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Dazjanae Dailey April 23, 2012 ENC1102- 0109

Reflection Letter

Dear Mrs. Martinez, This semester in ENC1102, I have learned plenty of elements of research that I had no clue about. During research I learned that there are many parts to being able to effectively find what you are looking for. At first I had the impression that a research topic would just fall on me but after reviewing sources, we were asked to look at what those sources had not cover, which caused me to change my issue. I really enjoyed the pace that the class moved becauseit allowed me to make changesto certain errors and edit my papers the way that I wanted to. Research I found to be very difficult becauseI had to think of things that could be supplemented by each of the sources to come up with a common issue and actually make something out of a totally brand new subject. At moments, I became confused but my wonderful seatmate is such a wonderful writer and she helped me pull through by giving me advice during peer reviews. Becauseof the processthat we’ve gone through this semester with this project, I have a new perception of research. In high school I did research papers that involved a topic and looking for as many sources that spoke completely on that topic, in this class it was taken to a more advanced level of being able to use related sources and compare them to get as close to answer as I could regarding my topic. I believe that having to go through this deep processhas prepared me for any possible writing situation becausewe had two very important essaysthat we had write in order to get down to the final research paper. When we began to write the papers, I was a little confused about each one but because you are such a wonderful professor, you gave us accessto different examples that would assist us in being sure that our papers had all the elements that was required. In the annotated bibliography I was extremely lost when we started but eventually I got it, the first time around I didn’t spend much time on it but after peer reviews, I was able to read other people’s paper and get an idea of what was supposed to be included so that helped me a lot and allowed e to go back and correct many things that needed fixing. I definitely seen a progress in my writing after having to write that becauseit was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write and it has taught me a lot about citation, making connections between sources, and explaining quotes. The literature review did the same thing for me but I was also able to put my topics in categories, allowing me to see what hadn’t been included in these sources that I was curious about. I believe I’ve worked extremely hard in this course, it has definitely been a writing experience that I’ve never gone through until now and I’m thankful for it becauseI’m sure it will come in handy in the near future. I feel as if I deserve an A in this course becauseI always had my work turned in on time, I edited and drafted them the way that they needed to be, plus I actually learned a lot. Hopefully, my portfolio reflects that. -Dazjanae Dailey

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Research Project Reflective Thought For my research project I’d like to find out if social networks/internet do more or less harm to our academic experience. I would like to find out becausealmost every student in this day in age must use the internet for things that are done in classes.So, is this a benefit and if so, in what way? A lot of assignments for different courses are even online. Is this making students use the internet more than what they should? I use the internet A LOT. I use it for personal, business, and school related things, mostly personal though. I feel as if social networking does both good and bad to students. There are many wonderful websites on the internet that I usually find through Google that are really good resources to helping me find answers to questions that I had about academics. Many of my unanswered thoughts from class can be answered or reviewed on the internet, which is great becausemy grade doesn’t have to suffer just becauseI may have not asked a question or didn’t understand something. One thing about that though, many students now seem to be ADD,not officially diagnosed but becausemany social networks are addicting, they feel the need to get on facebook or twitter for a “break” while working and that break turns into something much long, most of the time more time is put into the social networks more than the work itself. I have proof of this becauseI do it quite often and I’ve seen a lot of people’s facebook status talking about how facebook is so addicting especially when it’s time to do work for our school courses. And even right now, I am back and forth on this reflective thought paper and facebook/twitter. It really can be addicting. I’m interested in finding out the answer to the question becauseit seemsso hard for me to decide on my own and many people may have different outlooks. I know that the articles we read in class have partially opposing thoughts about the entire social networking thing. In some ways I do agree with Williams, becausehe says that literacy is changing in modern society, which is true but I do notice some negative things that I don’t agree with. Roozen believes that literacy activities that we don that may not necessarily be related to school can actually help us academically, I believe that is true to a certain extent, as long as it doesn’t go to the pint of

spelling practices that take place on social networks. Bugeja had a lot of negative things to say in his article but I noticed that majority of them were true, such as the thing about putting inappropriate things on facebook that can be seen my school administrators or businesses. I’d like to learn more on this question becauseI have mixed thoughts on this and other people’s opinions may be able to point me towards the right direction better than my own thoughts.

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