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1. Smoke with me 2. Passive high 3. I get high 4. Sticky Hicky

5.Lets fly

6. Sweet and sour

7.What we on

Executive Producer 2PAC

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This album is under t he legal prot ection of SMOKE Labels any copyr ight infr ingments t he person will be prosecut ed and legal actions will t ake place t his can not be copied and sold as t he buyer can only use t he or iginal CD t o use and not hing else, hope you enjoy t he music on t he CD and purchase more Smoke Darg albums in t he future.

zaman digipak.indd 1

Big Smoke Darg Thuggish Ruggish limited Edition

Inside right


D E D U L C N I S C I R LY 5/8/2012 9:56:59 AM

My digi Pak  

My digi paki produced for my music video

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