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Burn The Fat (Feed The Muscle) Report

Burn the Fat (Feed the Muscle)

Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat weight loss system reveals strategies and techniques used by professional bodybuilders for burning fat and building muscle mass. Being a respected bodybuilder himself, he is a credible source for advice on this subject. Essentially this is a low-fat diet that rejects supplements combined with the right type of exercise. In the world of bodybuilders where the use of drugs and steroids is not uncommon, Tom Venuto claims that permanent fat loss and muscle gain can be achieved the natural way. It's worth checking out the free 12 part minicourse available on the official BFFM website ( ) because it exposes some common lies, myths and scams floating around in the diet and fitness industry today. Overview: Numerous credible testimonials are featured on the official site and can help you get the idea of what results are possible when following this plan. There is a lot of fitness information available on the home page which could seem overwhelming to some but useful to others interested in the subject. Diet Specifications: This plan comes in a downloadable e-book format and contains chapters on nutrition, setting goals, cardiovascular and weight training. Nutrition is covered in detail and you will find organized lists of foods that should be avoided as well as the ones that should be eaten for best fat loss results. Food and Recipes: Some foods do allegedly not get stored as fats and some even help your fitness in general. These are all covered inside the BFFM system. Speeding up metabolism and increasing energy levels play a major component of this plan. Tom Venuto can speak from years of experience and promises that permanent fat loss and retention of muscle mass can be achieved with his methods. Exercise: It is easy to imagine that a professional bodybuilder will make exercise a major part of his fat loss plan. Tom Venuto takes a scientific approach to fitness and you will learn the "why" as well as the "what" of exercise and nutrition. Pros:

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Natural and scientific approach Tom Venuto's credibility is based on his BS degree in Exercise Science and his success in the fitness industry Gives away a solid introduction on fat loss and exposes common scams with his free 12-part mini course

Cons: Some may find the e-book too detailed, especially if they are just interested in the "what" and not so much in the “why”

Burn The Fat Report