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Antti Sipilä

Video Production Workflow Integration Challenges within Organisations My company, Oneminstory is continuously developing ways to make ordering video production easier for its customer organisations and has identified the uncertainties of managing video production as a key problem in ordering video production. One way to eliminate these uncertainties has been to utilise the video template method which Oneminstory developed in 2012-2013 in a DIGILE project called SuoRa, a development group among SMEs that aims to create services for growing and scaling SMEs. Oneminstory is now continuing the development and co-operation of using the video template method in actual business cases with Lapland UAS. This article is based on a presentation held by Antti Sipilä at an InnoFun-seminar in August 2014 in Tornio. The purpose is to show and explain the video production workflow integration challenges within organisations. The explanation is largely based on our experience of working with customers and following the developments in the market in Oneminstory. This article was supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes, as part of the DIGILE Digital Services programme’s SuoRa project.

STATUS QUO Digitalisation has caused massive change in marketing as a whole and this change shows no sign of stopping or slowing down. All media are quickly being transformed and companies have increasingly moved away from direct contacting and advertising to content marketing (see Pulizzi & Handley 2014). Simultaneously the amount of


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