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2014 to 2017


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My name is Nadine Fauzia, some people calls me Nadine and some other calls me Oji. I'm 23 years old, and I just graduated from my visual communication design major at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya. I’m a Surabaya-based graphic designer. Besides graphic design, I’m also interested in music, food, and travelling. I consider myself as an open minded, easy going, detail-oriented, and responsible person. I feel comfor- table working as a part of the team as well as working independently. Nice to meet you, and enjoy reading my portfolio!

personal info


Name − Nadine Fauzia Winardi Date of Birth − May 28th 1994 Nationality − Indonesian Current Address − Gunawangsa Manyar Apartments unit B-1815 Menur Pumpungan 62 Surabaya 60118 Mail − Phone − +62 852 1658 0048 Linked Profiles −

graphic design − modern history − good music − concerts and local gigs − good series − good movies − ethnic food − cooking-shows − travelling − photography − cats and dogs

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2003 − 2007 Elementary School SD Negeri Papandayan 1 Bogor 2007 − 2009 Junior High School SMP Negeri 2 Bogor 2009 − 2012 Senior High School SMA Negeri 3 Bogor 2012 − 2017 College Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya




2016 Graphic Design Internship DEIO Visual Communication Studio, Jakarta 2013 − 2016 Editorial Graphic Designer Def-n Networks, Surabaya 2015 Liaison Officer Ide Art, Surabaya 2014 Documentation Team TEDxITS ‘A Blasted Idea’, Surabaya

Digital Illustration Manual Drawings Photography


Indonesian Mother tongue English Fluent − ITP TOEFL Scored 587




Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company’s Company Profile A company profile design, consist of layout design per-page, also an illustration design for cover and packaging. The client is a parent company of several other companies which works in the field of production and distribution of fertilizer. Design concept used in this project was adapted from the brand idea, which is the unity of all companies under one parent company to help the country become more prosper. It’s desribed by the process of producing fertilizers and distributing them to local farmers to help grow food. In this project I did the illustration and editorial design per-page under the brief from DEIO’s graphic designer in charge. Internship Project with DEIO Visual Communication Studio, Jakarta 2016 Scoop of Work − Company Profile, Branding, Identity Design Client − PT Pupuk Indonesia (Holding Company)




Sekoci Rumah Jahit Identity A commisioned work for logo, identity, and collateral design for Sekoci Rumah Jahit. Sekoci is a small-scaled home-based sewing house which makes custom-made clothing, located in Bogor. Sekoci’s clients are mostly female, but also small amount of men. Sekoci aims for clients ranging from middle to high economic class. The impression that Sekoci wants to come forward with on it’s visual identity is modest, sleek, and delicate. The brand idea is finely crafted home-made goods that suits every clients perfectly. Commisioned Work 2014 Scoop of Work − Branding, Visual Identity, Collateral Design Client − Sekoci Rumah Jahit


mixed-media / graphic design

Ayo Main! D.I.Y. Traditional Games Kit The brief was to make a creative mixed-media design system. This project is done in collaboration with my friend Annisa Shabrina. We made a do-it-yourself kit of what used to be popular traditional Javanese games. The kit consist of raw materials of the games to be assembled or played, a guide-book of how to play or assemble the games, and also an application to post and show off user’s creations. The concept is to introduce the traditional Javanese games to modern kids via fun colors and modern graphics, hence conserving the traditions. It is also aiming to make the kids more actively engaged in physical activities while also incorporating the modern side of their lifestyle via the application. College Assignment (DKV 4) 2014 Scoop of Work − Identity Design, Campaign, Creative Media, UX


Sinovidya 4th Edition Cover and Editorial Design Cover design, illustration, and layout design project for Sinovidya Bulletin. Sinovidya is a bulletin of University of Indonesia’s Chinese Literature students being published every 4 months. On this edition, the main topic is 65 years of bilateral relation between Indonesia and China, and what each country has achieved from the bilateral relation throughout that term. It’s representated by illustration of Zhou Enlai on the cover as an instrumental figure of China’s foreign policy and economics. The concept that Sinovidya wanted to achieve on this edition is modern-journalism with mixed reporting on politics, history, popular culture, and lifestyle, with modern, sleek, and elegant graphics. Commisioned Work 2015 Scoop of Work − Digital Illustration, Editorial Design Client − Sinovidya Bulletin of UI’s Chinese Literature Students



multimedia / graphic design

Jajanan Jalanan Bogor Multimedia E-Book For my final project, I made a multimedia e-book about traditional and authentic street-food delicasies of Bogor. The concept is to introduce traditional and authentic street-food delicasies of Bogor to interlocal young-adult tourists through urban-sketch illustration presented in a diary-like interactive e-book. The e-book talks briefly about Bogor city from history, geographical, and weather perspective, and furthermore about 10 ‘legendary’ street-food culinary menus such as Cungkring, Asinan Jagung Bakar, Soto Mie Bogor, and many more, from the history, process of making, flavour profile, and recommended places to get those menus. There are also several merchandise made to support and helps promote the e-book. College Assignment (Final Project) 2017 Scoop of Work − Digital Illustration, UI/UX


editorial / graphic design

Posters These are some posters I’ve made, the first one (on the top) is an infographics of milk made for a college assignment in 2014. This infographic explains some important information about milk in a well organized layout with some milky-themed graphic elements. The second one (on the bottom) is a poster for an event titled ‘Crossfade’ in 2016. The event is a music gig in conjunction with Cud Eastbound, a canadian folk musician’s Indonesian tour in Surabaya. This was a commisioned work. Scoop of Work − Editorial Design, Graphic Design


Photography These are some photos I took. The one on the top and the one on the middle is taken for college assignment in photography class last year. The brief was to take photos using several lighting and technical settings. The top photo is taken using natural light with the help of filtered flash. The one on the middle is taken using speed settings to make the main object appeared clear meanwhile the background is blurred. The photo on the bottom is taken on a music gig in Surabaya called ‘Boja Krama’. On picture is Kaveman during their performance. Scoop of Work − Photography, Art Direction



Thank You Thank you so much for reading through my portfolio! I can’t wait to take part in your company and experience new exciting things together, and if I’m suitable, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone − +62 852 1658 0048 / Mail −

Š nadine fauzia 2017

Nadine Fauzia's 2017 Portfolio  
Nadine Fauzia's 2017 Portfolio  

Graphic design portfolio of Nadine Fauzia, consisting of curated works from 2014 to 2017.