cupboard in our school, making everything happen. In fact, there is a group of dedicated people who have our best intentions in mind.

What will stick in my mind from this role were: • the early mornings in the breakfast club (a time where juniors and seniors talked, relaxed and, most importantly, ate). • the planning of the Formal (an amalgamation of minds and pure sweat and tears that resulted in something that one was able to be truly proud of). • the house competitions, from behind the scenes and participating and watching the way our school, in all its diversity interacts. Each of these tasks strengthened my relationships, taught a few very valuable time management skills and were a true test of my life and work juggling skills - thankfully I can say I came out unscathed and full of experience.

For the past year, while I have been on the Board of Trustees, I’ve learnt so much about the way the school system works and the politics that go with it. I’ve met a great team of people who accepted me and understood that it’s not always easy speaking out to adults, but they encourage me to do so anyway. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Board, my friends and teachers and I want to thank everyone who believed in me and supported me. I want to thank the Board of Trustees for being so great and supportive and making my job so easy. Thank you to Mrs Molineux for all the help you’ve given me, you’re such a lifesaver! Thank you to my predecessor Thomas Bird for all the support you gave me with my first steps going onto the Board and I wish Denique Igasia all the best as she carries out her term on the Board of Trustees.

Personally, though, this year held heaps of other successes: • Co-captaining the girls’ Football was always one of my weekly highlights, despite the constant Wednesday rain, that continually called our games off. • Playing for the Girls’ hockey team and also being a part of the mixed Tournament Team which came 5th - a great placing. • In July this year I also travelled throughout Germany for a month, as a result of a Scholarship I gained in the previous year. In this time, the other members of the Council and Student Leadership team stood up, to shoulder also the responsibility I had left. In many ways the most significant aspect of this year for me, has been the way these roles have humbled me; humbled me, through seeing the hard work of my peers and through me being helped by them or in turn, me being able to help them. My respect for those students and also the teachers I had the pleasure to learn from and work with this year has grown with the understanding of all the work they do for us. To the Class of 2012, above all, thank you. I cannot think of enough clichés to express what a journey it has been! To those we are leaving here, make the most of your time - play a new sport, plan for your future and succeed to the best of your ability.


Editori al Mrs Gloria Thompson

Alfred Lord Tennyson, in his epic poem, Ulysses, wrote: ‘I am a part of all that I have met...’ This would be true for all of us, and it is definitely true for me. Not only is it the people I have met, worked with and enjoyed leisure with, but also it is my surroundings and the things that have happened and continue to happen in my environment that shape and affect how I think and feel. Prints by Sheyne Tuffery were gifts from the school to mark the end of my time at Naenae College. A large work named Urban Polynesia will be a wonderful memory of this special place. One building in the drawing is very like the Beehive in Wellington. Surrounded by buildings which carry patterns and shapes of other continents and cultures, there is (towards the centre) a stairway to the top of the highest, but only just the highest, building. Within Polynesia, we at Naenae College are multicultural and consequently have a richness in the variety of languages and customs here. Students have to work hard, and do, to achieve academically in this English speaking place. Learning and assessment are important for everyone. Results are expressed as statistics but it is only when we recognise our students as unique individuals, and establish relationships with them as unique individuals, that we enable learning to take place. Many students here, for whom English is a Second Language, have experienced oppressive political systems, war and conflict, climatic and economic difficulties. Nevertheless, school expects and supports so that everyone will progress through the steps of learning to gain the highest possible outcome and enable dreams to become realities. The other gifted print, called Hoi Ho No2, chosen because it appealed, has brought new learning. The dear little penguin in the foreground is placed over a moa and the Breaker Bay coastline. Both the moa and hoi ho are only found in New Zealand and while the moa is extinct it is well known. The hoi ho, on the other hand, while alive is one of the world’s rarest species. It leaves its place of origin and swims all around the South Island returning to its area to mate for life. This is an enormous feat with challenges and dangers on the journey. Life for people living in New Zealand evolves too. There are new issues to deal with. Currently, there are concerns about child poverty and the effects on children’s health. We are already aware of the difficulties poverty can present in education. Within society there are issues around prejudice, racism, sexism and ageism. Currently also, there is disquiet in New Zealand about the lack of women at the highest level on company boards. Male domination is acknowledged. There are issues of power which should always be addressed. In Britain there is movement towards law changes to enable the child of William and Kate to succeed to the throne whether the first born be a boy or girl - a topical example of the way ancient traditions adapt to accommodate changed attitudes both towards the monarchy, and towards the role of women. For values and customs to survive they cannot be rigid but need to evolve to accommodate everyone fairly. During my time there have been changes in the law and social values which affect people’s lives – the role of women in the church, homosexuality and restorative justice systems. This last has seen a move from punishment in Naenae College to conflict resolution processes. At a meeting about possible redevelopment of the Naenae Centre it was said that the simplest and most powerful investment any member of a community may make, is talking with other people, and listening as though the answer matters. Prejudice, judgmental attitudes, insincerity and lack of honesty bring undesirable consequences. Questions need to continue to be asked about what is the way to do things; whose opinions are to be valued. And above all, the question needs to be asked: he aha te mea nui o te ao? What is the most important thing in the world? The answer echoes back: he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is people, it is people, it is people. Alfred Lord Tennyson, in Ulysses, says the same thing: How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rust unburnished, not to shine in use... It is vital for us all to continue learning, to be valued, and to be involved in society and its issues. It is people that make the difference.



A TRI B U TE TO G LORIA T H OM P SON On 30 November 2012, more than 150 people came to pay tribute to Gloria Thompson and the tremendous job she has done over her 28 years as part of the senior management team at Naenae College.

Best Wishes to Glori a Thompson f r o m t h e N a e n a e C o mm u n i t y a n d N a e n a e C o l l e g e s ta f f a n d students. Yo u r g u i da n c e , w i s d o m , s u pp o r t, g r a c e a n d h u m o Ur h av e b e e n a huge asset to the school . Ki a K a h a K i a M a i a K i a M a n awa n u i . He aha te me a nui o te Ao? He Ta n g ata , H e Ta n g ata , H e Ta n g ata . 9

Year 13 pr i ze winners 2012

Courtney Brown

Sobhanya Kim

Dux – I. H. Johnson Trophy. Eileen Bone Memorial Scholarship. The Mourne Pearson Shield. 1st in Biology, Drama, English, with Merit in History and Classics. Mason Trophy & Book Prize for Contribution to Drama.

Proxime Accessit – Brenda Wallis Cup for Academic Excellence. Foundation Staff & Pupils Cup for Girls for Worthy Contribution to School Life. Julie Stockdale Cup for Original Work in Senior English. 1st in Classics, with Merit in History, English, Statistics & Modelling and Photography. The German Language Book Prize. Howey Cup for Student Representative on Board of Trustees.

Dylan Manuel

Qianjun Zhou

Iata Soloai Tuluauau

Te Whanau Tahi Award – Wood Carving for raising the status and profile of Ma¯ori.

Julia Tohiariki Memorial Award. The Alan MacDiarmid Book Prize for 1st equal in Chemistry.

Te Atatu Tapara

Service Academy Cup for Best Overall Student.


Anna forster

Elliot Burr

Lydia Hamer

Stacey Te Kuru

Deputy Head Girl. Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council (jointly). W K Smiler Memorial Award for Senior Public Speaking. The Senior German Cup. The Alan MacDiarmid Book Prize for 1st equal in Chemistry. 1st in Physics, German, with Merit in Calculus and English.

Deputy Head Boy. Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council (jointly). C.F. Gardiner Cup for Boys for Service to School. Parents’ Association Cup Individual Athletics Champion Senior Boys. Waiwhetu Girls’ High School Cup for Senior Boy Tennis Champion.

Jessica Parkes

Heather Leota

Aroha Ellison

Benny Luke Memorial Trophy for Citizenship in the Senior School.

The Art Cup for 1st in Photography and Design.

The Samoan Parents Association Cup. 1st in Samoan, with Merit in Geography.

The Advanced Catering Book Prize & Gateway Cup. 1st in Advanced Catering, and with Merit in Tourism.

Mino Anae

La Boeurn

Frances Bognot

Shivneel Chandra

Law La Moo Thaung

1st in Building Trades, Gateway, and with Merit in Design. Waiwhetu Badminton Club Trophy for Best Singles Senior Boy Player.

1st in Business.

BNZ Senior Maths Cup. 1st in Accounting, Calculus, and with Merit in Economics.

John Robinson Achievement Award.

Jesson Cup for All Round Excellence in the Special Needs Unit.

Head Girl – Butterworth Head Boy – Principal’s Cup Cup for Loyal Service to the & Prize for Loyal Service to School. Waiwhetu GHS Old the School. The Katherine Girls Cup for Sportswoman of Mansfield Birthplace Award the Year. Derek Wood Trophy for Best Creative Writing for Outstanding Achievement in Senior School. Patrick & Service. Julie Stockdale Cup Baker Memorial Cup for for Original Work in Senior Contribution to Waterpolo. English. The Dalton Cup. 1st in History, Geography, and with Merit in English. Te Whanau Tahi Award – Bone Carving. Agar Cup for Outstanding Female Hockey Player.

S ta f f f a r e w e l l s

MRS Gloria Thompson

MRS Jo Cullen

MRS Jenny O’Connor

Assistant Principal 1984–2000 Deputy Principal 2000–2012

Mathematics Department

Social Sciences and Learning Support Departments

On 30 November 2012 more than 150 people came to pay tribute to Gloria Thompson and the tremendous job she has done over her 28 years as part of the senior management team at Naenae College. Gloria came to Naenae College from Upper Hutt College in 1984, during which time she has worked with three principals – Bruce Murray, John Lambert and John Russell. During her 28/29 years at the College it has been he tangata, he tangata, he tangata the people, who have been Gloria’s priority. As the manawa, or heart, she knows her people, their story and where they fit. Gloria has been involved in all aspects of the College over the years, in particular supporting our students from the diverse cultures that make up our community; Marae Committee, Samoan Parents’ Association, Chinese Language School, ESOL, Exchange students, Foreign fee-paying students, and Japanese exchanges. Gloria juggled these many committees along with the duties of Deputy Principal in the day to day running of the College: relief teaching, weekly bulletin, prize lists, hall chairs for assemblies, personal appraisal overviews, battling Novopay, trainee teachers, calendar, chairing morning briefings, advertising school events (e.g. pages in the Hutt News), preparing handbooks, homeschool partnerships, uniforms, Civil Defence, EOTC, overview of Maths / PE / Transition / Health, School Ball, school photos and teaching in the Social Sciences Departments, and (phew!) probably a whole lot more! And we mustn’t forget her family – husband Warren and their three children to support and encourage. You will be missed! We wish you well as you seek new challenges.

Arriving in Naenae College about 7 years ago, Jo made an impact on her students right from the outset. Her passion and knowledge of Mathematics was imparted to the students at a great rate of knots and set them up for huge achievement gains.

Many teachers have passed through NaeNae College. Lengths of service vary from a couple of terms to those that have made their entire careers here. In doing so they made the college a large part of their life as their own life became part of the college. Jenny O’Connor is such a teacher.

Her bubbly and caring personality and lively manner has certainly made her a favourite with the students throughout the years she has taught at Naenae College. Her willingness to give of herself and her vision for the students under her wing has allowed many to flourish and develop a passion for Maths that has remained with them through to adulthood.

Starting in 1976 she has made her career almost entirely at our school, taking only a few years out in the 1980s to raise her children and have a short stint at the Correspondence School as an external tutor.

Her leadership of staff is second to none and we will miss the organisational skills that she uses in the Mathematics department to enable it to run so effectively and efficiently. Jo has given so much of herself to the school and her students and now it is time for her to enjoy the time with her family and enjoy life at a much slower and more enjoyable pace. Have fun and enjoy, Jo and thank you for such a wonderful contribution to life at Naenae College.

Jenny has a lot of faith and affection for Naenae College and the community. All three of her children went through our school, with Sarah Jane being Head Girl in 2002, and she has lived in Naenae for most of her life. Over the years Jenny was involved in many committees, rather than taking lead roles in extra curricular activities she preferred to work behind the scenes to make a difference. She taught in various areas of the school beginning in Social Studies and Literacy, 36 years later she finishes her career teaching the same two subjects. However, she has been able to bring out her teaching passions in many different fields whether it be Social Sciences, ESOL, Special Needs or Reading Recovery. Her greatest passion and the legacy she leaves in the school is the library. Jenny was largely involved in the library rebuild to where it is now. She developed library skills programmes for the English and Social Studies departments as the school’s teacher librarian. Today the library is an integral part of the college and serves the school in so many ways other than a place to lend books. The library combined many of her interests and passions in a central place and it is her time there that she treasures the most. Outside of teaching Jenny is a very private person. Family is highly important to her and her children still remain a major focus of her life, especially now that she is a grandmother. She is fond of travel and of a good wine and it is quite likely that Jenny will embark on more intrepid journeys in her retirement. Not many would know that she is an avid sciencefiction fan, particularly of J. Michael Straczynski and Dr Who (but not the current Doctor), she has also been known to attend the Armageddon Expo with other sci-fi geeks (fans?). Jenny has been a great servant for Naenae College and as she leaves us now we wish her all the best for the future. And remember Jenny, Avon lives. 11


T e Wh a n a u Ta h i

“Naenae College – A Pl ac e fo r E v e ryo n e ”

With new implementation and recent development here at Naenae College, it’s timely to revisit the central philosophy of Te Whanau Tahi Marae and how it came about a brief history, the structure of the house, carvings and finally, ancestors represented on this house.

¯ nau Tahi Marae History of the Te Wha 1980: Wharenui opened 21 June by Te Atiawa 1988: Carvings were unveiled by the late Sir Paul Reeves 8 November 1988–90: Carvings were completed under the tutelage of the late Jock McEwen 1989: Wharenui was partly burnt 3 April 1994: Wharekai (Nga ¯ Rau O Nga¯ Iwi – name given by Mrs Milly Hawiki) opened 8 October The building was originally a prefab. The late Derek Wood (Principal 1967– 1980) was the initiator of the marae being erected at the front of the school. Structure of this House The ko¯ruru is the ancestor after whom the house was named. The two downward sloping bargeboards are called maihi representing his arms. At the end of the maihi are carved portions called raparapa representing his hands. The two uprights on either side of the house are called amo maihi – meaning ‘carrying the maihi on the shoulder. The ridgepole or ta¯huhu is his backbone, the rafters or heke are his ribs and the house itself represents his body. Carvings The carvings on the front of the house are the style of North Taranaki, a style closely related to that of North Auckland and Hawaiiki. The Taranaki carvings differ from the others in having a peak on top of the head, which reminds one of the mountain that dominates the district and the people of Taranaki. Ancestors represented on this House 1. Kupe The ko¯ruru is the large head on the front of the house (apex) and has been named Kupe who was the first man to have explored the Wellington Harbour probably about 1300. 2. Wha¯tonga, Tara and Tautoki The left hand upright as you face the house has a figure on the top. This is Wha¯onga who was one of the three chiefs on board the Kurahaupo canoe. Wha¯tonga landed at Ma ¯hia but later settled in the Hastings area. He built a house called Heretaunga, a name that his descendants gave to the Hutt River. Wha¯tonga married Hotu-waipara and just before their first child was born, Wha¯tonga and his friends went out fishing. On their return, fish was piled up outside their home. The next morning Hotu-waipara thought that she would cook fish for her husband’s breakfast so she reached into the pile of fish. Unfortunately she badly lacerated her hand when she grabbed a porcupine fish. When her child was born, she named him Tara-ika meaning ‘the spikes of a fish’. From a second wife Reretua, Wha ¯tonga has another son called Tautoki. The descendants of Tara-ika gradually moved out of Wairarapa eventually settling in Wellington, the Hutt Valley and Porirua. They were called Ngai Tara.


The Wellington Harbour was named after him too, Te Whanganui a Tara or the great harbour of Tara. Tara is the left hand figure on the lower part of the left hand maihi, below his father Wha ¯tonga and is intertwined with his brother Tautoki. Tautoki married Kupe’s great granddaughter Waipuna and had a son, Rangitane. His descendants are of the Rangitane tribe eventually adsorbing their relations, Ngai Tara, and then occupying Wairarapa, Wellington and the Manawatu areas. 3. Awanui-a-Rangi, Te Wharepouri and Te Puni The right hand amo-maihi has Awanui-a-Rangi, who is claimed to be an ancestor from the Ngati Awa tribe. He also lived in North Auckland,

“ I t ’ s f o u n d at i o n i s t h e s t r o n g b e l i e f t h at w e a r e a l l br o t h e r s a n d s i s t e r s . I t i s t h e e v i d e n c e o f o u r h o p e t h at i n t h i s c o mm u n i t y a n d n at i o n w e m ay a l l b e o n e . ” –Bruce Murray, Chairman of Naenae College Marae Committee (1979)

Whakatane, Te Tini-o-awa, an early tribe of the Hawkes Bay region, and finally Te Atiawa of North Taranaki. This tribe migrated south with Te Rauparaha and settled in Waikanae and then later moved into Wellington and the Hutt Valley about 1832. They are the people we acknowledge today as the tangata whenua. The two figures at the lower part of the right hand amo-maihi are; on the left is Te Wharepouri and on the right is Te Puni. These two were the chiefs of Wellington and the Hutt Valley at the time of European settlement. They and their younger relation Wi Tako treated the settlers with honour and never broke their word. The late Sir Ralph Love was present at the unveilings of the carving on 8 November 1988 and is a great grandson of both Te Puni and Wi Tako.



Camp Elsdon


K a pa H a k a

Nga Manu Korero

R e n ee D o w n e s

S h a n e l l e c h err y

At the beginning of term 3, after a year of fundraising and endless practises, Te Wha ¯ nau Tahi kapa haka left to perform at the 2012 Kapa Haka National Competition in Whangarei.

In term 2, I participated in the junior English section of the Regional Nga Manu Korero Maori Speech Competition, held at Wainuiomata High School.

On Sunday morning, Wellington Airport was buzzing with the chatter and excitement of our students. For most of them this was the first time they had travelled on an airplane. Once we arrived in Auckland, we boarded our bus and made the 4 hour journey to Kaihohe were we stayed for the week.

This was an awesome experience for me; being able to get up there and gain the confidence to speak. My topic was ‘Face to face more effective than technology?’ Many hours were spent preparing for the competition and it was hard work, but I got there. I was pleased to come second in my section and can’t wait to give it another go next year.

Wha¯nau and teachers who came to support would agree that it was such an amazing feeling to watch our students perform on the national stage. It was well worth all the hard work that students, teachers, tutors and wha¯nau had put in. The group placed 18th out of 43 performing groups and 1st in the Lower Hutt and Wairarapa region. This was the first nationals for many of the students in the group, which makes it an even bigger achievement. The feedback from many of the students is that they can’t wait to participate in the regional competition next year and begin a whole new journey.

“ Per in fr forming thos ont of a N at i o e p e o p l e l l na at aw e s o m e el s w a s a n I wa s x p er a t t h a b i t n eri e n ce . o n ce e b e g i n n v o u s f e lt l w e g o t i i n g b u t n i o u r sk e t h e s t at o i t , i t . t h e g T h e b oy g e wa s g i r l si r l s b a c ks h a d back had the s , the s . We b one w w ere o y s all h ¯na wha u ¯ n aa u T a h – Te i .” – Fruen S amoa


Outdoor Pursui t Centre Tr i P Mr . H a m i s h M u i r h e a d

Week Two of Term Four 15 selected year 9 and 15 selected year 10 students embarked on a journey to the Outdoor Pursuits Centre (OPC) for the second edition of the annual trip. Students were selected based on attendance, uniform and attitude to school work as well as leadership potential. Activities undertaken included caving, canoeing, high and low ropes courses, team building activities and abseiling. Students were given opportunities to enhance the leadership potential seen throughout 2012 and to gain experiences that some may not have been able to under normal circumstances. The trip was all about expanding the comfort zone of the students (and teachers) and to step away from the technologies of mobile phones and MP3 players in order to build meaningful relationships with other Naenae College students as well as those from our neighbouring school Taita College. The trip was financed with help from the ‘Heads Up For kids’ programme, assisted by the Silverstream Lions, Outdoor Pursuits Centre and fundraising being completed by the group of 30 students who attended OPC last year, along with a financial contribution made by each student. The concept is called ‘Paying It Forward’ where you gain the experience and then assist others by fundraising for them to attend, allowing them to gain the same experience that you have had. The 2012 fundraising efforts continued into Term Four and the crew that attended OPC this year will begin their fundraising at the start of 2013 ‘paying it forward’ for OPC 2013. As our school and Taita are the first of many schools to have attend OPC through this programme. A story featuring Naenae College and Taita College will appear on ‘Close Up’ at some point in the new year; something to watch out for! A great trip was had by all. Big thanks to Parent Helper Kaye Basire and Physical Education Teacher, Tanwen Siencyn, as well as the behind the scenes work put in by Deputy Principal Mark Robinson.


T he P r o j ect Class The project class was new this year. It was an opportunity for students who don’t always cope in the mainstream to try their hand at hands on learning.

We thought it was going to be way easier than normal school. Actually, it was much harder. We still had to learn all the same stuff but we had to make it relate to everything else we were learning as well. We still had the same rules as everyone else, the same expectations – we just got to get out and about more, seeing how things work first hand. Highlights: Ashleigh – “Go Karting. We had been doing a unit on how things work, so we went to the Go Kart place and they showed us how the steering shaft connects with the axels and helps control a vehicle, they also let us drive them – some of us were better than others!” Mahea – “Being accepted into a new school quickly. It was great to join a class 3/4 of the way through the year and have a group of people who all wanted to be my friend and be a part of the 10KB family.” Jess – “Farm camp. We got to go away to a dairy farm and learn about how the industry exports product in order to gain profits. It was also quite interesting to reflect on this when we got back to school and see how whatever path we choose to go down we need to have had a quality education.” Luke – “My highlight was going to Upper Hutt with the man from GNS and learning about how the landscape changes because of earthquakes. Though I quite liked making bread too – the yeast in the bread needs the right conditions to grow!” Logan – “Watching the calves be born. When we were away on the farm we got to help struggling cows give birth to their calves. This was a fascinating experience and it really reinforced the importance of the life cycle. Some will make it, some won’t.” Manea – “My highlight of the year was OPC. It developed me as a person and helped me understand what makes me an individual!” Georgia – “Learning in different ways to other people. It was so much easier to learn through group work, talking, listening and doing, rather than out of the traditional textbook. The only subject we used a text book for was maths. Instead we would brainstorm what we knew, interview people, make conclusions and write reports.”

Kau – “Going to the high court and watching a murder trial. This was interesting as it was a part of our study of the New Zealand government. We were just supposed to be going to have a look at parliament in action – but we had a bit of spare time once we were done. So we popped in for a quick tour of the high court. This was amazing as there was a trial taking place and the court people let us in. It was interesting to see how boring law is! Did you know the Supreme Court is the shape of a pinecone?” Taylor – “The hiking camp was the highlight of my year. We were supposed to be going in to learn about maths and science (which we did) but we also got to learn about hunting. We were lucky enough to be sharing the hut with some professional hunters!” Emily – “Hiking. The physical challenge of the hike was what got me this year. It was a powerful experience to learn how everyone has different abilities. The necessity for team work really came through when the snow started to fall on us!” Shanelle – “When we were learning about biology we went up to Staglands. It was really interesting to know how different animals conceive their young, and the different amounts of time it takes for them to be born. This made our understanding a bit better, because we had to make comparisons to humans.” Cruz – “Carters Observatory was my favourite. We were learning about survival and storms. They showed us all of this stuff about how to survive on the moon, and about storms on Jupiter.” Emma – “Trigonometry was my favourite. I was good at it! I like how I can measure how high a tree is, even if it is too tall to reach to the top of it.”

We thou ght it g o i n wa s w a y eg t o b e t h a n a s i er n s c h oo r m a l ol . Ac t u a w a s ml l y , i t hard uch er .

Promise – “Meeting Prince Charles. This was my highlight because our unit on whether or not we should be a republic coincided with Prince Charles visiting the country. I think we should definitely stay linked to the Monarchy!” Diana – “Te Papa. This was my highlight because we learned about civil rights. Everyone should be treated equal. Could be that equal is different because people have different needs.”


SERVICE ACADEMY The year started for the pioneering students with 2 weeks of Induction training up at the main Army base in Waiouru. They were shouted at from the outset in true Army fashion, whilst they had a full bag search which entailed having all their possession’s emptied out onto the grass for inspection – any non-approved items were removed for safe keeping. They had to keep their rooms spotless and gear tidy – it can be done. Activities ranged from drill to high ropes, fitness to confidence course, personal hygiene to cross country runs. All students learned something in this intense period. On return to school, we continued with drill and fitness, including walking local tracks in Naenae and Belmont and some hill-runs for those committed enough. Students demonstrated their new found drill by representing us with pride at the ANZAC Ceremony at Taita RSA, receiving many complements on their dress and bearing. The local community constables began to come in for PT and develop links with us; this was great as it provided a good opportunity for some students to learn about the daily life as a Police Officer. We ran along Petone foreshore, did circuits up the Normandale steps and keen students were entered into the Tough Guy/Gal Challenge. The Academy had an extensive period of aquatic education, experiencing kayaking, snorkelling and raft safety in the Naenae pool – the emphasis was on water safety through experiences. Throughout all, the students engaged in Maths and Literacy as well as military related studies.

. . . h av i n g to spend a night out in the open w i th o n ly n at u re ’ s re s o u rce s ava i l a b l e to them.

Three students were selected for a Basic Leadership course based on their performance on Induction. This provided a different type of challenge and all

completed it successfully. On their return they were able to practice and reinforce their new skills by leading physical tasks with the rest of the Academy. We had training days with our mates in the Mana College Academy in which we learned to work together whilst carrying ropes and telegraph poles around the Titahi Bay aerials; all character building stuff. Two of these leaders were subsequently selected for the Advanced Leader course later on in the year.

The team spent a week away in Waiouru learning survival skills on a Bushcraft course. A highlight of this was having to spend a night out in the open with only natures resources available to them. Some excellent shelters were constructed by our boys. They also learnt river crossing and camping/tramping skills.

ONTRACK SPORTS ACADEMY Ontrack is a programme developed by Ignite Sport designed to support and encourage talented athletes to reach their potential in sport. Thirty-three year 10 students took part in this programme for gifted and talented sporting students. The 10-block sessions included Speed and agility, Skill learning techniques, Principles of training, Mental skills training, Goal setting, Nutrition & Hydration, Decision making, and ‘Inner’ fitness. Input is designed to enhance the sportspecific coaching players already receive. Many thanks to Pub Charity for providing $1,500 towards the costs of the program.

Library 2012 has been a very interesting year in the library. Of course, we had the usual vampire, angel, demon, books flying out the door however, thanks to the movie “Hunger Games” we also had dystopian themed books going out as well. This year the library has been working closely with several teachers to develop an information literacy programme for all year levels. Successful programme trials have been completed, and the programme has been timetabled for 2013. Essential skills such as how to search Google efficiently, source evaluation and searching electronic databases, will ensure students are producing quality research. In term two several Kobo touch eReaders were purchased for staff and students, two were set up in the library with a mixture of books. Students have been able to “play” with the eReaders, learning their way around them and experiencing a new way to read. Thanks again to our student librarians this year; their work in the library has been invaluable.


Tu Kaha Conference A group of 6 students, joined with others from around the country to attended a 3-day wananga held in Wanganui. Tu¯ Kaha is a highly relevant conference with sessions and workshops tailored for Ma¯ori health workers, that combines inspirational speakers and practical topics. Students particulaly enjoyed the Rangatahi mentoring program, which encourages Ma¯ori students to pursue tertiary education and ultimately a professional career in the health sector. There was an opportunity to hear from university students sharing their journey. Both Stacey and Rikihana shared their thoughts about the conference: “It helped me to make a definate decision to study physiotherapy next year. I enjoyed meeting new people, singing waiata all night long, as it helped me to associate with who I am and my Ma¯ori culture.” – Stacey “I didn’t really think about a career in health. I liked the Dietian job because they worked with the Manly Sea Eagles. Its given me more to think about for next year.” – Rikihana Thank you Te Paea Davis and Yvonne Manuel for your roles as Chaperones and assisting with the group.

Russell M cVeagh Mentoring Programme We are very lucky to have a mentoring programme with Russell McVeagh one of New Zealand’s premier law firms. Twenty senior students travelled into Russell McVeagh’s wonderful offices on the 24th floor of Vodafone House overlooking the harbour. These students will meet with 20 young lawyers twice a term after school and are transported home by shuttle taxi, courtesy of Russell McVeagh. As this was the first meeting there were lots of fun ‘getting to know you’ activities and an ‘Amazing Race’ round the inner city. The meetings always involve some excellent food which the students all look forward to. Other activities throughout the year are Goal Setting, Interview Skills, Rights at Work, CV Writing, and Career Planning.

MAIBIZ MaiBiz is a 3 day Business Competition for 80 Year 12 and 13 students. It is presented and funded by Maori Women’s Development and was held in the Assembly Hall on the 18, 19, 20 June. The students are in teams of eight and have to come up with an innovative product and then are taught marketing skills and how to do a business plan. The students came up with great ideas: torch survival kit; a pen that has a built in twink dispenser so you don’t have make a mess of you work; a jandel that does not stick to a tar road in the summer; a shoe with different soles for each sport, e.g. rugby, indoor sole, good grip for hockey. The winning team was Easy Peasy with their all-purpose baby carry bag that unfolded to a mat with thermo bags and pockets etc. Well done Thomas Bird, Asonei Levaula, Nga Petia Hamilton Katene, Oka Ula, Meylin Lim, Juwell Kelemete, Siliua Afatai, Miko Tui.


Sen i o r Formal



M u lt i c u lt u r a l D ay



DEPARTMENTS A d u lt E S O L Brenda Morrison

The Adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes finished the year with a celebration in the school marae. Students spoke about the friends they had made, their increasing confidence to use English and their growing independence in the community. We were treated to displays of traditional Chinese and Colombian dancing, then shared a delicious lunch with dishes representative of 15 different countries. Current students come from Cambodia, China, Colombia, Eritrea, India, Iraq, Korea, Myanmar, Russia, Samoa, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Students range in age from 18 to about 68 but age differences don’t seem to matter. As Daniel (18) said, “All classmates are my friends!” In 2013, there will continue to be two classes, each running for five days a week, Monday to Friday, during school terms. The morning class is for post-beginners – people who can speak and read a little English but not enough to be independent in NZ. The afternoon class is for elementary to pre-intermediate learners. Sometimes the two classes get together for special events and field trips. Students gain confidence to listen, speak, read and write in English. As well as everyday topics (such as preparing for a job, going to the dentist, and knowing how to care for your family in an emergency), topics this year included NZ history (such as ANZAC Day, Labour Day) and current events (such as the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee). Students have a say about what will be in the programme. New learners are welcome and can join the class at any time during the year. Many students fit the classes around part-time work. If you have family or friends who are interested, call in at the school office and ask for Brenda.


ents Stud ge e in a g n a r 18 to from t 68 u abo

B i o lo gy Elliot Burr

After waiting for Dagem and Nigel to show, the gang slowly puttputted their way into town. The day started off with a presentation on Human Evolution, on which we are now all experts. After this we started exploring, which began with the Bolivian Monkeys. The girls immediately fell in love with them which meant we had to drag Anna away from their cage. During this time we were followed by some dodgy characters which Elliot scared away with his alpha male dominance. Next we met the Giraffe. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop Tia from getting her kicks and feeding it from her mouth. After an eventful day we couldn’t be bothered getting Vicky out of the chimp enclosure but we have since heard she is fitting in well and is enjoying the tea parties. All in all, a good day.


2 0 1 2 P ro g ramm i n g Challenge for Gi rls The PC4G is an annual day event for year 10 girls to introduce them to programming using the Alice language. The Wellington event was held at Victoria University. The actual competition involved programming a 3-D world within a mentally challenging two and a half hours. This year we were admirably represented by (left-right) Mikaela Hedifen, Kaitlin Navera, Arazil Griggs, Maneeshita Prasad, Promise Iradukunda, Rahma Siraj,

Hard tec h Mr. Logan

My introduction to the Technology department was being led into the Tech HQ, which looked much like the classic foreman’s office – grubby and 70s brown – and meeting the ‘three wise men’, the three Tech teachers. Their colourful expressions could not hide the energy they had for teaching here at Naenae and it was then I knew I wanted to teach here.



La Boeurn holding her National Certificate in Retail Level 3 Congratulations to La in achieving a Level 3 National Certificate. She completed 26 credits towards NCEA Business/ Retail Level 3 and due to this achievement, gained a National Certificate. The Business and Retail course offered at College is connected to Weltec. Students are required to learn theory in class and have an after school or weekend parttime job to gain the practical experience. Last year La also gained a National Certificate in Retail Level 2

I started my first year of teaching this 2012 with experiences that, I imagine, are not unlike a student entering the Tech Department for the first time. Well-used workshops, wood and steel, and the hardened technologists that instruct there who, within weeks, are teachers you trust to show you how to bend metal into submission. But this rough existence could not last forever – no! – for the department was to be *insert dramatic music here* upgraded. Term Two signalled the beginning of changes in the Tech Department. The two Graphics rooms were refurbished to house the Art Department and one of the workshops was modified into a Graphics and Design suite, complete with a 22-computer lab and high-grade printing

facilities. By the time the dust had settled (literally), classes were on in the new rooms and everyone began to get used to the refurbishments, some small teething problems notwithstanding. By the time 2012 was drawing to a close, the six classrooms in the new Art and Tech Department were starting to hum with some momentum. Bring on 2013, they say! So, what has 2012 been for the Tech Department? A year of change, a year of moving offices and a year of new teachers – that would be me. Mr. Lea and Mr. Munro are still firing on all cylinders (a little machinists joke there…) and the department is ready to have a year where all the building projects are done solely by the students and don’t require moving workspaces yet again.

y ear 1 0 B u s i ness S t u d i es Year 10 Business Studies students have taken time during ‘Money Week‘ to look at the use of Money as a Medium of Exchange. They have been using the game Gumption to illustrate concepts. It is an exciting board game that provides the opportunity to acquire businesses and resources and also experience the ups and downs of commercial life (similar to monopoly).


They have also recently had a visiting speaker, Jonny Wilson from Good Time Music, who spoke to students on the things that he has learnt on his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Jonny had been a judge for the recent successful My Biz competition that was held in the school hall for senior students. During the Year 10 Business Studies course students gain an overview of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful Entrepreneurs, building up a basic knowledge of Economics, Law, Accounting, Management and Marketing. They have set up their own businesses some of which produced a healthy profit with the right product, price, promotion and place. The course is an introduction to Accounting, Business Studies and Economics that are all courses on offer from Year 11 (Level One NCEA). Representatives of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand (ICANZ), Gavin, Simon and Reyhan, (seated below) also came to speak to the Year 10 Business Studies class, giving information on the role of Chartered Accountants and career opportunities available in this profession. YouTube Clips, brochures, Jet Plane lollies and pens gave an added dimension to the presentation. Many thanks to the three of you!

S en i or E conom i cs Year 12 and 13 Economics have had a busy year canvasing a wide range of economic topics and issues. A visit to the Reserve Bank, Business and Economic Research Ltd (BERL), and Victoria University helped put the subject into context. A strong Monetary Policy focus from the Reserve Bank was contested by Dr Ganesh Nana of BERL who advocated continued lowering of interest rates and a more fiscally proactive approach to economic management with an emphasis on reducing unemployment and encouraging investment. The information gained was a valuable resource for the completion of internal assessments. Students commented that they found the trip extremely valuable. Their teacher was impressed with the way they handled questions from the presenter at the Reserve Bank.

THEIR teac her was impr esse d!



CAREERS EXPO We held our Careers Expo on 26 July in the Assembly Hall. It was a fun and informative evening, and a great opportunity for our families to talk to different providers and get valuable information for course selection and career decision making. We would like to thank the following Providers: • Weltec Polytechnic (Weltec had 3 trestle tables – Engineering / Hairdressing / Beauty) • Victoria University • Whitireia Polytechnic • Travel, Careers & Training • NZ Police • G & H Training Ltd • NZ Defence Force • BCITO • Natcoll • FutureInTech • Massey University • Premier Hairdressing Ltd • VIBE • The Learning Connection • Hutt Valley DHB • Te Wananga o Aotearoa • Wellington Nannies College • Career Services


G AT E WAY This has been a great year for Gateway; we had 41 students all going to work with a range of employers in the Hutt Valley and Wellington. Students in the Gateway programme go out to work one day a week. It is about ‘hands on’ learning and the students are assessed in the workplace and earn credits towards their NCEA. Students challenged themselves in expanding their life skills and learning the value of job satisfaction. We have had some successes with students going onto work for the employer they had work experience with. With other students going on to study at Weltec. We would like to thank the following employers: Epuni Kindergarten Strait Shipping Katmandu Tuffy Auto Centre TSS Red Baron Motorcycles Langi’s Quest Wellington Serviced Apartment Briscoes Ltd Craig Wood Building New World – Hutt City Pak n Sav Lower Hutt The Warehouse

National Bank/ANZ – Lower Hutt BActive Kelly Sport EDR Construction Ltd Dunlop Training Centre Rebel Sport – Hutt Boutique Hair Heaney on Jackson Taita Kindergarten Van Beers Workshop Avalon Kindergarten Wellington Backpackers The Coffee Club – Westfield Salvation Army Store Fullon Building Angus Inn Mr Glass Aroha Caring for the Elderly Woburn Enliven MJH Engineering Ltd Tiki Lounge Eastern Hutt Panel & Paint Chalet Caterers


Food T ec h no l o g y The Home Economics Department has enjoyed another busy and productive year. Students have enjoyed participating in a variety of activities, assisted with school catering events, competed with success in cookery competitions and completed a large number of credits towards national qualifications. Junior Classes Year 9 Food Technology classes this year have worked with Mrs Coup, Mrs Davis, and Ms Weber-Swain. They particularly enjoyed the Better Breakfasts and Marvellous Muffins technology units and can put together nutritious family meals avoiding the high fat, sugar, and salt content of takeaway foods. Year 10 Food Technology changed to two half year option groups this year. The first option group particularly enjoyed the Burger Competition unit where they made all types of burgers and then designed one of their own choice using beef or lamb for the national Schools’ Beef and Lamb Burger Competition. Courtney Keating was selected as the class representative in the junior section of the competition and performed with merit in the regional finals at WELTEC on 22 June. Year 10 students also assisted with the Open Evening where they produced mini burgers and decorated cupcakes to the delight of visitors to the Foods Room. The second option group have completed units of work on International Foods, the Biscuit Factory, and Food for the Outdoors in preparation for EOTC. Their biscuit making skills have improved significantly during this time. Catering and Hospitality Year 12 and 13 students were combined in one class in 2012. They completed a large number of credits in Food Safety and Hygiene, Knife Skills, Meat, Frying and Grilling and Hot Finger Food. They finished the year with a Microwave Cooking unit. Students enjoyed the practical work at this level and again participated in external culinary competitions and assisted with school catering events. Aroha Ellison was placed 3rd in the senior section of the School’s Beef and Lamb Burger Competition. She also participated in the Inter- Schools Culinary Competition at WELTEC on 28 June receiving a Merit Award for her salmon dish. Aroha was selected for the ISCHoCC cookery training programme culminating in the DINE formal dinner at the WESTPAC stadium in September. Well done, Aroha!

Senior Classes Year 11 Food and Nutrition worked with Mrs Coup on some challenging new Level 1 Achievement Standards this year. They enjoyed the practical classes in Food and Nutrition and were adept at planning and preparing nutritious and budget conscious dishes for hungry teenagers as part of their course work, mindful of what they had learnt about kitchen safety and hygiene. They also looked at fruit and vegetables, frying and grilling techniques, and completed the year by learning about eggs and cheese producing some classic egg dishes as well as a colourful cheeseboard.



SNU T r a cy D av i e s a n d T a m s i n D av i e s - C o l l e y

We have had an exciting year in the SNU this year! At the beginning of the year we welcomed five new students. All our dress-up practice paid off at last, as we won a competition and the Hurricanes rugby team came to visit us for an afternoon. This year we had weekly visits to the Marae. We enjoyed singing and doing the actions with Mrs McClutchie. Matariki was our topic for Term 2. We had two trips this year related to our Matariki topic. One was to the Carter Observatory and the other was to the Marae at Te Papa. We finished off the Matariki topic with a celebration at Te Whanau Tahi Marae. We made kumara and corn chowder and apple crumble. The big event in Term 3 was our play “Kupe and the Giant Wheke�. This was our most ambitious play to date and was performed in front of a large audience in the hall. Other activities included P13 and 14 going swimming every Wednesday, visits to Kimi Ora on Fridays, soccer and basketball. We are looking forward to EOTC week and our Potluck dinner. This year we will farewell Faizan Ahmed, as he has turned twenty one. We wish him all the best for the future. In 2013 we are really looking forward to moving into our new building.



Senior and Junior Choir

Auditions for both Senior and Junior Choir commenced in the first weeks of Term 1. Rehearsals then followed for Junior choir in preparation for performances throughout the year. Senior Choir; ‘Te Ropu Rangimarie’, preparing for The Big Sing. Each year for Big Sing, the choir is required to sing three songs from different genres. This year the Seniors sang ‘Aleluya’ – Juan Gris, ‘Ua E Manumalo’-Alesi Unoi, and ‘Locus Iste’-Anton Bruckner. As term 2 approached weekly practices were complimented by several extra workshops outside of school hours. Yet again, the Big sing was a fabulous experience! Several hardworking choirs from around the Wellington region added their voices to 1,750 students nationwide. This is the biggest secondary schools event in New Zealand. This year we were so excited when we were presented with the ‘Festival Cup’. This is a Trophy for displaying ‘The Spirit of the Festival’; earned through behaviour, presentation and working together as a team during the day. We are indebted to Mrs Sherrilyn VanAsch our choir director and Vocal Tutor for her time and experience, for recording parts for each vocal section in the holidays, and creating CDs for choir members to learn their parts. Also a special thanks to Jo Pegler for transcribing music and being a wonderful accompanist. Thanks must also go to Mr Wade Reeves for accompanying us on the guitar. After ‘The Big Sing’ choir does not end there. We then worked on different pieces for various other performances including a concert at Naenae Intermediate, multicultural evening, a performance to SNU, and of course prize giving. We were pleased to have both choirs conducted by two of our Senior students; Vannia Lauama and Yasmin Golding, during the Multicultural performance. We look forward to more student leadership in 2013. We look ahead with excitment to 2013; a workshop involving other schools joining with us at Naenae in Term 1, ‘Big Sing’ 2013, Multicultural day, a new ‘Music Extravaganza’, and prize givings. Choir is a commitment rewarded with many performances, credits, and of course fun. We look forward to auditions and announcing who are our Senior and Junior choir members for 2013!


Smoke free Rock quest

In April we attended Parliament on behalf of Hon Tariana Turia for the 2012 launch of Smokefree Rockquest and Smokefree Pacifica Beats. It was great to catch up with last years winners – The Peasants and talk to key people in the entertainment industry. Smokefree Pacifica Beats is a nationwide music competition that encourages young people to create and perform their own original, contemporary music. To qualify for Smokefree Pacifica Beats, your performance must feature at least 2 of the 4 cultural criteria - e.g. language, action/ movement, etc. A small group of students participated in the Smokefree Pacifica Beats at Mana College in Porirua and received high praise for their performances. Bands with students from Naenae College who completed entries for the Smokefree Rockquest 2012 included: year 9 – Dramatic Impact; year 10 – Jaraah; year 11 – Justify, and Deez Islanders; and, year 12 – Armada. While not all students went on to perform the level of interest was high. Last year’s winners The Velvet Regime were an awesome support to other bands on the day and have been a huge inspiration to new groups. Special mention should be made of Lucas Ryan who played in Armada. The band received peoples choice nomination and went on to perform in Zeal.

Ja z z Band

In 2012 students and staff made a big effort to play and perform music that captured the audience’s attention. A representative selection of pieces we played are “Sidewinder” (Lee Morgan), “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” (Josef Zawinul), Ja Da (Bob Carleton) and “Puttin’ On The Ritz” (Irving Berlin). We performed at the Soiree concerts, Celebration Assembly and Senior and Junior Prizegivings. We appreciate the support of our itinerant music teachers: Mr Hayden Hockly (Band Director, Saxophone), Mrs Caryl Stannard (Band Manager, French Horn), Mr Wade Reeve (Guitar, Bass) and Shaun Anderson (Drum Kit). A very special thanks to Mr Mark Robinson (Piano, Saxophone), Mrs Davies-Colley (Flute, Band Secretary), and Mr Pegler (Clarinet, HOD Performing Arts).


Art & Lit era ture


writ ten by Elliot Burr

The boy sat slumped in the chair, staring at the bare white wall surrounding the wooden kitchen bench. The sound of the clock ticking echoed in his mind. A short and loud blow of a boat horn momentarily interrupted the droning tyranny of the clock. The sudden activity made the boy sit up. The sound had startled him from his dreary daze, until once again he found himself lost in the heavy repetition of the clock. “Can I watch T.V. now, Grandma?” He already knew the answer, but a nervous desperation compelled him to ask anyway. All of him was devoted to separating his mind from his body, to be lost in the comforting warm glow of television. To live in someone else’s life seemed the best way to make the clock spin. “For god’s sakes, why don’t you go outside?” the grandmother replied sternly, finding it hard to conceal a look of pity. The grandmother watched the boy slump through the sliding door leading to the outside. The boy’s initial embarrassment turned to anger, as a painful lump began to burn in his throat. Pushing his feet into his shoes, he ran down the long run of seashell paved steps that led down the mountain track towards the sea. Picking up the first stick he found, the boy began to attack nearby trees and with each blow he envisaged an old woman fall. Then he stopped. He found himself at the end of the track which met the shoreline. The first thing the boy noticed was a large tree trunk, bleached white by sunlight and salt water, which lay bobbing in the high tide. He jumped onto the trunk and threw his stick into the flat surface of the water. Looking down he felt an urge to put his feet in the water. Whipping off his shoes he dunked his feet in and immediately a cool tingle made him shiver in surprise. The chilling water excited his exposed skin, his toes curling in response to the sensation of life in his feet. As the cold shock wore off, the boy began to feel the steady rhythm of the rising and falling sea on his legs. Matching his breathing, its tempo was slower than the clock’s harsh beat, and boy fell into a relaxed and trance-like state.


Unaware of the time that had passed, the boy heard his grandmother calling him for lunch. However the idea of coming indoors no longer held the same appeal to the boy and with reluctance he slipped back on his shoes and stood up. Looking longingly across the channel of water that flowed through the sound one last time, the boy noticed a massive, dark mass moving through the water. A sudden grip of panic clutched him as his fear of this unknown danger made him long for the safety of the batch. The shadow sped silently through the channel about thirty metres away from him. WOOSH! A jet of water spouted from the water and with wide eyes the boy stared in bewilderment at the whale which had just surfaced. The boy stood frozen, his jaw losing hold and falling open as the sleek figure rolled its body in the air. As it did so, its eye met with the boy’s, and for an instant the two beings studied each other. An amazed and joyous stupor gripped the boy, causing him to lose his footing and fall into the sea. The familiar icy sensation magnified through his body. His head quickly emerged to catch a fleeting glimpse of the whale’s tail submerging. Clamouring back onto the log, the boy frantically peered over the water but was disappointed to find himself alone. Looking around to see if anyone else was there, he noticed not people, but instead a steady thrum of activity around him. Honey bees that buzzed along the coastline, inspecting the blossoming manuka trees that hung over the banks. A splash interrupted the boy’s gaze and he glimpsed an unusual bird fly across the surface of the water with a freshly caught fish sticking out of its beak. The boy smiled in return to the life that existed around him. Even the air seemed different to the boy. With his nostrils cleaned by the sea, he began to inhale the gentle breeze which rolled through the channel, the salty air evocative of the sweet scent from the surrounding bush. Realising his grandmother’s call for lunch, he began to walk back up the steps, this time taking in the vivid green foliage that surrounded him, all the while listening to his wet boots squelching in delight on the soft ground beneath. Before he knew it, the boy was back at the batch and grinning at the surprised grandma that greeted him. “Had a bit of a swim, did we?” she asked with a discreet smile. He was at a loss to reply.


writ ten By Nigel M artinez

She flashes her teeth – a bit of a brown tint, probably from all the coffee she’s drunk. As the automatic doors behind me whiz closed, hushing the dancing leaves on the concrete, she says,“Good afternoon!” “Hey…” Then her smile drops. She goes on, tending to the paperbacks migrating from her two-tier cart to the shelves near the entrance. “We have some new exciting ones come in this morning…from that Holey Expedition Series.” She stares at me for a second; waiting for a reply. As a child, librarians annoyed me. They’d shove all these books at your face. Like it was their job to talk and talk and talk about the books you should read. They take advantage of the naïve imaginations of children. Draw you in with words like wizards and dragons. When you read the book, you’re bombarded with testaments of made-up places. Made-up characters you have to know to understand the book. Fabrications enacted for the youth of society. At this present time, my pet peeve still exists (although I’ve learned to smile and nod politely in situations like this). I walk towards the other end of the library. Luminous posters line up the walls, each preaching a mantra for the library’s guests: “Reading is an adventure!” “Books give life meaning!” “Don’t be a bookworm. Spread your wings, share your stories, be a book butterfly!” It’s propaganda for the adolescent, albeit not as negative as the Fascists’. Just as influential though, to slither into the minds of everyone; even a middle-aged woman. My mother still fills my answering machine with odes of authors and book titles. Throughout my life I’ve managed to somehow not get sucked in. I’ve tolerated my mother’s enthusiasm for wizards and their talking hats. She’s piled hundreds of stories onto my desk, in hope that her son will join her crusade. Of course, quiescent, they’ve remained unread. “★★★★★!!! A heart-wrenching drama, filled with moral tales everyone should read!” a sheet of paper proclaimed. It held onto a shelf with a dozen copies of the same book: The Holey Expedition VII. There it is. Out of all the books she’s tried cementing onto my desk, my mother instils one series time and time again – The Holey Expedition. In the decades that it has captivated society’s hearts and souls, it has never failed to strike my mother’s too; especially the latest instalment. And when the nurses heard about the new one coming out, they bought her a copy on its release date for a surprise. Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise, to her. She’d heard about it all over the media. A couple of days ago when she got her gift, she told me, “Buy the book too! We can both read it at the same time, and when you visit me we can talk about it together.” She held the book on her chest, wrinkling her hospital gown. Quite astonishing really, how she’s able to hold on to such a heavy tome without disrupting her system of feeding tubes and IV lines. She smiled at me, and I smiled and gave her a nod back. I have it in my hand now. The book. The cover is simple – The Holey Expedition VII in gold. The Vanished Corpse below it in silver. By Philip Ian it said. I flick the leather cover over. Eye up the table of contents, and move on to the first chapter – the beginning. There was light. Shining through the door. Ajar. It was bright. A great ray of light. At the corner of the room a lamp lit up the darkness; a lesser light nudging the shade. It lit up the face of a man sitting down, hands bound, in the middle of the room. It goes on, the first chapter. Blood and sweat trickled down his cheeks. The light strengthened him. It upheld him. He gasped for air, but his bile choked him. He desired to. Leave. He desired to leave with the light: his escape from the veracity of the situation. Goes on like a headache. Cramming words and ideas. Bending the rules of punctuation and logic. 39

He wanted to depart from the pain. And he did. But the image of the light was the last thought embedded on his mind. BZZT BZZT. My cell phone throbs. It’s mother. “Hey, mum.” “What’s going on?” “Phone’s battery killed itself. I didn’t get your voicemail till I got a new one this morning.” “Oh…okay.” “Mmhmm.” “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you since yesterday. Are you still coming to see me tomorrow?” “Yeah.” She pauses. Then I hear her breathe hard. She needs air. She’s said too many words in one go. “How far are you into the book?” The large bold heading stares at me – Chapter 1: Gabriel . “The one I told you we should read together? The seventh one, dear…” “Um, about halfway through?” “Oh dear me Jude, still reading at the same pace you were ten years ago… your children read faster.” And she coughed before she could finish. I hear the phlegm slit her throat while she tries gaining her composure. I feel a shiver down the back of my neck. And as she gathers her breath again she concludes, “Your children read faster than you.” “Yeah.” “How are you finding it so far?” The open book gazes at me. The lines and dashes of ink on the paper gaze at me. The text makes no sense. A hard lump is building up in my throat. “I believe,” It slid down and my eyes water, “I believe you now. It’s a great book.”



Dr ama

Senior Drama students had an extremely busy last few weeks of term 1. Small audiences were treated by year 11 students performing in the humorous melodrama, Dynamite by Roger Hall. Year 12 and 13 students performed Shakespeare in Shorts where students gave impressive performances of short excerpts from various Shakespearean plays. Several of these performances then went on to enter the Sheilah Winn competition in Wellington where they competed against other schools from around the region. A group of our young men gave an outstanding 15 minute performance from Henry V placing them 4th in the competition.



94 students qualified to compete at the HV Athletics day which was held on the 29th of February. 30 students qualified 1st or 2nd in their event at this meet, and went onto represent Hutt Valley at the Wellington Regional meet.



JUNIOR 11 The Naenae College Junior 11 (yr 9 and 10) cricket team was assembled during the first week of term 1 this year, and entered into the Intermediate 2, 40 over grade. It was with much trepidation that we took off for our first game against On Wednesday 14th March, 6 of Rongotai College at Rongotai College on 11 February. our 30 athletes that attended TELE John won the toss for Naenae and elected to bat. SIA FA AL the Wellington Regional meet Naenae was bowled out for 126 in the 36th over. new OGO se ta rec qualified for the North Island We then bowled Rongotai out for 123, amid much Hut ord t for Championship. frenzied celebration…..we had won our first game. Girl Valley Sen sJ ior Since then we have played 9 games, won 5 and The avelin Congratulations to Peleiupu 35.2m old lost 4, and at the time of writing this, are sitting r . e Faalogo 2nd IG Javelin; cor was d 28m 2nd in the top half of the now split Intermediate 2 Telesia Faalogo 1st SG . League Table. Javelin ; Emelio Tavite 2nd IB Javelin; Diana Oloapu 2nd IG Another big highlight, although losing the match was Shot and Discuss, Patosina Mau’u 1st the 2nd match against unbeaten League leaders HVHS. AWD Discuss, Stacey Te Kuru 2nd SB Triple Jump. HVHS had not had a team score more than 100 runs Fruen Samoa 2nd JB High Jump. 6 Athletes went against them, or fielded for more than 25 overs. Naenae on to compete at the North Island Champs. batted a very gritty 165 runs being all out in the 38th over. HVHS won the match in the 36th over with the loss of 7 wickets. A very close match, which could have gone either way. Badminton Some outstanding performances along the way include:

BOWLING Jordan 3-17 v Rongotai Zainal 3-32 v Aotea Bradley 3-20 v Aotea Bradley 4-16 v Wgtn College John 3-14 v HIBS John 4-42 v Wgtn College John 3-5 v HIBS Shaun 4-5 v HIBS Shaun 5-29 v HVHS All players have shown great skill and desire to learn, improving in leaps and bounds during the season.

BATTING John 25 v Rongotai Shaun 33 v HVHS Bradley 54no v Wgtn College Shaun 43 v St Pats Silverstream Bradley 35 v HVHS Shaun 47 v HVHS Senior Boys Div3 team: Finalists L to R, Jamie (Badminton Convener), Aino, Mino, Jeerawat. Mino (team captain) Jeerawat, Aino and Teufolau played HVHS 3 in a thriller final 2 weeks ago. A total of 6 matches were played including 4 singles and 2 doubles. The team won 2 singles and a doubles as did HVHS. It was all tied at 3 all and Jamie added up the final points to decide the division 3 winners. 104 to 108 to HVHS.

Basketball Senior Boys Team: Runners Up The Senior Boys basketball team went down to Wellington College 48-42 in the final. It was goal for goal for most of the game. 3 players had 5 fouls and had to sit out the rest of the game. Paul Tauala Fata (Coach) said that he was proud of their performance and commented on the improvement since the start of the year. Special thanks to Raewyn Cairns (Dylan’s Aunty) for umpiring the game at such short notice. Nga mihi ki a koe. Congratulations to Kaynne Tagle, recipient of the Best Senior Basketball player award.

It has been a pleasure coaching these boys, and they have displayed outstanding sportsmanship and real desire to win some of the matches they probably on paper shouldn’t have won. Many thanks to Jen Feek for her awesome scoring, Aaron and Mike for helping with umpiring, and Yvonne for her guidance and support through this, which has been a big learning curve for us all. – Donald Macmillan


Football Junior Winners of Division 4 The junior boys’ football team played HIBS in the division 4 final. The HIBS coach commended the team on being at the top of the points table. He then approached the referee before the start of the game to request 1minute silence in memory of Michael Lafou. It was a fantastic game and there was plenty of support on the side line. The final score was 8 to 3. Following the game the team went back to the school and celebrated their win with an aftermatch function held in the canteen. There were speeches from Jenn Feek (Manager), Issac Watts (Coach) & Josh Krakosky (Assistant Coach) and also “Captain Jack (Morrissey)” as he is known to the boys. Thanks to Kathy Bryant for setting up the canteen and also overseeing the carwash fundraiser. Also to Heather and, team photographer, Gary Brown for their ongoing support this season. SENIOR BOYS FOOTBALL TEAM I came in halfway through the season to coach the senior football team. It wasn’t having the best of times and as a team we had to rebuild and get the confidence back. It was a tough season in terms of results, but we got there in the end. I had an amazing time working with the boys. They are a great bunch. Their team spirit and the way they play alongside each other now is great. They are now playing with confidence and swagger, and simply enjoying playing football, which is what it is all about. And they are proud to belong to the team. I really thank God for times like this. Sport gives us great opportunities like this. I had the privilege of taking them up to Masterton for a game against Makoura College. They were there to represent their school and hopefully create a good relationship with the other school. The boys all borrowed ties and blazers so that they could all look smart. They went there and won 9-0 and played great. Best thing about the trip though was that they were on their best behaviour. They were polite and respectful and got along incredibly well with everyone. The other school was so impressed with the boys and they are keen to come to Naenae college some time for a replay. It was a good highlight. I really would like to thank Yvonne Manuel for the help and assistance she gave when I needed it. Also, a big thanks to all parents who helped with transport and supported us throughout the season. It was greatly appreciated. – Daniel Wells, football coach

...sim p enjo ly ying pl ay ing foo whi t ch i all s wh ball abo at it u t pro ud t . And th is o be ey a team re lon . I re g to a l the ly th for a time s lik nk God Spo rt g ives e this. us g opp ort unit reat ies like this .


Representative Hockey players 2012 Anna Forster – Capital Women’s u21 and Captain of Wellington U18 Girls, Wellington College Sport Female Hockey player 2012, NZ Maori u21 Women’s team Jess Bond – Wellington u18 Girls, Most improved Wellington Junior female umpire WHA 2012 James Forster – Hutt Valley u18 Boys Josh Bond – Hutt Valley u15 Boys Ford Lambert – Hutt Valley u15 Boys 1 st XI Boys hockey 2012 .

2012 was an exciting, but challenging year for the 1st XI hockey boys. After winning the top reserve grade last year, moving through to new ground in the premier grades this year was a huge step for 44

all of our boys. The games got faster, the ball was hit harder and goals were much more difficult to shoot and defend. The first of two rounds in the season had us at our lowest of performances. Losing by 2 or more points a game, managing to draw with some of the bottom teams and pulling out a win with Aotea still happened to put us in the bottom two, which meant we had to fight to keep our place in the premier three division. The night we defended our spot from St Bernard’s, we left our hearts, souls and kitchen sinks on the field. It was a long, tough fight with bruises wrought on our bodies, but we won. Relieved, we piled into the van and cried in immense amounts of pain as we drove home. The next round was completely the opposite. With the odd loss thrown in, we won more of our games than we set out to, surprising the other teams. Near the end of the round we had enough gas in our tanks to do something that in no way was expected of us. In a time of great sickness and tiredness that was winter, with the help of our strong spirits and our captain Stefan’s leadership and guidance, we drew 1-1 with the top two teams. Something no other team in the competition has done all season. This put us in the middle of the table and completely messed up the places of those at the top. We have survived another season and know what high expectations and goals are in store for us next year. Big ups to our coach Colin Sheridan for hanging on to our rowdy bunch and providing

skills and important things we needed to play our best game, and to our year 13 leavers, Stefan and Mathew. Peace. Boys 2 nd XI Hockey 2012

Always with lots of fun and laughter, these 12 keen players (ranging from players that have previously played to players who were learning how to play hockey for the first time), took to the Hockey turf. All had a good time and learnt how to support each other as the season progressed. At the beginning of the season this team was showing the 1st XI how to score goals and win games. It was good to hear advice coming from players at the end of each game as to how they could win the next week. Commitment was evident as players made sure in their busy lives that there were always enough players to take the field, (including one player travelling a long distance, one week, as they didn’t want to let the team

down). By the end of the season the team was showing good skills in dragging the ball past the opponent and passing to the other team mates’ sticks, looking up as they passed! Our thanks go to Isaac Garton and Mike Van de Burg for their coaching and enthusiasm and to the parents that took the boys and supported them for each game, each week, thank you. As Bryce moves on to other study we hope he continues to play hockey! We look forward to seeing the boys back next year. Girls Hockey

This was a season of learning for the Naenae College Hockey Girls, as we stubbornly held our place in the second division. There was a range of experience; from those who had played since they were 6 to those playing their first ever game this year, yet the display of teamwork and encouragement really bound the team into a force to be reckoned with. With a solid defence and an attack bursting with new blood, our girls often punched far above their weight to disrupt the standings of other teams. Though this was not a season of gold medal achievements, the development of turning individuals into a team was an achievement in itself. The girls turned heads through the way they attacked any situation. Whether it was playing 2 players down or against a team stacked with names, our girls often performed beyond everyone’s expectations.

– we won 2:0. On Friday we The Naenae College Girls will always played off for 5th and 6th be recognised as the team d n o B s s e J against Campion College. who bust people up, yet d te a in was nom key We played hard and always enjoyable to play c o H n gto by Wellin the end result was against. The team has Zealand w e N e th e at ls ir we finished 5th a lot of promise and G to umpir 15 U e r l premie a r e n b o ti to overall, winning will always have a N g the Oc the ent durin m in a the game their name in the n d e r y u la to s also p Forster s. She ha 3:0. Matt Wellington Hockey y a a n d n li A . o m h en’s Tea 21 Maclaughlan Circle. Maori U ton Wom d g n in la ll a e e W Z rd the New Fo , was the top in d d n e o m B was na m. Josh Hockey goal scorer hockey ckey tea o d H e y ’s la n p e Wom Tournament oodman for our team. incent G ntative V e s & e r t, p r e e Naenae College’s Lamb ey U15 R r, Liam Sheridan Hutt Vall e Forste Mixed Hockey for the Catherin to u only let in 4 o y & , k n n a a id Th r Tournament in team. olin She C , r goals all week te s le r Eddie Fo incredib Palmerston North for the and Anna Forster r te s r y Anna Fo started off with a 2-0 d energ was voted MVP (Most f time an o t n u o am win against Wanganui City put in. Valuable Player). The they’ve College. At the end of pool play compliments the team we came top of our pool securing was given were very impressive. a top 8 position and place in the quarter What a pleasure it was to receive these finals. The quarter final saw us playing Te Aroha compliments and know that the Naenae College College which we lost 3:1. So, we were in the top Hockey team represented the College with pride eight but were no longer in the running for first. and enthusiasm. Thursday saw us playing Lytton Highschool

Ki o Rahi Two teams entered into the Annual Tournament held at Taita College. It was a fantastic day and teams from all over Wellington took part. Team 1 played the semi-final against Taita 1 and lost 17 to 10. Team 2 were a combination of players from Years 9 to 13 who played together for the first time. Team 1 was captained by Jarrod and Jaynell. Team 2 was led by Fay and Fereti. They did a great job organising the teams on the day. Poly Seleni and Riki Hunt were selected in the Tournament Team. Thanks to Kahu and Troy for training the teams and organising the Tournament.

Netball Winners Collegiate 10 The Collegiate 10 team played Wainuiomata 4 in the final. The girls played well and kept up the intensity right to the final whistle winning 18-10. Colleen, who joined the team part way through the season, was steady in mid court and controlled the flow of the ball through the court; Linda and Safron were relentless on defence; Jazmin (captain & MVP) played her best game of the season winning lots of rebounds. Claire had an impressive shooting game and her shooting stats were a whopping 90% !! Thanks to Y8 students Analisa & Denva from Naenae Intermediate School for filling in. Special thanks to Annie Kimble for supporting the team during the season. Thank you to Grace Pomare for coaching the Collegiate 4 team and well done to the Collegiate 8 team that made the semi-finals.


Premier team It had been at least 5 years since the school had a team in the premier division. However, the girls were up for the challenges that lay ahead. In 2011, Rebecca & Alicia played in Collegiate 1; Ann- Maree, Emma, Kiriana were in Collegiate 5, April H, Shaniqua & Narissa played club; April T, year 9, was the youngest player in the team; Savannah went to WHS and Jiah came to the school from Whangarei. As expected, the competition was of a high standard and teams in the grade had played together, building up towards competing in this grade. Our girls didn’t have the same build up and we had to work on building team dynamics as well as getting to know how each other played. From the first game it was a shock to realize how much work was in place for them. However, as the weeks went on with dedicated training and perseverance, the girls soon realized that they were just as competitive as the next team. Naenae didn’t come to be the team to be easily beaten. The highlight of the season was going to Wellington and playing at the ASB Arena playing for 4th and 5th. It came together at the end with hard work and determination. The girls understood the building blocks needed to achieve the long term goals. Ann Cropp drove the van and scoring, Peter Cropp scoring. Having enthusiastic coaching and volunteers helped. Loosing didn’t become a disheartening thing it became a strengthening tool. Even the other teams respected and acknowledged the improvement of the team. Thanks to the team coach Tarsha Whippy; Ann and Peter Cropp for their ongoing support during the season and Tanwen Siencyn Manager/ Assistant Coach.


1st XV We started the season well with pre-season games with Taita and Silverstream. It was a good build-up to our grading games. We returned to premier division 2 following a 2 year stint in division 3. The boys struggled with niggly injuries at the start of the season. Meds saw this as an opportunity to introduce a tough in-season fitness program. It didn’t sit too well with players at first, but then they certainly saw the benefits of it after a few weeks. It was tough on this young team competing at this level. Games were close and even though the team registered only 1 win of the season, they maintained a positive spirit. The good news is 80% of the team will return next year. Highlights of the season were two away trips - to Tu Toa in Palmerston North and Te Aute College in Hastings. The Avalon Cup was a good day with a lot of support on the side line. As is the case with Taita and Naenae, it was always going to be a hard fought battle. We lost the game by 3 points. Making the Co-ed cup final was certainly a highlight Co-ed Cup final was played on Wednesday 31st May at Porirua Park. For most of the boys, it was their first experience playing in a final and the nerves were evident. Stand out players were Ale Peni, Fereti Soloa, & Nico Tuinasau. The final score 23 to 13. A lot of positives were taken from the game. The boys appreciated the support from the teachers, board members, & students cheering them on.

ts of ligh High were n easo s e - to h t rips way t a ston o r tw alme P n i a d Te Tu To h an n Nort ege i Coll Aute . s g in Hast

Many thanks to Geoff, for the values that he brought to the team Pride, Respect & Performance. Also a special thanks to Tania and Ariti for organising the boys with ties and blazers. They looked smart each week. I look forward to their continued support next year. Thanks to Steve Coppell for his support with driving the van to Palmerston North and cooking the boys’ meals at rugby training camp. Finally, thanks to the parents for supporting the home games and providing food at the after match functions.

– John Manuel, Coach U14 Tuggeranong Vikings NZ Tour On the first day of term, the U14 team played a touring team from Australia. Although it was a wet and muddy track, it didn’t dampen the boy’s enthusiasm to play. It was a fantastic day that started with a Powhiri and was followed by ultimate Frisbee and basketball games in the big gym, a rugby game, and ended with food and presentations. This feedback was received by the touring group …”The players and staff thoroughly enjoyed their time as guests of Naenae College. The Powhiri was a real bonus for the team. The friendship and humour generously shared by the Naenae College team and supporters ensured that the day spent at Naenae College was one of the highlights of the Vikings tour. Once again thank you for all of your assistance it was certainly appreciated by not only Tour Time but also the Vikings”…….Glen, Tour Time. Thank you to Mr Russell, Ngaire McClutchie; members of Kapahaka; and parents for bringing food and supporting this day. 46

Madison is lifted by Fa’aiulotu

2ND Xv: ONSLOW CUP CHAMPIONS 2012 1. A.J Vainepoto 13. Denzel 2.Kaine Strickland Roache 3. P.J Antonio 14. Royal Vole 4. Sia’i Vaiau 15. Tanielu Sa’o 5. Kereama Tupuola 16.Kieran Brown 6. Rajiv Reedy 17.Hinckley Peivi 7.Faálalo Wright 18.Sam Siítia 8. Isikeli CawaniKawai 19.Chris Timmins 9. James Sopoaga 20.Shalom Savea 10. Sonny Oloapu 21.Rikihana Ward 11. Matthew Lauama 22.Malcolm Tangitutu 12. Jaleil Roache 23. Feto Fetoai

the sta y gam rted t hei ew r 10 inn ... to bec ing st rea ome Pre k the mie Kuranui College 1st r4 Cup Ons 2012 W low XV where the boys ell Sec ing ond ton played an awesome ary Sch Cha brand of football to o mpi ons ol win and become the

COACH – Phil Roache This was a great year for the boys of the Naenae College 2nd XV after winning all their grading games against HVHS, Scots College and Kapiti College, the boys were on a high and went into the 1st round of the season confident. That was short lived after a heavy loss to St Pats Town and then another loss to Wellington College in round 2. So it was back to the drawing board and after a few positional changes, the boys picked themselves up and dusted themselves off and went into the 3rd round against the much favoured Mana College. The boys played with a lot of heart and a lot of character to narrowly beat Mana by 33 – 31 in the dying minutes of the game. This got the boys confidence back up and is where they started their 10 game winning streak including the Premier 4 Grand Final against Wairarapa’s

2012 Premier 4 Onslow Cup Wellington Secondary School Champions winning 15 – 5

As a coach it was great to go through this journey with these young men, who learnt the importance of playing for each other and still enjoying the game. I would like to mention players like Chris Timmins who experienced his first ever game of rugby this year, also to Sam Siítia who told me after winning the final that it was the first ever award he had received and was so thankful to have been given the opportunity to play. I would like to make a special mention to Denzel Roache who achieved an amazing feat this year by playing every minute of every game.

Girls Rugby TEAM: Winners of the Premier division Naenae 22 Taita 5. The Girls Rugby Team had a fantastic win against neighboring school Taita College in the final of the Premier competition played two weeks ago. The team was superb on finals day and did the little things very well. The girls made their tackles and only 2 or 3 were missed for the entire game. The forward pack did exactly that and kept the team moving forward. The back line passed the ball through the hands with precision and it was no surprise that 3 of the 4 tries were scored by the wingers. Last year’s division 1 winners are this year’s Premier division winners. Congratulations to team Coach Luse Tupuse and Mark Tanu, who joined the team as assistant coach; and David Murden has been actively involved with this team as the team’s van driver and no. 1 supporter.

I would like to thank James Strickland and Darren Ward for their awesome support throughout the season and for giving up their time to help out with the team. Also, big thank you to Yvonne Manual for her massive support throughout the year. And last but by no means least, to the boys of the 2nd XV, thank you so much for making this season one of the most enjoyable years I have had and definitely one of the biggest highlights of my time in coaching. I have so much respect for the way you all carried yourselves on the field and I wish you all the best in your future of rugby Soifua ma Ia manuia

This email about the Condor Rugby 7s was received from John Hornal, the boss of College Sport Wellington: “To JR, congratulations on the presentation of your school. There has obviously been a lot of work gone into enhancing the school environment over recent times and that certainly left a positive impression on myself and others who made comment to me. You are so fortunate to be endowed with such spacious grounds. Kind Regards, JH”

Condor Rugby 7s On October 22nd, there was a hype of activity on our fields with 20 teams from as far as Fielding participating in the day. 16 teams in the boys’ grade and 8 in the girls’ grade. With around 500 people scattered accross our fields and tents running along the fence lines, it was an awesome sight to see. Our boys’ team made the bowl semi-final going down to Tawa in extra time. Our girls played superbly winning their semi-final comfortably against Paraparaumu to make the championship final against Wainui High School. It was an exciting final and Wainui won 26-22. Special thanks to John Manuel for helping to manage the property and coaching the boys’ team. Tama Ferguson for being on hand all day and sorting out the barbeque for the girls fundraiser. The junior girls volleyball team raised $500 (BNZ paid $150 to the team for selling sausages & the food caravan paid a koha of $100 which was put in the team kete); Nathan Taitua for helping with the management of the fields, clean-up afterwards and organising seyclean to come in at the end of the day Teteira Davis for providing extra bathroom supplies that were needed. It was reaasuring to know that support was readily available. 47

Rugby League ,

Girls team: Winners of the Trish Hina Cup, Lightening League Tournament Our girls have retained the title of Wellington’s Number One team for two years in a row. They played in the Girls’ Rugby League 9-aside Tournament – the Trish Hina Cup. The final was played against Upper Hutt College where they won 18 to nil. The Most Valuable Player award was given to Savannah Peniata and she was also named in the Tournament Team along with Diana Oloapu. Winner of the 100 metre sprint was Tuna Ioelu. SENIOR BOYS: WINNERS OF THE STEPHEN KEARNEY CUP This was new ground for a lot of the boys but they stepped up to the task and had to learn quickly how to play the 13 man code. Our season started off shaky losing to last year’s Grand finalist St Bernard’s College and then Wainuomata High School who are always strong in league, the boys then pushed through to beat the big boys of HVHS to go through to the Sport Wellington Cup semifinal where they were tested by the well drilled Wellington College in a game that went to the wire, with it being drawn at fulltime.

Our g irls have r etaine d the ti tle of Wellin gton’s Numbe r One team for tw o year s in a row !

A winner had to be determined and 10 minutes extra time was played with our boys being lead around the field by fly half Fereti Soloa managed to score early in the first half of extra time, an awesome display of defence by the Roache twins along with Sonny Oloapu, Dylan Manual and David Saumolia we manged to hold out and take the win and go through to meet Porirua College in the Grand Final. Unfortunately Porirua College couldn’t field a team to the Grand – Final and we won by default. Not the best way to win, but I commend the boys for working hard to give themselves the opportunity to have even made the Grand final. It’s not always about the prize at the end, it’s the journey getting there that is just as rewarding. Thanks to Yvonne and to Danny Levi Snr for all your help and support. U15 Hurricanes Tournament Day 1: The team had a great start to the day with complements from the Sports Director of Siverstream and John, the manager from Tu Toa & Mr Tully on how smart the boys looked at the opening ceremony in full school uniform. Results: Westlake (North Harbour) 69 Naenae nil. Day 2 Francis Douglas Memorial College 72 Naenae nil. Scots College - won 43-12. Standout performance from Shaun Ellis who set his goal to score a try. He scored the first try of tournament.

Day 3 HVHS. It was even at the half at 12 all then HVHS ran in 2 more tries to win 28 to 17. Stand out performance by Rajan Reddy who made every tackle and stayed on the ball the entire game. Day 4 Inglewood 41 NNC 12. Player of the Tournament for NNC nominated by the opposition team coach, was Ezekiel Seia. Thanks to team coach James, Reuben & Jason for their support during the week.

TOUCH RUGBY CSW Regional Touch Tournament Our boys won their pool beating Wellington College 4-3 and Bishop Viard 8-0. However, they went down to HVHS in surprising 3-4 loss. However, points for and against put them ahead. The Hutt teams battled it out for a final placing. We played Wainui in an exciting semi-final going down 3-2 in the last minute of play and won against Taita to secure 3rd overall placing.


The annual CSW touch tournament was played at Fraser Park. The senior mixed team played 5 games including Wainuiomata 3-5 loss; Paraparaumu 9-1 win; Heretaunga 3-5 loss; Mana 6-2 win; Kapiti 2-9. Overall placing 5th. It was great to see our girls scoring tries from set play. Thanks to Jason and Tiaki from Ignite Sport for coaching this team.

Junio r Touch Team: Winne rs of the Divisi on 1 and Divisi on 3 gr ad es in term 1


Waka ama

Junior Girls Volleyball Winners of Junior Division 1 Term 1 – Gained entry into the Premier Division. Winners of Junior Premier Division Term 3 – Beat St Marys in the finals 3 sets to nil. Runners up in Senior Division 1 Grade in term 3. Runners up at the College Sport Wellington Regional Tournament. Diana Oloapu and Jaylyn Misa named in the tournament team. North Island Championship – 2nd in the Pool round. Earned a place in Division 1 in the top 16. They beat Mt Maunganui, Matamata, Otumotai Colleges. Best performing team in Wellington placed 11th Overall. Diana Oloapu voted Most Valuable Player in the Playoff with Otumotai. Below: April Taualapiu, Fonofa Fale, Jaylyn Misa, Naea Albert, Periti Fotumaaliipule, Diana Oloapu, Alatupe Mataafa

A W6 girls team (Tiare, Kamalee, Lakyn, Shalia & Aroha) and a W6 mixed team (Fruen, Tui, Rawinia, Summer & Breeze) competed in the 250m sprints on Saturday 17th November along the Petone foreshore. The CSW inaugural junior Waka competition included 6 Hutt Valley Schools. The 6-week program was run at the Hikoikoi Club in Petone. The event was fantastic, and although the kids mumbled about meeting at 7.30am, they were all there on time excited to be racing. I was told off for being 6 minutes late. It was well organised with food, music, entertaining commentary, and radio coverage. The kids even competed in the waka chant competition, with the winning school receiving life jackets and paddles. Both teams were runners up in the plate final. Thanks to Ben Pomare, Aroha’s dad, for actively supporting the teams and giving them tips.

Best perfo rming team i Wellin n gton pl ace d 1 1th Over a ll.


REP RES ENT Sport code representativeS • Rugby League – Wellington Orca’s U15 Logan Saumolia • Rugby League – Wellington Orca’s U17 Fereti Soloa, David Saumolia, Willy Tufui • Rugby League – Girls Tournament Team. Savannah Peniata, Diana Oloapu • Hockey – U15 Josh Bond, Josh Lambert & Vincent Goodman (MVP) • Umpire – Jess Bond nominated by Wellington Hockey to Umpire at the NZ National Premier U15 Tournament. Kiriana Manuel and Fonofa Fale – L1 Basketball Umpire • U15 Wellington Maori Team – Logan Saumolia, Cornel Tauri, Teomeka Tangiwai-Billing • U17 Wellington Maori Team – David Saumolia, Paul Tangiwai-Scott • Hockey – Wellington U18 Anna Forster (Captain), Jess bond. Hutt Valley U18 James Forster. • Rugby – Hutt Valley U16 Hamish Nixon, Ale Peni, Jaliel Roache. Wellington U16 – Ale Peni. • Netball – Hutt Valley U15 development team. Narissa George. • Touch – U15 Shane Tuariki, Riki Hunt & Lani Silbery. U17 James Sopoaga. U21 Wellington Maori team – Dylan Manuel, Troy Broad, Stacey Te Kuru, Rikihana Ward.


national represen Aiden Ryan REPRESENTING NZ: ANNA FORSTER NZ u21 Maori Hockey Team Most Valuable Player Wellington u18 Hockey team – Captain Player of the Tournament for Naenae College at the mixed hockey tournament 2012 in Palmerston North.

REPRESENTING NZ: AIDEN RYAN NZ u15 Maori Rugby League Team Named Player of the Tournament at the NZ Maori u15 Rugby League Tournament.

CSW Premier Sports Awards CSW Premier Sports Awards were held on Sunday night. Our kapa haka group “Te Whanau Tahi” opened this prestigious annual event. This feedback was received by email from a guest, Chris, on the night: “Just wanted to share that the team did an outstanding job opening the CSW Awards. It was fantastic to see them perform so well”. Of the 698 nominations across 32 schools including 23 from Naenae, 3 were selected as finalists including Anna Forster (Sports Person of the Year - Hockey); Mrs Forster (Volunteer of the Year); and Jessica Bond (Official of the Year). Anna with her impressive citation that included U18 Wellington representative and Captain, NZ U21 Maori Team & MVP, it was of no surprise that she took out the top award as Sports Person of the Year for Hockey. Acknowledgements to Eddie Forster (Volunteer), Lucy Tupuse (Coach), Phil Roache (Coach) for their worthy nominations. Thank you for the incredible work that you do.

Thanks to our volunteers! We are thankful to the many volunteers that are made up from staff, the community and parents. These volunteers have helped to organize 348 students each week to ensure teams get to play their games. Sport at Naenae would simply not exist without these wonderful people: • Badminton – Jamie Bridewell • Basketball – Mr Henderson, Miss Shaw, Sisa, Paul Tauala-Fata, Mr Ferguson • Hockey – Mrs Forster, Eddie Forster, Colin Sheridan, Anna Forster. • Netball – Charmaine Ah-ken, Fiona, Grace Pomare, Anne Kimble, Natasha Whippy, Miss Siencyn, Mrs Manuel • Football – Mr Reynolds, Daniel Wells, Jenn Feek, Isaac Watts, Josh Krakosky, • Rugby – John Manuel, Mr Meadows (aka “Meds”), Ms Ransfield, Ms Campbell, Steve Coppell, Phil Roache, Darren Ward, James Utia, James Coats, Jason Love, Reuben, Lucy Tupuse, Tiaki Dahm • Rugby league – Phil Roache, Katene Vole, Pene Haua, Lucy Tupuse • Waka ama – Mrs Manuel • Water polo – Kathy, Sean and Matt Bryant • Van drivers – Mr Murden, Mrs McLaughlin, Anne Cropp. • Touch – Mrs Manuel, Jason Love Tiaki Dahm. • Volleyball – Mr Ferguson, Jessie, Fay Masoe, Jaynell Misa, Telesia Faalogo, Valoula Ualasi, Tala Chapman, Mr Tesimale, Fay Oloapu, Phillipa, Tui Oloapu • Tennis – Jennifer Feek • Summer league basketball – Mr Logan • Cricket – Don MacMillan, Jennifer Feek, Kevin Goldsbury & Jamie Bridewell. • Softball – Miss Shaw • Futsal – Mr Reynolds • Athletics – Shaka Sola • Van drivers – Mr Russell, Fay Masoe’s Uncle, Miss Seincyn & Nathan, Mr Murden, Mrs McLaughlin, Anne Cropp.

Naenae College

Proudly Congratulates Junior Achievers 2012










Overall Excellence in Year 10 – Prize donated by A1 Apparel. Brewerton Cup for Excellence in English in Years 9 & 10. Triple Gold Award.

The Beverley Jensen Trophy for academic effort and enthusiastic participation in school life.

Overall Excellence in Year 9 – Prize donated by School Supplies. Junior Mathematics Cup. Triple Gold Award.

Overall Excellence in Year 9 – Prize donated by School Supplies. Triple Gold Award.

Turley Cup for Naenae College Junior Sportsman of the Year.

Turley Cup for Naenae College Junior Sportswoman of the Year. Sheryl Fisk Award for best Athletics Junior Girl. Junior Volleyball player of the year.







Burns Cup for Public Speaking in Year 10. Triple Gold Award.

Junior German Cup. Most Improved Member of the Jazz Band. Triple Gold Award.

Technical – Brian Fitton Memorial Award.

Waiwhetu Girls’ High School Intermediate Athletics Cup for Best Athletics Junior Boy.

Patrick Baker Memorial Cup for Waterpolo. Triple Gold Award.

Michael Henson Trophy for Best Junior Badminton Boy.







Neville Luke Memorial Trophy for the Player with the best attitude in Naenae College Junior Rugby.

The Mark Walton Memorial Award for teamwork and fairplay in rugby.

Matthew Dryden Junior Fairplay Award across all sports. Triple Gold Award.

Hutt Valley Softball Association Trophy for most promising junior girl.

C & J Neill Cup for Junior Tennis Girl Champion.

Emily & Charlotte Coe Award for Best Junior Badminton Girl.







Year 9 Public Speaking.

Most Valuable Junior Basketball Girl Team Player. Triple Gold Award.

Best Junior Music Performer.

Most promising Junior Boy Hockey player. Triple Gold Award.

Naenae Old Boys’ Cricket Club / Trophy House Cup for Most Promising Junior Boy Cricketer.

Neil Riddle Cup for Contribution to Junior Boys Tennis. Triple Gold Award.

Triple Gold Awards for Academic and Co-curricular Performance YEAR 10


George Frith

Jay Tiaki

Shaun Brown

Kaitlin Navera

Noella Niyonzima

Peter Lee

Finley MacDonald

Angela Yu

Mikaela Headifen

Neolani Narayan

John MacMillan

Sophie Edmeades

Dylan Bird

Danica Thompson

Besufekad Shafe

Vincent Goodman

Jay Tetava

Anshu Nand

Johanna Igasia

William Edmeades

Aditya Raj

Rahma Siraj

Jack Krakosky

Jacob Wolstenholme

Laurence Malata

Alatupe Mataafa

Katie Martelli

Ryan Chau

Shaun Ellis

Jaylyn Misa



Anna Forster Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Heather Leota Victoria University Outreach Scholarship

Jiah Thomas Ministry of Education Speech Language Therapy Scholarship

Katie Pasanen First Foundation Scholarship with Chorus

Sonhanya Kim Victoria University Achievers Scholarship

Tia Brown Victoria University Outreach Scholarship

Hycenta Uwikunda First Foundation Scholarship with GNS Science

Lydia Hamer Victoria University Achievers Scholarship

Naenae College

Proudly Congratulates Senior Achievers 2012 Key:

yeAR 13

yeAR 12

yeAR 11

CoURtney bRown

SobhAnyA kiM

AnnA foRSteR

elliot bURR

lydiA hAMeR

StACey te kURU

Dux – I. H. Johnson Trophy. Eileen Bone Memorial Scholarship. The Mourne Pearson Shield. 1st in Biology, Drama, English, with Merit in History and Classics. Mason Trophy & Book Prize for Contribution to Drama.

Proxime Accessit – Brenda Wallis Cup for Academic Excellence. Foundation Staff & Pupils Cup for Girls for Worthy Contribution to School Life. Julie Stockdale Cup for Original Work in Senior English. 1st in Classics, with Merit in History, English, Statistics & Modelling and Photography. The German Language Book Prize. Howey Cup for Student Representative on Board of Trustees.

Head Girl – Butterworth Cup for Loyal Service to the School. Waiwhetu GHS Old Girls Cup for Sportswoman of the Year. Derek Wood Trophy for Outstanding Achievement & Service. Julie Stockdale Cup for Original Work in Senior English. The Dalton Cup. 1st in History, Geography, and with Merit in English. Te Whanau Tahi Award – Bone Carving. Agar Cup for Outstanding Female Hockey Player.

Head Boy – Principal’s Cup & Prize for Loyal Service to the School. The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Award for Best Creative Writing in Senior School. Patrick Baker Memorial Cup for Contribution to Waterpolo.

Deputy Head Girl. Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council (jointly). W K Smiler Memorial Award for Senior Public Speaking. The Senior German Cup. The Alan MacDiarmid Book Prize for 1st equal in Chemistry. 1st in Physics, German, with Merit in Calculus and English.

Deputy Head Boy. Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council (jointly). C.F. Gardiner Cup for Boys for Service to School. Parents’ Association Cup Individual Athletics Champion Senior Boys. Waiwhetu Girls’ High School Cup for Senior Boy Tennis Champion.

dylAn MAnUel

QiAnJUn ZhoU

iAtA SoloAi tUlUAUAU


lA boeURn

fRAnCeS boGnot

Te Whanau Tahi Award – Wood Carving for raising the status and profile of Māori.

Julia Tohiariki Memorial Award. The Alan MacDiarmid Book Prize for 1st equal in Chemistry.

Benny Luke Memorial Trophy for Citizenship in the Senior School.

The Art Cup for 1st in Photography and Design.

1st in Business.

BNZ Senior Maths Cup. 1st in Accounting, Calculus, and with Merit in Economics.

heAtheR leotA

ARohA elliSon


Mino AnAe

ShiVneel ChAndRA

lAw lA Moo thAUnG

The Samoan Parents Association Cup. 1st in Samoan, with Merit in Geography.

The Advanced Catering Book Prize & Gateway Cup. 1st in Advanced Catering, and with Merit in Tourism.

Service Academy Cup for Best Overall Student.

1st in Building Trades, Gateway, and with Merit in Design. Waiwhetu Badminton Club Trophy for Best Singles Senior Boy Player.

John Robinson Achievement Award.

Jesson Cup for All Round Excellence in the Special Needs Unit.

thoMAS biRd

JARRod CoPPell

RoyAl Vole

JeSSiCA bond

yASMin GoldinG


Top Academic Honours for Year 12. Year 12 Mathematics Cup. 1st in Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Accounting and Economics.

Best All Round Performance of a Year 12 Student.

Year 12 Diligence Cup.

Kathy Brabin Trophy for Contribution to Naenae College Sport. Jill Willis Stick for Enthusiasm & Sportsmanship in Hockey.

Most Improved Musician. 1st in Graphics and Music. The Big Sing Wellington Festival Cup on behalf of the Naenae College School Choir.

Randwick Rugby League Cup Senior Public Speaking. 1st in Drama.

SCholARShiP ReCiPientS

hyCentA UwikUndA

dAnielle CoURtney

RobeRt CAMPbell

MiChAel lAdd

1st in Chemistry, with Merit in Mathematics, Physics and Biology. Kathy Cross Trophy for Most Deserving Female Soccer Player.

German Language Book Prize for 1st in German. Waiwhetu Girls’ High School Cup for Senior Girl Tennis Champion. Waiwhetu Badminton Club Trophy for Best Senior Girl Singles Player.

Top Academic Honours for Year 11. Year 11 ICT Trophy. Edwards Cup for Year 11 Literature. Year 11 Mathematics Cup. 1st in ICT, Science, Mathematics and English.

Andrea Mudgway Plate for Academic Attainment & Outstanding Enthusiasm & Participation in School Life. Diane Wilson Cup for Contribution to School Music. 1st in Music.





REUNION COMMITTEE SCHOLARSHIPS: Elliot Burr, Qianjun Zhou & Prashnil Chand






Noella Niyonzima Academic Award: 1st in


9LG Health, Year 9 Food Technology. Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Wgtn Athletic Team, Netball, Football, Rwandan Dance Group. Triple Gold Award. Periti Fotumaaliipule Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 Samoan. Sports Award: Valued member of Premier Junior Div 1 winnining Girls’ Volleyball Team. Ryan Chau Triple Gold Award. Academic Award: 1st in 9LG Science Valence Callaghan Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Junior Choir, Football.



Ford Lambert Academic Award: 1st in 9KL

Alyssa Hasselberg Academic Award: 1st

Physical Education. Service Award for worthy contri-bution to school life: Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Hockey Mixed Tournament. Sports Award: Hockey – Most promising Junior Boy player. Triple Gold Award. Jazmin Campbell Academic Award: Year 9 Food Technology. Joseph Basire Academic Award: 1st in 9KL Social Studies, 1st in 9KL Health, 1st in 9KL Mathematics, 1st in 9KL Science, 1st in Year 9 Music. Triple Gold Award. Kieran Garrow Academic Award: 1st in 9KL English. KIM TANCOCK Music – Best Junior Performer. Academic Award: 1st equal Year 9 Music. Linda Hoy Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 ICT SAVANNAH MONU Sports Award: Hutt Valley Softball Association Trophy – Most promising junior girl. Shaun Ellis Triple Gold Award. Te Awhiahua Toko Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 Maori.

9LG April Taualapiu Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Premier Volleyball, Hutt Valley Athletics, Wgtn Athletic Team, Poly Club, Basketball, Netball. Sports Award: Matthew Dryden Junior Fairplay Award – across all sports (presented by family member – Vern Smith & Granddaughter). Netball Cup – Best Junior Player. Che Rapira Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Hockey 2nd XI, Badminton, Outstanding Participation in OPC HAYDEN ANDERSEN Overall Excellence in Year 9 – Prize donated by School Suppliers Limited. Academic Award: 1st in 9LG Mathematics, 1st in 9LG English. Triple Gold Award. Mathematics – Junior Mathematics Cup – for contribution to Mathematics. Jack Krakosky Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 Social Studies. Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Cricket, Team Captain Tennis, Waterpolo, Football. Triple Gold Award. Jacob Wolstenholme Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 Graphics, 1st in Year 9 Technology, 1st in Year 9 ICT. Triple Gold Award. Jamie Rameka Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 Art Jay Tetava Academic Award: 1st in 9LG Physical Education. Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Futsal, Badminton. Triple Gold Award.


in Year 9 ICT. Hayden Mase Academic Award: 1st in 9LM

Physical Education. Jordan Sului Service Award for worthy

contribution to school life: Cricket, Senior Choir, Rugby, Multi-Cultural Concert Participation.Most Improved Musician. Jordan Sului, Academic Award: 1st equal in Year 9 Music. Peter Lee Triple Gold Award. SAFFRON WHITTA Overall Excellence in Year 9 – Prize donated by School Suppliers Limited. Academic Award: 1st in 9LM Health, 1st in 9LM Social Studies, 1st in Year 9 German, 1st in 9LM English, 1st in 9LM Mathematics, 1st in 9LM Science, 1st Equal in Year 9 Art, Year 9 Food Technology, 1st in Year 9 ICT. Triple Gold Award. Sophie Edmeades Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 Art, Year 9 Food Technology. Triple Gold Award.

9MW BRADLEY BRIDEWELL Sports Award: Cricket – Naenae Old Boys’ Cricket Club / Trophy House Cup – for Most Promising Junior Boy Cricketer Cameron Haughey Academic Award: 1st in 9MW English. Ethan Courtney Academic Award: Year 9 Health, 1st in 9MW Science, 1st in Year 9 Drama John MacMillan Academic Award: 1st in 9MW Social Studies, 1st in Year 9 Graphics, 1st in 9MW Mathematics, 1st in Technology. Triple Gold Award. Lakyn Irving‑Mclennan Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Softball, Netball, Basketball, Waka Ama. Lani Silbery Academic Award: Year 9 Physical Education. Worthy contribution to school life: Under 15 Wgtn Touch Team, Touch, Hutt Valley Athletics, Rugby, Rugby League Nikau Karaitiana Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Touch, Rugby Riki Hunt Worthy contribution to school life: Vice Captain Under 15 Maori Touch Team, Rugby League. Robbie Hawkins Worthy contribution to school life: Touch, Rugby, Rugby League, Under 15 Maori Touch Rep Team. TAMATU GRANT Sports Award: Basketball – Most Improved Player.

9OK Danche Anae Academic Award: 1st in 9OK

Science. Halamehi Feki Academic Award: 1st in 9OK

English, Year 9 Speech Competition, 1st in 9OK Health. NAEA ALBERT Sports Award: Tennis – C & J Neill Cup for Junior Girl Champion Jherson Heredia Santamaria Academic Award: 1st in 9OK Physical Education. Ruwayd Abdul Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 ICT. Shanaia Rapira Academic Award: 1st in 9OK Social Studies. Shivaash Chand Academic Award: 1st in 9OK Mathematics. Sophea Ou Academic Award: 1st Equal in Year 9 Art, Year 9 Food Technology. Toby Kham Academic Award: 1st Equal in Year 9 Art. Tyson Weti Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Football, Ki o Rahi.

9RY Anshu Nand Academic Award: 1st in 9RY

Science, Year 9 Food TechnologyTriple Gold Award. Fonofa Fale Academic Award: 1st in 9RY

Health, 1st in 9 ICT. Sports Award: Basketball – Most Valuable Junior Girl Team Player. Valued member of Premier Junior Div 1 winnining Girls’ Volleyball Team. Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Hutt Valley Athletics, Lawn Bowls, Basketball, Ki o Rahi. James Jessop Academic Award: 1st in 9RY English, 1st in 9RY Social Studies, 1st in 9RY Physical Education, 1st in 9RY Mathematics. Sports Award: Tennis – Neil Riddle Cup for Contribution to Junior Boys Tennis. Triple Gold Award. Service Award for worthy contribution to school life: Captain Tennis Team, Football, Hockey 2nd XI. Jaylyn Misa Academic Award: 1st Equal in Year 9 Art. Sports Award: Valued member of Premier Junior Div 1 winnining Girls’ Volleyball Team. Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Junior Choir, Assembly Band Shania Smith Academic Award: 1st in Year 9 German.

10HE Aditya Raj Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Performing Arts Media. Triple Gold Award. Courtney Keating Academic Award: Year 10 Food Technology. Danica Thompson Triple Gold Award. Dylan Bird Triple Gold Award. Academic Award: 1st in 10HE Health. Finley MacDonald Academic Award: 1st in 10HE Social Studies, 1st in Graphics. Triple Gold Award. Franz Van‑Beusekom Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 German. Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Jazz Band, Brass Classes, Flagbearer for Holland.Music – Most Improved Member of the Jazz Band.German – Junior German Cup.

George Frith Triple Gold Award. JACK MORRISSEY Sports Award: Football –

Year 9/10 Footballer of the Year Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Basketball - Junior Boys, Basketball Summer League. Jacob Hogwood Triple Gold Award. Patrick Baker Memorial Cup. Sports Award: Waterpolo – Patrick Baker Memorial Cup – Contribution to Waterpolo. Jay Tiaki Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Technology. Triple Gold Award. Johanna Igasia Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Art. Triple Gold Award. Kaitlin Navera Triple Gold Award. Katie Martelli Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 ICT. Triple Gold Award. Leah Thompson Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Maori. Luke Duncan Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Technology. Technical – Brian Fitton Memorial Award (presented by Fitton family). Maneeshita Prasad Academic Award: Year 10 Speech Competition, 1st in Year 10 Graphics, Year 10 Food Technology, 1st equal Year 10 Business Studies. Triple Gold Award. Public Speaking – Year 10 – Burns Cup. Mikaela Headifen Academic Award: Year 10 Food Technology, 1st equal in Year 10 Business Studies. Triple Gold Award. NAEA ALBERT Sports Award: Valued member of Premier Junior Div 1 winnining Girls’ Volleyball Team. Neolani Narayan Triple Gold Award. PHOEBE WILKINS Overall Excellence in Year 10 – Prize donated by A1 Apparel Limited. English – Brewerton Cup – for Excellence in Years 9 & 10. Academic Award: 1st in 10HE English, 1st in 10HE Science, 1st in Year 10 Music. Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Tennis, Jazz Band, Badminton, Wgtn German Oral Competition. Rajan Reddy Worthy contribution to school life: Touch, Rugby, Rugby League. Vincent Goodman Academic Award: 1st in 10HE Physical Education. Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Hockey 2nd XI Boys, HV Under 15 Rep Team, Most Valuable Player of the Year. William Edmeades Academic Award: 1st in 10HE Mathematics. Triple Gold Award.

10kb DIANA OLOAPU Turley Cup - Naenae College Junior Sportswoman of the Year. Member of the Basketball, Volleyball, Touch Ki o Rahi, Rugby and Rugby League Teams. Member of the Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team, winners of the Premier Division. Selected in the Wellington Regional Tournament Team and North Island Team. Voted MVP for the North Island Championships Playoff. Co-captain of the Girls’ Rugby League Team. Winners of the Lightening League Tournament. Selected in the Tournament Team. Co-captain of the Girls’ Rugby Team. winners of the Premier Division. Second in the Shot Put and Discus at the Wellington Athletic Championship. Sports Award: Athletics – Sheryl Fisk Award - Individual Champion Junior Girls. Junior Volleyball Player of the Year – for outstanding contribution to Volleyball. Valued member of Premier Junior Div 1 winnining Girls’

Volleyball Team. Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Junior Choir, Softball, North Island Athletics Team, Basketball, Rugby, Capt of Rugby League Team, Ki o Rahi. Luke Vole Touch, Volleyball, Rugby League Promise Iradukunda Academic Award: 1st in Integrated Learning SHANE TUARIKI Turley Cup - Naenae College Junior Sportsman of the Year. Member of the Under 15 Rugby and Rugby League Teams. Member of the U15 Hurricanes Tournament Team. Captain of the Division 1 Touch Team and winners of the Hutt Zone in Term 1 and 3rd at the Regional Tournament. Member of the U15 Wellington Maori Touch Team. Member of the U15 Wellington Touch Team. Worthy contribution to school life: Wgtn Under 15 Rep for Touch, Rugby, Junior Boys Touch (Captain), Rugby League SHANELLE CHERRY The Beverley Jensen Trophy. This student displays leadership and motivation of others. She uses her initiative and always displays a positive attitude and has energy and enthusiasm in all she undertakes outside the classroom as well as towards learning in class. Worthy contribution to school life: 2nd Regional Manu Korero Competition. Academic Award: 1st in 10KB English, 1st in 10KB Mathematics.

10lS AIDAN STRICKLAND Sports Award: Basketball

– Most Valuable Junior Boy Team Player. Ashley George Academic Award: 1st in 10LS

English. FAAIULOTU MUIAA Sports Award: Rugby – Neville Luke Memorial Trophy – for the Player with the Best Attitude in Naenae College Junior Rugby. Hadija Ellison Academic Award: 1st in 10LS Science. Kahutia Hune Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Captain of the Badminton team, Junior Production team. Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Drama. Quentin McCarthy Academic Award: 1st in 10LS Social Studies, 1st in 10SH Mathematics.

10SH Alatupe Mataafa Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Samoan. Sports Award: Valued member of Premier Junior Div 1 winnining Girls’ Volleyball Team. Triple Gold Award. Angela Yu Triple Gold Award. Academic Award: 1st in 10SH Science, 1st in 10SH Mathematics. Besufekad Shafe Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Captain Basketball Summer League, Football, Basketball Jeremiah Luaai Academic Award: 1st in 10SH Physical Education, 1st in 10SH English LAUINA FA’ALOGO‑LEVAULA Sports Award: Badminton –Michael Henson Trophy – for best Junior Boy. Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Art SALINNA PHAVO Sports Award: Badminton – Emily & Charlotte Coe Award – For best Junior Girl. Academic Award: 1st in 10SH Social Studies. Van Ro‑Hnem Academic Award: 1st in Junior ESOL.

13DW Cornell Tauri Worthy contribution to school life: Te Whanau Tahi Kapa Haka, Rugby League FRUEN SAMOA Sports Award: Athletics – Waiwhetu Girls’ High School Intermediate Athletics Cup – for Best Junior Boy. Worthy contribution to school life: Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Wgtn Athletic Team, Te Whanau Tahi Kapa Haka, North Island Athletics Team, Waka Ama Junior, Urban Rootz. Rawinia Thompson Worthy contribution to school life: Te Whanau Tahi Kapa Haka, Junior Choir, Waka Ama, Assembly Band, Junior Production Team, Jaraah.

10NT Frank Tavita Academic Award: 1st in 10NT

Physical Education. Triple Gold Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Touch, Volleyball, Basketball Summer League, Rugby, Basketball Josh Bond Worthy contribution to school life: Hutt Valley Under 15 Team Rep (Hockey), Hockey 1st XI, Hockey Mixed Tournament Team member. Laurence Malata Academic Award: 1st in 10NT Health, 1st in 10NT Social Studies, 1st in 10NT Mathematics, 1st in 10NT Science, 1st in Year 10 Art. Triple Gold Award. Rahma Siraj Academic Award: 1st in 10NT English. Triple Gold Award. Shaun Brown Triple Gold Award.Worthy contribution to school life: Cricket, Futsal, Basketball Summer League, Basketball, Football. TYLER AH‐KEN Sports Award: Rugby – The Mark Walton Memorial Award – for exhibiting a high level of determination with a positive attitude and commitment towards teamwork and fairplay amongst restricted grade rugby. Zolina Fruean Academic Award: 1st in Year 10 Music.


Colleen Moffat Academic Award: English


102 with Merit in Mathematics 102 and ICT 102. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Girls’ Hockey, Hockey Mixed Tournament Team, Netball Hou Hoen Academic Award: ESOL John Hune Academic Award: Mathematics 103 with Merit in Art 102. Noah Brookhamer-Lust Academic Award: Food & Nutrition 102. Samkhan Ou Academic Award: ESOL with Merit in ICT 102. Stephen Thorpe Academic Award: Maori 101 with Merit in Art 101. Worthy contribution to school life: Rugby Junior Boys’, Te Whanau Tahi Kapa Haka.



KIRIANA MANUEL Sports Award: Naenae Old

Brock Stobbs Academic Award: Accounting

Girls Netball Cup – Outstanding commitment to sport of netball. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Girls’ Volleyball, Touch, Premier Netball, Ki o rahi.

11AN DENZEL ROACHE Sports Award: Rugby – 2nd

XV Best and Fairest Award. Worthy contribution to school life: Rugby 2nd XV, Senior Boys Rugby League. Malaki Peseta Academic Award: English 103, Art 101. JAMES BARR BARCLAY CUP – for an excellent attitude in Special Education Physical Education.

11DW Te Wharekotua‑Davis Academic Award: Maori 301 with Merit in Mathematics 103 Endya Cameron Academic Award: Maori Performing Arts with Merit in Maori 101

11JE Ale Peni Academic Award: Sports Development 102 with Merit in English 102. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Boys’ Cricket, Wellington Under 16 Rugby Team, 1st XV Rugby Team, Rugby League Senior Boys. JAMES LYNCH Sports Award: Soccer – Naenae Old Boys Football Cup for the most deserving male player. Lesa Pasi Academic Award: Samoan 101 Savannah Peniata Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Girls’ Touch, Netball, Girls’ Rugby League. MVP Tournament Team. Jaleil Roache Worthy contribution to school life: 2nd XV Rugby, Hutt Valley U15 Rugby Team, Senior Boys’ Rugby League.

11LO Aiden Ryan Worthy contribution to school life:

Junior Boys’ Rugby League, Junior Boys’ Rugby, Under 15 Rugby Team, NZ Under 15 Maori Rugby League Team. Atareta Noanoa Worthy contribution to school life: Naenae Mana Wahine programme, Girls’ Rugby League, Girls’ Senior Hockey, Ki o rahi, Flagbearer United Kingdom


101 with Merit in Science 101 Emma Cropp Academic Award: Physical

Education 102, German 101. Sports Award: Netball – Mrs N G Carter Cup for Outstanding senior player. Hamish Nixon Academic Award: Graphics 101 Jarred Duncan Academic Award: Technology 102 HOWARD CLENTWORTH CUP. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Tennis, 1st XI Boys’ Hockey, Mixed Tournament Team KAYNNE TAGLE Sports Award: Basketball – 1976 Old Boys Trophy –outstanding senior boy player. Kiriana Manuel Academic Award: Maori 101 Lydia Wolstenholme Academic Award: Geography 101. Martin Chau Worthy contribution to school life: Lawn Bowls, Senior Boys’ Badminton (Team Captain), Hockey 2nd XI, Flagbearer for Vietnam. Morgan Chan Academic Award: Mathematics 102 with Merit in History 101 and Lifeskills 102. Regina Lee Academic Award: History 101. Steven Callaghan Academic Award: Art 102. Tom Basire Academic Award: Drama with Merit in Mathematics 101. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Boys’ Cricket, Jazz Band, Brass Classes, Senior Waterpolo, Wellington German Oral Competition.

11YO Andrew McLaughlan Worthy contribution

to school life: 1st XI Boys’ Hockey, Senior Boys’ Cricket, Lawn Bowls, Production Team. Emma Cropp Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Girls’ Touch, Premier Netball, Ki o rahi. Hamish Nixon Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Boys’ Cricket, 2nd XV Boys’ Hockey, 1st XV Rugby, Hutt Valley U15 Rugby Team, Justify. MICHAEL LADD Andrea Mudgway Plate. Music – Diane Wilson Cup - Contribution to School Music. Academic Award: Music 101. Worthy contribution to school life: Lawn Bowls, Jazz Band, Production Team, Assembly Band, Justify. ROBERT CAMPBELL Top Academic Honours for Year 11 – Te tapaepae o te rangi – Strive to attain the utmost. Look to the furtherest horizon. Academic Award: ICT 101, Science 101, Mathematics 101, English 101, YEAR 11 ICT TROPHY, EDWARDS CUP FOR YEAR 11 LITERATURE, YEAR 11 MATHEMATICS CUP.

12FN ALICIA HART House Trophy – RATA (jointly.

Academic Award: Physical Education 202, Physics 201 with Merit in English 201, Mathematics 201 and German 201, THE GERMAN LANGUAGE BOOK PRIZE FOR MERIT IN GERMAN 201. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Tennis, Student Council, Sports Council, Mentor, Premier Netball, Senior Girls’ Hockey, Hockey Mixed Tournament Team, Wellington German Oral Competition. Danielle Courtney Academic Award: German 201, THE GERMAN LANGUAGE BOOK PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN GERMAN 201. Sports Award: Badminton -Waiwhetu Badminton Club Trophy – Best Singles Player – Senior Girl. Sports Award: Tennis – Waiwhetu Girls’ High School cup for senior girl champion. Worthy contribution to school life: Badminton, Football, Mentor. FERETI SOLOA Sports Award: Rugby – Player of the Year Award presented by Avalon Rugby Football Club. Sports Award: Rugby League – Randwick Rugby League Club – Rugby League Sportsperson of the year. Worthy contribution to school life: Touch, Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Wgtn Athletic Team, Rugby 1st XV, Rugby League, Ki o rahi, Captain Rugby 7’s. TE ATATU TAPARA Service Academy Cup – for Best Overall Student.

12FN HYCENTA UWIKUNDA First Foundation

Scholarship with GNS Science. Worthy contribution to school life: Tennis, Student Council, Sports Council, Hockey, Student Librarian, Netball, Hockey Mixed Tournament Team, Football, Mentor, Flagbearer for Rwanda. Academic Award: Chemistry 201 with Merit in Mathematics 201, Physics 201 and Biology 201. Sports Award: Soccer – Kathy Cross Trophy – most deserving female player. JAMES FORSTER Public Speaking – Senior – Randwick Rugby League Cup. Academic Award: Drama 201. Worthy contribution to school life: Mentor, Student Council, Senior Tennis Team, 1st XI Hockey, Hockey Mixed Tournament Team, Student Librarian, Senior Waterpolo. JESSICA BOND Sports Award: Hockey – Jill Willis Stick for enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Worthy contribution to school life: Mai Biz Programme Leader, Softball, Football, Hockey, Mixed Tournament Team, Under 18 Wellington Hockey Team, Finalist in College Sport Wellington Awards. Joselle De‑Leon Academic Award: Science 202 with Merit in Tourism 212 and Mathematics 102. Lisa Budny Academic Award: Sports Development 202 with Merit in Photography 201 and Design 201. Maluolefale Levaula-Faalogo Worthy contribution to school life: Basketball, Badminton, 1st XV Rugby. Polly Pesheva Academic Award: Biology 201 with Merit in English 201, Accounting 201, Mathematics 201, Chemistry 201 and History 201 Rebecca McHugh Academic Award: Photography 201 (1st equal), Mathematics 202. Worthy contribution to school life: Tennis (player/ organiser), Reliability as a player in Premier Netball.

Shaniqua Iorangi Worthy contribution to

school life: Te Whanau Tahi Kapa Haka, Ki o rahi, Softball, Premier Netball, Rugby League THOMAS BIRD Top Academic Honours for Year 12 – Te ara kura o Tane – A potential leader sets out on a pathway to success. Academic Award: Mathematics 201, English 201, Geography 201, History 201, Accounting 201, Economics 201, YEAR 12 MATHEMATICS CUP. Worthy contribution to school life: Captain of the Senior Boys’ Cricket, Waterpolo, Russell McVeagh Programme, Student Council, Sports Council, Mai Biz Programme Leader, Mentor. Tuna Ioelu Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Girls’ Touch, Softball, Girls’ Rugby, Rugby League, Ki o rahi, Polynesian Club. Sports Award: Rugby – Naenae College Girls’ Rugby Cup Girls’ Player of the Year. JARROD COPPELL Best All Round Performance of a Year 12 Student. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Boys’ Cricket Captain, Student Council, Sports Council, 1st XV Rugby, Rugby League, Ki o rahi, Mentor, Multicultural day selection panel, stage hand for the concerts. Maluolefale Levaula-Faalogo Worthy contribution to school life: Basketball, Badminton, 1st XV Rugby. Misimaselusi Savea Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Touch, Rugby 1st XV, Rugby League, Rugby 7’s.

12LE Lucas Ryan Academic Award: ICT 201. Worthy

David Saumolia Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Touch, Ki o rahi, Rugby League, U17 Wellington Orcas, William Tufui Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Touch, Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Rugby 1st XV, Rugby League, Captain U17 Wellington Orcas, Soul Sistas. YASMIN GOLDING The Big Sing Wellington Festival Cup.

12MG Alexander Holmes Academic Award: Science 102, ICT 102 with Merit in Sports Development 102. April Hunia Worthy contribution to school life: Softball, Premier netball (captain), voted MVP of the season. Denique Igasia Academic Award: Photography 201 (1st equal), Art 201 Faalalo Wright Academic Award: Lifeskills 202 with Merit in Mechanical Engineering 202. Worthy contribution to school life: Rugby 2nd XV, Rugby League, Ki o rahi. Isikeli Cawanikawai Worthy contribution to school life: Rugby 2nd XV, Rugby League, Rugby 7’s, Polynesian Club. Liam Sheridan Academic Award: Mechanical Engineering 202. Sonny Oloapu Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Touch, Rugby, Captain 2nd XV, Rugby League, Rugby 7’s, Ki o rahi, Polynesian Club. Lily Wright Academic Award: Catering & Hospitality 212 with Merit in Lifeskills 202, THE HALSE CUP.

contribution to school life: Cricket, Hockey, 1st XI and Mixed Tournament Team, Production Team, Armada. Marcela Gonzalez Rodriguez Academic Award: 12LE - ICT 212 with Merit in English 103 and Mathematics 202. MATT SIMS-LAW Debra Anne Bergman Cup for perseverance, application and reliability in Employment Skills. Academic Award: Employment Skills, Lifeskills 202 with Merit in Catering & Hospitality 202. ROYAL VOLE Year 12 Diligence Cup. Worthy contribution to school life: Cricket, Sports Council, Hutt Valley Athletic Event Official, Rugby 2nd XV, Mentor, Multi-cultural day selector and stage hand. House Trophy – RATA (jointly) Troy Broad Worthy contribution to school life: Student Council, Sports Council, Touch, U21 Maori Touch Team, Hutt Valley Athletics, Wgtn Athletic Team, Rugby 1st XV, Mai Biz Group Leader, Rugby 7’s, Rugby League, Ki o rahi, Mentor, Multi-cultural day selection panel, stage hand, Senior Formal planning group.

JITESH PATEL Sports Award: Cricket – Naenae Old Boys Cricket Club Most Promising Player (Best Male Player). Sam Brun Academic Award: Mechanical Engineering 322 with Merit in English 202, THE TOTAL TRADE SUPPLIES PRIZE - GREEN TOOL SET Shaun Cope-Waikato Academic Award: Maori 201. Sports Award: Touch Rugby – Most outstanding Male player. SHIVNEEL CHANDRA John Robinson Achievement Award – presented by John Robinson. JAMES SOPOAGA Sports Award: Volleyball – Best contribution to Naenae College volleyball. Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Rugby 2nd XV, Rugby League, Touch. Peleiupu Faalogo Worthy contribution to school life: Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Wgtn Athletics, North Island Athletics, Girls Rugby, Rugby League.



Sinofo Suena Muiaa Academic Award:

Aroha Ellison Academic Award: 13

Samoan 201. Yasmin Golding Academic Award: Graphics

201, Music 201, CERTIFICATE FOR THE MOST IMPROVED MUSICIAN. Worthy contribution to school life: Senior Choir, Vocal classes, Personal performances, role in Justify. Angelique Araiza Academic Award: Design 201 with Merit in Art 201.


Advanced Catering with Merit in Tourism 322, THE ADVANCED CATERING BOOK PRIZE AND GATEWAY CUP. CHRISTINA FALE Te Whanau Tahi Award – Silver Cup presented by the Taramai Family for service to the Polynesian Culture at Naenae College.

DYLAN MANUEL Te Whanau Tahi Award – Wood Carving – initiated by Mrs T Taramai, carved by the Late Mr J McEwen. Worthy contribution to school life: Mentor, Volleyball, Student Council, Touch (Player/Junior Assistant), Sports Council, Hutt Valley Athletics Event Official, Basketball, Rugby 1st XV, Rugby League, Rugby 7’s, Ki o rahi. ELLIOT BURR Sports Award: Waterpolo – Patrick Baker Memorial Cup – Contribution to Waterpolo. Reunion Committee Scholarship. JIAH THOMAS MINISTRY OF EDUCATION SPEECH LANGUAGE THERAPY SCHOLARSHIP. Malcolm Tangitutu Academic Award: Technical Building Trades 202, Top hard Technology Student, WELLINGTON WOODWORKERS GUILD PRIZE. Polynesia Seleni Worthy contribution to school life: Prefect, Volleyball, Touch, Student Council, Sports Council, Hutt Valley Athletic Relay Team, Wellington Athletics, Rugby 1st XV, Rugby League, Polynesian Club, Flagbearer for Samoa QIANJUN ZHOU Julia Tohiariki Memorial Award – Libertas Sententiae – Freedom of Thought. Worthy contribution to school life: Mentor, Student Council, Flagbearer for China and Hong Kong, Senior Formal Fundraising and Organiser. Reunion Committee Scholarship. Academic Award: Chemistry 301 (First Equal), THE ALAN MCDIARMID BOOK PRIZE. STEFAN POAD Sports Award: Hockey – Naenae Old Boys’ Hockey Club Voucher – Outstanding male player. Worthy contribution to school life: Vocals, Hockey, Velvet Regime. Music – Best Senior Music Performance: VELVET REGIME

13DW REGAN TAPA Sports Award: Softball – NAOMI SHAW TROPHY for most outstanding female softballer.

13CP Asonei Levaula Faalogo Worthy

contribution to school life: Badminton, Rugby 1st XV, Student Council, Sports Council, Mentor. Faauiaootupu Tomanogi Worthy contribution to school life: Mentor, Volleyball (Player & Fundraiser), Leadership and Organisation of the Homework Centre, Student Librarian. Glory Finau Academic Award: English 202. Heather Leota Worthy contribution to school life: Mentor, Student Council, Leadership and Organisation of the Homework Centre Iosefo Taulapapa-Saipani, Academic Award: Business Studies 212. Manaaki Tapara Worthy contribution to school life: Basketball, Waka Ama, Te Whanau Tahi Kapa Haka, Assembly Band, Urban Rootz. Soapi Lupi Worthy contribution to school life: Futsal, Football, Captain of the Football Senior Boys’ Team, Flagbearer for Tokelau. TELESIA FA’ALOGO Sports Award: Athletics - Parents’ Association Cup Individual Champion Senior Girls. Worthy contribution to school life: Hutt Valley & Wellington Athletic Teams, Nth Island Athletics, Rugby, Rugby League, Volleyball, Polynesian Club.


Heather Leota Academic Award: Samoan 301 with Merit in Geography 301, SAMOAN PARENTS ASSOCIATION CUP.

13MO Frances Bognot Academic Award:

Accounting 301, Calculus 301 with Merit in Economics 301, THE BNZ SENIOR MATHS CUP Garmay Zhu Worthy contribution to school life: Football, Student Council, Mentor, Flagbearer for China & Hong Kong. Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt Scholarship LA BOEURN Girls’ Friendly Society Study Bursary. Academic Award: Business 322. Worthy contribution to school life: Leadership and Organisation of the Homework Centre, Girls’ Football, Kimiora Student Mentor. Malifa Chapman Worthy contribution to school life: Prefect, Student Council, Sports Council, Polynesian Club, Badminton, 1st XV Rugby, Rugby 7’s. Mino Anae Academic Award: Building Trades 202, Gateway with Merit in Design 301. Sports Award: Badminton – Waiwhetu Badminton Club Trophy – Best Singles Player – Senior Boy Oka Ula Worthy contribution to school life: Badminton Senior Boys’, Rugby 1st XV, Basketball, Rugby 7’s, Student Council, Sports Countil, Mentor PRASHNIL CHAND REUNION COMMITTEE SCHOLARSHIP. Rosemarie Kaa Academic Award: Painting 301. IATA SOLOAI TULUAUAU Benny Luke Memorial Trophy – citizenship, Senior school of Naenae College. Worthy contribution to school life: Mentor, Student Centre, Leadership and Organisation for the Homework Centre Mino Anae Worthy contribution to school life: Captain Boys’ Badminton, Rugby 1st XV.

13RA Elliot Burr Academic Award: THE KATHERINE

MANSFIELD BIRTHPLACE AWARD FOR BEST CREATIVE WRITING IN SENIOR SCHOOL. Worthy contribution to school life: Head Boy, Student Council, Basketball, Waterpolo, and out of school a Champion in Ballroom and Latin/American dancing. Enatha Musabe Worthy contribution to school life: Leadership and Organisation for Homework Centre, Girls’ Football, Student Librarian, Kimiora Student Mentor, Russell McVeagh Programme. Fay Masoe Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Student Council, Captain of Touch Team, Sports Council, Softball, Girls’ Rugby Captain, Rugby League Captain, Ki o rahi, Flagbearer for Samoa, Mentor. Jessica Parkes Academic Award: Photography 301, Design 30, THE ART CUP. Worthy contribution to school life: Hockey, Publicity with Posters and Tickets for the Senior Formal and Multi-cultural Day Joel Averes Music – Best Senior Music Performance: VELVET REGIME. Academic Award: Economics 301, Mathmatics, Statistics & Modelling with Merit in Music 302. LYDIA HAMER Hutt Mana Charitable Trust Energy Scholarship, Victoria University Achievers Scholarship. Academic Award: Physics 301, German 301, Chemistry 301 with Merit in Mathematics with Calculus 301


and English 30, THE SENIOR GERMAN CUP – LANGUAGES, ALAN MCDIARMID BOOK PRIZE. W K Smiler Memorial Award – for senior public speaking. Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Student Council, Sports Council, Hockey, Captain of the Football Team, Waterpolo, Wellington German Oral Competition, Senior Formal organiser before and after Germany. Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council – Chairperson. Matthew McLaughlan Worthy contribution to school life: Hockey, 1st XI Team and Tournament Team, Production Team. Philip Martelli Academic Award: ICT 302. Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt Scholarship Rikihana Ward Worthy contribution to school life: Captain of the Tennis Team, Touch, Basketball, Russell McVeagh, Ki o rahi, Ultimate Frisbee Samantha Burns Academic Award: Tourism 322 with Merit in Gateway. STACEY TE KURU Bruce Cup for Leadership of Senior Council – Chairperson. Sports Award: Athletics - Parents’ Association Cup Individual Champion Senior Boys. Tennis – Waiwhetu Girls’ High School Cup for senior boy champion. Worthy contribution to school life: Tennis, Volleyball, Touch, Hutt Valley Athletic Team, Wgtn Athletics, North Island Athletics, Basketball, Rugby 1st XV, Russell McVeagh, Rugby League, Rugby 7’s, Sports Council, Student Council, originator of the Velvet Regime.

13RA ANNA FORSTER Otago Leaders of

Tomorrow Scholarship. Derek Wood Trophy and Parents’ Association Prize – for outstanding Achievement and Service – presented in his honour by the Board of Governors and the College Moot – Principal 1967 - 1980. Te Whanau Tahi Award – Bone Carving. Academic Award: History 301, Geography 301 with Merit in English 301, THE DALTON CUP. English – Julie Stockdale Cup for Original work in Senior English. Sports Award: Hockey – Agar Cup for Outstanding Female Player. Worthy contribution to school life: Head Girl, Volleyball, Student Council, Sports Council, Touch, Softball, Hockey, Waterpolo, Rugby League COURTNEY BROWN * Dux * – I. H. Johnson Trophy – presented in honour of the foundation Principal by the Board of Governors and the School Council and Parents’ Association Prize. Drama – Mason Trophy and Book Prize for contribution to drama. THE MOURNE PEARSON SHIELD. Eileen Bone Memorial Scholarship. Academic Award: Biology 301, Drama 301, English 301 with Merit in History 301 and Classics 301. Dipashna Rominshal Worthy contribution to school life: Volleyball, Student Council, Kimiora Student Mentor, Russell McVeagh, Prefect Nigel Martinez Music – Best Senior Music Performance: VELVET REGIME. Academic Award: Music 301 with Merit in Mathematics with Statistics & Modelling 301. John Hendren Memorial Award. SOBHANYA KIM Brenda Wallis Cup for Academic Excellence and Parents’ Association Prize - Proxime Accessit. Victoria University Achievers Scholarship. Howey Cup for Student Representative on Board of Trustees. THE GERMAN LANGUAGE BOOK PRIZE FOR MERIT IN GERMAN 301. Academic

Award: 13RA - Classics 301 with Merit in History 301, English 301, Mathematics with Statistics & Modelling 301 and Photography 301. English – Julie Stockdale Cup for Original work in Senior English. Worthy contribution to school life: Prefect, Student Council, Hockey, Russel McVeagh, Wellington German Oral Competition, Outstanding Senior Formal organiser and fundraiser.


round excellence in the Learning Centre.

9 KL

Back Row:Nicholas Finlay, Ford Lambert, Kieran Garrow, Shaun Ellis, Te Omeka Tangiwai Billing, Danny Chanaphoo. Third Row:Frankie Erihe, Kent Jumao-As, Kim Tancock, Billy Lemaga, Joseph Basire, Tane Hauiti. Second Row:Mrs Julia Kendall (Teacher), Marie George, Ema Metuli Soloai, Riley Hogan-Ede, Jazmin Campbell, Takuwai Huaki, Margaret Pona, Mr Hamish Muirhead (Year 9 Dean). Front Row:Linda Hoy, Taylor-Rae Waikato, Te Awhiahua Toko, Claire Parkes, Henrietta Luaai, Delaine Tesimale, Lucy Clark. Absent:Shifaz Ali, Wairere Ferris, Savannah Monu, Perry Noanoa.

9 LG

Back Row:Danny Sweeney, Jordan Kauone, Oziyah Efaraimo, Liam Drummond, Jude Hamer, Teufolau Feki, Valence Callaghan. Third Row: Malcolm Tangitutu (Mentor), Wiremu MacKey, Zach Harris, Che Rapira, Jacob Wolstenholme, Hayden Andersen, Izaiah Stevens, Jay Tetava, Alysha Franklin (Mentor). Second Row:Mr Martin Laing (Teacher), Mrs Yvonne Harris (Teacher Aide), Jazmine Gestro, Ashley Burrows, Jack Krakosky, Komene O’Riley, Ryan Chau, Jamie Rameka, Chelus Knowles, Mr Hamish Muirhead (Year 9 Dean. Front Row:Marie Laa, Waiora Matthews, Periti Fotumaaliipule, Anau Tupou, April Taualapiu, Tiare Hune, Noella Niyonzima.

9 MW

Back Row:Ayden Ah-Ken, Joshua Crossling, Tavita Va’a, John MacMillan, Tamatu Grant, Lani Silbery. Third Row:James Forster (Mentor), Ethan Courtney, Riki Hunt, Cameron Haughey, Christian Ki-Toalepai, Aden Walters, Robbie Hawkins, Robert Little, Fay Masoe (Mentor).Second Row:Mr Geoffrey Meadows (Teacher), Madison Hemopo, Tayne Callaghan, Cecilia Haenga, Patricia Mahara, Joeane Pasi, Nikau Karaitiana, Bradley Bridewell, Mr Hamish Muirhead (Year 9 Dean). Front Row:Amelia Wylie, Kamalee Nicholson, Lakyn Irving Mclennan, Anita Vailalo, Khinah Kepa-Henry, Jaydah Ryland, Maxine Boyle. Absent:Jessica Riley.


Back Row:Hayden Mase, Palekahala Luka, Zainal Ali, Zak Mose, Vaii Hunt. Third Row:Jarrod Coppell (Mentor), Kurt Stobbs, Samuel Bray, Zane Stephenson, Jeremiah Hadfield, Jamie Kham, Peter Lee, Sharesse PorterSamuel (Mentor). Second Row:Mr Manu Luke (Teacher), Primrose Finau, Sher Khan, Creighdon Dawson, Piripi Amohau, Drew Mawhinney, Mark Jack, Soe Sola, Mr Hamish Muirhead (Year 9 Dean). Front Row:Sophie Edmeades, Jaelee Edwards, Matarai Namana, Aria Robin-Underwood, Alyssa Hasselberg, Rebekah Headifen, Saffron Whitta. Absent:Daniel Hammond McCall, Tautoro Papunai, Tram Pham, Jordan Sului.

9 OK

Back Row:Jordan Campbell, Tj Kanara, Logan Pyatt, Huntah McGregor, Alefosio Ryan, Kim Bognot. Third Row:Troy Broad (Mentor), Dimitrius Misirlakis, Noah Abraha Asnake, Jherson Heredia Santamaria, William Za, Shivaash Chand, Toby Kham, Laurel-Jean Dennison (Mentor). Second Row:Shanaia Rapira, Konaleigh Huaki, Clare Tonise, Sina Sopoaga, Ulaula Luaai, Ruwayd Abdul, Sophea Ou, Joyliz De Leon, Mr Hamish Muirhead (Year 9 Dean). Front Row:Jade Morley, Danche Anae, Savana Goffe, Katie Greenwood, Halamehi Feki, Analeah Rangikauwhata, Leshana Middlebeck. Absent:Mrs Janelle O’Keeffe (Teacher), Isaiah Te Taite. 59

9 RY

10 HE

Back Row:Tabai McGregor-Burt, Matthew Sanger-Douglas, Jarrod Wilson, Fahad Ayoub, Laurance Kereopa, Fapiano Moti, Hendrik Louw, Horowai Kereopa. Third Row:Oka Ula, Dylan Faneva, James Jessop, Rhys Peneha, Kieran Cropp, Nathan Wilkinson, Hamiora Haapu, Jarrad Dorrestyn, Mr Hamish Muirhead (Year 9 Dean). Second Row:Mr James Reynolds (Teacher), Mrs Yvonne Harris (Teacher Aide), Ms Jill Glensor (Teacher Aide), Aroha Pomare, Saphire Harris, Esther Malila, Fonofa Fale, Maison Schreurs, Emma Barr, Mrs Patsy Billows (Teacher Aide). Front Row:Danielle Spier, Lupe Ngu, Anshu Nand, Lael Marshall, Jaylyn Misa, Sailigamalo Ualesi, Lani Tangiwai-Scott. Absent:Cheleen Huhu, Courtnee Lintern, Shania Smith.

Back Row:Jay Tiaki, Olly Leolahi, Finley MacDonald, George Frith, Rajan Reddy, Jack Morrissey. Third Row:Royal Vole (Mentor), Luke Duncan, William Edmeades, Dylan Bird, Jacob Hogwood, Vincent Goodman, Franz Van Beusekom, Aditya Raj, Alicia Hart (Mentor). Second Row:Mr Simon Henderson (Teacher), Neolani Narayan, Fuatino Tafunai, Danica Thompson, Mikaela Headifen, Phoebe Wilkins, Johanna Igasia, Macinta Tesimale, Kaitlin Navera, Marina Hazeldine, Mr Philip Carew (Year 10 Dean). Front Row:Holly Johnson, Dana Aramoana, Katie Martelli, Leah Thompson, Courtney Keating, Maneeshita Prasad, Arazil Griggs. Absent:Naea Albert.

10 KB

10 LS

Back Row:Logan Saumolia, Kauhana Matagi, Luke Vole, Bradley Janes. Middle Row:Miss Karla Balfour (Teacher), Georgia Hutchison, Taylor Fortune, Cruz Madden, Shane Tuariki, Ashleigh Pool, Mr Philip Carew (Year 10 Dean) Front Row:Manea Campbell, Shanelle Cherry, Emily Monks, Emma-Jade Makinson, Shaliajo Edwards, Promise Iradukunda, Jess Seddon. Absent: Diana Oloapu.

Back Row:Quentin McCarthy, Adam Elliott, Aidan Strickland, Nathan Collins, Marcus Kaa, Andrew Davy. Third Row:Taylor Denzel, Tainui Liddington, Ameto Leatuavao, Andrew Eastham, Jerry Malua, Cameron Teague. Second Row: Ms Kalia Lautusi (Teacher), Ms Kerri Powell (Teacher Aide), Heather Leota (Mentor), Amy Ross, Tui Gerrard, Taylor Lyall, Hadija Ellison, Helen Tufele, Iata Soloai Tuluauau (Mentor), Mrs Jackie Hillman (Teacher Aide), Mr Philip Carew (Year 10 Dean). Front Row:Shivashni Narayan, Te Ao Zuur, Lakai Ngu, Lagi Siu, Severa Masoe, Ashley George, Maddison McGhie. Absent:Christian Lindsay.

10 NT

10 SH

Back Row:Steven Ferguson, Frank Tavita, Gebremedhin Gebremikel, Fruen Samoa, Faaiulotu Muiaa, Tyler Ah-Ken, Stefon Borell-Tapsell. Third Row: Nikisha Turahui (Mentor), Laurence Malata, Iese Tomanogi, Josh Bond, Sacad Ahmed, Fatu Sola, Nicole Araiza (Mentor). Second Row:Ms Shiro Nippert (Teacher), Shaun Brown, Ezekiel Sei’a, Jarrod Cleverley Wallace, Joshua Tangataolakepa, Kahutia Hune, Johnny Karehana, Mr Philip Carew (Year 10 Dean). Front Row:Rahma Siraj, Jahcinda Kirk, Rawinia Thompson, Zolina Fruean, Faasalafa Tafili, Summer Haley-Potangaroa, Faapili Aiomata. Absent: Jardana Bell, Henok Gebre, Conor Mordecai, Shezarn Pahi.

Back Row:Mikaere Tapara, Lauina Levaula Faalogo, Kevin Aiomata, Dillon-Lee Stafford, Jeremiah Luaai, Blake Campion, Cornell Tauri. Third Row:Besufekad Shafe, Jordan Riley, Tui Tagata, Jordan Vole, Matthew Faasavalu, George Tawa, Kayle McKnight, Raad Shahid. Second Row:Ms Kiri Shaw (Teacher), Dylan Manuel (Mentor), Teuila Manuele, Angela Yu, Joanna MacAranas, Alatupe Mataafa, Kate-Lyn MacDonald, Faauiaootupu Tomanogi (Mentor), Mr Philip Carew (Year 10 Dean). Front Row:Cirse Heredia, Faith Sadaraka, Mercy Seleni, Melanie Cooley, Jess Hodge, Amohia Papuni, Salinna Phavo. Absent: Justyce Hohepa.


11 AN

Back Row:Andrew Harris, Vito Leatuavao, Baylee Rameka, Christian Timmins, Taiamai Amohau, Denzel Roache, Malaki Peseta. Middle Row:Mrs Marilyn Aiken (Teacher), Shimran Champaneri, Rhyannon Hectors, Abdullah Shahid, Pita Komissarov, Jordan Graham, Jamie Barr, Abraham Alfred, Breann Reynolds, Ms Sue Vanini (Teacher Aide). Front Row:Limapoa Tomanogi, AnnMaree Sims-Laws, Asta Lambert-Cameron, Miracle Peseta, Josephine Misa, Ursula Walker, Melissa Thompson. Absent:Bethalihem Abraha Asnaki, Paora Kemp, Tahi Lomana-Lemisio, Paul Mose, Etelei Nofoaiga, Leo Rameka, Ben Te Taite, Latesha Vaaua.

11 JN

Back Row:Jonathan O’Kane, Rasharn Collier, Jaleil Roache, Tanielu Sa’O, Daniel Miimetuapoko. Middle Row:Mr Gareth Johnson (Teacher), Joshua Munezero, Kane Bridewell, Hinckley Peivi Nanai, Alan Yarrall, Shyrone Blake, Mrs Catherine Forster (Year 11 Dean). Front Row:Monica Dinh, Shivani Pande, Samantha Toner, Ann Muiaa, Shyan Masina. Absent:Kataraina Brook, Narissa George, Wiki Jr Kohai, Thomas Pritchard, Tabitha Rennie, Kaine Strickland, Kahu Te Paki-Huaki, Anneliese Van Ooyen.

11 YO

Back Row:Bjorn Van Beusekom, John Hamer, Brock Stobbs, Jarred Duncan, Hamish Nixon, Tom Basire. Third Row:Michael Ladd, Benjamin Gatkek, Stephen Yee-Hughes, Andrew McLaughlan, Robert Campbell, David Leng, Martin Chau. Second Row:Mr Anthony Yeo (Teacher), Morgan Chan, Kaylee Griggs, Natasha Leota-Sione, Kiriana Manuel, Emma Cropp, Lilly Tiai, Regina Lee, Mrs Catherine Forster (Year 11 Dean). Front Row:Jordana Zhu, Breeze Haley-Potangaroa, Kendall Bailey, Alana Finlay, Daniella Burns, Phoenix Fetoai, Lydia Wolstenholme. Absent:Steven Callaghan, Kamaia King.

11 JE

Back Row:James Lynch, Sam Trolove, Ale Peni, Junior Sakaria, Emelio Tavite. Middle Row:Mr John Paul Jaurigue (Teacher), Savannah Peniata, Ocean Bretherton, Kieran Brown, Regan Steer, Tynesha Thomas-Sefesi, Mrs Catherine Forster (Year 11 Dean). Front Row:Maria Araiza, Shannon Khan, Penelope Pule, Aroha Beach, Ricki-Lee Noble, Lesa Pasi. Absent:Taysharne Campbell, Michael Lafou, Edwena Vailalo.

11 LO

Back Row:Vaa Peseta, Stephen Thorpe, Aiden Ryan, David Jack, Harry Cargill, Sopheak Ou. Middle Row:Mr Kerry Logan (Teacher), Natasha Paul, Matthew Algar, Samkhan Ou, Josiah Tangataolakepa, Noah BrookhammerLust, Hou Hoen, Mrs Catherine Forster (Year 11 Dean). Front Row: Sokuntheary Khan, Hawo Ali, Eseta Alataua, Atareta Noanoa, Te Rongopai Webster, Colleen Moffat. Absent:Selina Alefosio, Regina Hadfield, David Ni, Samantha Odell, Jake Richardson.

12 FN

Back Row:Misimaselusi Savea, Andrew Young, Maluolefale Levaula-Faalogo, James Forster, Gabriel Rutherford, Jarrod Coppell, Paul Tangiwai-Scott. Third Row:Godfrey Okot, Noella Dushime, Shanice Bohte, Lisa Budny, Polly Pesheva, Tuna Ioelu, Thomas Bird. Second Row:Mr Tama Ferguson (Teacher), Shaniqua Iorangi, Katie Pasanen, Shade Haley-Potangaroa, Rebecca McHugh, Rachelle Sutton, Jessica Bond, Ms Tania Campbell (Year 12 Dean). Front Row:Hycenta Uwikunda, Joselle De Leon, Alicia Hart, Michaella Aramoana, Megan Park, Te Aorangi Hina, Danielle Courtney. Absent:Jamie Lansdown.


12 LE

12 MA

Back Row:Marcus Kosega, Billy Matheson, James Munro, Lucas Ryan, Matt Sims-Laws. Middle Row:Mr Len Lea (Teacher), Niko Tuinasau, Royal Vole, Troy Broad, Ravneel Lal, Leslie Xie, Ms Tania Campbell (Year 12 Dean). Front Row: Kodchawan Sanso, Priyanka Wilson, Alice Barthelemy, Sinead Reilly, Denique Igasia, Floronna Aiavao, Maylin Lim. Absent:Heather Drummond, Teri Eruera, Marcela Gonzalez Rodriguez, James O’Grady, Braedyn Orbon, Emma Poni Atim, Matthew Riano Perez.

Back Row:William Tufui, Pj Atonio, Sam Toleafoa, Kalib Tufele, Kereama Tupuola. Middle Row:Ms Julia Poasa (Teacher), Fabian Montgomery Williams, Evelyn Tuhakaraina, Siliua Atatai, Rita Fruean, Upashna Darshani, David Saumolia, Ms Tania Campbell (Year 12 Dean). Front Row:Yasmin Golding, Sandra-Lana Rupapera, Sinofo Suena Muiaa, Angelique Araiza, Bernadette Lalotoa-Peniata, Lalofutu Tanu, Benazeer Ali. Absent:Mrs Shana Muaiava (Teacher), Wairua Gooch, Tiana Monu, Siitia Naisali, Lei Olive, Braedon Peia, Faith Randell-Park, Rupi Tanuvasa-Lui.

12 MG

12 TS

Back Row:Zhikara McDonald, Fereti Soloa, Sonny Oloapu, Isikeli Cawanikawai, Faalalo Wright, Emelio Emelio. Third Row:Alexander Holmes, Liam Sheridan, Patosina Mau’u, Sophie Cooley, Litia Waqairawai, Vannia Lauama, Dyani Kennedy. Second Row:Miss Courtney Renshaw (Teacher Aide), Ms Ann Madgin (Teacher), Whitney Mahara, Ricki-Louise Gray, April Hunia, Jai Gibson, Joelle Hawkins, Ms Tania Campbell (Year 12 Dean). Front Row:Lisa Gestro, Agnes Schaafhausen, Lily Wright, Antonina Malinao, Lisa Hooper, Grace Hira, Elreatia-Jane Swartz. Absent:Naomi Atonio, Siulolo Finau, Kale Galloway, Koshiv Kumar.

Back Row:Mike Roque, David Alatipi, Jitesh Patel, Sam Davy, Rajiv Reddy. Middle Row:Miss Tanwen Siencyn (Teacher), France Jumao-As, Kaynne Tagle, Sam Brun, Ms Tania Campbell (Year 12 Dean). Front Row:Nimo Ahmed Abdirhman, Sohail Shaheed, James Sopoaga, Michael Barnett, Jemma Ballantyne. Absent:Kelsey Carlsson-Little, Shaun Cope-Waikato, Peleiupu Faalogo, Katalina Faauga, Joseph Hamilton, Juwell Nau Kelemete, Joshua O’Halloran, Vincent Ross, Malia Sola, Quaylieshia Sullivan.

13 CN

13 CP

Back Row:Malcolm Tangitutu, Sioeli Finau, Aino Faauga, Dylan Manuel, Merhawey Gebreamlakh Gebre, Polynesia Seleni. Middle Row:Mrs Jo Cullen (Teacher), Stefan Poad, Tessa Hotton, Gabrielle Brogan, Jiah Thomas, Tracey Holmes, Christina Fale, Liam Boyd. Front Row:Qianjun Zhou, Sabah Suleiman, Sharesse Porter-Samuel, Feiloaiga Mataafa, Sharana Shaheed, Nikisha Turahui, Jahmin Kingi. Absent:Damien Cotter, Jasmine Perez, Isaiah Tourell.


Back Row:Prashnil Chand, Ian Thomas, Christopher Richards, Hapi Puketapu Te Kani, Asonei Levaula Faalogo, Quincy Moana. Middle Row:Mrs Bernadette Coup (Teacher), Sujeeta Singh, Telesia Faalogo, Iosefo Taulapapa-Saipani, Sarah Prentice, Caitlin Vaney, Manaaki Tapara. Front Row:Glory Finau, Valoula Valasi, Aroha Ellison, Jaynell Misa, Faauiaootupu Tomanogi, Heather Leota, Afnan Alabadey. Absent:Justin Cho, Feto Fetoai, Soapi Lupi, Dagem Moges, Scobie Te Poono, Law Thaung, Kathy Toese, Aj Vainepoto.

13 DW

Back Row:Justine Rangimarie-Ruru, Endya Cameron, Rawinia Thompson, Regan Tapa, Waimarie Tapa Chan Tung. Middle Row:Whaea Renee Downes (Teacher), Tewairahipere Keelan, Manangaro Ulutuki, Havana Tarawhiti, Makiroa Ulutuki, Nga Peita Hamilton-Katene, Awhina Ulutuki, Ms Tania Campbell (Dean). Front Row:Tamaroa Ulutuki, Te Wharekotua Davis, Fruen Samoa, Katene Aupouri, Veti Samoa, Paratini Sole Nukunuku, Ropata Papuni. Absent:Jordana Turahui, Kahira Vole-Harrison.

13 MO

Back Row:Mahamuud Adam, Vannak Khan, Malifa Chapman, Abdiwahid Hassan, Mino Anae, Oka Ula, Vishal Kumar. Middle Row:Mr Ian Munro (Teacher), Richard Bentley, Rosemarie Kaa, Garmay Zhu, Louisa Rongotaua, Shivneel Chandra, Muntather Shahid. Front Row:Sinate Misitea, La Boeurn, Taililigo Taloaina, Frances Bognot, Iata Soloai Tuluauau, Nicole Araiza, Nelly Chawech. Absent:Peti Asiata, Eru Aupouri, Agnes Isaya, Annitta Walker.

13 RA

Back Row:Elliot Burr, Bryce Irons, Philip Martelli, Omaha Vaiau, Matthew McLaughlan, Joel Averes. Third Row:Rikihana Ward, Jeerawat Hanafee, Alysha Franklin, Jessica Parkes, Lydia Hamer, Jessie Algar, Connor Boyd. Second Row: Sobhanya Kim, Tamara Teariki, Fono Fepulea’i, Fay Masoe, Belinda Chakonda, Laurel-Jean Dennison. Front Row:Enatha Musabe, Courtney Brown, Aurianne Loison, Samantha Burns, Tia Brown, Dipashna Rominshal, Fern Wuntanee. Absent:Mrs Puspa Ranchod (Teacher), Anna Forster, Nigel Martinez, Jonathan Mina Trujillo, Katherine Mina Trujillo, Krysta O’Brien, Codi Perry, Stephania Riano Perez, Jhon Romero, Stacey Te Kuru, Luc Yepes Osorio.


Back Row: Helen Young, Bassima Younes, Choung Jai Jin, Sithat Kun, Lena Suy, Ms Brenda Morrison (Teacher). Front Row: Amparo Santamaria Galindo, Raji Marcelas, Theresa Fernando, Yeong Hee Kim, Meena Shankar Absent: Ali Olad Ege, Johana Diaz Montenegro, Claudia Lopez


Back Row: Damien Cotter, Quentin McCarthy, Zhikara McDonald, Christopher Richards, Nathan Collins, Quincy Moana, Marcus Kaa, Law La Moo Thaung, Ms Kerri Powell Third Row: Miss Courtney Renshaw, Ms Christine Powell, Agnes Schaafhausen, Patosina Mau’u, Sailigamalo Ualesi, Caitlin Vaney, Amy Ross, Lisa Gestro, Mrs Jackie Hillman Second Row: Ms Jodi Denzel, Cameron Teague, James Barr, Dylan Faneva, Jordan Graham, Faizan Ahmed, Andrew Eastham, Hamiora Haapu, Pita Komissarov, Dyani Kennedy, Ms Jill Glensor Front Row: Nicholas Daintree, Mrs Patsy Billows, Mrs Heather O’Brien (Teacher), Mrs Julia Lee (Teacher), Mrs Tamsin Davies-Colley (Teacher), Mrs Susan Vannini, Kurtis Larkin. Absent: Mrs Tracy Davies, Anne-Marie Sagala


Back Row: Yanfen Liu, Leng Taing, Hao Ming Xu, Hong Xi Xu, Salin Heng, Ms Brenda Morrison (Teacher). Front Row: Leng Kouoi, Pea Siv, Thao Pham, Yan Zhang, Seyida Ibrahim Absent: Daisy Lim, Mary Rik.


He aha te mea nui o te ao?



........................ He tangata! He tangata! He tangata! Back Row: Mrs J Hillman, Mr L Lea, Mrs C Molineux, Mr M Luke, Mr D Murden, Mr S Henderson, Mrs J O’Keeffe, Ms C Powell. Fifth Row: Mrs T Jennings, Ms R Harman, Mr K Lunn, Mr J Reynolds, Mr K Logan, Mr J P Jaurigue, Mrs K Spencer, Mr M Laing, Mr P Carew, Mr H Muirhead, Mr T Ferguson, Ms J Denzel. Fourth Row:Ms J Poasa, Mrs T Davies, Ms S Burton, Mr M Stewart, Mr L Elliott, Mr I Munro, Mrs V Stewart, Ms A Madgin, Ms K Lautusi, Mrs J Watts, Ms S McCallum, Ms S Nippert, Ms J Igasia. Third Row:Ms K Balfour, Mr A Yeo, Mrs T Davies-Colley, Mrs H O’Brien, Mr P Pegler, Mrs Y Harris, Mrs J Kendall, Mrs Y Manuel, Ms B Morrison, Mrs M Wilton, Mrs J Waenga, Miss T Siencyn, Ms N McClutchie. Second Row:Ms N Billows, Ms R Downes, Mrs C Ahuja, Mrs S Vannini, Mrs B Coup, Mrs A Carter, Mrs M Aiken, Ms D Rameka Shaw, Mrs S Stratton, Ms S Marsh, Mrs P Billows, Mrs M Marsh, Mrs P Ranchod. Front Row:Mrs J Stephen, Ms J Cullen, Ms R Scott, Ms H Bowbyes, Mr G Meadows, Mrs G Thompson, Mr J Russell, Mr M Robinson, Ms A Ransfield, Mr G Johnson, Ms K Shaw, Mrs J Lee, Mrs J O’Connor. Absent:Ms T Campbell, Mrs W Davis, Mr T Davis, Mrs C Forster, Ms J Glensor, Mrs D McLaughlan, Mrs S Muaiava, Ms K Powell, Mr N Taitua, Ms K Weber-Swain.


a ?



. ! ! !


2 O 1 2 N aenae college


M Y favourite

thing about

NNC “That the teachers are supportive of our learning.” Connor Boyd

“The people.” Rikihana Ward

“Mr. Russell’s been really good.” Stefan Poad

“It’s family like, ‘Te Whanau Tahi’ is real.” Fay Masoe

“Lunchtime!” Tamara Teariki

“The location.” Elliot Burr

“The smell.” Joel Averes

“The babes.” Nigel Martinez

“That we have good teachers.” Ricky Bentley

“It’s good.” Soapi Lupi

“The people.” Philip Martelli

“That Naenae’s a friendly environment.” Telesia Faalogo


“The people — they’re non-judgmental.” Tia Brown

“My friends.” Oka Ula

“It has to be the library — it’s warm!” La Boeurn

“I like watching other people’s performances on Multi Cultural Day — it’s inspiring.” Faaui Tomanogi

“Mr. Olliver’s lycra running pants!” Jessica Parkes

“The people.” Tracey Holmes

“The freshness.” Laurel-Jean Dennison

“The proximity to KFC.” Jessie Algar

YO U VO T E D : Best Hair

Best Hair

Funniest Person

AJ Vainepoto

Belinda Chakonda

Malifa Chapman

Friendliest Person

Most Inspirational

Most Likely to Become Prime Minister

Dipashna Rominshal

Sobhanya Kim

Anna Forster

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire

Has Changed the Most

First to Have Ten Kids

Elliot Burr

Asonei Levaula Faalogo

Oka Ula

Most Likely to be Seen on Police 10/7

Most Unlikely Couple

Stacey Te Kuru

Omaha Vaiau and Sophie Taulapapa 67



Afnan Alabadey Jessie Algar

Mino Anae

Nicole Araiza

Joel Averes






Favourite quote: “If he only wants you Nickname: Maha Future career: Me- for your legs, thighs and breasts, send chanical Engineer him to KFC!” I will marry: Hibo Sabah says: Having Favourite quote: “The future belongs her as a friend to those who pre- makes me feel so blessed, she’s that pare.” awesome. Motto: Just do it

Future career: Travel writer and tour designer, Burlesque dancer I will marry: Chuck Bass, Moose Favourite quote: “The rarest thing in the world is to live, most people exist, that is all.” - Oscar Wilde

Nickname: Mimik Future career: Builder/Drag Queen Favourite quote: “Hard work will never beat talent, but talent will always need hard work.” Motto: Kia Ihi Kia Maru

Future career: Nurse Favourite quote: “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” Frances says: You’re the best ever!

Future career: Katy Perry’s husband I will marry: Katy Perry Favourite quote: “When we become answer driven rather than idea driven, we have lost the true meaning of education.”

Richard Bentley La Boeurn

Gabrielle Brogan

Mahamuud Adam

Frances Bognot Connor Boyd

Liam Boyd






Nickname: Ricky Future career: Chef or in the food industry

Nickname: Dollar $ Future career: Business woman Favourite quote: “You are beautiful the way you are.”

Future career: Accountant Motto: Nothing can come from doing nothing. Nicole says: She is the one who is always supportive, caring and fun to be with.

Future career: Paramedic I will marry: Tazmin Sloan Favourite quote: “I am an indestructible master of war.” Motto: Take a last look around while you’re alive.

Future career: . Nursing Nickname: Gabbie Favourite quote: Future career: “Whether you think Travel agent you can or you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right.” Motto: Hakuna Matata


Courtney Brown Tia Brown

Samantha Burns Elliot Burr

Belinda Chakonda




Future career: Screen writer, director, actress I will marry: Darren Criss Favourite quote: “Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.”

Future career: Biomedical scientist I will marry: Justin Bieber Favourite quote: “Shoot to the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll still be amongst the stars.” Motto: YOLO

Nickname: Sammich I will marry: Someone like Peeta Mellark. A person who makes me smile, laugh and happy. Someone who accepts me. Motto: Life is hard, and then something eats you.

Nickname: Don, Burrfect Future career: Male tipper I will marry: Rich, old lady Motto: Gangnam style!

Shivneel Chandra

Malifa Chapman

Nelly Chawech

Justin Cho

Damien Cotter






Nickname: Shiv Future career: Rus / Trade Favourite quote: “Gangnam style.” Ricky says: The friendliest person is Shivneel in my opinion because we get on well.

Nickname: Lifa Favourite quote: “Keep on keeping on.”

Future career: Flight attendant I will marry: Trey Songs Motto: YOLO

Future career: Lydia Hamer’s wife I will marry: Lydia Hamer

Nickname: Diesel Future career: Bouncer, Mechanic Favourite quote: “The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.” Motto: Always move on.



Nickname: Phat Boom Boom Future career: Economist Favourite quote: “Life will never be one sweet song.” Motto: Love and speak the truth always.

Prashnil Chand .

Nickname: Ladies Man Future career: Rapper I will marry: Bachelor for life! Motto: What you plant is what you sow.

Laurel-Jean Dennison .

Nickname: L J Future career: Queen I will marry: Prince Harry or Channing Tatum or Hamish Blake or Jemaine Clement or Zayn Malik or Ryan Gosling

Hannah Drexler Aroha Ellison

Telesia Faalogo Aino Faauga

Christina Fale

Fono Fepulea’i





Future career: Becoming rich, travelling a lot Motto: It is my responsibility that I have a good time on the earth. If I want to have a nice life, I have to work for it, not somebody else.

Nickname: Sleepy Noddy Future career: Famous chef Favourite quote: “People can put you down, so get revenge and prove them wrong.” Motto: Humour is your best friend

Nickname: Sia I will marry: Chris Brown Motto: Live, laugh, love

Nickname: Teets, Tina Future career: Social worker I will marry: Jordi from Titanium! LOL Motto: YOLO About her best friends: Love you the BeeH’s, I’m gonna miss yous like hella

Future career: Something to do with business I will marry: Trey Songs Motto: Live life with no regrets!

Feto Fetoai

Glory Finau

Sioeli Finau

Anna Forster






Nickname: Fax Future career: Builder I will marry: Shayna

Nickname: Loly Future career: Model LOL I will marry: Channing Tatum Favourite quote: “God is able.”

Chef, cook I will marry: Nicole Scherzinger Favourite quote: “I have a dream.” Motto: Be proud

I will marry: #13 Conrad Smith - we gonna have 13 kids! Favourite quote: “The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.” Motto: Play, laugh, EAT

yer I will marry: Someone who doesn’t try to change me Tracey says: She’s outgoing, friendly, kind and has a good heart.


Alysha Franklin Merhawey Gebreamlakh Nickname: Sou, Joe Future career: Mas- Nickname: Aly Future career: ter Ninja Kadoiche Future career: Law- Gebre .

Future career: Engineer I will marry: Haben Favourite quote: “One Love.” About his best friend: He has been supportive to me since I came to NNC


Daniel Gamboa Lydia Hamer .

Jeerawat Hanafee

Abdiwahid Hassan

Tracey Holmes

Tessa Hotton



Nickname: Trace . Future career: Early Nickname: Abdi, childhood teacher Abstar Future career: Navy I will marry: Troy off HSM Favourite quote: “What is normal?” Miss O, old drama teacher Tessa says: She is the most weirdest, down to earth girl.

Nickname: Tess Future career: Actress I will marry: Luke Brooks

Nickname: Pelochoza Future career: Actor I will marry: Shakira Most inspirational: His mother

Future career: Architect I will marry: Michael Aspel Favourite quote: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” - Kate Moss Motto: Fake it till you make it.

Bryce Irons

Rosemarie Kaa

Vannak Khan

Sobhanya Kim

Vishal Kumar

Heather Leota







Nickname: DK VK Future career: Accounting I will marry: You

Future career: Professional dancer I will marry: Jayjay Favourite quote: “Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience...and over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” - Colossians 3:12-14

Nickname: Vishy Future career: Future career: Engi- Immigration officer neer I will marry: Someone with a good personality and takes care of my family Motto: Be prepared

Nickname: Maha Nickname: Charlie Future career: ArtFuture career: Elecist, Painter trical services I will marry: Johnny I will marry: AnDepp, Channing nitta Walker Tatum Favourite quote: Favourite quote: “Nothing comes of “To be or not to nothing.” be.” - William Philip says: He is Shakespeare just a plain G.C Motto: Be yourself



Asonei Levaula Faalogo

Aurianne Loison Soapi Lupi

Dylan Manuel

Philip Martelli

Nigel Martinez






Nickname: French girl Nickname: Aso Future career: Pro- Future career: Interior designer, air fessional tipper I will marry: Shayna hostess Favourite quote: “Souri à la vie et elle te sourira.” (Smile at life and life will smile back at you.)

Nickname: Soapy Future career: Football player I will marry: Vanessa Hudgens Favourite quote: “What the…?!” Motto: YOLO

Nickname: Dylz Future career: Professional rugby player Motto: Hard work beats talent

Nickname: Philly, the Italian Stallion, Sheldon, Jak Future career: Accountant, IT Favourite quote: “If in doubt, flat out!” Motto: There is no try, only do or do not

Nickname: Nige Future career: Musician Favourite quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll live its whole life stupid.”

Fay Masoe

Feiloaiga Mataafa

Matthew McLaughlan

Jonathan Mina Trujillo

Jaynell Misa

Sinate Misitea




Nickname: Nafu, Chella Future career: Psychiatrist I will marry: My boyfriend Favourite quote: “Education is the key to your freedom.” Motto: We only live once so be HAPPY

Nickname: Doloz, . . . Jandelz Future career: Nickname: MaffNickname: CarFuture career: BeMcGloven Lawyer nalito Favourite quote: “A Future career: Future career: Me- ing a mum I will marry: Sonny journey starts with Professional chanic Scooter Hag a single step, so I will marry: Megan Bill Williams Favourite quote: make it COUNT.” Fox I will marry: “Everything is posEminem’s daughter Motto: Live sible with God.” About her best friends: They make me happy

Nickname: Nate Dawwg, Swagger Future career: Swag Inspector I will marry: Titanium Favourite quote: “Stay cool!” Motto: YOLO


Dagem Moges

Enatha Musabe Krysta O’Brien .

Motto: Live


Nickname: Brown Future carrer: Sugar house owner Future career: Accountant I will marry: TK Paraza, Taylor Lautner, Trey Songs, Van Vicker Favourite quote: “Jesus take the wheel.”

Codi Perry

Jermaine Pirihi

Stefan Poad




Nickname: Pirihi Future career: NZ SAS Favourite quote: “Chur kuz.” Motto: Maori side 4 life

Future career: Economist, Musician Favourite quote: “Unless someone like you, cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” Motto: Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.


Jhon Obamdo Romero .

Nickname: Chico Future career: Sailor I will marry: Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Parkes

Jasmine Perez



Nickname: Jessica Parkes’ Future career: Creative director I will marry: A hot, muscly Italian guy Favourite quote: “Get over it.” “It’s not a competition.”

Nickname: Jaz Future career: Anthropologist Favourite quote: “I have a dream.” Martin Luther King Jr. About her best friends: I love my BeeHz, Kweenz 4 life

Sharesse Porter Hapi Puketapu Samuels Te Kani

Dipashna Rominshal




Nickname: Resse Future career: Singer, Musician, Project manager Favourite quote: “I can do all things!” Motto: YOLO About her best friends: Nothing like the Kween BeeH’z!

Nickname: Happy, Hapifeet, Giant Future career: Carpenter, Builder, Professional bartender, Billionaire I will marry: Nikisha Turahui Motto: YOLO, Kia Ihi Kia Maru

Nickname: Dii Future career: Lawyer, Criminologist Favourite quote: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” - Charlie Chaplin Alysha says: She is the person who can take one look at me and know exactly how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking

Louisa Rongotaua Nickname: Weeza Future career: Beautician I will marry: Channing Tatum, Omarion Rosemarie says: She’s a freaking awesome person that a bestie could ever have.

Poly Seleni

Sujeeta Singh

Iata Soloai




Nickname: Po Future career: International rugby player, Master builder I will marry: Mila Kunis Favourite quote: “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Favourite quote: “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Motto: You should add life to days not days to life

Nickname: Julie Future career: Teacher Favourite quote: “I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I hurt people, but when I say sorry, I actually mean it.” Motto: God can do everything

Stacey Te Kuru

Tamara Teariki

Ian Thomas

Jiah Thomas





I will marry: Cam Gigandet About her best friend: Congrats on your baby ;)

Future career: Accountant Favourite quote: “Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions.” Motto: Life is tough, but it’s even tougher when you’re stupid

Nickname: Jai-Jai Future career: Speech language therapist Motto: YOLO Sinate says: Jiah! You’re too skuxx! ILY!

Manaaki Tapara Sophie Taulapapa

Future career: . Physiotherapist Nickname: I will marry: Kierra Sophielicious Folsom Future career: Favourite quote: Tourism I will marry: Pauka- “Shhh, did you hear my heart?” pauka About his best friend: You’re the man P.J!! I love you!

Sabah Suleiman Malcolm Tangitutu Nickname: Sabz .

Future career: Famous. I already made progress. I will marry: Trey Songs, T.I., Bow Wow, etc. Afnan says: One of the most amazing people in my life


Nickname: King Malcolm Future career: Army, Navy Favourite quote: “Te Whanau Tahi.” Motto: Kia Ihi Kia Maru


Kathy Toese

Faauiaootupu Tomanogi

Isaiah Tourell

Nikisha Turahui Oka Ula





Future career: Chef . Nickname: Serenny I will marry: Juwell Future career: Ac- Favourite quote: “Never give up.” countant I will marry: Prince Motto: You can’t see me William About his best Motto: Do your friend: He’s awebest and God will some do the rest

Nickname: Kisha, Kish I will marry: Hapi Puketapu Te Kani Motto: YOLO About her best friends: I love my Kween Beehs and the Boy Scouts. I’m gonna miss yous all! Shout out to Ms. Ransfield!

Nickname: Chikalaka boomboom Future career: CEO at Gangnam Style Inc. I will marry: Kierra Folsom, Kendall Kardashian About his best friends: My lunch never survives around my friends

Nickname: Ajax Future career: Prime Minister of Tonga I will marry: Nicki Minaj Favourite quote: “Te Whanau Tahi.” Motto: Kia Ihi Kia Maru About his best friends: My friends are happy!

Valoula Valasi

Rikihana Ward



Future career: Teacher I will marry: Sonny Bill Williams, Digby Ioane Motto: Persevere, don’t give up About her best friends: Can’t live without them homos, V.L for life!

Nickname: Rax I will marry: Melissa Soria (Rosana) Favourite quote: “60% of the time it works every time.” Motto: YOLO About his best friend: You’re the man P.J

Luc Deiney Yepes Osorio

Garmay Zhu


Thitisuda Wunatee

Vicky Zhou



Nickname: Sus Future career: Flight attendant I will marry: John Key Favourite quote: “Einjo.” Motto: Kia Kaha Sophie says: She’s very kukui lol


I will marry: Jeffrey . Nickname: Muñeca Dorresteyn Nickname: Fern, Favourite quote: Future career: Bai Fern “Reach for the Model Future career: I will marry: Jhoan moon, even if you Nurse miss you’ll land Favourite quote: amongst the stars.” “You don’t like, I Motto: What doesdon’t care.” n’t kill you makes Motto: Do my best you stronger and don’t give up

AJ Vainepoto

Nickname: Zoo, Gourmet, Origami Future career: Actor...on The Vampire Diaries I will marry: Ian Somerhalder, Luke Pasqualino, Niall Horan, Richard Kahui and Titanium boys Motto: The grass ain’t greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it

Meron Abraha Asnake Waleed Ayoub Abubakat Deer Agnes Isaya Mohamed Kalif Chase Kimura Carlos Lewis Quincy Moana Christopher Richards

Sharana Shaheed Haider Shahid Muntather Shahid Taililigo Taloaina Te Atatu Tapara Law Thaung Manangaro Ulutuki Omaha Vaiau Caitlin Vaney


S taff list 2012 Principal Mr J Russell, BE (Hons), Dip Ed Deputy Principal Mrs G Thompson, BA, Dip Tchg Deputy Principal Mr M Robinson, BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH, LTCL Teaching staff Mrs A Ahuja, MSc, Dip Tchg Mrs M Aiken, BEd, Dip Tchg Ms Tiffany Andrews, (Drama) BA, Dip Tchg Miss K Balfour, BEd, Dip Tchg Mrs S Burton, BSc, Dip TESL, Dip Tchg Ms T Campbell, BSc, Dip Tchg (Year 12 Dean) Mr P Carew, MA, Dip Arts (Post grad), CA, ATCL, Dip Teaching (HOD Transition) Mrs B Coup, MA, Dip Tchg, DipEd. Stud, Dip TESOL, Cert Cordon Bleu (HOD Food Technology) Mrs J Cullen, BSc, Dip Tchg (HOD Mathematics) Mrs W Davis Mrs T Davies-Colley, BA, Dip Ed (Special Ed), Dip Tchg Ms R Downes, BA, Dip Tchg Mrs D Duncan, MA, Dip Tchg Mr L Elliot, BA, Dip Tchg Mr T Ferguson, Adv Dip Visual Arts, Grad Dip Sec Tchg Mrs C Forster, BA, Dip Tchg (Year 11Dean) Mrs R Harman-Luke, BA, Dip Tchg Mr S Henderson, BSc, Dip Tchg Ms S Nippert , BSc, Grad Dip Tchg Ms J Igasia, BFA (Dist), Dip Tchg (HOD Visual Arts) Mr J Jaurigue, BSc, Dip Tchg Mr G Johnson, BSc (Hons), PGCE (HOD Science) Mrs J Kendall, B Sc, PG Dip Meterology, Grad Dip Tchg Mr M Laing, BA, Dip Tchg, Dip B.S., Cert Bus Comp. Ms K Lautusi, BA, Dip Tchg Mr L Lea, C & G Adv TC, Reg T (HOD Tech) Mrs J Lee, TTC (HOD Special Needs Unit) Mr K Logan, B Creative Technologies, Dip Tchg Mr M Luke, BA, Grad Dip Com, Dip Tchg Ms N McClutchie, Tohu Matauranga Maori, Higher Dip Maori Ed, Dip Tchg Mrs B Morrison, MA Apllied Linquistics (Merit), BA Early Childhood Tchg, Grad Dip Tchg ESOL Mr G Meadows, BA Dip Tchg (HOF Social Sciences) Mrs S Muaiava, BA, Dip Tchg Mr H Muirhead, BTchg (secondary), B PhEd Mr I Munro, NZCB, Dip Tchg Mr D Murden, BEd,


Mrs H O’Brien TTC, BEd Mrs J O’Connor, BA, H.Dip Tchg, PG. Dip. (Spec Ed.) RLIANZA, Reg t (HOD Learning Support) Mrs J O’Keeffe, B Sc Dip Tchg Mr P Pegler, MEd, Dip Tchg, (HOD Performing Arts) Mrs P Ranchod, BBS, Com T Dip, Dip Tchg (Dean Yr 13) Ms A Ransfield, BDes, BMVA, Dip Tchg Mr J Reynolds, BSc, Grad Dip Tchg Mr R Rhoades, BSc (Hons), Dip Tchg Mr R Schofield, BSc, Dip Ed (RTLB) Ms R Scott, MA (Hons), Dip TESL (HOF Languages, HOD English) Ms K Shaw, BA, Dip Tchg (HOD Physical Education) Ms T Siencyn, BA (Hons) Sports Studiies, Pgrad Cert Ed Mrs J Stephen, BA, Com T Dip, Dip Tchg, (HOF PAACT, HOD Commerce) Mrs V Stewart, Cert Maori studies, Dip Tchg, BEd (Teaching), (HOD English ESOL) Mrs S Stratton, BSc, Dip Tchg Mrs J Watts, MA (Hons), Dip Tchg (HOD International Languages) Mrs K Webber Swain, BA, Dip Tchg Mr M Wood, BEd (Hons), RTLB Mr A Yeo, BSc (Hons), Dip Tchg Guidance Mrs H Bowyes, BA, Dip Tchg, MGuid Couns, MNZAC Mr M Stewart, HTC, PG Dip Guid and Couns, Dip Special Needs* Mrs M Wilton, Careers Administration and Gateway Manager Mrs O, School Chaplain

Special Education Teacher Aides Mrs P Billows Mrs J Hillman Ms N Billows Ms J Glensor Mrs K Powell Ms J Denzil* Ms C Powell Mrs S Vannini Ms C Renshaw* Mr J Bridewell Ms J Armstrong Support Staff Yvonne Manuel, Sport Co-ordinator, Dip Rec and Sport, Adv cert Tertiary Tchg, NZIM Dip Bus Darlene Mc Laughlan Arts co-ordinator Music Tutors Mr A Paris, BMus, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Jazz Band, Woodwind Mr W Reeve, BMus, BA, Dip Tchg (Guitar, Bass) Tom Scrase, Drums, Percussion Mrs C Stannard, BMus, BA, (Brass, Piano, Keyboard) Mrs S Van Asch, BEd, Vocal, Senior/Junior choir, Barbershop, Chamber groups Staff Administration Principal’s Secretary, Mrs C Molineaux Receptionist, Mrs T Jennings Resource Manager, Mrs Audrey Carter Accounts Mrs Yvonne Harris Student Centre, Mrs K Spencer, Mrs M Marsh

Library Mrs J Waenga, RLIANZA, BA Mrs L Carter Learning Centre Teacher Aides Mrs Y Harris, NZDipBus, TA cert. Mrs D McLaughlan Mrs D Rameka Shaw, BA Mr N Taitua

Maintenance Staff Kevin Lunn* Te Teira Davis Nathan Taitua School Based Alternative Education Programme Manager, Mr J Wilson Teacher, Ms J Maunder, BEd Tchg, Matauranga Maori Cert in Tchg Tutors, Macey Tapa, Noel Faifai *Left during 2012

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