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Introduction Tube's roots date back to 1982 when it started as a dedicated supplier of collapsible aluminum tubes in Egypt, mainly serving the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Why Aluminium Tubes? Aluminum tubes offer unique advantages for the packaging industry! It guarantees perfect security and preservation of the packed filling material since it is having complete impermeability to oxygen, moisture and all other external agents. Thus, giving the longest shelf life to the product while maintaining its freshness and complete properties thanks to the proper internal lacquer covering the complete inner tube surface, and the latex ring sealing its bottom end. No suck-back while application, avoiding oxygen penetration inside the tube and leaving the tube shape with the actual amount of material inside to be visible for end user reference.

Your Partner For Aluminium Tubes

Tube has all the modern technological resources enabling it to be the reliable and preferred partner for all of its customers. The highest quality standards, flexibility to accommodate customer's requirements, individual customer support, timely deliveries, close after sale service are, for us, the basis of successful cooperation and sincere partnership.

“NOT EVERY GOOD TUBE IS SUITABLE FOR EVERY GOOD FILLING MATERIAL! ” We always work with our customers as partners to build successful products by assisting them in the selection of the most suitable tube dimension and specifications for their very specific application to perfectly match their defined need. Our experience in matching the suitable

Automatucally controlled spray guns for the spray abgle to ensure the neccesary protection.

tube specifications to the filling material properties is positioning our tubes to be the preferred choice of top pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and industrial producers of creams, gels, ointments, food, adhesives, sealants, paints, silicones, and much more.

One of the most important advantages of collapsible aluminum tubes is its reliability as a protective package. In order to ensure the necessary protection for the filling material from any possible reaction with aluminium or from any possible leakage especially for low viscosity materials, we care about the selection of the tube's specifications with our customers, especially those related to the type of internal coating, the presence of the orifice membrane and end seal latex material, as well as the suitable hermetic cap.

“ THE WHOLE IS MORE THAN THE SUN OF ITS PARTS ” In a rapidly moving market, the external appearance of the product is playing an important role to capture customers' attention. From here, the need of having to give the final product its added value: We can help! Our equipments are state-of-the-art, including high speed (150 tubes per minute) fully automatic and computerized machineries having latest technology and printing capabilities up to 5 colors with very sharp and fine resolution.

Product Range Our products are manufactured out of %99.7 minimum pure aluminium, providing excellent protection for sensitive products. Tube's tubes are made of the best row materials and components such as epoxy phenolic resins for internal lacquer, white enamels for external lacquer, and end seal latex material, all with highest quality available in the market. We offer various tube diameters ranging from 13.5 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm, 25mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm ‌ with various caps in M9 and M11 threads. Dimensisions: Outer diameter (D) in mm

Approximate Lenght ( L ) in mm Maximum Minimum

13.5 16 19 22 25 30 35

60 70 80 100 110 110 135

80 90 125 130 150 160 180

Approximate filling capacity In grams

In ml

4 - 6.5 6-9 10 - 20 15 - 30 28 - 40 35 - 65 63 - 100

5.5 - 8.5 8 - 12 12.5 - 25 25 - 37 38 - 52 50 - 85 85 - 130

N.B Above mentioned figures are only approximate & orientative, as it also depends on the next physical properties of the filling material the exact figures.

POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS: Pharmaceuticals Creams Ointments Gels

Cosmetics & Toiletries Hair dyes Hair removal Toothpaste Shaving cream

Technical Adhesives

Paints & Inks

Rubber solutions Lubricants

Oil colors Water colors


Color Paints

Food Tomato ketchup Mayonnaise Garlic Caviar Chocolate Cheese spread Condensed milk

And Much More ...

Quality For at tube, quality is a key word expressing our main goal, which is to produce the finest Collapsible Aluminium tube! In order to provide the finest aluminium tube, Tube's team is fully aware that quality is equally important in all areas and should be integrated in every aspect in our operations, namely our equipment, raw materials, service and management system. Our equipment and machineries are fully automatic production lines, with latest technology from best suppliers in Germany and Switzerland. Raw materials and always secured from best suppliers locally and in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Greece,‌. Best service is always delivered by qualified personnel: Tube team is having amongst its personnel very skillful persons with long years of experience in tube production as well as competent motivated and quality – oriented persons.

"Quality Is A Built In Process Consistency Is A Key Word" Quality is not just a good product produced once, twice, sometimes, or many times... That is why consistency of producing quality products is essential for future growth. Tube is assuring its quality level, yet with continuous daily improvements through its management quality system certified by BVQ in accordance to ISO 2000 :9001. Quality Control Procedures In Process Q.C.: Tube is applying strict control checkpoints during production on all the manufacturing points from the press until the packing inside the carton boxes in order to constantly monitor all the tube requirements as well as to British Standard (BS – 1984 / 2006), Egyptian Standard (ES – / 2539 1993), DIN and European Standards.

Final Inspection: In our laboratory, where we are equipped with all the necessary tools and measuring devices, a final inspection is carried out to ensure that the products are perfectly matching our customer's requirements before releasing them for final dispatch.

The National Company For Manufacturing Aluminium Tubes. Head OfďŹ ce: 3 Hassan Sadek Street, Orouba Tower, Heliopolis, Cairo - Egypt Tel.: (+202) 26906 193 - Fax: (+202) 26906 192 Factory: Industrial Zone B4/109 East, P.O.Box 166,10th of Ramadan City - Egypt Tel.: (+2015) 369791 - Fax: (+2015) 369792 -